Antique & interiors Sale on 18/01/20

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1.      George V silver cigarette box, Birmingham 1925, 14 x 9cm 30-40
2.      Victorian silver single cigar case, Birmingham 1891, 12cm long 30-40
3.      A cased set of six Sheffield silver pastry forms, together with a Royal Crown Derby porcelain handled bottle opener (2) 20-30
4.      George V silver pie crust salver, Chester 1927, 20cm diameter 70-100
5.      George V silver teapot, Jay Richard Attenborough Co Ltd, Sheffield 1919 150-180
6.      George VI silver cream jug, Sheffield 1937, 12cm high 30-50
7.      Mexican silver Sombrero, Maciel Mexico, stamped 925, 11cm wide 20-30
8.      A collection of Georgian and Victorian Edinburgh silver spoons with mixed makers and dates, together with a quantity of Epns flatwares, (a lot) 50-70
9.      19th century tiepin with ivory Cameo and yellow metal frame 15-20
10.     An 18 carat white gold five stone diamond ring, UK ring size K 150-200
11.     Gold and enamel George V ring, UK ring size U 100-150
12.     Antique brooch, set with a row of five fresh water pearls, within an unmarked gold frame, 4cm long together with two banded agate and yellow metal button hooks, (3) 80-100
13.     Early 20th century gold and platinum bar brooch, collet set with a cushion cut ruby flanked by bright cut diamonds, 5cm long 100-150
14.     Pair of 9 carat gold hoop earrings together with a amber and yellow metal brooch and similar pendant and a yellow metal mounted locket (4) 40-60
15.     A collection of silver and white metal jewellery to include brooches and rings, etc (a lot) 20-40
16.     Gemset dress ring on an unmarked white and yellow metal band, UK ring size O together with a pair of 18 carat gold hoop earrings and a pair of yellow metal Indian style drop earrings (3) 150-200
17.     Two Eastern white metal dishes and two Indian style boxes (4) 20-30
18.     Set of six Sheffield silver and mother of pearl handled fruit knives and forks, contained within a mahogany box, Sheffield 1924 60-80
19.     Victorian silver christening mug, London 1839, 10cm high 30-50
20.     Victorian silver bonbon dish, Chester 1895, 16cm diameter 20-40
21.     George V silver four piece condiment set comprising a pair of pepper pots, two salts and a mustard with blue glass liners, London 1932 (4) 70-100
22.     A collection of silver items to include napkin rings, salt spoons, sugar bowl and armada dish, with various hallmarks, (a lot) 70-100
23.     Silver sauce boat, Birmingham 1951 20-30
24.     Silver trinket box and cover of oval form , with foliate repousee pattern, 9.5cm 20-30
25.     Edwardian silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1909 together with another circa 1908 (2) 50-70
26.     Silver caddy spoon, Birmingham 1964 together with silver needle case and a Chester silver fob medal (3) 50-70
27.     Georg Jensen silver gilt and enamel 1974 year spoon and a Scandinavian silver gilt and enamel spoon (2) 20-30
28.     George V silver box, with hinged lid and cedar lining, Chester 1912 together with a Everest silver lighter (2) 30-40
29.     George V silver case, the interior inscribed Gleneagles 1929, Birmingham 1929, 6.5cm 20-30
30.     A collection of silver, white metal and brass spoons and ladles, etc (a lot) 30-40
31.     Three Birmingham silver napkin rings, a silver Brandy decanter label and a QEII silver armada dish, (5) 30-40
32.     London silver topped glass jar together with a glass preserve jar with Epns cover and spoon (2) 10-20
33.     Early 20th century tortoiseshell page turner with white metal collar and shagreen handle, 43cm long 70-100
34.     Silver cigarette box, the hinged lid with engine turned decoration and stylised celtic borders, Birmingham 1959, 17 x 12cm 30-50
35.     A collection of 12 gilt metal costume jewellery brooches (12) 15-25
36.     Cased set of Epns berry spoons together with a cased set of six mother of pearl handled fruit knives (2) 20-40
37.     A collection of silver and white metal jewellery to include delft brooch, earrings and bracelet etc, (a lot) 20-30
38.     Tortoiseshell and abalone inlaid card case with white metal cartouche, 11cm 30-40
39.     A collection of silver and white metal miniatures to include a chair, telephone and bicycle, etc (5) 30-40
40.     Gents gold plated Rotary wristwatch, the circular dial with hour baton markers and date aperture, on a bracelet strap together with a silver and white metal charm bracelet (2) 40-60
41.     A collection of silver and white metal items to include a baby's rattle, pill box, page turners, coin bracelet, napkin ring, button hooks and shoe horn etc (a lot) 40-60
42.     A cased set of six silver coffee spoons, Birmingham 1947 20-30
43.     A cased set of six Walker & Hall silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1951 20-30
44.     9 carat white gold sapphire and diamond dress ring, UK ring size K 150-200
45.     Edinburgh silver Curling brooch 10-15
46.     A collection of silver items to include a small funnel, match striker and a pill box (3) 30-40
47.     A cased set of six London silver teaspoons and sugar tongs together with a cased set of six Sheffield silver teaspoons (2) 20-40
48.     Edwardian ivory and silver collared page turner, Birmingham 1905, 44cm long 60-80
49.     Silver card tray with shell border, Birmingham 1972, 17cm diameter 70-100
50.     George V silver presentation tray by Walker & Hall, the oval outline with leaf scroll rims, Sheffield 1900, 46cm long 250-350
51.     Mixed lot to include costume jewellery, silver trinket box and enamel clock (a/f) (a lot) 20-30
52.     Mixed lot to include a Thai white metal and niello cigarette case and another, white metal snake bangle and a vintage powder compact (a lot) 40-50
53.     Two paste set bracelets and a baby's Sterling silver bangle (3) 20-30
54.     A cased set of six Lindisfarne silver teaspoons, Reid & Sons, Sheffield 1987 (6) 30-40
55.     Pair of 9 carat gold cufflinks and a pair of silver cufflinks (2) 50-70
56.     A pair of silver dishes in fitted case, makers marks for AT Canon Ltd, Birmingham 1971 (2) 30-50
