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1.      Three 9ct gold necklaces to include a gate link chain and two rope twist chains, (3) 300-350
2.      9ct gold and opal bracelet, stamped 375 60-80
3.      Three 9ct gold gemset bracelets, (3) 100-150
4.      9ct gold emerald and diamond earrings and pendant necklace (3) 80-120
5.      A collection of six 18ct gold gemset rings (6) 600-700
6.      A collection of six 9ct gold rings and another unmarked yellow metal ring (7) 200-300
7.      Two 9ct gold chains, 9ct gold chain with pearls, a strand of cultured pearls with a 9ct gold clasp, two strands of faux pearls with a silver clasp and a 9ct gold chain with faux pearl drop pendant (7) 200-250
8.      Three 9ct gold bracelets to include two rope twist and one bi-colour bracelet (3) 200-250
9.      9ct gold chain bracelet and another (2) (one a/f) 40-50
10.     Queen Victoria 1837 - 1897, cased bronze medallion to commemorate her sixty years of reign 20-30
11.     Victorian Maundy Money set, 1894, four coin set with original box 100-150
12.     Victorian Maundy Money set, 1898, four coin set with original box and four coins for 1899 which are unboxed 150-180
13.     Queens South Africa Medal with three bars to include Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony, awarded to 550 SEJT. P. CONNORS K.R.R.C, with ribbon 100-150
14.     South Africa Campaign Medal 1877 - 79 awarded to Levy Leader Mr W Gray, a Queens South Africa Medal with three bars to include Laing's Nek, Transvaal and Defence of Ladysmith, awarded to 136 TPR.: W.J GRAY. BORDER M.R and WWI Medal trio awarded to Capt. W.J. Gray, and a Victorian Maundy coin pendant (6)
15.     Mixed lot to include a Queen Victoria 1887 shilling coin pendant on a yellow metal chain, gilt metal necklace, silver brooch and a silver plated kilt pin (4) 20-40
16.     George V gold half sovereign, 1912 120-150
17.     Edwardian gold half sovereign, 1902, in a 9ct gold pendant mount 100-150
18.     Scottish curly horn snuff mull with hinged lid and white metal mounts 50-70
19.     Two 19th century silver pair cased pocket watches and another (3) 100-150
20.     A suite of Queens pattern family crested silver flatware comprising six large spoons - Edinburgh 1846 & 1848, six smaller spoons, Edinburgh 1846 & 1848, six table forks, Edinburgh 1846 & 1848, six small forks, Edinburgh 1846 & 1848, six teaspoons, Edinburgh 1846 & 1848, sauce ladle, Edinburgh 1846, serving spoon , Edinburgh 1846, soup ladle Edinburgh 1849 and a butter/cheese knife, Edinburgh 1851, half with makers marks for A.G Whigton and the other half with marks for Marshall & Sons (34) approx 2300g 700-900
21.     Victorian mahogany canteen containing a set of twelve silver and mother of pearl handled fruit knives and forks, Allen & Darwin, Sheffield 1894 150-200
22.     A set of seven 19th century Scottish silver decanter labels, James Howden & Co and George Paton, comprising Claret, Madeira, Port, Sherry, Brandy, Hollands and Whisky together with another for Rum (8) 100-150
23.     Three small silver boxes to include a circular box. London 1900, Art Nouveau box, Birmingham 1902 and a caddy style box with hinged lid, Birmingham 1903, tallest 5.5cm (3) 70-100
24.     Edwardian silver cased spirit heater for curling tongs, London 1902, 9.5cm 30-40
25.     Eastern white metal vase, with flared rim, lion mask heads and engraved pattern, on a circular footrim with three lion feet, stamped 830 sil. 15cm high 40-60
26.     Edwardian silver sauce boat, Elkington and Co, Birmingham 1910, 18cm long 50-70
27.     Persian white metal coffee pot, with domed lid, angular handle and chased finely with flowers and foliage, 17cm high, together with an Eastern white metal circular box and cover, repousse decorated with figures, 11cm diameter (2) 60-80
28.     An Eastern white metal locket with Thai style figures and an Eastern white metal box, the cover with calligraphy, 5 x 3.5cm (2) 30-50
29.     White metal aide memoire with thistles pattern, 5cm, together with a hardstone pendant on chain (2) 20-30
30.     George VI silver photograph frame, London 1948, 19cm high, together with an unmarked silver circular frame with no glass or backing (2) 30-50
31.     George V silver salver, Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh 1918, 21.5cm 100-150
32.     George V silver backed brush set, Birmingham 1918, comprising mirror, clothes brush and hairbrush (3) 30-40
33.     George V silver 'St Giles' caddy spoon, Wilson & Sharp, Edinburgh 1918, 13cm 30-40
34.     Victorian silver sugar tongs, Edinburgh 1874, two pairs of Epns grape scissors and a Norwegian Viking boat salt (4) 20-30
35.     Silver sailing boat dhow, stamped 925, on an ebonised oval stand, 9cm high 50-70
36.     Modern silver 'Sweetie' box, London 2001, 6cm 20-30
37.     George V cased set of silver tomato servers, Josiah Williams & Co, London 1913. 60-80
38.     George V silver mounted antler magnifying glass, William Yates Ltd, Sheffield 1911, the terminal with a hunting dog and pheasant, 26cm long 50-70
39.     Edwardian cased set of twelve silver teaspoons with matching sugar tongs, Sheffield 1906 30-40
40.     George V silver butter dishes, Birmingham 1922 (2) 20-30
41.     A suite of fiddle and thread silver flatware comprising six table forks, London 1851, eight smaller forks, Birmingham 1909, six table spoons, two of which are London 18919, three London 1851 and one Newcastle 1864, six smaller spoons, three of which are London 1840, one London 1851 and two London 1816 / 17 (32), approx 1930g 500-700
42.     Carr's glass vase on a silver circular base, Sheffield 2001, 19cm high 20-30
43.     Two cased sets of silver teaspoons with sugar tongs (a lot) 30-50
44.     Victorian silver calling card case with basket of flowers pattern, Birmingham 1851, together with an abalone inlaid calling card case (2) 80-120
