Antique & interiors Sale on 10/02/18

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1.      George VI silver tankard of tapering form, makers mark for Henry Atkin, Sheffield 1944, 13cm high 80-120
2.      A pair of Indian silver gilt salts, each with an embossed village scene, on three bun feet, (2) 5cm diameter 20-30
3.      George Heriot's Hospital School white metal Dux medal in fitted case, dated 1940 20-30
4.      WWII medals to include the 1939 - 1945 Star, Atlantic Star and War medal together with an Edward VII Imperial Service Order medal with blue enamel 'For Faithful Service' to centre, in original fitted case (4) 70-100
5.      Silver and Niello work box, the hinged lid depicting a longboat sailing by a temple, with a burrwood interior, stamped Siam Sterling to the base, 15 x 9cm 50-70
6.      George V silver cigar cutter, London 1930 15cm long 40-60
7.      George V silver capstan inkwell of small proportions, makers mark for WJ Myatt & Co, Birmingham 1915, 7cm diameter 20-40
8.      Edwardian silver and banded agate butter knife with makers mark for Crisford & Norris Ltd, Birmingham 1902 14cm long 20-30
9.      Edwardian silver propelling pencil by Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1904, 11.5cm long 40-60
10.     A 12 stone diamond flowerhead brooch set on an unmarked yellow gold bar, boxed 6cm long 50-70
11.     Three strands of coloured beads to include malachite, Murano glass and jadeite (3) 30-50
12.     9 carat gold framed circular portrait miniature of a boy child dressed in a sailors suit, 4cm diameter 50-70
13.     9 carat gold cigar piercer with a full set of Birmingham hallmarks, makers mark EB, 8cm long 100-150
14.     A set of four Sterling silver bridge pencils (4) 20-40
15.     Two early 20th century 9 carat gold fob medals to include a National Cross Country Union Scotland example (2) 150-200
16.     15 carat gold Edinburgh & Leith Bowling Club medal awarded in 1912 to JA Burness, Skip 80-120
17.     A strand of amethyst beads and another (2) 40-60
18.     A mixed lot to include a 19th century silver plated navette shaped mustard, pair of Epns circular dishes, a contemporary Edinburgh silver spoon with makers mark for Isle of Mull Silver Co and a small Chester silver thimble (5) 30-40
19.     Seven various pen / fruit knives to include two horn handled examples, etc (7) 15-25
20.     One early 20th century Birmingham silver cigarette case 30-40
21.     George V silver hip flask, Birmingham 1920, 13cm high 50-70
22.     Hukin & Heath silver toastrack on bun feet, Birmingham 1919 together with a Birmingham silver and glass globular match striker (2) 20-30
23.     George V silver tankard with horn handle to side, by Hukin & Heath, Birmingham 1920, 12cm high 80-120
24.     A cased set of two foliate engraved Birmingham silver napkin rings and a small strand of pearls (a lot) 20-40
25.     George V silver framed mirror with rectangular plate and oak back, makers mark for Stokes & Ireland, Chester 1918, 18 x 33cm 40-60
26.     Three piece horn handled carving set,in fitted case 20-30
27.     Two wooden boxes and a leather purse containing a quantity of UK & European pre decimal coins and medallions, etc (a lot) 30-50
28.     A hardwood jewellery box containing a collection of costume jewellery to include beads and brooches, etc 15-25
29.     A pair of Edwardian silver dwarf candlesticks with harebell and garland repousee decoration, Birmingham 1902, 10cm high together with a pair of pewter coasters (4) 40-60
30.     An early 20th century mesh chain purse / handbag with silver frame and handle 17cm wide together with a rose patterned bead work pouch shaped bag (2) 40-60
31.     An early 20th century 9 carat gold and tortoiseshell powder compact, the hinged lid with pique work garland and with a mirror to the interior, full set of Birmingham hallmarks, 5cm wide 100-150
32.     A mixed lot to include two tortoiseshell and silver mounted glass jars, a double ended green glass and white metal mounted scent bottle, a Birmingham silver topped box and a Chester silver topped and cut glass scent bottle (5) 50-70
33.     An Edwardian set of six silver buttons, Edinburgh 1902 (6) 40-60
34.     An Old Sheffield plate chamber candlestick and snuffer together with an Epns and glass serving dish and miscellaneous Epns teaspoons, etc (a lot) 20-30
35.     A Victorian silver perfume funnel with gilt interior, by Sampson & Mordan, London 1896, 5cm high 60-80
36.     A quantity of Epns flatware (a lot) 20-30
37.     An Epns three piece teaset (3) 20-30
38.     A rosewood and abalone inlaid box containing a quantity of costume jewellery etc (a lot) 20-40
39.     A mixed lot to include two The Metropolitan Edinburgh High constable's whistles, an ebonised oval framed plaque and a small silver mounted baton (4) 30-40
40.     A quantity of lace making bobbins, glove stretchers, Kensiter silks, Mauchline egg shaped thread holder, tortoiseshell magnifier, darning mushrooms and various sewing implements, etc (a lot) 40-60
41.     Birmingham silver pin cushion, silver mounted 'Pins' box, two white metal thimbles in their fitted box, pewter shoe shaped pin cushion and a silver handled brush (6) 20-40
