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1.      Late 19th / early 20th century Russian silver icon, with 84 Zolotnik mark, 7 x 9cm 60-80
2.      19th century Russian silver gilt tea strainer in the form of a basket with floral engraved border, with 84 Zolotnik, St Petersburg and Alexander Yashinov Assay Masters marks, 6cm diameter 100-150
3.      Rare Edwardian 'Yorkshire Automobile Club' silver vesta case, engraved with a car and club crest, Minshull & Latimer, Birmingham 1901, 5cm 80-120
4.      Late Victorian baby's silver rattle with bells, whistle and mother of pearl teether, likely Levi & Salaman, Birmingham 1900, 9cm long 50-70
5.      Lady's Art Deco white metal and diamond cocktail watch, (inside of case stamped platinum) with a Swiss movement, rectangular silvered dial with Arabic numerals and blue steel hands, within a surround of diamonds, on a bracelet strap further set with diamonds 200-300
6.      Georgian paste brooch, set in a silver frame with an unmarked gold border, with suspension loop and clasp 5.5cm long 40-60
7.      Arts & Crafts pewter brooch with Ruskin style coloured cabouchon, Scooter of Paris hair clip and a Modernist style white metal pendant (3) 30-40
8.      Early 20th century Scandinavian silver Antelope brooch, stamped HGr, 830, Danish silver flower brooch, stamped NE From and a 1970's silver brooch, stamped Teka, (3) 60-80
9.      Mexican silver cufflink's, silver brooch stamped 830 and a pair of 925 silver Glasgow rose style earrings (3) 20-30
10.     Plique a jour enamel pendant in a silver frame, Sterling silver South Africa pendant and another, all on chains (3) 50-70
11.     Gents 9ct gold cased Omega wrist watch, with champagne dial and hour baton markers, on a black leather strap with 9ct gold buckle 150-200
12.     9ct gold circular flower brooch with matching 9ct gold earrings, George Tarratt, Birmingham 1986/7, (19 grams) 200-250
13.     Randers Solvvarefabrik 1960's silver necklace, stamped RS 925 Denmark 50-70
14.     Scandinavian silver to include a Norwegian ring, stamped Sterling Silver Norway and a Danish silver brooch with tigers eye by NE From (2) 50-70
15.     Vintage silver and enamel brooch / pendant together two others, one in the form of a hand (3) 40-60
16.     Three Mexican silver rings, one with a colour changing stone (3) 20-40
17.     Marius Hammer Norwegian silver filigree brooch with disc pattern, 7cm diameter together with a Mexican silver and obsidian brooch (2) 60-80
18.     Vintage silver ring by Antonio Belgiorno, Danish silver and enamel ring by Cohr and another (3) 60-80
19.     1970's Danish silver and amazonite brooch by E. Christian, 7cm long 70-100
20.     Scandinavian silver pendant / brooch with amethyst and carnellian, makers mark RPI with silver import marks for 1974, on a silver chain necklace 70-100
21.     Vintage unmarked silver and quartz necklace, the long links naturalistically modelled as twigs, together with a silver pendant, stamped Handmade in Iceland, 925 (2) 40-60
22.     Anton Michelsen silver brooch, signed and stamped Sterling Denmark, 7cm long, together with a vintage Finnish wooden brooch, stamped Aarikka Finland (2) 60-80
23.     Novelty silver vesta, double faced of circular form, David A Bowles, London 1989, 5cm 50-70
24.     Late 19th / early 20th century gold plated lorgnettes 20-40
25.     Early 20th century bronze medallions to include Rifle Shooting, Swimming and Boxing, etc (5) 30-50
26.     Silver gilt Masonic medallion, inscribed Honorable Testimonial of Masonic Charity & Benevolence Instituted by HRH AUG FRED, DUKE OF SUSSEX, Birmingham 1934 30-40
27.     Early 20th century jadeite Buddhist pendant of disc form with filigree mounts, 6cm 200-300
28.     A collection of jadeite jewellery to include a 9ct gold mounted brooch, a ring stamped 14k, a carved plaque pendant on a 14ct gold suspension loop, another carved pendant, a green hardstone and yellow metal bracelet and small pendant of similar design (6) 200-300
29.     Gent's vintage gold plated rotary wrist watch on a black leather strap 50-70
30.     Edwardian 9ct gold and aquamarine pendant of Art Nouveau design, 4cm 40-60
31.     Strand of pearls with a yellow metal garnet and pearl cluster clasp, largest pearl approx 1cm, together with a pair of faux pearl earrings (2) 100-150
32.     9ct gold brooch with an oval opal, 4cm 60-80
33.     Silver and nephrite jade necklace of Modernist design with an articulated pendant, makers mark RJR, London 1978, 150-180
34.     A collection of three vintage silver brooches to include Anton Michelsen, Denmark, one stamped RLH Sterling, and another (3) 50-70
35.     Art Deco silver gilt cigarette case by SP Ora & Co, Birmingham 1926, 10.5cm x 9cm together with a smaller silver gilt case by the same maker, 6.5 x 4.5c, overall weight 230grams. (2) 70-100
36.     Gun metal cased Victoria pocket watch travel alarm clock with Arabic numerals. blue steel hands and subsidiary seconds dial, with a hinged case back for strut support, on a silver watch chain with T-bar and a silver vesta case 70-100
37.     9ct gold pencil holder with push button action to one end, with a suspension loop, stamped 9ct EB, 8cm long 120-150
38.     Victorian silver box of oval form, with a hinged lid with cherubs pattern, London 1891, 5.5cm 30-50
39.     Georgian tortoiseshell oval box, the hinged lid with star inlaid pique decoration, yellow metal cartouche and mounts, 8.5cm long 50-70
40.     White metal table bell with a figural handle 8cm, together with a white metal and green jadeite spoon, (2) 30-50
41.     An Edwardian silver vesta case, Chester 1910 and a Victorian silver vesta case, Birmingham 1898 (2) 30-40
42.     Continental white metal conch shell box, makers mark JvDH, 5cm long 40-60
43.     George V 9ct gold pencil by Sampson & Mordan, 11cm long including suspension loop 80-120
44.     19th century white metal oval box, with hinged lid with basket of lowers pattern, gilt interior, 9cm, together with a silver box of rectangular form with repousee pattern of musicians and instruments, stamped 925 (2) 70-100
45.     Victorian silver miniature chamber stick of heart shape, William Comyns, London 1891, 5cm, together with a miniature silver tyg, London 1903, 4cm (2) 60-80
46.     9ct gold cased full hunter pocket watch, with a yellow metal belcher chain with T-bar, 500-700
47.     Edwardian silver vesta case and butt marker, London 1906, silver pencil, London 1907 and a small Georgian silver box - perhaps a vinaigrette, with hinged lid bearing a shield cartouche, 3cm (3) 150-200
48.     Scottish hardstone bracelet and various costume jewellery , etc (a lot) 20-30
