Antique & Interiors
to include residual items from
Castle of Park
Sale on 20/02/21

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1.      Miniature silver tea and coffee set with a rectangular tray, S.J Rose, Birmingham, 1973 - 1978, tallest 4cm, (5) 50-70
2.      Victorian miniature silver chocolate pot, Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings Shepherd, Chester 1896, 5cm high

3.      Miniature silver bicycle together with a silver tricycle, both stamped 925, tallest 6cm (2) 50-70
4.      Miniature silver chair, a Kwang Tung Province coin forming the seat, makers mark WS, 4cm high 30-40
5.      Miniature silver spinning wheel, stamped 925, 4cm high 20-30
6.      Silver quaich with celtic knot pattern, Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh 1977, 19cm across handles 80-120
7.      George V silver mounted cut glass bowl, William Hutton & Sons, Ltd, Sheffield 1924, with a silver swing handle, the silver lid with an ivory pineapple finial, 18cm high 50-70
8.      Victorian cased set of twelve silver teaspoons and matching sugar tongs, Henry Wilkinson & Co, Sheffield 1880 40-60
9.      Victorian set of four silver salts, Wakely & Wheeler, London 1891, in original fitted case, with three matching salt spoons 50-70
10.     Victorian silver grape scissors, Wakely & Wheeler, London 1892, with bright cut forget me not pattern, in original leather case 100-150
11.     Edwardian silver inkstand with a square glass inkwell, Henry Wigfull, Sheffield 1904, 25cm long 50-70
12.     George V silver toast rack, James Deakin & Sons, Sheffield 1921, 12cm long 30-50
13.     Victorian set of twelve silver teaspoons with matching sugar tongs, Glasgow 1895 (13) 30-40
14.     A pair of silver salad servers, James Deakin & Sons, Sheffield 1899, (2) 60-80
15.     A pair of Victorian silver napkin rings, London 1897, in original leather case 30-40
16.     Victorian silver sugar box and cover with an ivory pineapple finial and ring handles, London 1899, 12cm high 80-120
17.     George III silver cream jug, London 1766 together with a William IV silver cream jug, London 1836, tallest 11cm (2) 100-150
18.     A collection of silver and white metal souvenir teaspoons (36) 50-70
19.     George V silver condiment set comprising pepper, salt and mustard with blue glass liners, Birmingham 1924 (3) 30-40
20.     Victorian silver scent bottle by Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1882, hinged lid with a gilt interior and with internal glass stopper, 5cm 80-120
21.     Silver condiments to include a pair of silver pepper pots, Birmingham 1908, mustard pot with clear glass liner, Birmingham 1886 and another with a blue glass liner, Birmingham 1945, together with a pair of Birmingham silver napkin rings (6) 40-60
22.     Norwegian style silver gilt and enamel spoon with a looped stem together with a matching ladle, both stamped 925, 15cm long (2) 40-60
23.     Silver Viking boat salt with a blue glass liner, Birmingham 1955 together with a silver gilt and blue enamel spoon and a continental silver pickle fork stamped 800 (3) 40-50
24.     Silver bonbon basket, Birmingham 1901 and two small silver photograph frames, smallest 3cm, (3) 50-70
25.     Silver cat band, S.J Rose, Birmingham 1976, comprising four cat musicians and a music stand, tallest 6cm (5) 150-180
26.     Silver items to include a Birmingham silver pierced mustard with blue glass liner, silver sugar tongs, miniature white metal mirror and pair of white metal butter knives, (5) 50-60
27.     A collection of silver plated photograph frames, largest 15cm long, (8) 20-40
28.     Victorian silver toastrack, John Gilbert, Birmingham 1870, 13 x 17cm, 325g 80-120
29.     Silver photograph frame with an easel strut back, Carrs, Sheffield, 1995, 21 x 16cm together with three silver soli fleur vases, Birmingham 1979, tallest 21cm, (3) 50-70
30.     George V silver teapot and sugar bowl, Birmingham 1915 & 1912, 420g (2) 120-150
31.     A pair of Victorian silver butter dishes of shell form complete with matching butter knives, Josiah Williams & Co, London 1898 (4) 50-70
32.     Silver Anointing Spoon, I.S Greenberg & Co, Birmingham 1936, in fitted case 15-20
33.     A pair of Edwardian silver salts, complete with their original salt spoons, William Oliver, Birmingham 1903, in fitted case 30-40
34.     George III silver ladle, the handle with a crested stag, John Shiels, Dublin 1803, 37cm long 120-150
35.     Early 18th century Queen Anne silver dog nose spoon with rat tail and engraved initial, circa 1704, marks rubbed, 20cm long 100-120
36.     Pair of Georgian silver teaspoons with bright cut decoration and initials to the terminal, (2) 20-30
37.     Two George III Irish silver serving spoons, Hanoverian pattern with engraved crests, one by Christopher Skinner, Dublin 1764 and the other by Thomas R. Kelly, Dublin 1771, 20cm long (2) 70-100
38.     Set of four early 19th century Scottish silver dessert spoons, makers mark JN, Edinburgh 1808, with engraved motto 'Have at you' (4) 80-100
39.     Silver items to include Irish bright cut teaspoon, Dublin 1903, Victorian bright cut teaspoon, London 1885, sugar sifter, Sheffield 1921 and a pair of unmarked silver sugar tongs (4) 50-70
40.     A pair of Scottish silver teaspoons, Robert Keay of Perth, Edinburgh 1805 (2) 30-40
41.     Six Georgian silver teaspoons with various hallmarks, (6) 30-40
42.     Pair of Birmingham silver candlesticks, 11cm high together with a silver sugar castor of typical baluster form, Birmingham 1937, 18cm high (3) 50-70
43.     Pair of silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1897, 17cm high, together with a silver sugar castor, Birmingham 1948, (3)
44.     Modern silver quaich, Edinburgh 2004, with celtic knot decoration to the handles, 17cm across 60-80
45.     Ruby flashed glass scent bottle with white metal top together with two others tallest 12cm (3) 30-40
46.     Edwardian silver hatpin holder and ring stand, Birmingham 1905, 12cm high 40-50
47.     Scottish provincial silver salt, Aberdeen, maker unknown, 6cm wide 50-70
48.     Pair of George IV silver spoons, London 1826 , 11.5cm long (2) 20-30
49.     A pair of silver quaich style pin dishes, Birmingham 1946 and another, Sheffield 1972, (3) approx 113g
50.     Early 20th century ivory 'skull' tiepin 120-150
51.     A collection of lady's wrist watches to include Rotary, Pulsar and Lorus etc (7) 30-40