42.     Victorian carved bone Stanhope with view of International Exhibition Edinburgh 1890, 12cm long 20-30
43.     Silver cased open faced pocket watch with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial together with a gold plated fob watch (2) 30-50
44.     Edward VII Long Service and Good Conduct medal awarded to 5288 George Robertson, Corporal, R.M.A, together with a WWI War medal and ribbon awarded to 7751 Corpl G Elder, Cam'n Highrs, (2) 40-60
45.     A collection of miscellaneous Gents and Lady's wristwatches (a lot) 20-40
46.     Watchmakers tool with accessories, boxed 30-40
47.     A collection of early 20th century needle cases to include, bone, mother of pearl and wood together with various bobbins, a ruler, thimble and needle case with needles, etc (a lot) 40-60
48.     A 19th century ivory sewing tool together with a carved bone table clamp and bobbin holder, Birmingham silver button hook, tape measure in the form of a book and a cutting or marker tool by Kennan, etc (6) 40-60
49.     A velvet and wool tapestry bag containing a collection of vintage buttons and mother of pearl tokens etc (a lot) 20-40
50.     A carved bone container with lotus flower finial to the lid, 16cm long 20-30
51.     A Japanese earthenware high shouldered baluster vase painted with figures and stylised motifs, 31cm high 40-60
52.     A continental turquoise glazed cherub and panther group on an oval naturalistic base, 28cm high 70-100
53.     A collection of Nicholas Mosse pottery to include six cups, a milk jug and a sugar bowl, (8) 40-60
54.     A pair of Punch and Judy Toby jugs, 24cm high, (2) 30-40
55.     A contemporary black and white glazed Bulldog money bank, 19cm high 15-25
56.     Miscellaneous ceramics to include a jug moulded in the form of a lemon, New Orleans salt and pepper pots, an Art Deco floral moulded jug, a hen-on-nest, a Royal Doulton cup and saucer etc., (9) 20-30
57.     A pair of bronzed patinated twin handle vases with floral Cloisonne style panels, 31cm high, (2) 50-70
58.     A copper lustre Toby jug of the 'Snuff Taker', 21cm high 20-40
59.     Two brown Yixing style teapots, (2) 30-40
60.     A Bing and Grondahl porcelain figure of a girl, with printed backstamps and numbered 2246, 17cm high 15-25
61.     A Faience pottery miniature box in the form of a commode, the lift off lid painted with flowers and foliage, 13cm high 40-60
62.     An amethyst slag glass moulded jug, together with three glass beakers, a blue and white moulded twin handled dish and a basket weave opaque glass plate, (6) 40-60
63.     A mixed lot of Epns wares to include a butter dish, miniature entree dish and cover, swing handled basket, a mother-of-pearl handled knife and a small pewter salt etc., (a lot) 20-40
64.     A pair of blue and white archaic style vases painted with figures, horses, birds and precious objects, on hexagonal bases, 31cm high 40-60
65.     A Chinese blue and white garlic-neck vase painted with a village landscape scene, 24cm high 40-60
66.     A Royal Doulton brown glazed jar and cover with fruit and vine pattern in relief, together with a Royal Doulton blue and white willow patterned jug, a Copeland Spode Italian plate and a Dudson Argyle pattern moulded jug, (4) 40-60
67.     A pair of treacle glazed horses, 13cm high 20-40
68.     A quantity of 19th century and later copper ware to include a coffee pot, a watering can, a spoon, milk cans and measures etc., (9) 40-60
69.     A collection of 19th century and later blue and white cups and saucers to include 'Willow' and 'Pagoda' patterns, together with a continental porcelain cup and saucer, (12) (with damages) 20-40
70.     A pair of Stag and Hound spill vases on oval gilt lined bases, 28cm high, (2) 80-120
71.     A Japanese Satsuma high shouldered baluster vase painted with figures and stylised motifs, 15cm high, together with another smaller painted with female figures in a garden landscape, 10cm high, both with character marks to the base, (2) 40-60
72.     A Chinese circular lobbed flowerhead bowl with a crackle glaze to the interior on a circular footrim, 17cm wide 40-60
73.     A pair of miniature Ginbari enamel vases with mixed flower pattern to a white ground, 9cm high, (2) 40-60
74.     A child's continental porcelain teaset comprising five cups, five saucers, teapot, twin handled sugar bowl and milk jug 30-40
75.     A Scottish Pottery Wemyss style inkwell painted with cabbage roses and dolphin surmounts, it has an Iris Fox Sotheby's Collection label to the base, 23cm long 50-80
76.     A quantity of Epns wares to include toast rack, teapot, muffin dish, trays and christening mug etc., (a lot) 20-40
77.     A cut crystal decanter set with amber panels comprising a square decanter and stopper and set of six tumblers 20-40
78.     A Royal Crown Derby limited edition paperweight, 'A special commission Gobier's of Sidmouth' numbered 549/950, modelled to commemorate the 100th Birthday of H.M. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, 1900-2000, with a gold stopper, 10cm high 30-40
79.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' patterned paperweight of a Ewe with gold stopper, 11cm high 20-40