49.     A quantity of costume jewellery to include faux pearls, coloured beads, bracelets, earrings and brooches together with a Mexican silver pendant, etc (a lot) 50-70
50.     Astrid Fog for Georg Jensen, a silver bracelet comprising three rows of square links, stamped Georg Jensen, Denmark 925 Sterling No 193. London import marks for 1972. 700-1000
51.     Four piece silver cruet set by Harrods, Ltd, London 1965 / 66, comprising sugar castor, pepper pot, salt and mustards with blue glass liners (4) 80-120
52.     Four piece silver cruet set by Harrods, Ltd, London 1965 / 66, comprising sugar castor, pepper pot, salt and mustards with blue glass liners (4) 80-120
53.     Four piece silver cruet set by Harrods, Ltd, London 1965 / 66, comprising sugar castor, pepper pot, salt and mustards with blue glass liners (4) 80-120
54.     Four piece silver cruet set by Harrods, Ltd, London 1965 / 66, comprising sugar castor, pepper pot, salt and mustards with blue glass liners (4) 80-120
55.     Set of eleven white metal forks, stamped Sterling - approx 570 grams and a quantity of Epns flatwares, (a lot) 150-200
56.     A collection of silver and white metal handled button hooks, shoe horns and pickle forks, etc (a lot) 40-60
57.     William IV set of three silver fiddle pattern table spoons, John James Whiting, London 1834, 23cm long (3) 70-100
58.     Collection of Gents wristwatches to include Longines, Elgin, Seiko, Mappin & Webb, etc (8) 100-150
59.     WWII German Nazi lapel badge and a RAF brooch by Gaunt, London, 5.5cm (2) 40-60
60.     Set of six Georgian silver teaspoons together with a silver plated Links of London ruler (7) 20-40
61.     Early 20th century silver topped glass inkwell and a collection of bottles with white metal mounts, (a/f) (5) 15-20
62.     Quantity of parker pens, (a lot) 40-60
63.     Japanese bronze depicting Daikoku's Mallet with a rat on the top, 11cm long together with a Japanese bronze incense burner of lozenge form with a pierced lid with a flowerhead finial, 14 x 12cm (2) 100-150
64.     French brass and glass panelled carriage clock with a white enamelled dial and Arabic numerals, (a/f and one hand lacking) case stamped made in France and numbered 203, 16cm high including handle 50-70
65.     A collection of late 19th and early 20th century Japanese ivory and lacquered boxes together with a puzzle ball, (6) 80-120
66.     A collection of Chinese and Japanese items to include a small water buffalo, small bronze bridge, hardstone seals, snuff bottles and lacquered dishes, etc (12) 50-80
67.     Japanese Shibayama rosewood Whist marker, 9cm long 50-70
68.     Chinese jade archaic style cup with carved handles and pierced wooden stand, with small rim chip and internal crack, 9cm wide and a carved jade disc on a foliate carved wooden stand, (2) 70-100
69.     Chinese jade Koro and cover with Kylin finial and stylised pierced handles, on a wooden stand, height overall 15cm 70-100
70.     Late 19th / early 20th century Japanese ivory box of rectangular form, with a sliding top with carved panels, 7cm, together with a circular ivory box with wheat sheaf pattern, containing a set of rosary beads and a Japanese lacquered box, (3) 70-100
71.     Early 20th century Sheffield silver and mother of pearl fruit knife, white metal Dali spoon and a yellow metal mounted tortoiseshell box of navette form, (a/f) (3) 30-50
72.     Chinese spinach green jade jar and cover of circular form, on a wooden lotus shaped base together with a bronze cash style coin (2) 50-70
73.     A collection of Chinese and other snuff bottles, one with a red dragon pattern and with a Yongzheng seal mark to the base, together with a small provincial blue and white jar, tallest 8cm, (6) 100-150
74.     Chinese carved jadeite bird group, on a wooden base, 20cm high, together with another (losses to tail feather) (2) 70-100
75.     19th century silhouette in an ebonised frame together with a Wedgwood blue jasper plaque (2) 20-30
76.     19th century French Palais blue glass scent bottle and stopper, with pierced gilt metal mount and four oval painted plaques depicting Paris landmarks to include Notre Dame, etc, 15cm high 100-150
77.     20th century Russian giltwood Icon Christ Pantocrator, in a giltwood frame, size overall 16 x 18cm 60-80
78.     Four Chinese blue and white snuff bottles, tallest 9cm (4) 70-100
79.     A collection of three oval framed plaques to include a 19th century Indian painted gouache example, a Wedgwood jasper plaque and a Sevres style porcelain plaque, largest frame size overall 25 x 25cm (3) 30-40
80.     A collection of Chinese and Japanese items to include a miniature jadeite Koro, white hardstone bangles, horn and bone napkin rings, coloured beads and a pierced jadeite disc, etc (a lot) 50-70
81.     Five various chinoiserie lacquered boxes, (5) 20-30
82.     Qing Chinese incense bowl, the pierced cover surmounted by a Dog of Foo, with mythical beast handles and engraved clouds pattern to the body, on three outswept feet, with six character Xuande mark to base, but likely later, 37cm high 100-150
83.     Chinese bronze archaic style vase, with bulbous body having mythical rhino mask heads, engraved stem and circular footrim, with a foliate pierced wooden cover and lotus shaped stand, height excluding stand is approx 20cm 200-300
84.     Chinese polished brass incense burner with pierced foliate cover and a Chinese brass figure of a Sage, 25cm high (2) 50-70
85.     Derby Mansion House Dwarf 'Peter Corcoran - The Fancy', modelled standing wearing a pointed hat, with a staff in his hand, on a floral encrusted circular base, crown and Derby backstamp and impressed No.227. 17cm high 200-250
86.     Burmantofts red glazed dragon jug, circa 1885, 30cm high (a/f) 30-50
87.     Japanese early 20th century green glazed vase and a moulded fish jug, tallest 22cm (2) 30-40
88.     Meissen porcelain jar and cover with a flowerhead finial to the lid, blue crossed swords marks, 12cm wide 40-60
89.     Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern 2451 miniature cup, 4cm high 20-30
90.     Meissen blue and white inkwell, blue crossed swords mark to the base, 7cm 20-30
91.     A collection of 19th century and later scent bottles and miscellaneous stoppers, (a lot) tallest 18cm 50-70
92.     Silesia china teaset, comprising teapot, six cups, four saucers, six side plates, two cream jugs and a sugar bowl, (a lot) 20-30
93.     18th century Chinese octagonal Chinese plate together with another (2) 50-70
94.     Pair of 1920's art pottery vases, 22cm high 30-40
95.     19th century Aesthetic style hexagonal vase, 21cm high (a/f) 30-50