45.     Silver and enamel flower patterned circular box, Birmingham 1911, early 20th century silver and lilac guilloche enamel circular box and cover and an early 20th century butterfly wing and enamel powder compact, largest 5.5cm diameter (3) 120-150
46.     Silver anointing spoon, Birmingham 1936, 11cm long 15-20
47.     1920's lady's 9ct gold cased wristwatch, case fully hallmarked and stamped ROLWATCO and numbered 1863, on a black moire strap 50-60
48.     Gilt metal long chain, four cameo brooches, late Victorian seed pearl brooch and another of quatrefoil shape, a Victorian gilt metal brooch and an unmounted cameo plaque (9) 60-70
49.     19th century memorial / mourning ring, with glazed panel and woven hair, inner band inscribed Mt Flint Oblit 30th June 1835 50-70
50.     Continental white metal cased fob watch and another smaller and a white metal coin case (3) 30-40
51.     Victorian 9ct gold bangle, with gadrooned pattern and hinged clasp, original black leather case 140-160
52.     An Edwardian 9ct rose gold bracelet set with turquoise and seed pearls, of expanding design 150-180
53.     Indian heavy white metal necklace and bracelet (2) 70-100
54.     Mixed lot to include white metal bracelet with mother of pearl panels, turquoise brooch, bracelet, costume jewellery necklaces, yellow metal brooches, Queen Victoria and Baden Powell pin badges, white metal cord necklace, mother of pearl button hook, bookmark, etc (a lot) 40-60
55.     Early 20th century silver and white metal items to include a buckle, hair slide, brooches, bracelet, pendants and pencils, etc (a lot) 50-60
56.     Art Deco cocktail watch, c.1930, the case set with diamonds and marked Platinum, with Longines signed manual wind movement, on a modern black cord strap. 70-100
57.     Jacobite Rebellion commemorative brooch, 9cm 30-50
58.     Edward III quarter noble gold coin 200-250
59.     Jaeger LeCoultre open faced pocket watch, in a chrome plated case with ordinance mark to the rear, with Arabic numerals and luminous indicators
60.     Two 9ct gold mounted amber cheroot's, with cases, (2) 20-30
61.     Two silver cased pocket watches, one by John Forrest and the other by Hollins, with silver watch chains and fob (a lot) 120-150
62.     Two Chester silver coin cases, Chester silver vesta, Epns vesta and small collection of coins to include three Queen Victoria crowns, etc (a lot) 100-150
62A.    Three silver sugar castors, tallest 17cm high (3) 70-100
63.     A collection of lady's gold cased and yellow metal wristwatches, (6) 120-150
63A.    George V silver hot water pot and hot milk pot, Edwards & Sons, London 1926, tallest 18cm (2) 200-250
64.     A pair of 9ct gold flowerhead earrings, yellow metal cufflink's, silver bangle and other costume jewellery etc (a lot) 30-40
64A.    George v silver table cigarette box, with engine turned lid, Birmingham 1949, 16.5 x 9cm 40-60
65.     A collection of gold plated pocket watches, two white metal cased pocket watches, fob watch and watch chains, (a lot) (a/f) 60-80
65A.    An oak cutlery canteen containing silver and Epns flatwares with mixed makers and hallmarks, approx 1100g of hallmarked flatware and a collection of Epns wares (a lot) 300-400
66.     19th century Staffordshire Return from Egypt, figure group, restored with losses, 24cm high 30-50
67.     Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Staffordshire figures, each modelled standing upon an oval gilt lined base, tallest 29cm (2) 50-70
68.     A rare pair of 19th century Staffordshire pearlware busts of King William the Fourth and Queen Adaerlene, (Adelaide), each on a rectangular sponged base, with restoration to the feet, 26cm high (2) 300-500
69.     Early 19th century Prattware figure of a fiddler, on square wooden base, 17cm high 50-70
70.     Prattware figure of a Ram with two baskets, on a rectangular green lined base, 11cm high 100-150
71.     Pilkington Royal Lancastrian pottery to include two mottled blue glazed vases and a mottled orange glazed bowl of lobed form with impressed factory marks, 15cm diameter (3) 80-120
72.     Royal Copenhagen Fajance blue and white dish of square form, with printed backstamps and numbered 429/2883, 17 x 17cm 30-50
73.     German white glazed table wares to include a bowl and two serving dishes, all with gilt floral pattern, largest 31cm (3) 30-40
74.     Pilkington Royal Lancastrian blue crystalline glazed vase of lobed form, impressed factory backstamps, and numbered 3402, 20cm high 60-80
75.     Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian blue and green bowl, with a streaked glaze, impressed factory backstamp and numbered 2625, 23cm wide 40-60
76.     Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian orange mottled glaze vase of slender form with stylised handles to side, impressed factory backstamps and numbered 3178, 24cm high 50-70
77.     Wemyss Jazzy pattern vase with a flared rim and circular foot, with printed backstamp, No.213, 50-70
78.     Royal Worcester Ann Hathaway pattern jar and cover, the finial restored, with green factory backstamp and No. G2210, 12cm high 20-30
79.     A pair of porcelain male and female figures, (male figure with losses), with blue crossed swords marks to the base, 20cm high (2) (a/f) 100-150
80.     Pair of green dimpled glass decanter / ewers, 20cm high (2) 20-30
81.     Royal Crown Derby 'Chelsea Bird' (small chip to tip of the beak) 16cm high 20-30
82.     Collection of Cartlonware and Beswick Ware moulded leaf, green glazed table wares (11) 30-40
83.     Staffordshire figure of a sailor, female snuff taking Toby jug and a male Toby jug, possibly Scottish pottery, tallest 30cm (3) (a/f) 50-70
84.     Staffordshire flatback Wellington figure, 31cm, restored, and a pearlware circular Wellington plaque, 17cm diameter (2) 50-70
85.     19th century floral patterned pot pourri bowl and cover, the cover marked to the underside in red NANTGARW, small chip to rim of the lid, 19cm 70-100
86.     Two 19th century lustre plaques to include Innocence in Arcadia, cherub and lion plaque (restored) and a brown glazed plaque with a figure to the centre, largest 19cm (3) 50-70
