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1.      White metal mesh chain purse with blue cabouchon, stamped Alpacca 20-30
2.      Three early 20th century silver hatpins to include two by Charles Horner with amethyst coloured thistles, another silver example with citrine thistle and an Epns hatpin, 28cm long (4) 50-70
3.      Cased set of six silver teaspoons, Birmingham 1925, cased set of twelve Epns teaspoons with matching sugar tongs and a set of six Epns and mother of pearl handled fruit knives (a lot) 20-30
4.      A collection of costume jewellery and shell buckles, etc (a lot) 20-30
5.      White metal snail with its shell, 11cm long 30-40
6.      Victorian silver cased Goliath pocket watch, London 1887, in black leather case / stand 70-100
7.      Georgian silver wine funnel stand, William Doyle, Dublin 1803, Edwardian Sheffield silver mounted oval teapot stand and an Birmingham silver spoon, (3) 60-80
8.      Two Birmingham silver pickle forks, a tortoiseshell hair slide and various hatpins (a lot) 20-30
9.      A cased pair of Russian silver gilt and cloisonne enamelled spoons, with 84 standard mark and indistinct assay / makers marks, in original velvet lined oak case, (2) 100-150
10.     A vintage strand of Baltic amber beads, 65cm 30-50
11.     Three 9ct gold gemset rings and an unmarked gold openwork brooch with seed pearls and amethyst, (4) 120-150
12.     Sheila Fleet silver and blue enamel 'Flagstone' pendant necklace and matching earrings, together with a Mah Leng Designs silver necklace, boxed (a lot) 30-40
13.     Two early 20th century silver napkin rings 92) 10-15
14.     A quantity of pre Decimal UK coins to include half crowns and florin's, selection of QEII commemorative coins and an Epns vesta (a lot) 20-30
15.     Late 19th / early 20th century marine ivory Scrimshaw pendant with a painted lady to front, marked verso W9. A. Renoir, A-WL, 5.5cm long 40-60
16.     Two sets of Islamic Rosary prayer beads to include black onyx and nephrite with yellow metal spacers and chain (2) 40-60
17.     Cased silver and tortoiseshell dressing table brush set, Birmingham 1921, comprising two hairbrushes, hand mirror and matching comb (4) 60-80
18.     Edwardian silver napkin ring, Chester 1905 and another (2) 10-15
19.     Cased set of six silver pastry forks, Birmingham 1936 and a cased set of six silver teaspoons (a lot) 30-40
20.     Mixed lot to include a pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs, Georgian Edinburgh silver teaspoon, pickle fork and other spoons, etc (6) 30-40
21.     Silver plated photograph frame, 15 x 21cm 10-15
22.     Eastern silver candelabra on circular footrim, stamped 925, 27cm high (weighted) 60-80
23.     London Scottish WWI Officers sporran, 47cm long 120-150
24.     Early Scottish brass plaid brooch with engraved celtic knotwork pattern, 11.5cm 150-180
25.     Pair of Georgian Scottish silver tablespoons, Edinburgh 1788, likely Thomas Drydale, 23cm long (2) 70-100
26.     Pair of Georgian Scottish silver toddy ladles, Alexander Henderson, Edinburgh 1795, 16cm long (2) 70-100
27.     Pair of George III Scottish silver egg spoons, Alexander Henderson, Edinburgh 1808, 12cm long (2) 30-40
28.     Five hallmarked silver WWII ARP badges, (5) 30-40
29.     Two silver pocket watch chains, one with an enamel Glasgow fob, (2) 20-30
30.     Silver rope twist necklace and matching bracelet (2) 30-40
31.     Contemporary silver pendant on chain with matching earrings and another pendant on chain (3) 30-40
32.     Three silver gate link bracelets (3) 50-60
33.     Coalport porcelain pendant on a silver chain 15-20
34.     A collection of seventeen napkin rings to include thirteen British silver hallmarked examples, one continental silver and two Epns (17) 60-80
35.     Ladies Cartier Santos wrist watch, with diamond set case, Roman numerals with secret signature at X , Cartier signed Quartz movement , on a two tone steel bracelet strap, case stamped and numbered 090205770 700-1000
36.     Contemporary silver heart link chain necklace 30-40
37.     Ladies Van Cleef & Arpels, Paris 'la collection' steel wrist watch, the case numbered 46602 150-170
38.     Contemporary silver necklace 20-40
39.     A quantity of silver and white metal spoons, etc (a lot) 60-80
40.     Set of six Birmingham silver teaspoons (6) 20-30
41.     A quantity of silver and white metal condiment spoons, etc (a lot) 40-60
42.     Georgian silver caddy spoon, Birmingham 1796 possibly Joseph Taylor and another with a scalloped shell bowl, 8cm long (2) 40-50
43.     Two late 19th century silver mounted pencils and two silver handles (4) 20-40
44.     A collection of eight silver sugar tongs with mixed hallmarks together with a pair of Epns sugar tongs (10) 60-80
45.     Chinese silver sugar tongs with dragon pattern and forked prongs, 11cm long 20-30
46.     Gilt metal locket brooch / pendant, the glazed panel containing a photographic print of a young girl, 6cm 20-30
47.     Silver gilt and red enamel heart shaped Luckenbooth brooch, stamped Sterling R.D. 1902, 7cm 80-100
48.     Collection of silver jewellery to include a bangle, pendants, rings, etc (a lot) 50-60
49.     Black leather kilt belt with large silver buckle, Birmingham 1966 50-70
50.     White mink sporran with white metal cantle and green leather back 40-50
51.     St Dupont silver plated ball point pen, boxed 70-100
52.     Pair of Ray-Ban B&L Chromax sunglasses and leather pouch 50-70
53.     Mixed lot to include a set of six silver coffee bean handled spoons, various Epns teaspoons, Ronson lighter, Martell's glass paperweight, etc (a lot) 20-40
54.     Set of six Arts & Crafts silver teaspoons, with coloured hardstone terminals, designed by Norah Creswick, Edinburgh 1944 (6)
55.     A pair of cut glass spirit decanter and stoppers, together with Epns W & B decanter labels, 26cm high 30-40
56.     Cased Epns flatwares, bread knife and a silver mustard (a lot) 20-30
57.     Cut glass decanter and stopper with a Birmingham silver collar, 41cm high, together with another smaller (2) 30-40
