Antique & Interiors Sale
Saturday 14th March at 10.30am

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1.      Silver charm bracelet, hung with a quantity of silver and white metal charms, with silver heart padlock. 50-70
2.      Edwardian Scottish hardstone and silver anchor brooch, Birmingham 1906, together with another (2) 40-60
3.      A collection of rings to include three 9 carat gold gemset rings and two eternity rings, one stamped 9ct & sil (5) 150-180
4.      Pair of Gents 9 carat gold cufflinks, in fitted box. 30-50
5.      QEII Imperial service medal with ribbon and fitted box 20-30
6.      Silver Celtic brooch, AH Darby & Son, Birmingham 1943, together with a collection of Rennie Mackintosh style silver jewellery to include earrings, brooches and ring etc (a lot) 30-40
7.      Edwardian 9 carat gold thistle bar brooch, Chester 1906 together with a garnet set crucifix and a silver gilt foliate engraved brooch (3) 30-50
8.      Strand of vintage amber beads with polished oval and facet beads together with a strand of crystal beads (2) 20-40
9.      A collection of hardstone jewellery to include a shamrock bracelet and five brooches (6) 20-40
10.     Gents 9 carat gold Masonic ring together with an 18 carat gold wedding band and a 9 carat gold signet ring (3) 80-120
11.     Victorian yellow metal jewellery to include a memento mori locket and a Scottish hardstone brooch together with an Edwardian gemset pendant and a cocktail ring (4) 40-60
12.     Two Gents vintage Garrard wristwatches on stainless steel bracelet straps (2) 20-40
13.     Two 9 carat gold chain necklaces and a pair of Gents 9 carat gold cufflinks (3) 80-120
14.     The Rifle Chapter No.513 (Royal Arch) gilt metal medallion, with ribbon and fitted box. 30-50
15.     18 carat gold and platinum five stone ruby and diamond ring. 50-70
16.     Lady's 9 carat gold cased Rolex wristwatch on 9 carat gold bracelet strap 100-150
17.     Two early 20th century silver cased pocket watches, silver Albert watch chain and an Acme Thunderer whistle (4) 70-100
18.     A silver framed cameo brooch and four hardstone brooches, carved horn brooch and a amber brooch (7) 30-50
19.     Three silver and hardstone set dagger brooches and a silver golf club brooch (4) 20-40
20.     18 carat gold and platinum three stone ruby and diamond chip set dress ring. 50-70
21.     Set of six Sheffield silver coffee spoons and a set of six Birmingham silver teaspoons, in fitted boxes (2) 40-50
22.     Birmingham silver pill / snuff box together with an oval horn box and cover and three various snuff boxes (5) 40-50
23.     Late Victorian silver eight piece manicure set, in fitted box, Birmingham 1900 30-50
24.     Edwardian silver mounted tortoiseshell box, with hinged lid, Birmingham 1910 together with a brown leather cigarette box and 1967 Coinage of Great Britain set of coins (3) 40-60
25.     Edwardian silver Christening mug, Sheffield 1906, 9cm high. 20-30
26.     Edwardian silver twin handled pedestal bowl, Wilson & sharp, Edinburgh 1907, 27 x 17cm. 150-180
27.     George V silver and glass three bottle cruet stand, London 1922, 11cm high 40-60
28.     Silver card tray with gadrooned edge and four hoof feet, Birmingham 1972, 15cm diameter 50-80
29.     Silver tazza, Chester 1911, 16 x 13cm 80-120
30.     A collection of silver and white metal teaspoons, mixed hallmarks and makers (a lot) 20-30
31.     Miniature silver twin handled trophy cup, silver cherub bookmark and a silver bracelet with heart shaped padlock (3) 30-50
32.     An Aynsley coffee set with six cups and six saucers, the cups with pierced silver holders, Birmingham 1919, in fitted case. 70-100
33.     A jewellery box containing a collection of vintage and later costume jewellery together with Epns cigarette cases and a Kigu powder compact, etc (a lot) 30-50
34.     A collection of UK pre decimal and alter coinage etc (a lot) 20-40
35.     A pair of Brittania Standard silver sauce boats, CF Hancock & Co, London 1934, 20cm wide (2) 120-150
36.     George VI silver waiter, London 1936, with pie crust border and raised on three ball feet, 20cm diameter 80-120
37.     Victorian silver cigarette box, Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh 1893, 12cm wide 30-40
38.     A pair of Victorian silver menu card stands / holders, Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh 1894, one modelled as a bear hunt the other with gladiators, 7cm (2)
39.     Gents Philip Persio stainless steel chronograph wristwatch, boxed 60-80
40.     Victorian silver soup ladle, Josiah Williams & Co, Exeter 1877, of Old English thread pattern, 35cm long
41.     Victorian pair of silver table spoons, Josiah Williams & Co, Exeter 1877, of Old English thread pattern, 23cm long (2)

42.     William IV silver soup ladle, London 1831 makers mark JB, of fiddle pattern 35cm long 30-40
43.     Two mid 20th century stainless steel wristwatches to include a Longines Cal L30 and an Omega (2) 120-150
44.     A collection of gold and silver jewellery to include a 9 carat gold brooch and boot pendant, jadeite ring and child's signet ring together with silver and white metal jewellery, etc (a lot) 60-80
45.     Charles Horner set of three silver buckles, the two small buckles Chester 1899 and the larger Birmingham 1941, in fitted box (3) 30-50
46.     George VI silver chain bag, Birmingham 1939 20-40
47.     A collection of amber coloured beads and crystal beads, (a lot) 30-40
48.     Edward VII silver gilt replica anointing spoon, Robert Stebbings, London 1902, in original fitted case. 40-60
49.     Victorian silver and mother of pearl fork and spoon set, Birmingham 1892, in fitted case together with another smaller spoon with silver shell shaped bowl and an Epns and mother of pearl spoon (4) 30-40
50.     Asprey & Co silver and tortoiseshell paper clip, London 1916, 7.5cm long. 70-100
51.     George V 9 carat gold mounted amber cheroot holder together with a Victorian silver cheroot case with hinged lid, Birmingham 1897 (2) 30-50
52.     Miniature Continental silver tea caddy, 3.5cm high, together with a Victorian silver salt, London 1888 (2) 20-40