87.     19th century Chinese famille verte pierced plate, damage to the rim and a Canton enamelled plate (a/f) (2) 50-70
88.     Staffordshire pottery church, cottage pastille burner and watch stand, tallest 26cm (3) 40-60
89.     Set of six Royal Doulton Glamis Thistle pattern cups and saucers, each signed P. Curnock, (12) 30-40
90.     Tally-Ho, a Staffordshire fox head stirrup cup, 12cm 100-150
91.     19th century Staffordshire fox hound head stirrup cup, 12cm 100-150
92.     19th century porcelain Trout head stirrup cup, 10cm 100-150
93.     19th century Staffordshire figure Masseppe, 13cm high (a/f) 30-50
94.     19th century Staffordshire figure of a Roman Archer, 22cm high 40-50
95.     19th century Staffordshire figure Omerpash, on an oval base, 23cm high 40-60
96.     Continental pottery bowl, plate and matching serving dish, with blue and red flowers, (3) 20-30
97.     Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian vase by Gladys Rogers and E.T.Radford, with blue swirling pattern and eggshell glaze, with impressed factory backstamps and number 181, 20cm 80-120
98.     Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian blue glazed baluster vase, with impressed factory marks and number 2085, 27cm 50-70
99.     Set of four Lladro Collector's society bells, 94) 20-30
100.    Nao porcelain figure of a girl and her puppy, 17cm high 10-15
101.    Gray's pottery art deco honey pot and cover with blue, yellow and orange bands, printed factory marks, 10cm high 15-20
102.    Lladro porcelain set of nativity figures, tallest 11cm (9) 50-70
103.    Royal Doulton Lobster Man figure, HN2317, 20cm high 20-30
104.    Royal Doulton Forty Winks figure, HN1974, 20cm high 20-30
105.    Beswick grey glazed shire horse, with printed factory marks, 21cm high 30-50
106.    Collection of Carltonware fruit and leaf moulded dishes, (10) 20-40
107.    Three 19th century Staffordshire figures to include S.Sebasti O.M, Nicodemus, Christ Teacheth and another, some losses and restorations tallest 29cm (3) 80-120
108.    Bohemian glass coffee set with enamelled flowers and gilt rims, (19) 30-40
109.    Pair of early 19th century Chamberlain Worcester oval Imari pattern dishes, 29cm long (2) 40-50
110.    Dudson blue glazed vase with handles to side and with classical figures and flowers, impressed factory mark, 23cm high 60-80
111.    Carltonware Rouge Royale Mikado pattern punch bowel, on a gilt circular footrim, 26cm 20-30
112.    Stoneware bottle with a Jester figure in relief, with a loop handle to top, 24cm high 20-30
113.    Dudson wheat pattern jug and a 19th century Ruth pattern jug, C.E & M factory mark, tallest 19cm (2) 30-40
114.    Pair of floral patterned cache pots, on three gilt feet, 11cm diameter (2) 20-30
115.    Set of eleven Royal Doulton Signature Edition figures, tallest 10cm (11) 60-80
116.    Set of fourteen Bohemian wine glasses with harlequin coloured cut glass bowls and two others of larger size (16) 60-80
117.    Royal Copenhagen porcelain vase with flower pattern, 18cm 20-30
118.    Meissen white glazed porcelain cup and saucer with floral sprays and a collection of Meissen blue and white porcelain Onion pattern cups and saucers, etc (8) 40-60
119.    Pair of Meissen bird pattern porcelain plates, with reticulated border and gilt edge rim, blue crossed sword marks, 24cm diameter, (2) 60-80
120.    Dresden porcelain square pedestal bowl, 12 x 16cm 30-40
121.    Modern Japanese charger, 32cm diameter 15-20
122.    Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian blue crystalline glazed vase with impressed factory marks and number 2085, 26cm high 60-80
123.    Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian celadon glazed bowl with flared rim, E.T Radford initials and impressed factory marks, No.170, 23cm diameter 40-60
124.    Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian squat vase with twin scrolling handles and sang de boeuf glaze, impressed factory marks and number 2821, 15cm high together with a red flambe glazed bowl with a flared rim, 20cm diameter (2) 60-80
125.    Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian high shouldered vase by Gladys Rogers with blue feathered pattern to a white ground, impressed factory backstamp, artist monogram and number 2687, 21cm high together with a Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian bowl with incised swan and foliage pattern, with William Mycock Smith monogram, (2) 100-150
126.    Mixed lot of 18th & 19th century porcelain to include cups, saucers, candlestick, slop bowls, figurine,etc (some damages) 15-20
127.    Pair of Nove Italian pottery lidded vases, with handpainted flower pattern and mask heads, on rococo style stands, some restorations, 55cm high (2) 50-70
128.    Staffordshire flatback figure 'Rob Roy' together with another smaller, tallest 43cm (2) 30-40
129.    Chinese Tang style figures to include a horse and rider and two standing figures, with restorations and damages, tallest 35cm (3) 50-70
130.    Capodimonte Italian, figure modeled by Vittorio Tesaro, on a circular wooden base, 24cm high 10-15
131.    Royal Worcester porcelain dish painted with flowers to a white ground within a blue and gilt border, with blue printed backstamp, together with a small Imari pattern tureen and cover and a similar Ironstone Imari plate (3) 20-30
132.    Pair of continental porcelain male and female figures and a white glazed figure group, tallest 17cm (3) 20-30
133.    Staffordshire figure group of a tiger hunt and two fishwives, tallest 28cm (2) (a/f) 30-40
134.    Bronze figure of a female, modelled seating and reading, on a wooden plinth, 18cm long 50-60
135.    A pair of French candlesticks, converted to table lamps with Serves style porcelain knop stems, 36cm high (2) 50-70
136.    A pair of Staffordshire white glazed chimney spaniels, 24cm high (2) 20-30
