Antique & interiors Sale on Saturday 11/05/19

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1.      A pair of Victorian Adam style silver salts by Henry Atkin, Sheffield 1894, 10cm wide (2) 30-40
2.      A group of four hardstone brooches (4) 30-40
3.      Silver sugar castor of baluster form with foliate pierced top and circular footrim, makers mark for Richard Comyns, London 1960, 17cm high 30-40
4.      Three vintage powder compacts to include Stratton and Elgin, etc (3) 10-20
5.      Three Edwardian silver miniature Guernsey milk pots, one as a pepper pot with detachable lid, Birmingham 1903, 3.5cm high (3) 40-60
6.      Chinese white metal wine / teapot, the lid with a rat and the handle with a frog, with two coloured hardstone bands 13cm high 30-40
7.      Two cased sets of six Sheffield silver teaspoons (2) 20-40
8.      George V silver three piece teaset comprising teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, makers mark for Edward & Sons, London 1927 (3) 250-350
9.      George V silver sugar bowl, Birmingham 1928, 10cm high 20-40
10.     George V silver chocolate pot, James Deakin & Sons, Sheffield 1912, 24cm high 150-180
11.     Sheffield silver spoon and pusher set, together with a Birmingham silver 'Hey Diddle Diddle' spoon, both in fitted cases (2) 20-30
12.     Early 20th century Birmingham silver Bachelors teapot, 13cm high 60-80
13.     Set of six Sheffield silver handled butter knives, cased (6) 15-25
14.     Late Victorian silver knife, fork and spoon set, in a fitted case, London 1899 (3) 30-40
15.     George V silver teapot and twin handled sugar bowl, Glasgow 1934 (2) 200-250
16.     George III set of six silver Old English thread pattern table forks, London 1811, (6) 70-100
17.     Cased set containing a pair of cut glass butter dishes with Sheffield silver knives, cased 10-20
18.     Edwardian silver knife and spoon set, with floral bright cut engraving, in fitted case, Birmingham 1901 20-30
19.     Victorian Scottish silver three piece breakfast set with bright cut garland swags comprising teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, in fitted case, makers mark for R & W Sorley, Glasgow 1895 (3) 200-300
20.     Mahogany canteen containing a set of twelve Epns and ivorine handled fruit knives and forks (12) 30-40
21.     A collection of silver and white metal Siam style jewellery to include bracelets and earrings, etc (a lot) 20-30
22.     A collection of vintage coral jewellery to include brooches, earrings and a clip etc (a lot) 30-50
23.     A collection of vintage costume jewellery to include jet beads, Epns sovereign case, etc (a lot) 20-40
24.     A collection of silver and white metal watch chains, etc (a lot) 15-25
25.     A collection of early 20th century silver backed brushes and mirrors (3) 30-40
26.     Edwardian silver Capstan inkwell, Birmingham 1905, 11cm diameter 30-40
27.     Pewter mounted glass hip flask together with another (2) 10-15
28.     A pair of Victorian silver fiddle pattern table spoons, London 1846, (2) 20-40
29.     Sampson Mordan & Co pair of silver coin dishes, inscribed 'From the Khalifa's Treasure House, Omdurman' London 1899 9cm diameter (2)
30.     Birmingham silver backed clothes brush 10-15
31.     Birmingham silver rococo style sweetmeat dish 12cm diameter 20-30
32.     Lady's ruby and diamond set cocktail watch, the square dial with Arabic numerals and hour batons, marked Alenbury, contained within a 9 carat gold case, on black leather cord strap, dial width 11mm 60-80
33.     Birmingham silver three piece condiment set, in fitted box (3) 20-40
34.     Birmingham silver backed dressing table brushes (3) 30-40
35.     Silver charm bracelet and a strand of amber coloured glass beads (2) 30-40
36.     Chinese silver teaspoon, the pierced handle with a monkey pattern, 12cm long 15-20
37.     William IV silver sugar tongs with makers mark for William Rawlings Sobey, Exeter 1834 20-40
38.     George V set of six silver golfing teaspoons, Sheffield 1933 (6) 20-30
39.     Lady's vintage 9 carat white gold Rotary wristwatch on textured bracelet strap 40-60
40.     A silver bracelet with heart shaped padlock and a selection of costume jewellery to include faux pearls, dress ring and wristwatches, etc (a lot) 30-40
41.     Victorian half fluted silver cream jug and matching sugar bowl, by Walter and John Barnard, London 1895 (2) 120-150
42.     George V silver hot water pot, Birmingham 1935, 19cm high 60-80
43.     Cased set of six Sheffield silver teaspoons (6) 20-30
44.     George V pair of silver toastracks, in a fitted leather box, by Davidson, Henderson & Sorley, Birmingham 1936 (2) 50-70
45.     Cased set of six Epns and mother of pearl handled fruit knives and forks complete with a pair of Epns serving spoons 40-60
46.     Edwardian silver sauce boat, Sheffield 1907 20-30
47.     Edwardian silver hot water pot, on hairy paw feet, London 1907, 20cm high 70-100
48.     A mixed lot of silver and Epns flatware to include teaspoons, sauce ladles and sugar tongs, etc (a lot) 30-40
49.     A carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include cased flatwares, hot water pot, vase, Hotel Ware and a pewter teaset, etc (a lot) 20-40
50.     Edwardian mahogany four drawer cutlery canteen box containing a part suite of Old English thread pattern flatware, makers mark for Robert Stewart, London 1908, comprising soup ladle, two gravy spoons, two sauce ladles, six dessert spoons, eighteen table forks, twelve dessert spoons, seventeen forks, eighteen teaspoons, and eighteen table forks - the top drawer with Epns table knives which are not from the suite (a lot) 600-800