53.     A collection of late 19th/early 20th century porcelain scent bottles to include three heart shaped bottles with silver tops, height 6cm, another with gilt metal top and internal stopper and a cylindrical bottle with white metal hinged top and internal stopper, 4.5cm high (5) 70-100
54.     Victorian white metal foliate engraved locket / pendant, white metal framed tapestry brooch with glazed panel and an Indian white metal flowerhead necklace (3) 40-50
55.     Meissen style porcelain and gilt white metal patch box, modelled in the form of a lady's head with black masquerade and jeweled eyes, the underside with foliate engraving, bearing blue crossed sword marks to the interior, with suspension loop to top. 5cm long 100-150
56.     Birmingham silver photograph frame, two white metal dachshund knife rests and an Epns basket (4) 20-30
57.     Victorian tortoiseshell and pique work inlaid coin purse, 8cm wide 50-70
58.     Tiffany & Co Sterling silver heart shaped scent bottle, 5cm wide 30-40
59.     Sterling silver pig pin cushion, Birmingham silver thimble and a modern 925 silver pill box (3) 40-50
60.     Hamilton & Co of Calcutta silver napkin ring, in fitted leather box 15-25
61.     Vintage stained horn sunflower brooch, 8cm 8-12
62.     Silver mounted wooden 'Stamps' box, London 1901, 11cm 20-40
63.     A pair of George III silver gilt boat shaped salts, William Abdy I, London 1788, on reeded pedestal base, 10 x 6.5cm (2) 80-120
64.     Wai Kee, Hong Kong, Sterling silver mounted glass scent bottle and stopper, signed to the base, 13cm high 50-70
65.     George VI silver three piece condiment set, Birmingham 1947 (3) 40-60
66.     18 carat gold diamond set ring together with a 9 carat gold paste set ring and a gemset ring stamped 10k (3) 70-100
67.     Three silver sauce boats to include Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1929, John Round & Son Sheffield 1927 and another Birmingham 1935 (3) 70-100
68.     Pair of George V Indian Rupee silver coin dishes in fitted case together with a set of six Victorian silver teaspoons, William Hutton & Sons, London 1898, in fitted case (2) 50-70
69.     A quantity of vintage and later costume jewellery (a lot) 20-40
70.     Colby Gold PLC paperweight with replica James V ducat gold coin inset, boxed 30-50
70A.    Gents Rado wristwatch on bracelet strap 70-100
71.     Maureen Minchin (b.1954), studio pottery jug, painted with Elephants and Giraffes, impressed seal mark,
17.5cm high 70-100
72.     Maureen Minchin (b.1954) studio pottery bowl with wavy rim and painted with a Puffin, impressed seal mark, 9cm diameter 50-70
73.     Maureen Minchin (b.1954) studio pottery jugs, painted with Birds and Insects with pinched spouts, impressed seal marks, tallest 14cm high 50-70
74.     Maureen Minchin (b.1954) studio pottery mug, painted with Birds, together with a small jug with pinched spout and painted with Birds, impressed seal marks, (2) 50-70
75.     Collection of Lomonsov porcelain animals to include a Stoat, a Bear, a Zebra and a Seal, together with an advertising porcelain plaque, tallest 19cm, (6) 50-70
76.     Japanese Imari punch bowl, together with another smaller with wavy rim, largest 25.5cm diameter 50-70
77.     Collection of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale 'Spiders Web' patterned dishes with gilt edge rims to include a square dish and a pair of oval dishes and three others, together with a small circular ribbed bowl, all with printed back stamps, (7) 50-70
78.     Carlton Ware Rouge Royale 'Spiders Web' patterned vase with gilt handles to side and ribbed body, together with another smaller, with printed back stamps, tallest 22cm, (2) 50-70
79.     Carlton Ware Rouge Royale 'Spiders Web' patterned baluster vase, with shoulders with looping gilt handles, together with a squat baluster vase, tallest 21cm, (2) 50-70
80.     Royal Crown Derby floral painted cabinet plate with a pink and gilt border, with printed back stamp, signed verso Rouse. Snr.Derby, 22cm diameter 70-100
81.     White Parian style figure group on an oval naturalistic base, 18cm high 40-60
82.     Two Globe and Shaft etched glass decanters with stoppers, tallest 29cm, (2) 20-30
83.     Beswick Golden Eagle decanter, together with a Royal Doulton Osprey Whyte and MacKay Whisky decanter and a Beswick Gleneagles Scotch Whisky Haggis decanter (no contents), tallest 26.5cm high, (3) 20-30
84.     Quantity of Staffordshire blue and white plates, white glazed pottery mould, serving dish etc., (10) 20-30
85.     Margery Clinton (1931-2005), two black and lustre glazed vases, one painted with a bird, one with signature to base, the other with a monogram and dated '87, tallest 18cm, (2) 60-80
86.     Margery Clinton (1931-2005), yellow and lustre glazed vase, signed with a monogram and dated 1782, size 13cm 30-40
87.     Two Margery Clinton (1931-2005), lustre glazed vases of square form, tallest dated '87, the other '86, largest 17cm, (2) 60-80
88.     Set of five Maureen Minchin Bird patterned egg cups of large size, 7cm diameter by 7cm high, (5) 60-80
89.     Levay purple lustre glass egg, 13cm high 30-40
90.     Collection of five 19th century firing glasses, tallest 10cm, (5) 25-35
91.     Collection of Wedgwood blue and white Jasperware plates and trinket dishes, largest 23cm diameter, (8) 30-40
92.     Quantity of 19th century and later glassware to include three spirit decanters with stoppers, a vine etched water jug and a small green glass flask, (8) 20-30
93.     Chinese famille rose porcelain punch bowl painted with flowers and foliage with a pink scale and gilt edged rim on a circular foot rim, 25cm diameter
94.     Chinese porcelain Dragon patterned bowl, painted in colour way enamels, with six character Yongzheng mark to the base, but likely later, (small chip to the rim), 20cm diameter 50-70
95.     Chinese red glazed bottle neck baluster vase with a flared rim, 15cm high 50-70
96.     Chinese white glazed jar painted with figures in a famille rose pallet, with red seal mark to base, 13cm high
97.     Chinese porcelain bowl painted with Bats and stylised motifs, with Qianlong seal mark to the base, but likely later, 13cm diameter 70-100
98.     Chinese high shouldered blue and white baluster vase painted with birds and blossom, 15cm high 50-70