96.     Goebel Gustav Klimnt porcelain jar and cover, 12 cm diameter 20-30
97.     Three Selkirk Glass paperweights, (3) 20-30
98.     Aynsley bone china, fruit patterned, hand painted trio, the side plate by D. Jones and the cup and saucer by Brunt, (3) 20-40
99.     Pair of 19th century Staffordshire floral patterned sauce tureens with stands, 18cm wide, (2) 20-40
100.    A collection of cut glass stemware and an etched glass beaker (a lot) 20-30
101.    Pair of early 20th century Japanese cloisonne vases, 24cm high (2) 80-120
102.    Chinese blue and white vase with dragon pattern and a foliate ground, with scrolling handles to the neck, with Kangxi marks to the base, but likely later, 25cm high 70-100
103.    Pair of continental porcelain figural candlesticks, one with a sconce lacking, tallest 21cm (2) 40-60
104.    Chinese bottle neck vase with blue and white dragon pattern with iron red clouds, blue leaf backstamp, 16cm high 50-70
105.    Japanese Satsuma baluster vase painted with peacock, flowers and foliage, signed to the base, 31cm high 120-150
106.    Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern 1128 cabinet plate, 27cm 20-30
107.    Rosenthal porcelain dish and cover, with cobalt blue ground and floral gilt border, 18cm 40-60
108.    Three various Imari chargers, largest 31cm (3) 30-40
109.    Pair of Schiller style, German Aesthetic vases, with lizard and toads, some black paint flaking, 19cm high (2) 40-60
110.    Marazon of Cornwall, studio pottery vase with enamelled fish pattern, 19cm 30-40
111.    Continental porcelain teapot with figural panels, rose finial to the cover, blue crossed swords mark to the base, 10cm 60-80
112.    Herend Hungarian porcelain teapot with bird and butterfly pattern, with a flowerhead finial to the lid, 10cm 50-70
113.    Meissen porcelain teapot with floral sprays and a white ground with gilded highlights, the associated lid with flowerhead finial and figural panels, blue crossed swords mark to the base, 12cm 70-100
114.    Helena Wolfsohn porcelain cabinet cup and saucer together with a Dresden cup and saucer, (4) 40-60
115.    Collection of fifteen various 18th and 19th century Chinese tea bowls, saucers, rice bowls and cups, etc (15) 80-120
116.    Chinese blue and white prunus jar and a pair of Chinese blue and white jars, tallest 15cm (3) 40-50
117.    Collection of 18th and 19th century Chinese porcelains to include a famille verte dish, Imari cups, provincial blue and white bowl, etc, together with a Worcester style blue and white bowl, (9) 50-70
118.    Chinese blue and white vase with figures, four character Kangxi mark tot he base but likely later, together with a smaller Chinese vase, tallest 12cm (2) 70-100
119.    Chinese blue and white bell shaped tankard with flowers and foliage pattern, Chinese blue and white mug - handle lacking and a chinse stork pattern jar, tallest 15cm (3) 70-100
120.    Collection of porcelain pill boxes to include Limoges, etc, pair of continental porcelain cruets, (6) (a/f) 40-60
121.    Pair of Indian glass painted scent bottles, profusely gilded,one a/f, (2) 11cm high 40-60
122.    Halcyon Days, '2000 A Year To Remember' enamel box and a Limoges oval trinket jar, (2) 20-30
123.    Helena Wolfsohn porcelain cup and saucer together with a Dresden cup and saucer, (4) 40-60
124.    Copeland 19th century Imari teaset comprising a fluted teapot, cream jug, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers 70-100
125.    Aesthetic pattern plate and a pair of Victorian transfer printed fern pattern plates, (3) 30-40
126.    Collection of Chinese Dog of Fo figures to include Dehua Ware, soapstone, turquoise glazed and blanc de chine, etc, tallest 16cm (some damages) 50-70
127.    Blanc de chine Guanyin, soapstone Sage and a carved fruitwood female figure, tallest 17cm (3) 40-50
128.    1920's Royal Doulton advertising figure 'Grossmith's Tsang Ihang Perfume of Thibet' 30cm 200-300
129.    French art pottery double gourd vase with Iznik style pattern, signed R. Nicole, 28 cm high 60-80
130.    Austrian Gmunder Keramik bowl with antelope pattern, 25cm diameter 40-50
131.    Twelve French Month of the Year plates, (12) 50-70
132.    Royal Doulton figure 'The Last Waltz' HN2315, 21cm high 20-30
133.    Dresden porcelain cups and saucers, (5) 50-70
134.    Collection of Chinese 19th century and later porcelains to include a teapot, vases, sparrow beak jug, etc (some damages and loses) tallest 15cm 70-100
135.    Contemporary studio pottery black and white jar and cover with a striped pattern and circular footrim, 19cm high 20-30
136.    Terracotta vase painted with birds and foliage pattern with a rope twist border and footrim, 25cm high 40-60
137.    Tenmoku glazed cup and a Japanese dimpled vase, tallest 1cm (2) 20-30
138.    J&G Meakin coffee set, (22) 20-30
139.    Collection of late 19th and early 20th century art pottery to include a Dutch jug with a serpent handle, squat vase signed Madill, Watcombe Torquay pottery terracotta jug, etc, tallest 25cm (4) 30-40
140.    Swineside Ceramic coffee pot and another of similar design, tallest 24cm (2) 30-40
141.    Pink art glass bowl, 29cm long 10-15
142.    Pair of contemporary coloured art glass vases, 22cm high (2) 20-30
143.    Continental porcelain egg shaped vase with a girl and rabbit, 14cm high 30-50
144.    Victorian bisque porcelain 'Geography Lesson' table lamp base, 26cm 20-40
145.    Chinese 19th century blanc de chine figure of a Lohan, signed, 22cm high 100-150
146.    Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, Benjamin Bunny and Jemina Puddleduck and a figure of Mad hatter from the Alice Series together with a Beswick fox, (4) 30-40
147.    Royal Doulton figure Falstaff, HN2054, 20-30
148.    Lladro porcelain girl with a basket of oranges and a Nao duck, tallest 17cm (2) 15-20
149.    Collection of Chinese 19th and 20th century famille rose porcelain to include an octagonal plate, saucers, cup etc (7) 50-70
150.    Collection of Chinese blue and white tea bowls and saucers (10) (a/f) 60-80
151.    Japanese blue and white octagonal plate, 15-20
152.    Royal Worcester 19th century blue and white cup and saucer, Mintons Aesthetic style porcelain plate and a Victorian blue and white plate, (3) 30-40
153.    W. McNee, Stag in a highland landscape, watercolour, signed, framed under glass, 15 x 19cm 30-50
154.    Margaret Thomas, (British 1916 - 2016) 'The Marsh; Evening', oil on board, framed with a Robert A. Lillie collection label verso, 34 x 24cm 150-200
155.    Nigel McIsaac, (Scottish 1911 - 1995) 'Rose Bush & Snow' , oil on board, signed and framed, 35 x 25cm 60-80