58.     Two late 19th / early 20th century fruitwood tape measures and a needle case, tallest 10cm (3) 30-40
59.     Parkins & Gotto, Oxford Street, London cylindrical box and cover containing a metal stamp, 3.5cm high 20-30
60.     Two 19th century Staffordshire pottery head money banks,one of man the other of a lady in a bonnet, 5cm high (2) 60-80
61.     Two 19th century Staffordshire animal head money banks,one of a cat the other of a pig, 5cm high (2) 60-80
62.     Verners brass cased compass, No. 3285 20-30
63.     Yoruba wooden figure, 22cm high 80-120
64.     Antler ring stand, on a pebble and wood oval base, 22cm high 20-30
65.     Daguerreotype, framed silhouette and an ebonised frame, (3) 30-40
66.     A collection of seven green glass wine bottles, tallest 33cm (7) 50-70
67.     Collection of four antique glass bottles, tallest 33.5cm (4) 50-70
68.     Wedgwood Florentine pattern dinner service, six place setting, (28) 150-200
69.     East Coast Scottish pottery figure group of two fishwives, each modelled standing on a rectangular plinth base, with restoration and damages, 19cm high 60-80
70.     Pair of East Coast, Scottish pottery, perhaps Portobello, Newhaven style fishwife figures, each is modelled standing with a basket of fish, some restorations and damages, 21cm high (2) 150-180
71.     Staffordshire pearlware Castle and Clock flatback together with a pair of smaller similar flat backs, tallest 20cm (3) 60-80
72.     19th century pottery figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, modelled standing leaning on an obelisk, on a rectangular plinth base with a crown backstamp, 29cm high 50-70
73.     Pratt Ware moulded jug with classical figures and a Pratt Ware Macaroni caddy, the neck with losses (both a/f) tallest 12cm high (2) 50-70
74.     Innocence in Arcadia moulded circular pearlware plaque with a purple lustre rim, 17cm diameter 70-100
75.     Two Scottish pottery figures - Charity and Hope, each modelled standing on a blue rectangular rope twist base, some restoration and paint flaking, tallest 21cm (2) 80-120
76.     Collection of 18th and 19th century pottery to include a pearlware puzzle jug, General Hill & Wellington moulded jug, North of England lustre goblet and a King George IIII pink lustre tankard, lacking the handle, some restoration, losses and damages throughout, tallest 17cm (4) 80-100
77.     Beswick Old English sheep dog with impressed backstamp and model number 2332, 40cm high 40-50
78.     Meissen white glazed Shetland Pony, with blue crossed sword marks and impressed No. 78795, 23cm long 70-100
79.     Two Royal Worcester Freda Doughty figures to include February and Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace, tallest 21cm (2) ` 30-40
80.     Border Fine Arts, Otter Family group on an oval plinth base, 21cm long 20-30
81.     Two Bing & Grondahl figures, to include Model No 2304 and 1747, tallest 17cm (2) 20-30
82.     Two Russian pottery panda bear figures, tallest 13cm (2) 20-30
83.     Wade blow up Disney figure of Thumper, Wade Wind in the Willows Toad figure, Wade porcelain ashtray and a Beswick Mr Jeremy Fisher figure, tallest 13cm (4) 40-50
84.     Two Lomonsov Russian pottery brown bear figures, tallest 13cm (2) 20-30
85.     Collection of pottery and porcelain animal figures to include a Coalport beagle, etc (6) 20-30
86.     Three Staffordshire boacage figures to include a Gardner, etc, some with losses and restorations, tallest 14cm (3) 30-40
87.     Staffordshire novelty Toby teapot, 18cm high 20-30
88.     Rare Creamware fox head stirrup cup, restored with losses, together with another with coloured enamels, longest 13cm (2) 150-200
89.     19th century Staffordshire red deer and boacage pottery figure, 20cm high 30-40
90.     19th century Staffordshire sash window support, modelled as a lion in coloured enamels, 12cm high 40-60
91.     Staffordshire bust - Voltaire modelled on a marbled pottery socle base together with another of Matthew Prior, some damages and paint flaking, tallest 17cm (2) 100-150
92.     Beswick terrier dog, with printed backstamp, 16cm high 20-30
93.     Royal Doulton Balloon Man figure, HN1954, 18cm high 20-30
94.     Two Beswick dog figures to include Cast Iron Monarch and Ruler of Ouborough, tallest 17cm (20 30-40
95.     Pair of H&K Tunstall floral patterned baluster vases, printed backstamps, 18cm high (2) 15-20
96.     Faux stoneware, resin figure of a polar bear, 22cm long 15-20
97.     Pair of 19th century Staffordshire Queen Victoria and Prince Albert pastille burners, 16cm high 92) 30-50
98.     Cream Ware figure of a Literary Gent, on an octagonal plinth base, 23cm high 30-40
99.     Two Staffordshire bocage figures to include Water and the Lost Sheep, some damages and restoration, tallest 20cm (2) 60-80
100.    Royal Copenhagen dinner service and tea and coffee set, with white glazed ground, basket weave rims and blue flowers, comprising, two large plates, twelve medium plates, six bowls, six side plates, six egg cups, ten cups, coffee pot, teapot, sugar bowl, sucrier and jugs, etc ( 48) 300-400
101.    Frosted glass star pattern cocktail shaker and set of six glasses 970 30-40
102.    Heenan & Sawyers Staffordshire Pugilist flatback figure group, 24cm high 70-100
103.    Early 19th century pearlware figure of Mark Anthony, 29cm long 70-100
104.    19th century Staffordshire figure - Lady Elizabeth Burton, Explorer, 21cm high 40-60
105.    Collection of sixteen glass paperweights to include Adrian Sankey, Caithness and others, etc (16) 30-40
106.    Royal Doulton Porthos character jug and a Goebel style Monk jug, (2) 20-30
107.    Staffordshire clock tower castle flatback and a pair of two story pottery houses, tallest 20cm (3) 60-80
108.    19th century Staffordshire Bull Baiting figure group, 14cm high 50-70
109.    Pair of cordial glasses and a miniature Japanese Satsuma style vase, tallest 12cm (3) 15-20
110.    Victorian black glazed Jackfield style teapot with stand, 20cm high 20-30
111.    Noritake blue and white porcelain bowl with silver lustre dash pattern together with a Viste Allegre blue and white bowl, largest 25cm (2) 30-40
