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1.      Edwardian silver toastrack, London 1903, and two silver napkin rings, (2) 30-40
2.      A set of ten Victorian silver Queens pattern teaspoons, London 1854 (10) 30-50
3.      Early 20th century silver cased fob watch, white metal propelling pencil with agate seal, yellow metal locket on a chain together with another (4) 60-80
4.      Two early 20th century 9ct gold brooches and a lady's vintage 9ct gold cased wristwatch on a 9ct gold expanding strap and a 9ct gold locket (4) 70-100
5.      Collection of vintage and later costume jewellery brooches, lady's wristwatch and various Epns spoons, etc (a lot) lot) 20-30
6.      An opal and diamond ring with three opals and two rows of three diamonds, set in an unmarked gold band with pierced shoulders, the central opal is approximately 1cm long, together with a pair of gold and opal drop earrings, stamped 9ct (2) UK ring size P 300-500
7.      9ct gold and smoky quartz pendant on a yellow metal chain together with a strand of pearls with a 9ct clasp, blue glass costume beads and a lady's Gucci wristwatch (4) 50-60
8.      Victorian silver teapot and matching sugar bowl, London 1898 (2) 200-250
9.      George V silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1938 40-50
10.     Edwardian silver octagonal fluted bowl, William Hutton & Sons, Sheffield 1908, on an oak pedestal base, 27 x 19cm excluding wooden base, (approx 940g) 300-400
11.     A collection of six cut glass bottles with silver and white metal collars and covers, (6) 60-80
12.     A pair of Scottish silver wine slide coasters, Edinburgh 1991, and another pair with hallmarks for Birmingham 1968 (4) 60-80
13.     London silver dish, inset with a 1933 silver Crown coin, together with a Scottish silver dish, Edinburgh 1988, (2) largest 14cm diameter 70-100
14.     Early 20th century 9ct gold expanding bracelet, centred with a clover motif of three opals with a surround of seed pearls, with red leather box (one hinge a/f) 120-150
15.     Scottish horn snuff mull with an unmarked silver collar and hand cut silver thistle to the cover, circa early 19th century, 9cm long
16.     Scottish horn snuff mull, silver mounted with an agate dome top and with a crested cartouche to front inscribed ' J. Soutter', circa 1830, 10cm
17.     Scottish horn snuff mull with a decorative silver hinge and monogrammed roundel to the cover, circa 1810, 13cm long
18.     Two Edwardian silver vesta cases, one with Conemara inset pattern, both with Birmingham 1902 hallmarks, longest 4.5cm (2) 30-50
19.     Late Victorian miniature silver bell with a bone loop handle, Birmingham 1900, 3.5cm excluding handle, together with an early 20th century ivory box and cover of circular form, containing seven mother of pearl gaming counters, (a lot) 30-40
20.     18th century Scottish horn mull with a silver collar inscribed 'Francis Storie 1745' and a monogrammed roundel to the cover with a decorative hinge, 6.5cm long, together with a small wooden box with a white metal plaque bearing the inscription ' R. BALLANTYNE, Ship BETSY CAINS. Formerly Princess Mary Yacht. That brought to England Nov 6th 1688 the Prince of Orange, afterwards King William III. of glorious memory was wrecked on the rocks near the Spanish Battery, Tynemouth Feb 18th 1827. 9cm long, together with an Eastern white metal circular dish (3) 50-70
21.     A collection of jewellery to include 3 9ct gold rings, a pair of 9ct gold loop earrings, 9ct brooch, 9ct pendant necklace and a gold plated bracelet and a variety of costume jewellery and watches, etc, contained within a pottery jar and cover (a lot) (hallmarked items approx 22 grams) 200-300
22.     Edwardian silver fronted miniature new Testament Bible with Reynolds Angels, 5.5cm together with a tooled green leather card case and an ornate leather spectacles case (3) 30-50
23.     Gents vintage Smith manual wind wrist watch, champagne coloured dial with Arabic numerals, on a brown leather strap 80-120
24.     Eastern white metal teapot, the lid with an elephant finial, 12cm high 40-50
25.     Maundy Money boxed sets for 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 in red leather issue boxes, the set for 1956 is missing the 4d coin (5) 250-300
26.     Maundy Money boxed sets for 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965 & 1966, in red leather issue boxes, (6) 300-400
27.     The Coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland proof sets to include 1973, 1974, 1975 & 1976 together with three sets of Britain's First Issue of Decimal coins proof sets, in hard plastic cases, four sets of Britain's First Decimal Coins in blue plastic wallets, a collection of QEII commemorative coins, and three boxed 1972 the Crown coins, etc (a lot) 70-100
28.     A collection of Crown coins to include George III 1819, George IIII 1822, Queen Victoria 1889, 1890, 1893, Edward VII 1902 and George V 1935 (8) 70-100