80.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' patterned paperweight White Pelican No. 833/5000 with a gold stopper, 14cm high 20-30
81.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' patterned porcelain paperweight of 'Father Christmas' with gold stopper, 11cm high 20-30
82.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' patterned porcelain paperweight of a 'Chicken', with a gold stopper, 8cm high 20-30
83.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' patterned porcelain paperweight in the form of a 'Dragon' with a gold stopper, 11cm high 20-30
84.     A Paragon china tea set in the 'Rendezvous' pattern, painted with six world famous roses by 'Harry Wheatcroft' comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, milk jug and sugar bowl 40-60
85.     A Moorcroft green glazed baluster vase, tube line decorated with flower, it has a chip to the footrim, with impressed and facsimile signature marks to the base, 24cm high 50-80
86.     A pair of Kaiser white glazed floral moulded miniature vases, 11cm high, (2) 15-25
87.     A black Basalt oval sucrier and cover with flowers and classical motifs pattern, 14cm high 30-50
88.     A group of three Brownfield graduated pewter lidded jugs decorated with Jesters, tallest 22cm 40-60
89.     A Meissen leaf shaped dish painted with a bird, butterfly and flowers, with blue cross swords mark to base, 24cm long 30-40
90.     A group of three graduated canton enamelled porcelain tankards with painted panels of figures against a blue and white ground, (with damages), tallest 14cm, (3) 40-60
91.     A modern Chinese tankard painted with coloured enamels depicting a Pagoda, 15cm high 10-20
92.     A set of four Meissen brown edged and white glazed plates painted with floral sprays (with rim chips), 25cm diameter 40-60
93.     Two Chinese porcelain Famille Rose bowls, typically painted with figures, flowers and stylised motifs (restored), largest diameter 28cm, (2) 40-60
94.     Two Bohemian glass table lamp lustre stands painted with flowers and gilt highlights (lacking lustres), tallest 32cm, (2) 30-40
95.     A pair of Opaline glass high shouldered baluster vases decorated with gilt Butterfly and foliage pattern, 19cm high, (2) 30-50
96.     A collection of five Aviemore Pottery vases, tallest 16cm, (5) 30-40
97.     Four pewter tappit hens, together with a collection of eight small pewter ladles, a book on English Pewter Touchmarks by Radway Jackson and an iron candlestick, (a lot) 50-70
98.     A mixed lot to include a Grays art pottery jug, a copper lustre jug, a green glazed Art Deco jug and two Studio Pottery squat black glazed vases, (5) 15-25
99.     A pair of black and white glazed Staffordshire chimney spaniels, 21cm high, (2) 30-40
100.    A Heredities resin figure of a Ballerina, 16cm high 10-15
101.    A Wedgwood Jasper Ware and Epns mounted biscuit barrel on four bun feet, together with an unmarked black basalt knop stemmed candlestick, 15cm high, (2)
102.    A group of three Locke & Co of Worcester blush ivory items to include a sugar bowl, cream jug, Epns mounted pepper pot, together with two small Dresden porcelain cups, (5) 30-40
103.    Aviemore pottery to include a blue glazed high shouldered vase, 23cm high, and a bowl, (2) 40-50
104.    A mixed lot to include a Wardle Art Deco vase, a Studio pottery green glazed salt crock, a modern blue and white bowl and jug, (4) 20-30
105.    A quantity of Hutschenreuther white glazed table wares to include two circular tureen and covers, a set of nine covered bowls, twelve dinner plates, fourteen side plates (a lot) 20-40
106.    A gilt edged porcelain teaset 10-20
107.    A Philomena Pretsell plate, a Quimper plate, a Villeroy & Boch American sampler pattern plate and a Russian blue and white Cockerel patterned jug, (4) 15-25
108.    A Duchess china tea set painted with rose sprays, comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, a milk jug and a sugar bowl 15-25
109.    A mixed lot to include a pair of temple dogs, a carved wood figure, a stoneware figure, Famille Rose style jar and cover etc., (a mixed lot) 15-25
110.    A collection of miscellaneous trinket boxes and dishes (a lot) 15-20
111.    Bettina Healey
'Roof Tops'
signed in a glazed frame, 14 x 20cm 20-40
112.    Henk Stals
Engraved print,
pencil signed limited edition print numbered 30/50, 13 x 20cm 20-30
113.    Maxine Noel (Ioyan Mani)
'Wool Guardian'
Pencil signed framed print, 11 x 19cm 10-15
114.    British School
Country Scene with Figures
apparently unsigned, in a glazed and ornate gilt wood frame, 18 x 10cm 50-70
115.    Unknown Artist
'Ben Ledi'
signed indistinctly bottom left, in a glazed frame, 37 x 27cm 40-60
116.    20th century School
'Stroma from Caithness'
signed with initials A.W.M and dated May 1982, in a glazed frame, 35 x 25cm 30-40
117.    C Lanfear
Framed coloured print,
numbered 19/460, signed in pencil, dated '87, 39 x 29cm 20-30
118.    After August Macke
'Walk among Flowers'
Coloured print, in a glazed frame, 40 x 55cm 15-25
119.    G. Duguid
'Cramond Village from Dalmeny Shore'
Watercolour, signed, in a glazed frame, 52 x 38cm 30-50
120.    W.A. Chalmers