52.     Gents vintage Longines wrist watch, with Arabic numerals, on a black leather strap 40-60
53.     Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date watch face, with Rolex green and white tin, 28mm diameter 70-100
54.     Bank of Israel Shalom silver coin, 26g 20-30
55.     9ct gold signet ring and an unmarked 9ct gold wedding band (2) approx 5g 50-70
56.     9ct gold and black onyx ring, UK ring size T, approx 7.2g 60-80
57.     9ct gold foxtail link necklace together with a 9ct gold box link chain with a faux pearl pendant, (2) overall weight with pendant 9.6g 70-100
58.     Newbridge silverware pendant on chain, silver pierced pear shape pendant and chain and a silver bracelet with heart padlock (3) approx 73.5g 50-70
59.     David Andersen Epns flatware, a part suite, stamped D-A60G (a lot) 70-100
60.     A collection of replica Chinese bronze coinage (8) 30-40
61.     Silver fronted double photograph frame, stamped 925 Peru, (a/f) 47 x 35cm 50-70
62.     Horn handled caving set with silver collars, silver plated box with hinged cover, hardstone jewellery box and an ebonised stand with silver plaque, (4) 30-50
63.     Nepali Kukri, in a black leather scabbard, approx 45cm 40-60
64.     German Nazi Third Reich dagger and scabbard, the blade engraved Alle fur Deutschland, 35cm long 200-300
65.     Modern replica of a Scottish Claymore broad sword, approx 180cm long 100-150
66.     Early 20th century Paragon nursery mug by J.A. Robinson, 8cm high 20-30
67.     Carlton Ware Mikado vase of baluster form, with black printed backstamp and pattern No.2881. 14cm high 50-60
68.     Royal Worcester 'Kingfisher' rustic jug, signed W. Powell, 7cm high 50-70
69.     Late 19th / early 20th century gilt metal mounted porcelain tankard, painted with figures in a woodland setting, against a green and gilded ground, the inside of the hinged lid also painted with figures, with blue beehive mark to the base, 14cm high 100-150
70.     Royal Worcester porcelain jug, painted with roses, green backstamp and date code for 1910, 12cm high, together with a Hadley's Worcester pot pourri jar and cover, painted with berries and flowers, 13cm high (2) 100-150
71.     Worcester baluster vase with Fancy bird pattern and cobalt blue ground, 13cm high 50-70
72.     English porcelain cos lettuce sauceboat in the Worcester style, painted with flowers with gilt decorated rims, with a gold anchor mark tot he base, 20cm 100-150
73.     A pair of 19th century Meissen porcelain table salts, the rococo style oval bowls supported by two standing figures, on a floral encrusted and pierced C scroll base, blue crossed swords marks and impressed N.2963, 15cm high, (one bowl with a 1cm edge chip, some light nibbles to encrusted flowers, restoration to one of the male figures feet) (2) 300-500
74.     Hadley's Worcester porcelain ewer / jug, handpainted in Worcester Roses pattern, green printed backstamp and No. L10.52, 20cm high (restored) 30-40
75.     Royal Worcester porcelain two handled vase, handpainted with a pheasant , within gilt acanthus moulded borders, unsigned, date marks for 1901 and shape number G998, 17cm high 100-150
76.     Late 19th / early 20th century Meissen octagonal porcelain teapot and cover, floral encrusted with gilt banding and a dragon spout and mask head mount, elaborate scroll handle, with blue crossed swords mark to the base, (minor faults to the encrusted petals and foliage) 11cm high 100-150
77.     Two Austrian type cold painted bronze figures to include a carpet seller, 8cm high, and another of three children playing dice, 7 x 5cm (2) 100-150
78.     A group of five cold painted bronze animal figures, in the style of Franz Bergmann, to include a lion rug, two cats, a rabbit and a bulldog, tallest 6cm (5) 150-180
79.     A horn box and cover together with a porcelain pillbox, the base marked M.Imps de Sevres and a Bohemian enamelled glass jar and cover, largest 10cm (3) 60-80
80.     Late 19th / early 20th century Japanese carved ivory clam shell, signed to the base, 8cm long 40-60
81.     Royal Worcester blush ivory vase, painted with mixed flowers, model 1445, with puce backstamp and Reg No. 145756, 28cm high 50-70
82.     Royal Worcester blush ivory bowl raised on elephant head feet, painted with thistles to the interior, shape 1018, green printed backstamp, 13 x 20cm 100-150
83.     Lladro figure of a Pedlar and Donkey, printed backstamp, 26cm high 50-70
84.     Lladro figure group of a Clown and Ballerina, 27cm high 30-40
85.     A pair of black and white hounds, on blue rectangular plinth bases, 13cm long (2) 30-40
86.     Royal Worcester fruit painted cabinet cup, signed W.J Bagnall together with an unsigned saucer (2) 50-70
87.     Roslyn fine bone china Lily pattern teaset comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, cake plate, cream jug and sugar bowl, (21) 20-40
88.     A collection of paperweights to include Caithness and Strathearn, etc (12) 60-80
89.     Collection of enamelled glass, painted with stork and lily of the valley pattern, comprising a pair of decanters with stoppers, solifluer vase, chamber candlestick, two small scent bottles with stoppers, tallest 19cm high (a lot) ( some faults) 80-120
90.     Pair of Flower Seller male and female porcelain figures, with gold anchor backstamps, tallest 28cm (2) 60-80
91.     Small porcelain male and female figure group with gold anchor mark, 12cm high 20-30
92.     Two Meissen floral encrusted cups and saucers together with a Meissen floral painted cup and saucer (3) 70-100
93.     18th century Worcester blue and white porcelain tureen and cover painted with Cabbage Rose pattern, with blue crescent backstamp and hairline cracks to the body, 32 cm long 80-120
94.     18th century Worcester porcelain cup and saucer of fluted design, together with a Worcester blue and white dish (3) 100-150
95.     Pair of Royal Worcester porcelain cabinet plates with butterfly and flowers pattern, with puce backstamps, 23cm diameter (2) 40-50
96.     Continental porcelain floral encrusted candelabra (a/f) together with a pair of candlesticks, tallest 23cm (3) 20-40
97.     Royal Doulton 'Afternoon Tea' figure, HN1747, 15cm high 20-30
98.     Royal Doulton 'Eventide' figure, HN2814, 19cm high 20-30
99.     Royal Doulton 'The Bedtime Story' figure, HN2059, together with Lily, a Royal Worcester figure modelled by Anne Acheson, tallest 13cm high (2) 30-50