57.     A pair of cufflinks with 9 carat gold backs and Chinese yellow metal fronts, stamped WH (2) 70-100
58.     A mixed lot of silver and Epns items to include a quaich and a trinket box, etc (a lot) 30-40
59.     Silver items to include two armada dishes, a pair of salad servers and two ladles (6) 50-70
60.     Ruskin high shouldered baluster vase with an orange lustre glaze, with impressed backstamps, 27.5 cm high 50-70
61.     Bough Scottish pottery jug painted with Tulips by Richard Amour with printed backstamps, 14cm high 40-60
62.     Bough Scottish pottery vase, the blue ground painted with fruit and vine by Elizabeth Amour, with printed backstamps, numbered 4/23, 27.5cm high 50-70
63.     Moorcroft vase, tubeline decorated with pansy pattern, facsimile signature and impressed back stamps, 10cm high 80-120
64.     Moorcroft baluster vase, tubeline decorated in the Pomegranate pattern, facsimile signature and impressed backstamps, 18cm high 80-120
65.     Moorcroft vase in the Pomegranate pattern with impressed backstamps, 13cm 40-60
66.     Moorcroft baluster vase with cobalt blue ground and floral pattern, with facsimile signature and impressed backstamps, 18cm 80-120
67.     Quantity of English tea bowls and saucers to include Worcester etc., (11) 40-60
68.     Royal Doulton spittoon, together with a Bretby orange glazed bowl, (2) 30-40
69.     Wemyss jug, the white ground with purple flowers and green handle, with impressed back stamps, 15cm high 50-70
70.     Mak Merry Scottish pottery oval bowl painted with fruit and flowers to a yellow and white ground, with printed back stamps, 26 x 10cm 50-70
71.     Scottish art glass vase, together with an Austrian style iridescent vase and cover and a Caithness style etched glass bird shooting vase, tallest 23cm high, (3) 30-40
72.     iittala, Finland glass bird, designed by O. Toikka, 23cm long 50-70
73.     Venetian glass bowl with pink and aventurine inclusions, 12 x 7cm 20-30
74.     19th century air twist spiral stem glass with trumpet bowl, 17.5cm high 70-100
75.     Vintage silver nitrate brown glass bottle and cover together with three various glass measures etc., (5) 20-30
76.     Three Bough Scottish pottery toast racks 50-70
77.     Two Bough Scottish pottery jugs, both by Richard Amour and painted with fruit and flowers, with printed back stamps, largest 12cm high 60-80
78.     Mixed lot to include a glass rolling pin, wooden butter pats, cribbage board, inkwells and a carved wooden plaque etc., (a lot) 30-40
79.     Collection of Wemyss 'Jazzy' patterned pottery to include a jug, bowl, teapot and a small Lady Eva vase, tallest 16cm, (4) 100-150
80.     Collection of Wemyss ware to include four pottery jars, 5cm high, and two small plates in various patterns, (6) 80-120
81.     Collection of Bough Scottish pottery to include a beaker, two miniature vases and a preserve jar and cover, tallest 10cm, (4) 100-150
82.     Collection of Pratt ware pot lids to include two jars, one framed and five others, (8) 40-60
83.     Liberty & Co hand beaten pewter bowl and a Liberty teapot with ebonised handle, together with an English pewter hexagonal twin handled biscuit box, (3) 60-80
84.     Two Nao porcelain figures to include a violinist and a cellist, tallest 19cm, (2) 25-35
85.     Nao Duck and two white glazed Pelicans, tallest 14cm, (3) 15-20
86.     Spanish porcelain rearing Horse figure, 24cm high 20-30
87.     Two 18th century pottery tea caddy's in Pratt colours, one possibly Scottish East Coast, tallest 17cm, (2) 100-150
88.     Holloway's Ointment jar and cover 15-25
89.     C & SO, pottery figure of a Fishwife, 18cm high 20-30
90.     Sponge ware pottery Lighthouse, possibly Scottish East Coast, together with another figure group, tallest 22cm, (2) 40-60
91.     English dessert service with blue borders, gilt edged rims and hand painted floral sprays comprising set of eleven plates, a large comport, five serving dishes and a sucrier and cover on stand (a lot) 50-70
92.     Two Venetian glass vases with floral moulded stoppers, tallest 29cm, (2) 70-100
93.     Royal Copenhagen porcelain baluster vase with flowers to a pale blue ground, number 2629 to the base, 29cm high 30-40
94.     Collection of 19th century Derby to include two miniature vases, another small vase and cover in the Imari pallet and another larger painted with fruit, an English porcelain floral encrusted pot pourri jar and cover and likely a continental porcelain bell (a/f), tallest 16cm, (6) 60-80
95.     Delft blue and white lobbed baluster vase painted with figures and flowers, 22cm high, together with a Delft sugar castor, (2) 50-70
96.     Pair of Rockingham porcelain cabinet plates, together with a Capodimonte Swan Service bowl, (3) 30-40
97.     Collection of sixteen Goebel figures to include 'Spring Cheer', 'Merry Wanderer' etc., (16) 50-70
98.     Tuscan pottery Decoro Art Deco vase, together with a Staffordshire Imari patterned bowl with Epns rim, (2) 15-20
99.     Royal Doulton figures to include 'My Teddy' HN2177, 'Tootle's' HN1680 and 'Bo Peep' HN1811, tallest 13cm, (3) 20-40
100.    Royal Doulton figure 'The Piper' HN2907, 21cm high 20-30
101.    Three Royal Worcester Freda Doughty figures to include 'May', 'September', and 'Wednesday's Child', with printed back stamps, tallest 17.5cm, (3) 40-50
102.    Two English pottery figures to include a Male Musician and another of a Female with a Cherub and Floral Bocage, both on Rococo style bases, tallest 21cm (2) 70-100
103.    Salt glazed tea / coffee pot, together with a Rockingham brown glazed teapot with gilt floral sprays (a/f), tallest 22cm, (2) 30-40
104.    Shelley floral patterned fine bone china teaset, comprising nine cups, eleven saucers, (20) 60-80
105.    Quantity of English porcelain coffee cans and cups, (a large lot) 70-100
106.    Chinese carved bamboo box and cover, 16cm high 30-40
107.    Japanese earthenware high shouldered baluster vase, together with a Chinese blue and white vase with brown rims, tallest, 25cm, (2) 30-40
108.    Royal Copenhagen 'Terrier' and a 'Robin', together with a Japanese white porcelain figure of a Dog 20-30