Composition - 'Dancing with Chips'
Coloured screen print,
numbered 8/15, in a glazed frame, 52 x 52cm 40-60
121.    A companion pair of framed coloured prints, 13 x 20cm, (2) 10-15
122.    After Utamaro
Coloured wood block,
in a glazed frame, 20 x 29cm 20-40
123.    G.S. Duncan
'Sailing on Holy Loch'
signed and framed, 47 x 29cm 30-40
124.    R. Allen
'Traigh Bhagh, Tiree'
signed and dated 1961, in a glazed frame, 35 x 25cm 20-40
125.    A framed reproduction coloured map of the Sherifdome of Fyfe, in a glazed frame, 48 x 38cm 10-15
126.    The Kingdome of Scotland, framed map, 50 x 35cm 10-15
127.    Contemporary School
'Group of Three Ladies seated in a Street Scene'
signed indistinctly bottom left, framed, 33 x 26cm 40-60
128.    Louise Lois
'Greek Harbour Scene'
signed in pencil in a glazed gilt wood frame, 47 x 33cm 30-50
129.    R. Thomson
'Back of Keppoch, Arisaig'
signed and framed, 56 x 41cm 30-40
130.    After Charles Lees R.S.A
The Golfers 'The Grand Match played over St. Andrew's Links',
Coloured engraved print, framed, 90 x 63cm 50-70
131.    Pauline Hodgson
'The Bass Rock'
in a glazed frame, 8 x 8cm 20-30
132.    Hazel Nagl, RSW
'Italian Clown
Mixed Media,
signed, in a glazed and gilt wood frame, 8 x 8cm 40-60
133.    Charles Thomas
'Country Landscape with Cottage'
signed in a glazed frame, 22 x 30cm 40-60
134.    A pair of framed advertising prints to include 'Sunlight Soap' and 'Plantol Soap', both in glazed frames, 26 x 37cm, (2) 30-40
135.    Dorothy Bradford
'Flute and Guitar'
signed, in a silver gilt wood frame, 34 x 19cm 40-60
136.    A.F. Murray
'Head and Shoulders Portrait of a Boy with Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair'
signed and framed, 29 x 35cm 40-60
137.    Japanese School
Watercolour with red seal mark and character marks to side,
in a glazed frame, 36 x 40cm 50-80
138.    Paul Maze
'Eight Lifeguards on Horseback'
signed, in a glazed and gilt wood frame, 35 x 25cm
139.    Paul Maze
'Lifeguard on Horseback'
Watercolour and Crayon,
signed, in a glazed gilt wood frame, 38 x 29cm 200-300
140.    Paul Maze
'Eight Pipers'
signed, in a glazed gilt wood frame, 60 x 47cm 300-500
141.    J. Miller
'The Lighthouse and two Female figures on a Shore Scene'
signed, in a gilt wood frame, 49 x 39cm 20-30
142.    Burke
'Harbour Scene'
signed, framed, 59 x 39cm 50-70
143.    G. Duguid
'Morning Sunlight, Cramond Inn, 1971'
signed, in a glazed frame, 54 x 34cm 30-50
144.    Hugh Scott
'Loch Long from above Finnart'
signed, in a glazed frame with a Royal Scottish Society of Painters and Watercolours,
label verso, 38 x 55cm 50-70
145.    B. Dalrymple after Paul Gauguin
'Pazau na te Vazuci ino'
signed and dated 1990, in a gilt wood frame, 48 x 74cm 20-40
146.    20th Century School
'Head and Shoulders Portrait of a Woman with a White Head Scarf'
signed indistinctly, in a glazed frame, 48 x 64cm 50-80
147.    T. Garriock
'Sailing Boats'
signed and framed, 75 x 55cm 40-60
148.    Ruth Brownlee
'Waves at Scatness No.2'
Mixed Media on Board,
gallery label verso, in a glazed frame, 43 x 33cm 50-70
149.    Nimrod
'Boats Moored'
Mixed Media on Panel,
signed and framed, 90 x 45cm 50-70
150.    G. Braque
Large framed coloured print, 110 x 90cm 30-40
151.    A Chinese painting on glass of a 'Female Reading in a Window', framed, 44 x 64cm 80-120
152.    A Chinese painting on glass of a 'Woman with a Fan', framed, 44 x 64cm 80-120
153.    J. Cunningham
'Sailing Boats'
signed and dated 1896, in a rosewood frame, 36 x 27cm 70-100
154.    A St. Andrew's Old Course No.17, 'Jack's Farewell to the Open', coloured print, signed in ink, framed, 52 x 23cm 40-60
155.    Three framed Edinburgh coloured prints, 76 x 25cm, (3) 50-70
156.    Toyokuni II Kunisada
Coloured wood block in an ebonised glazed frame, 25 x 36cm 40-60
157.    Kuniyasu, coloured wood block of three figures, 26 x 39cm 40-60
158.    Coloured wood block, in a glazed ebonised frame, 24 x 34cm 40-60
159.    After Claude Monet
'Fishing on the Seine'
in a glazed gilt wood frame with an Annan & Sons label verso, 80 x 58cm 40-60
160.    John Clark, (1770 -1863)
'The Town of Aberdeen; Views in Scotland 1824'
Coloured aquatint on paper, mounted but unframed, 64 x 52cm 60-80
161.    A map of East Lothian in a gilt wood glazed frame, 60 x 40cm 10-15
162.    An Art Nouveau style table lamp with opaque pink glass shade, 37cm high 20-30
163.    A mixed lot to include West German jar and cover, two Eastern coppered tin bowls and a small mat, etc., (a lot) 15-25
164.    Zenith 10 x 50 field binoculars in a leather fitted case 20-30
165.    A large etched wine glass and three others, (4) 10-20
166.    A pair of Japanese earthenware baluster vases painted with figures, butterflies, flowers and stylised motifs, 37cm high, (2) 70-100
167.    A bronze Dragon on hardwood stand, 30cm long 30-40
168.    A pair of painted tin candlesticks, two toucans and a hard wooden cat figure, tallest, 30cm, (5) 20-30
169.    A coppered tin octagonal shaped box, together with an abalone inlaid box, largest 23 x 14cm, (2) 30-40
170.    A Mexican pottery cat, 26cm long 10-20
171.    Two Art Glass vases and three silk flowers, (a lot) 10-15