29.     Queen Victoria 1880 full gold sovereign 250-300
30.     Queen Victoria 1887 full gold sovereign S / Sydney Mint mark 250-300
31.     Queen Victoria 1886 full gold sovereign 250-300
32.     Queen Victoria 1889 full gold sovereign 250-300
33.     George V, 1911 full gold sovereign 250-300
34.     George V, 1913 full gold sovereign 250-300
35.     George V, 1914 full gold sovereign 250-300
36.     Edward VII, 1903 full gold sovereign 250-300
37.     Edward VII, 1904 full gold sovereign 250-300
38.     Edward VII, 1906 full gold sovereign 250-300
39.     Edward VII, 1908 full gold sovereign 250-300
40.     Edward VII, 1909 full gold sovereign 250-300
41.     Edward VII, 1910 full gold sovereign 250-300
42.     Elizabeth II, 1959 full gold sovereign 250-300
43.     Elizabeth II, 1963 full gold sovereign 250-300
44.     Elizabeth II, 1967 full gold sovereign 250-300
45.     Elizabeth II, 1968 full gold sovereign 250-300
46.     Queen Victoria, 1896 half gold sovereign and a an Edward VII, 1908 gold half sovereign (2) 200-300
47.     George V, 1911 gold half sovereign and a George V, 1925, gold half sovereign, (2) 200-300
48.     A rope twist chain stamped 14k, together with a fancy link chain stamped 925 (2) 40-60
49.     Victorian silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1885, 8.5cm, Edwardian silver circular box with a foliate engraved hinged lid, 8cm diameter, Birmingham 1906 and a continental silver box and cover (3) 60-80
50.     Early 20th century silver Stag pin cushion, Birmingham 1911, 4.5cm high 30-40
51.     A pair of Victorian silver pierced oval basket bonbon dishes, Sheffield 1894, 16cm long (2) 50-70
52.     Mexican silver dish with an Aztec pattern, stamped 925, 11.5cm, together with a Chinese white metal cylindrical box and cover with engraved dragon pattern, 9cm high (2) 30-40
53.     Early 20th century silver Bachelor teapot, hallmarks rubbed, 11cm high 60-80
54.     George VI silver purse with foliate and laurel leaf pattern, vacant cartouche and brown leather lining, Birmingham 1942 30-40
55.     Modern silver photograph frame, Sheffield 2002, 12 x 12cm 30-50
56.     American Art Deco white metal charger / plate with stylised handles to side, stamped Gorham - Sterling Franconia, 36cm wide 120-150
57.     Birmingham silver mustard and a Birmingham silver miniature bud vase, 10cm high, together with a pair of Eastern white metal apple pin dishes (4) 40-60
58.     Set of six Arts & Crafts silver teaspoons, with coloured hardstone terminals, designed by Norah Creswick, Edinburgh 1944 together with a Sheffield silver spoon with celtic knot pattern (7) 100-150
59.     Emil Olsson, Sweden, cased set containing a damascened and niello ruler, paper knife and scissors together with a gilt metal paper knife 50-70
60.     Silver cased desk clock with three clock faces, London 1999, 17 x 11cm, together with a Tiffany silver letter opener and a Tiffany pen holder, both stamped 925, (3) 50-70
61.     Cased silver flatware sets to include a pair of Sheffield silver spoons, set of six Sheffield silver handled butter knives and set of five silver teaspoons (a lot) 30-40
62.     A quantity of silver napkin rings, silver sugar tongs and silver knife rests, various hallmarks (a lot) 50-70
63.     A quantity of silver and white metal teaspoons, mixed hallmarks and makers (a lot) 100-150
64.     Mixed lot of silver and enamel items to include three small boxes, one with a mirror, two small bottles with enamel lids, together with some scrap items (a lot) 50-70
65.     A quantity of silver and white metal souvenir teaspoons, pickle forks, etc (a lot) 60-80
66.     Two cartons containing a quantity of vintage and later costume jewellery, cuff links, trinket boxes, etc (a lot) 50-70
67.     Carton containing a quantity of Epns trophy cups, etc and a three piece Epns teaset (a lot) 30-50
68.     A carton containing a quantity of Epns wares, mother of pearl handed knives, etc (a lot) 30-50
69.     A collection of 20th century Epns wares to include chocolate pots, Danish Cohr candlesticks, swizzle stick and Stainless steel table lighter, etc (a lot) 20-40
70.     French brass and glass panelled carriage clock, with leather carry case, and key, 15cm high including handle 80-120
71.     French brass and glass panelled carriage clock, with leather carry case, and key, 15cm high including handle 80-120
72.     Epns mounted cut glass jug with a hinged lid and removable diffuser, 17cm high 20-30
73.     A pair of Chester silver solifluer vases, a set of ten silver plated coasters and a globe and shaft decanter and stopper (13) 20-40
74.     A quantity of Westminster white metal coins, royal Mint white metal coins and other commemorative coins, etc (a lot) 50-70
75.     A quantity of vintage and later costume jewellery, silver back brush and mirror, vintage fountain pen etc (a lot) 30-50