109.    Bohemian overlaid glass vase and bowl with painted panels depicting figures and flowers, 15cm, (2) 40-60
110.    Belleek 'Shamrock' pattered porcelain to include a cauldron and a cream jug, tallest 8cm, (2) 20-30
111.    Collection of 19th century glass flasks and bottles, some with stoppers, some with gilt borders and others with etched flowers, tallest 17cm high, (11) 70-100
112.    Collection of English porcelain table wares to include a tazza, four serving dishes and a Rockingham style jug, (6) 40-60
113.    Collection of three Nao porcelain female figures, tallest 26cm 30-40
114.    Pair of Sitzendorf porcelain male and female figures, a terracotta piper, a white glazed cherub and a Crown Staffordshire white glazed bird perched on a stump, designed and modelled by J.T. Jones, tallest 13.5cm, (5) 30-40
115.    Collection of English and continental porcelain cabinet cups and saucers to include Herend, Coalport and Staffordshire blue and white etc., (17) 20-30
116.    Meissen blue and white shell shaped dish, two triangular Cauldon blue and white Meissen pattern dishes and a pair of Royal China Works Worcester shells, (5) 30-40
117.    Two Beswick Norman Thelwell horse figure groups, with printed back stamps, tallest 10cm, (2) 30-50
118.    English porcelain bat printed plate with scalloped gilt edged rim, likely Worcester, 19cm diameter 50-70
119.    Cut glass flower vase with Birmingham silver rim, crystal bowl and basket and an Epns mounted claret jug, (4) 20-40
120.    Davenport 'Imari' patterned twelve place teaset comprising cups, saucers, side plates, sugar bowl and cream jug, (38) 50-70
121.    Two Wemyss Scottish pottery fruit patterned bowls (restored) (2) 50-70
122.    Epns four piece tea and coffee set together with a matching Epns claret jug, a glass decanter and stopper and two brandy glasses, (8) 20-40
123.    Victorian Staffordshire teaset 10-15
124.    Rubyan art pottery cube teapot 20-30
125.    Wemyss ware heart shaped pottery dish painted with Cockerels, with impressed and printed backstamps, retailed by T. Goode & Co, South Audley Street, London, 30 x 26cm 70-100
126.    Punt e mes, Carpano Aperitivo two bottles, together with a Aloxe-Corton, 1957 (3) 20-40
127.    Set of six cut and etched glasses, (6) 10-15
128.    Trade Aid number 550 enameled teapot and cover, together with an Austrian enamel pin dish and an Indian white metal and enamel trinket box (3) 20-30
129.    Large cut crystal flower vase, 29cm high 20-30
130.    19th century mahogany sarcophagus shaped tea caddy box with a hinged lid, void interior with brass escutcheon and four brass bun feet, 21 x 15cm 40-60
131.    Staffordshire lustre glazed agate style teapot and cover, together with a Manson's Scottish studio pottery vase, tallest 15cm, (2) 20-30
132.    Ormolu and hardstone candlestick with detachable cover and raised on three feet, size overall 31cm 60-80
133.    WMF three division dish with a female figural handle and three divisions, 32 x 18cm 40-60
134.    Arts & Crafts copper twin handled vase in the manner of John Pearson, with fish pattern, 20cm high 40-60
135.    Collection of Scottish hand painted pottery to include Strathyre blue glazed bowl and cover and two Mak Merry bowls, a Bough square bowl and another, all with printed backstamps, (5) 100-150
136.    Dresden porcelain floral encrusted jar and cover, together with a continental star shaped dish and a Minton Hadden Hall bowl, (3) 20-30
137.    Three Nao Spanish porcelain female figures, tallest 24cm, (3) 20-30
138.    Wedgwood blue Jasper Campana urn vase on a square plinth base, impressed back stamps, 23cm high 50-80
139.    Collection of Margery Clinton studio pottery to include two small square pots and two square vases, tallest 12cm, with printed back stamps and all dating to the 1980's, (4) 50-70
140.    Chinese carved bamboo jar and cover together with a wooden tobacco jar and cover of barrel form, tallest 14cm, (2) 30-40
141.    Margery Clinton, a pair of black glazed squat vases with yellow lustre pattern and pinched top rim, with printed back stamps, dated 1988, 7.5cm high, (2) 40-60
142.    Margery Clinton black and lustre glazed vases with impressed monogram and dated 1988, tallest, 12cm, (2) 40-60
143.    Royal Staffordshire ceramics, by Clarice Cliff, Art Deco bowl, 27cm wide 20-30
144.    Margery Clinton, group of four black and lustre glazed studio pottery vases with printed monogram's and dated 1987, tallest 12cm, (4) 50-70
145.    Pair of blue glazed and gold lustre studio pottery vases, together with a bowl with printed back stamps, dated '83 and '84 and the bowl dated 1999, tallest 13cm, (3) 60-80
146.    Royal Worcester 'Sweet Dreams' figure, sculpted by Maureen Halson, together with a Coalport figure of 'Cleopatra', tallest 24cm, (2) 15-20
147.    Cut glass liquor set comprising decanter, stopper, six glasses and an oval tray, (8) 20-39
148.    Pair of green glass and silver overlay moulded plates, together with another with gilt floral border, diameter 30cm, (3) 15-20
149.    Brass wares to include an engraved candle holder, two chamber sticks and a brass cube, tallest 19cm, (4) 20-30
150.    Collection of three Indian wooden painted sweet making utensils and a wooden spoon, (4) 15-20
151.    John Crawford (Mid Century School), 'Landscape I,' ,Mixed Media Collage, Framed, 89 x 73cm 40-60
152.    C. Stanley Todd, 'Wet Day nr Dalwhinnie', Watercolour, signed and dated 1980, with a McEwan Gallery label verso, in a glazed giltwood frame, 71 x 50cm 50-70
153.    20th Century School, 'Woodland Landscape', Oil-on-Board, apparently unsigned, in a giltwood frame, 38 x 58cm 40-60
154.    Henry Wilkinson, 'Huntsman and Gundog', Oil on Canvas, signed, in a giltwood frame, 64.5 x 50cm 200-300
155.    After George Romney, 'Lady Hamilton with a Dog', Print, in a gilt frame, 49 x 63cm 30-40
156.    Adam Robson (Scottish 1928 - 2007), 'Aspect of Crail', Oil-on-Board, with a Royal Scottish Academy 1969 Royal Exhibition label verso, signed, dated and framed, 90 x 43cm 150-200
