Antique & Interiors Sale
Saturday 13th October at 10.30am

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1.      George IV set of six Scottish silver fiddle pattern serving spoons with makers mark for James Hewitt, Edinburgh 1823 (6) 23cm long 80-120
2.      William IV set of three Scottish silver fiddle pattern serving spoons with makers mark for Peter Aitken I, Glasgow 1833, (3) 23cm long 40-60
3.      George III Scottish silver fiddle pattern serving spoons to include three with makers marks for John Zeigler, Edinburgh 1811 and three with makers marks for Mitchell & Russell, Edinburgh 1814 (6) longest 23cm long 80-120
4.      Silver photograph frame, Birmingham 1963, 13 x 18cm, together with a Mackintosh style pewter photograph frame, (2) 30-40
5.      Lady's gold plated Rotary wristwatch, boxed 20-40
6.      Victorian silver cigar cutter with makers mark for Cohen & Charles, Chester 1899, 11cm long 20-40
7.      Edwardian silver box, the hinged lid with a circular Jasper Ware plaque, makers mark for Cohen & Charles, Chester 1904, 9 x 5.5cm 30-40
8.      George V silver octagonal twin handled trophy cup and cover with makers mark for Elkington & Co, London 1913, on an oak pedestal plinth 16cm high overall 30-40
9.      Victorian set of twelve Queens pattern Scottish silver teaspoons with makers mark TC, Edinburgh 1859 (12) 14.5cm long 60-80
10.     William IV Scottish silver sauce ladle with makers mark for James Crichton, Glasgow 1832 together with an Epns sauce ladle and two silver teaspoons with makers mark for Robert Gay & Son, Glasgow 1831 (4) longest 17cm long 20-40
11.     A mixed lot of silver to include a Birmingham silver cigarette case, modern London silver pill box and a silver lid (3) 20-40
12.     Scottish silver paper knife with celtic knotwork pattern, makers mark for Henderson & Horner Bros, Glasgow 1941, 15cm long 20-40
13.     Victorian silver cream jug, London 1898, 10cm high 20-30
14.     A mixed lot to include ten various Scottish silver teaspoons with various makers marks and date letters and two Epns spoons (12) 20-40
15.     Victorian silver mounted and ruby glass scent bottle complete with internal glass stopper, 8cm high 25-35
16.     Victorian silver gilt mounted double ended scent bottle with blue enameled monogram to each lid, makers mark GB, 13.5cm long 40-60
17.     Rare pair of Scottish provincial Banff silver Hanoverian pattern teaspoons, makers mark IA for John Argo, 12.5cm long (2) 50-70
18.     Two 9 carat gold gemset rings (2) 30-40
19.     George VI silver three piece condiment set comprising pepper pot, salt and mustard with makers mark for Charles S Green & Co, Birmingham 1947 (3) 30-40
20.     Canton silver pepper pot in the form of a flowerhead with makers mark for Hung Chong, 5cm high 30-50
21.     Early 20th century silver and guilloche enamel topped salts bottle with thistle pattern to top, glass a/f, Birmingham 1917, complete with internal glass topper 8.5cm high 20-30
22.     Victorian set of six silver oar pattern table forks with makers mark for David McDonald, Glasgow 1845 (6) 21cm long 100-150
23.     George III Scottish silver set of three Kings pattern table forks with makers mark for James and Walter Marshall, Edinburgh 1819 (3) 21cm long 40-60
24.     Eight Scottish silver oar pattern table forks to include three bearing makers mark AM& Co, Edinburgh 1855, three James & Walter Marshall Edinburgh 1820, one William and Patrick Cunningham, Edinburgh 1824 and another with Glasgow 1826 marks (8) 120-150
25.     Pressed glass toilet jar with silver and blue guilloche enamel cover with intricate gilt floral pattern, Birmingham 1919, 8cm high 40-60
26.     George III Scottish silver salver with rococo shell cast rim and foliate engraved pattern and an armorial crest to centre with makers mark for Adam Elder, Edinburgh 1829, 31cm wide 200-300
27.     Eleven Scottish silver Old English patterned spoons to include three bearing makers mark JMK, Edinburgh 1815, three David McDonald, Glasgow 1845 and five with makers mark PW, Glasgow 1855 (11) 80-120
28.     Fourteen Scottish silver Old English patterned forks to include five bearing makers mark IL, Edinburgh 1824, two Mackay & Chisholm, Edinburgh 1844, two George O'Neill, Glasgow 1851 and five Samuel Weir, Edinburgh 1849 (14) 100-150
29.     Mixed silver flatwares to include four Victorian Queens pattern Edinburgh silver spoons, two pairs of Sheffield silver sugar tongs, three Sheffield silver butter knives, Birmingham silver butter knife together with two Epns sugar tongs and two Epns butter knives (15) 30-40
30.     A strand of orange hardstone beads 20-30
31.     Silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration to the hinged lid, Birmingham 1953, 11 x 9cm 20-40
32.     A collection of UK pre decimal bronze coinage (a lot) 10-20
33.     A collection of British silver shillings to include Queen Anne, George II and Queen Victoria (a lot) 130-150
34.     A collection of British silver sixpences and threepences to include Victorian and Edward VII (a lot) 60-80
35.     A collection of British silver half crowns to include George III through to George V (a lot) 140-160
36.     A collection of George V silver half crowns (a lot) 100-120
37.     A collection of British silver florins, to include Edward VII and George V issue, (a lot) 140-160
38.     A large collection of mixed British coins (a lot) 40-60
39.     A collection of QEII commemorative coins to include three Five Pound coins and two others (5) 40-60
40.     A collection of QEII commemorative coins to include two five pound coins and six others (8) 40-60