51.     A carton containing Epns wares to include flatwares and cigarette box together with faux tortoiseshell backed brushes, etc (a lot) 20-30
52.     George V silver backed vanity set comprising brushes, hand mirror and shoe horn contained within a brown leather case with canvas cover, Birmingham 1916 (a lot) 80-120
53.     Birk's Sterling silver cream jug and sugar bowl (2) 20-40
54.     A carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include a fish serving plate, etc (a lot) 20-30
55.     Treen goblet on circular footrim, 10cm high 20-30
56.     Small glass stirrup cup, 11cm high 20-30
57.     Harry Lauder ink autograph and sketch, 16 x 12cm 20-40
58.     Indian School, hand painted miniature painting depicting a scene from 'Babar Nama', in a mount but unframed, 15 x 27cm 60-80
59.     Carved Chinese coromandel or hardwood figure of a muscular male, modelled seated and cross legged with his head in his hands, 12cm high 120-150
60.     Tribal Art carved wooden male fertility figures, with grotesque faces and triangular plinth bases, tallest 28cm high (2) 60-80
61.     Schuco 'Yes / No' plush monkey, with glasses and felt paw pads and feet, 13cm long 40-60
62.     19th century wooden cased hexagonal kaleidoscope, 23cm high 30-40
63.     Early 20th century costume doll with painted face and cloth limbs, 22cm long 30-40
64.     Moorcroft enamel on copper rectangular pill box, the hinged lid with irises pattern, complete with blue leather presentation box,with printed marks to the base 7cm long 70-100
65.     Moorcroft miniature enamel vase with lilac and orange flowers, with printed backstamps, 8cm high 70-100
66.     Moorcroft enamel on copper Cornflower's pattern pill box with hinged lid, with printed marks to the base 5cm high 70-100
67.     Moorcroft miniature pottery baluster vase with Poppy pattern, complete with blue leather presentation box, with printed and impressed marks to the base, 5.5cm high 40-60
68.     Moorcroft miniature pottery baluster vase with 'Lemon Tree' pattern, complete with blue leather presentation box, with printed and impressed marks to the base, 5.5cm high
69.     Two Moorcroft pottery circular pin dishes, to include 'Panache' and another, both designed by Wendy Mason, with printed M.C.C and impressed marks to the bases, boxed 12cm diameter (2) 40-60
70.     Scottish laburnum egg cup, 7cm high 20-40
71.     Flight, Barr & Barr Royal Porcelain Works miniature candlestick, with a gilt edged panel depicting hand painted shells, with a pink and gilt ground, scrolling gilt serpent handle to side and circular footrim, with puce script mark to the base ' Barr, Flight, Barr Royal Porcelain Works,Worcester, London House N1 Coventry Street', with small chips to underside of sconce, 8.5cm high overall 100-200
72.     Chromed metal Manneken Pis bottle top and another smaller in brass (2) tallest 11cm high 30-40
73.     A pair of brass mounted coconut salts on three ball feet, 7cm high x 8cm diameter (2) 80-120
74.     The Holborn Bloodless Castrator 22cm long 30-50
75.     Mixed lot to include mother of pearl buttons, bone glove stretchers, early 20th century ivory page turner, hair slide and an Olive wood book, etc (a lot) 20-30
76.     Three tobacco smoking pipes to include Stanwell and Peterson of Dublin, etc, all boxed (3) 30-50
77.     Spinach green jade censor and cover, carved with flowers and foliage and with ring handles to side, raised on four paw feet, 20cm high 70-100
78.     A large pink art glass vase, 52cm high 20-30
79.     Art glass Dachshund, 38cm long 20-40
80.     19th century brass bound burr wood writing slope, 30 x 22cm 40-60
81.     Pair of Moorcroft baluster floral patterned vases with a blue ground with printed and impressed backstamps, circa 2003, 10cm high, (2) 150-180
82.     Moorcroft tube line vase, circa 2007, with impressed and printed backstamps, 18cm high 80-120
83.     Moorcroft 'Peacock' patterned vase, modelled by Rachel Bishop, signed and dated '96, with impressed backstamps and signed, 21cm high 80-120
84.     Moorcroft leaf and berry patterned circular dish with impressed backstamps, 12cm 40-60
85.     Moorcroft high shouldered baluster vase with tube line mixed flower pattern, with impressed and printed backstamp, circa '97, MCC, 21cm high 70-100
86.     Moorcroft bottle neck vase with flowers and foliage, with impressed and printed backstamps, signed G. Bishop and dated 2000, 17cm high 70-100
87.     Staffordshire flatbacks to include a Poor man's clock, (with damages), tallest 34cm (5) 30-40
88.     Pair of cut glass decanters with stoppers, together with two others, (4) 20-30
89.     Group of three cranberry coloured glass vases and trinket dishes with enamelled floral patterns, tallest 19cm, (3) 15-20
90.     Two Royal Doulton figures to include 'The Piper' HN3444, and 'HN2907, tallest 25cm, (2) 30-40
91.     Moorcroft floral patterned baluster vase by Philip Gibson, No. 39/100, circa 2005 with printed and impressed backstamps, 16cm high 80-120
92.     Moorcroft high shouldered floral patterned vase with printed and impressed backstamps numbered 135/150, circa 2004, 21cm high 70-100
93.     Moorcroft 'Tree' patterned pin dish with impressed and printed backstamps, circa 2006, boxed 20-40
94.     Black Ryden pottery twin handled vase by S. Johnson with impressed marks, 16cm high 50-70
95.     Wedgwood 'Hathaway Rose' dinner service comprising 6 dinner plates, 6 sides plates, 6 dessert plates, two tureens, sauceboat and oval serving dish, (a lot) 50-70
96.     Moorcroft pottery vase with flared rim and tube lined blue floral pattern by S. Hays, circa 2001, with printed and impressed backstamps, 16cm high 80-120
97.     Moorcroft 'Flamingo' patterned squat baluster vase with impressed and printed backstamps, circa 1999, 10cm high 70-100