100.    A collection of blue coloured Bohemian glass with enamelled flowers and gilt highlights to include a decanter and stopper, two sherry glasses, atomiser, powder jar and cover, ewer and rectangular vase, etc (a lot) 50-70
101.    Royal Copenhagen, two ducks figure, printed backstamp and numbered 064, 10cm long 20-30
102.    Wemyss Ware 'Bonjour' black cockerel cream jug, with impressed and printed backstamps, 7cm high 30-50
103.    A pair of uranium and opaline glass posy vases with frilled rims and gilded flowers, 11cm high 50-70
104.    A collection of miniature teasets to include Wedgwood Jasper Ware, Edinburgh Crested Ware and Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge, etc (a lot) 40-60
105.    Maling Art Deco lustre vase with sunflowers and orange ground, 17cm high, together with a Maling lustre bowl, Royal Worcester coffee pot and mug, Carlton Ware vase and cover (restored) and a Jackfield type teapot, (6) 40-50
106.    Collection of Mary Gregory glass and a pair of cranberry glass sweetmeat dishes, tallest 10cm 50-70
107.    Mary Gregory glass vase / flute together with a scent bottle with stopper (a/f) together with a Bohemian blue glass scent bottle and stopper, tallest 29cm (3) 30-40
108.    Derby Imari pattern cabinet cup and saucer together with another unmarked cup and saucer of similar design, (4) 30-40
109.    Beswick pottery birds figure group, impressed backstamp and number 925, 13cm 15-20
110.    Belleek reticulated basket with weave pattern and encrusted flowers to the rim, 15cm wide 15-20
111.    An English porcelain teaset comprising ten cups, six saucers, milk jug, sucrier, slop bowl and cake plate (20) 50-70
112.    Two Meissen blue and white plates and a Meissen bowl, all with reticulated rims and blue crossed swords marks verso, together with a Bavarian Porcelain cabinet plate with handpainted floral pattern, largest 26cm diameter (4) 50-70
113.    Two Royal Worcester 'Grandmother's Dress' figures by F.G. Doughty, one wearing a pink dress the other a blue dress, black printed backstamps and Reg No. 799938, 16cm high (2) 40-50
114.    A collection of Royal Worcester figures, modelled by F.G Doughty, to include April, June and November, tallest 19cm (3) 40-60
115.    Two Royal Worcester figures, modelled by F.G Doughty to include 'Little Parakeet' and 'Three's Company' tallest 13cm (2) 30-40
116.    Collection of coloured Bohemian glass with enamelled flowers and gilt highlights to include vases, jars and covers, etc, tallest 15cm (21) 60-80
117.    Set of eight Royal Worcester porcelain shell dishes, with green printed backstamps, 9cm (8) 30-50
118.    Collection of four Royal Doulton figures to include 'Monica' HN1467, 'Veronica' HN1915, 'Bo-Peep' HN1811 and 'Lydia' HN1908, tallest 15cm (4) 40-50
119.    Bell fine bone china blue and white teaset, for a twelve place setting, (39) 30-40
120.    Beswick horse, modelled standing, with black printed backstamp, 22cm high 20-30
121.    McClintock, a pottery figure of a Fishwife, 27cm high 30-50
122.    Tiffany & Co, green and white glazed pottery money bank in the form of an elephant, 25cm long 30-40
123.    Tiffany & Co, blue and white glazed pottery money bank in the form of an pig, 22cm long 30-40
124.    Late 19th / early 20th century glass 'gin pig' decanter, 25cm long 80-120
125.    Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern 2451 cabinet cup and saucer, (2) 30-40
126.    Carlton Ware 'Sketching Bird' Rouge Royale cabinet cup and saucer, (2) 30-40
127.    A pair of continental porcelain coffee cans and saucers with blue beehive backstamps, (4) 30-40
128.    Royal Doulton blue glazed vase with stylised Art Nouveau borders, with impressed backstamp and modelers initials BN, together with a Belleek porcelain vase with celtic knot and harp pattern, tallest 25cm, (2) 30-40
129.    A Leeds Classic Creamware basket and a Creamware type comport and unmarked basket , largest 23cm wide, (3) 30-40
130.    A collection of nine Chinese blue and white tea bowls, mostly with pagoda and landscape patterns, (9) 100-150
131.    Chinese blue and white wine pot / teapot, with a bronze handle, (cover lacking) together with a small Chinese blue and white pilgrim moon flask, tallest 15cm (2) 50-70
132.    Set of three Chinese scalloped edge dishes, painted with butterfly, flowers and foliage pattern, on circular footrim,, with six character marks to the base, 16cm diameter, (3) 70-100
133.    A Chinese famille rose bowl painted with flowers and insects, together with a Chinese famille verte bowl with a blue and white scrolling pattern to the exterior, largest 16cm (2) 60-80
134.    Set of three Chinese graduated porcelain bowls / dishes, with six character blue marks to the base, largest 16cm diameter (3) 100-150
135.    Set of Chinese cups and saucers, with blue and white flowers, iron red foliage and gilt 'Deer' pattern, comprising five cups and six saucers, (11) 100-150
136.    A pair of Chinese dishes with butterfly, insects and birds pattern, with a red seal mark to the base, 20cm diameter (2) 80-120
137.    Chinese blue and white Prunus jar and cover (cover restored) with Kangxi marks to the base, likely later, together with another Prunus jar and cover and a Chinese famille rose plate with a chip to the rim) (3) 30-50
138.    Crown Devon 'Dubarry' pattern Art Deco pottery to include a toastrack, two cream jugs, cups, side plate, biscuit box, etc (13) 40-50
139.    A collection of Bohemian and Venetian style glass to include a vase with Parrot pattern, obelisk, basket, candlestick and pill box, etc, tallest 20cm (6) 50-70
140.    Porcelain cabinet cups and saucers to include Dresden and Foley Wileman, etc (4) 30-40
141.    Porcelain cabinet cups to include Royal China Works - Worcester, Limoges and a Helena Wolfsohn style custard cup, etc (5) 30-50
142.    Set of seven Venetian glasses with blue spiral twist and aventurine inclusions, 8cm high (7) 30-40
143.    Royal Worcester cream glazed shell, with green printed backstamp and pattern G971, 18cm long 30-40
144.    Quantity of Spode Italian blue and white pattern tablewares, comprising ten dinner plates, thirteen smaller plates, twenty two bowls, sandwich plate, cream jug, tureen, etc (approx 52) 100-150
