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Saturday 23rd May at 10.30am

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1.      Contemporary silver photograph frame, Francis Howard Ltd Sheffield 1988, 18 x 14cm 25-30
2.      Strand of faux amber beads 20-30
3.      18 carat gold emerald and diamond dress ring, UK ring size U 200-250
4.      Twenty various silver charms (20) 40-50
5.      Twenty various silver charms (20) 40-50
6.      Victorian silver gilt vinaigrette, Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1852, 4cm (a/f grill lacking) 60-80
7.      Georg Jensen, rose patterned silver caddy spoon, with London silver import hallmarks for 1928, stamped 925S and with George Jensen mark, 11.5cm long 70-100
8.      Georg Jensen silver cake slice, stamped Sterling Denmark and with Georg Jensen mark. 16cm long 70-100
9.      Georg Jensen, rose patterned silver sauce spoon, with London silver import hallmarks for 1931, stamped 925S and with Georg Jensen mark, 13cm long 70-100
10.     Silver watch case / frame, Birmingham 1945 containing a Goliath pocket watch (2) 50-80
11.     Indian white metal coffee pot of small proportions, with hinged lid and covered spout, base stamped T100, 18cm high 50-70
12.     Eastern white metal twin handled bowl and cover, embossed with a procession of figures, 18cm wide from handle to handle 40-50
13.     Silver toast rack, Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1965, 7.5cm 20-30
14.     George V pair of silver candlesticks, Chester 1915 (weighted - one a/f) together with an Edwardian silver vase, Birmingham 1903, tallest 23cm (3) 60-80
15.     George V pair of silver salts, Birmingham 1912, 9.5cm (2) 20-30
16.     Omar Ramsden & Alwyn Carr silver knife, the terminal containing a purple hardstone, London 1907, 19.5cm 100-150
17.     Early 20th century Continental silver gilt ladle, stamped 830S, 31cm long 30-50
18.     Malmsey & Hock white metal decanter labels, 4.5cm (2) 20-40
19.     9 carat gold topaz and diamond dress ring, UK ring size Q 60-80
20.     Five various silver and amber pendants (5) 20-30
21.     Silver filigree card case, 9 x 6.5cm 50-70
22.     David Andersen Norwegian silver gilt and green enamel leaf bracelet, stamped with makers mark & 925S Sterling Norway 80-100
23.     Three silver and amber dress rings (3) 20-30
24.     14 carat gold sapphire and diamond dress ring, UK ring size M 100-140
25.     Novelty silver pig vesta case, stamped 925, 5cm 40-50
26.     19th century silver gilt vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1838, with pierced grill, 3.5cm 180-220
27.     Two silver and amber bracelets (2) 20-30
28.     Continental silver gilt decagon shaped snuff box, with hinged lid, unmarked, 8cm 60-70
29.     George III silver box of rectangular form the hinged lid with repousee landscape and cottage pattern, further engraved to the side panels with a village scene, London 1784, 12 x 8cm 200-250
30.     Five various silver and amber pendants (5) 20-30
31.     Three various silver and turquoise necklaces (3) 25-35
32.     14 carat gold pearl and black hardstone bracelet 30-40
33.     Pair of Ola Gorie cufflinks, in original box 40-50
34.     Silver compact with rose pattern to the hinged lid, Birmingham 1962 40-50
35.     Two silver and amber pendant necklaces (2) 25-30
36.     Danish silver fork and spoon set, with figure and deer terminals, 14cm long, (2) 20-30
37.     Six silver gemset rings (6) 30-40
38.     Six silver gemset rings (6) 30-40
39.     Six silver gemset rings (6) 30-40
40.     Six silver gemset rings (6) 30-40
41.     Six silver gemset rings (6) 30-40
42.     Six silver gemset rings (6) 30-40
43.     Six silver gemset rings (6) 30-40
44.     Six silver gemset rings (6) 30-40
45.     Edwardian miniature silver bowl, with three loop handles and hoof feet, London 1906, 5cm high 20-30
46.     Danish silver strainer with assayers mark Christian F Heise together with a Continental white metal strainer (2) 40-50
47.     A large quantity of costume jewellery to include necklaces, brooches and clip on earrings, etc contained over two trays (a lot) 50-70
48.     A large quantity of costume jewellery to include necklaces, brooches and clip on earrings, etc contained over two trays (a lot) 50-70