41.     Chinese silver bowl with pierced and scalloped edge and raised on three outswept feet, with character marks to the base, 18cm wide 100-120
42.     9 carat gold Cameo dress ring, UK ring size M 20-40
43.     Birmingham silver foliate engraved cigarette case together with two Epns cigarette cases (3) 30-40
44.     A mixed lot to include a Waterman and a Burnham fountain pen, gold plated Oris wristwatch and another (4) 20-30
45.     Early 20th century Birmingham silver purse together with an Epns purse (2) 20-30
46.     Four pairs of coloured gemstone stud earrings (4) 20-30
47.     Four pairs of coloured hardstone stud earrings (4) 20-30
48.     9 carat gold three stone tanzanite dress ring and a pair of tanzanite earrings (2) 30-40
49.     14 carat gold three stone gemset dress ring together with a 9 carat gold dress ring (2) 40-60
50.     9 carat gold three stone dress ring together with a 9 carat gold heart shaped pendant (2) 30-50
51.     9 carat gold tanzanite set dress ring together with a 9 carat gold box link chain necklace with gilt metal and paste set pendant (2) 30-50
52.     A collection of white sapphire, topaz and coloured gemstone jewellery, all set in silver, to include dress rings, earrings and pendants, etc (50) 150-250
53.     Silver and emerald necklace together with a silver and sapphire necklace (2) 20-30
54.     Three silver and gemstone necklaces to include ruby, tanzanite and sapphire (3) 30-40
55.     Tanzanite faceted bead necklace and matching bracelet together with an apatite necklace and bracelet (4) 20-40
56.     Amethyst geode 9cm long 30-40
57.     A small collection of costume jewellery and wristwatches etc., (a lot) 20-30
58.     A collection of animal and insect costume brooches together with a back scratcher, (a lot approx 65)
59.     A set of six Epns teaspoons in a mahogany cased canteen, containing twelve silver handled fish knives and forks and a cigarette and cigar box, (3) 30-40
60.     Early 20th century carved ivory box and cover, together with another smaller, largest 11cm, (2) 50-70
61.     18th century Worcester blue and white fruit patterned teabowl and saucer, (2) 20-40
62.     Canton Famille Rose bell shaped miniature teapot and cover painted with figural panels, 9.5cm high 30-40
63.     Pair of early 19th century large Canton Famille Rose enamelled saucers painted with flowers and insects, inscribed J & E over McG, in a gilt cartouche to the base, 16cm wide, (2) 30-40
64.     Delft polychrome enamelled plate with Masonic symbols within a Manganese and yellow band, 23.5cm diameter 40-60
65.     Barr Flight Worcester honey pot with fine specimen feather decoration (lid lacking and chips to rim), 12cm wide 20-40
Late 19th / early 20th century ivory card case, 11.5 x 8cm 40-60
67.     Satsuma miniature teapot finely painted with figures, flowers and foliage (lid restored), 8cm wide 40-60
68.     Canton enamelled and celadon ground small brush pot painted with butterflies, flowers and foliage, 6cm high 30-40
69.     Large Canton Famille enamelled and celadon twin handled sucrier and cover painted with alternating bird and figure panels, 13cm high 40-60
70.     Caughley porcelain cup and saucer with gilt foliage and dot pattern, together with a similar small cup with bow and swag gilt pattern, (faults), (2) 20-40
71.     18th century Chinese teabowl and saucer, painted with unusual iron red and gilt European style castle in a landscape, (2) 30-40
72.     Sowerby purple slag glass vase with moulded pattern "Gathering Apples", circa 1880, 9cm high 30-40
73.     Japanese lacquered box and cover in the form of a house painted with birds and landscape pattern, 10 x 7.5cm 20-40
74.     18th century Delft polychrome enamelled plate with a Parrot pattern, 23cm diameter 50-70
75.     19th century amber flashed glass scent bottle in the form of a barrel complete with stopper, 5.5cm long 15-25
76.     Chinese jadeite miniature incense pot and cover, 7.5cm high 30-40
77.     19th century Meissen stand, heavily gilded around a minutely detailed continuous scene of figures within a landscape, scalloped rim and crossed swords marked verso, 19cm wide 100-140
78.     Rare 18th century Meissen cane handle modelled as a bearded man wearing a tricorn hat (tiny crack to neck and chip to hat), 5cm long 100-140
79.     19th century Meissen figure of a boy modelled with floral wreath on a Rococo style base with blue cross swords mark to base, 12cm high, (losses to wreath) 70-100
80.     Early 19th century Meissen cabinet cup with solid gilt ground, raised on three paw feet, with kidney shaped handle, 9.5cm high overall 20-40
81.     Mauchline Quaich / Luggie with "Stirling Castle" scene and inscribed "warranted, made of wood from the field of Bannockburn", 11cm wide 20-30
82.     Group of three 19th century tortoiseshell items to include a turned pill box and cover, a turned cotton reel and a large stud inlaid with mother-of-pearl, (3) 20-30
83.     Unusual early 19th century snakeskin calling card case together with another smaller leather example, largest 9cm long, (2) 20-30
84.     Early 19th century green glass eye bath and a cased medicine glass with etched measuring scale, (2) 10-15
85.     Late 19th / early 20th century carved ivory card case, 11 x 7cm and box 50-70
86.     Two circular framed blue and white tiles depicting St. Francis and St. Peter, in ebonised frames and inscribed verso, 15cm, (2) 60-80
87.     A lacquered cigarette box, the hinged lid with a harbour scene, 13 x 9cm 20-30