157.    After William Gear, Abstract, Oil-on-Canvas, Framed, 60 x 65cm 30-50
158.    William P. Vannet, 'Old Trawler, Fraserburgh', Watercolour, with a Royal Scottish Academy label verso, signed and dated '67, in a glazed frame 40-60
159.    Jean M. Ford, 'Still Life of Hyacinth Bulbs', Gouache, Signed, in a glazed frame, 35 x 39cm 40-60
160.    Fredrick Leighton, 'River Landscape', Watercolour, signed, in a glazed frame, 28 x 38cm 40-60
161.    John Blair, 'Highland Scene with Cattle', Watercolour, in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, 50 x 32cm 60-80
162.    John Blair, 'Highland Scene with Cattle', Watercolour, in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, 50 x 32cm 60-80
163.    In the manner of Clarkson Stanfield, 'Naval Ships manouvering in rough Seas' , Watercolour, apparently unsigned, in a glazed frame, 33 x 43cm 40-60
164.    Harry MacGregor (Kirkcudbright School), 'River Landscape', Watercolour, signed, in a glazed frame, 38 x 28cm 40-60
165.    19th Century School, 'Highland River Scene', Watercolour, apparently unsigned, in a glazed giltwood frame, 37 x 30cm 30-40
166.    James Kinnear Scottish School, 'Figures by a Country Stream' Watercolour, signed, in an ornate giltwood frame, 44 x 30cm 100-150
167.    Lerwick - Zetland, a coloured print from a cruise in Scotch waters by Lord John Manners, in a glazed frame, 37 x 29cm 20-30
168.    Jean Leslie, 'Sunset Tanera', Oil-on-Board, signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 55 x 34cm 60-80
169.    Ian Oates, Limited edition coloured print of a Gundog, in a glazed frame, 32 x 43cm 15-20
170.    W. Fraser, 'Town Square with Church Steeple', Watercolour, signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 53 x 37cm 50-70
171.    Will Datson, 'Three Paddlers (one with hat and sunglasses), Pencil and Gouache, dated 1994, in a glazed frame, 25 x 17cm 30-40
172.    20th Century School, 'Female Figure in a Woodland', Oil-on-Board, Signed indistinctly in a giltwood frame, 23.5 x 29cm 50-70
173.    Contemporary School, Acrylic on Canvas, apparently unsigned, framed, 39 x 39cm 30-40
174.    Pair of 19th century Naval Ship watercolours, to include H.M.S. Algerine entering Rio de Janeiro, August 1st 1832, and another, in glazed frames, 32.5 x 22cm, (2) 70-100
175.    Two coloured bird prints in glazed frames, 26 x 20cm, (2) 20-30
176.    Gerry Goldwyre, 'Shore Scene with a distant Island', Watercolour,signed and dated indistinctly, 22 x 16cm 30-40
177.    Archibald Thorburn, pair of coloured prints of birds to include 'Sooty Tern' and 'Caspian Tern', in glazed frames, 20 x 15cm (2) 20-40
178.    Contemporary School, 'Moored Boats in a Harbour' Oil-on-Board, signed indistinctly, 31 x 13cm 20-30
179.    H. Turner, companion pair of Shore Scene watercolours, signed, in giltwood frames, 24 x 17cm 30-40
180.    Head and shoulders oval portrait of a Gent, apparently unsigned, oil, in a glazed giltwood frame, 42 x 34cm 50-80
181.    Three Japanese coloured woodblock prints, in glazed frames, 23.5 x 35.5cm, (3) 30-40
182.    Collection of framed Fishing Flies to include Gordon Ranger, (2) 20-30
183.    Mark Van Hoygen, 'Street Scene', Pastel, signed bottom left and dated 1988, in a silver gilt wood frame, 38 x 20cm 60-100
184.    Two 20th Century still life to include a gouache and an acrylic in glazed frames, apparently unsigned, largest 36 x 29cm, (2) 20-40
185.    Jackie Anderson, 'Dreads' Pastel, signed bottom right,in a glazed frame, 25 x 25 30-40
186.    Jean Gardner, companion pair of landscape gouache, signed, in glazed frames, largest 17 x 23cm, (2) 30-40
187.    Pair of Japanese mother of pearl and bone panels depicting flowers, bird and foliage, in chinoiserie frames, sizes overall 43 x 68cm, (2) 50-70
188.    Large gilt framed canvas of a Gent in Military attire, 93 x 100cm 50-100
189.    Continental School, 'Woodland Landscape with Figures seated beneath a Tree', Oil-on-Canvas, signed indistinctly in an ornate giltwood frame, 88 x 58cm 80-120
190.    The Golfers - A grand match played over St. Andrew's Links' , a coloured lithographic print, in a large glazed frame, 90 x 60cm 50-80
191.    Harry Emmett, 'Nr Cahills, Lookout, Katoomba' Oil-on-Board, signed, 29 x 22cm 40-60
192.    The Party' Artist proof coloured screen print, in a glazed frame, 29 x 25cm 30-40
193.    Helen Jackson', In the Garden No.2', Acrylic, 19 x 19cm 30-40
194.    Jack Moncur, 'Sea Loch, October', Oil, 6.5 x 6.5cm, in a glazed giltwood frame 15-25
195.    Pair of framed Art Nouveau style prints in glazed giltwood frames, largest 21 x 42cm 15-20
196.    Collection of twelve coloured prints of Edinburgh, in glazed Hogarth frames, (12) 50-70
197.    Carton containing a quantity of prints, etchings etc, (a lot) 20-30
198.    Set of four coloured bird prints containing within faux burrwood glazed frames (4) 20-30
199.    Captain James Cook, Framed coloured print 5-10
200.    Silver giltwood rectangular framed wall mirror, 119 x 80cm 50-70
201.    An Eastern rug, the yellow and blue field with geometric motifs, 196 x 125cm 50-70
202.    An Eastern rug, the beige field with multiple geometric borders, 188 x 155cm 50-70
203.    Julian Chichester two-seater Zebra sofa upholstered in purple textured fabric with mid century style dark wood frames, 88 x 130cm 150-200
204.    19th century mahogany breakfront sideboard, 98 x 184cm 150-180
205.    Pair of upholstered armchairs, with dark wood show frames, carved legs and claw feet, 103 x 63cm, (2) 100-150
206.    Mahogany glazed corner cupboard, 107 x 78cm 20-40
207.    Ebonised piano stool, 59 x 50cm 20-40
208.    Liberty type oak ledgeback cabinet, (a/f) 152 x 180cm 100-150
209.    Chinoiserie style hardwood seat/stool, 52 x 120cm 70-100
210.    Oak cabinet, the rectangular top above two short drawers and two cupboard doors, 88 x 122cm 70-100
211.    Julian Chichester two-seater Zebra sofa upholstered in yellow plush fabric, with mid century inspired dark wood frame, , 88 x 130cm 150-200
212.    Pair of mahogany balloon back side chairs, 84 x 46cm, (2) 20-40
213.    Julian Chichester two-seater Zebra sofa upholstered in purple textured fabric, with mid century inspired frame, 88 x 130cm 150-200