98.     Moorcroft jug of tapering form with tube lined flower and foliage pattern with printed backstamps, circa 2003, 24cm high 80-120
99.     Pair of art pottery floral patterned vases, 21cm high, (2) 50-70
100.    Shylock, a Staffordshire figure, 19cm high 20-30
101.    Copeland blue and white 'Hunting' pattern jug, 16cm high, with impressed marks 20-30
102.    Colclough floral patterned china teaset comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, sugar bowl, milk jug and cake plate 20-30
103.    Five copper lustre jugs, (5) 10-20
104.    Three Murano style coloured art glass bowls, largest 30cm long, (3) 20-30
105.    Two Chinese 'Cockerel' patterned porcelain bowls, 22cm diameter, (2) 20-40
106.    Lladro figure of a 'Girl with Lamb', 28cm high 20-30
107.    Two coloured hardstones, tallest 13cm, (2) 15-25
108.    Rob Roy painted plaster figure, together with Scotch Piper, Argyle and Sutherland Piper and another, tallest 18cm, (4) 20-30
109.    Beswick cat with printed backstamps, 20cm long 20-30
110.    Theodore Haviland Limoges white glazed dish and cover, together with a Limoges floral patterned dish and a continental white glazed porcelain dish and cover, (3) 20-40
111.    Collection of six Royal Doulton figures to include 'Baby' HN1679, 'The Bridesmaid' HN2196, 'Diana' HN1986, 'Affection' HN2236, 'Wendy' HN2169 and 'Fair Lady' HN2193, together with a Burleigh ware 'The Sherry Girl' figure (a/f), (7) 30-40
112.    Hannah Turner group of three painted pottery flying wall birds of graduating size, signed and dated 1998, largest 23cm long, (3) 50-70
113.    Epns four piece tea and coffee set, (4) 30-40
114.    Coalport bone china table wares with green border and gilt edged rims comprising six dinner plates and eleven side plates, (17) 20-30
115.    Pair of Chinese blue and white high shouldered baluster vases and covers with bird and flowering branch patterns, (one lid a/f), four character Kangxi marks to the base, but likely later, 22cm high excluding lids, (2) 50-70
116.    Pair of Chinese blue and white vases with landscape and Pagoda pattern, four character Kangxi marks to the base but are likely later, 20cm high, (2) 70-100
117.    Arabia Finland black glazed pottery bowl on circular foot rim with printed backstamps, 25cm diameter 30-40
118.    Royal Copenhagen square shaped vase, numbered 721/3252 with printed backstamps, 12cm 30-40
119.    Arabia of Finland white glazed porcelain vase with translucent floral pattern with impressed backstamps, 13cm high 30-40
120.    Retro Poole oven dish and cover 10-15
121.    Monart Scottish green art glass bowl with aventurine inclusions, 27cm diameter 30-50
122.    Quantity of 19th century various 'Imari' patterned plates, together with a 'Willow' patterned blue and white hexagonal jar and cover, (with damages) 10-15
123.    'Cock O' th North' cockerel figure, 24cm high 20-30
124.    Officer of the Third Guards British Regiment porcelain figure, together with a Valentynes Drum art figure, tallest 36cm, (2) 20-30
125.    Bronze and Cloisonne figural posy on a circular base with Greek Key pattern, 16cm high 30-40
126.    Chinese octagonal bottle necked vase with flower and foliage pattern, 17cm high 20-40
127.    Hexagonal enamelled box and cover (with damages), 11cm wide 20-30
128.    Venetian glass bowl, 12cm diameter 20-30
129.    Collection of Toby jugs to include Royal Doulton 'The Faulkner' etc. (a lot) 20-40
130.    Collection of Epns and glass wares to include a biscuit barrel, candlesticks, cranberry glass jug, teapot, cruet set etc., (mixed lot) 20-30
131.    Drambuie Prince Charlie advertising bisque figure, 34cm high 20-30
132.    Pair of Delft blue and white vases with windmill pattern and flared rims, 24cm high,(2) 30-40
133.    Mixed lot to include continental porcelain Pug dog and cat, figural posy vase and Mama and Papa figures, tallest 16cm, (5) 20-30
134.    Set of four 19th century Botanical patterned porcelain plates with pink borders and gilt edged rims, 23cm diameter, (4) 20-30
135.    Mixed lot to include a Nymolle Romeo & Juliet green and white vase and cover, art glass birds, an enamelled owl trinket box etc., (6) 20-30
136.    Continental bisque figure of a Girl in a Carriage with two Boys, together with a Cherub salt, (2) 30-40
137.    Royal Doulton 'Burgundy' patterned teaset, comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, cream jug, sugar bowl and cake plate, (21) 30-40
138.    Quantity of Rockingham style porcelains comprising thirty cups, a teapot, three cake plates and twenty saucers, (a lot) - ITEM SOLD AS SEEN
139.    Group of three Stone China 'Imari' patterned tureens, (3) 10-20
140.    Quantity of blue and white pottery to include Mason's and Copeland etc., contained over three shelves, (a lot) 20-40
141.    Losol ware dinner service comprising two tureens, dinner plates, side plates, serving dish and sauceboat, (a lot) 30-40
142.    Marjorie Clark
Ink and Watercolour,
signed in pencil and dated '97, in a glazed frame, 26 x 19cm 20-40
143.    Stirling Gillespie
'Highland Loch Scene'
signed, in a glazed frame, 25 x 17cm 30-40
144.    Ella Griffin
signed, with an Aitken & Dott label verso, in a giltwood frame, 28 x 38cm 40-60
145.    Lucinda L. MacKay
'Laced Graces in Bruges'
signed with initials and dated '10, in a glazed giltwood frame, 33 x 23cm 40-60
146.    Lucinda L. MacKay
'Kirk School Lace Maker'
signed with initials and dated '09, in a glazed giltwood frame, 23 x 33cm 40-60
147.    Unknown Artist
'Highland Loch Scene'
apparently unsigned, in a glazed giltwood frame, 30 x 25cm 20-40
148.    Two etched prints on silk, framed, signed indistinctly, 41 x 24cm, (2) 20-30
149.    Betty Stirling, framed coloured print, 38 x 28cm 15-20