172.    A pair of Sheffield plated knop stemmed candlesticks together with an Epns candelabra, tallest 26cm, (3) 20-40
173.    A pottery table lamp base painted with abstract fruit and flowers 10-20
174.    Ophelius Designs wall mirror, 21 x 25cm 10-15
175.    A George Potter & Co, Aldershot, copper and brass horn, 29cm long 20-30
176.    A pair of Victorian brass watering cans, 30cm high, (2) 50-70
177.    An Eastern copper lustre bottle necked vase on a circular foot rim, 43cm high 200-250
178.    A mahogany and inlaid tea caddy with shell paterae to the lid and front with a lead lined interior, 18 x 10cm 40-60
179.    A mahogany and inlaid box with brass lion mask handles to side and four ogee brass feet, 26 x 14cm 40-60
180.    A Short & Mason, London aneroid barometer Mark II, 14cm diameter 20-30
181.    A set of nine iron locksmiths keys, longest approx 30cm (9) 30-40
182.    A beaded bag with turquoise, yellow, red and green geometric pattern, 23cm wide 60-80
183.    A floral painted wooden barrel with a swing handle to top, 25cm high 20-40
184.    A collection of various brass door handles and hooks, together with a carpet bowl, a hardstone sphere and egg, (a lot) 20-30
185.    A Chinese blue and white teapot, sparrow beak jug and twin handled jar and cover, tallest 15cm, (3) 40-60
186.    A brass oil lamp on circular hardstone base 20-40
187.    Inuit carved Seal, Circa.1959, by Abraham, 18cm long 40-60
188.    A red lacquered Chinoiserie box gilt painted with figures, pagoda and boats, 29cm long, together with a lacquered clock stand, (2) 30-40
189.    A pair of Balinese style wooden carved male and female head and shoulders figures, 26cm high, (2) 30-40
190.    A brass letter rack, 21cm wide 20-30
191.    A copper and brass urn together with a large kettle, 40cm high, (2) 40-60
192.    A mixed lot of metal wares to include an Alligator brass box and cover, an iron oil lamp, a pewter jug, Epns flatwares and box, an eight-days timepiece, etc., (a lot) 30-40
193.    A hardwood twin handled tray, 50 x 39cm, together with a red and orange hardstone box and cover and an onyx style box and cover, (3) 20-40
194.    An oak cased barometer and clock, 59cm long 30-40
195.    An ironstone china Imari jug and basin 20-40
196.    A gilt wood table lamp and shade together with a cream glazed pottery lamp base, (2) 10-15
197.    A Minton 'Aragon' patterned china teaset, comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, a cake plate, a milk jug, sugar bowl and a twin handled bowl and cover, (a lot) 20-30
198.    A miniature circular convex mirror, 25cm diameter 10-15
199.    A vintage Kodak Brownie Reflex 20 camera 10-15
200.    A burr wood sarcophagus tea caddy with two divisions to the interior on four bun feet, 20 x 14cm 30-40
201.    A mahogany and rosewood wardrobe, with an architectural broken pediment top and dentil cornice, over a central mirror door and single long drawer to the base , 222 x 142cm 80-120
202.    A large Turkish rug, the beige field with central medallion and allover foliate pattern within sapphire borders, 435 x 345cm 150-180
203.    A contemporary glass hall /. consul table, 73 x 100cm 30-40
204.    A mahogany towel rail together with a pine towel rail (2) 10-20
205.    A pine storage trunk, with iron handles to side and plinth base, 50 x 80cm 50-70
206.    A small pine open bookcase, 94 x 125cm 20-30
207.    A modern wall mirror, 72 x 72cm 5-10
208.    A small dining set comprising a pine square top table and two fold away chairs, 76 x 76cm (3) 20-40
209.    A modern hardwood bookcase, 102 x 58cm 10-20
210.    An early 20th century two seater sofa with scroll arms and turned mahogany supports and brass caps, 74 x 144cm 50-80
211.    An oak stool, the solid seat on barley twist supports and turned stretcher 30-50
212.    A pine Welsh style dresser with a shelved plate back and row of seven short drawers over three cupboards to the base, 200 x 168cm 70-100
213.    A pine bookcase, 110 x 128cm 40-60
214.    A Victorian mahogany chest , the rectangular top over two short and one deep drawer above three graduating long drawers, with bun handles and turned feet, 120 x 116cm 100-150
215.    An upholstered button back armchair on cabriole supports 40-60
216.    A brown leather armchair on claw and ball feet 60-80
217.    A modern beechwood chest of drawers, 123 x 80cm 20-30
218.    A pine painted storage trunk, 46 x 78cm 50-70
219.    A mahogany bureau, the fall front over pull out slides and four long drawers, 105 x 77cm 50-70
220.    A burrwood veneered triple door wardrobe, 138 x 154cm 50-80
221.    A modern wardrobe, 190 x 115cm 20-30
222.    Two early 20th century bamboo side tables, (2), 70 x 52cm 20-40
223.    A mahogany bedside cabinet, the square top on turned supports above a cupboard to the base, 72 x 62cm 80-120
224.    A small mahogany cabinet with tambour sloping front 40-60
225.    A mahogany Canterbury with a drawer to the base and brass castors, 55 x 56cm 40-60
226.    A set of four Ant style chairs together with a pine kitchen table (5), 76 x 135cm 20-40
227.    An early 20th century upholstered button back sofa of small proportions, on mahogany supports 60-80
