Antique & interiors Sale on 05/01/19

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1.      William IV Scottish silver set of three Fiddle pattern sauce ladles by Daniel Robertson, Glasgow 1836, 16.5cm long (3) 40-60
2.      William IV Scottish silver set of eight Fiddle pattern spoons by Daniel Robertson, Glasgow 1830, 18cm long (8) 100-150
3.      George IV Scottish silver set of four Fiddle pattern table spoons by Robert Gray & Son, Glasgow 1827, 22.5 cm long (4) 50-80
4.      Chester silver topped scent bottle together with three white metal mounted and coloured glass scent bottles (4) longest 10cm 50-70
5.      George VI cased set of six silver teaspoons, Birmingham 1946 (6) 20-30
6.      George V set of three silver and blue guilloche enamel buckles, in a fitted case with makers mark for Adie & Lovekin Ltd, Birmingham 1938 (3) 20-40
7.      A vintage strand of graduating jade beads 50-70
8.      Victorian gold and black enamel mourning brooch with glazed locket panel, inscribed verso 'Edward Brown, my husband who died 25 Jan 1846 aged 30 years, 8 months and 19 days' 5cm wide 60-80
9.      A mixed lot to include three rings, enamel earrings and a pewter ring (6) 40-60
10.     Vintage Danish silver brooch by Hans Hansen Kolding, stamped with makers mark and Denmark 925S, 5.5cm wide 30-50
11.     9 carat gold wedding band and a 9 carat gold signet ring (2) 40-60
12.     15 carat rose gold bracelet 70-100
13.     Two vintage strands of single row amber beads (2) 60-80
14.     Victorian banded agate and unmarked gold brooch with a suspension hanging loop, 6.5cm wide 100-150
15.     Mixed lot to include a Birmingham silver napkin ring, Chester silver salt and pepper pots, three silver teaspoons, and a brass card case (a lot) 30-50
16.     Whale bone handled toddy ladle, 35cm long 10-20
17.     Cased set containing a pair of crystal butter dishes and silver butter knives, Sheffield 1924 20-30
18.     An early Victorian canteen containing a suite of eighteen silver Kings Husk pattern fruit knives and forks by Aaron Hadfield, Sheffield 1853, contained within a flame mahogany case 400-600
19.     Two gold plated pocket watches and two vintage wristwatches to include Montine and Sekonda and an Ingersoll watch face (5) 70-100
20.     An 18 carat gold wedding band and a 18 carat gold and opal ring (one stone lacking) (2) 120-150
21.     A mixed lot to include a 9 carat gold Sagittarius pendant on chain, Gents 9 carat gold signet ring, two 9 carat gold gemset rings, three 15 carat gold studs and a pair of 9 carat gold hoop earrings (8) 120-150
22.     Gents 15 carat rose gold ring with pale green carved seal gemstone, inner band stamped ICA 40-60
23.     Mixed lot to include a 9 carat gold St Christopher pendant, yellow metal stiff hinged bangle, two pairs of coloured hardstone drop earrings, two fobs and a hardstone set dress ring, yellow metal studs and gilt metal earrings (a lot) 50-80
24.     A collection of ladies fob watches to include a gold plated Waltham etc (4) 70-100
25.     Gents 18 carat rose gold Pana Chronographie Suisse wristwatch, the silvered face with subsidiary dials and Base and Telemeter chapter rings, on a brown leather strap, stamped 18k 0.750, and numbered 129 2522 to the back of the case 200-300
26.     Two vintage plaid brooches (2) 20-40
27.     Victorian silver topped scent bottle, London 1888 together with a ruby flashed glass scent bottle and a Birmingham silver oval box (3) 50-70
28.     A collection of tiepins to include a 9 carat gold example and four others (5) 30-40
29.     A mixed lot to include two Epns hip flasks, vintage powder compact, two chrome cigarette cases and a gilt metal case and a travel clock (a lot) 30-40
30.     A cigar box and a mirrored box containing a collection of vintage costume jewellery, etc (a lot) 20-30
31.     WWII medals to include War Medal, 1939 - 1945 Star and The France and Germany Star (3) 20-40
32.     WWI medal group awarded to Pte James Bathgate Wickham 1460 Loth & Bord, to include War, Victory and 1914-15 Star together with bronze death plaque, a 1909 silver School medal, Birmingham silver vesta - inscribed JB Wickham, 25th Division In The Field 1916 and a small fragment of metal inscribed ' Fragment of the famous bell of Ypres Cathedral, 1917' (7) 150-200
33.     Queen's South Africa medal with six clasps to include Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill,Belfast and South Africa 1901 named to Capt AD Fleming Vol Co Rl. War. Rgt together with a silver Edward VII Volunteer / Territorial medal inscribed verso Major A.D Fleming, 1st V.B Royal Warwickshire Regt (2) 200-250
34.     Modern silver icon in a pine frame, 11 x 13cm 20-40
35.     An oval bronze patinated metal cock fighting plaque 9cm wide 20-30
36.     Early 20th century Epns and glass flask contained within a leather case, 23cm long overall 30-50
37.     A pair of George V silver sauce boats, Birmingham 1930 (2) 30-50
38.     A pair of Edwardian silver bonbon dishes, Birmingham 1904 (2) 12cm diameter 30-50
39.     Early 19th century silver 'Whisky' decanter label, possibly by David Crichton Rait of Glasgow together with an Epns 'Sherry' decanter label (2) 10-20
40.     George V silver sugar castor of baluster form, with pierced top and finial, on an octagonal foot, by William Adams Ltd, Birmingham 1930, 21cm high 30-40
41.     A collection of six various silver napkin rings (6) 30-40
42.     George V silver teapot, London 1919 100-150
43.     George V silver salt and pepper pots, Birmingham 1931 together with an Epns hair tidy with tortoiseshell top (3) 20-30
44.     Pair of Victorian silver plated 'golf' serving spoons, the handles formed as two crossed golf clubs and golf ball, in original fitted box (2) 40-60
45.     George V cased set of six silver grapefruit spoons, Sheffield 1933 20-30
46.     Early 20th century cased set of six silver and coloured enamel coffee spoons, stamped silver (6) 40-60
47.     George V silver and tortoiseshell backed dressing table brush set comprising hand mirror, two hair brushes and two clothes brushes, in a fitted case, by David Moss & Co, Birmingham 1935 (5) 60-80
48.     George V silver spirit kettle on stand by Mappin & Webb, with bright cut shell decoration and ivory handle, complete with burner, Sheffield 1932, 34cm high 400-600
49.     George V pair of silver sauce boats by Viners, Sheffield 1932 (2) 100-150
50.     A carton containing a quantity of silver plated and other souvenir teaspoons (a lot) 20-30