214.    Contemporary grey upholstered Knole sofa, with drop ends and black rope tassels, 105 x 107cm 120-150
215.    Contemporary grey upholstered Knole type love seat with drop ends, 105 x 118cm 70-100
216.    Chinoiserie hardwood low side table, 36 x 70cm 40-60
217.    Artist easel, 85 x 50cm 15-20
218.    Green vinyl wing back armchair on cabriole legs, 105 x 76cm 60-80
219.    Mahogany Pembroke table, 72 x 82cm 60-80
220.    Mahogany chest, stamped handmade in Chicago, on claw and ball feet, 85 x 138cm 100-150
221.    Arts & Crafts walnut and elm centre table, the oval top with studded edge, on a lyre base, 72 x 132cm 50-70
222.    A pair of Arts & Crafts oak open armchairs, with vinyl upholstered seats 110 x 58cm, (2) 60-80
223.    Carved oak dresser with a glazed door flanked by turned uprights, over two frieze drawers and pair of cupboard doors with Green Man style handles, 172 x 154cm 80-120
224.    Chinoiserie hardwood altar style table, 68 x 88cm 70-100
225.    19th century mahogany foldover demi lune games table with single drawer and square tapering legs, 75 x 105cm 100-150
226.    Julian Chichester burnished brass framed bookcase / display shelves, with two open shelves over two drawers above two cupboard doors, 220 x 112cm 80-120
227.    Victorian painted satinwood work table, with flower and fantail motifs, of oval form with a frieze drawer and fabric panels, on tapering legs, 74 x 62cm 150-180
228.    19th Century mahogany tilt top dining table, on a baluster column base with splayed quadripartite legs 74 x 154cm 150-180
229.    19th Century mahogany pedestal pembroke table with drop ends and quadripartite splayed legs, 74 x 92cm 120-150
230.    Anglo Indian padouk and brass inlaid trunk, the lift up top revealing a lift out tray, 38 x 62cm 200-300
231.    Queen Anne style mahogany dressing table / desk, the concave top with moulded edge and inset brown leather skivver, over an arrangement of nine drawers, with Carolean style stretcher and bun feet, 74 x 84cm 150-250
232.    Set of six early 19th century mahogany dining chairs, with curved top rails and carved shell splats, front sabre legs, 86 x 48cm (6) 200-300
233.    Set of three late Victorian painted satinwood open armchairs with lyre splat backs, upholstered seats and ring turned legs, 84 x 55cm (3) 200-250
234.    Belouch rug, the red field with blue lattice motifs, 253 x 123cm 60-80
235.    Belouch rug, the red field with blue lattice motifs,260 x 130cm 60-80
236.    Large Belouch rug, the red field with blue lattice motifs, 394 x 228cm 100-150
237.    19th century rosewood Davenport, with sliding top and gallery, with green leather slope and fitted interior, 82 x 54cm 200-250
238.    Cream upholstered footstool, 32 x 95cm 30-40
239.    19th century mahogany tea table with moulded fold over top opening to a void interior above a dummy frieze drawer, on cabriole legs, 74 x 72cm 250-350
240.    19th century provincial French oak dresser with a shelved back above two drawers over a pair of panelled cupboard doors, 205 x 152cm 250-350
241.    19th century rosewood chiffonier with a ledgeback over two drawers and pair of cupboard doors, 116 x 90cm 120-150
242.    Georgian mahogany, satinwood and inlaid sideboard with four tambour doors above a bow front top, with three frieze drawers over a pair of tambour doors, flanked by cupboards, on square tapering supports, 102 x 208cm 400-500
243.    Oak panelled chest / trunk, the front carved with initials and date 1696, 113 x 61cm 200-250
244.    Three Parker Knoll upholstered armchairs, 81 x 66cm, (3) 60-80
245.    18th century carved oak coffer, with hinged top and triple panelled front, 74 x 120cm 150-180
246.    19th century mahogany breakfast table, the rectangular top with rounded edge, on a spiral carved column with four outswept legs 150-180
247.    19th century mahogany linen press with three quarter gallery to top above a pair of cupboard doors over two short drawers, 142 x 116cm 200-300
248.    Regency rosewood foldover card table, with a green baize interior on scrolled side supports with turned stretcher and lotus bun feet 74 x 92cm 200-300
249.    Georgian mahogany kneehole desk, the rectangular top with ledgeback and moulded edge, over a recess cupboard, blind fret frieze and arrangement of seven drawers, 84 x 84cm 300-400
250.    Early 19th Victorian mahogany centre table with oval tilt top and and lotus carved column, 72 x 150cm 120-150
251.    Edwardian Turkey Sponge mahogany glazed cabinet, 168 x 80cm 300-400
252.    A pair of Stag bedside cabinets, 52 x 55cm 20-40
253.    Mahogany plant stand with circular top and undertier, 101 x 36cm 20-40
254.    Early 20th century side table with pull out slide and on square tapering legs, 70 x 52cm 30-40
255.    Pair of brass two tier etagere / side tables 60 x 52cm 70-100
256.    Art Nouveau brass standard lamp and shade, 148cm high 50-70
257.    Mahogany and inlaid secretaire chest, with fall front, pull out slides and three long drawers, 98 x 78cm 60-80
258.    Three tier trolley, 72 x 78cm 10-20
259.    Gordon Russell teak dining table and set of six spar back chairs, (7) 80-120
260.    Pair of mahogany spar back side chairs with upholstered slip in seats and cabriole legs, 94 x 56cm (2) 30-40
261.    19th century mahogany three quarter ledgeback table with two frieze drawers and turned tapering legs, 87 x 92cm 80-120
262.    Vintage two tier trolley, 64 x 66cm 10-15
263.    A Canterbury of typical form with a drawer to the base 56cm 30-40
264.    Pair of mahogany splat back side chairs, 98 x 47cm (2) 20-30
265.    Georgian Scottish rosewood card table in the manner of William Trotter, 76 x 98cm 500-700
266.    Two seater drop end settee, 70 x 160cm 70-100
267.    Reproduction breakfront cabinet with a green hardstone top, 90 x 140cm 40-60
268.    A mahogany framed footstool with tapestry top and raised on claw and ball feet, 26 x 95cm 20-40
269.    A pair of fruitwood framed side chairs with upholstered seat and slender tapering legs, 88 x 42cm (2) 20-30
270.    Stained hardwood cabinet / low table 10-15