145.    Collection of six Royal Doulton figures to include 'Fleur' HN2368, 'Lilac Time' HN2137, 'Daydreams' HN1731, 'Melanie' HN2271, 'Summer's Day' HN2181 and 'Clarinda' HN2724, (6) 50-70
146.    Two Royal Doulton figures to include 'Top o'the Hill' HN1834 & 'Secret Thoughts' HN2382, (2) 30-40
147.    Two Albany Fine China Co Edwardian Series figures to include Amelia & Leonora, both modelled by Ruth van Ruyekevelt, 22cm high (2) 20-30
148.    Two Royal Doulton figures to include 'Celeste' HN2237 & 'The Last Waltz' HN2315, (2) 30-40
149.    Collection of Art Deco pottery to include Clarice Cliff jam pot and cover, various honey pots and a pair of Royal Doulton Dubarry pattern serving dishes and a boxed Carlton Ware gift set, (8) 30-40
150.    Continental porcelain vase with a handpainted panels with figures and opposing view with flowers, against a pale blue ground, with blue Helena Wolfsohn AR backstamp, 23cm high 100-150
151.    Mixed lot to include a silver rimmed continental porcelain vase, The Winker Toby jug and a pagoda patterned cup and saucer (4) 30-40
152.    Dudson blue glazed vase with handles to side and with classical figures and flowers, impressed factory mark, 23cm high 30-40
153.    19th century Staffordshire table wares to include ashets, tureens and plates, (a lot) (a/f) 20-30
154.    Set of six Edinburgh crystal thistle engraved glasses and two smaller together with various 19th century and later drinking glasses (18) 100-150
155.    Dresden porcelain trinket jars, Paragon miniature jar and cover, a pair of Limoges salts and a Herend type cup and cover, (a lot) tallest 8cm 30-40
156.    Collection of Nautilus crested porcelains, etc (11) 10-15
157.    Miniature Frog band and set of white glazed rats / mice (a lot) 20-30
158.    Royal Doulton 'Canton' patterned dinner service and teaset, (approx 61 pieces) 50-70
159.    A pair of handpainted floral pattern cockerels, 29cm high (2) 20-30
160.    A pair of Continental porcelain male and female figures together with two others, all with blue wheel backstamp, (some with fingers missing) tallest 23cm (4) 40-60
161.    Pair of chinoiserie jar and covers, black and white pattern, 17cm high 20-40
162.    Pair of chinoiserie armorial pattern jar and covers, 17cm high 20-40
163.    Pair of chinoiserie armorial pattern jar and covers, 17cm high 20-40
164.    Set of three chinoiserie armorial pattern jar and covers, one with a blue and white stag, 17cm high (3) 40-50
165.    Set of three chinoiserie armorial pattern jar and covers, 17cm high (3) 30-50
166.    Set of six chinoiserie armorial plates with an oval tureen / serving dish, (7) 30-40
167.    A pair of turquoise glazed 'lotus' candlesticks, 15cm high (2) 20-30
168.    An extensive Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinner service comprising dinner pates, side plates, various bowls, tureens, ashets, sauce boat, cruets, etc (approx 116) 150-200
169.    A pair of copper lustre jugs and a Welsh lady figurine, (3) 10-15
170.    Collection of Spode Geranium pattern blue and white cups and saucers, (20) 20-30
171.    An Art Deco bone china part teaset and a Olde English teaset (a lot) 20-30
172.    Miscellaneous pottery and porcelain trinket dishes, etc to include an Aynsley fruit pattern comport, signed D. Jones and a Capitol Canberra commemorative dish, etc (a lot) 20-30
173.    Epns three piece teaset and an Epns wine coaster (4) 20-30
174.    Samson, Worcester style teapot (spout with losses) and a pair of Continental porcelain cabinet plates with Angelica Kauffman pattern (3) 40-60
175.    Six various bronze vase and pounce pots and a candlesticks, tallest 11cm (6) 70-100
176.    Fourteen various Chinese saucer dishes, largest 14cm 70-100
177.    Worcester Scarlet Japan part teaset comprising two cups, two saucers, teapot and sugar bowl with cover, with blue seal backstamp, (6) 200-300
178.    A pair of Chinese white glazed tea bowls with Shou motifs, comprising two cups and one saucer (3) 50-70
179.    Two Caithness glass limited edition paperweights and a Caithness whisky dram glass, (3) 30-50
180.    Ormolu bronze vase and a small bronze patinated metal easel, etc, tallest 13cm (3) 30-50
181.    Samson armorial pattern part teaset comprising a teapot with a flower finial, two cups, six saucers, sparrow beak jug and a vase and cover, (11) 150-200
182.    Royal Worcester pink glazed demi tasse cup and saucer , pair of Dresden porcelain vases and a Royal Worcester cabinet plate (chip to underside) 16cm high (4) 30-40
183.    Samson armorial pattern part dinner service comprising five dinner plates and four smaller plates (9) 100-150
184.    Mixed lot to include a miniature Edinburgh Crystal clock, 6cm high, and another, two Swarovski style crystals, two gilt metal butterflies and a silver gilt glass bowl, (7) 20-30
185.    Whitefriars limited edition American Flag paperweight, Whitefriars QEII silver Jubilee paperweight, Caithness Glass limited edition paperweight commemorating the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer and a Balmoral Castle etched glass paperweight (4) 200-250
186.    Oil lamp with an Epns base, clear glass well and white opaque glass shade, overall height 62cm 30-50
187.    Louis XVI style gilt metal mantle clock, the circular dial surmounted by an urn with flowers, the black floral dial with Roman numerals and inscribed Fras. Glading, Brighton, on an oval base, 35cm high 200-300
188.    Mintons Blind Earl type cup, saucer and side plate trio together with matching teapot and small plate, (5) 30-40
190.    Two Royal Worcester figures modelled by F.G Doughty to include 'April' and 'Friday's Child is loving and giving', tallest 18cm (2) 30-40
191.    Bronze patinated metal Blacksmith figure on a circular wooden base, 20cm high 30-40
192.    Bronze desk inkstand with two glass inkwells together with a pair of bronze candlesticks, tallest 10cm (3) 50-70
193.    Gilt metal mantle clock with a silvered circular dial with Roman numerals on white shield plaques, on an oval base with ribbon swags, complete with key and pendulum, movement numbered 7755, 200-300
194.    French Louis XVI style gilt metal mantle clock, case stamped PH Mourey, the enamel dial contained within a barrel and flanked by a figure of a fisherman, 40cm high 150-250
195.    Epns egg cups on stand and two Epns baskets with swing handles together with an oval dish, (4) 40-50
196.    Collection of early 20th century Spanish books to include La Mujer Y el Trabajo, etc (a lot) 20-30