156.    British School, cottages with figures on a pathway, watercolour and crayon on blue paper, apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 33 x 24cm 50-70
157.    Robert Diaz, farmyard scene, watercolour, signed and dated '89, framed under glass, 19 x 23cm 30-40
158.    R.H Wright, (British 1857 - 1930) Sienna, watercolour, signed and dated '05, framed under glass, 27 x 18.5cm 100-150
159.    19th century school, Man o'War, watercolour, apparently unsigned and framed under glass, 23 x 17.5cm 30-50
160.    Japanese woodblock of a wading bird, with character marks bottom right, framed under glass, 25 x 23cm 50-70
161.    British School, a Black Watch soldier, charcoal, signed with initials CJC, framed under glass, 34 x 50cm 40-60
162.    Frederick William George (1889 - 1971), African tribesman, pastel, framed under glass, 37 x 55cm 50-70
163.    After Leslie Hunter, a Scottish contemporary oil on board of a shore scene, in a moulded gilt frame, 60 x 50cm 50-70
164.    Pair of continental scene coloured aquatint, signed in pencil and framed under glass, largest 49 x 39cm (2) 30-40
165.    Helen Fletcher, 'Daffodils', still life watercolour, signed and framed under glass with a SWA Royal Institute Gallery label verso, 47 x 37cm 50-70
166.    Fiona C Graham, 'A Fishy Tale'; pen and ink, signed and framed under glass, 28 x 38cm 30-40
167.    Fiona C Graham, 'Windy Morning', pen and ink, signed and framed under glass, 28 x 38cm 30-40
168.    Robert Burns, (Sottish 1869 - 1941), pencil sketch, signed and framed under glass, 18 x 25cm 60-80
169.    Jackson Simpson, (1893 - 1963) 'The Loch of Aboyne', watercolour, signed and entitled and framed under glass, 40 x 30cm 80-120
170.    Jackson Simpson, (1893 - 1963) 'On The Countesswells Road', watercolour, signed and entitled and framed under glass, 42 x 32cm 80-120
171.    19th century Japanese woodblock print, depicting the Kabuki Actor, framed under glass, 23 x 35cm 80-120
172.    Mid 20th century school, sunlit roof tops in a coastal town, gouache, signed with initials GGNW and dated 1950, framed under glass, 36 x 56cm 50-70
173.    Drummond Bone, (Scottish 1907 - 1979), half length watercolour portrait of a girl, signed and dated 1943, framed under glass, 25 x 35cm 50-70
174.    Thomas Gourdie MBE (1913 - 2005), Edinburgh Castle, watercolour, signed and dated '44, framed under glass, 45 x 33cm 50-70
175.    Louise Ellen Perman, (1854 - 1921), Still life of flowers, oil on canvas, signed bottom left, under glass in a giltwood frame, 34 x 44cm 300-500
176.    David Michie OBE RSA (SCOTTISH 1928 - 2015), 'Lily', oil on canvas, signed and framed under glass, 33 x 44cm 400-600
177.    Set of four Alken coloured hunting prints to include, Breaking Cover, The Cry, The Death and Going to Cover, in glazed Hogarth frames, sizes approx 42 x 24cm (4) 50-70
178.    After Boris O'Klein, a coloured print, framed under glass, 49 x 20cm 20-30
179.    Rowing Interest: early 20th century black and white framed photographs - Oxford Trial Eights 1923 & Brasenose First Eights, contained over two large glazed frames, sizes overall 92 x 52cm 50-70
180.    JA Bates, fishing boat off the coast, oil on board, signed in a moulded giltwood frame, 45 x 34cm 100-150
181.    Contemporary School, coloured screen prints, signed indistinctly with pencil and numbered 25 / 80, framed under glass, 34 x 38cm 20-30
182.    Contemporary School, coloured screen prints, signed indistinctly with pencil, framed under glass, 40 x 37cm 20-30
183.    Contemporary School, Figure III, coloured screen print, signed indistinctly with pencil numbered 12/60, framed under glass, 57cm diameter 20-40
184.    Carmen Ambrozevich, C'est personne pas, coloured screenprint, signed in pencil and numbered 19/25, framed under glass, 86 x 69cm 30-40
185.    Chinese portrait painting of an Ancestor, circa late 19th / early 20th century, ink and colour on silk, framed under glass, 60 x 78cm 70-100
186.    Chinese portrait painting of an Ancestor, circa late 19th / early 20th century, ink and colour on silk, framed under glass, 77 x 103cm (water marks along bottom edge) 70-100
187.    South East Asian School, boats in a harbour, watercolour with character marks and inscribed in English, dated 1964, framed under glass, 55 x 58cm 60-80
188.    Tom Gilfillan (SCOTTISH fl. 1932 - 1953), Galloping on the Sands, watercolour, signed and framed under glass, 75 x 49cm 150-200
189.    Stephanie Sandercock, 'Red Gold Hydrangeas', oil on canvas, signed with initials, on a stretcher, 100 x 80cm 50-70
190.    G.J Cheape, 'Basel', oil on canvas, signed and dated '95, framed, 80 x 90cm 30-50
191.    Ink & gouache, two medieval Knights, framed under glass, 8 x 10cm 20-40
192.    Russian Priest, oil on board, apparently unsigned, framed, 10 x 13cm 50-70
193.    'Palemon & Lavinia' an 18th century coloured print, framed under glass, 12 x 15cm 20-40
194.    Gordon Edwards, (contemporary School) 'Hardwood'. mixed media, framed under glass, 15 x 17cm 30-40
195.    Two 20th century religious gouache, framed, largest 29 x 33cm (2) 20-40
196.    19th century school, landing the catch, watercolour, signed indistinctly and dated '87, under glass in an ornate gilt frame, 27 x 19cm 60-80
197.    Two Chinese papers on pith paper, both framed under glass, largest 27 x 16cm (2) 50-70
198.    Dalmau, 'Libros', oil on canvas, signed, in an ornate frame, 55 x 45cm 60-80
199.    Highland scene, a large coloured print, in a glazed and gilt frame, size overall 106 x 77cm 20-30
200.    Vintage domed top trunk with wood and metal bands, opening to reveal a lift out tray, 54 x 74 x 46cm 40-60
201.    Early 20th century mahogany open bookcase, with adjustable shelves, 104 x 124 x 32cm 40-60
202.    19th century mahogany pot cupboard / bedside, with three quarter gallery top and raised on square tapering legs, 82 x 42 x 36cm 70-100
203.    Early 20th century oak gateleg table with circular top with a carved border and drop flaps, 62 x 84 x 98cm 40-60
204.    Pine rocking chair of traditional design, 112 x 68cm 30-50
205.    19th century mahogany and satinwood inlay Pembroke table, on square tapering legs, 70 x 106 x 54cm 50-70
206.    Set of six ebonised Bentwood open arm chairs, with circular canework seats (one sagging) 82 x 54cm (6) 150-180
207.    Edwardian three piece parlour suite with cream upholstered backs, arms and seats and carved mahogany splats, 74 x 142 x 70cm (3) 80-120
208.    The black metal deed boxes, largest 22 x 54 x 38cm (3) 20-30
209.    19th century mahogany chiffonier with two cupboard doors, shelved interior and plinth base, 94 x 118 x 50cm 60-80
210.    Victorian child's elm correction chair, 86cm high 30-40