99.     Chinese pottery red glazed bowl with a craquelure interior, 14cm across 50-70
100.    Pair of Chinese 18th century blue and white octagonal plates, typically painted with flowers, foliage, precious objects etc.,22.5cm across, (2) 50-70
101.    Collection of retro vases to include Radford, together with a floral patterned jug (a lot) 10-15
102.    Pair of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale ginger vases with covers, painted with pagoda pattern, yellow printed back stamps, tallest 18cm high, (2) 70-100
103.    Carlton Ware Rouge Royale Mikado patterned high shouldered baluster vase with gilt edged rims and flat printed back stamp, 31.5cm high 70-100
104.    Margery Clinton (1931-2005), two small lustre glazed vases together with a flask shaped miniature vase, signed with monograms and dated to the 1980's, tallest 10cm, (3) 50-70
105.    Group of five Margery Clinton (1931-2005) lustre glazed studio pottery goblets, to include one with as knop stem, all signed with monograms, largest 15cm, (5) 70-100
106.    Pair of Rosenthal white glazed rectangular dishes with gilt floral bouquet's together with a Rosenthal-rot decor porcelain jar and cover, with printed back stamps, dishes 16 x 12cm, (3) 30-40
107.    Royal Doulton Long John Silver character jug numbered V.6335 15-20
108.    Group of Carlton ware Rouge Royale to include three ashtrays, a twin handled circular dish and an elliptical dish, with printed back stamps, (5) 30-50
109.    Radford Art Deco floral patterned jug together with an Arthur Wood deco jug, (2) 10-15
110.    Chinoiserie carved fruitwood figure of a Warrior on an oval pierced base, 19cm high 30-40
111.    Wooden baluster vase, possibly Lignum Vitae with a ribbed pattern to the body and a circular foot rim, 19cm 30-40
112.    Pair of oversized spiral stem Jacobite style glasses floral etched, spiral stems and conical foot rims, 30cm, (2) 40-50
113.    WH Goss Parian figure of Walter Scott, with printed back stamps, 15cm 20-30
114.    Royal Copenhagen figure of a Boy, modelled seated, with printed back stamps and numbered 905, 19cm 20-40
115.    Two Studio pottery mugs to include a Nicholas Mosse cherry patterned mug and a Maureen Minchin owl patterned mug, 7cm high, (2) 30-40
116.    iittala, Finland, green glass bird, signed 0.Toikka, 13cm long 50-70
117.    Victorian fruit and vine etched glass with a star cut base, together with a Jacobite style spiral stemmed glass, etched with thistles and redeat, (2) 70-100
118.    Two Royal Worcester figures to include Old Country Ways 'A Farmers wife' and 'I Pray', together with Coalport 'Childhood Joys, all limited edition figures, with printed back stamps, tallest 21cm, (3) 30-40
119.    19th century treacle glazed loving cup, possibly Scottish, with a floral moulded rim and with Tavern drinkers and hound figures pattern, 17cm high 50-70
120.    English porcelain dessert service with hand painted floral sprays within cobalt reserves with gilt edged borders, comprising a rectangular serving dish and a set of six plates, (7) 60-80
121.    Jessica Herriot of Bute floral patterned jug, signed to the base, 16cm high 15-20
122.    Provincial Chinese pottery jar, together with a craquelure high shouldered vase and cover, painted with Warriors, tallest 30cm, (2) 30-40
123.    Haviland Limoges Camus Cognac decanter in the form of a Drum, complete with its stopper, 13.5cm high 20-30
124.    Aynsley 'Orchard Gold' patterned Old China plate, together with an Aynsley fruit patterned cup and saucer, (3) 20-30
125.    Royal Worcester figure 'A Tribute to Her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother', limited edition number 353/2000, together with a 'Circle of Love' limited edition china plate, (2) 20-30
126.    Mosanic pottery inkwell of squat lobbed form, complete with liner and cover, in three parts, 13cm diameter 30-40
127.    Picquot ware four piece tea and coffee set, together with a retro style blue and white glazed coffee pot, cream jug and mug (a lot) 15-25
128.    Group of three Carlton ware Rouge Royale 'Spiders Web' patterned jugs with gilt edge rims, handles and foot rims, all with printed back stamps, tallest 22cm, (3) 70-100
129.    Set of five limited edition Wedgwood bone china Bizarre Living Landscapes of Clarice Cliff patterned plates to include Tulip, Honolulu and Windbells etc., three contained within wooden frames), (5) 70-100
130.    Carlton ware Honfleur blush ivory style biscuit barrel with Epns cover and mounts, it has blue printed back stamps and registration number 267782, together with an Epns spirit kettle on stand, (2) 30-40
131.    Set of eight WWF German porcelain plates, painted with different bird patterns, (8) 20-30
132.    19th century French black slate mantle clock, the enamel dial inscribed Miroy Freres, Paris, a prize medal 1851, 37 x 22cm 50-70
133.    Early 20th century oak cased mantle clock, the enamel dial inscribed Walker & Hall, with Arabic numerals, 37 x 28cm 50-70
134.    A collection of Chinese tea bowl and saucers, to include two tea bowls and three saucers 50-70
135.    Mahogany and inlaid tea caddy with a hinged lid, 29 x 17cm 40-60
136.    Heavy cast metal Angel with a Heraldic shield, 25cm long 20-30
137.    Pair of white opaque glass table lustres with gilt edged rims and clear prisms, 29cm high 120-150
138.    Pair of pale blue opaque glass table lustres with gilt edged rims and clear prisms, 28.5cm high 129-150
139.    Maureen Minchin (b.1954) studio pottery bowl and plate, one painted with a Toad and the other with a Duck, 20cm diameter, (2) 50-70
140.    Collection of six Maureen Minchin studio pottery egg cups, painted with birds, flowers and insects, together with a studio pottery egg cup, (7) 60-70
141.    System Melzel metronome, 23cm high 30-40
142.    Collection of Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' table wares to include cups, saucers, side plates, sugar bowl, cream jug, preserve jar etc., (27) 30-40
143.    Continental porcelain dessert service (7) 15-20
144.    Windsor bone china six place tea set 20-30
145.    Spanish Porcelanas Artisticas San-gar female figure, 30cm high 20-30