197.    Carton containing a quantity of pewter to include candlesticks, charger, tankards and castors, etc (a lot) 30-40
198.    A vintage Hanovia portable Ultra Violet Ray lamp, 54cm high 20-30
199.    A pair of painted plaster figures, (a/f) (2) 35cm high 20-30
200.    Andre Harvey, (American born 1941) River Shadows (Manatees), limited edition bronze sculpture, signed with No. 19/60, on a wooden plinth base, 55 x 34cm 300-500
201.    Ushak carpet, the red field with five rows of indigo geometric motifs, within a flowerhead border 100-150
202.    Large Persian design rug, the worn ivory field with central floral medallion, pale blue spandrels and multiple flowerhead borders (a/f) 50-70
203.    Large cherrywood bookcase cabinet, the cornice over two arched recess containing adjustable shelves above three short drawers and a pair of panelled cupboard doors, 120-150
204.    A set of four large corinthian column capitols, in painted plaster, (a/f with some losses and cut down) 75 x 60cm (4) 120-150
205.    Vintage Astro teak and glass coffee table, with circular top and cross stretcher base, in the manner of Victor Wilkins for G Plan, 46 x 84cm 120-150
206.    An Arts & Crafts oak plant stand, the hexagonal top and side panels with chequer stringing, with tapering legs and conforming undertier, 88 x 27 (a/f) 20-40
207.    A mahogany and inlaid three tier folding cake stand (faded) 85 x 27cm 20-30
208.    Late 19th / early 20th adjustable brass stand with six hanging loops, perhaps for towels, approx 135cm 50-70
209.    Aesthetic School painted pitch pine triple wardrobe with central mirror door flanked by panelled doors, the interior with pull out and fitted drawers and with hanging space, 210 x 197cm 150-250
210.    Buttonback upholstered bedroom chair 81 x 59cm 40-60
211.    Mahogany cricket table with trefoil clover top and bobbin turned legs, 64 x 56cm 50-70
212.    Mahogany writing desk with a single frieze drawer and raised on cabriole legs, 78 x 106cm 60-80
213.    Two pine pedestal columns with circular tops and spiral stems, tallest 101cm (2) 20-40
214.    An oak Arts& Crafts screen, the central panel carved with thistles, on shaped side supports, 90 x 72cm 30-50
215.    Pair of early 20th century bamboo two tier side tables, 69 x 36cm (2) 50-70
216.    An oak side table on Gothic side supports, 54 x 61cm 50-70
217.    A pair of grey painted wooden corner shelves, of tapering form, without feet and designed to hang, 187 x 38cm (2) 60-80
218.    Vintage white painted bamboo dressing table and stool, 131 x 97cm (2) 30-40
219.    Vintage white painted bamboo garden chair and matching side table, together with a smaller basket chair (3) 20-30
220.    Aesthetic School wardrobe, with crenulated cornice and inlaid motifs over a single mirror arched door, with a single long drawer to the base, 245 x 113cm 80-120
221.    Arts & Crafts oak folio / book stand, 57 x 79cm 30-40
222.    19th century mahogany and inlaid grandfather clock, by John Russell of Falkirk , with a broken swan neck pediment over a silvered 12 inch dial with Roman and Arabic numerals and subsidiary dials, brass foliate spandrels, 215 x 58cm 400-500
223.    Early 20th century dark oak open bookcase, 110 x 42cm 30-50
224.    Mahogany and brass mounted coal Purdonium, complete with shovel, 31 x 34cm 60-80
225.    Two similarly carved white painted Gothic style mirrors, 77 x 76cm (2) 60-80
226.    Late 19th century upholstered chair with mahogany frame and legs, with brass caps and ceramic castors, 85 x 63cm 40-60
227.    Oak foliate carved side table, 52 x 57cm 30-50
228.    Early 20th century Moorish chair in the manner of Liberty & Co, with ebonised lattice bobbin panels and a rose pattern upholstered seat, 90 x 43cm 80-120
229.    Carved oak Gothic style pulpit / wall shelf, 50-70
230.    Mahogany foldover tea table, with a central frieze drawer and raised on tapering legs, 73 x 91cm 60-80
231.    An oak side table, the top inlaid with a geometric motif, raised on Gothic side supports with an undertier, 70 x 52cm 50-70
232.    Dark oak Wainscott style chair with carved back, solid seat and bobbin front legs, 98 x 47cm 40-60
233.    Black leather covered trunk with stud work borders, with painted name 'Mr Campbell No2' 78 x 39cm 30-50
234.    19th century provincial French dough bin trough, 38 x 108cm 50-70
235.    Set of ten Queen Anne style mahogany dining chairs with red upholstered slip in seats together with a mahogany twin pedestal dining table with an extra leaf (table a/f with repairs to pedestal) 244 x 122cm (11) 400-600
236.    Victorian rosewood fire screen, with a spiral twist frame, containing a Berlin wool work panel, 148 x 83cm 150-180
237.    Edwardian mahogany and satinwood inlaid cocktail table, retailed by Mappin & Webb, with a foldover top with a red leather insert and bottle apertures, raised on slender tapering legs, 78 x 66cm 150-180
238.    Set of eight contemporary black and white upholstered chairs, 146 x 58cm 100-150
239.    19th century walnut Sutherland table, with turned stretcher and brass castors, 73 x 116 x 70cm 70-100
240.    Black painted wrought iron standard lamp base, 155cm 20-30
241.    Simulated rosewood framed wall mirror with rectangular plate and parcel gilt border, 86 x 71cm 50-70
242.    Two Aesthetic School pitch pine cupboards, 202 x 59cm (2) 70-100
243.    19th century ash / elm gossip chair with upholstered stuff over seat, 86 x 53cm 20-40
244.    A pair of French Empire style open armchairs with floral upholstered backs and seat, with dolphin carved arm rests, 91 x 59cm (2) 80-120
245.    Pair of French style grey painted Bergere headboards, 130 x 101cm (2) 30-40
246.    Set of Victorian library steps with carpet treads, 67 x 34cm 100-150
247.    Oak two part corner cupboard, the top with a pair of glazed doors and shelved interior over a pair of panelled doors to the base, 225 x 76cm 50-70
248.    19th century white painted metal bassinet, 100 x 48cm 100-150
249.    An Edwardian wooden rocking horse with grey dapple painted body, leather saddle and black rocking base, 202 x 115cm 300-500
250.    Oak fold over table with a single frieze drawer with brass handle, raised on square tapering legs, 73 x 89cm 50-70
251.    A pair of modern mahogany table lamp bases, 70cm (2) 30-40
