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Saturday 5th June 2021, 10.30am

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1.      Cameo jewellery to include a 9ct gold ring, pair of earrings in 9ct gold mounts, together with two oval brooches in yellow metal frames, (4) 70-100
2.      An early 20th century Ollendorff of New York lady's cocktail watch in a white metal case with a bracelet strap,, movement numbered 45047, complete with original box 50-70
3.      Two Edwardian seed pearl pendants, marcasite brooch, yellow metal locket and two yellow metal chains (5) 40-60
4.      Two early 20th century lady's 9ct gold cased wrist watches and a silver cased wrist watch (3) 70-100
5.      Collection of vintage costume jewellery to include a Corocraft brooch, beads, watch chains etc (a lot) 30-40
6.      Lady's silver cased fob watch, silver brooches, silver fob, cuff links and enamel pendant etc (a lot) 50-60
7.      Early 20th century glass powder jar with a silver and tortoiseshell lid, Birmingham 1924, 10cm, together with an Art Deco brush and mirror (3) 30-50
8.      A brown leather case containing a quantity of pre decimal and later coins and vintage stamps, etc (a lot) 40-50
9.      9ct gold hollow curb link bracelet with a 9ct gold heart padlock, approx 12.5g 100-140
10.     Lady's 9ct gold wrist watch on a 9ct gold bracelet strap 70-100
11.     A collection of ten brooches, five of which are stamped 9ct, 9ct gold heart padlock, yellow metal tiepin and a bone handled seal (14) 180-220
12.     Edwardian silver 'Stamps' case, Chrisford & Norris, Birmingham 1908 and a lady's silver cased fob watch (2) 50-70
13.     Collection of costume jewellery to include a marcasite ring, earrings, hardstone fob and a bracelet, etc (a lot) 20-30
14.     A collection of 9ct gold jewellery to include two brooches, signet ring, wedding band, scrap metal gold ring, chain with a yellow metal pendant, yellow metal bangle, 18ct gold opal ring with one stone missing (a lot) 200-300
15.     15ct gold Royal Engineers brooch with original leather box 60-80
16.     Collection of costume jewellery to include brooches, necklaces, earrings, etc (a lot) 30-50
17.     Victorian silver handled and ivory page turner, London 1890, 42.5cm long 40-60
18.     Victorian horn beaker with a silver rim, London 1871 and a pair of nut salts with pierced white metal stands and bowls, (3) 50-70
19.     Late Victorian Scottish silver plaid brooch, Edinburgh 1900, with thistle and celtic knot pattern, 9cm 70-100
20.     Three Georgian silver double ended marrow scoops, all London, different makers with dates marks for 1796, 1804 & 1807, 22cm long (3) 150-200
21.     A pair of Victorian silver gilt salts, Atkin Brothers, Sheffield, 1894 and a smaller Edwardian silver gilt salt Birmingham 1903 (3) 50-70
22.     QEII silver gilt Anointing spoon, Henry Clifford Davis, Birmingham 1952, 24.5cm 40-60
23.     A pair of silver desk candlesticks, Chester 1895 , 13cm high (2) (a/f) 60-80
24.     George IV silver 'Rum' decanter label, London 1829, , Epns 'Sherry' decanter label, small silver gilt box of kidney shape form, and a silver gilt Anointing spoon, both Birmingham 1901 (4) 40-60
25.     Two silver toasracks by Viners, Sheffield 1906 (2) 50-70
26.     Two white metal rectangular boxes, with hinged lids and embossed Tiger Hunt pattern, 16cm long (2) 30-50
27.     A pair of George III silver Fiddle pattern serving spoons, London 1810 , each with an engraved initial, 23cm long (2) 40-60
28.     Victorian silver gilt cream jug, H,J Lias & Son, London 1872, with embossed flower and scrolling decoration, on three acanthus feet, 13cm 60-80
29.     George III silver helmet shaped cream jug, silver gilt interior and hinged lid, with an engraved band, Robert Hennell I & Samuel Hennell London 1803, 11cm high 70-100
30.     American Sterling silver tankard, Louis Braverman & Co, 9.5cm 50-70
31.     Various silver spoons to include sugar sifters and tongs, etc various makers and hallmarks, (7) 50-70
32.     George III pair of silver salts, David Hennell & Robert Hennell, London 1764, with gadrooned rims and hoof feet, 9cm and a Victorian silver pepper pot, London 1841, (3) 80-120
33.     A pair of George III Scottish silver Fiddle pattern table spoons, William Jamieson, Aberdeen 1820, with worn crested motto 'Grip Fast', 22cm (2) 60-80
34.     A pair of Victorian Scottish silver Old English pattern table spoons, James & Walter Marshall, Edinburgh 1858, bearing crest & motto 'At Spes Non Infacta' similar to that of Hopetoun House design of 1770, 22cm, (2)

35.     Two George II Scottish Hanoverian pattern silver table spoons, Kerr & Dempster, Edinburgh 1750 & 1752, 21cm (2) 60-80
36.     Three George II Hanoverian pattern Scottish silver table spoons to include Robert Gordon, Edinburgh 17 42 & 1745 and Edward Lothian 1735, 21cm (3) 80-120
37.     George V silver mustard and spoon, with blue glass liner, William Suckling Ltd, Birmingham 1924 20-30
38.     Edinburgh silver and amethyst brooch, makers mark MJ, Edinburgh 2000, silver bar brooch by Malcolm Gray, Edinburgh 1980 and another silver and quartz brooch , 5cm (3) 50-60