49.     A large quantity of costume jewellery to include necklaces, brooches, dress rings and clip on earrings, etc contained over two trays (a lot) 50-70
50.     A large quantity of costume jewellery to include wristwatches, necklaces, brooches and clip on earrings, etc (a lot) 50-70
51.     A large quantity of costume jewellery to include necklaces, scarf rings, and clip on earrings, etc (a lot) 40-60
52.     A large quantity of costume jewellery to include brooches and necklaces (a lot) 40-60
53.     A quantity of boxed costume jewellery to include Butler & Wilson, Ivana Trump,Swarovski and Joan Rivers, etc (a lot) 70-100
54.     Epns flatwares to include a ladle, grape scissors, butter knives and sugar tongs, etc (a lot) 10-20
55.     Three pink sapphires, each with a natural sapphire certificate (3) 100-150
56.     Two boys sporran's and an Eastern dagger (blade rusted) in a leather sheaf with white metal mounts (3) 40-50
57.     Scottish dirk with white metal mounts, lattice grip handle and crown finial, 44cm long 40-60
58.     9 carat gold gemset dress ring together with a silver and yellow beryl set dress ring (2) 30-40
59.     9 carat gold topaz heart ring and another 9 carat gold gemset dress ring (2) 40-50
60.     9 carat white gold tanzanite dress ring together with a 9 carat gold spinel dress ring (2) 40-50
61.     Pair of 9 carat gold leaf shaped earrings 20-30
62.     9 carat gold mystic topaz tennis style bracelet, boxed 50-70
63.     Two 9 carat gold gemset dress rings (2) 40-50
64.     Two 9 carat white gold topaz set dress rings (2) 40-50
65.     Two 9 carat gold tanzanite and morganite set dress rings (2) 40-50
66.     Pair of Chinese blue and white candlesticks, 23cm high 50-70
67.     Chinese celadon glazed baluster vase with incised floral pattern, 25cm high 50-70
68.     Chinese blue and white covered vase, the lid with temple lion finial, 34cm high 40-60
69.     Pair of Japanese earthenware Satsuma vases, 15cm high, and a pair of Chinese blue and white tea bowls and saucers (6) 20-40
70.     Japanese Kutani charger with figures in a landscape pattern, 30cm diameter 30-40
71.     A collection of three Carlton Ware Rouge Royale boxes with covers, largest 13cm (3) 10-15
72.     A garniture of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale Pagoda patterned vases, tallest 18cm (3) 20-30
73.     Carlton Ware Rouge Royale fruit and vine patterned vase, printed backstamps, 29cm high 20-30
74.     Pair of Chinese high shouldered baluster vases with bird and branch pattern to a craquelure ground and with brown scratch borders, 26cm high (2) 70-100
75.     Chinese blue and white high shouldered baluster vase with banana leaf pattern , 25cm high 40-60
76.     Leerdam opaque glass Madonna, modelled by Stef Uiterwaal, 25cm high 20-40
77.     Royal Copenhagen figure group of two owls, with printed backstamp and numbered 1221, 8cm high 15-20
78.     Gabriel Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre opaque glass flowerhead dish, (chip to one petal) signed in the mould, 11cm diameter (a/f) 100-150
79.     Late 18th / early 19th century Staffordshire pearlware figure of Venus, modelled standing holding a dove, on a square red line base, 27cm high 50-70
80.     Pair of Dr Wall Worcester cups and saucers, in exotic bird pattern to a blue scale ground, one saucer with stapled repair (4) 100-150
81.     A pair of Staffordshire figures cobbler Jobson and his wife Nell, on square gilt lined bases, 17cm high (2) 40-60
82.     Royal Doulton figure Melanie HN2271 together with an early 20th century plaster figurine (2) 15-20
83.     A group of twelve various Carlton Ware Rouge Royale dishes (12) 20-30
84.     Three Nao porcelain girl figures, tallest 18cm 20-30
85.     Two Nao porcelain figurines, tallest 27cm (2) 20-30
86.     Royal Worcester fine bone china tankard with floral sprays and gilt rims, printed backstamp, 12.5cm high 15-20
87.     A group of three late 18th / early 19th century Staffordshire figures to include Shepherdess, etc tallest 18cm, (3) 60-80
88.     Noritake blue glazed coffee set comprising coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream jug, six coffee cans, ten saucers and a circular tray (a lot) 30-40