51.     George V silver teaspoons in a fitted case, by Francis Howard Ltd, Sheffield 1933 (6) 20-30
52.     George V set of six silver teaspoons and matching sugar tongs, in a fitted case, Chester 1919 20-30
53.     George V silver tea and coffee set comprising coffee pot, teapot, sugar bowl and cream jug, with makers mark for Viners, Sheffield 1932 / 33 (4) 400-500
54.     A collection of three silver topped scent bottles together with an Epns and glass scent bottle and a small silver topped scent flask (5) tallest 11cm 70-100
55.     18 carat gold and platinum diamond set ring together with a 9 carat gold wedding band (2) 100-150
56.     A quantity of costume jewellery to include beads, bangles, earrings and brooches, etc (a lot) 30-40
57.     Silver plated hat pin stand containing two silver hat pins and three others, etc (a lot) 30-40
58.     Casio Module No 103 vintage stainless steel wristwatch, with instruction booklet, serial number 089934 10-20
59.     Silver pair cased pocket watch, the movement signed Alex Hollinsone, Liverpool with No 2947, with hallmarks for London 1800 70-100
60.     Silver pair cased pocket watch, the movement signed Dan Hondun and No 9010, with hallmarks for London 1793 70-100
61.     Early 20th century carved ivory puzzle ball on stand, 15.5cm high 50-70
62.     Early 20th century ivory Okimono of a kneeling man and his cat playing with a mouse, signed to base, on shaped hardwood stand, 11cm high (a/f) 50-70
63.     Two coloured glass miniature figures to include an ice skater and a dancing female nude, tallest 10cm (2) 20-30
64.     Ruskin pottery miniature footed bowl on hardwood stand, 6cm diameter, 60-80
65.     Royal Worcester blush ivory French Cook candle snuffer, with green printed backstamp, 7cm high 40-60
66.     Meissen female figure, modelled in a walking stance wearing a purple floral skirt, on rococo style base with tree stump, blue crossed sword mark to the base and impressed 1784, 18cm high 100-150
67.     Early 20th century carved ivory monkey group, 8.5cm high 60-80
68.     William Moorcroft Florian ware vase for James MacIntyre & Co Ltd, tube line decorated with The Blue Poppy pattern to a white ground, with printed facsimile signature and backstamps with Reg No 401753, 10cm high 100-200
69.     Pair of Cloisonne high shouldered baluster vases with butterfly and blossom pattern, 25cm high, (2) 50-70
70.     Japanese 'Imari' patterned porcelain basket, painted with flowers and foliage, 21cm high 70-100
71.     Charles Meigh Bacchanalian Dance moulded jug with fruiting vines, 23.5cm high 50-70
72.     19th century tea bowls to include Worcester and Newhall, together with saucer and a 'Speed the Plough' transfer printed bowl, (4) 30-40
73.     Paragon china Art Deco tea set comprising six cups and six saucers 30-40
74.     Chinese Scholars in a Forest bronze pot pourri jar and cover with faux bamboo handles and feet, signed to the base, 14cm high, together with a Chinese white metal circular box and cover (2) 50-70
75.     Four piece Epns tea and coffee set, (4) 20-40
76.     Group of three Chinese soapstone carvings, largest with monkeys and deer, 26cm long 40-60
77.     Murano art glass sculpture of a bird in a nest, designed by Elio Raffaeli, signed with etched signature, 30cm high 70-100
78.     Selection of gilt glass wares to include a comport, a decanter and stopper and two frilled rim vases, tallest 22cm, (4) 50-70
79.     Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a 'Dachshund', 8cm high 20-40
80.     Two Mary Gregory type green glass goblets with gilt edged rims, 14cm high, (2) 30-40
81.     Collection of Pratt ware to include a teapot, C.R. Johnson pot lid, plates to include 'The Village Wedding', etc., (10) 40-60
82.     Quantity of Minton's Hadden Hall table wares to include cups, saucers, bowls, side plates, jam pot, milk jug etc., (a lot) 30-40
83.     Royal Doulton figure 'Penelope' HN1901, 18cm high 30-40
84.     Cameo glass vase in the manner of Thomas Webb, with flowers and foliage to a blue ground, 20cm tall 100-150
85.     Royal Doulton figure 'Patricia', HN1414, registration number 755478, 20cm tall 30-40
86.     Royal China Works, Worcester blush ivory vase painted with a peacock on a branch, with twin handles to the shoulders and gilt edge rim, green backstamp and numbered 1001, 24.5cm high 60-80
87.     Royal Worcester blush ivory miniature loving cup and tankard, together with a Royal Worcester green glazed and floral moulded posy vase, all with puce backstamps, tallest 6cm, (3) 30-40
88.     Nautilus porcelain vase with looping handles to top and hand painted floral sprays, has printed backstamps, 18cm high 60-80
89.     Royal Doulton blush ivory twin handled bottle neck vase, hand painted with floral sprays and with gilt edge rims, with puce backstamp numbered 1761 and Reg No 238836, 25cm high 50-70
90.     Crystal water jug and set of six tumblers, (7) 20-30
91.     Wedgwood embossed Queens ware blue and white vase with printed backstamps, 28cm high 20-30
92.     Quantity of Epns wares to include a pair of vases, sauceboat, trays, bon bon dishes and a fern engraved coffee pot (a lot) 20-30
93.     Royal Dux blush ivory figure on a circular base, 27cm high 40-60
94.     Amber glass decanter with a rum stopper, 34cm tall 20-30
95.     Collection of etched glass cordial glasses to include two with opaque spiral stems, another with a tear drop baluster stem and a Whitefriars knop stemmed drinking glass, (4) 70-100
96.     Meissen porcelain cabinet plate painted with figures by a Quayside with gilt edge rim and blue cross swords mark verso, 23cm diameter 60-80
97.     Meissen porcelain cabinet cup and saucer, painted with flowers, butterflies and insects, with a scalloped gilt edged rim and blue cross swords marks, (2) 70-100
98.     Berlin porcelain loving cup painted with Stag, Deer and floral sprays with a puce and gilt edged rim, 7cm high 50-70
99.     Two Belleek porcelain floral encrusted vases, tallest 9cm, (2) 30-40
100.    Clarice Cliff 'Celtic Harvest' patterned sugar pot and cover 20-30
101.    Collection of four 20th century scent bottles, together with a cranberry glass twin handled vase, tallest 18cm, (5) 30-50
102.    Royal Stafford 'Enchanting' pattern china teaset 20-30
103.    Two 19th century 'Imari' patterned tea pots to include Derby and Newhall, together with a black glazed Jackfield style vase, (3) 40-60
104.    Quantity of art glass to include a miniature vase, coloured glass fish, small iridescent glass posy and a green frog, etc., tallest 17cm, (7) 30-40