39.     Aarikaa silver cufflinks, Finland 1968, together with a pair of vintage Edinburgh silver cufflinks, 1986 (2) 50-70
40.     Vintage Danish silver cufflinks by Anton Michelsen together with a pair of Mexican silver cufflinks, (2) 70-100
41.     Vintage Danish silver brooch by John Lauritzen and a 1960's silver and green agate brooch (2) 40-50
42.     A pair of vintage Danish silver earrings by Anton Michelsen and a Just Andersen silver flower brooch, 6cm long (2) 50-70
43.     Three vintage silver brooches to include one stamped Sterling Denmark, a wire work brooch stamped Tostrup 1885 Kristiana and another stamped Israel 930, (3) 50-70
44.     Vintage Ola Gorie silver and agate brooch, Edinburgh 1972, 4cm 30-40
45.     Two mid century Swedish silver brooches, one with blue polished agate, circa 1961 the other with an amethyst circa 1958, 5.5cm (2) 40-60
46.     Vintage German silver gilt and lapis lazuli crucifix / cross pendant, 5cm together with an enamel brooch, (2) 30-40
47.     A vintage triple strand cultured pearl necklace with an 18ct gold and diamond set clasp, of flowerhead design centred by a pearl within a surround of eight claw set diamonds, stamped 750, largest pearl is approx 1cm, smallest approx 7mm 300-500
48.     Vintage Kupittaan Kulta 9ct gold ring of Modernist design, claw set with four carnellian, stamped Finland NB 9k 50-70
49.     Scandinavian vintage 14ct gold brooch, stamped 585, 4cm 50-70
50.     18ct gold and diamond brooch of tied bow design with a textured finish, stamped 18K, 5cm (approx 10.5g) 250-300
51.     A large collection of modern silver, Argentium and white metal jewellery to include dress rings, wedding bands with diamonds and bracelets, etc (a lot) 200-300
52.     A large collection of modern silver, Argentium and white metal jewellery to include dress rings, wedding bands with diamonds and bracelets, etc (a lot) 200-300
53.     White metal belt with nine panels each containing a green polished cabouchon joined stylised links and square spacers, 90cm long 40-60
54.     Eight 9ct gold rings, stamped 375 (8) 80-120
55.     A large collection of steel Skull and Dragon rings (a lot) 40-60
56.     Early 20th century jadeite Buddhist pendant of disc form with filigree mounts, 6cm 200-300
57.     A collection of jadeite jewellery to include a 9ct gold mounted brooch, a ring stamped 14k, a carved plaque pendant on a 14ct gold suspension loop, another carved pendant, a green hardstone and yellow metal bracelet and small pendant of similar design (6) 150-200
58.     Victorian open faced pocket watch with Roman numerals, blue steel hands and subsidiary seconds 50-70
59.     A collection of pocket watches to include silver cased, gold plated cases, etc ( all a/f) (a lot) 150-200
60.     Edwardian silver and tortoiseshell box and cover with inlaid pique work pattern to the lid, Birmingham 1907, 8cm 40-50
61.     Set of six Birmingham silver coffee bean handed spoons together with Epns cased flatwares to include butter knives and teaspoons, (a lot) 20-40
62.     George V silver teapot, Sheffield 1927, approx 755g 200-250
63.     Canteen containing a set of twelve Epns and mother of pearl handled fruit knives and forks 50-70
64.     George V silver backed dressing table brush set, in a fitted case, Birmingham 1929 50-70
65.     A collection of Epns cased flatwares to include a carving set, butter dishes, etc (a lot) 30-40
66.     Art Deco silver cigarette box with engine turned lid, Birmingham 1934, 15 x 9cm, together with another smaller silver box, Birmingham 1919, 10 x 9cm (2) 70-100
67.     A collection of eleven silver and white metal rings, (11) 20-30
68.     George V silver box, the hinged lid with an presentation inscription, Chester 1911, 17 x 10cm 50-70
69.     Early 20th century silver Aladdin's lamp, hallmarks worn, 9cm high 20-40
70.     Georgian coconut cup and silver with silver rim and mounts, on three shell feet, 19cm high 200-300
71.     WITHDRAW

Victorian silver cased pocket watch, London 1874, the dial inscribed D. Tunks, Accrington, 60-80
72.     A collection of souvenir teaspoons, a pair of Epns berry spoons and a pair of mother of pearl handled spoons, (a lot) 20-30
73.     Collection of Queens pattern flatware to include a set of seventeen knives with silver handles, remaining items appear to Epns (a lot) 100-150
74.     A large collection of early 20th century silver items to include a pair of Birmingham silver dishes, child's Birmingham silver pusher set, two cased sets of six silver teaspoons, boxed pair of silver desk candlesticks, (filled) various silver napkin rings, two powder compacts and a table bell, etc together with a collection of Epns wares to include flatware, butter dishes, and a cake server, etc (a lot) 200-250
75.     Silver photograph frame, with a strut back, Sheffield 1986, 22 x 17cm 30-50
76.     Chinese Export silver tankard by Wang Hing with embossed foliate pattern and faux bamboo, handle, 8cm high 100-150
77.     Walker & Hall silver cruet set comprising a pair of cocktail shaker style pepper pots, two salt and two mustards, with their blue glass lines, in fitted, Sheffield 1950 50-80
78.     Silver jewellery to include an ingot pendant, Glasgow rose brooch and earrings, cap badges, etc ( a lot) 50-70