89.     Collection of nine Carlton Ware Rouge Royale ashtrays (9) 20-30
90.     Two Dumler & Breiden West German retro vases together with a blue glazed bottle neck vase, tallest 25cm (3) 20-30
91.     Nao porcelain figure of a ballerina, 16cm high 10-15
92.     Phoenician glass paperweight, signed, 10cm high 20-30
93.     Two Carlton Ware Rouge Royale table lighters (2) 20-40
94.     Dresden porcelain oval reticulated basket, with hand painted floral sprays and gilt edged rim, printed backstamp, 17cm 30-50
95.     Meissen rose patterned cabinet cup and saucer, with blue crossed swords mark (2) 30-40
96.     Dresden porcelain inkwell with floral garland pattern, printed backstamp, 21 cm wide 20-40
97.     A group of four Henriot Quimper pottery plates and a postcard (5) 15-20
98.     Mixed lot to include two Royal Doulton boxed miniature figurines, nine Hummel plates, Hummel figure and Royal Doulton figure Ninette, etc (14) 20-30
99.     Griselda Hill Pottery Ltd Ed Robert Burns and Highland Mary flatback figures, signed and numbered 4 / 250, 30cm high 100-150
100.    Griselda Hill Pottery Ltd Ed Prestonpans Fishwife figure, No 182 / 195, complete with certificate, 20cm high 50-70
101.    Griselda Hill Pottery cockerel plate together with a Griselda Hill Pottery miniature Wemyss cat, 9cm high (2) 30-40
102.    Griselda Hill Pottery 'Wemyss' sleeping pig in the plums pattern, 18cm long 30-50
103.    Scottish studio pottery bowl with cornflower pattern, 21cm diameter 30-40
104.    Royal Worcester Day of the Week figure 'Wednesday's Child Knows Little Woe, 18cm 20-30
105.    Royal Worcester Day of the Week figure 'Tuesday's Child is full of Grace' 20cm high 20-30
106.    Royal Worcester Day of the Week figure 'Wednesday's Child Knows Little Woe' 18cm high 20-30
107.    Royal Worcester Day of the Week figure 'Monday's Child s Fair of Face' 17cm high 20-30
108.    Mixed floral patterned porcelain cabinet plates together with a Spode Lindisfarne plate, etc (12) 20-30
109.    A pair of Royal Worcester vases with gilt twin handles and hand painted fruit panels, signed Hawkins, to a blue ground, with pedestal foot and square canted base, green printed backstamps and date code for 1901, shape no 1959, Rd No 304839, 21cm high (2)
110.    Beswick Cockatoo with impressed and printed backstamps, model no 1180. 21cm high 20-30
111.    Chinese porcelain shallow dish, the blue ground painted with a figure to the centre,( fritting to underside of rim) 21cm diameter 50-70
112.    A Chinese blue and white high shouldered baluster vase, Kangxi mark to the base but likely later, 14cm high, together with a blue and white vase and cover, knop repaired 20-40
113.    A Chinese octagonal Imari bowl, 20cm wide together with a blue and white bowl and cover, 17cm (2) 20-40
114.    A Grainger Worcester blue and white egg stand, printed backstamp, 20cm wide 20-30
115.    Rorstrand 'Kadett' patterned blue and white coffee set, six place setting (12) 20-30
116.    Collection of two Lladro dogs, Lladro cat and a Nao dog figure tallest 15cm (4) 30-40
117.    Goebel Hummel figurines advertising plaque, 15cm long 20-30
118.    Wilkinson's Oriflamme purple lustre vase, with printed backstamp, 20cm high 10-15
119.    Large green glass paperweight dump, 14cm high 30-40
120.    Two cloisonne birds and a pair of miniature cloisonne vases, tallest 10cm 20-30
121.    Collection of seventeen Coalport miniature Fairest Flowers and Minuettes figurines to include Chloe and Rose etc, tallest 10cm (17) 40-60
122.    A pair of Royal Worcester limited edition Fabulous Birds Collectors Series plates, 28cm diameter (2) 20-30
123.    English Ridgeway style tazza / comport, 34cm wide 20-30
124.    Masons Ironstone Imari comport / tazza, printed backstamp, 35cm wide 20-30
125.    A pair of Chinese turquoise blue glazed duck figures on purple bases, 30cm high 30-40
126.    A Walt Disney's Classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves novelty toastrack, 20cm long 15-20
127.    A collection of five Nao dog figures (5) 25-35
128.    A collection of six Hummel figures to include a money bank, etc, tallest 19cm (6) 40-60