150.    Alastair Dallas
'The River Lyon, nr Fortingall'
signed and dated 1944, in a glazed frame, 36 x 25cm 20-40
151.    G. Wright
'On the Devonshire Coast'
signed and dated 1898, 31 x 18cm 30-40
152.    Overpainted print of an 18th century woman, contained within an ornate giltwood frame, 16 x 20cm 30-40
153.    Elizabeth Mcallister Young
'Petteresso Church, Stonehaven'
Oil-on-Board, signed with a Royal Scottish Academy Exhibition 1968 label verso
in a giltwood frame, 24 x 18.5 cm 50-70
154.    Frank Wood
'Shore Scene'
signed, in glazed and giltwood frame, 25 x 17cm 60-80
155.    John Blair
'Ayr Harbour'
entitled and signed in a glazed and giltwood frame, 27 x 18.5cm 50-70
156.    John Blair
'The Tweed at Fish Wick'
entitled and signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 21 x 16.5 cm 50-70
157.    Tito Mann - Mangiola
'Life of Rev. Padre Clemente Vismara'
Limited edition print, signed in pencil, numbered 19/20,
in a glazed giltwood frame, 13 x 17cm 50-70
158.    L. Kievman
Pair of limited edition Horse prints, numbered and signed in pencil, dated '98 and 2000,
in glazed and silver giltwood frames, largest 33 x 23cm 30-50
159.    Alastair Dallas
'In Glen Shivl'
signed and dated 1935, in a glazed frame, 34 x 25cm 20-40
160.    Alastair Dallas
'Loch Ranza Castle, Arran'
entitled and signed, in a glazed frame, 36 x 25cm 20-40
161.    Balfour of Burley
Chalk drawing of a Clan Chieftain,
inscribed but not signed, in a gilt mount and framed, 16 x 18cm 60-80
162.    Edward Cherry (1886-1960)
Two etchings to include 'The Tyne and Bridges' and 'Jesmond Dell and Mill',
both signed in pencil, in ebonised glazed frames, (2) 40-60
163.    Early 20th Century School
'Misty Coast Line with Seagull's'
apparently unsigned, in a glazed frame, 22 x 14cm 40-60
164.    Thomas Todd Blaylock (1876-1929)
Woodblock in oil,
signed bottom right with an Aitken & Dott label verso, 23 x 37cm, in a glazed frame 60-80
165.    Thomas Mortimer (Fl. 1880-1920)
'Stormy Coast with Shipping'
signed bottom left, in a glazed giltwood frame, 24 x 14cm 60-80
166.    Abu Bakar Ibrahim (1925-1977)
Malaysian School
'Paddy Fields with Mountains in the distance'
Watercolour, signed bottom right, 36.5 x 26.5 cm 80-120
167.    Painting on glass of a male and female in Ceremonial costumes, framed, 29 x 36cm 60-80
168.    'Scotland' , framed map, printed by Charles Knight, London, 1852, in a glazed frame, 39 x 29cm 30-40
169.    'The Kingdome of Scotland', John Speed coloured reproduction map, in a glazed frame, 53 x 41cm 30-50
170.    Galloway (Gallovidia), Timothy Pont, coloured map, after Blaeu, in a glazed frame, 57 x 47cm 40-60
171.    John Blair
'Highland Scene with Cattle'
Watercolour, in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, 50 x 32cm 70-100
172.    John Blair
'Drying the Nets'
Watercolour, signed and dated 1880, in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, 50 x 32cm 70-100
173.    John Blair
'Drying the Nets'
signed and dated 1880, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 50 x 32cm 70-100
174.    Unknown Artist
'Shore Scene with Sailing Ships in the Distance'
apparently unsigned, in an ornate giltwood frame, 60 x 50cm 70-100
175.    Indian School
'Tiger Hunt'
Painting on linen, apparently unsigned, in a glazed frame, 33 x 49cm 30-50
176.    19th Century School
'Head and Shoulders Portrait of a Young Lady with a Lace Frilled Hat and Gold Earrings'
signed with a monogram and dated 1895, in an ornate giltwood frame, 29 x 40cm 150-250
177.    Bartholomew's Large Scale Map of The Environs of Edinburgh, coloured map in a glazed frame, 70 x 50cm 30-40
178.    Allan
'Harbour Scene'
Oil-on-Canvas, signed, 75 x 60cm 70-100
179.    Henderson Tarbert
'Edinburgh from Calton Hill'
signed, in a giltwood frame, 75 x 50cm 100-150
180.    Plan of Glasgow, produced under the direction of Alexander Gross, published by Geographia Limited, Fleet Street, London, coloured map in a glazed frame, 85 x 75cm 30-40
181.    Campagnano
Coloured print, 23 x 18cm 20-30
182.    Pair of 19th Century mixed media Venice scenes, contained within single frame, each is 10 x 15cm, (2) 70-100
183.    Companion pair of Japanese School coloured woodblock prints in glazed frames, 30 x 20cm, (2) 60-80
184.    Renato Gutuso (Italian 1911 - 1987)
signed and framed, 28 x 32cm 40-60
185.    Late 19th / early 20th Century School
'Head and Shoulders Portrait of a Young Woman'
Oil-on-Canvas, apparently unsigned,
on a stretcher but unframed, 30 x 46cm 30-40
186.    Dullah (Indonesian School)
Old Man
Oil on canvas,
signed and dated 1975, in a giltwood frame, 34 x 45cm 700-1000
187.    Dullah (Indonesian School)
Young Boy
Oil on canvas,
signed, in a giltwood frame, 34 x 45cm 700-1000
188.    Made Sarni - Balinese School
'Head and Shoulders Portrait of a Young Girl'
dated '64, in an ornate giltwood frame, 38 x 38cm 50-70
189.    Douglas Pillips
'Wind Whipped Sea'
Oil-on-Board, signed bottom left, with a Solstice Gallery label verso,
in a glazed and silver giltwood frame, 36 x 32cm 50-70
190.    Bruce
'Mrs Rintoul'
Head and Shoulders Portrait
Oil-on-Canvas, with a Royal Society of Portrait Painters label verso,
in an ornate giltwood frame, 45 x 62cm 70-100
191.    19th Century black and white photographic print of the Committee of Management of the Last South Leith Parochial Board, together with Mr Jack Lennox as Monsieur La-Rosse in The Quaker Girl, (2) 40-60
192.    After Peter Graham
'Easterly Breeze'
Coloured print in a glazed frame, 65 x 45cm 15-20
193.    Miro coloured print in a glazed frame, 50 x 60cm 15-20
194.    Raoul Duffy, coloured print, in a glazed frame, 60 x 50cm 15-20
195.    After Edgar Degas
'Dancing Class'