76.     Bronze patinated metal figure of a Cavalier, modelled seated on a high back chair, 26cm high 50-70
77.     A Continental porcelain basket, raised on cherub supports, 23 x 13cm 40-60
78.     Pair of porcelain cherub figural candlesticks, modelled in the manner of Bow, on rococo shell bases, with red anchor marks, 17cm high (2) 200-300
79.     Staffordshire pottery Toby Jug, 24cm high 30-40
80.     An English porcelain teaset, Rockingham style pattern 688, comprising cake plate, slop bowl, six cups and nine saucers (a lot) 70-100
81.     Set of three English porcelain plates, Davenport teapot and a set of six Royal Worcester porcelain plates, pattern 1194 signed Freeman (10) 60-80
82.     A pair of Chinese apple green glazed meiping vases with a craquelure ground, each with six character blue marks and double concentric band, (one restored) (2) 13cm high 200-300
83.     Copeland chinoiserie tile contained within a faux bronze stand, 25 x 29cm 50-70
84.     Chinese Famille Rose Mandarin teapot, painted with figures and with a faux bamboo handle, (chip to the rim and restoration to the handle) 16cm high 70-100
85.     Blanc de chine female figure, modelled standing carrying a basket of leaves, 26cm high 30-50
86.     A pair of Chinese 18th century porcelain plates with floral borders and basket of flowers pattern, together with another (some restoration and repairs) 23cm diameter (3) 50-70
87.     Two Chinese 18th century porcelain plates, one painted with a duck in a pond pattern and the other with a chicken / rooster, and a Chinese basket of flowers famille verte plate / shallow bowl, (3) (a/f) 150-200
88.     Carltonware Rouge Royale vase, Strathearn green glass vase, Selkirk glass paperweight and an Aynsley lustre bowl, tallest 27cm (4) 20-30
89.     Margery Clinton lustre glazed pottery beaker, Whitefriars orange bark textured glass vase, small Kosta Boda glass dish, tallest 19cm (3) 40-60
90.     Griselda Hill, Wemyss style pottery cat, painted with Plums pattern, factory backstamps and dated 1995, together with a smaller Griselda Hill pottery cat, tallest 18cm (2) 30-50
91.     'Lucky Cow' porcelain Cow Parade cow, 16cm long 20-30
92.     Scottie Wilson for Royal Worcester, black and white glazed plate, 17cm diameter, together with a Clarice Cliff fruit moulded jug, 8cm (2) 30-40
93.     Troika pottery Wheel vase, printed backstamp, artist monogram AP, 12cm high 50-70
94.     Moorcroft green glazed pin dish with Irises pattern, paper label and impressed facsimile signature, 8cm 30-40
95.     Keith Murray for Wedgwood, a straw coloured pottery tankard, printed factory backstamps, 12cm high 30-40
96.     Two Nao Spanish porcelain figures, tallest 16cm (2) 15-20
97.     Gardner Russian porcelain tea wares to include two cups and saucers with a pale blue ground and two with a cornflower blue ground and a small porcelain teapot, with red printed factory marks, (9) 70-100
98.     Pair of Japanese earthenware vases, (one restored) and a cloisonne vase (a/f) tallest 24cm (3) 20-30
99.     English porcelain tankard with a puce ground and lakeside view, Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee mug and a fluted cream jug, tallest 12cm 93) 20-30
100.    Henri Edouard Navarre (1885 - 1971) , French art glass vase of ovoid form with a pink and smoked coloured hue and bubble inclusions, signed to the base, 22cm high 180-220
101.    Royal Doulton 'the Broken Lance' figure HN2041 and a Beswick Canadian Mounted Policeman (repair to horses leg) tallest 22cm 60-80
102.    A pair of Wolfsohn style Dresden cups and saucers and a smell Dresden porcelain moustache cup and saucer and English tea bowl and saucer, (8) 50-70
103.    Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a boy with his dog, model number 782 and a Bing & Grondahl porcelain sheep, model number 2171, tallest 19cm (2) 50-70
104.    Two Royal Crown Derby Imari Cat paperweights, one with the gold stopper, 8cm (2) 30-40
105.    Royal Doulton figure, The Lobster Man HN2317, 17cm high 20-30
106.    Royal Doulton figure 'Blithe Morning' 20-30
107.    Pair of black and white glazed pottery chimney spaniels, 18cm high 92) 20-30
108.    Pair of Royal Doulton figures 'The Old Balloon Seller' HN1315 and 'The Balloon Man' HN1954, (2) 30-40
108A.   A collection of seven Staffordshire flatback and spill vases, tallest 22cm (7) 50-70
109.    Bronze figure of a classical male athlete, on a circular base (a/f) 16cm high 40-60
110.    19th century Walton style pottery figure of a girl and another of a deer and bocage, tallest 18cm (2) 40-60
111.    Pair of Japanese earthenware vases, painted with figures and with moulded loop handles. 26cm high 92) 30-40
112.    Royal Crown Derby Imari porcelain to include a 1128 teapot, cabinet plate, oval dish and small saucer dish, (4) 50-70
113.    MakMerry Scottish handpainted pottery to include a jug, comport, oval dish and a small pin dish, tallest 16cm (4) 60-80