252.    French Empire style mahogany framed open armchair with upholstered back and seat, 92 x 58cm (a/f) 30-50
253.    Two pierced steel trivet stands, 32 x 44cm (2) 40-60
254.    Mahogany tilt top on baluster column with tripod legs, 77 x 79cm 50-70
255.    Two footstools, 28 x 47cm (2) 10-15
256.    Yewwood open bookcase of tall proportions, 230 x 92cm 40-60
257.    Dark oak drop leaf table with a single drawer to one end, 127 x 110cm 100-150
258.    19th century mahogany washstand, 82 x 48cm 50-70
259.    Set of eight Georgian style mahogany dining chairs with curved top rails and x shaped splats with upholstered seats, 88 x 52cm (8) 200-250
260.    Victorian paper press, 26 x 52cm 30-40
261.    An oak ledgeback hall table with a single frieze drawer, 106 x 122cm 30-40
262.    A pink buttonback upholstered bedroom chair with giltwood frame, 73 x 90cm 50-70
263.    An early 20th century oak folio stand, 83 x 66cm 30-50
264.    Painted metal lantern light fitting, 90 x 47cm 40-50
265.    Stained pine and wall hanging cupboard, 73 x 58cm 40-60
266.    African carved wooden Birthing seat, 118 x 48cm 50-70
267.    Eastern rug, red field, triple pole medallion and geometric borders, 185 x 104cm 40-60
268.    Afghan rug, the red field with three central medallions, multiple borders, 160 x 105cm 40-60
269.    Rectangular wall mirror, with stained mahogany frame with gilt slip border, 121 x 111cm 70-100
270.    Runner with black field and central foliate medallion, with geometric border, 76 x 153cm 30-40
271.    Early 20th century washstand with a cast metal base, oak shelf and circular mirror, 125cm high 50-70
272.    Early 20th century oak bedside cabinet with a circular mirror to top, 145 x 40cm 40-60
273.    Late 18th century carved oak Bible box, with hinged and slanted top with a void interior, 48 x 72cm 120-150
274.    Black lacquered and gilt decorated gong, floor standing size complete with beater, 130 x 140cm 300-500
275.    An Art Deco style desk, the rectangular top with geometric pattern, two frieze drawers, on reeded legs, 80 x 120cm 100-150
276.    After E.W Godwin, stained walnut occasional table, with square top, ring turned legs and an undertier, 68 x 43cm 100-150
277.    Victorian Sutherland table, 71 x 84cm 40-50
278.    19th century mahogany desk, with later inlay, with fold over top, opening to a green baize with a fitted interior, over frieze drawer, raised on square tapering legs, 95 x 80cm 200-250
279.    Two circular top occasional table, 41 x 65cm (2) 20-30
280.    Pair of pine ledgeback bedside chests, 71 x 43cm (2) 20-40
281.    Nest of three tables, (3) 56 x 56cm 15-20
282.    Modern smoked glass top dining table on chromed metal legs, 180 x 85cm, together with a set of four plastic chairs, (5) 80-120
283.    Pine open bookcase, 206 x 80cm 30-40
284.    Victorian mahogany dining table, with two extra leaves, on turned legs with brass caps and castors, 191 x 114cm extended 150-200
285.    pair of contemporary faux stoneware table lamp bases, (a/f) 47 x 23cm (2) 30-40
286.    A pair of faux bamboo table lamp bases with chinoiserie shades, 54cm high (2) 30-50
287.    A pair of contemporary faux chrome table lamps, 42 x 22cm (2) 30-40
288.    George III mahogany and string inlaid secretaire bookcase of large proportions, with a cornice top above a pair of astrgal glazed doors with a shelved interior, over an arrangement of two secretaire drawers and three graduated long drawers, on bracket feet, 242 x 126cm 500-600
289.    19th century Swiss walnut and marquetry tilt top table, the oval top inlaid with chamois and edelweiss pattern, on a pierced foliate base, 73 x 75cm 150-200
290.    Glasgow style penwork Mermaid pattern chair, with sloped back and shaped supports, 86 x 31cm 50-70
291.    19th century Mahogany and inlaid fold over demi lune table, with a single frieze drawer and square tapering legs with spade feet, 72 x 96cm 70-100
292.    Glasgow School ebonised tub chair, with stylised splats and seat, 80 x 61cm 60-80
293.    Oak and walnut chest, the rectangular top over two long drawers with ornate brass handles and raised on bun feet, 70 x 100 x 60cm 60-80
294.    A pair of early 20th century armchairs with upholstered back, arms and seat, with mahognay and inlaid splat and turned legs with castors (one castor is off) 73 x 66cm (2) 70-100
295.    Early 20th century oak extending dining table, 75 x 135cm 50-70
296.    19th century burr walnut, brass and abalone inlaid decanter box, with a hinged top and fold out doors, the interior containing a gilt decorated glass decanter set comprising four decanters with stoppers and ten matching glasses, 28 x 34cm 150-250
297.    Eastern rug, red field with three circular medallions and Greek key border, 142 x 74cm (a/f) 20-30
298.    Eastern rug, red field and two rows of eight guls, 120 x 98cm 40-50
299.    Eastern rug, red field, two rows of eleven guls, 225 x 117cm 50-70
300.    Mahognay framed sleigh style bed and mattress, 130 x 202cm 50-70
301.    An extensive Royal Albert Old Country Roses teaset comprising cups, saucers, side plates, two tier cake plate, sugar bowls, cream jugs, (approx 95) 150-200
302.    Miniature chinoiserie wooden cabinet, 37 x 27cm 40-50
303.    Gilt metal and pink hardstone clock garniture, the dial surmounted by birds, brass movement striking on a gong, 15cm high (3) 200-300
304.    Cauldon pale blue glazed teaset comprising four cups, four saucers and four side plates, (12) 15-20
305.    Chinese blue and white bottle neck vase and cover, with figures in a landscape pattern, 32cm high 30-40
306.    Modern silver patinated resin Show jump figure, on a black plinth base, 28cm high (a/f) 15-20
307.    Continental pottery table lamp base painted with Huntsman, size excluding fitting 28cm 20-30
308.    Mixed lot to include a Lladro figure of a Nun, Royal Doulton figure Lorna, HN2311, Royal Crown Derby paperweight (stopper lacking) and a Poole vase, (a/f) tallest 26cm 20-30
309.    Chinese blue and white vase with mythical bird and foliage pattern, four character Kangxi mark to the base but likely later, 31cm high, together with an 18th century Chinese blue and white plate (restored) and an Imari plate (3) 50-70
310.    Chinese canton enamel baluster vase with a flared rim and painted with figures,(a/f with handles lacking), 33cm high 40-60
311.    Four Victorian tiles to include Godwin's and Ashton Green, etc largest 20 x 20cm (4) 20-30