88.     19th century gilt metal mirrored circular stand raised on four feet, 23cm wide 15-25
89.     19th century iron tobacco press, 9cm high 20-40
90.     Leather and glass box containing a small bisque head doll, 10cm high, and miniature scent bottle, (2) 30-50
91.     Meerschaum pipe, the bowl with a carved head 40-60
92.     Late 19th century treen box and cover containing a glass medicine jar with stopper and three Mauchline ware items to include a string holder and two containers, (4) 10-15
93.     Hardstone chess board with noughts and crosses to the reverse side, 20 x 20cm 10-15
94.     Two late 19th century treen games markers, a treen box with crochet tools, a treen brush and a small cylindrical box and cover, (5) 15-20
95.     Bag of general oddments to include watch parts, fruit knives, sifter spoon etc. 10-15
96.     Late 19th / early 20th century ivory pill box with carved cover, together with a strand of four jade beads and a hardstone paperweight in the form of a book and a miniature Wedgwood style gilt metal box and cover, (4) 40-60
97.     Two circular lacquered box and covers with abalone inlaid dragon pattern, together with a small bronzed Thai figure, faux ivory Okimono and a parcel gilt bronzed figure, tallest 10cm high, (5) 50-70
98.     Pair of Victorian brass candlesticks and two others, tallest 17cm, (4) 15-25
99.     19th century large glass cake stand with a tiered knop and circular foot rim, 13 x 30cm 20-40
100.    Mixed lot to include two Chinese embroidered panels, a hardwood box containing shells, small gilt leather purse, two early 20th century ivory thimbles and a fruit knife (a lot) 20-40
101.    Chinese Imari baluster vase typically painted with flowers, foliage and insects, 32cm high 40-60
102.    Chinese blue and white vase painted with six figures, 20cm high 100-140
103.    Guerlain de cologne Chamade large perfume bottle and stopper, 30cm high 29-39
104.    Lladro bisque figure, a Nao porcelain figure of a child in a rabbit suit and another figure, (3) 15-20
105.    Collection of Copeland Spode's Italian blue and white pottery to include a fruit bowl, a large jug, two smaller, an oversized breakfast cup and saucer etc., (9) 40-60
106.    Minton octagonal porcelain tazza, together with a Royal Crown Derby floral patterned dish, (2) 20-30
107.    Whitefriars style red glass bark vase and an amber glass vase, tallest 23cm, (2) 30-40
108.    Goebel's Monks four piece cruet set, together with a decanter with three shot glasses to the base, (5) 30-50
109.    Two Royal Doulton porcelain figures to include 'Lilac Time' HN2137 and 'Coralie' HN2307, (2) 30-40
110.    Royal Copenhagen porcelain dog figure, model number 203, 12cm high 20-30
111.    Beswick bulldog figure 'Bosun', 9cm long 20-30
112.    Staffordshire Gardeners Arms transfer printed jug with verse, 13cm high 10-15
113.    Collection of three Caithness boxed glass paperweights to include "Carnival", "Apple" and "Free Spirit", together with four Millefiori paperweights, (7) 30-40
114.    Mixed lot to include Royal Crown Derby Imari saucer, Davenport Imari biscuit barrel with Epns mounts, Royal Crown Derby "Derby Posies" mug, two Maling pottery bowls and two Carlton ware leaf moulded dishes, (8) 20-30
115.    Pair of cut glass bowls with serrated rims and knop stems, 16cm high, (2) 50-70
116.    Pair of silver plated knop stemmed candlesticks with detachable sconce, 25cm high, (2) 20-40
117.    Vienna porcelain Bachantinen jug with Neumann hand painted panel complete with associated cover and three porcelain pill boxes and four Cloisonne examples, (8) 30-40
118.    English porcelain Newhall style tea bowl and saucer painted with floral sprays and garlands, (2) 30-40
119.    Two Dresden porcelain reticulated baskets painted with flowers, together with three German cream ware baskets, largest 10cm wide, (5) 30-40
120.    Two Chinese blue and white tea bowls, (one a/f) together with a prunus patterned ginger jar, a small blue and white teapot, a Japanese blue and white vase and cover, cabinet plate (a/f) and a modern blue and white box and cover, (7) 30-40
121.    Collection of Denby "Green Wheat" patterned table wares, (6) 10-15
122.    Pair of blue and white W R & Co Humphries Clock patterned blue and white patterned vases with gilt edge handles to top, 12cm high, (2) 20-30
123.    Two Continental porcelain cat and ball white glazed posy vases, 13cm high 40-60
124.    Staffordshire black and white cow creamer with a milkmaid to the green lined base, with an associated cover, 20cm long 30-50
125.    Lustre glazed cow creamer on a green moulded base, (cover lacking), and bearing an Oliver Sutton's Antiques label to the base, 18cm long 30-50
126.    Sponge glazed cow creamer on a green lined shaped base with milkmaid with an Oliver Sutton's Antiques label to the base, (lid lacking), 20cm long 30-50
127.    Chinese brass circular dragon patterned plate with six character marks verso, 25.5cm wide 40-60
128.    Collection of three tea bowls, together with a modern Japanese blue and white jar, (4) 30-40
129.    Collection of miscellaneous porcelains to include a Hutschenreuther "Dresden" patterned cream jug, various plates to include Royal Crown Derby, serving dishes to include Hammersley's "Dresden Sprays" and pill boxes, trinket boxes, etc., (a large lot) 20-40
130.    Pair of continental brown glazed pottery baluster vases with incised floral patterns, 19cm high, (2) 15-25
131.    Continental twin handled vase in ochre streaked glaze, 30cm high 40-60
132.    Pair of Staffordshire lustre glazed chimney spaniels, (one a/f), 23cm high, (2) 15-25