79.     A quantity of costume jewellery and pre decimal coins (a lot) 30-50
80.     Chinese coral and yellow metal pen / quill holder with a birds head handle, three white metal examples and a mother of pearl quill holder, longest 18.5cm (5) 100-150
81.     A collection early 20th century pen and quill holders to include one with a silver mount, Birmingham 1914, and another with silver mount and an agate handle and three others, longest 16cm (5) 70-100
82.     Victorian silver and agate pencil and quill holder set, in a fitted case, Birmingham 1888, (2) 70-100
83.     Vintage Conway Stewart 24 red marbled fountain pen with 14ct gold nib, Conway Stewart 18 red marbled pencil, Conway Stewart 'Dinkie' 550 red marbled pen a 14ct gold nib and a Conway Stewart 25 pencil (4) 70-100
84.     A pair of gurgle glass decanters with stoppers and each with a Birmingham silver 'Whisky' decanter label, 24cm high (2) 50-70
85.     A brass and glass panelled carriage clock of small proportions, complete with key, 13cm high including handle 60-80
86.     A pair of provincial Chinese blue and white vase with swirling pattern and circular footrims, 16cm high (2) 50-70
87.     Japanese earthenware baluster vase with chrysanthemum and bird pattern, with character marks to the base, 24cm high 30-40
88.     Bronze figure of a Deity, modelled seated in contemplative pose on a lotus base, 21cm high 60-80
89.     Collection of Griselda Hill 'Wemyss' pottery to include a jar and cover and trinket dish in Red Robin pattern, two other saucers and a pin dish with flowers, (5) 13cm long 50-70
90.     Blue glass vase with Mucha style pattern, 16cm high 20-30
91.     Mdina glass toadstool and sculpture together with a decanter stopper, tallest 14cm (3) 20-30
92.     English porcelain dessert service comprising a comport, two square dishes, two others and a set of twenty plates, (25) 200-300
93.     Pair of white glazed chimney spaniels with gilt collars, 32cm high (2) 30-40
94.     Bronze patinated resin figure of a fishing boat and fishermen, 28cm long 30-40
95.     Bisque figure group of two cherubs and a ram, on an oval base, 27cm high (a/f) 40-60
96.     Royal Copenhagen duck and a lustre glazed pottery duck, longest 19cm (2) 20-30
97.     Staffordshire Grenadier Guardsman character jug and another of Micawber by Sandland, 14cm (2) 10-15
98.     Two Lomonsov panda bear figures, tallest 14cm (2) 10-15
99.     Spongeware blue and white glazed bowl, another and a pair of Staffordshire plates, largest 33cm (4) 20-30
100.    1920's Scottish pottery dessert service designed by Constance Robina Bruce Kirkwood, comprising a footed bowl inscribed 'To The Old, Long Live and Leisure! To The Young, All Health and Pleasure' together with a pair of shallow bowls and set of twelve bowls, (15) 300-500
101.    Paragon fine bone china teaset, Reg No 744179, comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates and a cake plate, (a lot) 30-40
102.    Collection of Maling lustre glazed pottery to include a basket, ginger jar, two bowls and a vase, (a lot) 20-30
103.    Wedgwood Fairyland lustre vase by Daisy Makeig Jones, with butterflies and flowers to a pale green ground, with printed factory marks and numbered Z4632, 20cm high 150-200
104.    Collection of coloured glass to include a Whitefriars amber glass vase, Hadeland Norwegian vase designed by Willie Johansen, signed and dated 1958, and another, (3) 50-70
105.    Collection of 19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed pottery to include Ridgway oriental jug, Pastoral jug and a Venice jug, together with a willow pattern pepper pot, two Cattle and Cottage pattern pepper pots and a Spode pepper pot, tallest 19cm (7) 50-70
106.    Chinese blue and white punch bowl with floral pattern and circular footrim, 26cm diameter 100-150
107.    Collection of 19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed pottery to include a British Scenery dessert dish, Chinese Marine basin, Carmanium ewer, British Rivers pattern plate, Boys Fishing pattern plate, etc (6) 60-80
108.    Indian bronze figure of a cow below a lotus flower, 21cm 70-100
109.    Dudson style jug with a mythical serpent handle and hunting frieze, 19cm high 40-50
110.    Royal Doulton limited edition figures, Lady Diana Spencer, HN2885, 388/1500 together with HRH Prince of Wales, HN2883 1432/1500, tallest 20cm (2) 120-150
111.    Royal Doulton figures New Baby HN3713 & HN3712, 14cm long (2) 50-70
112.    Royal Doulton limited edition figures, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh HN2386, 1231/1500 and Royal Doulton Classics figure Queen Elizabeth II, 495 / 1500 tallest 23cm (2) 80-120
113.    Wedgwood Charnwood pattern dinner service and tea set, comprising eight dinner plates, ten smaller plates, nine side plates, thirteen bowls, fourteen cups and eighteen saucers, (a lot) 50-70
114.    Collection of 19th century gilded glass to include a pair of goblets with facet stems, two bottles with stoppers and two smaller (some faults) tallest 18cm (6) 50-60
115.    Two soapstone cared floral plaques, 13cm high (2) 30-40
116.    Staffordshire deer and bocage figure, 15cm high (some faults) 30-40