312.    Pair of Minton Hollins & Co turquoise glazed tiles with bird patterns, 26 x 20cm (2) 30-50
313.    Shelley 'Anemone' pattern teaset, for a twelve place setting, printed backstamp and No.14006, 100-150
314.    Faux stoneware William Morris plaque, bronze patinated metal plaque and a copper plate with bee, signed Ferdinand Thesmar, largest 20cm diameter (3) 50-70
315.    Large glass jar with domed cover and circular footrim, with gilt motto dieu et mon Droit crest, height overall 80cm 50-70
316.    Gilt metal crown, 16cm 20-30
317.    Pair of Art Deco oak bookends, pair of ebonised treen candlesticks and a cast metal cat figure, signed indistinctly, 12cm high (a lot) 20-30
318.    Large glass vase / goblet, pair of glass lily vases and a contemporary clear glass vase, tallest 60cm (4) 30-40
319.    A vintage black Bakelite telephone, base number G.O - 1 30-40
320.    Collection of seven glass pharmacy bottles with some with gilt edged Latin name plates, 23cm high (7) 50-70
321.    Set of eight Knight lighters, (a/f) (8) tallest 24cm 20-30
322.    Grosvenor China - Old English pattern teaset (a lot) 20-30
323.    19th Century mahognay and brass bound toilet box, 30 x 22 x 13cm 50-70
324.    Parian figure group of a Knight and a Maiden, on oval base, 46cm high 60-80
325.    Pair of contemporary faux stoneware Lions, each on a black rectangular plinth base, 35 x 25cm (2) 40-60
326.    A pair of moulded glass candelabra, the scalloped drip trays with hanging lustres, 52cm high (2) 40-60
327.    Set of six vintage door finger plates and a Gothic style brass pipe stand, (7) 20-30
328.    Solian Ware Soho Pottery Chippendale pattern bowl, 32cm diameter 20-30
329.    Pair of 19th century tureens, with floral pattern and pale green ground, complete with the covers and circular stands, (2) 20cm wide 30-40
330.    Carton containing a collection of pewter and Epns wares together with a set of horn handled knives, etc (a lot) 20-30
331.    Carton containing a collection of Lady's handbags, (a lot) 20-30
332.    Carton containing a collection of Lady's handbags, (a lot) 20-30
333.    Carton containing a collection of Lady's handbags, (a lot) 20-30
334.    The Water Carrier, a painted plaster figure, 42cm high 40-50
335.    Two painted wooden figures of Saints, likely St Joseph and St Francis, 56cm, (2) 60-80
336.    Four jewellery boxes together with a quantity of modern costume jewellery (a lot) 20-30
337.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include a teaset, condiment stand, sugar castor and a tray, etc (a lot) 30-40
338.    Carton containing a quantity of vintage postcards, etc (a lot) 40-50
339.    A pair of faux ivory portrait miniatures, in pierced gilt metal frames, 8 x 7cm (2) 20-30
340.    Parker Harlequin fountain pen together with a Sheaffer cartography fountain pen (2) 20-30
341.    Mahogany box containing chess pieces, (one black pawn replaced with a similar pawn) (33) 40-50
342.    Ian Fleming - The Man With The Golden Gun, with dust cover, 1st Edition, Jonathan Cape, 1965 50-70
343.    A Serviceman's photographic diary of the North African Campaign in WWII, various images to include Montgomery and De Gaulle, together with Photographies de Terre Sainte photographic postcards in an olive wood album (2) 80-120
344.    Alphabet sampler, worked by Elsie McRobert 1881, in giltwood frame, 40 x 50cm 50-70
345.    Rhoda T. Bain
Textile art panel, framed under glass, 61 x 71cm 30-40
346.    George Fifth Duke of Gordon, coloured print, in a glazed frame, 34 x 28cm 20-30
347.    The Reading Telegraph Coach, coloured print, framed under glass in a simulated rosewood frame, size overall 70 x 54cm 40-60
348.    Andreas Feininger black and white print of New York, and another, both i glazed frames, 50 x 70cm (2) 10-15
349.    Scottish Ballet Autumn Season 2006 coloured poster, bearing signatures in black ink and an autographed ballet / pointe shoe, in a glazed showcase frame, size overall 67 x 79cm 40-60
350.    The Greatest - Sportsmen of the Millennium From Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, limited edition print No.56 / 100, in a glazed frame, size overall 80 x 70cm 40-60
351.    10th Hole The Belfry by Graeme Baxter, a coloured print together with a signed European Tour embroidered flag, in a glazed frame, No. 5 / 50, largest 64 x 43cm (2) 30-40
352.    Oiliograph, signed Napier, in an ornate giltwood frame, 56 x 46cm 20-40
353.    19th century alphabet sampler, worked by Margaret, aged 9 years 1881, framed, 42 x 42cm 50-60
354.    Set of five Archibald Thorburn coloured prints, framed under glass, 23 x 27cm (5) 30-40
355.    Willis Pryce,
Cliffs and Shoreline,
Oil on boards, signed,
in an ornate giltwood frame, 29 x 24cm 30-40
356.    Willis Pryce,
Highland Scene,
Oil on board, signed,
in an ornate giltwood frame, 24 x 19cm 20-30
357.    Glasgow style roses, silk needlework panel, in a rectangular glazed frame, 24 x 63cm 50-70
358.    W.G. Blackall, early 20th century coloured Mezzotint, in a glazed frame, 80 x 85cm 30-40
359.    A tapestry depicting Mary Queen of Scots Mourning Over The Dying Douglas, framed under glass in a simulated rosewood frame with gilt border, size overall 107 x 88cm 100-150
360.    A pair of miniature rustic stoneware armchairs, modelled as branch's with flowers and with a blue glazed seat, pads, 15cm high (2) 70-100
361.    King George a painted plaster bust, 25cm high 30-40
362.    Black painted figure of a seated man, 32cm high 30-40
363.    19th century French shell and wire basket display contained within a glass dome with circular giltwood base, height overall 35cm 100-120
364.    The Pioneer, a vintage fire extinguisher, modelled as a table lamp , later electrified and fitted with a bulb, height including bulb 80cm 70-100
365.    King George V, an early 20th century embroidered panel, showing his side profile on a Union Jack ground, size of panel overall 31 x 41cm 60-80
366.    Swiss cylinder music box, playing ten airs, in a rosewood and marquetry inlaid case, 57 x 23 x 16cm 200-300
367.    Art Deco style brass and glass table lamp, the frosted panels moulded with geometric motifs, height 39cm 80-120
368.    Pair of late 19th / early 20th century French spelter figures of Cavaliers, both modelled on a rearing horse on a rounded rectangular base, (one a/f) 40cm high (2) 70-100