228.    A burr wood table on triple cabriole legs 50-80
229.    A contemporary wall mirror, the rectangular plate signed D. Marshall 30-50
230.    A stained wood open armchair with upholstered back and seat, 102 x 78cm 40-60
231.    A carved oak wall clock and barometer, 72cm 30-40
232.    An abalone inlaid drop dial wall clock, the circular enamel dial with Roman numerals 60-80
233.    A pair of chinoiserie ebonised and gilt side tables with red bird and foliage patterned tops, 60 x 65cm, (2) 100-150
234.    A cream upholstered bedroom chair 30-40
235.    A mahogany chest with two long drawers and cabriole legs, 70 x 98cm 15-25
236.    A vintage brass bound storage trunk, 35 x 102cm 20-30
237.    An Edwards & Roberts mahogany stool, the solid seat on dolphin column and circular base with three hairy paw feet, 62cm 80-120
238.    A hardwood and glass panelled table vitrine, on cabriole supports, 76 x 74cm 80-120
239.    A walnut bureau, with pull out slides and two frieze drawers on acanthus carved cabriole supports and claw and ball feet, 100 x 98cm 70-100
240.    A 19th century mahogany and inlaid drop leaf table, 72 x 132cm 40-60
241.    A Vienna cased mahogany wall clock 40-60
242.    An oak mantle clock, the circular dial with Arabic numerals and flanked by carved leaf decoration 46 x 40cm 40-60
243.    A set of six mahogany pierced splat back chairs with upholstered seats, comprising four dining and two carvers, 99 x 62cm, (6) 120-150
244.    A contemporary rectangular gilt framed wall mirror, 72 x 102cm 30-40
245.    A small rustic wooden milking stool, 34 x 36cm 40-60
246.    A pair of fold-away chairs, 82 x 42cm, (2) 10-15
247.    A pair of fold-away chairs, 80 x 40cm, (2) 10-15
248.    A stained pine bookcase, 92 x 80cm 10-20
249.    A pine blue painted storage trunk, 33 x 95cm 30-40
250.    A Regency style convex wall mirror with ebonised slip and gilt ball and eagle surmount 70-100
251.    A modern bureau, the fall front over pullout slides and four long drawers, 30-50
252.    An early 20th century oak single door wardrobe with carved panels, 192 x 102cm 40-60
253.    A 19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top over three short and three long drawers, on ogee bracket supports, 102 x 116cm 150-180
254.    An oak side table, the rectangular top over a cushion fronted single frieze drawer, 80 x 105cm 50-70
255.    A painted sofa table, on lyre end supports, 60 x 123cm 60-80
256.    An oak marquetry style inlaid dining table, 76 x 182cm 70-100
257.    A mahogany hanging shelf, 60 x 46cm 30-40
258.    An oak mantle clock, the brass dial with silvered chapter ring and Roman numerals flanked by pilasters 34 x 30cm 50-70
259.    A set of four mahogany balloon back chairs, with carved top rails and upholstered padded seats, 92 x 46cm, (4) 50-70
260.    An adjustable piano stool, the circular top on turned supports with brass mounted and glass claw and ball feet 50-70
261.    A mahogany wall mirror with swan neck pediment top, 118 x 96cm 20-40
262.    A mahogany veneered bow front chest with six graduating drawers , 110 x 46cm 40-60
263.    A mahogany bedside table and a side table with single drawer, 74 x 43cm (2) 20-40
264.    A small mahogany veneered bow front cabinet, 64 x 48cm 20-40
265.    Three mahogany framed chairs to include one carver chair and two side chairs, 86 x 52cm, (3) 20-30
266.    A wall hanging display cabinet with glazed front and sides 125 x 44cm 40-60
267.    A chinoiserie gilt decorated open armchair, the shaped top rail over a circular red lattice back and blue upholstered seat, 102 x 62cm 80-120
268.    An upholstered wing armchair, 114 x 72cm 40-60
269.    A 19th century mahogany and inlaid bow front chest, with four long graduating drawers and bracket feet, 98 x 122cm 150-180
270.    A modern pine wardrobe with two mirrored doors and pair of drawers tot he base, , 200 x 148cm 50-70
271.    Two small satin walnut cabinets one with an inlaid doors, 48 x 54cm, (2) 80-120
272.    A Chinese rosewood side table with scrolling frieze 68 x 40cm 50-70
273.    An elm table with circular lobed top on cabriole legs and pad feet, 45 x 76cm 60-80
274.    A set of three oak chairs, with carved top rails and cane backs and seats, 106 x 48cm, (3) 40-60
275.    A mahogany corner cupboard of small proportions, with astragal glazed door, 56 x 44cm 30-50
276.    A dark oak Wainscott style chair with carved back and solid seat on baluster turned supports, 103 x 60cm 70-100
277.    A mahogany dining table and set of five blade back chairs, 76 x 148cm, (7) 70-100
278.    A Whytock & Reid beech open bookcase, the rectangular top over adjustable shelves, on pad feet, 95 x 184cm 300-400
279.    A burr walnut chest, the rectangular top with moulded edge over two short and three long graduating drawers, 78 x 92cm 120-150
280.    An ebonised and pale blue upholstered slipper chair , 84 x 56cm 30-40
281.    A wood welded Michigan Maple & Ltd butcher chopping board, 90 x 63cm
282.    An oak side table and another, (2) 10-20
283.    A mahogany work / sewing table, the rectangular lift up top with a lined interior, above an inlaid drum base, on four carved supports, 74 x 52cm 80-120