Coloured print, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 53 x 63cm 15-20
196.    20th Century School
'Head and Shoulders Portrait of a Lady'
signed indistinctly and dated '85, 45 x 60cm 30-40
197.    Early 20th century coloured print, printed and published by Dickens of Regent Street, London, in an ebonised glazed frame, 60 x 60cm 10-15
198.    Bob Leggate
'Currie Kirk'
Pastel, signed and dated '95, in a glazed frame, 50 x 38cm 30-40
199.    Watanabe Seitei (1851-1918)
'Hunting Scene'
Watercolour, signed and framed, 45 x 115cm 50-70
200.    Alexander, V Earl of Glencairn
Large Oil on Canvas, 125 x 99cm
contained within an ornate giltwood frame, size overall 155 x 128cm 300-500
201.    Mahogany wardrobe, the cornice top over a central mirror door above a single long drawer to the base, on bracket feet, 183 x 124cm 60-80
202.    Early 20th century oak ledgeback sideboard, with two long drawers over three panelled cupboard doors, 100 x 166cm 50-70
203.    Mahogany ledgeback chest with two short and two long drawers, 105 x 90cm 50-70
204.    Early 19th century mahogany and inlaid card table, with plain top and green baize lining, raised on fluted supports terminating on brass castors 74 x 84cm 150-180
205.    Mahogany double cake stand, 94cm 20-30
206.    Mahogany serpentine wall hanging shelf, 75 x 50cm 30-40
207.    Stag chest with an arrangement of seven drawers, 82 x 102cm 40-60
208.    Set of four mahogany Queen Anne style splat back chairs with green upholstered slip in seats, 103 x 44cm, (4) 30-40
209.    Mahogany and inlaid serpentine sideboard on square tapering legs and spade feet, 94 x 155cm 100-150
210.    Mahogany four division Canterbury with brass caps and castors, 55 x 40cm 60-80
211.    19th century mahogany cylindrical bedside cabinet, with white hardstone top. 75 x 40cm 80-120
212.    19th century mahogany cylindrical bedside cabinet, with white hardstone top and octagonal plinth base, 73 x 44cm 80-120
213.    Retro drop leaf table and four chairs, (5) 30-50
214.    Mahogany torchere stand with a circular dished top and tripod supports, 108cm 30-50
215.    Early 20th century mahogany dressing table chest, 155 x 106cm 60-80
216.    Mahogany side table, the circular dished top on a baluster turned column and tripod legs, 66 x 56cm 60-80
217.    Stag low dresser with two drawers over a pair of cupboard doors, 97 x 82cm 40-60
218.    Javanese red painted wooden armoire / display cabinet, the stepped cornice top over a pair of glazed doors flanked by gilded scrolling leaf panels, above two frieze drawers, with x frame stretcher, bold carved cabriole legs and claw and ball feet, 188 x 154cm 400-600
219.    Mahogany side table, the circular top on swan neck supports, 68 x 50cm 40-60
220.    Mahogany box stool, 50 x 44cm 30-40
221.    Mahogany standard lamp and shade, 125cm 10-15
222.    Mahogany three tier dumb waiter, with graduated tiers and pad feet, raised on brass castors, 112cm 100-150
223.    Floral bolstered bedroom tub chair, 82 x 58cm 60-80
224.    Iron bound barrel, converted to a drinks bar, 100 x 70cm 30-40
225.    19th century mahogany bureau, the fall front opening to reveal a fitted interior above pull out slides and chest with four long drawers to the base, on bracket feet, 104 x 97cm 100-150
226.    19th century mahogany desk with a three quarter ledgeback over an arrangement of five drawers, with conforming undertier and fluted supports raised on brass castors, 82 x 135cm 100-150
227.    Low elm chair, with upholstered seat, 78 x 46cm 30-40
228.    Mahogany piano stool, 60 x 51cm 10-20
229.    Reproduction serpentine chest with two short and five long drawers, 107 x 60cm 60-80
230.    19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top over two short and three long drawers, flanked by pilasters, raised on bracket feet, 98 x 116cm 150-180
231.    Chinese ebonised wooden cabinet, the rectangular top over a pair of astragal glazed doors with a red painted and shelved interior, raised on as stylised scrolling carved base, 133 x 114cm 200-400
232.    Victorian mahogany Davenport, 84 x 54cm 100-140
233.    Walnut fret work corner wall bracket / shelf, 72cm 30-40
234.    19th century Indonesian Dutch colonial four poster bed with painted and gilt wood pierced panels, complete with a custom made mattress, 240 high x 265 long x 170 wide 1000-1200
235.    Mahogany bedside cabinet, 70 x 42cm 30-40
236.    Upholstered slipper chair, 86 x 44cm 40-60
237.    Stag dresser, 171 x 97cm 30-40
238.    Mahogany wall hanging shelf, 74cm 30-50
239.    Set of four oak Windsor style chairs, 84 x 38, (4) 40-60
240.    Child's Orkney chair, (a/f) 90 x 51cm 100-200
241.    Two retro vinyl upholstered stools, 67 x 40cm, (2) 20-30
242.    Dark oak carved coffer with carved panels to front, 60 x 104cm 100-150
243.    Mahogany veneered bureau bookcase, 203 x 100cm 80-120
244.    19th century mahogany bow front chest with three graduating long drawers, 85 x 100cm 120-150
245.    Mahogany and inlaid sideboard, the rectangular top above a central frieze drawer flanked by cupboard doors on square tapering legs, 84 x 168cm 100-150
246.    Mahogany open armchair together with a mahogany side chair with upholstered seat (2) 20-30
247.    Mahogany balloon back chair together with a mahogany side chair, 102 x 45cm (2) 20-30
248.    Indonesian Dutch colonial armoire, with an arched top and pair of panelled cupboard doors with floral giltwood panels, over a pair of frieze drawers, raised on cabriole supports with claw and ball feet, 220 x 150cm 500-700
249.    Sewing box / work table, 53 x 50cm 10-20
250.    Stained wood bedside chest, 71 x 43cm 20-30
251.    Wing back armchair, 94 x 73cm 30-40
252.    Georgian style mahogany wall mirror, 92 x 50cm 50-70