211.    Mahogany torchere, with circular dished top, spiral stem and tripod legs, 114cm high 40-60
212.    Pair of grey painted bedside cabinets, 56 x 44 x 42cm (2) 30-40
213.    Late 19th century ladies walnut chair with exposed carved frame and pink buttonback upholstery, on ceramic castors, together with a similarly upholstered stool, (2) 60-80
214.    Mahogany bijouterie table vitrine, on cabriole legs, 72 x 62 x 44cm 60-80
215.    Mahogany pot cupboard / bedside cabinet, with drop flaps, two drawers and cupboard, 76 x 40 x 38cm 50-70
216.    Two child sized basket weave chairs, 50 x 36cm (2) 20-30
217.    Bentwood hat and coat stand, 202cm high 40-60
218.    Bentwood rocking armchair, with canework back and seat, 104 x 54cm 50-70
219.    19th century mahogany side table, with rectangular top and single frieze drawer, on turned legs, 75 x 79 x 45cm 50-70
220.    Small pine chest with two short and two long drawers, on a plinth base, 60 x 46 x 28cm 30-40
221.    Pine King size double bed with Gothic style carved headboard and footboard, 146 x 224 x 160cm 100-150
222.    18th century mahogany and walnut veneered kneehole desk, the rectangular top with wavy rim, over an arrangement of seven drawers with small cupboard to the alcove,on bun feet 76 x 80 x 46 200-300
223.    Two Windsor style pine rocking chairs with hoop comb backs, solid saddle seats and sleigh style rockers, 104 x 64cm (2) 70-100
224.    Persian style wool rug, with a pale green and foliate field, 280 x 184cm 30-40
225.    Mahogany two tier dumb waiter on a tripod base, 114 x 42cm 50-70
226.    Victorian ebonised sewing / games table, the foldover top opening to reveal a chess board, backgammon and cribbage, with a pull out work bag / drawer, 74 x 65 x 44cm 150-200
227.    19th century mahogany bookcase cabinet, with two glazed doors, shelved interior and pair of cupboard doors to the base, 206 x 116 x 50cm 120-150
228.    Contemporary light oak blanket box with carved front panel and metals side handles, 54 x 122 x 62cm 60-80
229.    Mid century side plywood side table of paint palette form on tripod legs together with another of shield shape, largest 40 x 65cm (2) 50-70
230.    Contemporary cherrywood six drawer bow front chest, 142 x 66 x 48cm 50-70
231.    Two contemporary hardwood arm chairs with slatted seats and upholstered loose cushions, 92 x 62cm (2) 40-60
232.    Nest of three ebonised tables with chinoiserie patterned tops and lyre style side supports, tallest 70 x 43 x 29cm (3) 60-80
233.    19th century foldover games table, with green baize playing surface and dished coin / counter corners, on cabriole legs with pad feet, 74 x 96 x 48cm 120-150
234.    An oak dresser base with three frieze drawers,turned upright supports and planked undertier, 84 x 166 x 42cm 120-150
235.    A contemporary cherrywood two drawer bow front bedside cabinets, 62 x 50 x 40cm (2) 40-50
236.    19th century mahogany cabinet with a pair of astrgal glazed doors flanked and centred by spiral, fluted and chip cut pilasters, with a shelved interior, on a stand with a shaped apron and cabriole legs terminating on claw and ball feet, 180 x 214 x 36cm 150-200
237.    Contemporary pine ledgeback kitchen dresser with two frieze drawers and an undertier, 126 x 150 x 60cm 60-80
238.    White painted washstand with a mirror back and red marbled hardstone top over a single drawer, 122 x 80 x 40cm 60-80
239.    Arts & Crafts ebonised bobbin corner chair with woven seat, 68 x 56cm 30-50
240.    Victorian lady's parlour chair , walnut and mahogany inlaid show frame and with damask style upholstered back and seat, 72 x 52cm 50-60
241.    Edwardian mahogany display cabinet with glazed panels and shelves, over fretwork and square legs, 170 x 75 35cm 100-150
242.    Mahogany secretaire bookcase cabinet, pair of glazed doors over a fall front with a fitted interior and a pair of cupboard doors, 202 x 98 x 50cm 120-150
243.    Mahogany framed dressing table swing mirror with brass knobs together with a mahogany framed wall mirror with a rectangular plate, 30 x 40cm (2) 20-40
244.    Easter rug with red zig zag pattern within multiple geometric borders, 186 x 128cm 30-50
245.    Persian Varamin rug with a blue foliate field, 156 x 104cm 60-80
246.    Turkish Kirsehir prayer rug, 117 x 100cm 30-50
247.    Persian Feraghan rug, with red and blue foliate field, 201 x 128cm 80-120
248.    North West Persian rug, with a worn red and blue foliate field, 195 x 128cm 120-150
249.    Kelim rug with brightly coloured geometric pattern, 210 x 144cm (a/f) 30-50
250.    North west Persian runner, (a/f) 240 x 90cm 30-50
251.    Blue and white Willow pattern foot bath, 56 x 26 x 37cm 30-50
252.    19th century inverted breakfront rosewood sideboard / cabinet base, with four cupboard doors with arched and pierced panels with a purple fabric backing, on a plinth base, 204 x 98 x 54cm 150-200
253.    Georgian oak bureau chest, with a fall front and fitted interior over pull out slides , two short and three graduating long drawers with brass handles and bracket feet, 100 x 106 x 52cm 100-150
254.    19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top with rounded edge, over five graduating long drawers with bun handles (one handle lacking) plinth base and bun feet, 128 x 118 x 57cm 150-180
255.    Georgian oak secretaire chest, with a fall front and fitted interior above pull out slide , two short and two graduating long drawers, with brass handles and bracket feet, 92 x 100 x 53cm 80-120
256.    19th century domed top trunk with metal straps and handles to side 82 x 40 x 45 (old worm) 30-50
257.    19th century mahogany Pembroke table with fluted legs, 112 x 73 x 56cm 50-70
258.    German silver plated charger with Roman style hunting scene, stamped Kunstanstal WMF Beislingin, 50cm diameter 20-40
259.    Large Chinese pottery Dog of Foo, 60 x 55cm 30-40
260.    19th century ebonised open armchair with vertical splats and floral upholstered seat, 49 x 75cm 30-50
261.    Modern hardwood demi lune table, 71 x 64 x 40cm 30-40
262.    Early 20th century walnut cabinet, with drop flaps and pair of cupboard doors, on short cabriole legs, 46 x 75 x 36cm 40-60
263.    Simulated rosewood book trough table, 54 x 85 x 24cm 30-50
264.    Edwardian mahogany music cabinet with Art Nouveau brass handles and five drawers, with Banks & Co Stationers label, 56 x 98 x 42cm 40-60
265.    Globe cocktail cabinet, 49 x 90cm 40-60
266.    Late 19th /early 20th century mahogany side table with two drawers and square tapering legs, 50 x 70 x 39cm 50-70
267.    Early 20th century oak bookcase with glass sliding doors and fluted base, 107 x 108 x 24cm 40-60