112.    Group of three Pickard designed studio pottery vessels, tallest 20cm (3) 20-30
113.    Pair of Royal Doulton tobacco jars, complete with lids, with impressed backstamps, 16cm high (2) 40-60
114.    Royal Doulton pottery jar and cover with art nouveau flowers on a blue ground, with impressed backstamps, 12cm high 30-50
115.    Wedgwood Beaconsfield pattern coffee set together with set of six stainless steel coffee spoons, (22) 30-50
116.    Pair of blue vaseline glass posy baskets and an opaque green glass ewer with gilded serpent handle ( 3cm crack to handle ) tallest 33cm (30 20-30
117.    Collection of Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white pottery to include a bowl and four graduated jugs, 30-50
118.    Pair of yellow opaque glass vases,of dimpled baluster form, with gilded flowers and foliage, on a circular footrim, 33cm high (2) 50-70
119.    Art glass to include a small Vasart vase, Heron glass iridescent mushroom and an Bohemian style vase, etc tallest 13cm (4) 20-30
120.    Collection of 19th century Staffordshire figures to include a pearlware figure of a girl and her dog, two Turk figures, etc tallest 16cm (5) 80-120
121.    Continental porcelain oval dish, the white ground with handpainted floral sprays and gilt edged rim, 36cm long 30-50
122.    Scottish pottery figure of a Highland Gent with a Staffordshire female figure, tallest 22cm (2) 60-80
123.    Noritake porcelain trinket dishes etc and 19th century porcelain part dessert set, (9) 20-30
124.    Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern 1128 teaset and a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern 2451 part teaset (a lot) 70-100
125.    Staffordshire blue and white tureen, cover and stand and a Staffordshire transfer printed Crystal Palace tureen and cover (a lot) 20-30
126.    Deruta pottery jug and another, tallest 14cm (2) 10-15
127.    A large blue glazed studio pottery bowl, 55cm diameter 50-70
128.    Georg Schmider pottery mantle clock, the brass movement striking on a gong and numbered 36435, 36cm high 60-80
129.    Late 19th century porcelain teaset wit a white glazed ground, pink border and gilded flowers, (38) 50-70
130.    Pair of Continental porcelain male and female figures, each modelled standing , wearing pink and white 18th century attire on a circular base, 39cm high (2) 60-80
131.    Two 19th century blue and white Willow pattern ashets, largest 53cm (2) 30-40
132.    Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to table wares to include two oval tureen with covers, circular dish and an oval dish, (4) 20-30
133.    Mixed lot of 19th and 20th century pottery and porcelains to include basin and ewer sets, serving dish, Buchan Pottery jug, ginger jar and cover, etc (a lot) 20-30
134.    French porcelain mantle clock, the enamel dial inscribed Louis & Mier A Paris, 21cm high 40-60
135.    18th and 19th century plates to include a pearlware plate with fish pattern within a moulded shell and anchor rim, Prince Albert plate and a Pratt plaque, perhaps of Queen Charlotte, with damages, losses and restorations, largest 23cm (3) 60-80
136.    Lladro figure of a boy with a polar bear cub and a Royal Doulton figure Flowers For You, tallest 15cm (2) 20-30
137.    Three Royal Copenhagen blue glazed child figures, tallest 15cm (3) 30-40
138.    Two Edinburgh, Leith & Portobello William Hare & Co jugs, by Sneddon of Glasgow, 8cm high, (2) 10-15
139.    Beswick black and tan glazed Dachshund and another larger and a small black and white cat, largest 17cm long 93) 20-30
140.    Faux stoneware head and shoulders bust of a Roman / Greek figure, 23cm high 20-30
141.    Two Staffordshire female figures, each modelled standing on a square line bases, one with impressed No 11, tallest 27cm (2) 60-80
142.    Large twin handle vase with gilded handled to side and roses pattern 41cm high 20-30
143.    Sunderland lustre jug with fox hunt moulded pattern, hairline crack to body and a star crack in the base, 19cm high 50-70
144.    Three Scottish pottery True Spirit of Reform decanters to include Lord John Russell and two Brougham Reform Cordial, two with cork stoppers, 18cm high (3) 100-150
145.    Brown glazed mermaid pottery flask, 20cm long ` 20-30
146.    Bronze patinated metal figure of a seated dog, with impressed backstamp, 30cm high 30-40
147.    Two Stevengraph pure silk woven pictures to include 'The Slip' and the 'The First Point', in glazed frames, (2) 30-40
148.    Set of four Edinburgh Crystal whisky tumblers all etched with a different animal pattern, boxed (4) 20-30
149.    Staffordshire spill vase flatback group and a Staffordshire figure of a sleeping boy, tallest 19cm (2) 40-50
150.    Masons Regency pattern pot stand and dish and a Blakeney blue and white butter dish and cover (3) 10-15
151.    Sonas MacLean,
Bachelor boy,
Limited edition coloured print, signed and numbered 1/100,
in glazed silver giltwood frame, 57 x 20cm 30-40
152.    Highland landscape,
watercolour, signed indistinctly,
in a glazed frame, 37 x 27cm 40-50
153.    Augustus John,
head and shoulders print of a young woman,
in glazed frame, size overall 39 x 53cm 30-50
154.    A.R Wilson,
Still life bowl of flowers,
Watercolour, signed and dated '86,
in a glazed frame, 43 x 31cm 30-40
155.    R. Martin,
Harbour Scene,
acrylic, signed,
in a glazed frame, 35 x 25cm 30-40
156.    19th Century Scottish School,
National Monument, Calton Hill,
Watercolour, entitled although unsigned,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 35 x 24cm 60-80
157.    Erskine E Nicol, (1825 - 1904)
Mountain pathway,
Watercolour, signed and dated Oct '85,
in a glazed giltwood frame, 34 x 25cm
158.    Late 20th century School,
Woodland path,
Ink sketch / drawing,
signed and dated June 2nd '75,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 35 x 30cm 30-40
159.    The Back of Old Leith Pier, after Clarkson Stanfield, a reproduction coloured print, in a glazed frame, 42 x 29cm 15-20
160.    T.S Halliday,
Goatfell on the Port Bow,
Watercolour, signed,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 68 x 41cm