114.    Doulton Lambeth Queen Victoria Jubilee jug and two others, tallest 20cm (3) 40-50
115.    Beswick cat, impressed number 1867, 21cm 20-30
116.    Three 19th century Staffordshire figures to include Robert Burns and Dundas, etc, tallest 23cm (3) 60-80
117.    Beswick stag and deer and a Beswick fox, tallest 20cm (3) 40-50
118.    Pair of ormolu campana vases with beaded rims and frieze of classical figures, on socle bases, 13.5cm high (2) 80-120
119.    Royal Crown Derby Imari bird paperweight with a gold stopper, 17cm long 20-40
120.    Collection of six Royal Doulton figures to include Pensive Moments HN2074, Lorna HN2311 & Elegance HN2264, etc (6) 50-60
121.    Two Poole Delphis dishes, largest 20cm (2) 20-30
122.    Gouda pottery vase with stylised floral pattern and loop handles, 17cm high 20-30
123.    Epns and glass claret jug with a star cut base, 28cm high 30-40
124.    Pair of bronze female figures on circular ebonised bases, 29cm (2) 70-100
125.    Pair of continental porcelain baskets, each with a transfer printed bird and butterfly pattern, raised on four outswept feet, 29 x 15cm (2) 50-70
126.    Royal Copenhagen porcelain bird figure, model number 402, 14cm 20-30
127.    Royal Crown Derby Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation porcelain cup, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Opening Rolls-Royce Derby Works, 8cm 20-30
128.    Two Staffordshire cow creamers, one painted with flowers and the other with a lilac lustre glaze, 17cm long (2) 30-40
129.    Set of four English porcelain cups and saucers with floral pattern and yellow ground, (4) 40-60
130.    Cauldon set of six demi tasse coffee cans, saucers, cream jug and sugar bowl (14) 20-30
131.    Sumida Gawa pottery planter, 14cm, and a Chinese provincial blue and white pottery ginger jar, with two hardwood stands, (2) 40-60
132.    Collection of five bronze patinated resin figures of Hares, tallest 19cm (5) 60-80
133.    Paladin Staffordshire china teaset, green glazed with handpainted floral sprays, six cups, six saucers, six side plates, two cake plates, two sandwich plates, cream jug and sugar bowl, (24) 30-50
134.    Retro smoked glass lemonade set with carafe and set of six slim jim beakers, (7) 20-30
135.    Collection of Staffordshire flatback figures, spill vases and a Delft blue and white vase, Continental porcelain chicken jug (5) 20-40
136.    Twenty Four Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, etc (24) 120-150
137.    Collection of various Beswick animals to include a giraffe, donkey, deer, squirrel, duck, panda and koala, etc, tallest 20cm, (14) 50-70
138.    Collection of pottery and porcelain dogs to include Staffordshire, Delft and Spongeware examples, etc, tallest 16cm (11) 30-50
139.    Collection of miscellaneous pottery and porcelain animals to include examples by Poole, Beswick and others, (13) 20-40
140.    Italian pottery to include a Sorrento wet drug jar, Deruta pottery basket and a faience twin handled vase, tallest 29cm (3) 30-40
141.    Italian terracotta glazed wet drug jar and two blue and white Italian pottery jars with domed covers, one finial restored, tallest 37cm 93) 30-40
142.    Late 18th / early 19th century gold anchor part dinner service, white glazed with small green flowers and gilt edged rim, approx (19) 30-40
143.    Collection of 19th century Masons Ironstone chinoiserie plates, (12) 20-40
144.    Iron mounted cockerel figure, 35cm 20-30
145.    Collection of tea caddies, to include two sarcophagus shaped and one rectangular example, largest 20 x 15cm (3) 50-60
146.    Collection of 19th and later 20th century glass wares to include decanters, vases, various drinking glasses,etc (13) 30-40
147.    Collection of Bristol blue coloured glass wares to include bottles, rolling pins, glasses, etc (12) 30-40
148.    Brass wares to include a table gong, Salters No.2 Spring Balance scales, brass weights, candlestick, etc (a lot) 40-60
149.    Hughes, Longport, paradise shape Art Deco dinner service, (29) 20-30
150.    Mixed lot of kitchenalia to include a white glazed jelly mould, blue and white pottery ashet, vintage herb cutter, tankard, stoneware crock and a mortar and pestle, etc (7) 30-40
151.    Pair of contemporary framed prints, 42 x 42cm (2) 20-40
152.    British School, Rural Landscape with Cottage, Bridge and Cattle, oil on board, apparently unsigned and framed under glass, 39 x 29cm 60-80
153.    William Miller, Edinburgh Castle, etching, signed in pencil, framed under glass, 22 x 19cm 30-40
154.    Gerry Goldwyre, East Coast Village, watercolour, signed and dated '88, framed under glass, 45 x 19cm 20-30
155.    English School, Park Scene with Figures & Classical Architecture' oil on board, signed with a monogram, framed, 30 x 37cm 30-50
156.    E. Aguirre, a collection of six gouache contained within two frames, frame size overall 67 x 38cm (2) 40-50
157.    Iona, a limited edition coloured print by John Jackson, signed and numbered 2/100, framed under glass, 50 x 43cm 20-30