253.    Mahogany gilt wood table, with rosette motifs and turned tapering supports, 76 x 100 50-70
254.    19th century side table, the rectangular top above a central frieze drawer on square tapering legs, 75 x 86cm 40-60
255.    Mahogany and inlaid foldover tea table, 75 x 91cm 60-80
256.    Eastern runner rug, the red field with allover foliate pattern, 493 x 105cm 60-80
257.    Eastern rug, the red field with central hexagonal medallion, 204 x 150cm 40-60
258.    Contemporary flat weave rug, 220 x 140cm 20-40
259.    Iranian rug with red field and floral borders, 200 x 140cm 40-60
260.    Iranian rug with foliate design, 320 x `120cm 40-60
261.    Two oak open armchairs with canework back and upholstered seats together with two similar side chairs, 130 x 63cm, (4) 60-80
262.    Artist easel. 144 x 56cm 15-20
263.    Oak pedestal column, 101 x 20cm 30-40
264.    Late 18th century mahogany drop leaf supper table on pad feet, 140 x 72cm 300-350
265.    Storage box / trunk, 52 x 130cm 40-60
266.    Set of six retro bentwood style open armchairs, 80 x 56, (6) 70-100
267.    Oak / elm Windsor style open armchair, 90 x 58cm
268.    Fruitwood spinning wheel, 83cm 60-80
269.    19th century rosewood foldover pedestal card table, terminating on brass caps 78 x 102cm 100-200
270.    Early 20th century mahogany and inlaid armchair with upholstered seat and back, 96 x 51cm 40-60
271.    Chinese ebonised hardwood candle sconce, with circular lotus carved top and tripod supports, 104cm 100-150
272.    Mahogany bookcase cabinet with a swan neck pediment , 231 x 70cm 220-250
273.    Mahogany display cabinet, with glazed door and shelved undertier, 98 x 52cm 40-60
274.    19th century mahogany sofa table, the rectangular top with drop leaf ends above two short drawers, 71 x 68cm 150-180
275.    Mahogany wall mirror, 77 x 53cm 20-40
276.    Contemporary green vinyl armchair, 104 x 72cm 220-250
277.    Mahogany tilt top table, the circular top on a baluster turned column and tripod legs, 70 x 84cm 180-220
278.    Pair of South East Asian chairs, with shaped top rail and splat back with a floral motif, 104 x 50, (2) 100-150
279.    Mahogany kneehole desk, the rectangular top above a central frieze drawer and a cupboard tot he alcove, flanked by three short drawers, with brass handles 74 x 72 150-250
280.    French style gilt framed three seater buttonback settee, 101 x 173cm 350-400
281.    Oak spindle back side chair, 114 x 48cm 30-40
282.    19th century mahogany dressing table mirror with circular plate, 77 x 61cm 40-60
283.    Wooden candle sconce, 115cm 40-60
284.    Mahogany fold over card table with serpentine top and leaf carved baluster column, on quadruped base raised on hairy pay feet (a/f), 73 x 82cm 100-150
285.    Oak open armchair with tartan upholstery, together with a pine open armchair, 10 x 64cm (2) 50-70
286.    Mahogany piano stool with tapestry upholstered seat, 50 x 42cm 50-70
287.    Early 20th century mahogany inlaid two tier side table, 70 x 54cm 30-40
288.    Stained pine stick stand, 86 x 65cm 20-40
289.    Basket weave two tier table, 60 x 51cm 10-15
290.    White painted dressing table mirror, 70 x 68cm 5-10
291.    Mahogany bedroom chair, 92 x 60cm 30-40
292.    Early 20th century mahogany and inlaid foldover table, 76 x 88cm 50-70
293.    Edwardian mahogany and inlaid display cabinet on bracket feet, 170 x 114cm 80-120
294.    Eight pine chairs, 91 x 55cm, (8) 60-80
295.    Large pine wall mirror, 121 x 126cm 50-70
296.    Wall cabinet in the form of a still life painting 68 x 55cm 30-40
297.    Oak coffer with carved frieze to front, 70 x 121cm 160-180
298.    Japanese six fold screen, by the Japanese artist MATSUBAYASHI KEIGETSU (1876 - 1963) 174 x 380cm with outer box / crate.
299.    Large hardwood and inlaid dining table, the rectangular top raised on baluster turned supports, 75 x 243 cm 100-150
300.    Eastern rug, 210 x 154cm 30-40
301.    Eastern rug, 190 x 100cm 30-40
302.    Multi-colour rug 30-40
303.    Oak hall shield back chair,(a/f) 95 x 48cm 30-40
304.    Mahogany dressing table mirror, 70 x 60cm 40-60
305.    Oak and brass bound barrel with painted crest, together with a collection of walking sticks, canes and parasols, (a lot) 62 x 34cm 100-150
306.    Small mahogany stool, 24 x 24cm 30-40
307.    Dark oak carved stool with thistle, rose and shamrocks, 20-30
308.    Mahogany child's chair, 70 x 30cm 30-40
309.    Mahogany miniature chest, 48 x 53cm 40-60
310.    Vintage bed tray, 24 x 60cm 10-15
311.    Oak fold away side table, 62 x 52cm 20-30
312.    A pair of Foster and Pullen copper and glass panelled street lantern lights, with one black painted iron bracket, 95 x 42cm, (2) 300-400
313.    Upholstered footstool on short cabriole legs, 20 x 90cm 15-20
314.    Pine dressing table mirror, 65 x 55cm 10-15
315.    Vintage travel case, together with a ceramic bread jar and an Esso blue paraffin can, (3) 20-30
316.    Mahogany dressing table mirror, 47 x 52cm 20-30
317.    Small red painted wheelbarrow, 44 x 90cm 20-40
318.    Copper and brass pail, 30 x 32cm 60-80
319.    Brass bed warming pan, 10 x 110cm 10-15
320.    Brass helmet shaped coal bucket, 76 x 48cm 10-20
321.    Pair of footstools, with circular tapestry tops 14 x 33cm, (2) 30-40
322.    Mahogany console table, 85 x 104cm 80-120
323.    Collection of five copper jugs, funnel and a brass tap, etc 41 x 41cm 100-150
324.    John McGlashan & Co, Glasgow, copper and brass funnel tap, 121 x 81cm 40-60
325.    Brass fireguard / fender, 22 x 79cm 15-25
326.    Mahogany framed wall mirror, 80 x 44cm 20-40
327.    Tribal Art carved wooden figure, 93cm 50-80
328.    Graduating set of three suede effect travel bags (3) 30-40