146.    Early 20th century Goebels Art Deco pottery female figure (restored), 32cm high 20-30
147.    Nicholas Mosse table wares to include tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, seven cups, two saucers, large mug and a preserve jar and cover and three graduating jugs, (17 pieces) 70-100
148.    Pair of early 20th century Arts & Crafts barley twist candlesticks with metal sconces, 48cm high, (2) 70-100
149.    Large Japanese Satsuma vase with a pierced cover with a temple dog finial on three stile mask head feet, (lid restored) 46cm high 50-70
150.    Large Studio pottery jug with two impressed monograms to the base, AS and MP, 31cm high 30-40
151.    John Woodfull, set of limited edition coloured prints, numbered, signed in pencil, in glazed frames, 15.5 x 20cm (40 20-40
152.    William Cadenhead (Scottish)
'Beinn Bhan, Loch Leven'
signed and dated '82,c 22 x 19cm, in a silver giltwood frame with a Scottish Gallery label verso 60-80
153.    Stephen MacGruer
'Silent Stone'
Acrylic and Ink
Signed, in a glazed frame with a Torrance Gallery label verso, 24 x 11cm 30-50
154.    Terry Adams
'The French Connection'
Signed and dated '96, in a glazed giltwood frame, 30 x 23cm 20-40
155.    John Macwhirter RA, HRSA, RI, RE (1839-1911)
'River Landscape Study'
signed, in an ornate giltwood frame, 23 x 33cm 100-150
156.    Pat Holland
'Spring Fields'
signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 19 x 14cm 40-60
157.    Pat Holland
'Field at Night'
signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 24 x 19cm 40-60
158.    Japanese coloured woodblock print, signed with a red seal mark, in a glazed frame, 13.5cm x 29cm 40-60
159.    Pair of coloured prints to include 'First Foot Guards Field Officer' etc., in glazed frames, 28 x 44cm (2) 20-30
160.    Miss A.D. Paton, pair of Victorian watercolours to include 'Brecon Bridge' and 'Cottages near Burley', signed, in glazed frames, largest 48 x 19cm, (2) 70-100
161.    American School
Apparently unsigned, in a glazed giltwood frame, 32 x 22cm 40-60
162.    William Barry (Fl.1880)
'Farm Scene with Chickens'
Signed bottom left, dated 1879, in a glazed frame, 35 x 24cm 50-70
163.    Elaine Forrest
'Hat and a Bag'
Still Life, Mixed Media
Monogrammed, in a glazed frame, 40 x 33cm 40-60
164.    Thomas Shotter Boys, pair of coloured prints to include 'The Strand' and 'Old Bond Street', in glazed frames, largest size overall 52 x 40cm (2) 15-25
165.    Early 20th century School
'Winter Skating'
Signed indistinctly, in a giltwood frame, 39.5 x 32cm 80-120
166.    Samuel John Barnes
'Mountain and Lake Scene'
signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 22 x 15cm 70-100
167.    'Princes Street Trams' by Robert K Calvert, coloured print in a glazed frame, 42 x 32cm 20-40
168.    19th Century School
'Wooded Landscape'
Apparently unsigned, in a giltwood frame, 44 x 35cm 30-40
169.    Coloured orientalist three dimensional print, in a glazed giltwood frame, 40 x 30cm 60-80
170.    Scottish School
Still Life of Fruit and Flowers
Signed indistinctly in an ornate frame, 47 x 43cm 120-150
171.    Fred Stott
Signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 52 x 34cm 100-150
172.    Fred Stott
'View of Princes Street from Calton Hill, Edinburgh'
Signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 51 x 35cm 100-150
173.    20th Century School
Abstract Watercolour
Apparently unsigned, in a glazed frame, 72 x 50 cm 30-40
174.    Marcel Dyf
'Peony's in a Stone Vase'
Coloured Print
In a glazed frame, with an Aitken & Dott label verso, 50 x 62cm 20-40
175.    Donald M Shearer
'Wooded Landscape'
Signed, 73 x 41cm 200-300
176.    'Parliament Square', hand coloured print, from the original by David Roberts, after John Kay, in a glazed frame, 60 x 35cm 60-80
177.    Dick Baillie
'Children playing in a Forrest'
Oil-on-Canvas Board
Signed and dated 1940, in a glazed gilt frame, 75 x 62cm 100-150
178.    Edward Noott
Limited edition coloured print in a glazed giltwood frame, 52 x 62.5cm, signed in pencil and numbered 246/600 30-40
179.    Joan H.S. Carsell
'Bridge and River Landscape
Signed and dated 1973, in a glazed frame, 57 x 39cm 30-40
180.    Haimanti Sen (Indian School)
'Building on a Pathway'
Signed bottom right, 57 x 78cm 100-150
181.    19th Century Dutch School
'Still Life of Flowers in a Vase'
Signed indistinctly, contained within a gilt hand painted frame 19 x 29cm 50-70
182.    Kate Wylie (1877-1941)
'Still Life of Flowers'
Signed, 29 x 24cm 150-200
183.    Elizabeth Balneaves
'Scottish Shore Scene'
signed and framed, 49 x 40cm 50-70
184.    Elizabeth Balneaves
'Fitful Head from Statness
signed and framed, with an Aitken & Dott label verso, 60 x 45cm 50-70
185.    Oscar Droege
Woodblock Print
In a mount but unframed, signed and entitled in pencil, 42 x 24cm 40-60
186.    Oscar Droege
'Molde Fjord'
Coloured Woodblock
Signed in pencil, in a mount but unframed, 56 x 32cm 40-60
187.    Oscar Droege
'Brook in Norway'
Signed in pencil and entitled, in a mount but unframed, 25 x 38cm 40-60
188.    Continental School
'House and Tree with figure hanging Washing'
Signed indistinctly and dated 1986, in a glazed gilt frame, 45 x 60cm 30-40
189.    W. Hutcheson
'The Worrier'
In an ornate giltwood frame, 43 x 36cm 70-100
190.    19th Century half length portrait of a Gent
Apparently unsigned, 60 x 74cm 80-120
191.    E.L. Charles
'Sea Nymphs'
Signed, 95 x 73cm 50-80
192.    E.L Charles
'Sea Nymph'
Signed, 66 x 90cm 50-80
193.    Mid Century School
'Blue Tree'
Entitled, signed indistinctly and dated verso, 1972, 75 x 101 cm 70-100
194.    Terry Adams
Castle and Lake Landscape
Signed and dated 2000, in a glazed giltwood frame, 70 x 52cm 40-60
195.    Claire Ruby
'Summer Geraniums'
Coloured print in a glazed giltwood frame, 80 x 60cm 30-40
196.    'Female Nude'
Red chalk drawing'
In a glazed frame, 24 x 34cm 50-70
197.    Will's Woodbine Cigarettes, 38 x 50cm 30-50
198.    Pair of Chinese 19th century embroidered silk sleeves in a glazed frame, 32 x 62cm 60-80
199.    Varnished painting of a Landscape in a giltwood frame, (a/f), 47 x 32cm 30-50
200.    Carton containing a quantity of miscellaneous prints and engravings etc. (approx 12) 20-40