158.    Rosemary Wright, 'Old Hay Wain at Flatford Mill', watercolour and ink, signed, framed under glass, 43 x 32cm 30-40
159.    Frontispiece from the Book of Genesis, a coloured print, framed under glass, size overall 34 x 45cm 20-30
160.    Ohara Koson (1877 - 1945) a pair of coloured Japanese prints to include 'bull dash headed shrike looking at a spider' and 'two barn swallows' diving towards a small insect in flight' published by Daikoku - Ya, in glazed frames, sizes overall 39 x 50cm (2) 70-100
161.    Elizabeth .P. Hamilton, Mixed Flowers, watercolour, framed under glass, 35 x 52cm 30-50
162.    Elizabeth P. Hamilton, 'Arum Lilies', watercolour, signed and framed under glass, 36 x 53cm 30-50
163.    Contemporary School, 'head and shoulders portrait of a Middle Eastern Woman' oil on canvas, apparently unsigned, framed, 48 x 69cm 50-70
164.    19th century lithographic print, framed under glass, size overall 61 x 90cm 30-40
165.    Ben Evans, Triple Masted Sailing Ship, oil on canvas, signed and framed, 90 x 60cm 50-70
166.    T.H. Kirman, the sun setting on a landscape, oil on canvas, signed indistinctly, in a faux burrwood frame, 75 x 60cm 50-60
167.    20th century school, hillside and village landscape, watercolour, signed indistinctly and dated '74, framed under glass, 52 x 35cm 40-60
168.    Half length portrait of a girl with long hair, mixed media, apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 49 x 67cm 70-100
169.    20th century school, ink and wash, apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 52 x 62cm 50-70
170.    Contemporary School, an unsigned oil on canvas, framed, 62 x 75cm 50-70
171.    Jean Golden, 'Images', mixed media, apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 23 x 20cm 30-40
172.    Brenda Hartin, 'Silver Life Elements VIII', an artist proof screenprint , signed and dated 2002, framed under glass 20-30
173.    20th century School, Dancing figure, mixed media, apparently unsigned and framed under glass, 31 x 44cm 30-40
174.    20th century school, wooded landscape, oil on canvas, apparently unsigned, in a gilt frame, 39 x 50cm 30-40
175.    Pair of early 20th century J. Austin prints in art nouveau oak frames, sizes overall 36 x 65cm (2) 40-60
176.    Brenda Hartill, (born 1943) 'Winter Variation I' coloured screenprint, signed in pencil, entitled and numbered 77/100, dated 1983, framed under glass, 37 x 56cm 30-40
177.    After Marc Chagall, a coloured print of an Exotic Dancing figure, in a glazed frame, 40 x 27cm 20-30
178.    20th century Asian School, Village Scene, watercolour, apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 39 x 14cm 30-40
179.    Hall Thorpe, a coloured print of Marigolds, signed in pencil and framed under glass, 50 x 47cm 30-40
180.    T.T Blaylock, a coloured print of Daffodils, framed under glass 20-40
181.    20th century British School, Sketch of a young mans head, apparently unsigned and framed under glass in a large oak frame, 50 x 60cm 70-100
182.    An early 20th century coloured lithograph in a verre eglomise glazed frame, size overall 84 x 73cm 30-40
183.    After De la Roche Le General Bonaparte Franchissant le Alpes, 19th century framed French print, in rosewood frame with a gilt slip and under glass, size overall 75 x 95cm 50-70
184.    The Garden of Earthly Delights, a coloured Hieronymus Bosch print, framed under glass, 107 x 60cm 30-40
185.    Coloured batik with figures and mythical birds, on a stretcher, unsigned, 148 x 88cm 30-40
186.    In the circle of George Morland, Cottage with figures, cats and dogs, oil on canvas, singed and dated 1795, framed under glass with an ornate gilt frame, 70 x 57cm 100-150
187.    Sven Joshua Gillgren, Swedish School, Still life interior scene, oil on canvas, signed and frame, size 68 x 89cm 80-120
188.    Madeleine Rachel Wells RBA (1879 - 1959), 'The Palace of the Popes, Avignon' , watercolour, signed, framed under glass, 66 x 50cm 80-120
189.    20th century School, still life of a pedestal column with flowers, watercolour, apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 68 x 100cm 50-70
190.    Claire De Lune, a large French print in a glazed oak frame, size overall 128 x 98cm 20-40
191.    Early 20th century school watercolour of Bathers,apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 18 x 12cm 30-40
192.    L.W. Fraser, (Scottish) a pair of Gun Dog pastels, signed and framed under glass, 15 x 20cm (2) 70-100
193.    Indian School, a group of three gouache with figures, all framed under glass, largest 20 x 32cm 50-70
194.    20th century school, coloured print in a glazed frame, 30 x 30cm 20-30
195.    20th century School, coloured screenprint, apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 35 x 50cm 20-30
196.    20th century School, coloured screenprint, framed under glass, 35 x 50cm 20-30