284.    An oak chair with carved solid seat 110 x 45cm 15-25
285.    An oak cane back hall chair, with carved toprail, 135 x 47cm 20-40
286.    A mahogany kidney shaped desk, with green leather skivver and carved cabriole supports, 76 x 112cm 120-150
287.    A mahogany open bookcase with adjustable shelves, 112 x 138cm 50-70
288.    A pair of oak framed hall chairs, 102 x 50cm, (2) 20-30
289.    A dark oak side table, 78 x 76cm 10-15
290.    A mahogany bow front sideboard, 90 x 120cm 100-150
291.    A director's chair together with another, 87 x 60, (2) 10-15
292.    An oak Jacobean style chest , 87 x 92cm 70-100
293.    A mahogany framed cheval mirror, the side supports with brass urn finials, 170 x 68cm 100-150
294.    A mahogany shell back hall chair, with solid seat and turned tapering supports 20-40
295.    An oak sideboard, the rectangular top over two carved cupboard doors, with baluster turned supports and straight stretchers, 92 x 150cm 100-150
296.    An early 20th century oak hall stand, with central oval mirror back, above a single drawer, with brass fittings to side , 200 x 114cm 70-100
297.    An oak Arts & Crafts bookcase with an arched ledgeback having a Ruskin style roundel plaque over a lift up compartment painted with a procession of five figures, 150 x 110cm 200-300
298.    An oak cased wall clock, 76 x 140cm 30-40
299.    An oak table, the rectangular top with rounded edges, raised on twin ring turned supports, with brass caps and castors, 70 x 168cm 80-120
300.    A large mahogany cased fusee regulator with a Gents of Leicester clock face, 110 x 50cm 150-180
301.    A contemporary mahogany dining table with extra leaf, 78 x 136cm 70-100
302.    A brass Dutch style six branch light fitting, length approx 80cm 40-60
303.    A gilt framed rectangular wall mirror 50-70
304.    A mahogany four drawer collectors cabinet, 31 x 30cm 20-30
305.    A Doulton Burslem blush ivory floral patterned dessert service comprising eight plates, five serving dishes and two tazza with green backstamps and registration number 72067 (15) 70-100
306.    A white marble cherub figure group, 31cm high 180-220
307.    A 19th century blue and white fruit basket patterned meat draining dish and ashet, 50cm long, (2) 50-70
308.    A Mauchline wall pocket with a scene of Oban to the front, 13cm long 15-25
309.    A Mappin and Webb oval trinket box and cover, 12cm long 10-15
310.    A Japanese stained wooden block with inset hardstone panels, 13cm long, with calligraphy and waterfall, together with two hardstone locusts, (3) 10-15
311.    A small bronze icon, 9cm high 10-20
312.    A pair of Hezzanith binoculars, together with Boots 8 x 30 binoculars. a Kodak 620 camera and a pair of vintage spectacles, (4) 20-40
313.    A black leather travel bag with brass frame and handles with a fall front opening to reveal a fitted interior containing a set of toilet jars, brushes, mirror etc. 40-60
314.    Hornby clockwork trains, boxed 30-40
315.    Three tin plate Pullman carriages and a small collection of Tri-Ang track 10-15
316.    A carton containing a quantity of vintage, mainly Dinky, tin plate cars to include a Lincoln Zephyr, Bedford trucks and a Massey Harris tractor etc., (play worn), (a quantity) 30-40
317.    A collection of Hornby Series Gauge O tin plate wagons to include Meccano rotary tipping wagon, gas cylinder wagon, Shell petrol tank wagon , Fyfe's Banana van and Caboose, (all boxed), (5) 50-70
318.    Hornby series, Meccano Limited, railway accessories to include plate layer's hut, watchman's hut with brazier, Buffer Stocks No.1 O gauge, an LNER 1224 coach and a level crossing etc., (a lot) 30-40
319.    A carton containing Hornby series Gauge O acute angle crossing, right angle crossing, transformer number T6M etc., (a lot) 20-40
320.    Three German tin plate wagons to include lime and cement, milk traffic truck and LMS, (boxed), complete with four small milk churns 40-60
321.    Two Hickory shafted vintage putters and four clubs, (6) 20-30
322.    Ezariah Kelly (Aboriginal School)
'Namarnkol-Barramundi' Mixed media on paper, in a glazed frame, paper label verso, 30 x 20cm, a decorative African Tanzanian Maasai gourd decorated with leather beads and painted in characteristic red ochre, 58cm long, together with a fly swat with a white metal mount to the tip with initialed monogram ex Gogan House, together with two African carved hardwood heads, (5) 40-60
323.    A Bell's Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky decanter and contents commemorating 100 Years of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, 40% volume, 70cl, matured for 8-years in oak 30-40
324.    A vintage brass Oldham & Son Ltd, Denton of Manchester type TDi flashlight, 25cm long 15-25
325.    Alex Through the Looking Glass, the autobiography of Alex Higgins, hardback edition, printed by Pelham Books Ltd, London 1986, signed 'To Maggie, Best Wishes, Alex Higgins xxx' 30-40
326.    A selection of snooker memorabilia to include Benson & Hedges Irish Master's Snooker programs, Pot Black Book, Stephen Hendry, Remember my Name etc., some signed, together with snooker magazines mostly dating to the 1990's, signatures to include Stephen Hendry and Dennis Taylor etc, (a large lot) 50-80