117.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed Bridge at Lucano mug, 9cm high 20-30
118.    K&Co Aster pattern teapot and stand 10-15
119.    Paragon Ltd Ed bone china loving cup to commemorate the Wedding of Her Royal Highness the Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, November 14th 1973, No. 454 / 500, with box, 22 x 13cm 30-40
120.    Collection of Wade and Carltonware Pub tankards, etc 9a lot) 30-40
121.    Royal Doulton figure Lifeboat Man HN4570, 23cm high 20-30
122.    Royal Doulton figure, The Lobster Man HN2317, 17cm high 20-30
123.    Royal Doulton figure - The Helmsman HN2499, 23cm high 30-40
124.    Royal Doulton figure, The Boatman, HN2417, 17cm 20-30
125.    Wedgwood Pembroke pattern coffee set, with six coffee cans, six saucers and a coffee pot, (13) 30-40
126.    Lladro Collectors Society 'It Wasn't Me' figure, 10cm 20-30
127.    Lladro figure of a girl, 18cm 20-30
128.    Two Lladro figures to include Linda and My Best Friend, tallest 17cm 40-50
129.    Collection of Chinese celadon glazed porcelain to include a floral pattern bowl, 17 cm diameter, and two plates (3) 40-60
130.    Retro West German pottery vase, 28cm 20-30
131.    Italian red and green glass table lamp base, 26cm high, together with a Swedish smoked glass bowl, (2) 50-70
132.    Royal Doulton limited edition figure, 30th Anniversary Coronation of Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2nd June 1983, 1695 / 2000 HN2878, 50-70
133.    Royal Doulton figure, His Holiness Pope John II, HN2888, 26cm high 30-50
134.    Royal Doulton figure, To Celebrate The 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, 4th August 1990, HN3189, No. 1335/2500, 21cm 30-50
135.    Royal Worcester HM Queen Elizabeth diamond Jubilee limited edition figure, No. 486/2500, 24cm 30-50
136.    Collection of Staffordshire 19th century blue and white transfer printed pottery to include Piping Shepherd jug, Scottish Bagpiper small chamber pot, Wine makers plate, Gleaners soup plate, Copeland Spode basket, etc (6) 50-70
137.    Tuscan china teaset, six place setting (24) 20-30
138.    Griselda Hill Sleeping piglet, designed by Esther Weeks, signed and dated 2007, with box 60-80
139.    Various 19th century drinking glasses, tallest 15cm (70 60-80
140.    Coloured drinking glasses to include four red and three yellow, tallest 18cm (7) 30-50
141.    Whitefriars Geoffrey Baxter bowl, 30cm, together with another art glass bowl, (2) 60-80
142.    Set of brass postal scales on a mahognay base, oval brass planter and brass bell, (3) 20-40
143.    Two vintage Bakelite clocks to include Ferranti and Genolex together with a No.3 Autographic Kodak camera, tallest, 16cm (3) 30-40
144.    Keith Murray for Stevens & Williams coloured glass bubble vases,one in blue the other amethyst, 39cm high (2) 100-150
145.    Winton, 'The British Lion Blanc-Mange and Jelly' pottery mould , 26cm 20-30
146.    Two Epns corinthian column table lamp bases, (2) 50-70
147.    Mixed lot to include an Art Nouveau style inkwell, walnut box,oak tray and a brass frame, (4) 40-50
148.    19th century rosewood and inlaid sewing box with a compartments to the interior and lift out tray, containing miscellaneous bone, ivory and mother of pearl sewing accessories, (a lot) 100-150
149.    19th century mahogany and brass bound writing box with a fitted interior and green leather slope, 45 x 25cm 60-80
150.    Pair of 18th century Epns wine coasters with turned wooden bases, 19cm diameter, (2) 30-40
151.    Studio pottery figure of a white glazed terrier dog, signed with a monogram, 33cm high 50-70
152.    Retro Hornsea pottery ashtray and a Fiona Tait studio pottery bowl, 29cm (2) 20-30
153.    Early 20th century oak stationery box, 26cm high 40-50
154.    Sarcophagus shaped box with a hinged lid and a wooden inlaid jewellery box, largest 25cm (2) 30-40
155.    Carved wooden figure of a Saint and two African ebonised wooden heads, tallest 35cm (3) 10-15
156.    Staffordshire pottery three piece toilet set, (3) 20-30
157.    Two retro table lamps, tallest 50cm (2) 20-30
158.    Vintage Mitchell's of Bathgate soda siphon, 32cm 20-30
159.    Dante, a black painted head and shoulders bust, 36 x 46cm 40-50
160.    Vintage yellow glazed teaset with chrome metal covers and circular tray, (4) 30-40
161.    Pair of painted wooden corbel wall brackets, 26 x 23cm (2) 20-40
162.    An Art Deco style figural table lamp base with a glass globe shade, 48cm high 30-50
163.    Spirit of Ecstasy silvered bronze figure on a circular hardstone base, 52cm high 300-400
164.    Bronze Art Deco style dancer and serpent figure, on a circular hardstone base, 57cm high 100-150
165.    Kendrick & Sons No.9 metal press, Christopher Dresser design 30-40
166.    A pair of blue and white pottery cats, 27cm (2) 30-40
167.    After Picault, a pair of bronze patinated figures to include Victoria and Opina Spoila, on red hardstone bases, 37cm high (2) 100-150
168.    Japanese bronze censor with a detachable top and incised village scene tot he body with mythical beast handles, size overall 26 x 30cm 60-80
169.    Creamware basket and stand (in two parts) overall height 16cm 20-30