197.    In the manner of Benjamin Chee, a coloured print, signed indistinctly and dated Jan 78, framed, 81 x 74cm 30-50
198.    Philip Groom, 'Swirling figures', mixed media, signed and dated '86, framed under glass, 58 x 78cm 30-50
199.    Lady Lucinda L. Mackay, 'Above Amulree', oil on canvas, signed with a Scottish Gallery label verso, framed, 90 x 71cm 50-70
200.    Elizabeth N Smith , 'Rumba', an embroidered applique panel, with an Exhibition label verso, framed under glass, 57 x 75cm 70-100
201.    Bokhara prayer mat / rug with red field and multiple borders, 116 x 80cm 30-50
202.    Bokhara rug, the red field woven into two rows of nine guls, with multiple borders, 260 x 150cm 60-80
203.    Eastern wool runner, red field with ivory spandrels and border, 285 x 77cm 50-70
204.    Pakistan rug of Bokhara design, red field with three rows of seven guls, 188 x 97cm 50-70
205.    Eastern wool rug, red field with lozenge motifs and flowerhead border, 195 x 105cm 50-70
206.    Kazak type rug, pale blue field with flowerhead motifs and geometric borders, 280 x 154cm 60-80
207.    McIntosh & Co Ltd, Kirkcaldy, extending dining table and set of eight chairs, to include two carvers, table size when closed 160cm, when extended 236cm x 91 x 74 (9) 300-400
208.    A.H McIntosh & Co, Ltd, Kirkcaldy, mid century 'Sunburst' teak sideboard, with three central drawers, flanked by cupboard doors, 214 x 82 x 46cm 200-300
209.    Ladderex style shelving system with two metal side supports, 3 wide shelves and 4 narrow shelves, 63 x 202 x 36cm 80-120
210.    Victorian mahogany Pembroke table with bun handles and ring turned legs terminating on brass caps and ceramic castors, 102 x 72 x 62 (closed) and 114 (open) 60-80
211.    Louis XV style giltwood fauteil with striped upholstered back and seat, 66cm 50-70
212.    Mahogany tilt top table, the table with a scalloped edge, raised on a fluted column with carved tripod legs terminating on hairy paw feet, 80 x 72 x 64cm 150-180
213.    Late 19th / early 20th century upholstered spoonback armchair, on carved mahogany legs with brass caps and ceramic castors, 80 x 92cm 60-80
214.    Mahogany bijouterie table with crossbanded and glazed top, raised on square tapering legs with a x shaped stretcher, 61 x 76 x 41cm 100-150
215.    Pair of mahogany framed side chairs with upholstered stuff over seats, (2) 46 x 82cm 20-40
216.    Early 20th century open armchair with a canework back and cream upholstered seat, 63 x 119cm 30-40
217.    Liberty & Co early 20th century mahogany fold out table, on stylised tapering legs, 61 x 61 x 34 when closed and 75 when open 60-80
218.    Vintage black and gilt tin tray with Paris scenes and folding brass legs together with a retro black and red leather pouffee, (2) 20-30
219.    1960's Volnay sideboard by John Herbert, with four graduated long drawers flanked by cupboards, with flattened bun handles and raised on stylised legs, 168 x 82 x 49cm 150-200
220.    19th century mahogany bow front chest, with three short and three graduating long drawers, with brass lion mask and ring handles, on splayed bracket feet, 108 x 99 x 57cm 120-150
221.    Super Keshan wool rug, 200 x 140cm 50-70
222.    Louis de Poortere Belgian wool rug, 198 x 141cm 50-70
223.    Eastern rug, the central panel with an ivory field and three medallions within flowerhead borders, 215 x 115cm 50-70
224.    Contemporary Azeri rug, of multi coloured patchwork effect, 179 x 118cm 30-50
225.    A pair of vintage Ercol beech and elm stick back chairs with solid seats and turned tapering legs, 39 x 79cm (2) 50-70
226.    Mahogany corner wall cupboard / cabinet, with glazed door and fixed shelves to the interior, 64 x 98 x 37cm 30-50
227.    Black metal stick stand with three divisions, 51 x 61 x 20cm 30-40
228.    Retro tiled top table on metal hairpin legs, 49 x 51 x 32cm 20-30
229.    Early 20th century oak open bookcase, 57 x 99 x 21cm 30-40
230.    Mahogany two tier jardiniere plant stand with inlaid satinwood paterae, 35 x 100cm 30-40
231.    19th century mahogany breakfront bookcase with projecting cornice over three astragal glazed doors with a shelved interior above four panelled doors to the base with two drawers inside the central cupboard, 172 x 218 x 42cm 150-200
232.    19th century mahogany and inlaid bow front sideboard, with three drawers on ring turned legs, 153 x 93 x 61cm 60-80
233.    Arts & Crafts buffet in the manner of Bruce Talbert, with Gothic pierced back, circa 1880, 163 x 128 x 54cm 150-200
234.    Gothic Revival mirror back sideboard, John Pollard Seddon,circa 1880, 231 x 182cm 200-400
235.    Aesthetic ebonised and burrwood music cabinet, with pair of glazed doors with embroidered panels and stylised brass hinges, 47 x 118 x 36cm 100-150
236.    Hardwood open bookcase with four fixed shelves, 100 x 180 30-40
237.    19th century rosewood pole screen with an embroidered screen, contained within a fret frame 50-70