105.    Clarice Cliff My Garden patterned jug with printed backstamps and numbered 830, together with another with transfer printed floral frieze pattern, (2) 50-70
106.    Collection of fern etched glass ware to include two decanters, one water jug and set of five etched glass tumblers, (8) 30-50
107.    Two Caithness glass paperweights to include 'Myriad' and another, (3) 15-20
108.    Quantity of 19th century and later drinking glasses to include a firing glass, cordial glasses and sherry, together with three large etched wine glasses, (a large lot) 60-80
109.    Pair of Maling lustre glazed vases with Kingfisher pattern, with printed backstamps and numbered 5369, 20cm high 40-60
110.    Two Mdina glass sculptures, tallest 33cm, (2) 30-40
111.    Quantity of Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' pattern 2451 table wares to include twelve cups, three cake plates, small teapot, cream jug, sugar bowl, miniature loving cup and oval bowl, (a lot) 100-150
112.    Chinese bamboo brush pot carved with figures and trees, 34cm tall 50-70
113.    Quantity of 19th century and later coloured glass ware to include cranberry glass salts, a gilt and floral painted decanter and stopper, an opaque glass scent bottle and stopper etc., (11) 30-40
114.    Quantity of porcelain cabinet plates to include Royal China Works Worcester and Chamberlains Worcester number 552 plate etc., (a lot) 30-40
115.    Lalique opaque glass bowl, 24cm diameter 100-200
116.    Royal Worcester blush ivory Eagle vase and a candelabra, (both a/f), tallest 22cm 50-70
117.    Royal Doulton figures to include 'Chloe' HN1470, registration number 764558 and 'The Little Bridesmaid' HN1433, registration number 760007, tallest 16cm, (2) 50-70
118.    Royal Doulton figure 'Marion' HN1583, registration number 781817, 17cm high 70-100
119.    Royal Worcester porcelain cup and saucer, pattern number 9624, together with a Derby Lily oval dish, a continental porcelain white metal mounted cup and saucer, a 'Willow' patterned cup and saucer and another, (9) 50-70
120.    Staffordshire blue and white 'Cavendish' patterned meat drainer and a Masons 'Willow' patterned chamber pot, (2) 30-40
121.    Japanese Yixing style stoneware teapot, together with a green glazed vase with painted Peacock panels, tallest 23cm, (2) 40-60
122.    Unusual blue and white pearlware teapot painted with stylised flowers, the lid with a bird finial, 14.5cm high 50-70
123.    Chinese bronze bowl with Cloisonne enameled floral border and seal mark to the base, 12cm high 50-70
124.    Japanese porcelain cup painted with birds, flowers and foliage, together with a small Japanese blue and white porcelain bowl with basket weave to the exterior (2) 30-40
125.    Moorcroft pottery Gustavia patterned bowl, with monogram MDS to the base, Circa. 1998, 26cm diameter 80-120
126.    Quantity of Chinese pottery and porcelain to include a Famille Verte bowl with reticulated rim, a blue and white plate, prunus patterned ginger jar and cover, Famille Rose bowl and plate, (a/f), (5) 60-80
127.    Collection of miscellaneous Staffordshire plates a miniature sauce tureen and cover with ladle, a blue and white Font Hill Abbey plate and Syria pattern etc., (a lot) 20-30
128.    Epns mounted beaver claw brooch, plaque inscribed W.O.H, August 23rd '09, 7 1/2 hours, 10cm long 40-60
129.    Rowland Ward & Co, Naturalist's of Piccadilly, London Epns mounted Deer Foot, inscribed 'found Slowley Wood, Timberscombe, August 24th 1888', on a rectangular mahogany plinth base, 12cm high 70-100
130.    Rowland Ward, 167 Piccadilly, London, Epns mounted Horse Hoof inkwell, the hinged lid inscribed 'Beauty', together with a smaller Hoof, largest 13.5 x 8.5cm, (2) 70-100
131.    Contemporary School
'Roof Tops and Church Steeple'
signed indistinctly and dated '07, in a glazed frame, 13 x 17cm 15-25
132.    Two glazed frames containing a collection of twelve hand painted rice paper paintings of 'Junks and Boats', the frames overall are 24 x 44cm, (2) 60-80
133.    C. Bauckham
'Rooster and Chickens'
signed, in a giltwood frame, 24 x 26.5cm 40-60
134.    William Walcot
'The Thames from Waterloo Bridge'
Etched Print,
signed in pencil, with a Doig, Wilson & Wheatley label verso,
in a glazed frame, 18.5 x 11cm 60-80
135.    'Edinburgh Castle and Skyline'
Coloured print,
in a glazed giltwood frame, 47 x 14cm 20-40
136.    Group of three coloured Edinburgh prints to include 'Foot of the West Bow', 'Dowie's Tavern, Libberton's Wynd' and 'Smollet's House', (3) 15-20
137.    Group of three Japanese landscape paintings on silk, in glazed and giltwood frames, largest 24 x 36cm, (3) 30-50
138.    Hannah Clarke Preston MacGoun
'Little Girl by the Fire'
Oil on board,
signed, in a giltwood frame, 32 x 41cm, has an Aitken Dott & Sons label verso 70-100
139.    Hamilton Glass
'Figure on a country path'
signed, in a giltwood frame, 40 x 30cm 50-70
140.    Alan Turner
'Country Landscape'
signed and dated 1975, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 46.5 x 31cm 40-60
141.    Engraved print 'Laying the foundation stone over Robert Adams New Town', in a glazed frame, 46 x 30cm 20-40
142.    Framed map of 'Egypt, Bahrain and Palestine' published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge by G. Long, Professor, in a glazed frame, 30 x 38.5cm 30-40
143.    Caithness coloured map, after Timothy Pont, in a glazed frame, double sided map from a book, 58 x 45cm 40-60
144.    'St. Willibald Eichstatt Cathedral'
Ink drawing,
in a glazed frame, 25 x 51cm 50-80
145.    Alf Bonnett
'Lawes, Sussex
signed and dated 1887, in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, 56 x 40cm 60-80
146.    'Shepherd and his Flock on a Country Path'
Apparently unsigned, framed, 59 x 41cm 40-60
147.    Peter Koster, (American 1890-1971)
'Cranes by a River'
Oil-on-Canvas, signed, in a lime washed frame, 48 x 38.5cm 80-120
148.    P. Haxton
'East Coast Fishing Village'
signed, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 36 x 26cm 40-60
149.    After George Morland
'Juvenile Navigators'
Hand Tinted Engraving,
in a glazed frame, 62 x 49cm 40-60
150.    After L.S. Lowry
Limited edition coloured print No. 207/850,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 60 x 45cm 30-40
151.    Hamish Lawrie
'Still Life Vase of Flowers'
signed, in a giltwood frame, 28.5 x 40cm 100-200
152.    Hamish Lawrie
'Gondolas on a Venetian Canal'
signed, in a giltwood frame, 44 x 34cm 200-400
153.    Dorothy Johnstone