329.    Large Japanese bronze and mixed metal inlaid bowl, on a circular hardwood stand 70-100
330.    Three early 20th century bed throws (3) 30-50
331.    Dutch style wall mirror opening to reveal a cupboard, 66 x 36cm 60-80
332.    Wooden elephant plant stand 20-30
333.    Pair of Dachshund boot scrapers, (2) 40-60
334.    Circular brass charger, with engraved calligraphy 41cm 20-40
335.    Rococo style giltwood wall mirror 20-40
336.    Collection of measurement tools to include Farrow & Jackson Ltd, etc (3) 10-20
337.    Pair of Staffordshire small chimney spaniels with another larger, (3) 15-20
338.    Pair of continental porcelain twin handled vases with covers with floral sprays and a blue ground, 28cm high, (2) 20-30
339.    19th century mahogany tea caddy, 30 x 15cm 30-40
340.    Collection of English and continental porcelains to include a pair of porcelain and bisque figures to include vases (all with damages), (6) 20-40
341.    Copeland Spode comport with View Nr Hutton Abbey to centre, together with a plate with Lismore Castle pattern, (2) 20-30
342.    Masons ironstone chamber pot 10-15
343.    Epns four piece teaset, (4) 20-30
344.    19th Century oak and Epns mounted tantalus with three decanters and stoppers with Gin, Whisky and Brandy decanter labels, 45cm high 100-150
345.    Pair of opaque glass baluster vases, 34cm high, (2) 20-30
346.    Antler on a turned wooden base, 37cm high 20-30
347.    Group of three graduated hardwood flying bird figures, longest 24cm, (3) 10-15
348.    Painted resin figure of a Highland Piper on a painted wooden base, 56cm high 30-40
349.    1970's Hutschenreuther orange and purple glazed bowl, 31cm diameter 20-30
350.    Brass pierced cross sculpture on a circular gilt wood base, 37cm high 20-40
351.    Masons pottery decanter (boxed), 25cm high 20-30
352.    Two papier mache and abalone inlaid boxes, largest 17 x 17cm, (2) 30-40
353.    Mixed lot to include two vintage bags, two small copper tankards, a fruit knife etc., (a lot) 15-20
354.    Provincial Ming Dynasty brown glazed Mataban food jar with Dragon pattern all around and loop handles to the shoulders, likely made in Sumatra 35cm high 200-300
355.    Provincial Mataban green glazed pottery jar with loop handles to the shoulders and flower and foliage pattern in relief, 25cm high 70-100
356.    Chinese green glazed vase with twin handles to top, 21cm 50-70
357.    Two South East Asian blue and white glazed bowls together with a shallow dish with blue sponged floral pattern, largest diameter 31cm, (3) 100-140
358.    Two Epns wine funnels, longest 17cm, (2) 15-25
359.    Pair of silver on copper three branch candlesticks with detachable central sconce, 17cm high, (2) 20-30
360.    Early 20th century mahogany cased perpetual desk calendar, height 21cm 60-80
361.    Set of oak and brass postal scales, complete with weights, together with a pair of brass desk candlesticks, (3) 20-30
362.    19th century mahogany box, together with another with carved panels, largest 29cm long, (2) 30-50
363.    Paragon 'Damask Rose' patterned china teaset comprising twelve cups, twelve saucers, twelve side plates and a sugar bowl, (37) 20-30
364.    Cut glass navette shaped bowl, 26cm long 20-30
365.    Collection of five Indian carved hardwood boxes to include one with label for Nabera & Bro, Sirnagar Kashmir, largest 29cm long, (5) 100-150
366.    Elkinton & Co Epns fluted bowl on three ball feet, 31cm diameter 20-30
367.    Quantity of Epns wares to include serving dishes, sugar castor, knife rest, flatwares etc., (a lot) 20-40
368.    Showcase containing a doll / figure of Edward VI, modelled standing with a Hawk in his hand, 22cm high, overall with case standing at 32cm 80-120
369.    Reproduction brass lantern clock, 16cm high 20-30
370.    Pair of brass knop stemmed candlesticks, 18cm high, (2) 15-20
371.    Pair of glass and brass table lamp bases (one a/f), 55cm high, (2) 40-60
372.    Pair of black hardstone and brass five branch candelabra style table lamps, 15cm high, (2) 50-70
373.    Pair of Copeland Spode blue and white plates to include Memorial Continental Hall pattern made expressly for J.E. Caldwell & Co, Philadelphia, 27cm diameter, (2) 20-30
374.    Taxidermy blackcock game bird, 35cm high 30-50
375.    Carter Poole high shouldered stoneware baluster vase with blue flowers and impressed marks to the base, 31cm high 20-30
376.    Mixed lot to include a Chester silver topped glass jar, a horn beaker and a two paperweights, (4) 15-25
377.    Brass oil lamp with pink and opalescent glass well, 40cm high 50-70
378.    19th century mahogany sarcophagus shaped tea caddy on four bun feet, 20cm long 40-60
379.    19th Century octagonal mahogany tea caddy, the hinged lid with an inlaid urn motif with boxwood stringing and ivory escutcheon, with two lead line divisions to the interior, 17cm wide 70-100
380.    Vintage mesh covered siphon 10-15
381.    Pair of Edinburgh Crystal golfing etched brandy glasses in a fitted box 10-15
382.    Two Royal Copenhagen Carlsberg blue and white ashtrays, together with a collection of six pin dishes, (8) 10-15
383.    Students style lamp with green glass shade, 42cm high 15-20
384.    Three Sykes hydrometer's in mahogany boxes, together with three books to etc., (a lot) 30-50
385.    Bronze patinated model of a miniature dachshund, 25cm long 30-50
386.    French brass cased mantle clock, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals and inscribed Eugene Blondeau, 40cm high 30-40
387.    Opaque glass figural table lamp, together with a similar drinking glass, (2) 30-40
388.    Table gong and beater 20-30
389.    Two stands containing a collection of brass weights 50-60