129.    Meissen oval gilt edged dish with hand painted floral pattern, with blue crossed swords mark to the base, 31cm long, together with an English porcelain plate (2) 40-60
130.    A set of Crown Devon Fielding's Tea, Coffee and Sugar pottery canisters (3) 15-20
131.    Quantity of crystal drinking glasses to include wine, tumblers, sherry etc, (21) 15-25
132.    Tuscan bone china pink glaze twelve place teaset (42) 30-40
133.    Pair of glass candlesticks and a cut crystal pedestal bowl, (3) 15-20
134.    Royal Doulton Lady of the Year Eleanor together with Royal Doulton Christmas Day 1999, (2) 20-30
135.    Mixed lot to include Torquay Pottery cup and saucer, Shelley dish, Carlton Ware vase, etc (a lot) 10-20
136.    Mixed lot to include Bing & Grondahl miniature blue and white vase, Scottish pottery bird and Caithness glass vase, etc (a lot) 10-20
137.    Carlton Ware leaf moulded dishes and toastrack, etc (8) 10-20
138.    A collection of four Carlton Ware vases (4) 15-20
139.    Nao porcelain First Communion figure, 10-20
140.    Two Nao porcelain figures of dogs (2) 15-20
141.    Twelve Hummel figures (12) 50-70
142.    Coalport Royal Premiere Ltd Ed figure, sculpted by J Bromley, together with Coalport Here Comes the Bride figure (2) 20-30
143.    A collection of Carlton Ware Rouge royal dishes and bowls, etc (12) 20-30
144.    Brass cased carriage clock, 14cm including handle 50-70
145.    A Russian black lacquered box, signed and dated 1977, 12cm long 20-40
146.    Just Andersen, Danish bonze patinated metal figure, signed Just A and numbered 2100, 15cm high 40-60
147.    Chinese floral patterned pottery jar, 9cm high 20-30
148.    Early 20th century ivory hand mirror intricately carved with flowers, 25cm long 70-100
149.    Early 20th century Japanese ivory Okimono of a Fisherman, signed to the base, 9cm high 60-80
150.    Herend Hungarian porcelain hand painted butterfly, 6cm long 20-30
151.    Chinoiserie dragon carved wooden panel, 23 x 20cm 20-30
152.    Anne Mendelow (Scottish b.1947)
Renfrewshire landscape
signed, in glazed giltwood frame with Gatehouse Gallery label verso,
12 x 10cm
153.    Salvador Dali, framed print, 15 x 29cm 20-30
154.    Group of three coloured engraved prints to include Ailsa Craig, Stockbridge Water of Letih and Edinburgh from Craigleith , in glazed Hogarth frames, largest 23 x 15cm (3) 10-15
155.    Set of four coloured engraved prints to include Husband, Husband Seize Your Strife, John Anderson My Jo! and Green Grown the Rashes O! etc in glazed Hogarth frames, largest 13 x 19cm (4) 10-20
156.    Vernon Ward coloured still life print, in glazed frame, 36 x 43cm 10-15
157.    Japanese School watercolour together with a painting on fabric, in glazed frames, largest 31 x 31 cm (2) 20-30
158.    Framed tapestry of a Unicorn in a Fenced Garden, 34 x 39cm 30-40
159.    JD Swarbreck, companion pair of Edinburgh prints to include The Royal Institute and Calton Hill, in glazed Hogarth frames, 43 x 32cm (2) 20-30
160.    Mid Century Spanish School
Street Scene
Oil on board, signed indistinctly,
in giltwood frame with Aitken & Dott label verso,
48 x 60cm 40-60
161.    Alistair Park (1930 - 1984)
Coloured screen print No 74 / 75
signed in pencil,
glazed frame, 40 x32cm 30-40
162.    Donald Bain (1904 - 1979)
South of France
Watercolour, signed
in glazed frame, 26 x 28cm
163.    Early 20th Century School pencil sketch of a boy, apparently unsigned, in glazed frame, 14 x 23cm 20-30
164.    Newhaven Fishwives, 19th century coloured print, in glazed frame, 27 x 37cm 15-20
165.    E. Butler Bayliss
20th century school
Quayside with boats and figures
Oil on canvas
signed indistinctly and framed, 34 x 24cm 70-100
166.    A group of three 18th century silk prints to include Poll of Plymouth and Angelica Kauffman, etc, contained within a single glazed frame, 9 x 10cm 20-30
167.    Anna Dixon RSW (1873 - 1959)
Faulkland From the Hill
watercolour, signed
in glazed frame with Aitken & Dott label verso
30 x 24cm
168.    Louis Whirter
Edinburgh From St Anthony's Chapel
Etching, entitled and signed in pencil
in glazed frame, 34 x 22cm 30-40