161.    Miles Birkett Foster, RSW (1825 - 1899)
The Young Fisher Girls,
watercolour, signed with a monogram,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 12 x 17cm 40-60
162.    W. Smeall,
Blackhall Village, Edinburgh,
Oil on Board, signed,
framed, 27.5 x 19.5cm 40-60
163.    Miles Birkett Foster, RSW (1825 - 1899)
Pastoral Scene with hounds, horses and figures by a pond,
Watercolour, singed with a monogram,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 24 x 17cm 50-70
164.    John Blair, (1850 - 1934)
Watercolour, signed and entitled,
in a glazed frame, 26 x 18cm 60-80
165.    John Blair, (1850 - 1934)
Stirling Castle,
Watercolour, signed and entitled,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 18 x 13cm 60-80
166.    Dudley King,
The Goose Girls,
Gouache, signed,
in a glazed and silver giltwood frame, 45 x 30cm 70-100
167.    David Waterson, (RE 1870 - 1954)
Mezzotint, signed in pencil,
228 x 38cm 20-30
168.    Jane Brunning,
weather in NZ,
Framed coloured batik, 35 x 33cm 30-40
169.    Edward H Chiswall,
Ink sketch / drawing of ploughed fields,
signed and dated '77, in a glazed frame,
37 x 33cm 20-30
170.    Pair of coloured Botanical prints to include a Redoute print of irises and another of lilies, in glazed frames, size overall 51 x 68cm (2) 30-40
171.    John Dale,
Companion pair of landscape watercolours,
signed, in glazed frames, 27 x 37 (2) 40-60
172.    William Kennedy,
Old Port of Leith,
Acrylic on board, signed,
in a giltwood frame, 55 x 34cm 30-40
173.    Gilt framed oiliograph, 39 x 59cm 20-30
174.    Brian Clarkson,
Companion pair of watercolours to include
'End of a Hard Day' and ' Fort Augustus',
signed, in glazed and giltwood frames, 36 x 25cm (2) 50-70
175.    W.B Morrison,
The Customs Quay - Greenock,
Watercolour, signed,
in a glazed frame, 55 x 36cm 30-40
176.    Peter Knox,
Southbound off Holy Island,
Watercolour, signed,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 52 x 35cm 50-60
177.    H. Glass,
Farmyard Scene,
Watercolour, signed,
in a glazed and giltwood frame, 49 x 33cm 50-70
178.    Saw Ohn Nyun a framed print by Sir Gerald Kelly print, 47 x 59cm 20-30
179.    Contemporary School, Venetian Street Scene with Canal, Acrylic on Canvas, in an ornate giltwood frame, 50 x 60cm 30-40
180.    J. Banks,
Racing Yachts,
Oil on Canvas, signed and dated '82,
in a giltwood frame, 50 x 60cm 50-70
181.    James Cadzow, (1881 - 1941) a set of eight framed etchings and prints to include an Artists proof and On The Tummell, etc, various sizes - largest 17 x 18cm (8) 80-100
182.    19th century school,
Highland Landscape,
Oil on canvas, apparently unsigned,
in a glazed frame, 23 x 33cm 40-50
183.    19th century school,
Castle Ruin and Landscape,
Oil on canvas, apparently unsigned,
in a giltwood frame, 37 x 27cm 30-40
184.    Harry Morley (18881 - 1943)
Royal Mile, Edinburgh,
Watercolour, signed and dated 1912,
in a glazed frame, 23.5 x 30cm 100-150
185.    After George Morland and pair of stipple engraved coloured prints,in circular glazed giltwood frame, 30cm diameter, (2) 30-40
186.    Lena Robb, (Scottish 1891 - 1980)
Vase of flowers, still life,
Oil on canvas, signed,
in giltwood frame, 28 x 38cm 80-100
187.    Framed pastel of a WWI soldier, apparently unsigned, 36 x 46cm 30-40
188.    The Enterprise - Steam Omnibus, 19th century coloured engraved print, in a glazed Hogarth frame, 44 x 37cm 30-40
189.    After R.D Winter, a 19th century engraved print in a glazed frame, size overall 95 x 55cm 30-40
190.    Edward Hasell McCosh, (b.1949)
Vase of flowers with fruit - Still life,
Oil on canvas, signed and dated 2015,
in a giltwood frame, 64.5 x 70cm
191.    Parliament House, an etched print, signed Piper, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 25 x 18cm 15-20
192.    Late 19th / early 20th century school,
Country path with figures,
Oil on canvas, apparently unsigned,
in a faux giltwood frame, 50 x 38cm 40-60
193.    Forfarshire, watercolour, entitled, signed indistinctly and dated 1849, in a glazed frame, 36 x 25cm 50-70
194.    Moored boats on the shores edge,
Oil on canvas, apparently unsigned,
in gilt wood frame, (a/f) 52 x 36cm 40-60
195.    20th century school,
Monotype of a horse and rider, signed indistinctly and dated '69,
in a glazed frame, size overall 50 x 66cm 40-60
196.    The Skating Minister, After Raeburn - a framed reproduction print, in a glazed and ornate frame, 65 x 73cm 10-20
197.    Van De Hoog,
A horse and dog,
Oil on board, signed,
in a giltwood frame, 49 x 39cm 30-40
197A.   John Wilson Carmichael (1800 - 1868)
Shipwreck at the Mouth of the Tyne,
Oil on canvas, signed,
in an ornate giltwood frame
51 x 38.5cm 2200-2500
198.    After William Russell William Flint,
Female Nude - Watercolour,
in a glazed frame, 58 x 48cm
199.    River and landscape scene with figures,
Oil on canvas, apparently unsigned,
in a giltwood frame, 80 x 62cm 60-80
200.    Maria Webster,
Nude, black chalk drawing,
signed and dated 2001,
in a glazed frame, 54 x 80cm 50-70
201.    Pair of 19th century mahogany and inlaid d end tables, on ring turned legs with brass caps and castors (2) 60-80
201A.   Art Deco style wall mirror with pink and blue coloured glass border, 75cm diameter 40-60
202.    Turkish rug, the rust field with a central medallion with sapphire blue spandrels and borders, 30 x 194cm 40-60
202A.   Open armchair with pierced splat and gold velour button upholstered seat together with a matching side chair (2) 30-40
203.    Persian runner of wide proportions, with red field and multiple flowerhead borders, 155 x 317cm 150-180
204.    Large Iranian carpet, the red and blue field with a central medallion and flowerhead borders, 440 x 309cm 200-300
205.    Mahogany and burrwood secretaire chest, the rectangular top over a long carved drawer above a fall front which opens to reveal a fitted interior, with three long drawers and pilasters to side, with ornate brass handles and bun feet, 143 x 103cm 150-200
206.    Mahogany and satinwood inlaid mirror back sideboard, with a central drawer over an open recess, flanked by cupboard doors, on square tapering legs with spade feet, 160 x 153cm 70-100