137.    A 19th century English porcelain teaset with handpainted flowers and gilt rims, comprising twelve various cups, eight saucers, four side plates and two cake plates, (26) 30-50
138.    Staffordshire figure, Toby jug and cruet figure with a lustrous glaze, tallest 15cm (3) 30-40
139.    Staffordshire pearlware George IIII plate with moulded basket weave rim, 22cm diameter, chip to underside of rim 100-150
140.    Politos Menagerie - 'Menagerie of the wonderful burds and beasts from most parts of the world' the group has many losses and some restoration, the figure as it stands is approx 39cm high x 34cm wide 100-200
141.    Set of six Wedgwood porcelain Playing Card pattern dishes, 10cm long (6) 20-30
142.    Beswick black and tan dachshund figure together with a smaller Beswick dachshund and a white metal example, longest 21.5cm (3) 30-40
143.    Lomonsov panda bear figure, brown glazed figure and a Beswick owl with impressed number 3026, tallest 12cm (3) 20-30
144.    Sherratt style bull baiting group, inscribed 'Bull Beating Now Captin lad', with some restorations, (a/f) 18 x 14cm 70-100
145.    Staffordshire figure of a girl on horseback and a two fishwives, tallest 27cm (2) 50-60
146.    Eastern bronzed metal Drummer figure, modelled standing on a circular base, 31cm high 40-60
147.    Terracotta head and shoulders bust of a young boy, on socle base, 36cm high 40-60
148.    Stoneware vase of flattened form with acorn leaf pattern in relief and cream craquelure ground, 34cm high 20-30
149.    Large Beswick brown glazed horse and two smaller Beswick horses, tallest 31cm high (3) 50-70
150.    A pair of Harrach Karlsbad porcelain reticulated baskets of oval form and painted with flowers, with gilt edged rims, 32cm long (2) 30-50
151.    James M Robert Greenlees, (1820 - 1894)
Ben Cruachan,
oil on board, signed with monogram bottom right,
inscribed verso, framed under glass, 24 x 18cm 200-250
152.    A.E Partridge,
Fishing Boats,
companion pair of oil on boards,
signed, framed, 28 x 21cm (2) 30-40
153.    Rain Storm Coming - The Borders,
Watercolour, apparently unsigned,
framed under glass, 20 x 14cm 30-50
154.    Allison,
Still Life, Vase of Roses,
Oil on canvas, signed and dated '93,
giltwood frame, 21.5 x 29cm 30-40
155.    Alfred Elmore R.A (1815 - 1881)
Female Nude,
pencil & chalk sketch, signed,
framed under glass, 23 x 42cm
156.    Paul Furneaux R.S.A. (Scottish, b. 1962)
'Apollo', oil on board, inscribed verso,
framed under glass, 30 x 30cm 120-150
157.    Alastair Buchanan,
'Hawes Inn - South Queensferry'
Mixed media, inscribed verso,
framed under glass, 56 x 25.5cm 30-50
158.    Leo Casement (Irish Contemporary)
oil on board, signed,
framed, 29 x 46cm
159.    Brzhozobski (Russian School)
Picking flowers,
Oil on board, signed,
in a giltwood frame, 38 x 38cm 50-60
160.    Still Life, pot of flowers, framed print, 39 x 50cm 20-30
161.    James Kay R.S.A, R.S.W (1858 - 1924)
Exeter Cathedral,
Watercolour, signed,
framed under glass, 31 x 24cm 250-300
162.    Peter McLaren (Scottish b.1964)
After Velasquez, Queen Mariana - Museo del Prado, Madrid,
Watercolour, signed and entitled in pencil,
painted by the artist whilst studying at the Prado, Madrid,
framed under glass, 39 x 49cm
163.    Leo Casement (Irish Contemporary)
Harvest Morning,
acrylic, signed and dated 2002,
framed under glass, 25 x 35cm
164.    Pablo Picasso, 1881 - 1973, Exposition Vallauris 1953, A rare linocut in black, printed over bands of handpainted wash colour, as a poster for the Vallauris Exhibition 1953, signed in the block and printed by Arnera, original edition of 1000 impressions framed under glass, 67 x 51cm (full sheet) 300-500
165.    Peter White (Scottish School b.1959)
Abstract oil on canvas board,
Framed, 46 x 50cm 100-150
166.    Peter White (Scottish School b.1959)
Abstract oil on canvas board,
Framed, 56 x 46cm 100-150
167.    John Hunt,
Fishness XVIII,
Mixed media, signed,
Framed under glass, 48 x 48cm 70-100
168.    John Hunt,
Fishness IXX
Mixed media, signed,
Framed under glass, 48 x 48cm 70-100
169.    Peter White (Scottish School b.1959)
Abstract oil on board, figures before an arcade,
framed, 61 x 76cm 120-150
170.    Flying Ducks,
pastel, signed indistinctly, framed under glass, 50 x 38cm 30-50
171.    Edward Hurst,
Camellia, 'White Swan'
pastel, signed with a Tryon gallery label verso,
framed under glass, 33 x 38cm together with a coloured print (2) 30-40
172.    Dalglish,
Woodland Scene with figures,
watercolour, singed and dated 1878,
framed under glass, 48 x 33cm 50-70
173.    John Scorrow O'Connor, (1913 - 2004)
Woodland path,
watercolour, signed,
framed under glass, 50 x 40cm 60-80
174.    Andrei Vasiliyevich Baranov
oil on canvas, signed,
framed, 57 x 48cm 50-70
175.    Kirill Malkov,
Royal Yacht - Britannia, St Petersburg Harbour 1995,
Oil, signed, framed, 54 x 73cm 60-80
176.    Trevor Price,
The lazy Afternoon,
coloured screen print, signed and entitled in pencil, No. 36 / 100,
framed under glass, 47 x 43cm
177.    L.V Dongen,
Winter scene with windmill and frozen lake,
oil on board,
in a giltwood frame, 58 x 48cm 50-70
178.    Victorine Foot, (1920 - 2000)
Claire and silver on the train,
oil on board, inscribed verso,
in a silver giltwood frame, 90 x 50cm 40-60
179.    R..B Nesbit,
Rain Clouds Bardon, Yorkshire,
watercolour, signed and dated 1891,
framed under glass, 65 x 57cm 40-60
180.    Victoria Crowe RSA, RSW (Scottish b.1945)
'The healing herb, Viola'
Coloured screenprint, signed No. 30/70
76 x 56cm 100-150
181.    Early 20th century school,
Craigievar Castle, Aberdeenshire,
Watercolour, signed indistinctly and date 1930,
framed under glass, 11.5 x 16cm 30-40
182.    May Marshall Brown R.S.W. (Scottish 1887-1968)
Doing Laundry,
watercolour, signed,
framed under glass, 36 x 26cm 80-120
183.    William Mervyn Glass (Scottish, 1885 - 1965)
Evening Calm,
Watercolour, signed,
framed under glass, 25 x 18cm

184.    W. Sinclair,
Riverside scene,
Watercolour, signed and dated 1895,