268.    Pine Scotch chest with a single long drawer over three short and two long, with Art Nouveau style handles 126 x 122 x 53cm 70-100
269.    An antique dark oak chair, with a scrolling top rail and carved floral splats and spindles, flanked by flowerhead finials to the uprights, with a solid seat having further carving to the sides, on turned legs united by a square stretcher with conforming carved decoration, 43 x 84cm 100-150
270.    Primitive oak cricket style table with tongue and groove joints and tripod legs, 69 x 71cm 70-100
271.    Mahogany framed open armchair with upholstered back and seat, 66 x 94cm 50-70
272.    Walnut veneered demi lune fold over games table with baize lining and interior storage compartment, on cabriole legs with pad feet, 71 x 74 x 35 cm (closed) 100-150
273.    19th century mahogany and brass bound box, with a hinged lid and void interior, with side handles, 41 x 28 x 27cm 40-60
274.    Small mahogany chest, pull out slide, three long drawers with blind fret, on bracket feet, 57 x 75 x 43cm 50-70
275.    Aesthetic period mahogany and brass mounted purdonium, with a loop handle to top and complete with shovel 60-80
276.    Two brass fenders, with a pierced grill, largest 113 x 22cm (2) 20-30
277.    Two brass fenders, with pierced grills and three hairy paw feet, largest 123 x 24cm (2) 30-40
278.    Pair of iron adjustable fire dogs with heart shaped hanging hooks, 71 x 45cm (2) 50-70
279.    Georgian serpentine mahogany knife box, converted to a stationery box, on bun feet, 24 x 38 x 30cm 80-120
280.    19th century shell inlaid satinwood box with a drawer to the base with interior dividers, 29 x 13 x 15cm 50-70
281.    Georgian serpentine mahogany knife box, with inlaid stringing, the hinged lid with an inlaid star motif, containing original fittings, 23 x 40 x 33cm 200-300
282.    An antique dark oak coffer of large proportions, with a planked and hinged top, opening to reveal two divisions to the interior, with five fielded panels to the front, 157 x 77 x 68cm 150-200
283.    Primitive oak lowboy of typical design, with three drawers, brass handles and shaped apron, on square legs, 75 x 75 x 55cm 80-120
284.    An antique chest in the Jacobean style, with four long drawers with brass handles and escutcheons, , the top drawer with a secret drawer, sprung underneath, on bun feet, 101 x 92 x 57cm 200-400
285.    19th century mahogany gateleg table, on cabriole legs with pad feet, 105 x 72 x 36cm (closed) 60-80
286.    Wrought iron rush light and candle holder, on a tripod base, 105cm 30-50
287.    19th century mahogany tilt top tea table, with a rectangular top, fluted and carved column with quadruple legs, 63 x 71 x 48cm 80-120
288.    A pair of Queen Anne style side chairs with upholstered seats and cabriole legs with pad feet, (evidence of treated worm) (2) 40-50
289.    Set of eight mahogany Chippendale style chairs, with carved top rials, interlaced splat back and slip in upholstered seats, on carved cabriole legs terminating on claw and ball feet, 58 x 98cm (8) 200-300
290.    Collection of brass wares to include a large pot with a crest to the front, ladles, jug and tie backs, (a lot) 30-40
291.    Terracotta amphora style vase and West German pottery vase, tallest 50cm (2) 20-30
292.    A composite stone garden figure of a female nude, 76cm high 30-50
293.    A composite stone garden figure of a sleeping cat, 37cm 30-40
294.    Giltwood fautielle with button back upholstery, 63 x 96cm 60-70
295.    Mahogany and walnut bedside cabinet, 37 x 71 x 35cm 40-60
296.    An antique dark oak open armchair, with Queen Anne splat back, solid seat, tapering front legs and pad feet, 62 x 101cm 100-150
297.    Large pine spinning wheel, (a/f with evidence of worm) 146cm high 50-70
298.    Georgian mahogany bedroom table, single frieze drawer, cabriole legs and large pad feet, 79 x 70 x 45cm 70-100
299.    'The Pioneer Midget' a vintage mangle, 50 x 82cm 30-40
300.    Mahogany pedestal table, the top with pie crust edge, on a baluster column with slender legs and paw feet, 40-60
301.    Early 20th century green glass bowl with engraved floral rim and figural flower posy to the centre 40-60
302.    The Gamebird Bowl, with gilt edged rim, by Franklin Mint, 25cm 20-30
303.    Royal Worcester dessert service comprising three tazza and three low comports and a set of fifteen dessert plates, pattern 9357, puce printed backstamps, (21) 400-600
304.    Pair of Staffordshire chimney spaniels, 24cm high (2) 20-30
305.    Bathwell and Goodfellow 'Rural Scenery' transfer printed blue and white ashet, 49cm and a Keeling 'Boys Fishing' pattern blue and white ashet, with hairline, (2) 50-70
306.    Two 19th century Spode blue and white transfer printed ashets to include Castle and Tiber patterns, 44cm long (2) 60-80
307.    Two 19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed ashets to include Views of London and Eton college patterns, 44.5cm long (2) 60-80
308.    Collection of 19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed pottery to include a Florentine plate, a pair of Opaque Dresden dishes, Royal Persian dessert dish, Coalport Pastoral plate, Arcadian Chariots plate, Mule Family plate and a Ridgways Rural Scenery soup plate, soup tureen bases etc (12) 60-80
309.    Early 20th century Clement Massier French art pottery vase with loop handles and circular footrim, 36cm high 40-50
310.    19th century porcelain floral teapot, Staffordshire Imari pottery teapot and a Limoges porcelain teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, (5) 40-60
311.    Vintage picnic basket and contents 20-30
312.    Set of six Edinburgh Crystal; wine glasses, boxed (6) 20-30
313.    Two vintage Pelham puppets to include a Policeman, together with a Mechanical wind up Mystery Novelty Coffin Bank toy with original box, Tricky Action sports car with its box and a tin plate Crusader Tank, 20cm long (a lot) 50-70
314.    Mixed lot to include a Spode blue and white Italian pattern jug and bowl, various terracotta and stoneware crocks and storage jars, etc (a lot) (some a/f) 30-40
315.    Collection of sixteen Glyndebourne Festival Programmes, date range 1953 - 2005, (16) 30-50
316.    Late 18th / early 19th century 'Boy in the Window' pearlware punch bowl, with old staple repair, (a/f) 38cm 20-40
317.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white lavatory bowl, transfer printed with flowers, cartouche and a shield inscribed Marriott Patentee, 26 Ludgate Hill 7 89 Fleet Street, London, 30cm diameter 50-70
318.    Chinese blue and white vase with floral pattern and lappet borders, on a circular footrim, bearing a six character Guangxu mark to the base, but likely later, 38cm high 100-150