169.    A companion pair of 19th century school bridge and river watercolours, apparently unsigned, in glazed giltwood frames, 44 x 29cm (2) 40-60
170.    20th Century School
Coastal Village with Figures
Oil on board, apparently unsigned,
framed, 28 x 22cm
171.    20th century Scottish School
Village with Painted Houses,
Oil on board, signed indistinctly, in glazed frame
33.5 x 24cm 50-100
172.    Andrew Taylor Elder
Gouache / watercolour
Signed, in glazed frame, with William Hardie Exhibition label verso
45 x 5cm 30-50
173.    E. Martin
Going Home
Oil on canvas, in giltwood frame,
Signed, 49 x 40cm 50-70
174.    Alastair Dallas
Noreen Mary off the Ross of Mull
Watercolour, signed and dated 1940,
Exhibited in Marine Artist Exhibition London & Paris 1947 and Bourne Bourlett labels verso
45 x 35cm
175.    A. Blackley
19th century family group of four children with their dog
Pencil and pastel sketch
signed and dated indistinctly,
in glazed frame, 56 x 46cm 80-120
176.    Morrison
Argyll landscape
Oil on board, signed and framed
51 x 40cm
177.    Kurt Schwitters, Tate Gallery coloured exhibition poster, framed, 50 x 70cm 15-20
178.    19th Century School
Collection of four watercolours, signed with initials HD, contained within a single frame, 30-40
179.    Janie Craig , five coloured botanical prints contained within a single frame 10-15
180.    A group of three Arizona cactus coloured prints, contained within a single frame 10-15
181.    Japanese School, carved wooden pagoda village scene, in glazed frame, 50 x 15cm 15-25
182.    Pair of coloured prints in glazed and ornate gilt frames, sizes overall 55 x 48cm, (2) 20-40
183.    Stevens,
Gent tipping his hat at a seated couple
Oil on card, signed and dated 1906,
unframed, 60 x 48cm 20-30
184.    Early 20th Century black and white photographic print of a 'Group of Gentlemen', in India, in a glazed frame, 33 x 20cm 15-20
185.    Vincent Butler RSA (1933-2017)
Pencil Sketch of Flowers,
signed and dated 1991, in a glazed frame, 32 x 23cm 30-40
186.    Chinoiserie needlework panel, in a glazed frame, 35 x 35cm 20-30
187.    The Letter, a coloured Medici print, in glazed frame, 45 x 55cm 15-25
188.    JD Swarbreck, a companion pair of Edinburgh prints to include Edinburgh Castle and North Bridge, in glazed Hogarth frames, largest 30 x 43cm 20-30
189.    JD Swarbreck, a companion pair of Edinburgh prints to include High Street and High School Wynd, in glazed Hogarth frames, largest 30 x 43cm 20-30
190.    E. Mols
'Austrian Landscape'
Oil on canvas,
signed, in an ornate giltwood frame, 90 x 60cm 20-40
191.    Two red cinnabar snuff bottles and covers, tallest 20cm (2) 20-30
192.    Bronze dachshund, 20cm long 50-70
193.    A collection of late 19th / early 20th century ivory and bronze items to include lace making bobbins, cocktail sticks, small box and cover, counters, etc (a lot) 40-60
194.    Carved jade pendant plaque on a string necklace with blue hardstone beads, plaque is 5 x 5cm 50-70
195.    A Chinese blue and white Ming style double gourd vase, boxed, 14cm high 50-70
196.    Provincial Chinese blue and white tea bowl, 9.5cm diameter 20-30
197.    20th century yellow enamelled porcelain stem cup, in dragon pattern, with brass rims, 9 x 12cm (a/f) 30-40
198.    A collection of three Russian black lacquered boxes with painted lids, largest 13cm long (3) 40-60
199.    Plique a jour green glass floral patterned bowl, 18.5cm diameter 20-40
200.    Three green jadeite bowls, largest 13 x 6cm (3) 70-100
201.    Georgian style mahogany framed wall mirror with a rectangular plate, 55 x 35cm 30-40
202.    A mahogany chest with a fold over top over pull slides, above four graduating long drawers, on bracket feet, 78 x 62 x 34cm 60-80
203.    Two mahogany pedestal wine tables on tripod supports, tallest 55 x 31cm 20-30
204.    Victorian mahogany framed chair with upholstered button back and seat, on brass caps and ceramic castors, 98 x 55cm 60-80
205.    Mahogany nest of three tables on twin turned supports, 57 x 51 x 33cm (3) 30-40
206.    Mahogany framed dressing table swing mirror, 60 x 37cm 20-30
207.    Mahogany bow front bedside chest, with three long drawers on cabriole legs, 68 x 46 x 35cm 30-40