170.    Foley china blue and white teaset, comprising nine cups, eight saucers, nine side plates, two cake plates, sugar bowl and a cream jug (a lot) 50-70
171.    Spode blue and white transfer printed Castle pattern tureen and cove with its stand, (2) 50-70
172.    Spode blue and white transfer printed Castle pattern meat draining ashet, 52cm 50-70
173.    Spode blue and white transfer printed Castle pattern pottery to include an oval stand, sauce tureen, bowl, another smaller,plates, serving dish, pickle dish, and box with cover, etc (a lot) 100-150
174.    A pair of Spode blue and white transfer printed Castle pattern ashets, 48cm (2) 60-80
175.    Wedgwood & Co blue and white transfer printed Asiatic Pheasant pattern tureen, cove and stand, (3) 50-70
176.    Three Deflt chargers / shallow bowls, (fritting and some losses), largest 35cm (3) 200-250
177.    Three Delft chargers / shallow bowls, (fritting and losses), largest 35cm (3) 200-250
178.    Delft bowl with chinoiserie pattern, 31cm, and a Delft plate, both with old staple repairs, (2) 70-100
179.    A contemporary floral patterned pottery planter and two sponge ware bowls, (3) 20-30
180.    Court China teaset for a twelve place setting, (a lot) 30-40
181.    A set of modern drinking glasses with spiral twist stems (21) 30-40
182.    Aynsley Gretna patterned teaset, (21) 20-30
183.    Chinese blue and white plate / charger, with craquelure ground and brown scratch border 40-60
184.    A large 19th century Staffordshire dinner service, approx 70 pieces, some damages, crazing and staining throughout. (70) 30-40
185.    A collection of 20th century pottery dogs to include Sylvac, etc (5) 20-30
186.    Five Hummel figures, bisque pottery piano baby and a black cat teapot, (7) 20-30
187.    Rich Preserved Cream pottery jar and four vintage tins, (5) 20-30
188.    20th century pottery to include Carltonware, Maling and others etc, (a lot) 20-40
189.    A collection of mainly 19th century Staffordshire plates, etc (a lot) 20-40
190.    A collection of Staffordshire 19th century blue and white transfer printed pottery to include Asiatic Beauties tureen stand, Chinese marine platter and a chinoiserie pattern ashet, largest 43cm (3) 60-80
191.    A collection of 19th century blue and white transfer printed pottery ashets to include Bells Triumphal Car, Keeling Syria platter and a British Scenery platter, largest 46cm (3) 70-100
192.    Spode blue and white transfer printed Aesop's Fable fish platter, 63cm long 70-100
193.    19th century blue and white transfer printed pottery to include a Bells Triumphal Car ashet and another smaller, largest 44cm (2) 50-70
194.    A collection of Staffordshire 19th century blue and white transfer printed pottery ashets to include three Italian lake pattern and another Italian scenery, largest 42.5cm (4) 60-80
195.    A collection of Staffordshire 19th century blue and white transfer printed pottery to include an Oriental patterned drainer, Belvoir Castle plate and a Spode Italian dessert dish, largest 30cm (3) 30-40
196.    Staffordshire 19th century blue and white meat draining ashet in the Etruscan & Greek Vases pattern, 48cm 60-80
197.    Staffordshire 19th century blue and white meat draining ashet, 54cm 60-80
198.    Staffordshire 19th century blue and white meat draining ashet, British Scenery pattern, 52cm 60-80
199.    Staffordshire 19th century blue and white meat draining ashet, 53cm 60-80
200.    Georgian oak bureau chest, with a fall front and fitted interior over pull out slides , two short and three graduating long drawers with brass handles and bracket feet, 100 x 106 x 52cm 100-150
201.    A pair of cast metal Coalbrookdale style garden chairs, 81 x 43cm (a/f, 2) 50-70
202.    A set of five cast iron Coalbrookdale style garden chairs and a garden table, table 90 x 70cm (6) 100-150
203.    Victorian chaise longue, with button back and upholstered in raspberry and gold fabric, on tulip shaped legs and one sloping back leg, 185 x 82 x 75cm 100-150
204.    Pair of French walnut framed chairs with upholstered backs and seats, on fluted legs, 93 x 52 cm (2) 150-180
205.    Four dark oak chairs barley twist chairs with leather slip in seats, to include two carvers and two side chairs, 121 x 57cm (4) 70-100
206.    19th century mahogany and boxwood inlaid games / sewing table,with green baize, workbag drawer and tapering , x 76 x 46 (closed) and 91cm (open) 100-150
207.    Green painted cupboard with still life jugs pattern to the front panel, 45 x 73 x 14cm 40-60
208.    Mahogany and walnut washstand with a grey marble top, ceramic castors and Art Nouveau style handles, 107 x 76 x 46cm 40-60
209.    A gilt plaster Blackamoor table lamp base and column, 160 cm overall in two parts 150-200
210.    Whytcok & Reid walnut dressing table, with triple mirror over an arrangement of eight drawers, on bold paw feet, drawer stamped Whytock & Reid, 122 x 164 x 64cm 200-300
211.    Iranian copper tray of circular form, on a folding ebonised base, 66 x 51cm 40-60
212.    Black painted open armchair with scrolling top rial and vertical splat back, cane work seat and scrolling stretchers, 120 x 62cm 60-80