319.    Continental porcelain Helena Wolfsohn style yellow glazed porcelain urn vase, cover and square pedestal stand, with figural panels and floral ground with gilt highlights, the cover with a flowerhead finial, overall height 48cm 150-200
320.    Pleasure party pattern Staffordshire pottery blue and white transfer printed jug and a similar bowl, (2) 30-40
321.    Paragon Ltd Ed bone china loving cup to commemorate the Wedding of Her Royal Highness the Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, November 14th 1973, No. 454 / 500, with box, 22 x 13cm 50-70
322.    Bronze patinated metal figure of Mary & Jesus, pewter plaque of Madonna, small wall font, tallest 25cm 940 20-30
323.    Art glass bowl of scalloped shell form, 42cm wide 30-40
324.    Mixed lot to include a Hancock & Sons, Louvre patterned egg cup stand, 19th century decanter and stopper, modern chinoiserie bowl and a prunus pattern blue and white jar, (4) 30-40
325.    Set of seven 19th century brass weights, ranging from 4lbs - 1oz, circular brass engraved charger and a copper kettle, (a lot) 30-40
326.    Victorian truncheon, blue painted with castle and motto Nisi Dominus, district No.87, together with a plain truncheon, (2) longest 47cm 100-150
327.    Pewter spirit kettle on stand complete with its burner 10-15
328.    A 19th century leather jewellery box containing miscellaneous items to include a brass dolphin , modern gold plated pocket watch, hardstone seal, carved fruitwood box, etc and a rectangular mother of pearl and lacquered box, (a lot) 30-40
329.    Miles Mason blue and white cup and saucer and a pearlware willow pattern cup and saucer (4) 30-40
330.    Collection of seven framed Delft tiles, to include three blue and white, overall size including frames 17 x 17cm (7) 50-70
331.    Figgio Flint Saga pattern coffee pot and a Figgio Flint Lotte cup and saucer, (3) 20-30
332.    Aynsley Gretna patterned fine bone china teaset comprising six cups, six saucers, five side plates, cake plate, sugar bowl and cream jug, (20) 30-40
333.    A collection of 18th and 19th century Chinese cups, saucers and tea bowls, etc (7) 60-80
334.    Two Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee mugs, (2) 10-15
335.    Mixed lot of 20th century pottery to include an Isle of Arran studio pottery bowl, floral patterned table wares and pasta dishes, etc (a lot) 20-30
336.    Vintage items to include three flat irons, leather tape measure, car horn, page turner, small cosh and a wall thermometer, etc ( a lot) 60-80
337.    His Master's Voice gramophone 30-40
338.    Professional and Civil Service Supply Association stone ware crock, another larger and a vintage washboard, (3) 30-40
339.    Vintage coffee grinder, etc (a lot) 15-20
340.    Cut glass bowl on a pedestal base together with a cut glass tazza with a fold over rim, tallest 26cm (2) 40-60
341.    Chinese blue and white tankard / mug with pagoda and river pattern together with another (handle lacking) 11cm high (2) 50-70
342.    Royal Doulton Melrose pattern dinner service comprising six dinner plates, six smaller plates, six soup bowls, six dessert plates, six side plates and an oval serving dish and cover, (a lot) 40-60
343.    Continental pottery wet drug jar with dolphin handles, 18cm high 20-30
344.    Italian blue glazed pottery bird bowl and a Danish arts & crafts chamber stick by Lotte Helenge,tallest 14cm , (2) 30-40
345.    Arts & Crafts pewter lidded jar by Civic, with three wicker handles 20-30
346.    Denby bowl and a Quimper black glazed plate, (2) 15-20
347.    1950's Italian pottery lamp by Esposito of Capri, height excluding fitting 28cm 20-30
348.    Meadow Land Bird porcelain baluster vase, for Franklin Mint, 29cm high 15-20
349.    Mixed lot to include Crown Devon vase, Losol Ware vase and a KPM white glazed jar and cover, tallest 14cm (3) 20-40
350.    Border Fine Arts figure - Thoroughbred Stallion, Ltd Ed No 96/1500 by Ann Wall, with plinth base and certificate, 31cm high 60-80
351.    Modern Tantalus with two cut glass spirit decanters with stoppers 50-70
352.    Rare early 20th century Wedgwood charger after a design by Daisy Makeig Jones with a lustre dragon pattern, impressed factory marks and initials EMJ and with remnants of a paper label, 39cm diameter 400-600
353.    Slip ware terracotta bowl with figures and fish pattern border, 37cm diameter 40-60
354.    Pair of gun metal table canons, with white metal Maltese flag emblems, 26cm long (2) 200-250
355.    Tri-Ang scale working model of a 48ft ocean cabin racer, Bermuda rigged - ready to sail, with box, 60cm 20-30
356.    Large collection of 19th century and later boxes to include a brass inlaid example, pokerwork and mosaic etc (a lot) 40-60
357.    Small painted wooden cabinet with eight drawers and pressed metal labels, 50cm high 20-30
358.    Three brass twin branch wall lights and another, longest 50cm (4) 30-40
359.    Pair of floral pattern and lined curtains, 140cm drop, with matching tie backs and cushion covers and miscellaneous batik type fabrics and a throw with crewel work style pattern, (a lot) 30-40
360.    Vintage radios to include an Ekco Bakelite radio, 32 x 25cm and a Bush radio (2) 30-40
361.    Pair of Dresden Jasper style wall plaques with classical figures and fairies, framed, size overall 43 x 23cm (2) 50-70
362.    19th century silk needlework panel in a verre eglomise and giltwood frame, approx 35 x 42cm 50-70
363.    19th century silk needlework panel in a verre eglomise and giltwood frame, approx 35 x 42cm 50-70
364.    Eastern hardwood miniature cabinet with a rectangular top with moulded edge over an arrangement of six drawers with carved fronts, 44 x 34cm 50-70
365.    Walter Awlson (SCOTTISH b. 1949) 'In These Shoes' a Raku fired female nude sculpture, modelled seated on a rectangular plinth base, 45cm high 200-300
366.    Late 19th / early 20th century green hardstone mantle clock, with a French brass movement striking on a gong, 35cm high 200-250
367.    Victorian large black slate mantle clock, 57 x 50cm 50-70
368.    Taxidermy model of a Cayman, 125cm long 50-70
369.    Pair of papier mache Indian style table lamp bases, tallest 52cm excluding fitting (2) 20-30
370.    vintage Little Betty sewing machine, boxed 20-30
371.    19th century walnut box, the hinged lid inlaid with tumbling geometric blocks together with an oak box, largest 42 x 27cm 50-70
372.    Indian brass bowl on stand with three elephants supports, 15cm high, and an Indian engraved brass plate, (2) 20-30
373.    Large Kashmiri, Indian gilt brass engraved jug with a serpent handle, 65cm high 60-80