201.    Pine kitchen dining set comprising set of four spindle back chairs and table, 74 x 102cm, (5) 30-40
202.    Early 20th century oak sewing box table together with a small side table, 70 x 54cm 15-25
203.    Telephone seat / table, 88 x 78cm 15-20
204.    Mahogany tripod wine table, 52 x 36cm 15-20
205.    Pine open bookcase, 140 x 98cm 30-40
206.    19th century mahogany corner wash stand, 86 x 64cm 30-50
207.    Mahogany bureau with three graduating long drawers on cabriole legs, 96 x 77cm 30-40
208.    Set of six red upholstered oak chairs with an oak gateleg table, 78 x 154cm, (7) 50-70
209.    Pine chest with four long drawers, 110 x 76cm 30-40
210.    Mahogany wardrobe with two arched doors over a pair of long drawers, on cabriole legs 186 x 93cm 50-60
211.    Mahogany dressing table with two long drawers above two short, on cabriole legs, 165 x 105cm 30-40
212.    Contemporary glazed display cabinet with adjustable glass shelves, 172 x 58cm 30-40
213.    Contemporary glazed display cabinet with adjustable glass shelves, 172 x 58cm 30-40
214.    Contemporary glazed display cabinet with adjustable glass shelves, 172 x 58cm 30-40
215.    Set of four Ercol light elm spindle back chairs, 87 x 40cm (4) 50-70
216.    Walnut veneered sideboard with three central drawers flanked by cupboard doors, with brass handles 88 x 158cm 50-70
217.    Art Deco oak Grandmother clock, 160 x 30cm 70-100
218.    Mahogany foldover card table, 71 x 66cm 15-20
219.    Mahogany desk with brown leather skivver and an arrangement of eight drawers, 80 x 108cm 70-100
220.    Mahogany bow front chest with six drawers and brass handles, 105 x 60cm 60-80
221.    Mahogany demi lune foldover card table with claw and ball feet, 75 x 78cm 60-80
222.    Oak trencher table together with a pair of benches, 75 x 305, (3) 100-150
223.    Lancashire style ladderback open armchair with rush seat together with two others (3) 103 x 60, (3) 30-40
224.    Four various side chairs, 92 x 44cm, (2) 20-30
225.    Mahogany demi lune console table with cabriole legs, 73 x 62cm 40-60
226.    Three various side chairs, 90 x 47cm (3) 20-30
227.    Mahogany drop leaf table, 72 x 108cm 30-40
228.    Set of four mahogany side chairs with horizontal solid splat, each with different upholstered seat, turned legs, 92 x 52cm, (4) 50-70
229.    Two mahogany footstools, one with claw and ball feet, 22 x 37, (2) 30-40
230.    Victorian oak Gothic Revival library table with Constantine & Co of Leeds label, the rectangular top with canted corners and inset red leather skivver, with two frieze drawers and pierced side supports united by a turned stretcher, 78 x 115cm 200-400
231.    Pair of oak Art Deco side chairs with floral upholstered seats, 97 x 46cm, (2) 20-30
232.    Light walnut drop-leaf table, 76 x 104cm 30-40
233.    Pair of 19th century mahogany open armchairs with horizontal splat, upholstered seats and turned legs, 94 x 52cm (2) 30-50
234.    Pair of Empire style mahogany and inlaid chairs with solid curved backs and upholstered seats, on square tapering legs, (2) 70-100
235.    Art Deco side table with circular top square undertier, 60 x 52cm 20-30
236.    19th century rosewood and inlaid cabinet with glazed interior and glass shelves, 88 x 54cm 40-60
237.    Mid century teak framed open armchair with upholstered back seat , 86 x 60cm (a/f) 30-50
238.    Bergere armchair with upholstered seat, 73 x 75cm 50-70
239.    Mahogany framed settee with upholstered back and seat, 85 x 130cm 80-120
240.    Red leather upholstered armchair on mahogany legs with brass caps and castors, 86 x 80cm 100-150
241.    Mahogany framed stool with upholstered top and cabriole legs, 56 x 74cm 20-40
242.    Bergere commode chair, 108 x 64cm 30-40
243.    Walnut chest on stand, the rectangular top with moulded edge above two short and three graduating long drawers with cross banding and brass handles, the base with shaped apron and cabriole legs, 102 x 88cm 200-400
244.    Turkish rug with central medallion and foliate border, 174 x 90cm 20-40
245.    Two Turkish rugs with green field and red border, largest 75 x 120cm, (2) 30-40
246.    Chinese wool rug with a n ivory field and blue borders, 154 x 260cm 30-50
247.    Set of six Chippendale style mahogany chairs with shell carved top rails, interlaced splat backs and upholstered slip in seats, on carved cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 98 x 60cm (6) 120-150
248.    Large rococo style giltwood and ebonised wall leaning mirror, 230 x 148cm 300-400
249.    Oak Trencher style table and pair of side benches, 73 x 153cm, (3) 80-120
250.    Victorian mahogany Scotch chest, with cushion fronted long drawer over two short and three graduating long drawers, flanked by barley twist columns, 126 x 122cm 80-120
251.    Pair of modern upholstered armchairs, with long cushioned seats, mahogany legs and brass castors, 100 x 82cm (2) 100-150
252.    Walnut ledgeback cabinet with single long drawer above a pair of cupboard doors, with cabriole legs, 126 x 75cm 70-100
253.    Early 20th century oak plant stand, 92 x 30 10-15
254.    Walnut ledgeback bedside on carved cabriole legs, 80 x 41cm 40-50
255.    Brass coal bucket with fireside accessories, (a lot) 20-30
256.    An oak chair with canework seat 10-15
257.    Early 20th century oak side table, 48 x 56cm 30-40
258.    Mahogany piano stool, 60 x 60cm 30-40
259.    Oak wall barometer, 64cm 30-40
260.    Floral painted cabinet with two single drawers and single cupboard door, 82 x 38cm 50-70
261.    French style giltwood footstool with upholstered seat, 20 x 32cm 30-40
262.    Pine blanket box / storage trunk, with metal handles to side 48 x 95cm 70-100
263.    Early 20th century oak chest with six drawers, 112 x 68cm 30-40
264.    19th century mahogany breakfront bookcase cabinet, the cornice top over four glazed doors with a shelved interior, above four short panelled cupboard doors and plinth base, 225 x 220cm 400-600
265.    Mahogany longcase clock with flat top pediment over a brass dial with silvered chapter ring and Roman numerals, subsidiary dial and date aperture, 194 x 45cm 200-300
266.    Mahogany dressing table mirror with two frieze drawers, 48 x 45cm 30-40