'White Painted Cottage'
Oil on canvas board,
signed and dated 1921, with a Scottish Gallery label verso,
in a glazed and silver giltwood frame, 33 x 30cm 200-300
154.    James Elder
'Bellhaven Sands, nr Dunbar'
signed and dated 1901, in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, 44 x 25cm 100-150
155.    U. Hiroshige
'Sudden Shower over Shin-Ohashi Bridge
Coloured print,
inscribed and dated 1965, on the mount, 21 x 33cm 40-60
156.    Japanese School
'Two Birds'
signed with artists stamp in a glazed frame, 25 x 22cm 50-70
157.    Arthur Harris - Scottish School
'Fife Village'
signed with a monogram, with an Aitken & Dott label verso,
in a glazed frame, 20 x 15cm,

Footnote:- Exhibited 1891-1895 40-60
158.    William Deas (1876-1945)
'Riverscape in Autumn'
signed bottom right, in a glazed frame, 30 x 25cm 40-60
159.    After Andrew Haslen
Limited edition coloured print numbered 368/600,
signed in pencil, in a glazed frame, 50 x 34cm 30-40
160.    Scottish School
'Highland Riverscape'
signed with initials NA, in a giltwood frame, 49 x 39cm 70-100
161.    Pastel of a Glamorous Woman in an Evening Dress,
apparently unsigned,
in a glazed frame, 10 x 15cm 30-40
162.    Pencil drawing of 'Scipio Africanus addressing the Roman Army',
signed indistinctly bottom left, dated 1840,
in a satinwood frame, 15 x 20cm 50-70
163.    Early 20th century School
'Indian Sapper'
signed indistinctly and dated '09,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 14.5 x 44.5cm 50-70
164.    Pair of Highland Scene watercolours, one indistinctly signed with a monogram with Andrew Duthie Fine Art label verso, in glazed frames, 27 x 19cm, (2) 50-70
165.    Map of 'Caithnesshire' by T. Kitchin, in a glazed frame, 18 x 15cm 10-20
166.    The Shires of Fife and Kinross by H. Moll, framed coloured map, 33 x 26cm 20-30
167.    Donald Burley
'Sir Winston Churchill'
Coloured print, in a giltwood frame, 42 x 53cm 30-40
168.    Early 20th century black and white photographic print of 'after the tiger hunt', in a glazed and ebonised parcel gilt frame, 34 x 27cm 40-60
169.    William Baillie, PRSA, HRA, PPRSW, RGI
Silk Screen Print,
signed in pencil, entitled and numbered 57/60,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 55 x 43cm 40-60
170.    J. Schinder
'Continental Market Square with Cathedral'
in a glazed frame, 59 x 43cm 60-80
171.    W. Jones
Across the Prairie
signed in an ornate giltwood frame, 22.5 x 16.5cm 50-70
172.    'The Winner' and 'Tallyho', pair of framed Stevenograph panels, 17 x 13cm, (2) 60-80
173.    Group of three embroidered panels in giltwood frames, largest 32 x 66cm, (3) 40-60
174.    Plainmeller of London, a ship picture on silk, presented by Joshua S. Tucker & Co, New York, in a glazed frame, 70 x 50cm 80-120
175.    'Royal and Ancient' by Arthur Weaver,
Frost and Reid, coloured print, signed in pencil, in a glazed giltwood frame, 60 x 46cm 20-30
176.    Albert Proctor
'Highland Landscape'
signed, in a glazed frame, 127 x 74cm 70-100
177.    Embroidered silk panel, Meiji period, depicting Birds, Flowers and Foliage, 45 x 120cm 70-100
178.    Carton containing a collection of miscellaneous coloured prints etc., (a large lot) 30-40
179.    Group of three framed coloured prints, (3) 30-40
180.    Group of three framed coloured prints, (3) 30-40
181.    Rowland Ward mahogany turned table lamp, the horse hoof base with a London silver plaque inscribed 'Matching', 37cm high, excluding fitting, together with an iron and brass table lamp with tilting swing arm mechanism, (2) 70-100
182.    Epns mounted Marlin Nose bottle opener, length overall 48cm 50-70
183.    Group of three Wedgwood nursery plates and a bowl, together with a Portmeirion cherry toothpaste mug, designed by Susan Williams - Ellis, (5) 30-40
184.    Taxidermy long-tooth hare in a glazed showcase, size overall 42 x 27cm 70-100
185.    Victorian album containing a quantity of scraps to include Father Christmas, Fire Brigade', Butterflies, Dogs, Birds, Grenadier Guards etc. 50-100
186.    A smoked glass table lamp base of globular form, complete with a black pleated shade 30-40
187.    J.B. Edlington & Co, Ltd, Gainsborough, No.2 Phoenix Potato Sorter, Patent number 138158, iron plaque mounted on a pine back board, 48 x 23cm overall 30-40
188.    Musk Deer Head on a wall plaque 60-80
189.    Taxidermy of a blue / blackbird, 33cm long 40-60
190.    Skull and Antlers wall plaque, 34cm long 40-60
191.    Burr wood stand, 18 x 15cm 20-30
192.    Collection of snake skins (a lot) 50-70
193.    Two vintage miniature leather balls to include Rugby and Football, one with makers mark 'Epic Sports, Rugby - Polo - Boot, Outfitters London, (2) 40-60
194.    Two 19th century brass mounted tape measures, one 40 foot, the other 33 foot long, (2) 20-40
195.    Pair of 19th century brass curtain tie back / hooks, 34cm long, (2) 60-80
196.    Hollande French Metronome, 23cm high 40-60
197.    Late 19th century / early 20th century ivory handled fly swat, carved head handle, length overall 45cm 60-80
198.    Late 19th / early 20th century ivory handled silk parasol, carved with flowers and foliage, length overall 63cm 60-80
199.    Vintage Union Jack, together with two St. George's Cross kneeler cushions, 40cm wide, (3) 40-60
200.    Collection of 19th century and later wooden shoe lasts (a lot) 30-40
201.    Mahogany and inlaid triple wardrobe, the moulded cornice over a central mirror door flanked by a pair of bow front doors above three drawers, with brass handles and plinth base , 222 x 215cm 150-200
202.    Pair of vintage green upholstered Parker Knoll open armchairs, 88 x 65cm, (2) 30-50
203.    Mahogany occasional table with circular top and baluster column on tripod legs, together with a pie crust table and another, 70 x 38cm, (3) 30-40
204.    Pair of upholstered armchairs with removable leaf and flower covers, 75 x 77cm, (2) 60-80
205.    Upholstered two seater sofa, with removable leaf and flower covers 83 x 125cm 50-70
206.    Mahogany nest of three tables, 57 x 57cm 20-30
207.    Mahogany two tier trolley / card table together with another, 62 x 66cm 10-20
208.    Set of three mahogany side chairs with pieced vasiform splat backs and upholstered seats, 88 x 48cm, (3) 30-40
209.    Mahogany revolving bookcase, 90 x 50cm 50-70
210.    Mahogany Pembroke table with fluted supports, 74 x 110cm 70-100
211.    Mahogany glass top coffee table, together with another, 44 x 98cm (2) 20-30
212.    Mahogany two tier side table on wheels, 57 x 65cm 10-15