207.    Modern stained hardwood cabinet, the square top over a single drawer and pair of cupboard doors with a shelved interior, above three drawers, with a plinth base, 140 x 73cm 70-100
208.    Ercol blonde elm stick back three seater settee, with floral upholstered loose cushions, 85 x 200cm (a/f) 200-300
209.    Mahogany pedestal table with carved column and quadruple legs, 77 x 123cm 40-60
210.    Mahogany framed button back armchair, with carved scroll arms, terminating on brass caps and castors, 80 x 62cm 60-80
211.    X framed hardwood stool with canework seat , 60 x 67cm 30-50
212.    Mahogany pedestal wine table and another with moulded edge, tallest 57 x 46cm (2) 30-40
213.    Prie dieu chair and a mahogany stool with circular upholstered top and carved tripod legs, tallest 103 x 55cm (2) 30-40
214.    Mahogany secretaire cabinet with central fall front, flanked by glazed cupboard doors, on short cabriole legs, 112 x 138cm 50-70
215.    Set of four Ercol blonde elm Quaker stick back chairs to include two carvers (4) (a/f) 120-150
216.    Set of eight George III style open armchairs in the manner of Sheraton, with shield backs and upholstered seats, on tapering legs, 99 x 58cm (8) 220-250
217.    Mahogany cabinet with a glazed door with fretwork, 146 x 70cm 70-100
218.    Purdonium, the black metal structure with brass handles and hinges in the Aesthetic manner, 37 x 29cm 30-50
219.    Mahogany pole screen with a glazed wool work tapestry panel and on tripod legs, 171cm 30-50
220.    Mahogany fold over card table, with green baize interior, on shell carved cabriole legs with pad feet, 74 x 80cm 60-80
221.    Mahogany nest of three tables, 60 x 62cm (3) 20-30
222.    Mahogany occasional table with rectangular top and lyre support and quadruple legs, 72 x 63cm 40-50
223.    Mahogany revolving bookcase of typical form, 123 x 60cm 50-70
224.    Set of six ladderback chairs, 93 x 51cm (6) 70-100
225.    Italian style kidney shaped two tier occasional table, 69 x 57cm 20-30
226.    Arts & Crafts oak open bookcase with two fixed shelves and a chair with cane work back and seat, tallest 85 x 47cm (2) 40-50
227.    Early to mid 20th century oak sewing table with card table swivel top, 63 x 47cm 30-40
228.    Pair of Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs, each with a horizontal scrolling splat and upholstered stuff over seats, on fluted legs, 80 x 47cm (2) 30-40
229.    Late 19th century washstand with white painted top and a towel rail to side, 90 x 75cm 30-40
230.    Set of four mahogany side chairs with floral carved top rails and vertical splats, upholstered seats and turned legs, 90 x 47 (4) 40-60
231.    Mid 20th century Terence Conran coffee table with John Piper London Skyline rectangular top and an ebonised plywood undertier shelf, on black metal legs, 37 x 115cm 80-120
232.    Eastern rug, the worn red field with central medallion and flowerhead border, 300 x 207cm 50-70
233.    Burr wood table, the oval top on twin supports united by a turned stretcher, 60 x 106cm 70-100
234.    Highback red upholstered button back chair, 112 x 66cm 60-80
235.    X framed stool with slip in upholstered top, 48 x 52cm 20-40
236.    Walnut occasional table, the ova pie crust top on carved cabriole legs, 44 x 70cm 30-40
237.    Pair of mahogany George III style mahogany open armchairs with vertical splat backs and upholstered seats, 94 x 62cm (2) 50-60
238.    Mahogany pedestal wine table on a baluster column together with another, tallest 63 x 44cm (2) 20-40
239.    Modern dark oak dining suite comprising a trencher planked top table and set of six chairs, with spindle backs, rush seats and turned legs united by a stretcher, 75 x 198cm (7) 150-180
240.    Modern dark oak Welsh style dresser, with a planked back and three frieze drawers, 182 x 138cm (this lot matches the previous lot) 150-180
241.    French kingwood and parquetry Bureau de Dame, with a brass pierced three quarter gallery over a pair of tambour doors which open to reveal a fitted interior with four short drawers, with a single long drawer to the frieze above a kidney shaped undertier, on square tapering legs with brass mounts, 101 x 97cm 400-600
242.    Set of seven green velour upholstered chairs, with high arched backs and dark oak legs and stretchers, to include one carver with a straight high back, tallest 134 x 68cm (7) 100-150
243.    Mahogany pedestal wine table with a circular dished top, 56 x 30cm 20-30
244.    Modern button back bedroom chair, smartly upholstered in beige linen fabric, 78 x 59cm 50-70
245.    Vintage ebonised pine trunk with iron handles and drawer to the interior, 50 x 100cm 50-70
246.    Mahogany and inlaid corner chair with vertical splats and upholstered seat on cabriole legs with a x frame stretcher, 76 x 58cm 40-50
247.    A pair of late 19th century coromandel side tables, likely French, with a pierced brass gallery to the rectangular tops, the frieze with lion mask heads, on slender cabriole legs terminating on hairy paw feet, with x form undertier, 72 x 49cm (2) 400-600
248.    Modern pine storage trunk, 46 x 90cm 40-60
249.    Green painted wooden bookcase, / shelving unit, 82 x 34cm 20-40
250.    Arts and Crafts dark oak plant stand, 93 x 25cm 30-40
251.    Early 20th century oak smoker's cabinet, 46 x 33cm 50-60
252.    Dark oak / elm ladderback open armchair with upholstered seat, 92 x 55cm 20-30
253.    Walnut Queen Anne style bookcase cabinet, with arched top and adjustable shelves, above two drawers, on cabriole legs, with a pair of loose astragal glazed doors (a/f) 200 x 125cm 70-100
254.    Oak arts & crafts style wall shelf, 38 x 87cm 30-50
255.    Benares style table with a circular brass tray top, 58 x 59cm 30-40
256.    Mahogany and kingwood parquetry inlaid secretaire chest, the fallfront with a fitted interior over three long drawers, on bun feet, 116 x 125cm 200-300
257.    Mahogany and satinwood inlaid secretaire chest, the fall front with a classical urn and ribbon inlay, opening to reveal a fitted interior above pull out slide and four long drawers, on bracket feet, 113 x 92cm 150-200