271.    Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror, 78 x 68cm 30-40
272.    Bedroom chair with floral patterned loose cover, 90 x 50cm 30-40
273.    Panelled oak coffer, 46 x 78cm 60-80
274.    Nest of three tables (3) 10-15
275.    Drinks cabinet in the form of a globe, 94 x 54cm 30-40
276.    Edwardian mahogany shield shaped mirror on stand with triple splayed feet, 158 x 40cm 70-100
277.    Mahogany towel rail, 88 x 70cm 20-40
278.    Two mahogany side chairs, 93 x 50cm (2) 20-40
279.    19th century spice cabinet, with two doors opening to reveal a shelved interior, 50 x 47cm 120-150
280.    Lloyd Loom style laundry basket 10-15
281.    Oak standard lamp, 150cm high 10-15
282.    Early 20th century painted side table with hexagonal top and cross stretcher, 48 x 42cm 50-70
283.    Gordon Russell sideboard, the rectangular top over three central long drawers flanked by cupboard doors, on tapering legs, 87 x 142cm 80-120
284.    19th century mahogany desk, the rectangular top with rounded edges, over three frieze drawers, with panelled cupboards to the pedestals, 83 x 123cm 120-150
285.    Mahogany ledgeback display cabinet, with a central cupboard flanked by a pair of glazed doors, opening to reveal a shelved interior, on cabriole legs, 136 x 123cm 30-50
286.    19th century mahogany desk, the rectangular top with an inset red leather skivver, over an arrangement of nine drawers, 74 x 108cm 100-150
287.    A mahogany purdonium, 58 x 62cm 30-40
288.    Mahogany bow front chest of small proportions, with four graduating long drawers and bracket feet, 76 x 80cm 100-150
289.    19th century mahogany linen press with lift up top, pair of cupboard doors over two drawers with brass handles, on bracket feet, 84 x 127cm 150-200
290.    Vintage travel trunk containing a bedpan, parasol and shooting sticks, etc (a lot) 20-40
291.    Footstool with green upholstered top, 20 x 40cm 10-15
292.    Metal trunk containing a quantity of vintage tools (a lot) 30-40
293.    Oak ledgeback secretaire cabinet, 114 x 92cm 50-70
294.    Walnut ledgeback beside cabinet, 68 x 42cm 20-30
295.    Mahogany corner chair with tapestry seat, 76 x 64cm 40-60
296.    Contemporary woolen rug, the red field with allover foliate pattern, 120 x 170cm 20-40
297.    Turkish runner, the red field with triple pole medallion, 340 x 94cm 50-70
298.    Contemporary woollen rug, the red field with allover foliate pattern, 120 x 179cm 20-40
299.    Contemporary woollen rug, the beige field with allover foliate pattern, 120 x 179cm 20-40
300.    Contemporary woollen rug, the beige field with allover foliate pattern, 120 x 179cm 20-40
301.    Studio pottery stoneware pot and cover in the manner of David Leach, painted with oak leaf pattern, together with a Studio pottery bowl, tallest 12cm, (2) 20-40
302.    Set of five Bjorn Wiinblad for Nymolle, Denmark, plaques (5) 20-30
303.    Collection of nine Goebel's figures to include Angels, Santa and a Robin, tallest 12cm, (9) 30-40
304.    Victorian Staffordshire 'Imari' patterned teaset (a lot) 20-30
305.    Set of six Marlo Hamilton 'Clans of Scotland' pottery figures, 9.5cm high, (6) 30-40
306.    Quantity of chess pieces contained over three boxes, one box marked Jaques & Son, London (a lot) 20-40
307.    19th century mahogany caddy box of sarcophagus shape with a hinged lid, 30 x 15cm 30-40
308.    Bing & Grondahl Danish porcelain Magpie, (tail damaged), with printed backstamp, 33cm long 20-30
309.    Faux bronze table lamp, 40cm high excluding fitting 20-30
310.    Italian style glass vessel, circa mid 20th century with a circular bowl on a spiraling tapered column with red rims, 32.5cm high 30-40
311.    Chinese armorial porcelain punch bowl with gilt metal rim, complete with hardwood stamp, (a/f), 26.5cm diameter 30-40
312.    Pair of gilt wood table lamp bases, 51cm high excluding fitting, (2) 30-50
313.    Opaque glass table epergne, size overall 54.5cm high 50-70
314.    Art Deco burrwood table lamp base 10-15
315.    Collection of Insurance wall plaques to include Liverpool & London and Globe & Norwich Union etc., (8) 20-40
316.    Border Fine Arts 'On the Farm' figure and a Beswick Pig (restored), (2) 10-15
317.    Italian marble christening bowl with four birds perched around the rim, (a/f) 60-80
318.    Pair of 19th century paper fans with turned wooden handles together with a circular brass photograph frame (3) 30-40
319.    Vintage tin containing a quantity of glass stoppers (a lot) 10-15
320.    Brass 'The Kings' rectangular box and cover with a hinged lid, 15 x 11cm, together with an Epns wine coaster and a pair of 19th century Epns candlesticks, (4) 50-70
321.    A brass desk ink stand, a stamp box and a pair of candle snuffers, (a lot) 30-50
322.    Pair of bronze patinated Spelter Marley Horse figures on ebonised oval plinth bases, 42cm high, (2) 60-80
323.    Strathearn art glass table lamp base with green and white inclusions, 36cm high 15-20
324.    Large pair of Chinese 'Happiness' blue and white jars with covers, 30cm high, (2) 50-100
325.    Pair of Sheffield plate three branch candelabra with detachable sconces, 46cm high, (2) 60-80
326.    Quantity of coloured glass to include scent bottle, paperweight and vases etc., (a lot) 30-40
327.    Collection of three cut glass decanters with stoppers, (3) 15-20
328.    Collection of Mdina glass to include vases and bottles, (a lot) 40-60
329.    Two Lladro figures of Children with Dogs and a Nao figure of a Dog and Cat, (3) 30-40
330.    Two Royal Doulton figures to include 'Michelle' HN2234 and 'Wistful', (2) 20-30
331.    Pair of Royal Doulton Snowman figures to include 'The Violinist' and 'Cellist', with printed back stamps, 13.5cm high, (2) 20-30
332.    Two Lladro porcelain figure groups to include Cherubs and a Goose girl, (2) 20-30
333.    Collection of six Dresden porcelain figures of musicians and ballet dancers, tallest 20cm, (6) 30-50
334.    Quantity of Royal Doulton and other floral encrusted Posies (a lot) 10-20
335.    Mixed lot to include two Hummel figures, Border Fine Art figure groups, a hardstone elephant and a faux bronze wolf etc., (7) 20-30