213.    Mahogany hall table with a single frieze drawer on square tapering supports 75 x 109cm 40-60
214.    19th century rosewood chiffonier, the breakfront top over four cupboard doors, 97 x 174cm 70-100
215.    Upholstered two-seater sofa, removable leaf and flower covers 76 x 140cm 50-70
216.    Mahogany bow fronted sideboard / table with three drawers and raised on turned supports, 76 x 105cm 70-100
217.    Blue upholstered armchair on ebonised supports and castors, 87 x 66cm 60-80
218.    Blue upholstered armchair on mahogany supports and castors, 98 x 76cm 60-80
219.    Set of five rosewood side chairs, four with green upholstered seats and one with tapestry seat, 85 x 45cm 50-70
220.    Painted bamboo child's correction chair with canework seat, 105 x 29cm 70-100
221.    Mahogany occasional table with circular top on a baluster turned column and tripod legs, together with two others, 60 x 30cm, (3) 30-40
222.    Mahogany magazine rack, 43 x 49cm 10-20
223.    Gilt pedestal table with onyx top, 50 x 38cm 10-20
224.    Tapestry top piano stool, 52 x 50cm 10-15
225.    Dressing table stool with floral upholstered top, 58 x 51cm 10-20
226.    Pair of elm ladderback open armchairs with tapestry seats, 92 x 60cm, (2) 30-50
227.    Mahogany open bookcase, 112 x 122cm 50-70
228.    Early 20th century oak dressing table with three graduating drawers, 141 x 92cm 20-40
229.    Early 20th century oak bookcase cabinet, 165 x 92cm 40-60
230.    Small mahogany drop leaf table, on bobbin supports and ceramic castors, 60 x 55cm 40-60
231.    Mahogany three tier folding cake stand, 86cm 10-20
232.    Mahogany two tier triangular occasional table, 60 x 41cm 20-30
233.    Pair of mahogany open armchairs, with circular canework backs and seats, 96 x 68cm, (2) 40-60
234.    Pair of Edwardian rosewood and inlaid side chairs with tapestry upholstered seats and square tapering supports, 90 x 43cm, (2)
235.    Edwardian mahogany and inlaid ledgeback display cabinet, with glazed doors and shelved interior, 133 x 59cm 50-70
236.    Large cream painted wooden open armchair with upholstered back and seat, 107 x 83cm 60-80
237.    Pair of black metal Thonet style cafe chairs with canework seats, 90 x 42cm, (2) 10-20
238.    Oak ladder back chair, together with a white painted side chair, 93 x 41cm, (2) 10-20
239.    Mahogany and inlaid revolving bookcase, 86 x 46cm 50-70
240.    Victorian mahogany breakfast table, the oval top with moulded edge, raised on a baluster column and carved tripod legs, 74 x 136cm 100-150
241.    Stressless style green leather swivel chair and footstool, 104 x 80cm, (2) 40-60
242.    White painted side table, the rectangular top over a pierced frieze with undertier and turned supports 77 x 71cm 40-60
243.    Victorian rosewood Davenport, with slope front top and red leather skivver with a sliding action, opening to reveal a fitted interior, over a bank of four long drawers to the side, on fluted bun feet 87 x 55cm 200-300
244.    Upholstered armchair on cabriole supports 40-60
245.    Carved hardwood jardiniere stand/table, 63 x 58cm 40-60
246.    Empire style footstool with red upholstered top, 30 x 56cm 20-40
247.    Mahogany framed slipper chair with red velvet button back upholstery, 85 x 55cm 30-50
248.    Inlaid creepie stool and another, 30 x 41cm (2) 20-30
249.    Two tier brass and glass side table, 56 x 60cm 20-40
250.    Vintage cane back open armchair, 78 x 58cm 10-20
251.    Edwardian mahogany side chair with carved splat back and upholstered seat, 93 x 48cm 10-20
252.    Mahogany framed piano stool, 48 x 58cm 20-40
253.    19th century mahogany cheval mirror, the rectangular swing plate flanked by scrolling and turned supports with brass candle sconce and urn finials to top, over a breakfront base with three drawers, raised on turned and fluted supports terminating on brass castors, 148 x 72cm 400-600
254.    Mahogany drop leaf table, with a single frieze drawer and raised on square tapering legs, terminating on brass castors, 78 x 48cm 70-100
255.    Carved Ottoman / stool the rectangular top with a moulded edge and circular motif, further carved to the front, back and side panels, 48 x 80cm 50-70
256.    Mahogany table, the circular top with moulded edge and raised on cabriole legs on pad feet, 50 x 62cm 20-40
257.    Mahogany framed stool with tapestry upholstery top, on claw and ball feet, 22 x 31cm 30-40
258.    Small mahogany smokers corner cupboard, with curved and carved door, 64 x 36cm 30-40
259.    Contemporary stained hardwood bijouterie table with glazed top and carved frieze on turned column legs, 76 x 60cm 50-70
260.    Wicker picnic basket, 32 x 63cm 15-25
261.    Pair of Indian hardwood open armchairs with cane work seat and back by Roquitt.De.Ghose & Co, Chandernagore, 79 x 56cm (2) 70-100
262.    Walnut pedestal table with glazed top and tapestry insert, 54 x 60cm 30-40
263.    Art Nouveau brass and steel framed fire screen with mirrored panel to front, 78 x 47cm 30-40
264.    Two upholstered open armchairs, 72 x 58cm, (2) 20-40
265.    Mahogany Standard lamp with shade, (a/f), 160cm 10-20
266.    An upholstered tub chair with fan back, 80 x 65cm 30-40
267.    Chinese Aubusson style rug, the red field with a central foliate medallion, 125 x 180cm 40-60
268.    Belouch prayer rug, the red field with mihrab and serrated leaf pattern, 78 x 135cm 60-80
269.    Afghan rug, the red field with four central gulls, 105 x 195cm 100-150
270.    Caucasian rug with animal pattern, 110 x 200cm 70-100
271.    Chinese Aubusson style rug, the pale green field with central foliate medallion, 76 x 160cm 40-60
272.    Chinese Aubusson style rug, the rose field with central foliate medallion, 76 x 160cm 40-60
273.    Persian rug, the red field with a foliate design within triple ivory border, 120 x 170cm 70-100
274.    Afghan rug, the red field with two gulls within a wide multi border, 160 x 190cm 100-200
275.    Persian rug with an ivory foliate field against an indigo ground with birds and triple serrated leaf border, 105 x 160cm 100-150
276.    Persian rug with indigo and claret central lozenge with a running hooked triple border, 260 x 170cm 100-200
277.    Persian rug, the red field with a floral garland border, 260 x 150cm 150-180
278.    Afghan rug, the red field with three rows of gulls within a red multi border, 280 x 200cm 300-400
279.    Large Persian carpet, 255 x 165cm 100-200
280.    Indian wool rug, the rose field with foliate pattern, 216 x 124cm 60-80
281.    Chinese rectangular rug, 166 x 70cm 30-40