framed under glass, 34 x 23cm 40-60
185.    The Hunt, watercolour, signed indistinctly, frame under glass, 54 x 38cm 50-70
186.    William Carlaw,(Scottish 1847 - 1889)
Fishing Boats,
Watercolour, signed,
framed under glass, 32 x 50cm
187.    Lena Robb, (Scottish 1891-1980)
Oil on board,
signed with a Society of Scottish Artist label verso,
in an ornate frame, 34 x 47cm 150-200
188.    Sarah Bushman, (contemporary School)
Mixed media collage,
signed, framed under glass, 50 x 30cm 30-50
189.    Jessie. M. King (1875 - 1949)
The Village, Arran,
Watercolour, signed,
Framed under glass with a label verso dated 1942,
28 x 22cm 300-400
190.    19th century school,
Shore Scene with figures and boats,
Oil on board, signed indistinctly,
framed under glass, 42 x 32cm 80-120
191.    Lys Hansen, (Scottish b.1936)
Examination of the Heart,
Acrylic & Graphite on canvas, signed,
Framed under glass, 24 x 29cm
192.    Pam Glennie (Scottish contemporary)
Still Life - Jug of Flowers,
Pastel, signed,
framed under glass, 18 x 18cm 80-120
193.    Ben Davies-Jenkins (Contemporary School)
Set of four oil on canvas panels depicting a young boy dunked in a swimming pool,
signed with initials and dated 02. verso, each panel is in a silver giltwood frame and measures approx 25.5 x 25.5cm

Ben Davies Jenkins graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Edinburgh University and Art College in 2002. 200-300
194.    E. Gooden Lamont,
Village Scene
Oil on board, signed ,
in a giltwood frame, 33 x 41cm 50-70
195.    Stefanie Meredith,
Watercolour, signed,
framed under glass, 18 x 23cm 30-40
196.    Willie Fulton
Oil, signed,
framed under glass, Stenton Gallery label verso, 23 x 23cm 100-150
197.    Paul Fieldsend-Danks (British School)
Two figures and a white cup,
oil, framed, 50 x 50cm 70-100
198.    Bridget Farmer,
Head Study,
Pencil drawing, signed, Compass Gallery label verso,
framed under glass, 27 x 39cm 50-70
199.    Bridget Farmer,
Head Study,
Pencil drawing, signed, Compass Gallery label verso,
framed under glass, 27 x 39cm 50-70
200.    Peter White (Scottish b.1959)
'The Assistant'
Large oil on canvas board, inscribed verso,
182 x 150cm

Footnote: This painting won the Royal Scottish Academy Latimer Prize in 1987 . Peter White was born in Ayrshire, studied at the Edinburgh College of Art from 1981 - 1985, and now lives in the North West of Scotland. He exhibits regularly throughout Scotland, his works are available to buy through Kilmorack Gallery where paintings of this scale can sell in excess of 6000

201.    A large Persian carpet, the red filed with a central medallion and flower head border, 215 x 310cm 300-400
202.    A large Eastern rug with red field and foliate pattern, flowerhead borders, 322 x 215cm 200-300
203.    A contemporary Charles Guild lounge suite comprising two seater sofa, armchair and centre stool with a large scatter cushion, (4) 100-150
204.    A modern Charles Guild lounge suite comprising a two seater sofa and matching armchair, (3) 76 x 265cm 80-120
205.    A modern dining room table and set of eight ribbon ladderback chairs with striped upholstered seats, with an extra leaf 75 x 272cm (9) 120-150
206.    Early 20th century limed oak chest with two long drawers (a/f) 76 x 42cm 20-30
207.    Pair of mahogany chairs with urn splat backs, upholstered seats and ring turned legs, with castors 76 x 48cm (2) 20-30
208.    Mahogany demi lune table on shell carved cabriole legs with pad feet, 72 x 77cm 30-40
209.    Brushed steel anglepoise style standard lamp and shade, 168cm high 20-40
210.    Mahogany framed armchair with red button back upholstery, 98 x 68cm 40-60
211.    Modern mahogany cheval mirror, 170 x 59cm 50-70
212.    Modern wing back armchair and footstool (2) 30-50
213.    Set of six yew wood dining chairs with upholstered slip in seats and sabre legs, in unused new condition, 85 x 52cm (6) 70-100
214.    Mahogany nest of three tables 57 x 55 (3) 20-30
215.    Mahogany writing desk with three drawers, square tapering legs and spade feet, 76 x 92cm 60-80
216.    Pair of floral upholstered wing back armchairs on cabriole legs, 120 x 82cm(2) 80-120
217.    Modern mahogany coffee table with oval top and quadruple legs, 48 x 100cm 20-30
218.    Walnut stool with floral upholstered seat, 45 x 54cm 30-40
219.    Vernis Martin style cabinet with painted sides and marble top, with brass mounts, 141 x 47cm 120-150
220.    Pair of mahogany framed open armchairs with green velour upholstered back, arms and seat, 98 x 60cm (2) 60-70
221.    Chinoiserie nest of four tables, 66 x 52cm (4) 50-70
222.    19th century oak eight day longcase clock, the painted dial inscribed Trotter, Jedburgh, with Roman numerals, subsidiary dial and date aperture, 210 x 50cm 150-200
223.    19th century blade back chair with contemporary upholstered seat, 90 x 48cm 20-30
224.    Oak cabinet with a pair of doors over three long drawers, 125 x 108cm 70-100
225.    19th century style mahogany open armchair with vertical splat back, upholstered seat and turned legs, 92 x 51cm 20-30
226.    Oak side table with single frieze drawer with two brass drop handles, cross stretcher and bun feet, 75 x 71cm 30-40
227.    Pair of French 19th century opaline and bronze mounted table lamps, 50cm high (2) 250-300
228.    Brass corinthian column table lamp base and shade, 50cm high 30-40
229.    Georgian mahogany linen press with cornice top over a pair of cupboard doors with pull out slide to the interior, over two short and two long drawers, 210 x 133cm 200-300
230.    Modern Indonesian rosewood dining table with octagonal top and pedestal base together with a matching set of eight dining chairs with upholstered backs and seats, in as new condition, apparently unused 80 x 151cm (9) 200-300
231.    Pair of French walnut fauteils 86 x 58cm (2) 200-300
232.    Mahogany demi lune table, with a single frieze drawer and square tapering legs, 74 x 92cm 30-50
233.    Floral upholstered bedroom chair, 76 x 76cm 40-50