238.    19th century mahogany corner cabinet, with a curved door and shelved interior, with key, 47 x 97 50-70
239.    Mahogany jardiniere plant stand, with chequer banding, metal liner and conforming undertier, 38 x 101cm 40-60
240.    An Ercol light elm bookcase with three glazed doors, 136 x 98 x 31cm 100-150
241.    A carved oak writing desk, with stationery rack to the superstructure, rectangular top over a pull out slide and five drawers, raised on cabriole legs, 79 x 89 x 55cm 70-100
242.    Mahogany ledgeback cabinet, with a single drawer over a cupboard door with a n embroidered panel with cranes and reeds, on short cabriole legs 57 x 125 x 37cm 50-70
243.    Mahogany veneered bedside cabinet, 40 x 68 x 34cm 15-20
244.    Walnut bow front chest of small proportions, with three long drawers and bracket feet, 57 x 71 x 38cm 50-70
245.    Pink upholstered bedroom chair on ebonised legs with brass caps and ceramic castors, 49 x 71 x 43cm 30-40
246.    An Aesthetic Movement chair in the manner of EW Godwin, for W.A & S Smee, Finsbury Park Pavement London, 59 x 72 x 40cm 30-40
247.    Four various chairs to include two carvers, (4) 30-40
248.    Mahogany three tier folding cake stand, 27 x 85cm 20-30
249.    Small yewwood bookcase with the drawers, 77 x 77 x 28cm 20-30
250.    Pair of mahogany d-end tables, with tapering legs and spade feet, tops faded, 100 x 71 x 105 together, (2) 40-60
251.    Eastern hardwood four fold screen with pierced foliate pattern, 185 x 51 per panel 50-70
252.    John Herbert, Youngers Volnay extending dining table and set of six chairs, 212 (open) 128 (closed) x 78 x 81 (7) 100-150
253.    Mahogany table / stand, the square top with a fretwork gallery and a small pull out slide, raised on tapering legs, 29 x 65 x 29cm 30-40
254.    Small footstool with an upholstered top and cabriole legs, 33 x 18cm 10-15
255.    Flame mahogany bureau of traditional design, 61 x 98 x 46cm 30-40
256.    Modern pine blanket box, 80 x 49 x 44cm 30-40
257.    Mahogany corner cupboard, dentil frieze, panelled door and shelved interior, 65 x 103 x 38cm 30-50
258.    Black painted plaster bust of a Gent, 45cm high 40-60
259.    Stone relief plaque of a young female, 31 x 42cm 40-60
260.    Scott Myers,(b1958) Moonlight Sonata - a bronze model of a man playing a guitar within an archway, on a black stone rectangular base, 37 x 60 x 27cm 100-150
261.    White plaster bust of a Gent on a socle base, (a/f) 55cm high 30-50
262.    White painted plaster bust of Roman style Emperor, wearing a laurel leaf wreath, on a socle base, 68cm high 40-60
263.    After Jean Antoine Houdon, a composite bust of a young woman, 62cm high 50-70
264.    Black abstract figure of two figures, signed JR Brown with An Art For Offices, Dock Street, London label to the base, 47cm high 50-70
265.    A 19th century chinoiserie lacquered table cabinet, with a cavetto moulded top which lifts to reveal a lift out tray with various compartments containing an assortment of ivory and bone sewing accessories, over pair of doors with painted panels, with three drawers to the interior over a fold out writing slope, the whole gilt with oriental motifs and figural panels, raised on lotus bun feet, 33 x 43 x 24cm 300-500
266.    A child's antique oak / elm commode with a heart shaped cut out to the back panel, 34 x 58 x 34cm 30-50
267.    19th century mahognay dressing table mirror, 55 x 56 x 24cm 20-30
268.    Taxidermy of a capercaillie, modelled perched upon a mossy mound, 68cm high (a/f) 50-70
269.    Carved wooden sculpture, evidence of worm, 86cm high 30-40
270.    A pair of faux brass corinthian column table lamps with large cream coloured shades, (2) 30-40
271.    Two part mahogany floor standing corner cabinet, 102 x 203 x 54cm 70-100
272.    19th century mahogany ledgeback washstand, with four frieze drawers, shaped undertier and fluted legs, 109 x 92cm109 x 92cm 60-80
273.    Small two tier side table, 60 x 60 x 60cm 10-15
274.    19th century mahogany breakfast table, with a circular top, pedestal base and scrolling legs, (pins lacking) 138 x 72 x 107cm 60-80
275.    19th century mahogany breakfast table with tilt top action, circular top and fluted pedestal base with reeded les, (a/f pins lacking ) 138 x 72 x 107cm 60-80
276.    Aesthetic Movement mahogany framed breakfront overmantle with a dentil frieze over two faux leather panels and three mirror, 161 x 79cm 80-120
277.    Edwardian Sheraton Revival mahogany and satin inlaid writing desk, with a shelf and stationery compartments to the superstructure, leather skivver over an arrangement of five drawers, raised on square tapering legs with brass caps and ceramic castors, 106 x 99 x 54cm 100-150
278.    19th century mahogany and satinwood inlaid bow front chest, with three short and three long drawers, inlaid shell paterae to top, 118 x 98 x 60cm 100-150
279.    19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top over two short drawers and three long drawers, with bun handles, 117 x 111 x 50cm 100-120