327.    A large Amethyst crystal, 34cm wide 50-70
328.    A Violin, bow and case 20-30
329.    An early 20th century needlework panel of a Native American Indian bearing a Start Art Framing Works of Bombay label verso, 31 x 38cm 15-20
330.    A carton containing a collection of crystals and hard stones etc., (a lot) 30-40
331.    A collection of miscellaneous trinket boxes and covers including enamel, glass and porcelain, together, (a lot) 30-40
332.    A collection of vintage books to include Graham Green, The Honorary Consul, The Quiet American and a Burnt-out Case etc., (a lot) 20-30
333.    A square cut glass inkwell on a wooden base with four bun feet 20-30
334.    Three vintage money banks to include St. Cuthbert's, Hawick savings bank and the Edinburgh Savings bank, (3) 10-15
335.    An inlaid box and cover, 20 x 15cm 10-15
336.    A brass Gothic style casket with a hinged lid and a velvet interior, 16 x 8cm 40-60
337.    An oak circular wall barometer and another smaller, (2) 20-30
338.    Two vintage cameras to include a Zeiss Ikon and a Kodak 44B, (2) 20-30
339.    An Indian ceremonial brass shield, axe and pick, all with foliate engraving, together with a small square mat, (4) 30-40
340.    A small collection of pre-decimal UK coins 10-15
341.    A tortoiseshell and boulle mantle clock with brass mounts and enamel dial inscribed Edward Glasgow, with Arabic numerals, 29cm high 180-200
342.    A four gallon copper jug, together with another smaller jug, (2) 30-40
343.    An oval gilt framed wall mirror with a bevelled plate, 85 x 60cm 60-80
344.    An oval gilt framed wall mirror, 62 x 55cm 40-60
345.    Faux fur Leopard coat, with an Astraka label 20-40
346.    A set of three graduated rectangular wicker baskets, (3) 10-20
347.    A flat weave Kilim style mat, 90 x 120cm 10-20
348.    A large Chinese blue and white planter with all over prunus pattern and birds, figures and stylised borders, with staple repairs all around, 52cm wide x 45cm high, together with a black iron open work base of scrolling foliate design, (2) 60-80
349.    A large African carved figure head, 110cm long 50-70
350.    A Belouch rug, 85 x 170cm 30-40
351.    Two carved African standing figures, 95cm high, (2) 40-60
352.    A brass dumb waiter stand, 75cm high 20-40
353.    A copper bed warming pan with turned wood handle 10-15
354.    A triple dressing mirror, 55cm high 15-25
355.    A 19th century fire bucket with lion ring and mask handles to side 20-30
356.    A J. Faulkner & Co, Hong Kong, Cyclonometer No.511 on a mahogany oval base, 66 x 40cm 100-150
357.    A collection of fourteen Japanese coloured wood block prints, largest 24 x 35cm, (14) 100-150
358.    A painted coal bucket and cover with embossed classical frieze and four hairy paw feet, 45cm high 40-60
359.    An oval Arts & Crafts copper tray 15-25
360.    A circular foot stool with wool work and bead work top 10-15
361.    A burr wood tree stump, 40cm high 40-60
362.    A copper and brass circular bucket 40-60
363.    A 19th century Staffordshire porcelain dinner service 20-40
364.    A mixed lot of metal wares to include a brass planter, brass finger plate, Epns dish, salt and pusher set etc., (a lot) 15-25
365.    A carton containing a quantity of coloured engravings of mainly Scottish Scenes, (17) 40-60
366.    A carton containing miscellaneous glass ware, pewter, a mottled plastic bowl, a burr wood box etc., (a lot) 20-30
367.    A carpet saddle bag, together with a small Kilim mat, largest 85 x 110cm 30-40
368.    A pair of Art Nouveau style candlesticks, 27cm high 10-20
369.    A cast iron Magician money bank, 19cm high 30-40
370.    A pair of bronze dwarf desk candlesticks on square plinth bases, 9cm high, (2) 60-80
371.    A matt black glazed figural table lamp base complete with a red velvet shade 20-30
372.    A pair of tapering beaker shaped glass vases painted in coloured enamels with basket of flower pattern, 25cm high, (2) 30-40
373.    A mahogany framed oval mirror on a baluster column and circular base, 70cm high 20-40
374.    A modern blue and white porcelain Hors D'oeurves set on circular lacquered tray, 34cm diameter 10-15
375.    A vintage Japanese doll with bisque head and limbs, dressed in a traditional costume, together with an early 20th century bisque head doll, (2) 20-40
376.    Three early 19th century wooden storage boxes, (3) 15-20
377.    A glazed pottery head rest in the form of a cat 10-15
378.    A carton of miscellaneous items to include a truncheon, a pewter mounted hip flask, spectacles, Ronson lighter, bridge cards etc., (a lot) 30-40
379.    A carton containing a collection of Epns flatwares, pewter measures, etc., (a lot) 20-30
380.    A carton containing vintage tools to include two Stanley No.9 1/4 block planes etc., (a lot) 40-60
381.    South Indian cast brass oil lamp modelled as Dipa- Lakshmi with circular base, 77cm high 100-150
382.    A mixed lot to include a shell box, a vintage cow bell and a Mr. Lazy clock, (3) 10-15
383.    A Royal Keshan handmade carpet, the blue field with allover foliate design within a flowerhead border, 274 x 366cm 50-80