234.    Mahogany table, the rectangular top with canted edge, on ring turned two supports and stretcher, 70 x 92cm 30-50
235.    Early 20th century mahogany dressing table / chest, 157 x 77cm 60-80
236.    Modern sofa table, 76 x 136cm 20-40
237.    Mahogany bow front chest, with four graduating long drawers, 76 x 136cm 60-80
238.    Two mahogany side chairs, on with canework seat (2) 20-30
239.    Two mahogany open armchairs (2) 30-40
240.    Modern mahogany pedestal table with an oval top, 56 x 67cm 20-30
241.    Mahogany and inlaid corner chair with upholstered seat, 70 x 63cm 30-40
242.    19th century mahogany Pembroke table, 72 x 76cm 60-80
243.    Walnut dressing table on cabriole legs, 155 x 114cm 50-70
244.    Vintage /Ercol stick back chair with blue badge logo, 77 x 40cm 30-40
245.    Walnut chest on chest, with a broken swan neck pediment and central urn over four drawers to the top and three long drawers to the base, on bun feet, with a star motif to top, 165 x 67cm 300-350
246.    19th century mahogany bureau bookcase cabinet, with a pair of astragal glazed doors over a fall front which opens to reveal a fitted interior with pull out slides, above four graduating long drawers with bun handles, 212 x 116cm (a/f) 100-150
247.    Mahogany ledgeback cabinet with pair of panelled doors 85 x 92cm 40-50
248.    Buttonback armchair, smartly upholstered in pale blue linen fabric, on cabriole legs with brass caps and castors, 85 x 52cm 60-80
249.    Mahogany open armchair with upholstered seat, 85 x 52cm 20-30
250.    Mahogany and inlaid foldover demi lune table, with a central frieze drawer and tapering legs, 70 x 102cm 60-80
251.    French kingwood and gilt bronze mounted parquetry bureau, with a brass gallery, fall front and fitted interior on cabriole legs with sabots, 110 x 100cm 400-500
252.    Wing back armchair of large proportions, upholstered in cream fabric, 125 x 101cm 70-100
253.    Contemporary hardwood open bookcase with adjustable shelves and pair of short drawers to the base, 151 x 101cm 50-70
254.    Floral carved wooden chair with solid seat, 96 x 48cm 60-80
255.    Leather covered trunk / chest with brass studs and metal bound, with a void interior, with iron ring handles to side 52 x 32cm 30-50
256.    Oak side chair with carved top rail with hunting scene over an upholstered back and seat, 96 x 52cm 40-50
257.    French style giltwood side table with rectangular faux marble top and carolean stretcher , 52 x 52cm 70-100
258.    Contemporary sideboard with light wood top over a pair of black high gloss drawers and doors, 81 x 45cm 80-120
259.    19th century mahogany scotch chest, 80 x 125cm 70-100
260.    Contemporary aluminum clad floor standing mirror with arched architectural top, 234 x 95cm 70-100
261.    mahogany dining set comprising table and set of six chairs, (7) 50-100
262.    Two occasional tables, one with a pie crust edge, 45 x 76cm (2) 20-30
263.    Mahogany torchere 105cm high 20-30
264.    19th century mahogany Scotch chest, 77 x 125cm 70-100
265.    Dressing stool and two footstools, (3) 10-15
266.    Modern hardwood cabinet with iron grill doors, and a long drawer to the base, 110 x 86cm 50-60
267.    Set of four 19th century chairs, (4) 50-60
268.    Glazed two door cabinet, 128 x 84cm 30-40
269.    Mahogany ledgeback bedside cabinet, 76 x 37cm 30-40
270.    Small circular topped occasional table on cabriole legs with claw and feet, with pull out slides , 41 x 68cm 20-30
271.    Eastern rug with worn red field and multiple borders, 182 x 150cm 40-60
272.    19th century Aesthetic period Davenport, 88 x 55cm 100-150
273.    Child's elm Windsor style chair , 43 x 38cm 40-60
274.    Early 20th century plant stand, 92 x 31cm 20-30
275.    Mahogany serpentine chest with drop flaps, 79 x 57cm 40-60
276.    Pair of elm ladderback chairs with rush seats, 80 x 54cm (2) 40-60
277.    Gothic style oak stool, 61 x 54cm 40-60
278.    Oak tier dumb waiter, 88 x 59cm 50-70
279.    19th century ebonised and parcel gilt plant stand on twin barley twist supports with a stretcher and quadruple legs, 91 x 49cm 70-100
280.    Walnut lowboy with three small drawers on shell carved cabriole legs with pad feet, 73 x 69cm 100-150
281.    Mahogany pedestal table with circular top and tripod legs, 46 x 46cm 50-60
282.    Mahogany console table, 80 x 107cm 50-70
283.    Lullabye, a child's vintage high chair 20-40
284.    Two 19th century side chairs, 83 x 46cm (2) 30-40
285.    Modern brass and glass coffee table, 44 x 131cm 30-40
286.    Modern pair of brass and glass lamp tables, 44 x 131cm (2) 30-40
287.    French style giltwood table with circular faux hardstone top, 72 x 65cm 70-100
288.    A pair of botanical watercolours, framed under glass, (2) 20-30
289.    Three coloured Hunting and Shooting prints, in glazed Hogarth frames, 57 x 47cm (3) 30-40
290.    Susan F Crawford group of three etchings and two others, all framed under glass, largest 19 x 32cm (5) 30-50
291.    Fryda Exposition poster, in a glazed frame, size overall 50 x 70cm 10-15
292.    After Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720 - 1778) - Egyptian Obelisk , Rome, etched print, in a mount but unframed, 41 x 56cm

293.    After George Morland - a set of four coloured stipple engraved prints, in glazed frames, sizes overall 65 x 78cm (4) 40-50
294.    Delacy Griffin,
Barnegat Inlet,
Oil on canvas, singed,
in an ornate giltwood frame, 55 x 45cm 50-70
295.    E. Vanderman,
Still life vase of flowers,
Oil on panel, signed,
in an ornate giltwood frame, 60 x 75cm 50-70
296.    Farquharson coloured print and another, both in glazed frames, (2) 20-30
297.    Large embroidered wool work panel of flamingos, in glazed frame, 95 x 60cm 50-70
298.    Modern Grandmother clock 50-60
299.    Ornate rectangular framed wall mirror, 86 x 67cm 50-70
300.    Mahogany pedestal table, 71 x 120cm 50-70
301.    Brass mounted table with faux hardstone top, 77 x 40cm 60-80
302.    Ornate rectangular framed wall mirror, 107 x 81cm 80-100