282.    Mahogany and inlaid dressing table, the oval mirror on scrolled side supports and jewel drawers, with an arrangement of six drawers to the base, on tapering supports 185 x 138cm 80-120
283.    Four Victorian balloon back side chairs with upholstered seats, 91 x 56cm, (4) 40-60
284.    Victorian mahogany chest, the rectangular top over two short and three long drawers with bun handles and plinth base, 104 x 112cm 150-200
285.    Hardwood and Inlaid occasional table with the Taj Mahal and elephant design, 46 x 51cm 30-40
286.    Mahogany jardiniere with brass liner, on leaf carved cabriole supports, 85cm 50-70
287.    19th century mahogany and brass pole screen, on bun feet, 140 x 61cm 60-80
288.    Victorian mahogany chest, the rectangular top above five graduating long drawers with bun handles, on plinth base 116 x 128cm 150-250
289.    Mahogany card table with underneath tray, on wheels, 64 x 66cm 30-40
290.    Bobbin turned and painted towel rail with distressed finish, 75 x 65cm 50-70
291.    19th century mahogany bookcase cabinet, the cornice top above a pair of glazed doors with a shelved interior, over two frieze drawers and a pair of panelled cupboard doors, on plinth base 210 x 124cm 200-300
292.    Contemporary cream painted wall mirror with an arched top, 108 x 82cm 20-40
293.    Contemporary limed oak style mirror back sideboard, 190 x 186cm 100-150
294.    George III style mahogany framed clerks chair with vasiform splat back and upholstered seat, 113 x 64cm 40-60
295.    Cherrywood pedestal coffee table, 50 x 121cm 20-40
296.    Oriental style hardwood dresser / sideboard, with three drawers over four carved cupboard doors, 88 x 182cm 70-100
297.    Swedish teak extending dining table designed by Nils Jonsson for Troeds, 74 x 211cm 100-150
298.    Set of eight stained walnut dining chairs by Svend Aage Madsen for Moreddi, with shaped splat backs and brown vinyl upholstered seats, on turned supports, with stamped makers marks, 93 x 62cm (8) 300-500
299.    Pair of contemporary bedside cylindrical cabinets with marbled hardstone tops and scumbled effect, 65 x 58cm, (2) 80-120
300.    Mahogany and inlaid open armchair with upholstered tapestry seat together with a mahogany framed side chair, 91 x 62cm (2) 60-80
301.    Carton containing vintage camera equipment to include Mazda lamps, exposure meters, small guillotine, Agfa Gelbfiltersatz, Haka Autoknips Model II, the Jaynay quick set tripod stand and miscellaneous photography items by Newman & Gardia Peraino and the Patterson Major Developing Tank, etc., (a large lot) 40-60
302.    Heavydudy Avometer No.1282/750, in a leather case 20-30
303.    Negretti & Zambra Hygroscope, together with a hydrometer, (2) 20-40
304.    Collection of early 20th century gas wall light fittings, (a lot) 20-40
305.    Two early 20th century oil and gas lamps, together with an Alder & MacKay, Ltd of Edinburgh gas pressure recorder, (3) 50-80
306.    The Verity vintage scales by Vandomes, patent number 128378, to weigh 10lb, with pan but missing weights and second pan 40-60
307.    J. White & Son, Auchtermuchty table top green painted scales with blue enamel pan to weigh 28lb, together with another set of vintage scales, (2) 30-40
308.    Avery Hardoll vintage petrol gauge 30-40
309.    Salter scale model number 250, to weigh 56lb 30-40
310.    Early 20th century 11" condenser for horizontal enlarger 30-40
311.    Baird & Tatlock wooden detaching hook for pit cages 30-50
312.    Liesegang projector, Fantax - Vollautomat 500, circa 1958 30-40
313.    Vintage Contax I, 35mm Rangefinder camera by Zeiss Ikon of Stuttgart, Germany, circa 1932 - 1936, in fabric case 30-50
314.    Pair of industrial wooden hanging shelves, iron mounts and a quantity of iron chain, likely used for weighing and a lead weight, (a lot) 40-60
315.    The McInnes - Dobbie indicator, a steam gauge in a fitted mahogany box 50-70
316.    Salter trade spring balance No.2352, to weigh 400lb x 2lb 40-60
317.    Quantity of late 19th century mahogany and brass mounted glass slide cases, etc., (a lot) 40-60
318.    Quantity of vintage projectors etc., (a lot) 40-60
319.    Ensign Magnaprint H/1 50-70
320.    Salters No.20 T trade spring balance, to weight 200lb x 1lb 30-40
321.    CW Brecknell vintage scales 30-40
322.    Early 19th century Shagreen etui case with white metal mounts containing an incomplete set of brass drawing instruments 70-100
323.    Philosophical beads / hydrostatic bubbles, contained in a round case 20-30
324.    Collection of Mauchline ware to include boxes, heart shaped pin cushion, matchbox cover, New Testament Bible and a Fern ware face screen, (a lot) 50-70
325.    Borobudur Temple and a framed filigree of Ghatotkacha, (2) 20-30
326.    Early 19th century mahogany writing desk. the rectangular top over a long drawer and two short, raised on square tapering supports with brass caps and castors, 80 x 88cm 150-200
327.    Oriental style hardwood desk, the rectangular top with an inset green leather skivver, above a central frieze drawer flanked by four short drawers, 81 x 83cm 150-250
328.    Contemporary stained hardwood desk chair with green vinyl button back upholstery, 102 x 60cm 50-70
329.    Attributed to Liberty & Co, a mahogany Anglo Moresque drawing room suite with spindle backs and upholstered slip in seats, comprising a framed two seater bench and two chairs, 88 x 108cm (3) 200-250
330.    Mahogany three tier folding cake stand, 90cm 15-25
331.    Contemporary stained hardwood window seat, 68 x 121cm 50-70
332.    Set of library steps, 113 x 40cm 50-70
333.    Wall hanging corner cupboard carved with flowers and ivy leaf pattern, 54 x 61cm 40-60
334.    Carved oak and brass bound bar in the form of a barrel, 65 x 50cm 60-80
335.    Child's musical wicker chair , 44 x 36cm 30-40
336.    Contemporary dressing mirror on a serpentine base with three short drawers, 64 x 40cm 20-40
337.    Contemporary green painted cabinet, the door with stacking books pattern, 131 x 60cm 40-60
338.    Anglo Japanese ebonised open armchair in the manner of E.W. Godwin, 85 x 52cm 120-150
339.    Early 20th century mahogany ledgeback chest, the rectangular top with moulded edge over four graduating long drawers,on ogee bracket feet, 121 x 83cm 80-120
340.    Mahogany bookcase, the rectangular top with gadrooned edge over a pair of astragal glazed doors with a shelved interior, raised on cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 130 x 125cm 100-150