258.    Blue and white pottery verandah stool of barrel form, with bird and leaf pattern, 48 x 30cm 30-40
259.    Floor standing blue and white baluster vase, 63cm high 15-20
260.    Victorian pottery jardiniere planter and stand (with damages) 90 x 39cm (a/f) 30-40
261.    Giltwood overmantle mirror with acanthus leaves and a rectangular plate, 68 x 118cm 100-150
262.    Modern white glazed jardiniere planter and stand, 73cm high 15-20
263.    Flatweave kelim rug with a chequered field, 158 x 290cm 50-70
264.    Feather pattern button back upholstered armchair with mahogany frame and brass caps and castors, 102 x 78cm 70-100
265.    Two mahogany torchere stands, each with a circular dished top, one on a fluted column and the other turned, with tripod legs, tallest 106cm (2) 30-40
266.    Mahogany standard lamp and another white painted standard lamp, tallest 145cm (2) 20-30
267.    Mahogany framed two seater hall settee, with a foliate carved top rail, vertical splat back and pink upholstered seat, on turned legs with ceramic castors, 80 x 122cm 70-100
268.    A pair of early 20th century oak framed side chairs with pink upholstered seats, 86 x 40cm (2) 20-30
269.    Walnut veneered secretaire chest,the fallfront with a fitted interior over pull slides, with four graduated long drawers, ornate brass handles and bracket feet, 98 x 52cm 80-120
270.    Vintage sewing machine on a Vickers treadle base, 80 x 79cm 20-30
271.    Mahogany pedestal wine table with circular dished top and tripod legs, 74 x 49cm 20-30
272.    Pair of early 20th century oak framed side chairs with foliate carved top rails and floral upholstered back and seat, 97 x 5cm (2) 20-40
273.    Grey and blue floral painted wooden stool with upholstered top and cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 45 x 60cm 50-70
274.    Black wrought iron standard lamp, 124cm high 20-30
275.    Mahogany pedestal table, with circular top on a baluster column and tripod legs, 72 x 76cm 40-60
276.    Set of six grey painted chairs with balloon style backs and lyre splats with upholstered slip in seats and fluted legs, 95 x 50cm (6) 70-100
277.    Retro table with circular top, steel base and feet, 75 x 100cm 30-40
278.    19th century ladderback open armchair with an upholstered slip in seat, 98 x 67cm 40-50
279.    Mahogany kidney shaped occasional table, 73 x 86cm 20-30
280.    Faux giltwood wall mirror with an oval plate, 92 x 65cm 30-50
281.    Drop leaf table with a single drawer, 54 x 38cm 15-20
282.    Julian Chichester 'Anna' ebonised wood and glass headboard, 188 x 162cm 200-300
283.    Julian Chichester 'Larsen' glass topped coffee table on scrolling silvered metal legs, 52 x 120cm 100-150
284.    Julian Chichester 'Tribeca' circular two tier coffee table, 46 x 100cm 80-120
285.    Julian Chichester 'Regency' grey bedside cabinet, 70 x 56cm 150-200
286.    Julian Chichester 'Tribeca' circular two tier coffee table, 46 x 100cm 80-120
287.    Modern white painted armoire with a broken swan neck pediment over a pair of cupboard doors with fabric backing and hanging space to the interior, above six short drawers tot he base, 235 x 108cm 150-200
288.    After Moreau, a bronze patinated metal female nude figure, on a corinthian column pedestal base, overall height 168cm 100-150
289.    Floor standing corner cupboard, with handpainted floral swag pattern, the pink interior with a shelf over hanging space, 202 x 115cm 150-200
290.    Highback oak / elm open armchair with solid seat together with a mahogany vertical splat back chair with upholstered seat, tallest 112 x 53cm (2) 60-80
291.    Pine ledgeback cabinet, the panelled cupboard doors Artist painted with flowers, with shelves to the interior, 30 x 127cm 150-200
292.    Early to mid 20th century mahogany framed fire screen with a silk needlework panel 89 x 53cm 15-20
293.    Yewwood pedestal desk with brown leather skivver and arrangement of nine drawers, 80 x 152cm 70-100
294.    Chinoiserie Altar style side table with an arrangement of seven drawers, on square stylised legs, 86 x 94cm 100-150
295.    A side table, painted and lacquered with squirrel and acorn pattern, on barley twist legs, 74 x 60cm 70-100
296.    French kingwood and parquetry Bureau De Dame, with a brass three quarter gallery to top over a fall front which opens to reveal a fitted interior, on cabriole legs with gilt metal mounts, 94 x 67cm 150-180
297.    French style grey painted armchair with yellow and green leaf upholstered back and seat, cane work sides and shell carved cabriole legs, 90 x 59cm 60-80
298.    Grey painted chinoiserie cabinet, the rectangular top over four short drawers, above a pair of central cupboard doors flanked by wine racks, 86 x 171cm 150-200
299.    Four poster bed, Artist painted with birds, flowers, butterflies and foliage, complete with base, 271 x 147 x 200cm 200-300
300.    Epns three piece tea set and a tea strainer (4) 20-30
301.    Chinoiserie punch bowl (a/f) and a famille verte bowl, largest 29cm 92) 40-50
302.    Viners Epns cocktail shaker 20-30
303.    Staffordshire pottery figure of a seated female, the base sponged in green enamel, 19cm high 30-40
304.    Staffordshire pottery 'Grandfather' figure group and another of a male and female group, on octagonal lined base, tallest 24cm (2) 60-80
305.    Three 19th century Scottish pottery Newhaven style fishwives, each modelled standing with a basket of fish, tallest 23cm 93) 150-180
306.    Two Staffordshire figures - Charity and Hope, together with another, some restorations, tallest 24cm (3) 120-150
307.    Pair of East Coast Scottish pottery figures, probably Portobello, Newhaven fishwife figures, each modelled standing wearing blue jackets and raspberry red head scarves, 21cm high 92) 150-180
308.    Epns two tier cake stand and an Epns spirit kettle on stand with its burner, tallest 36cm (2) 30-40
309.    Dolls house furniture to include a William and Mary style walnut side table and a Rennie Mackintosh cabinet , tallest 9cm 30-40
310.    Portuguese pottery wall charger painted with deer within a blue border with flowers, signed verso, 32.5 cm diameter, 30-40