303.    Brass fire irons and a small grate, (3) 30-50
304.    Brass three branch light fitting 20-30
305.    Brass fireside companion set, chestnut roaster, etc (a lot) 20-30
306.    Victorian ashet, 40 x 50cm 20-30
307.    A collection of five Indian watercolour paintings, unframed (5) 180-220
308.    Ledgeback sideboard, 107 x 138cm 30-50
309.    A collection of vintage Vacuum cleaners to include Hoover and accessories, etc (a lot) 30-40
310.    Seventh Heaven French style walnut double bed and base with carved head and foot boards, 222 x 175 x 158cm 70-100
311.    Ammonite circular plaque, 24cm diameter 20-40
312.    Ancient Celtic bronze torc, 18cm diameter 150-250
313.    Pair of mother of Lizars mother of pearl opera glasses. 30-40
314.    Early 20th century Japanese ivory okimono, 7cm high and a carved wooden horse, 12cm high (2) 40-60
315.    A pair of green jadeite horse figures, longest 11cm (2) 50-70
316.    Nanking Cargo blue and white tea bowl and saucer, each with a Christie's lot number label (2) 60-80
317.    19th century ivory circular box, the cover containing a portrait miniature of a lady, signed indistinctly, 7.5cm diameter 60-80
318.    19th century lace fan with mother of pearl guards 30-50
319.    Tortoiseshell bookmark, etc (2) 20-30
320.    Coromandel and brass bound box, the hinged top opening to reveal a set of three small hobnail cut decanters and stoppers, size of box overall 20 x 16cm 100-150
321.    French brass and glass panelled carriage clock, the enamel dial with Arabic numerals flanked by enamelled pilasters, size including handle is approx 14cm 80-120
322.    French brass and glass panelled carriage clock, the dial with Roman numerals and inscribed Brook & Sons, Edinburgh, one glass panel damaged, size including handle is approx 14cm 40-60
323.    Mixed lot to include an inlaid wooden page turner, Architects's ebonised ruler, first Day covers and commemorative coins, etc (a lot) 20-30
324.    Magic lantern slides to include Carpenter and Westley 'The Chromatrope or Artificial Fireworks ' and two others, (3)
325.    Ostrich egg, 15cm 10-15
326.    Spode Italian pattern blue and white table wares to include a dinner service and teaset, approx (63) 100-150
327.    Epns and glass cruet stand with bottle and jars and a white glazed egg cup stand with set of six egg cups (a lot) 20-40
328.    A pair of German pottery twin branch candelabra, with encrusted rose pattern (2) 30-40
329.    Two Royal Doulton figures to include Masque HN2554 and Alison Hn2236, (2) 20-30
330.    Two Lladro figures and a Nao figure, (3) 30-40
331.    Aynsley tablewares to include two lozenge shaped dishes, square dish and set of eleven plates (a lot) 20-40
332.    A quantity of miscellaneous English porcelain tablewares, etc (a lot) 20-30
333.    Victorian black slate mantle clock, modern Thwaites & Reed mantle clock and a small French brass and glass panelled carriage clock, tallest 22cm (3) 50-70
334.    Set of four brass knop stemmed candlesticks, with candles (4) 20-40
335.    A pair of globe and shaft dimpled glass decanters with stoppers and a pair of silver plated wine coasters, (a/f) (4) 20-40
336.    Tile top tray with Bakelite handles, 42 x 30cm 60-80
337.    Sewills Sealord brass bulkhead clock with a silvered dial and brass case, on a wooden panel, overall diameter 26cm 70-100
338.    A group of seven framed Victorian tiles to include examples by Wedgwood, Mintons and Doulton, etc, 18 x 18cm (7) 40-60
339.    Crown Ducal Rosemary pattern art deco lemonade set comprising a pottery jug and four beakers (5) 30-40
340.    Two Delft blue and white pottery chargers, one with a basket of flowers pattern the other with birds, largest 42cm diameter, (2) 20-40
341.    Masons pottery plate with Reg No. 652974, Masons Applique pattern vase and a Chinese bowl, stand and spoon, (a lot) 20-30
342.    Rockingham Works porcelain teaset comprising four saucers, seven cups and a English porcelain teapot, (a lot) 50-70
343.    Staffordshire pottery Tithe Pig figure group and a birds nest pen holder and two others and a Staffordshire house, some damages, tallest 14cm (3) 50-70
344.    Three Staffordshire pottery figures, tallest 23cm (3) 50-70
345.    Staffordshire pottery figures to include a Fiddler and two others, tallest 18cm (3) 40-60
346.    Three Staffordshire pottery figures to include a double sided Water & Gin figure and two small female figures on square lined edged bases, tallest 22cm (3) 50-70
347.    Staffordshire figures 'My Grandfather' and 'My Grandmother' and another, some losses and restorations, tallest 16cm (3) 40-60
348.    Set of Meissen porcelain bird pattern table wares to include a square dish, pair of oval dishes, circular dish and four plates, all with reticulated rim and gilt border, with scratched blue cross swords marks, (6) 70-100
349.    Pair of large Japanese earthenware Satsuma vases, each finely painted with warrior figures, 36cm high (2) 220-250
350.    Beswick Ware jug and a Malmo vase, (2) 10-20
351.    Set of twelve Jewels of Elegance figures and a set of four Coalport Beau Monde figures, (16) 30-40
352.    Set of nine Coalport Miniature Lady Collection figures, together with seven painted metal figures and a nativity egg (17) 30-40
353.    Chinese brass box, pair of art glass candlesticks and a Harald Sohlberg tiled plaque, (3) 20-30
354.    Staffordshire blue and white plates (6) 10-15
355.    Opaque glass ceiling light with chains 30-40
356.    19th century punch bowl with flower pattern, possibly Welsh, with a scalloped rim and circular base, 23cm 20-40
357.    Royal Copenhagen porcelain dinner plates, side plates and smaller plate, printed factory marks and number 697 / 1552 (13) 20-40
358.    Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian bowl with flattened rim, shape number 3369, and another, 23cm diameter together with a Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian green glazed bowl thrown by E.T Radford together with another with shape number 3311, tallest 17cm diameter (4) 60-80