267.    Art Nouveau mahogany hanging cupboard with honesty, poppies and dancing figures pattern , 56 x 35cm 50-70
268.    Victorian mahogany framed chair with worn red leather upholstered back and seat, 88 x 52cm 50-80
269.    Herbert Terry yellow metal Anglepoise lamp on square stepped base 30-50
270.    Burr walnut serpentine chest, stamped Cameo Furniture, with five graduating long drawers, 100 x 82cm 70-100
271.    Two black metal deed boxes, largest 26 x 28cm (2) 20-30
272.    Two vintage suitcases together with a tin helmet, 24 x 62cm, (3) 20-30
273.    Staffordshire green glazed jardiniere planter, stamped 'New Leaf' together with artificial foliage (a lot) 30-40
274.    Large grey painted wooden mirror, 223 x 82cm 70-100
275.    19th century mahogany pedestal sideboard, the central section with two drawers, flanked by pedestal ends with short drawers, 112 x 208cm 200-250
276.    Edwardian satinwood desk, the top with brown leather skivver and two superstructure drawers, the bowfront frieze with one long and two short drawers, on square tapering legs with brass caps and castors, 88 x 106cm 150-180
277.    Late 19th century oak occasional table, the circular top raised on a carved mythical beast base, 82 x 60cm 150-180
278.    19th century mahogany and ebony foldover tea table on spiral column and quadripartite base with four scroll feet and castors, 78 x 100cm 150-180
279.    Large mahogany Lazy Susan, 17 x 54cm 40-60
280.    Large upholstered Ottoman with rectangular hinged lid and void interior, 124 x 98cm 200-250
281.    Mahogany fall front secretaire on stand, with fitted interior of pigeon holes and shelves, on square supports with cross stretcher 103 x 57cm 150-180
282.    Mahogany parquetry desk in the manner of Whytock & Reid, the inverted top with a ledgeback over an arrangement of nine drawers, 132cm 200-300
283.    19th century pollard oak games table, the fold over interior with a green baize, on tripod base, 76 x 102cm 150-180
284.    Moet & Chandon glass wine bottle stand, together with a Murano green glass dish (2) 15-25
285.    A collection of three Chinese tea bowls to include a blue and white bowl painted with figures and two famille rose bowls painted with fruit, (3) 50-70
286.    Two Chinese snuff bottles, one with a Dragon pattern the other with a mottled glaze, tallest 9cm, (2) 30-40
287.    Miniature twin handled vase painted with flowers and insects, 11cm high 60-80
288.    Two Nailsea type glass flasks, longest 22cm, (2) 40-60
289.    Three ladies vintage handbags, (3) 20-30
290.    South Africa 1900 tin, two WWI Christmas tins, a Silver Jubilee tin containing a collection of toy soldiers and a cash box containing WWII Defence Medal etc., (a lot) 40-50
291.    Indian enamelled matchbox cover, together with a Cloisonne oval box, the lid with bird pattern, 9cm long, (2) 20-30
292.    19th century snuff box, the hinged lid inscribed 'surely love is between us', 7cm 30-40
293.    Glendarroch, 8-year old blended Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% vol. 30-40
294.    Collection of vintage curling enamelled badges etc, and cufflinks (a lot) 15-20
295.    Bob Hope, a black and white photograph, signed in black ink, 20 x 25cm, together with a pair of Bob Hope gilt metal cufflinks, 30-50
296.    Three unmounted gemstones to include an actual Topaz, Tanzanite and a Ruby, with certificates (3) 70-100
297.    Three unmounted gemstones to include a Ruby, a Peridot and a Tanzanite, with certificates (3) 70-100
298.    Collection of mineral stones to include, malachite and amethyst etc., (a lot) 50-70
299.    Vintage Swiza glass cased clock, together with a Staffordshire enamelled Silver Jubilee commemorative box, (2) 15-25
300.    Pair of large silver plated wall sconces, 68 by 20cm. 40-60
301.    Large brass chandelier with clear and amber coloured drops, approx 45cm across 50-70
302.    A vintage Bakelite radio by The General Electric Co. Ltd, and a floral Dutch vase (A.F.) 30-40
303.    Two Spelter female figures on wooden bases, one dancing and one playing the lyre. Tallest is 43cm high. 40-60
304.    A collection of eight various decanters with stoppers, (8) 30-40
305.    Six place setting Derby teaset with two other plates (14) 30-40
306.    Two boxed Salviati glass candle holders (2) 30-40
307.    Murano coloured glass clown, Mdina glass paperweight and a Bohemian glass bud vase (3) 30-40
308.    Twelve bottles of wine of various vintage (12) 60-80
309.    A collection of seven bone carvings, to include a female figure, a cow stamp, a brush pot and others. (7) 30-40
310.    Four inlaid wooden writing tablets, 41 x 25cm (4) 50-70
311.    Eight ceramic shops and houses, from Lilliput Lane etc (A.F.) (8) 20-30
312.    Murano Venetian glass female flamenco dancer, 43cm 70-100
313.    A pewter teapot, tray and jug (3) 15-20
314.    An ostrich egg 15-20
315.    A selection of brass wares, to include a pair of candlesticks, a pair of shoe bookends, teapot, kettle, and watering can, etc (a lot) 20-40
316.    Violin in case (af) 30-40
317.    Four violins and two bows (af) (4) 70-100
318.    A lot to include one silver plated tray, one white metal tray, a silver plated teapot and candlestick (a lot) 20-30
319.    Small chandelier with gilt metal mounts and clear glass droplets 30-50
320.    A mandolin and a banjo (af) (2) 50-70
321.    Four bottles of I.L Ruffian 1958 (4) 20-30
322.    A painted black lacquer tray, a trinket box, pair of Aesthetic Movement engraved Epns spoons in a fitted case and a brass carriage clock (4) 20-40
323.    Small chandelier with clear and amber coloured glass droplets 30-40
324.    19th century mahogany box with hinged lid and brass handle to top, together with two small wooden stationary boxes, (3) 30-50
325.    Aynsley twelve place floral pattern teaset with blue and gilt reserves, comprising twelve cups, twelve saucers, twelve side plates, two cake plates, a milk jug and a sugar bowl (40) 50-70
326.    Coalport table lamp base and shade 30-40
327.    Three piece Epns teaset, (3) 20-30
328.    Collection of five Wedgwood blue and white Jasperware plates to include London Landmarks, etc., (5) 30-40