369.    Aynsley porcelain dessert service comprising five various plates and a comport, all with handpainted named scenes to include Bridge of Doon, Richmond Castle, Dunstaffnage Castle and Kilchurn Castle, etc (one plate with a hairline crack and a chip to the outside rim of the comport) (7) 150-180
370.    Painted plaster head and shoulders bust of a Lady, on a wooden plinth base, height overall 50cm 30-40
371.    Moulded glass light fitting with five scrolling branches and lustre drops, 45cm drop 30-40
372.    Ebonised wooden tub and cover, 50cm diameter 30-40
373.    Swiss cylindrical music box, playing six airs, in a rosewood and marquetry case, 47 x 22 x 16cm 120-150
374.    Mahogany oval tray, inlaid with figures, with two brass handles, (a/f) 62 x 43cm 30-40
375.    Collection of various wooden bowls and a white glass bowl, largest 45cm diameter, (4) 50-70
376.    Painted plaster bust of a Gentleman in the Roman style, on a socle base, 72cm high 100-150
377.    Painted plaster bust of Dante, wearing a cap with laurel wreath, 55cm high 100-150
378.    Painted plaster bust of a Gent, on a socle base, 54cm high 50-70
379.    Collection of stamps in a single pre printed album, many loose stamps contained within envelopes, (a lot) 60-80
380.    Dutch style brass chandelier with knop stem and five scrolling branches together with another smaller, 92) 50-70
381.    Set of 19th century cast iron scales, complete with weighting plates suspended from three chains connecting to a hooked top bar, (a lot) 60-80
382.    19th century French brass, white metal and ivory inlaid ebonised Portico clock, on a stepped cornice above a white enamelled dial with Roman numerals, with matching base and glass clock dome, height of clock 50cm, height with dome 66cm 200-300
383.    Victorian cased glass shard model of a Ship, modelled in a variety of colours, in glazed pine showcase, 52 x 40cm 100-150
384.    Two pairs of red painted baluster wooden candlesticks, tallest 46cm (4) 40-60
385.    Early 19th century Dutch copper and brass milk pail, with cylindrical body and riveted seams and brass swing handle, size excluding handle is 30cm high x 35cm wide 150-180
386.    A pair of large carved wooden stirrups and a red painted wooden mould, tallest 52cm high 30-40
387.    Yellow glazed terracotta bowl, 50cm diameter (hairline to the glaze) 30-40
388.    Mixed lot to include a pierced wooden plaque with candle scone, carved pine stool / tray and a gilt metal demi lune bracket (3) 20-30
389.    Wrought iron candlestick and a rack, tallest 86cm (2) 30-40
390.    White painted faux stoneware bust of a Maiden, on a socle base, 64cm high 80-120
391.    William Mycock Smith for Pilkington Royal Lancastrian blue glazed bowl painted with stylised flowers, with artists monogram and impressed factory marks, 22cm diameter 70-100
392.    William Mycock Smith for Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian charger with incised bird pattern, artist monogram and impressed factory backstamps, 29cm diameter 70-100
393.    A collection of Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian green glazed pottery to include footed bowl with impressed monogram ETR, baluster vase and another with a flared rim, tallest 23cm (3) 70-100
394.    A collection of Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian orange glazed pottery to include two vases, a bowl and a pot with handles to the side, tallest 15cm (4) 80-120
395.    A collection of Pilkington Royal Lancastrian green and blue glazed pottery to include a vase with a garlic neck, two bowls and two vases, with impressed factory backstamps, tallest 19cm (5) 120-150
396.    A collection of Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian green glazed pottery to include a pair of vases, another with flowers and foliage and a bowl, with impressed factory backstamps, tallest 26cm (4) 100-150
397.    William S Mycock for Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian, bowl with incised bird pattern, impressed factory marks, artist monogram and number 3377, date cipher for 1935, 36cm diameter 150-180
398.    Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian charger / shallow footed bow by Gladys Rogers, with yellow leaf border rim and mottled ground, with impressed factory marks, artist monogram and number 2241, 35cm together with Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian charger / shallow footed bowl by Gladys Rogers, with stylised green leaf rim to a mottled ground, shape 2241 with impressed factory mark and artist monogram, 34cm diameter (2) 200-250
399.    Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian pottery to include a vase with impressed monogram ETR and another by Gladys Rogers, tallest 14cm (2) 60-80
400.    A collection of Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian blue and green glazed pottery to include an octagonal vase, bowl and two other vases, with impressed factory backstamps, tallest 29cm (4) 120-150
401.    Pair of pierced silver giltwood circular wall plaques, 30cm diameter, together with a pair of brass flowers with green cabochons, 60cm long (4) 20-40
402.    Large blue and white chinoiserie style table lamp base and another smaller, tallest 45cm excluding fitting (2) 20-30
403.    A pair of brass candlesticks together with a large brass knop stemmed table lamp base, 65cm high (3) 20-30
404.    Two Pol Roger champagne display bottles, tallest 80cm high (2) 50-70
405.    Giltwood table lamp base and white glazed jar / lamp base, (2) 20-30
406.    Faux brass table lamp base and shade 10-15
407.    Stoneware Elephant flatback figure and another smaller, tallest 28cm (2) 20-30
408.    Two floor standing baluster vases, 54cm (2) 20-30
409.    Large rectangular giltwood frame, internal dimensions 71 x 61cm overall 110 x 100cm (minor faults) 30-50
410.    An Eastern rug, red field with allover scrolling pattern and multiple borders, 205 x 128cm 60-80
411.    Eastern rug, red field and central blue medallion and spandrels, flowerhead border, 200 x 140cm 40-60
412.    Eastern rug, rust field with allover foliate pattern and flowerhead border, 280 x 200cm 50-70
413.    Three blue and white ashets, largest 54 x 63cm (3) 30-40
414.    Faux hardstone rectangular plaque depicting the profile of a Roman warrior, 60 x 40cm 30-50
415.    Collection of textiles to include a tapestry, bell pulls and a crewel panel, etc (a lot) 30-50