374.    Collection of stoneware bottles and a green glass vase, tallest 33cm (6) 20-30
375.    A Chinese famille rose bowl painted with flowers and insects, a Chinese famille verte bowl with a blue and white scrolling pattern to the exterior, largest 16cm, and a set of Chinese cups and saucers, with blue and white flowers, iron red foliage and gilt 'Deer' pattern, comprising five cups and six saucers, (13) 70-100
376.    Mixed lot to include a pair of framed Minton tiles, blue and white butter dish, continental porcelain pill boxes, Royal Doulton miniature bucket and two green painted wall shelves, etc (a lot) 20-40
377.    Pair of Crown Staffordshire white glazed china birds and two blue and white art pottery cockerels, (4) 10-15
378.    Mixed lot to include a 19th century wine glass, Elizabethan china teaset, Royal Worcester jug and a Royal Copenhagen jug, etc (a lot) 10-15
379.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed wares to include a Bells Bohemia pattern jug, 32cm high, and a Davenport British Scenery planter, (2) 30-50
380.    Paragon coffee set and three Royal Doulton orange and white glazed tablewares, (a lot) 20-30
381.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed wares to include Syria pattern soup tureen, Copeland Spode Seasons soup tureen and a Stags pattern ladle, (3) 50-70
382.    Early 20th century orange glazed teaset with silver lustre rims, (a lot) 20-30
383.    Johnson Brothers 'Friendly village' pattern bowl and set of five matching mugs, and a pottery planter(7) 20-30
384.    Pair of 19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed tureens in Fairy Villas pattern (2) 50-70
385.    Collection of four Staffordshire jugs with moulded mythical beast handles, to include three large and one small, tallest 24cm (4) 70-100
386.    Collection of 19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed pottery to include a Ridgways Rural Scenery dish, Elkin Knight dish, Rogers Athens dish, Piping Shepherd bonbon dish, etc (19) 50-70
387.    Japanese vase and two chinoiserie jars with covers and a pair of Victorian Chinese Dragon and Bird pattern plates, (5) 20-30
388.    Collection of 19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed ashets to include a Stevenson's Church and Farmer pattern, Don Pottery Grotto, Italian Scenery stand and Leeds pottery Winding Road, Ridgways Rural Scenery dish etc (7) 60-80
389.    Collection of seven 19th century Staffordshire blue and white jugs, tallest 17cm (7) 50-70
390.    Set of eight Edinburgh Crystal knop stemmed wine glasses, (8) 30-40
391.    Quantity of Portmeirion Botanic Garden pottery to include a jug and basin, vase and pair of candlesticks together with plates and bowls, (15) 30-40
392.    19th century Staffordshire part dinner service comprising thirteen plates and six large bowls, (19) 15-25
393.    Pink upholstered bedroom chair and stool with a floral upholstered and curved seat, 45cm high (2) 20-30
394.    Two arts and crafts copper ladles with iron handles, (2) 72cm long 30-40
395.    Collection of iron items to include tongs, rush light holders, etc (a lot) 30-50
396.    A large pair of contemporary table lamp bases and shades, (2) 40-60
397.    Table top spinning wheel, 46 x 58cm 30-50
398.    Victorian black slate mantle clock 40-60
399.    Washstand, white painted, with a pink floral pattern ceramic top, 98 x 98 x 58 60-80
400.    Dressing table , white painted, with a pink floral pattern ceramic top (cracked),146 x 112 x 62cm 50-70
401.    Military & Navy interest books, to include Navy & Army Illustrated Vol.1, Medical Officers in the British Army 1660- 1960, Our Fighting Services, The Life of Admiral Collingwood and Navy & Defence, etc (2 boxes) 30-40
402.    Lady's vintage black fur jacket by Dominion Fur Company, Edinburgh 10-15
403.    Vintage Hornby engines and station accessories to include Goods Depot Centre, Island Platform, Hornby Dublo 3231 0-6-0 shunting loco, Engine Shed and a Playtown construction set, many with boxes, transformer, etc (a lot) 70-100
404.    Set of six Sheffield silver teaspoons, together with a collection of vintage costume jewellery and wristwatches, etc, (a lot) 40-50
405.    Early 20th century oak cutlery canteen, three drawers containing a suite of Walker & Hall Epns flatware, together with a cased set of six Walker & Hall Epns teaspoons (a lot) 50-70
406.    Vintage vinyl LP's to include Beatles, Rolling Stones, Mama & Papas, Elvis, etc and a small collection of 45's (a lot) 30-50
407.    A pair of painted metal Horse doorstop, 28 x 28cm (2) 30-40
408.    Mixed lot to include a Japanese teapot, stoneware jar and cover, terracotta bowl and two hardstone beetles, (4) 20-30
409.    Carton containing miscellaneous Art books to include History Junior Course - by E. Nunn, etc (a lot) 20-30
410.    Various engraved prints, mostly of Bothwell Castle together with hunting and shooting, all in glazed frames, largest 48 x 38cm (8) 30-40
411.    Collection of nine Redoute botanical coloured prints, framed under glass in gilt frames, size overall 42 x 52cm (9) 30-40
412.    Modern wall mirror in a moulded gilt frame, 75 x 65cm 20-40
413.    Vintage shooting stick, four walking canes / staffs, and a snooker cue, longest 130cm (6) 30-40
414.    Three decanter, two stoper and a silver 'Sherry' decanter label, (a lot) 20-30
415.    Vintage black enamel and copper gas ceiling light 30-50
416.    Small pine stool and a wine table (top marked) 50 x 30cm (2) 15-20
417.    Walnut cased Vienna style wall clock, internal plaque inscribed Radium Gong, 70 x 42cm 20-40
418.    Chinese wool rug, pale green field with foliate pattern, 186 x 92cm 20-30
419.    Mahogany triple dressing mirror, 70cm high 30-40
420.    Set of four walnut side chair with upholstered seats, (4) 60-80
421.    Mahognay cabinet with astragal glazed door, 106 x 56 x 32cm 20-40
422.    Claymore style sword, 128cm long 40-60
423.    The remnants of a gun, possibly military use, similar in design to a t-gewehr tank gun, (with woodworm and a/f) 158cm, barrel 130cm 30-50
424.    Edwardian mahogany and inlaid side chair 15-20
425.    19th century flame mahogany dressing table mirror, on scroll side supports, with a drawer to the inverted base,on bun feet, 50 x 66cm 50-70
426.    An Art Deco chromed metal ceiling light centred by a dancing female nude figure 30-50
427.    A 19th century flame mahogany dressing table mirror, with a large rectangular plate on scroll side supports, with a serpentine base, on bun feet, 90 x 65cm 70-100
428.    Late 19th / early 20th century walnut mirror door wardrobe, with a long drawer to the base, 125 x 215cm 70-100