133.    Staffordshire pottery group depicting "Christ and Mary Magdalene" on a rectangular sponged base, 14.5cm high 40-60
134.    Staffordshire porcelain figure of a Lady Archer on a square lined base with a "Sothebys Iris Fox" collection label to the base, 18cm high 30-40
135.    Staffordshire pottery figure of a Putto holding a bird, on a square lined base, 13cm high 20-30
136.    Doulton Lambeth "Benjamin Disraeli" House of Commons jug, (restored), together with a Doulton Lambeth tall tapering jug and matching beaker with impressed base monogram E A, tallest 24.5cm high, (3) 40-60
137.    Collection of 19th century English table wares to include sauceboat, saucers, side plates and a Gresley "Ming" patterned jug, (a lot) 20-30
138.    Limoges white glazed porcelain dinner service with green borders and gilt rims, comprising tureens, serving dishes, plates, bowls, side plates, cups saucers, sugar bowl etc., (53 pieces) 50-70
139.    Beswick Owl with impressed model number 1046 and printed backstamp, 19cm high 30-40
140.    Beswick cat, modelled seated, with green painted eyes with impressed model number 1867 and printed backstamps, 21cm high 30-40
141.    Pair of cut glass triple ring necked decanters with stoppers, 27cm high, (2) 60-80
142.    Noritake twin handled bowl with gilt handles and borders and painted floral panels, complete with a circular stand on three paw feet, 17cm high overall, (2) 30-40
143.    Cloisonne bottle necked vase, the blue ground with flowers and foliage pattern, 26cm high 20-30
144.    Collection of early 20th century glass to include an Epns mounted jug, a satin glass vase and two iridescent glass vases, tallest 21cm, (4) 40-60
145.    Quantity of studio pottery to include mugs, vases, jugs, candlestick, trinket dishes, etc, (a large lot) 20-30
146.    Webb amethyst flashed glass floral patterned vase, 23cm high 40-60
147.    Amber flashed glass bowl with "Hare's" pattern, (a/f), 22cm diameter 20-40
148.    Pair of Noritake high shouldered baluster vases with dragon pattern panels and gilt edged rims, printed backstamps, 16cm high, (2) 30-40
149.    Three Spanish porcelain figures to include two NAO and one Nadal female figures, tallest 24cm, (3) 20-30
150.    Goebels Hummel lamp base, together with a group of seven Hummel figures to include "Little Drummer Boy" etc., (8) 40-60
151.    Large collection of various 19th century and later drinking glasses, together with a wine Vin de la Maison etched glass carafe and two spirit bottles etc., (a large lot) 30-40
152.    Set of six Chinese blue and white prunus patterned ginger jars, one with a cover, 15cm high, (6) 40-60
153.    Collection of blue and white wares to include an Adams breakfast cup and saucer, Wedgwood landscaped patterned teapot, a Rington's Tea Merchants jar and cover and miscellaneous bowls and plates etc, (a lot) 20-40
154.    Bob Park of Culloden studio pottery tureen and cover, together with three others, (4) 10-20
155.    Collection of Delft blue and white pottery to include miniature vases, jugs, steins, serving dish, clogs, tiles etc., (a lot) 15-20
156.    C.S. Hosie
Oil-on-Canvas, signed and dated '92
in a gilt wood frame 40-60
157.    Margaret Thomas
"Scot Monument"
framed with Sally Hunter Fine Art Gallery label verso, 51 x 30cm 40-60
158.    Magda Clarke
"Camellia Japonica"
Botanical Watercolour,
in a glazed frame, signed, 29 x 41cm 30-40
159.    Ink drawing of an "African Village", signed indistinctly, in a mount, unframed, 49 x 35cm 20-40
160.    "Birds Eye View of Edinburgh in 1677" by James Gordon of Rothiemay, produced from the original, in a glazed frame, 68 x 23cm 20-40
161.    John G Mathieson
"On the Dochart"
signed in pencil, in a glazed frame, 22 x 32cm 20-40
162.    Pen and Ink drawing of a WWI Battleship, in a glazed frame with an Aitken & Dott label verso, 22 x 15cm 30-40
163.    William Russell Flint, two coloured prints in glazed frames, largest 23 x 18cm, (2) 30-40
164.    Canadian School
"October Evening, Georgian Bay", 25 x 18cm 40-60
165.    Unknown Artist
"St. Bernard's Well, Stockbridge"
signed indistinctly bottom left, in a glazed frame, 24 x 25cm 20-30
166.    Charles McCall, 20th Century Scottish School
signed and framed, 32 x 40cm, complete with a letter from the artist verso 200-250
167.    Mabel Dawson RSW
"Ramsay Gardens, Edinburgh"
signed, in a glazed frame, 30 x 20cm 60-80
168.    "Framed Map of Edinburgh", drawn and engraved for the General Post Office Directory, in a glazed frame, 44 x 36cm 20-40
169.    M. D'Arcy Thompson
"Cats and Nets", first series 11/17,
screen print, signed in pencil and dated '61,
in a glazed frame, 43 x 32cm 40-60
170.    Companion pair of Japanese embroidered silk panels in glazed and gilt wood frames, 41 x 75cm, (2) 40-60
171.    Tom Maxwell
Framed print, 18 x 32cm 10-15
172.    Tom Maxwell
"Royal Exchange, Glasgow"
Framed engraved print, signed in pencil, in a glazed frame, 30 x 40cm 20-40
173.    Two rosewood framed botanical coloured prints, 40 x 46cm, (2) 30-40
174.    Pais de Cocagne, print of a coloured French map in a glazed frame, 56 x 42cm 20-30
175.    "The West Part of Fife", framed coloured map, 60 x 50cm 20-40
176.    Boon Lea
Malay Watercolour, signed in a glazed frame, 37 x 26cm 40-60
177.    L. Griffith
"St. Mark's,Torquay"
signed with initials, framed, 60 x 50cm 30-40
178.    After Willem & Johan Blaeu, reproduction coloured map of Scotland, in a glazed frame, 65 x 54cm 20-40
179.    R. Webster
signed, in a glazed and gilt wood frame, 55 x 40cm 30-40
180.    J. C. Nachenius Gardner