341.    Mahogany torchere stand on a baluster column and tripod legs together with an oak two-tier plant stand, 106 x 32cm (2) 30-40
342.    Mahogany bureau, the fall front with a fitted interior, above three drawers, raised on cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 105 x 70cm 50-70
343.    Richard Young for Merrow Associates chrome dining table with glass top, 72 x 168cm 150-200
344.    Set of four 1960's cream vinyl and chrome dining chairs, 75 x 47cm, (4) 150-200
345.    Early 20th century oak chest , the rectangular top above two short and three long drawers with stencilled leaf and flower border, 96 x 92cm 70-100
346.    Mahogany Canterbury with a single drawer to the base, on castors, 55 x 56cm 40-60
347.    Copper coal box with a lead lined interior and handles to the side, 38 x 60cm 30-50
348.    Mahogany writing desk, with brass gallery to top over three ledgeback drawers and a brown leather skivver, with two frieze drawers and raised on tapering supports, 100 x 92cm 150-200
349.    Contemporary lightwood and glass coffee table, 50 x 137cm 40-60
350.    Oriental style hardwood extending dining table with three extra leaf's together with a set of eight chairs to include two carvers, 78 x 245cm (9) 200-300
351.    Chrome metal console table, 86 x 120cm 40-60
352.    Large dark grey painted pine bookcase / cabinet, with open shelves and two deep drawers to the base 252 x 152cm 150-250
353.    19th century mahogany collectors cabinet, the rectangular top with a moulded edge over a pair of glazed doors opening to reveal a bank of eleven slide out shelves, on a plinth base 154 x 123cm 200-400
354.    Pair of 19th century ebonised and glazed display cabinets, 67 x 46cm, (2) 100-200
355.    19th century mahogany collectors cabinet, with six long drawers containing a collection of shells and card boxes 42 x 38cm 150-250
356.    Mahogany side table together with a tilt top table (2) 20-40
357.    Child's folding chair, together with a deck chair, 60 x 30cm (2) 20-40
358.    Small carved hardwood Indian table, 34 x 26cm 20-30
359.    Chinese basket, with bamboo handle and folding wooden cover 60 x 42cm 40-60
360.    Small Caucasian rug with Harvey Nichols label on back, 125 x 68cm 40-60
361.    Small tekke rug, 100 x 64cm 20-40
362.    Gilt wood overmantle mirror, 105 x 145cm 50-70
363.    Oak wall mirror, 85 x 91cm 15-25
364.    Oak cased wall clock with a silvered dial having Arabic numerals, 38 x 76cm 40-60
365.    19th century oak glazed display case on stand, 169 x 88cm 200-300
366.    Mahogany and inlaid tea caddy on four brass bun feet, together with another, (2) 50-70
367.    Mixed lot to include three wooden and one glass toadstool and a matching vase, (5) 20-30
368.    Knight & Gibbins mahogany and burrwood mantle clock, on brass bun feet with ring handle to top, 29cm 30-40
369.    Mixed lot to include two Staffordshire Spaniels, a flatback spill vase, a Hummel figure and two others, (6) 20-30
370.    Canvas Back Drake, a wooden painted duck figure, 19cm long 20-30
371.    Mixed lot of miniature items to include a Doulton jug, Coalport cup, Crown Staffordshire vase, crested wares and a small white glazed Meissen vase etc., (a large lot) 30-50
372.    Cast iron doorstop in the form of a horse 20-30
373.    Royal Copenhagen circular pin dish together with a Bing & Grondahl Thorvaldsens Museum dish, (2)
374.    Black lacquered rectangular box painted with ferns, 27 x 12cm 30-40
375.    Mahogany and inlaid bridge set containing playing cards and scoring pads, 21 x 12cm 20-40
376.    John Jaques & Son Limited, Mahjong set 30-40
377.    Basket with containing an Iden studio pottery vase 10-20
378.    Small Epns mounted glass claret jug, together with a set of six small tumblers etc., (a lot) 20-30
379.    Brass mixed metal inlaid cylindrical pot and cover 10-15
380.    Three piece Epns teaset, together with two pewter hot water pots, (5) 20-30
381.    Porcelain musical plate, together with a Hammersley floral patterned dish and pair of Dresden spray porcelain dishes, (4) 30-40
382.    Blue glazed studio pottery bowl with sea life pattern, 21cm diameter 20-30
383.    Epns mounted tray with shell patinated centre, together with a pair of decanters and set of six matching sherry glasses, (9) 50-70
384.    Pair of Staffordshire pottery 'Imari' patterned vases with domed covers (one a/f), 40cm high, (2) 30-40
385.    Cut crystal table lamp and shade 40-60
386.    Three Lladro figures, (a/f), (3) 10-15
387.    Green glass and pewter mounted decanter and dish, (2) 10-15
388.    Three Hummel figures to include 'For Mother', 'Here ye, Here ye' etc., (3) 10-15
389.    Vintage brass table lamp and shade 10-15
390.    Cream glazed wall pocket, 27cm long 15-20
391.    Pair of Austin Prod Inc. male and female golfing figures, Circa.1989, 41cm high, (2) 30-40
392.    Barbola mirror, 25cm high 20-30
393.    Set of postal scales with weights 15-20
394.    Two modern trays, largest 50 x 33cm, (2) 20-40
395.    Royal Doulton 'Don Quixote' blue and white jug, together with a Staffordshire leaf moulded jug, tallest 21cm, (2) 20-40
396.    Mixed lot to include an Art Deco box, a burrwood letter rack, a Majolica planter, white metal candleabra and a tray, (5) 30-40
397.    Gilt baluster table lamp and shade 20-30
398.    Pair of bronze table lamp bases with a frieze of classical figures in relief, 38cm high, excluding fittings, (2) 80-120
399.    Faux brass table lamp base with pink glass shade 20-30
400.    Two Dunmore style storage jars to include sugar and flour, (2) 20-40
401.    Female hardwood carved figure on lotus base, 48cm high 20-30
402.    Miniature model of a triple masted sailing ship, 33cm high 10-20
403.    Two specimen boxes, modelled in the form of books to include collectanea entomological, largest 34 x 25cm, (2) 30-40
404.    Edee & Ravenscroft Limited of London velvet graduation hat, size 7 1/8 30-50
405.    Harrison & Son, St. Andrew's Square, Edinburgh cut steel Maritime hat, 42cm long 40-60
406.    'The Perfectus Hat', a vintage Dunn & Co bowler 10-20
407.    Victorian ebonised oval stand with bead work top, 55cm long 30-40
408.    A.Pichlers Witwe and Sohn anatomical painted plaster study aid, with detachable organs to include the lungs and other sections of the chest and stomach, overall size 53 x 35cm 100-150
409.    W & A.K. Johnston's Series of Anatomy Charts, Skeleton (Plate I), originally prepared by the late Sir William Turner, Professor of Anatomy, University of Edinburgh, 145 x 100cm 50-70