390.    Mixed lot to include an Everite Ballpoint Pen, Stratton cufflinks and a Guinness pen knife, etc., (a lot) 10-15
391.    19th century mahogany domed top decanter box containing a set of six gilt decorated bottles, five with stoppers 100-150
392.    Quantity of Epns wares to include a bottle stand, egg cups, spirit kettle and Bachelor teaset, (a lot) 30-40
393.    Mahogany framed dressing mirror with rectangular bevelled plate 20-30
394.    Two clear glass apple shaped storage jars, (2) 10-15
395.    Eastern green glazed hexagonal pedestal base, 40cm high 50-70
396.    Sudanese sword and six further 19th and 20th century swords and daggers, (7) 200-300
397.    White glazed Armorial patterned oval planter and stand with floral edged borders, (2) 70-100
398.    Red painted wooden club, with dragon pattern 30-40
399.    Chinese Dao sword and a smaller dagger together with a spearhead, (3) 100-150
400.    Early 20th century brass rise and fall light fitting with fringed shade 70-100
401.    Quantity of brass candlesticks (a lot) 30-50
402.    Thomas white glazed coffee set, comprising coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers, (15) 20-30
403.    Haig's Ship in a bottle, two glass measures, a stein etc., (5) 20-30
404.    Quantity of modern photograph frames, (6) 20-30
405.    Mixed lot to include a Sylvac Bunny, a Shorter & Son fish plate, a Foley bone china Matador dish and a Tuscan china jar and cover (4) 20-30
406.    Garibaldi moulded jug and two Staffordshire jugs, (3) 20-30
407.    Collection of Toby jugs to include 'Father Christmas' and a Clarice Cliff cream glazed jug, (5) 20-30
408.    Quantity of blue and white 'Willow' pattern table wares, together with a Royal Worcester porcelain cup and saucer, (a lot) 20-30
409.    Crown Staffordshire coffee set comprising eight coffee cans, eight saucers, cream jug and sugar bowl 20-30
410.    Carton containing a quantity of golfing memorabilia to include cards, prints, miniature golf clubs, golf balls, novelty figures, books etc., (a lot) 30-40
411.    Carton containing vintage cameras etc., (a lot) 20-30
412.    Carton containing a quantity of golfing memorabilia to include prints, playing cards, cork screws, books, etc., (a lot) 30-40
413.    Carton of golfing memorabilia to include bottle stops, novelty golf bag clock, cufflinks etc., (a lot) 20-30
414.    Two modern burrwood effect lacquered wooden photograph frames, (2) 10-15
415.    Mahogany and inlaid octagonal tray 15-20
416.    Edinburgh Corporation Tramways plans and sections, large booklet, (6) 20-30
417.    Mixed lot to include vintage tins, cocktail strainer, button hooks, sugar tongs, vintage card games, Liberty Tudric jug, cream and sugar bowl, a Blaydon blow torch etc., (a large lot) 30-40
418.    Two cartons containing a quantity of Epns wares to include coffee pots, serving dishes, bowls, trays etc, (a lot) 40-60
419.    Quantity of wooden painted birds together with a painted metal bird and various fish figures etc., (a large lot) 30-50
420.    Quantity of hardwood Chinese and Asian stands, (a lot) 30-40
421.    Spode fine bone china 'Book of Kells' pattern plate, boxed
422.    Wicker basket containing a quantity of silk scarves etc., (a lot) 20-40
423.    Quantity of modern to include autobiography's to include Alex Ferguson and Kenny Dalgleish etc., (5) 10-20
424.    Vintage Bush radio 10-20
425.    Two Art Deco mantle clocks, (2) 20-30
426.    Majolica jardiniere planter 10-15
427.    Victorian black slate clock garniture (a/f) 40-60
428.    Vanity case containing a collection of vintage handbags etc, (a lot) 20-30
429.    Dutch style mirror with easel back stand, 52cm high 40-60
430.    Microscope in a fitted box 30-40
431.    Two stoneware crocks and a terracotta potato jar and cover, (3) 10-15
432.    Carton containing a quantity of metal wares to include pewter tankards and copper measures and a collection of vintage Carlsberg ashtrays etc., (a large lot) 20-40
433.    Carton of Epns wares to include coasters, serving dishes, bowls, etc., (a large lot) 30-40
434.    Mixed lot to include a brass jelly pan, shell cases, trivet and stand etc, and flatwares (a large lot) 20-30
435.    Mixed lot to include brass trinket boxes and a gilt metal pineapple shaped jar and cover (a lot) 20-30
436.    Collection of hardwood bottle stoppers (a lot) 20-40
437.    Silver plate on brass ewer, 31cm high 15-25
438.    Cutlery canteen containing a suite of Epns flatware 20-40
439.    Boxed Yixing teaset 30-40
440.    Mason's octagonal blue and white 'Willow' patterned jug, together with a Middleport Pottery Nan King patterned bowl, (2) 20-30
441.    Set of six Staffordshire 'Indian Tree' patterned serving ashets, largest 50cm long, (6) 20-30
442.    Silver mounted walking cane and another, (2) 10-15
443.    Hexagonal black metal and glass panelled hall lantern 30-50
444.    Two stoneware crocks and a mahogany tea caddy, (3) 30-50
445.    Yamaha acoustic guitar 30-40
446.    Late 19th / early 20th century Holy Bible, together with the Life of Jesus Christ, published by Fullerton & Co, (2) 20-30
447.    Late 19th / early 20th century Illustrated Holy Bible, 'The Life of Christ' and Scots Worthies', (3) 30-40
448.    Norie & Co of London, mahogany cased wall barometer 40-60
449.    Eight bottles of 1960's Cockburn's Vintage Port, (8) 400-500
450.    Eight bottles of Graham's 1970 Vintage Port, (8) 400-500
451.    Carton containing First Day Covers and Stamps 20-40
452.    Oak framed octagonal wall mirror 20-30
453.    Taxidermy Pheasant, 48cm high 50-70
454.    Contemporary faux metal table lamp 15-20
455.    Two painted metal birds, tallest 80cm, (2) 20-30
456.    Northern European hardwood figure of Christ, 85 x 95cm 50-100