213.    Early 20th century pokerwork folio stand, 59 x 68 x 27cm 30-50
214.    Chippendale style corner elbow chair with two pierced vasiform splats, upholstered seat and square chinoiserie legs, some repairs 76 x 83cm 100-150
215.    Early 20th century oak bedside and a folding card table, (2) 20-30
216.    Large Tabriz style rug, with pink field and blue flowerhead border, 300 x 201cm 100-150
217.    A Tabriz style rug with rose field and central medallion within a flowerhead border, 300 x 214cm 100-150
218.    Caucasian rug, blue field with a pole medallion, (a/f) 174 x 114cm 30-40
219.    Large modern coffee table with brass castors, 153 x 46 x 97cm 60-80
220.    Two early 20th century chairs, 92 x 45cm (2) 15-20
221.    Nest of three ebonised tables with chinoiserie patterned tops and lyre style side supports, tallest 70 x 43 x 29cm (3) 40-50
222.    Vintage brown leather travel trunk / case monogrammed V.S.M., with travel stickers to include Beverly Hills, 85 x 29 x 50cm 40-60
223.    Early 20th century oak low chair with Bergere cane back and upholstered seat, 60 x 70cm 40-50
224.    Pine stool with upholstered seat and a gout stool, 36 x 63 x 32cm (2) 30-40
225.    Early 20th century open armchair with a canework back, upholstered seat and sabre legs, 87 x 56cm 30-40
226.    French giltwood console table with a rectangular green marble / hardstone top, with a plain frieze, laurel leaf legs and centred by an urn to the stretcher, 144 x 78 x 39cm 400-600
227.    Late 19th / early 20th century plan chest, with distressed black painted effect, a red leather skivver and three long drawers with brass handles, 122 x 48 x 85cm 300-500
228.    Kelim style rug with geometric pattern and red field, 132 x 93cm 20-30
229.    Content by Conran, a pink upholstered Matador chair on light oak legs, 95 x 93cm 200-300
230.    A pair of Cassina sofas / oversized chairs, with removable white covers, one left arm, the other right arm, on tubular metal legs, 125 x 70 x 85cm 300-500
231.    Blanket box with painted exterior, the interior possibly camphorwood, 95 x 60 x 59cm 50-70
232.    B&B Italia Maxalto purple upholstered Febo daybed /chaise, with one large scatter cushion, 86 x 152 x 86cm 200-300
233.    B&B Italia Maxalto green upholstered daybed /chaise, designed by Antonio Citterio, 64 x 160 x 80cm 200-300
234.    B&B Italia Maxalto green upholstered daybed /chaise, designed by Antonio Citterio, 64 x 160 x 80cm 200-300
235.    A large brass hanging lantern light with domed top and urn finials, over engraved glass panels, with three lights, 98 x 42cm 400-600
236.    Early 20th century oak open bookcase, three shelves, 103 x 101 x 40cm 40-60
237.    Vintage oak ledgeback chest with two short and three long drawers, 78 x 102 x 51cm 30-50
238.    Camphorwood trunk with brass mounts and hinged lid, with handles to the side, the interior stamped Cheung On, Johnson Road Hong Kong, 84 x 39 x 42cm 150-200
239.    Caucasian runner, worn field in places 305 x 92cm 50-70
240.    Late 19th / early 20th century Child's open armchair, 51 x 35cm 50-70
241.    Ebonised rocking chair with horizontal splats, and an orange upholstered seat 92 x 52cm 30-50
242.    Child's rosewood prie dieu chair with pierced top rail, floral tapestry upholstery and bobbin legs, 81 x 35cm 60-80
243.    Retro teak four drawer chest, 74 x 88 x 41cm 30-40
244.    Mahogany three tier whatnot with a single long drawer to the base, 77 x 135 x 32cm 40-60
245.    Vintage oak bookcase 61 x 62 x 30cm 20-30
246.    Thonet Bentwood open armchair with canework circular seat, paper label to underside, 80 x 63cm 40-60
247.    Oak side table with a single frieze drawer, 46 x 77 x 35cm 30-40
248.    Oak gateleg table, 91 x 74 x 115cm (open) 30-40
249.    Piano stool, one leg damaged, 55 x 62 x36cm approx height of sea 50cm 40-50
250.    Eight Queen Anne style chairs comprising two similar sets of four, 106 x 50cm (8) 70-100
251.    Dark oak coffer with three panelled lid, floral carved front panel and a void interior, 102 x61 x47cm 120-150
252.    Georgian mahogany commode with a dummy drawers to the base, with handles to the ledge sides, 56 x 82 x 47cm 60-80
253.    Adjustable piano stool with a circular seat and tapering legs, 34 x 50cm 40-60
254.    Early 20th century oak side table with a carved top, 60 x 50cm 50-70
255.    Mahogany stool with upholstered top raised on fluted legs, 44 x 52 x 40cm 60-80
256.    Pine clothes press with a drawer to the base, 65 x 70 x 38cm 40-60
257.    Mahogany two tier table with circular top and another on a baluster column, largest 60 x 72cm (2) 50-70
258.    Diminutive 19th century walnut chest with a rectangular fold over top, above pull out slides and five long drawers with brass ring handles and bracket feet, 78 x 64 x 32cm 200-400
259.    Art Deco oak side table with a single frieze drawer, 68 x 70 x 42cm 50-70
260.    Small mahogany and chequer banded corner wall cupboard with an inlaid shell paterae and shelved interior, 58 x 64cm 50-70