410.    W & A.K. Johnston's Series of Anatomy Charts, Lungs & Veins (Plate III), originally prepared by the late Sir William Turner, Professor of Anatomy, University of Edinburgh, 145 x 100cm 50-70
411.    Taxidermy group of male and female Chaffinch in a glazed showcase, size overall 53 x 53cm 70-100
412.    A quantity of Human skeletal bones, contained over five boxes, (a lot) 70-100
413.    'Familiar Wild Birds' by W. Swaysland, printed by Cassell & Company Limited, together with the 'Songs of Burns for Voice and Piano 40', (2) 30-40
414.    'Marino Faliero Doge of Venice, a Historical Tragedy in V Acts' by Lord Byron, together with 'Memoirs of the Life and Writings' and 'Letters and Journals of Lord Byron', (3) 40-60
415.    Collection of pamphlets to include 'A Peep at the Pilgrims', 'The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit', 'Nicholas Nickleby' etc., (a lot) (a/f) 30-40
416.    'The Book of Common Prayer', together with 'The Beauty of Holiness in the Common Prayer, Ninth Edition, (2) 70-100
417.    'The History of Edinburgh' by Hugo Arnot, printed by W. Creech of Edinburgh and J. Murray of London 80-120
418.    'Burns Songs' by Haydn & Co 40-60
419.    St. Margaret of Scotland, a bronzed resin figure designed by Anne Davidson, DA, ARBS, 18cm high 40-60
420.    Pair of large craquelure Chinese baluster vases with Dragon and Pearl of Wisdom pattern in relief, 44cm high, brown scratch marks to the base, (2) 100-200
421.    Bronze patinated Spelter figure Pecheuse, 37cm high 20-30
422.    In Hong Kong, ten lino cuts in colours by A.S. Konya 70-100
423.    Chinese carved fruit wood figure, 42cm high 60-80
424.    Victorian blue glass rolling pin 20-30
425.    Jasper cheese bell and stand with fern and bird pattern and acorn finial, 32cm high 50-70
426.    Large studio pottery baluster vase with a Japanese style glaze, 41cm high 50-70
427.    Mixed lot of faux leather bound desk items to include a blotter, two bottle stands, a document tray, a waste paper bin etc., (6) 40-60
428.    Modern stationary box with tambour front, 25 x 33cm 20-40
429.    Modern wall clock, 39 x 26cm 10-20
430.    Clutha style green glass bottle neck vase, 46cm high 30-40
431.    Early 20th century postcard album containing a quantity of postcards, together with a carton of postcards (a large lot) 50-70
432.    Two albums containing First Day Covers, (2) 10-20
433.    Small collection of vintage painted lead animals to include 'Britain's' etc., (a lot) 20-30
434.    Collection of early 20th century ivory to include two vases, two napkin rings, and three elephants, (a lot) 60-80
435.    Soho Pottery Limited, Solian ware dinner service with blue and gilt rimmed borders, comprising tureens, sauceboat, ashets, dinner plates, side plates etc., (a large lot) 50-70
436.    Carton containing miscellaneous Epns wares to include entree dish, teapot, sugar castor etc., (a lot) 20-30
437.    Quantity of Epns flatwares, (a lot) 20-30
438.    Crown Staffordshire porcelain teaset 20-30
439.    Carton of mixed metal wares to include brass paper clip, Epns salts, pewter quaich, etc., (a large lot) 20-30
440.    Quantity of pewter tankards and a copper jug 10-20
441.    Quantity of duck figures and two coloured glass floats, (a lot) 10-20
442.    Quantity of Epns serving dishes and entree dishes etc., contained over two boxes (a lot)
443.    Carton containing crystal decanters, water jug, various glasses etc., (a lot) 20-30
444.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns flat wares (a lot) 30-40
445.    Carton containing Epns tea sets (a lot) 20-40
446.    Box containing vintage cameras 20-30
447.    Quantity of Epns wares to include wine cooler, baskets, hot water pots, sugar scuttle etc., (a large lot) 30-50
448.    Wooden butter churn bucket 10-20
449.    Two cartons containing miscellaneous Chinese embroidered boxes etc., (a lot) 20-30
450.    Brown leather suitcase containing a quantity of vintage cameras 40-60
451.    Quantity of modern die cast cars and a toy pistol etc., (a lot) 10-20
452.    Large cream glazed stoneware barrel, 60cm high 20-30
453.    19th century mahogany dressing mirror, the rectangular plate on shaped supports with two short drawers to the base, on four bun feet 40-60
454.    Set of bamboo and brass mounted chimney sweep brushes 50-70
455.    Mahogany and inlaid tray with shell paterae to centre and brass handles to side 30-40
456.    John Galt Works, edited by Meldrum & Roughead, over Ten Volumes 20-40
457.    'The Waverley Novels', Walter Scott, Centenary Edition, (25) 40-60
458.    Early 20th century taxidermy horses head on an oak shield mount with a London silver plaque to front, inscribed 'Tommy died January 18th, 1907, aged about 30 years' 70-100
459.    Two white stone pet gravestones, one for 'Tim 1896-1906' and the other 'Dear Trixi born 1894, died 1908, (2) 30-50
460.    An Industrial iron weighing platform / scale 30-40
461.    Circular gilt framed convex wall mirror 30-40
462.    Retro wall clock 10-20
463.    Collection of four 19th century portrait miniatures, each contained within ornate giltwood frames, largest miniature 7.5 x 10cm, (4) 130-180
464.    Collection of three orange painted wooden moulds, (3) 40-60
465.    Late 19th century scrolling leaf wall bracket 30-40
466.    Two Staffordshire jugs and an Epns mounted biscuit barrel, (3) 15-20
467.    Cauldon China white glazed teaset with gilt edged rim 20-30
468.    Quantity of glass and porcelain scent bottles, (a large lot) 50-70
469.    Quantity of wooden kitchenalia to include an egg cup, pepper grinder, butter pats, rolling pins and a Tala one cup measurer, (a lot) 20-40
470.    Tuscan china 'Southern Star' teaset 20-30
471.    Acoustic Guitar in its case 20-30
472.    Quantity of vintage fishing rods to include Mallochs of Perth together with a Condex Fly fishing reel etc (a lot) 70-100
473.    Three vintage saws, (3) 10-15
474.    Wooden box containing six silk ties and two leather wallets, etc. (a lot) 20-30
475.    Army cap with Royal Scots cap badge 10-20
476.    James Bond items comprising three books to include 'The Art of Bond', 'Being a Scot' and 'For your eyes only', a framed photo, cinema foyer posters to include 'From Russia with Love', 'Thunderball' and 'Diamond's are Forever', (a lot) 40-60
477.    'The Magic Beano Book, 1947', D.C. Thomson & Co, London, Manchester and Dundee 100-150
478.    Two walking sticks, (2) 10-20
479.    The Battle of Culloden Chess Set and Chess Board, together with another set of chess pieces, (a lot) 40-60