208.    Mahogany wardrobe of small proportions with two arched doors, fitted interior and hanging space, over a pair of long drawers, on cabriole legs 186 x 93cm 30-40
209.    Mahogany framed ladderback open armchair with upholstered slip in seat. on square legs, 102 x 66 x 46cm 30-50
210.    Late 19th / early 20th century child's toy pram, 55cm high 20-40
211.    Stag bedside with a single frieze drawer, 56 x 44 x 32cm 20-30
212.    Pair of contemporary lamp / side tables with glass covers to the top, 52 x 52 x 49cm 50-70
213.    Mahogany shield shaped dressing table mirror, 57 x 42cm 20-30
214.    An upholstered wing back armchair with buttonback, on tapering mahogany legs with brass caps and ceramic castors, 93 x 70 x 60cm 60-80
215.    An African style carved hardwood table with circular pierced top on a folding base, 60 x 53cm 30-40
216.    Early 20th century wall clock, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals, 78 x 34cm 20-40
217.    Mahogany torchere with a circular dished top and tripod legs, 108cm high 30-40
218.    Mahogany chest on chest, the top with two short and three long drawers above pull out slides over three long base drawers, 152 x 72 x 46cm 60-80
219.    Small carved oak stool with a barley twist stretcher together with an upholstered footstool, largest 30 x 30 x 17 (2) 20-30
220.    An Edwardian rosewood and inlaid open armchair with vasiform splat, upholstered seat and tapering legs on spade feet, 82 x 55 x 44cm 30-40
221.    Mahogany two tier whatnot with pierced rims, on carved on tripod legs, 90 x 65cm together with two shield back chairs (3) 40-60
222.    Brass standard lamp, 165cm 10-20
223.    Eastern rug, with three rows of six guls, 96 x 140cm 20-40
224.    Eastern rug with rust field and flowerhead borders, 120 x 205cm 40-60
225.    A green upholstered wing back armchair, on mahogany cabriole legs, 110 x 80 x 60cm 60-80
226.    Isfahan style rug with a red field and allover foliate pattern, 140 x 220cm 50-70
227.    An hexagonal blue and white pottery verandah stool, 47 x 30cm 30-40
228.    A contemporary upholstered centre stool on scrolling hardwood frame, 95 x 60cm 70-100
229.    Mahogany ledgeback hall / serving table with a single central frieze drawer, on square tapering legs with spade feet, 152 x 58cm 60-80
230.    Mahogany and inlaid display cabinet on stand, the rectangular top over a dentil frieze and pair of astragal glazed doors opening to reveal adjustable shelves, 185 x 110 x 40cm 100-150
231.    Early 20th century child's Thonet Bentwood chair with an upholstered seat, with paper label to the base, 64 x 32cm 15-25
232.    A Victorian mahogany framed button back chaise longue, with brass caps and ceramic castors, 190 x 88 x 70cm 100-150
233.    A pair of early 20th century mahogany and inlaid ladderback chairs with upholstered backs and seat, 86 x 43cm (2) 30-40
234.    A mahogany demi lune table on cabriole legs, 74 x 72cm 20-40
235.    Bentwood hat and coat stand, approx 200cm high 30-40
236.    A tailor's dummy on an ebonised stand, approx 158cm 30-40
237.    A large mahogany caddy box, the hinged lid opening to reveal three lead lined divisions, 51 x 28 x 26cm 50-70
238.    Early 20th century oak two tier trolley, on castors, 72 x 62cm 20-30
239.    A collectors cabinet with four graduating long drawers, swing handles to side, 37 x 22cm 30-40
240.    A mahogany veneered bow front chest with five graduating long drawers, 48 x 42 x 85cm 40-60
241.    Georgian style mahogany wall mirror with giltwood bird motif over a rectangular plate, 58 x 52cm 30-40
242.    A mahogany table, the rectangular table with drop flaps, two frieze drawers and two dummy drawers, on column pedestal and quadripartite base with brass mount, hairy paw feet and castors, 46 x 33cm 80-120
243.    A reproduction mahogany serpentine chest with two short and five graduating long drawers,on bracket feet, 110 x 90 x 50cm 60-80
244.    An Eastern Prayer rug with central mihrab panel, 88 x 145cm 30-40
245.    Contemporary Vienna style wall clock, with enamel dial, brass mounts and Roman numerals, complete with pendulum and weight, 112 x 34cm 50-70
246.    Early 20th century oval side table on tapering legs with conforming undertier, 70 x 78cm 15-25