"Loch Duich"
signed with a monogram, in a gilt wood frame, 59 x 44cm 60-80
181.    The North of Scotland Bank Limited framed print of a one pound note 10-15
182.    J. C. Nachenius Gardner
"Bass Rock, Dunbar"
signed with monogram, framed, 23 x 17cm 30-40
183.    J. C. Nachenius Gardner
Still Life Pot of Flowers
signed with a monogram, in a gilt wood frame, 18 x 24cm 40-60
184.    Japanese print of a Geisha in a clip frame, 24 x 32cm 30-40
185.    Kitamura Meido, (1896-1962)
Print of figures in a landscape with publishers seal bottom left,
mounted on card but unframed, 24.4 x 27cm 40-60
186.    Scottish School
"Flowering Gorse by a Loch"
apparently unsigned, unframed, 30 x 25cm
187.    Pencil drawing of Ruth D'Arcy Thompson playing the piano,
unsigned, in a glazed frame, 14 x 16cm 15-25
188.    Set of four Ian M Fraser coloured novelty golfing prints, all in glazed frames, 19 x 15cm, (4) 30-40
189.    J.M. Dodds
Companion pair of shoreline village scenes
signed, in gilt wood frames, 44 x 30cm, (2) 30-40
190.    Two framed photographic hunting prints, 29 x 23cm and another, (3) 10-15
191.    19th Century School
"East India Sailing Ship anchored"
apparently unsigned, in a glazed gilt wood frame, 80 x 45cm 70-100
192.    Picasso
Large coloured print in a glazed frame, 55 x 60cm 20-40
193.    Quantity of framed prints and engravings, (14) 20-40
194.    Framed Montage of "Archie Gemmill" photographs, one signed, in a glazed gilt wood frame 30-40
195.    Hanson's Traditional Beer's,
painted wooden pub sign, 93 x 62cm 40-60
196.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign "Our Tattie Pickers, picking fine hops for the brewing of our renowned ales", 92 x 62cm 40-60
197.    Two vintage painted wooden pub signs to include "Bass" and "A full tankard of porter for all volunteers who enlist into service in the Royal Navy", 29 x 125cm, (2) 50-70
198.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign "In Cobs, Kent Beer only 2.d/ a pint, the Drayman's tipple!", 29 x 123cm 30-40
199.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign, "Traditional ales, cask matured for a finer flavour", 22 x 57cm 40-60
200.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign, "MacLachlans Ltd, Castle Brewery, Duddingston, Glasgow and Edinburgh", 77 x 102cm 50-70
201.    Mahogany wardrobe with carved pediment top over a dentil frieze and central mirror door, 238 x 166cm 80-120
202.    Mahogany ledgeback sideboard, 132 x 168cm 30-40
203.    Mahogany wardrobe with a single mirror door above a long drawer, 232 x 132cm 70-100
204.    Pine kitchen dresser, 198 x 146cm 70-100
205.    Narrow oak bookcase of long proportions and with a domed top, 192 x 32cm 30-40
206.    Walnut drop leaf table with scalloped circular top and gateleg base, 48 x 71cm 60-80
207.    19th century rosewood foldover table on a carved baluster column and quadruped supports with brass castors, 77 x 110cm 60-80
208.    Ercol light elm dining suite comprising table and five chairs, 73 x 114cm, (6) 80-120
209.    Lady's mahogany bureau with a fall front and single long drawer on cabriole legs, 96 x 65cm 50-70
210.    Walnut cabinet, the arched top over a pair of glazed doors, above two drawers and a low boy base, on cabriole legs, 184 x 65cm 70-100
211.    Mid 20th century mahogany chest with five graduating long drawers, 105 x 76cm 40-60
212.    Retro teak sideboard, the rectangular top over four central drawers, flanked by a pair of cupboard doors, 80 x 214cm 40-60
213.    Pair of contemporary ironwood side tables, 60 x 50cm, (2) 40-60
214.    Edwardian mahogany and inlaid display cabinet with a glazed door and shelved interior, raised on square tapering legs and spade feet, 140 x 70cm 60-80
215.    Mahogany two tier side table, 75 x 68cm 20-40
216.    Wing back armchair with red upholstery together with another smaller, 106 x 82cm, (2) 80-120
217.    Mahogany three tier folding cake stand 10-20
218.    Early 20th century oak bookcase, 92 x 46cm 20-40
219.    Pair of Victorian mahogany framed side chairs with upholstered back and seat, 92 x 50cm, (2) 30-40
220.    Pair of bedside cabinets, 65 x 40cm, (2) 30-40
221.    Oak cased grandmother clock with brass dial and silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals, 167 x 35cm 70-100
222.    Vintage light oak desk with three short drawers, 77 x 122cm 40-60
223.    Retro bookcase with open shelves and a single cupboard door, 92 x 122cm 10-20
224.    Set of six Lloyd Loom high back chairs, 112 x 48cm, (6) 40-60
225.    Pair of open armchairs with spindle backs and woven rush seats, 105 x 60cm, (2) 60-80
226.    Cream painted wooden two seater window seat with crossed vertical splats and upholstered seat, 102 x 110cm 80-100
227.    19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top with moulded edge over two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 98 x 120cm 100-150
228.    19th century oak bureau, the fall front opening to reveal a fitted interior, above four graduating long drawers, 98 x 92cm 80-120
229.    Early 20th century carved oak plant stand, 90 x 40cm 20-30
230.    Mahogany corner cabinet, 188 x 40cm 30-40
231.    Victorian rosewood framed buttonback armchair, 83 x 66cm 60-80
232.    Small hardwood open bookcase, 86 x 76cm 15-25
233.    Mahogany oval wall mirror, 82 x 54cm 15-25
234.    Mahogany nest of three tables, 57 x 56cm 20-30
235.    Carved oak desk, the rectangular top with three leather skivvers, over a central drawer and pair of cupboard doors, 78 x 153cm 70-100