311.    Scottish pottery figure of a Piper and a Losol Ware flow blue and white jug and stand, (3) 20-30
312.    Coalport porcelain part teaset, (10) 20-30
313.    Japanese tea bowl and saucer, 18th century butterfly pattern tea bowl and saucer, Royal Worcester fruit painted cabinet cup and saucer, signed Harper, cup restored, (4) 30-40
314.    Moorcroft Pottery baluster table lamp base, with green ground and tubeline flowers, 27cm high excluding fitting 70-100
315.    19th century porcelain teaset, for a twelve place setting (12) 50-70
316.    A collection of butterflies within a glazed showcase, 26 x 38cm 40-60
317.    Collection of horse figures to include Royal Doulton, Beswick and Lomonsov, tallest 12cm (4) (one restored) 30-40
318.    Solitaire board with marbles, 19cm diameter 20-30
319.    Postcard album containing a quantity of late 19th / early 20th century mainly Edinburgh postcards (a lot) 60-80
320.    19th century games compendium box retailed by W & J Milne, 126 Princes Street, Edinburgh, the outer box in poor state, 50-80
321.    Ships compass, housed in a pine box, 12cm 30-40
322.    Carl Zeiss, Jena, microscope, No 265316, boxed 30-40
323.    Porcupine quill box with a lift out tray having nine compartments, size overall 28 x 20 x 11cm 50-70
324.    Two copper and brass bugles (2) 20-40
325.    Four Royal Worcester egg coddlers, boxed (4) 10-15
326.    Mackintosh style mantle clock, brass desk inkwell, Epns and glass sugar castor, (3) 20-30
327.    Hexagonal enamel box and cover, Chinese enamel dish, two lacquered inro and a Limoges porcelain fruit box (5) 30-40
328.    Modern bracket clock, 28cm high 30-40
329.    Eichwald German Art Nouveau comport, with stylised flowers and handles to side, 26cm high 30-40
330.    Pair of Minton candlesticks, with black and white flowers, impressed date cipher and No. D2286, 31cm high 60-80
331.    Pair of Royal Doulton pottery vases with art nouveau swirling pattern, 25cm high (2) 50-70
332.    Murano glass basket with gold aventurine handle, 19cm long 20-30
333.    Rozenburg Den Haag pottery vase and cover, painted with stylised flowers and foliage, with printed backstamp, No.094, overall height 24cm 60-80
334.    Pewter claret jug and a pewter coffee pot, (2) 10-15
335.    Mixed lot to include a brass school bell, ARP first Aid box and contents and a mantle clock (3) 30-40
336.    Two steel spark / fire guards, with scrolling feet and twisted finials, largest 79 x 75cm 92) 50-70
337.    Celadon glazed craquelure table lamp base, on a wooden base, 35cm high excluding fitting 30-50
338.    Late 19th / early 20th century black thorn sword stick 100-120
339.    White metal sword scabbard, 85cm long 20-30
340.    Indian Tulwar sword with curved blade and leather scabbard, blade length approx 70cm 70-100
341.    Mixed metal wares to include a large brass bowl, oval pot, iron cauldron pot and pan, largest 58cm diameter (4) 30-40
342.    Staffordshire ironstone toilet set, with floral pattern, comprising a basin, ewer, two small vases and a soap dish, (5) 20-40
343.    Bronze patinated metal fireside companion set 20-30
344.    18th century Staffordshire figures Neptune and Venus on square line bases, 24cm high (Venus arm re stuck, some other damages) (2) 70-100
345.    Whitefriars pale blue glass bowl and another, (2) 30-40
346.    Quantity of coloured art glass to include Caithness, etc (9) 20-30
347.    Quantity of vintage glass bottles, (18) 20-30
348.    19th century white glazed teaset with small blue flower pattern (a lot) 20-30
349.    A collection of twelve vintage hickory shafted golf clubs (12) 30-50
350.    Brass gong and beater on a rectangular wooden wall plaque 30-40
351.    Three Staffordshire castle and house figures, tallest 21cm (3) 60-80
352.    Mixed lot of porcelain items to include a Royal Worcester Roanoke pattern bowl, Paragon Highland Queen pattern sugar bowl and cover, etc (6) 20-30
353.    Three Staffordshire cottage pastille burners together with a thatched roof house and a pair of smaller houses, tallest 17cm (6) 70-100
354.    Mixed lot to include a white glazed Temple Lion figure, Continental bisque figure, little mermaid figures, etc (4) 20-30
355.    Staffordshire Victoria and Albert flatback figure group, Royal Worcester cup and saucer, Continental porcelain figure group, etc (5) 30-40
356.    Carton containing cased Epns flatwares and brass candlesticks, etc (a lot) 30-40
357.    Various stamp albums and First Day covers, etc (a lot) 50-70
358.    Carton containing a quantity of brass and Epns wares to include trays, salver and candelabra, etc (a lot) 30-40
359.    Collection of vintage linen and table cloths, etc (a lot) 20-30
360.    Trix Twin Railways, Bayco building bricks, Tri-ang boxed items, etc (a lot) 40-50
361.    Mixed Epns wares to include flatwares, ladle and cruet set, etc (a lot) 20-30
362.    Boxed Corgi vehicles to include Sixty Years of Transport, Ford General Utility Car and The Dinky Collection Mercedes Benz Omnibus (a lot) 30-40
363.    Two vintage Teddy bears (a/f) 15-20
364.    Carton containing Middle Eastern brass and copper wares, to include scales, candlesticks, tray and bowls, etc (a lot) 30-40
365.    Carton of Epns wares to include bottle stands, swing handled basket, entree dish and flatwares, etc (a lot) 30-40
366.    19th century brass bound mahogany writing box 40-50
367.    Celadon glazed teaset, boxed. 20-30
368.    Mahogany and inlaid sewing box and a Japanese red lacquered sewing box (2) 30-40
369.    Collection of vintage cameras, etc (a lot) 20-30
370.    Vintage Box Brownie and a camera lens, etc (a lot) 20-30
371.    Pair of Tams blue lustre glazed vases with bird and flower pattern with gilt foliage, printed backstamps, 28cm high (2) 60-80
372.    Chinese famille rose spittoon / chamber pot, handle lacking and large chip to the rim, 22cm diameter 20-40
373.    19th century Wedgwood plate painted with an Alpine Scene by Emille Lessore , impressed backstamp, 24cm 80-100
374.    Korean celadon green glazed meiping vase with blossom and other floral pattern, 36cm high 60-80