329.    Collection of Wedgwood blue and white Jasperware oval dishes, largest 26cm long, (6) 50-70
330.    19th Century papier mache Abalone and inlaid gilt decorated desk set to include a writing slope, blotter and desk inkwell, (3) 40-60
331.    The Foley China cabaret set comprising tray, teapot, milk jug, flower bowl, three cups and three saucers, with printed backstamp and registration number 175636, (9) 150-250
332.    Blue and white vase, 17cm high, together with a chinoiserie rectangular dish, (2) 20-30
333.    Collection of various 19th century and later drinking glasses together with a green glass decanter and stopper (32) 50-70
334.    Staffordshire flatback figure of 'The Duke of Cambridge', 36cm high 30-40
335.    Staffordshire flatback figure of 'D.L. Evans, Sir George', 33cm high 30-40
336.    Staffordshire flatback figure of 'Sir William John Codrington', 30cm high 30-40
337.    Collection of Japanese pottery and porcelain to include a blue and white plate, two Imari dishes and a female figure, (4) 30-40
338.    Thirty-eight piece Wileman china teaset, comprising eleven cups, twelve saucers, twelve side plates, two cake plates, a sugar bowl and a cream jug, with pink backstamps, registration number 212502 200-300
339.    Large pair of Carlton ware Rouge Royale ginger jar vases with covers in Mikado pattern, with printed backstamps and impressed number 125-2, 26cm high 150-200
340.    Carlton ware Rouge Royale plate, painted with birds, with printed backstamps, 28cm 15-25
341.    Collection of Carlton ware Rouge Royale 'Dragonfly' patterned china to include a pair of oval dishes and a vase, 15cm, and cover, with printed backstamps 40-60
342.    Scottish pottery rectangular bread bin and cover with handles to side, 28cm high 50-70
343.    Pair of 19th Century brown glazed pottery snuff jars with metal lids, 22cm high, (2) 40-60
344.    Collection of Scottish pottery stoneware jars with covers, two for Sugar and one for Tobacco, tallest 25cm, (3) 50-70
345.    19th century agate style pottery jar and cover, 25cm 20-40
346.    Three various early 20th century opaque glass powder jars with covers, largest 16cm diameter (3) 15-25
347.    Carlton ware Rouge Royale 'Mikado' patterned bowl with a gilt edge rim and plain gilded footrim, with printed backstamps, 26cm diameter 50-70
348.    Pair of Royal Worcester figures, to include Catherine, The Royal Bride and Figure of the Year 2000, 26cm, (2) 30-40
349.    Collection of 19th century and later facet cut drinking glasses, (approx 25) 20-40
350.    Collection of three Royal Worcester figures to include 'Juliet', 'The Fairest Rose' and 'With all my Heart', together with a Coalport figure of 'Lillie Langtry', (4) 40-60
351.    Collection of large drinking glasses, (9) 15-20
352.    Mixed lot of glass to include a Venetian glass dish of square form, an opaque glass vase, small enameled glass decanter etc., (5) 20-30
353.    Collection Carlton ware 'Kingfisher' patterned pottery to include two ginger jars with covers, a bowl and an oval dish, with printed backstamps 50-70
354.    Carlton Ware Verte Royale teaset, comprising six cups, six saucers and six side plates (18) 40-60
355.    Collection of Rouge Royale leaf moulded Carlton Ware to include three pots with covers, a small bowl with a stand and two leaf shaped dishes (7) 20-40
356.    Collection of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale gilt edged pottery to include two ashtrays, two boxes with covers and three bowls, (7) 30-50
357.    Collection of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale 'Peacock' patterned pottery to include six jars with covers and two oval dishes 50-70
358.    Set of six Lesley's Cats coffee mugs, (6) 10-15
359.    Carlton Ware Rouge Royale ginger jar and cover, a vase with a domed cover and a rectangular box and cover (3) 40-60
360.    Collection of vintage pens, penknives and a letter opener with a plaque inscribed 'from the decking of the Mauritania, the Old Lady of the Atlantic' (a lot) 15-25
361.    Mixed lot to include a collection of miscellaneous silver and Epns napkin rings, a thimble, a pill box, a Scandinavian style miniature wooden box and cover (a lot) 20-30
362.    Photograph album containing a quantity of late 19th and early 20th century Military and topographical postcards and photographs, together with scenes of Malta, etc., (a lot) 50-70
363.    19th century leather and brass telescope, a pewter mounted hip flask and a copy of The New Testament, (3) 50-70
364.    Chinese / Japanese scroll with red seal mark 100-120
365.    Five various shepherd's crooks (5) 20-30
366.    Three walking canes to include one with Chinoiserie white metal mounts, another with gold plated mount and and another with a faux ivory handle (3) 30-40
367.    Silver plated desk inkwell 20-30
368.    Mixed lot to include postage scales, pewter inkwell, early 20th century ruler etc., (a lot) 20-30
369.    Mahjong set 20-30
370.    Collection of ladies silk scarves to include Norma Dori of Paris, (a lot) 15-20
371.    Collection of watchmakers tools 40-60
372.    Mixed lot to include a British WWII MKIV brass trench periscope, together with two ships compasses (3) 60-80
373.    Collection of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale to include ginger jars, vases and bowls (8) 40-60
374.    Collection of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale gilt edged pottery to include four vases and two oval dishes (6) 40-60
375.    Collection of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale to include three 'Mikado' patterned dishes, a ginger jar and cover and a vase (5) 30-40
376.    Carlton Ware Rouge Royale punch bowl and two Rouge Royale dishes (3) 30-40
377.    Two vintage cameras to include Kodak and Iilford etc., (2) 15-20
378.    Collection of 19th century and later Staffordshire blue and white etc., (a lot) 20-40
379.    Mixed lot to include a lacquered tray, a paper press, studio pottery bowl, white glazed soap dish and toothbrush holder etc., (a lot) 20-30
380.    Collection of Epns wares to include flatwares, teapot, card tray etc., (a lot) 20-30
381.    Two Staffordshire Toby jugs with triform hat covers, (2) 30-40
382.    Hat makers vintage wooden block 20-30