261.    Walnut bureau bookcase, the moulded cornice over a pair of glazed doors with a shelved interior with two short and one long drawer beneath the shelves, with two pull out candle slides, above a fallfront which opens to reveal a fitted interior with pigeon holes and an arrangement of seven drawers, the base with pull out slide, two short and two graduating long drawers, with brass handles and escutcheons, raised on bracket feet, 62 x 190 x 52cm 600-800
262.    Oak barrel stick stand with metal bands, containing a collection of walking canes and a gun barrel cleaner, 60 x 28cm 60-80
263.    19th century mahogany and inlaid bureau bookcase, the dentil frieze above a pair of glazed doors , the astragal with a flame finial, interior with adjustable shelves, over an inlaid fallfront with a fitted interior, over pull out slides, two short and two graduating long drawers, with brass escutcheons and handles, on bracket feet, 100 x 233 x 52cm 200-300
264.    Late 19th century mahogany cabinet, with a pair of central glazed doors, flanked by fretwork and shelved recess, on carved cabriole legs, 140 x 102 x 42cm 40-60
265.    Set of five Andrew Lang 1950's Fairy Books to include, Yellow, Rose, Olive, Orange & Crimson, with dust jackets (5) 100-150
266.    Taxidermy Tarantula, in a glazed showcase, overall size of case is approx 32 x 26.5cm 50-70
267.    Taxidermy Scorpion, in a glazed showcase, overall size of case is approx 32 x 21cm 50-70
268.    Bronze Cherub chamber stick with a champleve base, 13cm high 40-50
269.    Karl Ens porcelain figure, 15cm high and a Limoges dish, (2) 30-40
270.    Early 20th century Japanese carved ivory page turner, the handle with octopus and fish, 25cm long 30-50
271.    Pair of Chinese blue and white tea bowls with bamboo and calligraphy pattern, (one with a star hairline) 10cm diameter (2) 50-70
272.    Chinese porcelain stem cup with blue and white flowers and red fish, with six character marks to the base, 10cm 80-120
273.    Chinese enamelled trinket dish and a match box cover, largest 9 x 6cm (2) 20-30
274.    Japanese bronze handled paper knife with mixed metal pattern of bird and flowers, 19cm 20-30
275.    Joseph Lucas Ltd No.344 motorcycle lamp, 9cm 40-50
276.    Collection of WWII ephemera to include six Propaganda leaflets, Italian bade, Polish cap badge, black and white postcards, etc (a lot) 50-80
277.    Shaeffer Fountain pen, boxed together with two rules - one a Faber Castrell and a QEII Coronation tin, (4) 40-60
278.    Gent's Lock & Co brown felt Trilby hat 40-60
279.    Collection of Mens silk ties to include Paul Smith, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, John Paul Gaultier and Armani, (10) 60-80
280.    Three brass Hindu deities to include Balak - Vishna, tallest 8cm (3) 40-50
281.    An antique dark oak bench with five panelled back, open arms with scrolling uprights, solid seat and square legs united by a front stretcher, with a good patination, 94 x 170cm 500-700
282.    Kent patent knife sharpener, 59 x 60cm 30-40
283.    Child's Thonet Bentwood cafe chair and a small pedestal wine table, (2) 30-40
284.    Child's toy pram the metal frame covered in leather with wood mounts, 73 x 54cm (a/f) 30-40
285.    B&B Italia Maxalto table designed by Antonio Citterio on a chromed metal base, 61 x 46cm 100-150
286.    A pair of Rondo contemporary standard lamps, 162cm (2) 100-150
287.    A pair of green velvet upholstered wing armchairs in the Carolean style with loose cushions and carved front rails and scroll feet, 120 x 86cm (2) 300-500
288.    Art Nouveau mahogany washstand with green tiled back, marble top and two cupboards to the base, towel rails to side and turned legs, 93 x 136cm 70-100
289.    Pair of 19th century mahogany framed chairs with low upholstered backs, seats and fluted legs, 83 x 46cm (2) 50-70
290.    19th century black painted wooden stick stand with twelve apertures, 60 x 65 x 26cm 50-80
291.    Naively constructed pine work bench / table, 15 x 64 x 40cm 40-60
292.    19th century mahogany dining table on fluted legs with brass caps and ceramic castors, 165 x 74 x 121cm 150-200
293.    Pair of dark oak side chairs with carved topr ails upholstered back panels and wavy splats, 101 x 48cm (2) 30-50
294.    A pair of satin birch faux bamboo chairs with balloon backs, pierced splat and button upholstered seats, 85 x 37cm (2) 100-150
295.    Early 20th century mahogany ledgeback chest with two short and two long drawers, 107 x 88 x 50cm 60-80
296.    19th century mahogany dressing table mirror, 44 x 58cm 20-40
297.    Elm Windsor chair with a shaped top rails, combed back and solid seat, turned legs untied by a stretcher, with iron strapwork repairs, 100 x 6cm (seat 38cm) 300-500
298.    18th century walnut kneehole desk, the rectangular top over a long drawer above an arched door to the kneehole with a short drawer beneath, flanked by three short drawers, on bun feet, with brass handles and escutcheon, 76 x 71 x 48cm 400-600
299.    19th century birdcage of typical form with a turned mahogany handle with brass suspension loop, contains a black painted composition bird on a perch, 65 x 32cm 50-70
300.    A pair of dark wood chairs, possibly elm, with arched toprails, vertical splats and solid seats, raised on turned front legs with a conforming stretcher, 115 x 45cm (2) 100-150
301.    Fruitwood barley twist open armchair in the 17th century style, with carved top rail, cane back and seat, 110 x 60cm 60-80