336.    Quantity of Royal Copenhagen to include a vase, pin dishes, plates etc., (a lot) 30-40
337.    Collection of Wedgwood bisque porcelain figures to include 'Cinderella', 'Little Bo Peep', 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'The Goose Girl', (4) 30-40
338.    Set of three Scottish pottery terracotta mugs, together with an Adams Toby jug (4) 10-15
339.    Mixed lot to include Studio pottery vases, a bowl and two pence novelty ceramic money bank (a lot) 20-30
340.    Set of green glazed Wedgwood leaf moulded plates, an early Delft blue and white plate and a peal ware bowl (a lot) 20-30
341.    Group of four Caithness blue and white glass vases and scent bottles (4) 10-20
342.    Collection of glass wares to include decanters and jars etc., tallest 38cm (a lot) 20-40
343.    Collection of 19th century and later wine bottles and others, etc., tallest 34cm, (12) 30-40
344.    A collection of Stevenson's safety lamps and a Protector lamp and Lighting Co Ltd lamp, No.1943, etc., (6) 70-100
345.    A collection of late Victorian and later tiles, etc., (approx 30) 20-40
346.    A carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include flat wares, napkin rings, condiments etc., (a large lot) 30-40
347.    Peaches' ink and watercolour on paper scroll, signed Ping Weng, with two seals Bai Shi Weng and Ji Ping Tang, 77 X 44cm overall 100-200
348.    Mahogany cased mantle clock, complete with key 50-70
349.    Vintage AA car badge number 3E88065, together with a chromed metal cigarette case, (2) 15-20
350.    An Adams style candlestick, together with a pair of old Sheffield plate candlesticks, tallest 30cm, (one a/f), (3) 30-40
351.    Two ships decanters with stoppers, both with silver decanter labels, one inscribed 'Sherry' the other 'Whisky', (4) 30-40
352.    Collection of white metal items to include a salver, strainer, chain purse, decanter label, Iona cross, together with mother of pearl handled flatware etc.,(a lot) 30-40
353.    Carton containing miscellaneous costume jewellery to include pocket watches, wristwatches, bangles, beads, brooches, etc., (a large lot) 15-25
354.    Collection of postcards and cigarette cards etc., (a lot) 15-20
355.    Mixed lot of coins to include a George IV silver crown, 1822 etc., (a lot) 30-40
356.    Ambrotype of a gent in a rosewood frame, together with a 19th century memorial plaque and a WWI framed memorial, (3) 30-40
357.    Collection of vintage cameras to include a Brownie automatic, a Coronet twelve - 20 and a leather camera case, (3) 20-30
358.    Gilt metal carriage clock, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and inscribed Edward, Glasgow, complete with leather carry case and key, height including handle is 18cm 70-100
359.    Collection of early 20th century cold painted bronze rabbits, tallest 5.5cm high, together with a pair of white metal Grouse, (a lot) 60-80
360.    Collection of 19th century prints to include Courtship, Matrimony and another, in glazed frames, largest 13 x 16.5cm, (3) 30-40
361.    Satsuma miniature teapot, a painted glass snuff bottle and an early 20th century ivory shoe horn, (3) 30-40
362.    Lalique glass owl with etched signature mark, 9cm high 60-80
363.    Baccarat glass Hippopotamus, 15.5cm long, together with a Holmegaard glass squirrel, (2) 60-80
364.    Vienna porcelain mug, with painted figural scene, blue border and gilt edge rims, has a blue beehive mark to the base, 9cm high 50-70
365.    Bone and carved wooden figure of a Piper on a circular ebonised plinth base, 16.5cm high 40-60
366.    Group of three framed silhouettes to include Franklyn. R. Gallagher Esq., Carlisle, February 1840, largest 7 x 9cm, (3) 30-50
367.    Daguerreotype believed to be the Immortalised Huntsman John Peel, in a leather case, 7.5 x 6cm 20-40
368.    Halcyon days Prince of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer commemorative enamel pill box, together with a Cheshire Regiment Tercentenary enamel box, (2) 15-25
369.    Quantity of UK pre-decimal currency etc. 10-15
370.    Early 20th century ivory fist shaped box and cover with a red monogram, 14.5cm long 40-60
371.    Early 20th century ivory and coromandel gavel, 24cm long 40-60
372.    Early 20th century carved ivory box containing seven mother of pearl counters together with a marine ivory Netsuke of a girl washing her hair, 3.5cm high, together with a carved fruitwood squirrel and ball, (a/f), (3) 50-70
373.    Late 19th / early 20th century ivory thermometer in a leather case, together with an ivory and white metal mounted monocle and a pair of mother of pearl and brass opera glasses, (3) 50-70
374.    A quantity of early 20th century ivory and bone items to include boxes of various size, rulers, a spectacles case etc.,(a lot) 60-80
375.    Acorn leaf ebonised wooden frame with a metal strut back, 24cm high 20-30
376.    Three antique fans, all with damages (a/f) (3) 20-30
377.    19th Century Scottish citrine and horn box and cover, 9cm long 30-50
378.    Fruitwood snuff box in the form of a shoe, 12cm long 30-50
379.    Dunkeld Maclean and Son fruitwood quaich from the Athole Plantations, Dunkeld, together with a Mauchline Grasmere Church egg shape sewing box with an early 20th century ivory cotton reel to the interior (2) 30-40
380.    Collection of white metal and enamel pill boxes (a lot) 30-40
381.    Quantity of floral encrusted jewellery to include brooches, tie pin and earrings etc., (a lot) 10-15
382.    Horn snuff box and cover together with a shell box with brass mounts, tallest 8cm, (2) 30-40
383.    19th Century Amboyna snuff box and cover, likely by Smith of Mauchline, 9.5cm long 30-50
384.    Mixed lot to include a Wedgwood Ferrara blue and white egg cup, a heart shaped enamel box, charm bracelet with some silver charms, pair of pepper pots, etc., (a lot) 20-30
385.    Mixed lot to include a faux ivory box, a Japanese antimony box, a Chinese enamel pin dish and a cloisonne pin dish, (4) 15-20
386.    Mixed lot to include a collection of porcelain and glass miniature musicians etc., together with a group of three Japanese glass rings in cases, (a lot) 15-25