247.    An oak lowboy style two drawer side table on cabriole legs, 71 x 46 x 78cm 60-80
248.    Machine made prayer mat, 90 x 60cm 10-15
249.    A mahogany table lamp base and a brass 'basket of fruit' door stop, 35cm high (2) 15-25
250.    Vinyl wingback button back armchair, 104 x 76cm 30-40
251.    Mahogany and inlaid open armchair with upholstered seat and square tapering legs and cross stretcher, 75 x 52 x 44cm 15-20
252.    Reproduction tallboy bowfront chest with an arrangement of six long drawers, 122 x 76cm 30-40
253.    A mahogany pedestal side table, 54 x 43 x 70cm 20-30
254.    Mahogany demi lune serving table, with brass gallery rail and ledgeback, on square tapering supports, 120 x 136cm 40-60
255.    19th century mahogany chest, the moulded rectangular top above two short and three long drawers with brass handles and bracket feet, 95 x 97cm 50-70
256.    Set of six oak side chairs with upholstered backs and seat, 89 x 47cm (6) 40-60
257.    Mahogany bookcase, the rectangular top over a pair of astragal glazed doors with a shelved interior, on square tapering legs and spade feet, 144 x 108 x 30cm 60-80
258.    Oak hall chair, the high back with a broken swan neck and carved panel, with solid seat and turned supports, 148 x 48cm 40-60
259.    19th century mahogany secretaire chest, with a fall front opening to reveal a satinwood interior over pull out slide and four graduating long drawers, on bracket feet, 116 x 120cm 60-80
260.    Mahogany display cabinet, the arched top with a dentil frieze and floral painted pattern above a pair of glazed doors with a shelved interior, flanked by reeded columns, on turned supports, 188 x 122 x 38cm 150-180
261.    Black plaster bust of a gent, 21cm high 30-40
262.    Pair of cloisonne baluster vases (one with a dent) 26cm high (2) 30-40
263.    Art Deco style mantel clock, the square metal dial with Arabic numerals, 22 x 22cm 40-60
264.    19th century Nailsea gimmel vase (a/f) 28cm high 40-60
265.    A quantity of early 20th century Nursery ware transfer printed pottery (a lot) 20-30
266.    A quantity of Wade Whimsies, Beswick pony and a glass swan etc (18) 15-25
267.    Porcelain dinner set, eight dinner plates, eight side plates and eight bowls, (24) 30-40
268.    A pair of Continental porcelain bottle neck vases, (one restored) 34cm high 20-30
269.    Orrefors etched glass vase, signed to the base, 19 x 13cm 40-60
270.    Three Nadal Spanish porcelain figures, tallest 34cm (one figure damaged) (3) 20-30
271.    Two African hardwood elephants and a pair of wooden figures, tallest 27cm high (4) 30-40
272.    Gerald Lyons stoneware vase together with a smaller studio pottery vase, tallest 26cm (2) 30-40
273.    Studio pottery grey and white floral patterned jug and a Moroccan style turquoise glazed vase, tallest 27cm (2) 20-30
274.    Two African hardwood Rhinos, 16cm high (2) 40-50
275.    Pair of Victorian Wren patterned tazza, Reg No 1419280, 20cm diameter (2) 20-30
276.    Contemporary transfer printed terracotta vase, 34cm high 20-30
277.    Old Royal China blue and white teaset (a lot) 20-30
278.    Green art glass vase and another, 23cm high (2) 10-15
279.    Cloisonne bowl and plate, largest 27cm diameter (2) 30-40
280.    Royal Crown Derby posies pattern eight place teaset, (28) 40-60
281.    Modern cloisonne bowl, Japanese blue and white bowl and a ginger jar and cover (3) 20-30
282.    Mixed lot to include an Iona style cross, pewter cups, stainless steel strainer and brass candlesticks, etc (a lot) 15-20
283.    Late 19th / early 20th century porcelain teaset with pink floral sprays and gilt rims, (a lot) 30-40
284.    A collection of Russian trinkets to include a red glass egg, St Basils music box, etc 10-15
285.    Walker & Hall tea and coffee set (5) 15-20
286.    A pair of eastern wooden deity's, set of four lacquered bowls and a painted wooden fish box, (a lot) 20-30
287.    Poole pottery black and white glazed retro coffee set (14) 10-20
288.    Set of Portmeirion Pomona storage jars to include five tall and four smaller (9) 20-30
289.    Murano style coloured glass bird, 25cm high 10-15
290.    Bamboo cylindrical box for incense sticks, 35cm long 15-20