375.    Amber glass vase with bubble inclusions, 20cm high 40-60
376.    Large continental pottery jar and cover with loop handles to side, painted with a hunting dog and stag scene, 42cm high 50-70
377.    Portmeirion Birds of Britain - Little Egret bowl, by Susan Williams Ellis, 29cm diameter 30-40
378.    Large blue and white Chinese style square table lamp on a wooden base, height excluding fitting 40cm 30-40
379.    Anna Lambert studio pottery candlestick the base surmounted with three chickens, signed to the base, some losses, 59cm high 30-40
380.    Faux bronze figural table lamp base on a white hardstone column base, with opaque glass flame shaped shade, size overall 60cm (a/f) 30-40
381.    Patinated spelter figural mantle clock, 40cm high 60-80
382.    Wooden wall bracket / shelf, 20cm long 20-30
383.    Mixed lot to include a chinoiserie waste paper bin, pottery fish jug, giltwood temple dog and an India Jane, London bee pattern fruit bowl, etc (a lot) 30-40
384.    19th century Spode porcelain egg stand, 15cm high 30-40
385.    Victorian mahogany framed stand with glazed needle work panel, on four bun feet, 57cm long 30-40
386.    Herbert Terry Angle poise lamp 30-40
387.    Walnut cased mantle clock with a silver dial and Arabic numerals, 40cm high 70-100
388.    Spelter candelabra table lamp base, 40cm high 30-40
389.    Chinoiserie black lacquered papier mache cabinet, the gilt patterned doors opening to reveal a set of five floral pattern drawers, 38 x 35 x 20cm 50-70
390.    Lacquered box, the hinged lid painted with carp, 28 x 19 x 22cm 30-40
391.    Stoneware head and shoulders bust of a Young boy, 29cm high 30-40
392.    Epns oval box together with a set of eight fruit shaped menu card holders (9) 30-40
393.    Wedgwood Cream Ware table lamp base and shade 20-30
394.    19th century walnut and brass bound writing box, 35 x 23cm, together with another (2) 70-100
395.    Large wooden bowl together with a smaller wooden tub, largest 53cm diameter (2) 40-60
396.    Large chinoiserie table lamp base and shade 30-40
397.    Large floor standing chinoiserie stand with a domed cover and matching stand, 112cm high excluding stand 60-80
398.    Circular mahogany framed wall clock, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals, retailed by Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh, 36cm diameter 60-80
399.    Oak framed barometer 20-30
400.    Children's vintage wooden coat hangers and a pair of metal glove stretchers, (a lot) 20-30
401.    Early 19th century needlework panel in a verre eglomise gilded frame, size overall 15 x 17cm 30-40
402.    19th century verse and flower sampler worked by Mary Johnson, aged 9 years, in a glazed frame, 50 x 55cm 70-100
403.    Canteen containing a set of six Epns and mother of pearl fruit knives and forks and a quantity of vintage Epns and Stainless steel flatwares to include Walker & Hall, etc (a lot) 70-100
404.    Two vintage brown leather cases, (2) 30-40
405.    19th century mahogany and brass bound writing slope box together with a canteen of twelve Epns fish knives and forks (a lot) 70-100
406.    Violin, two bows and fitted case (a lot) 30-40
407.    Collection of hardback Antique related collecting books to include Glass by George Savage, Candlesticks by Willis, Cabinet Makers & furniture Designers by Hugh Honor, etc (5) 20-30
408.    20th century Students microscope, in fitted box 20-30
409.    Early 20th century Czech violin, 56cm long 50-70
410.    Papier mache and abalone inlaid chess board together with a coloured glass chess board, largest 53cm (2) 30-40
411.    Two mahogany canteens each containing set of twelve Epns fish knives and forks, (a lot) 40-60
412.    Victorian black slate mantle clock, the enamel chapter ring with Roman numerals, and inscribed W. Marshall & Co, Edinburgh, 46 x 22cm 50-70
413.    Ferdinand Barbier, female nude, watercolour, unframed, 50 x 35cm 40-60
414.    Signed poster for Marillion - 2nd album, a signed poster of Fish and a signed poster for South Africa rock band - Seether, (3) 30-40
415.    Dream Theatre, Images & Words, limited edition gold disc, No. 3/50, in a glazed frame 60-80
416.    Victorian brass bound box, the domed top opening to reveal a lift out tray, 21 x 14cm, together with a pine cart, (2) 50-60
417.    Epns candelabra, three brass bowls and a pair of wine slides, (6) 30-50
418.    Bollinger's Champagne coloured print together with a print of Madame Lily Bollinger, (2) 20-30
419.    Three taxidermy hoof plaques, from Rallye Foret De Retz, (3) 60-70
420.    Stars & Stripes a coloured Steven Dews limited edition print, No. 684 / 850 in a glazed frame, size overall 110 x 90cm 50-60
421.    Set of five George Morland coloured prints to include Public House Door, The Horse Feeder, Feeding the Pigs, Dancing Dogs and Guinea Pigs,in verre eglomise frames, sizes overall 83 x 73cm (5) 100-150
422.    Ships clock in a brass and steel case, with Roman numerals to the enamel dial, overall diameter 19cm 60-80
423.    Art Deco chrome barograph and calendar, 27cm long 20-40
424.    Planchon Palais Royal mantle clock, 36cm high 50-60
425.    Brass theodolite in a fitted wooden box together with a black slate clock with silvered dial (a/f) (2) 30-50
426.    Two cartons containing a large collection of Victorian tiles to include Mintons etc, (a lot) 100-150
427.    Carton containing a collection of Victorian tiles to include Mintons etc, (a lot) 60-80
428.    Carton containing a collection of Victorian tiles to include Mintons etc, (a lot) 60-80
428A.   A red chinoiserie charger and a pair of black lacquered and abalone chargers, largest 50cm diameter (3) 60-80
429.    Gilt framed mirror with mythical beast cresting to top, 120 x 77cm 60-80
429A.   Bronze patinated metal horse and pony figure group, 30cm long 50-70
430.    vintage croquet set, in a pine box 40-60
430A.   The Survey Atlas of Scotland, 1912 edition 20-40
431.    Two white cotton and lace edged christening gowns (2) 20-30
431A.   A quantity of vintage map and wall charts, etc Battle of Culloden engraved print, etc (a lot) 50-70