387.    A small collection of stamps and first day covers (a lot) 10-15
388.    A quantity of Epns flatwares to include fish servers etc., an Art Nouveau style mirror and a ladies fob watch etc., (a lot) 20-30
389.    Michael Kors watch, (boxed) 30-40
390.    Star Identifier with hydrographic office modifications type 1 10-15
391.    Theodolite 20-40
392.    A Chloe vintage radio together with Vogue Chloe publications (3) 20-30
393.    A collection of Christian Dior scent bottles, sunglasses, lipstick compact in the form of a dice and a scarf, etc (a lot) 20-40
394.    QEII Coronation table cloth and three vintage cook books (4) 15-20
395.    Royal Worcester 'Lazy Days' porcelain candle snuffer, boxed, 9cm high 20-30
396.    Mixed lot to include a Staffordshire figure, gold anchor porcelain figure, two character jugs and a Royal Worcester Sunday's Child figure (5) 30-40
397.    Mixed lot to include Roman style pottery, glass bottles, terracotta animals, coloured glass float, bronze patinated candlestick, etc (a lot) 30-40
398.    A quantity of porcelain trinket jars and dishes to include Royal Crown Derby and Limoges, etc (a lot) 20-30
399.    A quantity of 19th century penny lick glasses, an amber coloured glass barrel and a wine glass, (a lot) 30-40
400.    A mixed lot to include various porcelain and pottery cups and saucers comprising two Royal Commemorative beakers to include a Shelley King Edward VIII mug (a lot) 15-20
401.    A collection of 19th century boxes and a brown leather travel / vanity case (4) 30-50
402.    HMS Victory, a model boat, 48 x 35cm 15-25
403.    A box containing a collection of vintage cameras and a brown leather collar case (a lot) 30-40
404.    Deveaux Champagne bowl 20-30
405.    A carton containing a quantity of chinoiserie wooden stands (a lot) 30-40
406.    Two cartons containing metal wares to include Arts & Crafts pewter, brass and various door handles, etc (a lot) 20-40
407.    Mixed lot to include Nutttal's Mintoes tins, Spong coffee mill, vintage mincer and flask (a lot) 20-30
408.    Two boxes containing a quantity of Scotland Rugby programmes (a lot) 10-15
409.    Coleman's Starch wooden advertising box containing a quantity of miscellaneous glass decanter and stoppers, etc 20-30
410.    A quantity of Epns flatwares together with a mahogany canteen box and a suite of Epns flatware, etc (a lot) 20-40
411.    A collection of five walking canes to include an ivory fist handle, a wooden boot handle and others (5) 70-100
412.    A carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include teaset, coffee pot and serving dishes, etc (a lot) 30-40
413.    A carriage lamp and a Railway style lantern (2) 10-15
414.    Staffordshire blue and white floral patterned foot bath 30-40
415.    A carton containing a quantity of flatwares and a cutlery canteen etc (a lot) 30-40
416.    Mixed lot of vintage items to include a telephone, boots, bicycle lamps, loom shuttle and a collection of blue and white tiles, (a lot) 30-40
417.    Vintage painted pink metal bathroom cabinet with a glazed door 10-15
418.    Brown leather top hat box 20-40
419.    A folder containing black and white prints and Two Pence bill of notes (a lot) 10-15
420.    Mahjong tiles, in an ebonised box 20-30
421.    A set of six Edinburgh Crystal champagne glasses, boxed 20-30
422.    A collection of vintage games to include Totopoly, Roulette and Fenwick's Autobridge Playing Board, etc (a lot) 20-30
423.    A collection of ephemera and coins to include a Ration Book, Penny Farthing Collector's set, etc (a lot) 20-30
424.    Epns spirit kettle on stand together with a cocktail shaker (2) 20-30
425.    A set of six Copeland Spode Italian patterned blue and white bowls, lids and saucers (a lot) 20-30
426.    A quantity of cut glass and crystal to include a green Mozart Commemorative glass vase, etc (a lot) 10-20
427.    A copper powder flask, horn flask and a vintage camera (3) 20-30
428.    Carton containing a collection of miscellaneous WWII and Exhibition posters, etc (a lot) 20-40
429.    Late 19th / early 20th century Staffordshire transfer printed pottery pail and cover 10-20
430.    A brass stick stand and a brass circular charger (2) 15-20
431.    Ebonised hardwood table with carved elephant legs, 56 x 54cm 40-60
432.    19th century mahogany five dial banjo barometer, 200cm 60-80
433.    Georgian style mahogany wall mirror, 106 x 56cm 30-50
434.    A black metal mannequin and a valet stand (2) 10-15
435.    Mahogany side chair with pierced vertical splat and upholstered slip in seat, 96 x 50cm 20-30
436.    A mahogany three tier wall shelf with gothic style graduating sides, 50 x 40cm 50-70
437.    Copper bed warming pan with turned wooden handle 10-20
438.    Mahogany and inlaid tray oval tray, 62 x 42cm 30-40
439.    19th century dressing table mirror, the rectangular plate over a two base drawers, 46 x 46cm 30-40
440.    Antique brass bed warming pan with iron handle, 108cm 50-80
441.    Guinness Extra Stout mirror, 64 x 90cm 20-40
442.    Giltwood picture frame, 42 x 46cm 20-30
443.    Pair of brass Corinthian column table lamp bases, with shades, 36 cm high (2) 30-50
444.    Banjo in a fitted case 20-40
445.    Bronze patinated table lamp base with retro shade, 60cm 20-40
446.    A large pair of Tiffany style ceiling lights with brass mounts, designed by Andy Thornton (2) 100-150
447.    Brass students lamp with green shade, 48cm high 50-70
448.    Wooden white painted table lamp base with pleated shade, 50cm high 15-25
449.    A white stoneware ceiling light shade, with moulded leaf and flower pattern 50-70
450.    Cut glass table lamp base and shade 30-40
451.    Mahogany extending dining table, the rectangular top with moulded edge, on bold baluster legs terminating on brass caps and ceramic castors, complete with two extra leaves, 76cm x 100-200
452.    Julian Chichester headboard with ebonised frame and uprights posts and antique effect mirrored back, 250 x 150cm 100-200
453.    Victorian mahogany triple door wardrobe on plinth base, 200 x 186cm 150-200