359.    Merry Christmas tin plaque by Fiddlestix, 35 x 26cm 15-20
360.    Rosenthal Funktrum pattern coffee set and a Queens china Playing Card pattern coffee cups and saucers, (21) 20-40
361.    Set of six Portmeirion Totem pattern spice jars with cork lids, 10cm high (6) 20-30
362.    Paragon china teaset, (a lot) 30-40
363.    Various teasets to include Paragon Rockingham pattern, Paragon teapot, sugar and cream, and Minton Haddon Hall, (29) 20-30
364.    Villeroy and Boch Siena pattern dinner service (approx 67) 50-70
365.    Lomonsov pottery tiger figure and a Wetherby elephant (2) 10-15
366.    Gouda baluster vase, Art Deco honey pot and cover and a Wedgwood biscuit barrel, (3) 15-20
367.    Three Sylvac pottery dogs, tallest 12cm (3) 10-15
368.    Mixed lot to include an Aynsley cabinet plate, various coffee pots, etc (a lot) 10-15
369.    Pair of Whitefriars kingfisher blue glass decanters with one stopper, pair of whisky tumblers, six cut crystal glasses and two champagne coups (12) 30-40
370.    Collection of Carltonware leaf moulded dishes and a honey pot and cover (a lot) 20-30
371.    Giltwood rectangular mirror with as strut back, 33 x 40cm 20-30
372.    Burkina Faso wooden dance mask, 120cm long 60-80
373.    Bamana antelope wooden headdress, 107cm long 100-150
374.    Mbole, Democratic Republic of Congo, wooden figure, 85cm high 100-150
375.    Kota staff with lizard skin binding, on a square plinth, height overall 134cm 60-80
376.    Dan Mankala wooden gaming board, Ivory Coast, 72cm 80-120
377.    Yoruba Oshe Shango Nigerian painted wooden figure, 75cm high 150-200
378.    Hemba wooden figure, Democratic Republic of Congo, with a rich patination, 110cm high 60-80
379.    Yoruba Oshe box and cover, the circular lid lifting to reveal compartments to the interior, 50cm diameter 80-120
380.    Meister acoustic guitar 60-80
381.    Fly fishing rod. 20-30
382.    Royal Marines drum, emblazoned with Corps device and Elizabeth II Royal Arms and two ERII ciphers, titled Royal Marines with red painted wooden rims and blue painted decoration, 37 x 40cm
383.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include a spirit kettle, cruets, flatwares and toastrack, etc (a lot) 30-50
384.    19th century walnut and rosewood veneered writing box containing an assortment of inkwells, 40 x 28cm 50-70
385.    Suite of Epns queens pattern flatware and a pair of silver plated wine coasters (a lot) 30-50
386.    Riding crops, two hats, two walking sticks and an umbrella, (a lot) 40-60
387.    Two Mahalo eukeleles, (2) 30-40
388.    Pair of Victorian cast iron horse doorstops, (2) 30-40
389.    Mixed lot to include a flat iron, wooden block, British Dairying book, etc (4) 10-15
390.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include teasets, goblet, toastrack,serving dishes, etc (a lot) 30-50
391.    A carton containing a quantity of pewter items to include jugs and tankards,etc (a lot) 20-30
392.    Carton containing a quantity of glass shades, (a lot) 20-30
393.    Royal Doulton figure Teeing Off, HN3276 20-40
394.    Cameo glass vase, bearing a Galle signature, 17cm high 50-70
395.    Two Royal Copenhagen triangular shaped dishes, with flower pattern and moulded rim, printed factory marks and No. 910 / 1526, 22cm wide (2) 30-40
396.    Egyptian style inlaid jewel box, with hinged lid and lift out trays, 17 x 26cm 30-40
397.    Japanese Imari pattern plate with scalloped edge and four blue character marks verso, 22cm 20-30
398.    Mixed lot to include Royal Doulton figure Gwyneth and Doultonville Collection Toby jug - The Golfer and a Carltonware Rouge Royale bowl, (3) 20-30
399.    19th century mahogany and brass pill making slide, etc 40-60
400.    Two bronze mortar and pestle, (2) 50-70
401.    Three bottles of Port to include Offley, Ruby and Landgoedwyn and a bottle of Famous Grouse whisky, (4) 20-40
402.    Griffin and Tatlock Ltd scales and another set (2) 20-30
403.    Chinese lacquered sewing box containing a quantity of ivory and bone sewing items, with lift out trays and a drawer to the base, on four paw feet with handles to side, 36 x 25 x15cm 100-150
404.    Two brass mortar and pestle, (2) 40-60
405.    Stirrup framed Eldonian desk barometer, 14cm high 20-30
406.    Set of Avery brass scales and weights 30-40
407.    Pair of modern table lamp bases, approx 55cm high (2) 20-40
408.    Mixed metal wares to include two iron pots, pair of painted urn vases, copper pan and metal calipers, etc (a lot) 30-40
409.    Carton of books to include a set of R.L Stevenson novels, etc (a lot) 30-50
410.    Mixed lot of Epns wares together with a WMF dish and a glass decanter and stopper (a lot) 10-20
411.    Chinese brass bound box with hinged lid, doors to front and handles to side, (a/f) 37 x 27cm 60-80
412.    Set of W.T Avery brass scales, 40-60
413.    Oak lazy Susan, 46cm 10-20
414.    Two sundials, one square the other octagonal, largest 26cm (2) 60-80
415.    Brass mirror with cherubs and oval bevelled plate, 58cm high 40-60
416.    Brass rise and fall light fitting with a pair of ribbed glass shades, 50-70
417.    Mahogany and inlaid oval tray with handles to side, 70cm long 20-40
418.    Oval wooden basket with a flat base and central handle, 45cm long 20-30
419.    Circular hardwood chinoiserie style stand, 48 x 56cm 40-60
420.    Four Eastern carpet saddle bags (4) 30-50
421.    French porcelain tale lamp base with gilt base and collar, painted with flowers to a pale blue ground, size excluding fitting 43cm 50-70
422.    An Eastern carpet saddle bag and a prayer mat 56 x 100cm 20-40
423.    Two vintage patchwork panels, 170 x 200cm (2) 30-40
424.    American blue and white stitched blanket, 80 x 220cm 150-200
425.    Two vintage Armand Marseille dolls, (a/f) 30-40
426.    Oak court cupboard with fruit and vine carving, with a pair of cupboards to the base, 123 x 118cm 70-100