236.    Walnut corner cabinet with arched top and pair of cupboard doors over two short drawers and two smaller cupboard doors to the base, on cabriole supports, 192 x 89cm 70-100
237.    Lady's mahogany writing desk with a brass gallery to top over pigeon holes, with an inset leather skivver and two frieze drawers, raised on carved cabriole supports 70-100
238.    Mahogany chest of tall proportions, the rectangular top with moulded edge and dentil frieze over two short and six graduating long drawers, on a stand with cabriole supports, 171 x 60cm 120-150
239.    White painted wooden dresser, 177 x 91cm 50-70
240.    19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top with a moulded edge, above two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 95 x 105cm 100-150
241.    Modern black leather office chair, 166 x 65cm 10-20
242.    Two early 20th century plant stands, 93 x 29cm, (2) 10-15
243.    Early 20th century oak extending dining table, 152 x 121cm 40-60
244.    Greaves & Thomas faux rosewood cabinet, 132 x 133cm 40-60
245.    Retro bookcase cabinet with glazed door, 115 x 85cm 20-40
246.    Yewwood desk r the rectangular top with green leather skivver, above two short drawers flanked by three short drawers, 79 x 107cm 50-70
247.    Mahogany octagonal occasional table on a baluster column and tripod support , 71 x 45cm 40-60
248.    Mahogany framed stool with carved acanthus leaf supports and claw and ball feet, with a green upholstered top, 45 x 92cm 50-70
249.    Two Edwardian mahogany framed side chairs, 94 x 35cm, (2) 15-20
250.    Contemporary dining suite comprising a plank topped table with two frieze drawers together with a set of four chairs with upholstered backs and seat, 180 x 90cm, (5) 100-150
251.    Early 20th century light oak ledgeback sideboard, 137 x 44cm 40-60
252.    Mahogany Butlers tray style table with brass hinges and raised on square legs and cross stretcher, 99 x 72cm 50-70
253.    Mahogany display cabinet with glazed doors and shelved interior over a pair of short drawers and undertier, 164 x 68cm 70-100
254.    Light oak two drawer table / desk , 76 x 135cm
255.    Mahogany framed spoon back settee with green buttonback upholstery, 90 x 200cm
256.    Pair of mahogany framed green upholstered buttonback armchairs, 102 x 72cm, (2) 100-150
257.    French style kingwood bedside cabinet / chest, with marble top and brass mounts, 73 x 32cm 200-250
258.    Walnut inlaid cabinet, 90 x 55cm 60-80
259.    Small oak table together with a green footstool, 40 x 27cm (2) 10-20
260.    Mahogany extending dining table and set of six chairs, 75 x 186, (7) 60-80
261.    Leather revolving chair and footstool, 98 x 76cm, (2) 40-60
262.    Mahogany press, the rectangular top with moulded edge over a pair of cupboard doors and two long drawers to the base, 124 x 84cm 70-100
263.    Pine font, 87 x 28cm 30-40
264.    Oak open bookcase, 114 x 78cm 15-25
265.    19th century mahogany open armchair with black leather stuff over seat, 88 x 50cm 50-70
266.    Oak standard lamp and shade, 180cm 10-15
267.    Mahogany coffee table with glass top, 109 x 45cm 10-15
268.    Small mahogany wall hanging shelf, 50 x 48cm 20-30
269.    Bamboo and brass plant stand, 78cm 10-15
270.    Mahogany trolley, 75 x 67cm 30-40
271.    Afghan rug the red field with block shaped medallions enclosing foliate stems 150 x 90cm 50-80
272.    Persian rug the red and indigo field with hooked polygons and a central hexagonal medallion, 170 x 113cm 80-120
273.    Belouch rug the red field with two octagonal guls with serrated leaf border, 142 x 85cm 40-60
274.    Small Persian Hamadan rug, the red field with central flowerhead medallion and pendants 108 x 62cm 30-40
275.    Mahogany chest, the rectangular top over two short and three long drawers, raised on bracket feet, 94 x 54cm 100-150
276.    Mahogany open bookcase with two bays of seven drawers, 157 x 102cm 120-150
277.    Oak plant stand, 91cm 10-15
278.    Rosewood, brass and abalone inlaid Lady's dressing / vanity table, drawer stamped Edward and Roberts, Wardour Street, London, 72 x 53cm 150-200
279.    Yewwood filing cabinet, 80 x 50cm 15-25
280.    Scottish pine dresser, 174 x 130cm 100-150
281.    Carved standard lamp together with a mahogany 65cm standard lamp 10-20
282.    Mahogany display cabinet with two glazed doors and shelved interior, 128 x 90cm 40-60
283.    19th century mahogany chest with a two door compartment to top above five long drawers, 171 x 112cm 70-100
284.    Maltese rug, 128 x 200cm 15-25
285.    Qashqai style rug with blue and red field (a/f), 105 x 120cm 50-70
286.    Belouch style rug with brown field (a/f), 67 x 131cm 30-40
287.    19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top with moulded edge over three short and three long drawers, on bracket supports, 150-180
288.    Rosewood framed button back bedroom chair, 90 x 60cm 60-80
289.    Marble top demi lune / console table, 76 x 98cm 60-80
290.    Rosewood veneered table on twin pedestal base, 71 x 214cm (a/f) 60-80
291.    Quantity of Spanish pottery to include bowls, jugs etc., (a large lot) 20-30
292.    Nisbet ware Scottish pottery bowl, together with a Chinese bird patterned bowl, (2) 20-30
293.    Casa Pupo of London moulded glass oil lamp base and shade 10-15
294.    Collection of five heraldic crest wall plaques to include "The Royal Sussex Regiment" and "Allied Command Channel" etc., (5) 15-25
295.    Miniature revolving bookcase 20-40
296.    Olive wood box together with two brass inlaid boxes, largest 23 x 16cm, (3) 30-40
297.    Modern contemporary blue glazed vase, 33cm high 20-30