291.    Tang style pottery figure, boxed, 23cm high 15-20
292.    Pair of green hardstone bookends, surmounted with cold painted spelter ducks, (2) 20-30
293.    Royal Doulton Little Boy Blue figure and a Dresden porcelain flower seller figure, tallest 15cm (2) 20-30
294.    A Continental porcelain snuff / patch box and cover with gilt metal mounts, 9 x 4.5cm 30-40
295.    Mixed lot to include Coalport miniature cup, saucer and side plate trio and a Derby Imari saucer,etc (a lot) 10-15
296.    Mintons Haddon Hall oval planter, two Capodimonte vases and a Naples tankard (the lid a.f) (4) 20-30
297.    Mixed lot to include a pair of chinoiserie bookends, faux hardstone Buddha head, wooden shrine, etc (6) 20-30
298.    Art pottery bottle neck vase with hand painted flowers and foliage, with monogram to base, 28cm high 30-50
299.    Vintage Smallwood spirit level and a boxed Spiral Ratchet screwdriver No 849 (2) 10-15
300.    A rococo style gilt metal wall clock, with Roman numerals, 19cm 40-60
301.    Two sets of three graduated moulded jugs, three with peter hinged lids, tallest 21cm (6) 20-30
302.    Chinoiserie lazy Susan serving set 15-20
303.    Pair of Epns vases and pierced hand warmer (3) 10-15
304.    The History of Edinburgh From the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time by Hugo Arnot, printed for William Creech and sold by Messrs Robinson and Co, 1788. 20-30
305.    Mixed lot to include Edinburgh Festival 1958 programme and Speedway finals programme, etc (a lot) 10-15
305A.   The Deserted Village, Oliver Goldsmith, illustrated by Stephen Reid 20-30
306.    Mixed lot to include a quantity of Epns flatwares, wooden candlesticks , evening gloves and chain bag, etc (a lot) 10-15
307.    A miniature set of Beatrix Potter books, leather satchel and postcards, etc (a lot) 20-30
308.    Four Carlton Ware Rouge Royale vases, tallest 17cm (4) 20-30
309.    An African hardwood bust, 30cm high 40-60
310.    An African hardwood bust, 33cm high 40-60
311.    A carton containing a collection of mixed items to include a Swiza clock, Epns toastrack, wooden elephant and duck, etc (a lot) 10-15
312.    A collection of leather sporrans and kilt belts, etc (a lot) 40-50
313.    A carton containing a quantity of ladies handbags, (a lot) 20-30
314.    A carton containing a quantity of ladies handbags, (a lot) 20-30
315.    A collection of ladies silk scarves (6) 10-20
316.    A collection of ladies silk scarves (6) 10-15
317.    A collection of ladies leather and other belts to include Viyella, etc (a lot) 20-30
318.    Saga Mink white fur jacket 80-120
319.    Brown fur coat and a white fur cape with springs of Blackpool label, (2) 20-30
320.    Four boxed porcelain figures to include Josephine, Ellie, Holly and Suzanne, (4) 10-15
321.    A collection of boxed Hummel items, (7) 20-30
322.    A collection of six boxed Nao figures, (6) 20-30
323.    A collection of boxed figures to include Lladro, Nao and Hummel and a Lladro collectors society plaque (7) 20-30
324.    Two retro West German floor standing vases, tallest 48cm (2) 20-40
325.    Canteen containing a quantity of Community Plate stainless steel flatware (a lot) 40-60
326.    Canteen containing a quantity of Community Plate stainless steel flatware (a lot) 30-50
327.    Quantity of Community Plate stainless steel flatware (a lot) 20-40
328.    Retro tiled top table, 40 x 48 x 50cm 20-30
329.    Retro tiled top table, 42 x 48 x 55cm ` 20-30
330.    Pair of painted wooden wall brackets, 22cm long (2) 30-40
331.    A quantity of Staffordshire blue and white pottery (a lo) (a/f) 15-20
332.    19th century Mahogany two door wardrobe with a fitted interior, 220 x 160 x 66cm 80-120
333.    Mahogany two door wardrobe with a fitted interior, 186 x 148 x 56cm 70-100
334.    Victorian mahogany tilt top breakfast table on carved pedestal and tripod base with carved paw feet, together with a set of four balloon back chairs with upholstered seats (5) chairs 82 x 46cm and table 76 x 148cm (5) 100-150
335.    Mahogany long case clock, the 13 inch painted dial with a thistle and inscribed Cameron & Sons, Selkirk, 200 x 48cm 150-200
336.    Gilt wood framed overmantle with an arched rectangular plate, 138 x 130cm 60-80