302.    Mahogany stand with three circular dished tops, on splayed legs, 82 x 45cm 50-70
303.    Bergere and barley twist open armchair, 60-80
304.    Two mahogany framed fire screens, each with a tapestry insert, (2) 30-50
305.    Oak chest, the rectangular top with a moulded edge over four long drawers, the top drawer with two panels, brass handles and escutcheons, n bracket feet, 99 x 94 x 55cm 300-400
306.    Set of four 19th century mahogany chairs with blade backs and scrolling spandrels, with upholstered stuff over seats and fluted legs, 90 x 48cm (4) 100-150
307.    late 19th / early 20th century rattan trolley with three tiers and metal wheels, 82 x 101 x 58cm 70-100
308.    Late 19th century green upholstered armchair on tapering mahognay legs with ceramic castors, 92 x 65cm 70-100
309.    Antique dark oak Wainscott type chair with scrolling toprail, panelled back with turned front legs, seat lacking, 104 x 55cm 50-70
310.    Pair of white painted metal twin branch wall sconces, 40cm, and a green painted metal book stand, (3) 30-40
311.    Carton containing a quantity of vintage jewellery boxes (all empty) (a lot) 40-60
312.    Carton containing a quantity of vintage jewellery boxes (all empty) (a lot) 40-60
313.    Carton containing mixed items to include brass chamber stick and trivet, copper burners, metronome, Coombes ruler, pine box with glass lustres, etc ( a lot) 50-70
314.    Collection of postcard albums, etc (a lot) 50-70
315.    Mixed lot to include a vintage copper lamp / heater? Signal box telephone and large metal nails, etc (a lot) 30-40
316.    Five painted canvas, signed with initials ACL, 30 x 40cm (5) 20-40
317.    Two Chinese style blue and white vases with flared rims and floral pattern, (a/f) , 32cm 30-50
318.    Canteen of Epns cutlery, various cased sets of flatwares, etc (a lot) 30-40
319.    Meteorite copper and glass ships lantern, No.C31382, 34cm 50-70
320.    Steel weighting arm with hooks and weight, 70cm long 20-30
321.    Collection of Corgi boxed cars and a Corgi Super Marine Spitfire, (a lot) 40-60
322.    Viners Parish Collection cutlery canteen 30-40
323.    Hornby Trains No.2 Signal Cabin, Gauge O, with box, 20-30
324.    Vintage Viewmaster and a Tru-Vue, with film to include USA scenes - Grand canyon, Yellowstone, New York, etc (a lot) 30-40
325.    Vintage copper Tilley Radiator 20-30
326.    French Maison Censier trunk, 58 x 35cm, containing a selection of vintage tins and a Bible, (a lot) 40-50
327.    Large collection of Chinese and Japanese wooden stands, largest is approx 26cm diameter (a lot) 50-80
328.    Six Edinburgh Crystal Portree pattern goblets . wine glasses, in two boxes, (6) 30-40
329.    Six Holme Gaard glasses, boxed, 10cm high (6) 20-30
330.    Carved wooden plaque with a cross pattern, 47 x 28cm, and two pierced terracotta roundel, 33cm , (30 20-30
331.    Collection of vintage leather horse reins and bridles, etc (a lot) 20-40
332.    19th century steel fire grate / insert, 56 x 26 x 48cm 30-40
333.    19th century mahogany oval tray with brass handles, 76 x 57cm (2) 60-80
334.    Folding three tier cake stand 10-15
335.    Copper and brass coal bucket on paw feet, with a shovel 30-40
336.    Three Highland Clan prints to include Forbes, MacPherson and Ogilvie together with a fabric panel of Edinburgh Castle, circa 1943 and small mosaic frame, largest 32 x 26cm 20-30
337.    Tallec Paris porcelain ice bucket and cover with gilt vine leaf pattern, 25cm 100-150
338.    Gordon Highlanders steel sabre / sword hilt pierced and engraved with thistles, 18cm, together with a bayonet, (2) 40-60
339.    French pewter bottle case or mould? 33cm high, together with a 19th century steel grip with three prongs with a wooden handle, extends to 62cm (2) 30-40
340.    Chinese green glazed Han type cooking vessel with loop handles, stile feet and a domed cover, 27cm high 40-60
341.    Hardstone mantle clock of architectural form, with a gilt metal chapter ring with Arabic numerals flanked by gilt metal pilasters, 26 x 30cm 50-70
342.    Amati Kraslice AAS 21, brass saxophone 100-150
343.    Early 20th century oak desk with a pullout slide and four drawers to each pedestal, 140 x 77 x 76cm 60-80
344.    19th century walnut dining table, the top with a broad ebony border with boullework inlaid decoration comprising tortoiseshell, mother of pearl and brass, with a medallion to the centre, further decoration around the frieze with a long drawer to one end, raised on bold floral carved baluster legs with brass caps and castors, with a scrolling carolean type stretcher, 188 x 78 x 107cm (some losses to the inlaid decoration, etc) 200-400
345.    Eastern rug, red field a foliate medallion, 176 x 121cm 40-60
346.    Large giltwood overmantle mirror, the frame with incised floral pattern, 100 x 139cm 200-400
347.    French Louis Philippe giltwood wall mirror with a ribbon, flame and quiver cresting and scrolling acorn leaves, overall size 170 x 95cm, glass 68 x 119cm 400-600
348.    Louis Philippe mirror with bird, flame and quiver cresting and a foliate frame, size overall 77 x 126cm, glass 53 x 89cm 200-300