298.    Set of six hunting circular place mats, retailed by Harrods of London, together with a set of six coasters, (12) 20-30
299.    Glazed showcase containing a procession of fourteen carved wooden Chinese figures, size overall 39 x 19cm 30-40
300.    Selection of teak serving dishes etc., (a lot) 10-15
301.    Pair of stained mahogany wall cupboards with glazed hinged door to front, 22 x 34cm, (2) 20-40
302.    Taxidermy Puffin, perched upon a lava rock, 31cm high 80-120
303.    Ballantine's Gold Seal 12-year-old Scotch Whiskey, blended and bottled by George Ballantine & Son Ltd, 1lt, 43% vol, in a presentation tin 30-50
304.    Mixed lot to include Spode's "Lady Anne" patterned bowl and plate, a Royal Doulton "Leeds" pattern cup, cover and saucer and miscellaneous cabinet cups and saucers, together with boxed Royal Worcester trinket dishes etc., (a lot) 10-20
305.    Trench art shell case coaster 10-15
306.    Porcelain "Tea for Two" set with gilt edged rims and floral motifs to centre, comprising an oval tray with twin handles, 45cm long, two cups, two saucers, cream jug and a sucrier, pattern number 3419 to the base 60-80
307.    Chinese Imari shallow charger together with a Celadon glazed plate, both with restoration, largest 35cm, (2) 20-30
308.    19th century miniature porcelain table wares, together with a small lustre teaset (a lot) 10-15
309.    McCall studio pottery bowl together with a Japanese pottery bowl and a small collection of Chinese figures etc., (6) 20-30
310.    Selection of coloured art glass to include three vases and a bowl, tallest 31cm 30-40
311.    Juliana Collection faux bronze horse figure group, 30 x 20cm 30-40
312.    Chinese carved hardstone incense jar and cover, 20cm high 30-40
313.    Cloisonne bird perched upon a wooden base, 15cm high 20-40
314.    Royal Copenhagen teaset 20-30
315.    Chinese Shiwan glazed and stoneware figure, 46cm high 30-40
316.    Poole Dolphin, together with two similarly glazed figures of a Bear and a Horse, both unmarked, (3) 10-20
317.    Set of six Babycham glasses, (6) 10-20
318.    Two crystal bowls, (2) 10-20
319.    Set of three copper and brass tankards together with a small pewter hip flask, (4) 10-20
320.    Bell & Howell 7 x 35 EWA binoculars in a fitted case 20-30
321.    Concert Music Box of Mozart Masterpieces, by the House of Faberge, in the form of a miniature baby grand piano, 17 x 40cm 70-100
322.    Pair of glass spirit decanters and stoppers, together with another, (3) 10-15
323.    Porcelain dessert service with landscape panels to the centre and gilt edge rims comprising a comport, two tazza and set of six plates, (9) 40-60
324.    Japanese Kutani vase, finely painted with figures applied with fan shaped motifs, character marks to the base, 37cm high 80-120
325.    Painted portrait miniature of an Elizabethan lady in glazed frame, 7.5 x 9cm 30-40
326.    Four vintage mesh covered siphons to include a gourd shaped example and three others, tallest, 48cm, (4) 20-30
327.    Mantle clock in ebonised wooden case with blue and white floral ceramic pottery dial with Arabic numerals, strikes on a gong, 31 x 20cm 40-60
328.    Solian Ware black glazed breakfast set with lilac border and yellow dot pattern, comprising cup, saucer, side plate, cream jug, sugar bowl and teapot, (6) 20-30
329.    Eastern brass engraved urn vase and cover, 56cm high 20-30
330.    Brass table lamp base on a turned wooden base 10-15
331.    Three Lladro birds on floral encrusted bases, largest 30cm 30-40
332.    Fenton bone china teaset 10-20
333.    Quantity of Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" table wares to include a cake plate, teapot, tea cups, saucers, side plates, dinner plates, serving dishes, tureens, bowls, egg cups, salt and pepper etc., (approx 95 pieces) 100-150
334.    Georgian needlework sampler "Worked by Jane Bremner, aged 12, 1808" in a glazed faux rosewood frame, 27 x 43cm 50-70
335.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign "Massey Brewers purveyors of fine ales, stouts and porter, Burnley, Lancs", 75 x 120cm 40-60
336.    Vintage wooden painted pub sign, "Beer in tankards, always served by hand", 123 x 22cm 30-40
337.    Vintage wooden painted pub sign, "Delivered 2 times daily, 22 barrels of beer by our two-headed Shire Horse", 123 x 22cm 30-40
338.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign, "Best Hops from our Kentish Farms, being freshly picked for our unparalleled Ales", 81 x 72cm 40-60
339.    Vintage wooden painted pub sign, "T & J Bernard, purveyors of fine food and ales", 100 x 65cm 40-60
340.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign, "From Kent's finest hops comes the taste of real ale', 62 x 94cm 40-60
341.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign, "The finest ales and stouts, strength and purity strong ales", 64 x 89cm 40-60
342.    Vintage painted wooden pub sign, "Guinness extra stout delivered by motor van from St. James's Gate, Dublin", 125 x 97cm 60-80
343.    Philip's Challenge Globe 13.5 inches diameter, on a wooden base 20-30
344.    Chinese blue and white planter with brown scratch borders 20-30
345.    Pottery model of a small Jack Russell type dog, 27 x 40cm 20-40
346.    Mahogany framed dressing table mirror with a rectangular plate on tapering side supports, 67 x 34cm 30-40
347.    Eastern bamboo and brass instrument, 77 x 28cm 30-40
348.    Quantity of Epns wares to include candlesticks, sauce boats, coffee pot, teapot, kettles etc., (a lot) 30-40
349.    Twin handled silver plated tray with leaf and flowerhead cast border and foliate engraved centre, 70 x 42cm 50-70