383.    Majolica jug with pinched spout, painted with figures (a/f), 5cm high 20-40
384.    Sadler grey glazed novelty teapot, (lid restored) 40-60
385.    Chinese blue and white tea wares to include a teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, and another bowl with cover, painted with figures (4) 70-100
386.    Epns wine slide and jug (2) 8-12
387.    Beswick Woodpecker with impressed number 1218 and printed backstamps, 23cm high 20-40
388.    Staffordshire chinoiserie part teaset comprising five cups, six saucers a milk jug and sugar bowl, (a lot) 20-30
389.    Mixed lot to include a Hammersley 'Lady Patricia' sugar castor, a continental porcelain cake plate and a pair of gold anchor male and female figures (a/f) (4) 20-30
390.    Art glass to include a Mdina axe head vase, 17cm high, a bowl and a pair of contemporary tealight holders, (4) 30-40
391.    Walking cane with white metal bamboo patterned handle 30-40
392.    Collection of 19th and 20th century surveying instruments to include a boxed Casellas pocket Altazimuth, etc , (7) 70-100
393.    Art works Caravan pottery figure together with a resin camel and a black glazed pottery elephant figure, tallest 30cm, (3) 20-30
394.    Continental porcelain dessert service with bird and butterfly pattern, comprising two oval serving dishes, four square serving dishes and a set of ten plates, (16) 60-80
395.    Bronze Kylin with a small detachable cover on its back, 28cm high 200-300
396.    Child's porcelain tea set, boxed 10-15
397.    Pair of vintage table lamp bases constructed from wall paper printing rolls, 55cm high, excluding (2) 40-50
398.    Two Epns mounted and glass claret jugs, (2) 15-20
399.    Japanese high shouldered baluster vase painted with figures, 40cm high 50-70
400.    Normand-Parallel of the Orders of Architecture, VI Edition, together with Small Houses and Bungalows, The Architectural Press, London, (2) 15-20
401.    The Art of Decorative Design by Christopher Dresser, Day & Son 30-40
402.    Poems of Spenser, W.B Yates, Illustrated by Jessie M. King 50-70
403.    Paragon 'Enchantment' teaset 20-30
404.    Staffordshire 'green Ivy; patterned teaset 15-20
405.    Grafton bone china teaset 15-20
406.    Mixed lot to include two Royal Copenhagen vases, two coloured art glass bowls and a fish float, (5) 30-40
407.    Collection of Wedgwood blue and white Jasperware to include a jug, biscuit barrel, sugar castor etc., together with a Wood & Son Indian tree planter, (7) 20-40
408.    Two blue and white Jasper cheese bells with covers, (2) 40-60
409.    Denby dinner service comprising plates, bowls, side plates, gravy jug, serving dishes, soup bowls etc., (a lot) 30-50
410.    Two vintage railway lanterns, tallest 51cm high including handle, (2) 40-60
411.    An original British Railways blue and white enamel totem station sign 'Whitecraigs', (Scottish Region) 93 x 26cm 150-200
412.    Three Wakefield's Railway lanterns, (3) 60-80
413.    Three vintage Railway lanterns, tallest 37cm high, (3) 60-80
414.    Two vintage Barbolla easel back mirrors, tallest 36cm (2) 30-40
415.    Staffordshire blue and white soup tureen with circular cover and plate 30-40
416.    Mahogany and inlaid wall barometer, 59cm long 40-60
417.    Large 19th century mahogany and inlaid oval tray with shell paterae centre, 75 x 55cm (a/f) 50-70
418.    19th century Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders jacket with Sergeant's Stripes and a red sash 70-100
419.    Kilt by McNaughtons of Pitlochry 30-40
420.    Kilt with a Kinloch Anderson label 30-40
421.    Kilt with a Kinloch Anderson label 30-40
422.    Kilt, with a Kinloch Anderson label 30-40
423.    Model ship, 70cm long 30-40
424.    Model of a Spanish ship, 80cm long 30-40
425.    Model of a Spanish ship, 80cm long 30-40
426.    Set of four Aynsley 'Fruit' patterned cups and saucers 15-20
427.    Lazy Susan containing a Dragon pattern serving set 10-20
428.    19th century gilt brass six branch chandelier light fitting, 50cm long 100-150
429.    Osborne & Little, pair of pottery ginger jar style table lamp bases, 35cm high, (2) 30-40
430.    Cello
431.    Chandelier, converted to electricity with six bulbs 50-100
432.    Maniya camera lens and another, with cases (2) 20-40
433.    Quantity of vintage tennis and squash rackets (a lot) 15-20
434.    no lot
435.    Carton containing a quantity of miscellaneous items to include a Horse figure, a rifle butt, various tins, brushes etc., (a lot) 20-30
436.    Collection of Sporran's and Kilt Belts, a Glengarry Hat etc., (a lot) 50-70
437.    A carton containing a quantity of Epns wares 20-30
438.    Vintage Olympia typewriter 15-20
439.    Hornby Dublo set No.2034, The Royal Scot Passenger Train, etc., 20-30
440.    Quantity of community plate flatware (a lot) 20-30
441.    Carton containing a collection of vintage games together with an Airfix - 144 Apollo Saturn V, model kit and the Seawolf Automatic Submarine (a lot) 30-40
442.    Carton containing a quantity of vintage Dinky and other die cast cars (a lot) 50-70
443.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns wares 30-40
444.    Mahogany chest, the rectangular top with moulded edge above four long drawers on bracket feet, 83 x 72cm 100-150
445.    Mahogany barometer, 52cm
446.    Mahogany cased Vienna wall clock, 114 x 38cm 30-50
447.    6ft 4" Slate snooker table top with snooker balls and three vintage Riley's snooker cues and a rest, (a lot)

448.    Carton containing a lot of kilts, all (a/f) with moth holes 60-80
449.    Continental style longcase clock 228 x 50cm
450.    Caucasian runner with a worn red field, 94 x 508cm 40-60
451.    Caucasian runner with brown field, 100 x 325 40-60
452.    Caucasian runner with blue field, 95 x 402cm 40-60
453.    Caucasian runner, 112 x 304cm 40-60
454.    Caucasian rug, 290 x 168cm 30-50
455.    Caucasian rug, 117 x 180cm 30-50
456.    Caucasian runner, 78 x 275cm 40-60
457.    Caucasian rug, 170 x 190cm 30-50
458.    Caucasian rug, 112 x 194cm 30-50
459.    Eastern rug, 160 x 108cm 40-60
460.    Walker & Hall barometer, 34 x 21cm 20-40
461.    Willis & Gambier mahogany sleigh style double bed, 216 x 164cm 70-100