350.    Collection of silver handled butter knives, together with Epns knife rests, spoon and scoop etc., (a lot) 20-30
351.    Group of three silver plate on copper wine coasters with wooden bases, two Epns entree dishes and a tray, (6) 30-40
352.    Carved teak table lamp base and shade 10-15
353.    Cloth wall hanging 30-40
354.    Carton containing vintage "Dolls of the World" figures, (a lot) 10-20
355.    Carton containing vintage Ordnance Survey Tourist Maps together with Military edition paper and cloth maps, etc. (a lot) 10-15
356.    Vintage Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter, complete with typewriter oil and case 10-15
357.    Brass fireside companion set, together with four wooden book troughs, (5) 15-20
358.    Collection of four Staffordshire blue and white ashets, (4) 10-20
359.    Carton containing Epns wares to include a ladle, teaset, candlestick, flat wares etc,. (a lot) 30-40
360.    Carton containing miscellaneous glass lamp shades, (a lot) 15-25
361.    Modern blue and white Chinese vase, 48cm high 20-30
362.    Carton containing a quantity of lady's vintage clothing etc., (a lot) 10-20
363.    Carton containing Epns wares to include trays, coffee pot, toast rack etc., (a lot) 20-30
364.    Weir Construction surveyor's level, in fitted box 30-40
365.    19th century surveyor's precise level, boxed, together with a tripod, (2) 60-80
366.    E.R. Watts & Son Limited, surveyor's theodolite, boxed 40-60
367.    Collection of vintage woodworking planes, (a lot) 40-60
368.    19th century mahogany writing box 40-60
369.    Carton containing carved wooden elephants and Rhinoceros, (2) 10-15
370.    Carton containing a collection of "Willow" patterned blue and white table wares, (a lot) 20-30
371.    Carton containing a quantity of vintage fur tippets and stoles, (a lot) 20-30
372.    Two brass planters on hairy paw feet, (2) 10-15
373.    Five Bell's Whisky decanters with contents, (5) 30-40
374.    Six oval rosewood and inlaid plaques, (6) 40-60
375.    Copper coal scuttle 30-40
376.    Quantity of teak serving bowls and stag handled knives and forks, (a lot) 15-25
377.    Carton of 19th century and later glass decanters, various stoppers, toilet bottles, cruet bottles etc., (a large lot) 20-40
378.    Catherine Holm, Norway, green and white enamelled kettle, hot water pot, serving pot and bowl, (4) 50-70
379.    Catherine Holm of Norway, yellow and white enamelled bowls, largest 28.5cm wide, (2) 40-60
380.    Violin with deep red patina 60-80
381.    Violin in a fitted case complete with two bows 60-80
382.    Box containing a collection of vintage sporting rackets, a shooting stick, riding crops, etc., (a large lot) 20-40
383.    Two Bell's Whisky decanters and contents, (2) 15-25
384.    Mixed lot to include a silver collared decanter and stopper, two small scent bottles and an Epns candelabra, (mixed lot) 50-70
385.    Glass four branch ceiling light 20-40
386.    Glass six branch chandelier with hanging lustres 60-80
387.    Carton containing a collection of Dr. Who board games to include the "Time Travelling Action Game" and a Radio Controlled Dalek Battle Pack etc., (a lot) 30-40
388.    Carton containing seven albums of contemporary postcards 30-40
389.    Ferranti oak cased Art Deco mantle clock, 17cm high 20-40
390.    German Art Deco mahogany cased mantle clock 15-25
391.    Two studio pottery brown glazed jars with covers with fish patterns, tallest 28cm, (2) 20-40
392.    Tin plate car with JP rubber tyres,28cm long 20-40
393.    Milas runner 30-40
394.    Vintage bottle of port, label numbered 56 and bottled by Law & Forest, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh 30-40
395.    Glengoyne Highland Single Malt 40-year old Whisky box with a cream leather interior and perspex fitments, 40 x 20cm 50-70
396.    Small mahogany and inlaid banjo barometer, 60cm long 20-40
397.    Mahogany cased Vienna style wall clock 40-60
398.    Late 19th or early 20th century plate camera 30-40
399.    Four stained glass window panels, (4) 20-30
400.    20th century cast iron putti and dolphin fountain,120cm high 150-200
401.    Brass topped log garden ornament, 45cm high 20-30
402.    Pine open bookcase, 76 x 122cm 40-60
403.    Six Bells Whisky decanters (unopened) (6) 30-40
404.    A collection of thirteen various glass paperweights (13) 20-30
405.    A set of five French white glazed serving dishes and a group of ramekins (a lot) 10-20
406.    A collection of Chinese rice dishes, spoons and coffee cans and saucers etc (a lot) 20-40
407.    Metal wares to include a coppered tin charger, brass trivet and chamber stick, etc (a lot) 20-30
408.    An adjustable pine and oak artist easel, 224 x 70cm 100-150
409.    An adjustable pine and oak artist easel, 195 x 80cm 100-150
410.    Walnut framed rectangular mirror with an easel strut back, together with a small brass framed mirror, largest 50 x 40cm, (2) 20-30
411.    Gilt wood framed square wall mirror, 46 x46cm 30-40
412.    Circular papier mache and abalone inlaid circular floral patterned table top, 57cm diameter 20-40
413.    Brass coal bucket 10-15
414.    Carton containing a collection of brass wares to include vases, horse figures, candlesticks etc., (a lot) 10-20
415.    Two large floral patterned tapestry cushions, together with a throw, (3) 10-15
416.    Early 20th century mahogany extending dining table, 78 x 122cm 40-60
417.    Mahogany sideboard, the rectangular top with moulded edge over a pair of carved cupboard doors, 97 x 154cm 60-80