280.    19th century mahogany longcase clock with a swan pediment over a shells painted dial, inscribed Fenwick,
Crieff, Roman numerals and subsidiary dials, 48 x 221 x 23cm 200-300
281.    Floor lamp with overarching copper arm and shade, on a white veined hardstone base, 136 cm 50-70
282.    Vintage demi lune walnut and glazed display cabinet on cabriole legs, 92 x 115 x 38cm 30-40
283.    19th century mahogany bow front chest, with two short and four graduating long drawers, on bracket feet, 114 x 122 x 59cm 100-150
284.    Mahogany sofa table with inlaid cross banding, 160 (open) 100 (closed) x 72 x 61cm 40-60
285.    Georgian mahogany chamber horse, 71 x 101 x 60cm 200-300
286.    Vintage Austinsuite chest with six graduating drawers, 64 x 115 x 43cm 30-40
287.    Vintage teak Austinsuite dressing table with dressing table stool, (2) 125 x 117 x 43cm 40-60
288.    Modern hardwood coffee table, 120 x 45 x 60cm 20-30
289.    Georgian mahogany bookcase cabinet, with a cornice top over a pair of glazed doors with a shelved interior, above a pair of panelled cupboard doors which open to reveal three short drawers and further shelves, 120 x 213 x 53cm 200-400
290.    19th century prie dieu chair with beaded tapestry upholstery and foliate carved supports, terminating on brass caps and ceramic castors, 52 x 101 x 45cm 40-60
291.    19th century mahogany corner cupboard of small proportions, with a serpentine panelled door and shelved interior, 50 x 85 x 28cm 40-60
292.    Mahogany open bookcase with a three quarter spindle gallery to top, 85 x 180 x 32cm 60-80
293.    An oak chest of narrow proportions, with five drawers and short cabriole legs, 46 x 92 x 40cm 30-50
294.    A 19th century chair with a carved toprail and tapestry upholstered back and seat, on cabriole legs with brass castors, 30-40
295.    A pair of oak Arts & Crafts side chairs with upholstered seats and square tapering legs, 45 x 110cm (2) 30-40
296.    Chinese style low table with pierced fruit and foliage 92 x 33 x 46cm 50-70
297.    Painted and lacquered two tier table with a single frieze drawer, 50 x 70 x 38cm (a/f) 40-60
298.    19th century mahogany tale, rectangular top with moulded edge,on a turned column and quadruple scrolling legs, (a/f) 55 x 70 x 43cm 70-100
299.    Retro teak side table with a single long drawer, 68 x 51 x 45cm 20-40
300.    An assortment of five mahogany Edinburgh chairs (5)
301.    Button upholstered circular centre stool, 66 x 42 x 52cm 30-40
302.    19th century mahogany washstand, 48 x 81 x 46cm 50-70
303.    Mahogany framed open armchair with buttonback upholstery, 70 x 92cm 60-80
304.    Artisan design metal standard lamp, 168cm high 30-40
305.    19th century oak longcase clock with a hooded top with gilt metal finials, the dial inscribed John Wright, Linton, with Roman numerals and date aperture, 45 x 204 x 25cm 150-200
306.    Nest of four chinoiserie tables, largest 48 x 67 x 36cm (4) 60-80
307.    Upholstered chair on mahogany legs with brass caps and ceramic castors, 50-70
308.    Floor standing Globe drinks cabinet, 50-70
309.    Upholstered spoonback chair, 90 x 60cm 30-50
310.    Two side chairs, 50 x 82cm (2) 20-30
311.    Standard lamp and shade, 146cm to fitting 15-20
312.    French style seven piece Bergere suite with six chairs and two seater, 128 x 93 x 53cm (a.f) (7) 100-150
313.    Pair of French style gilt chairs with tapestry upholstered backs and seats, (a/f) (2) 60-80
314.    Four fold screen with foliate carved toprails, glazed panels missing, 145 x 45cm per panel 60-80
315.    Pottery barrel seat with faux shagreen pattern, 34 x 45cm 50-70
316.    Two black metal deed boxes, largest 49 x 18cm (2) 10-15
317.    French style chest with ormolu mounts, 57 x 83 x 44cm (a/f) 60-80
318.    Arts & Crafts style mahogany towel rail, 65 81cm 20-30
319.    Thai style wooden wall panel, 44 x 91cm 40-60
320.    Spinning chair with carved back and octagonal seat, 35 x 96cm 20-30
321.    Upholstered armchair 72 x 85cm 20-40
322.    Vintage tool box and tools, (a lot) 50-70
323.    Mahogany and rosewood two tier wall shelf with inlaid stringing, 30-50
324.    Garden bench with cast iron ivy leaf pattern ends, painted green, with wooden slats 152 x 89 x 60cm 120-150
325.    Eastern rug, red and blue field, central pole medallion and geometric borders, 186 x 120cm 50-70
326.    Two Nao figurines, (one a/f) (2) 10-15
327.    Vintage 'The Melbrew' enamel tub, two pottery ladles and a glass paperweight, (4) 20-30
328.    Royal Doulton Daydreams figure HN1731 and Bavarian porcelain figure group, (2) 20-30
329.    Joanne Mitchell art glass vase and another (2) tallest 18cm 60-80
330.    Contemporary art glass vase and Jenny Beardshall blue glass bowl, (2) 50-70
331.    A suite of drinking glasses (a lot) 30-40
332.    Queen's bone china Virginia Strawberry teaset (a lot) 20-30
333.    A collection Royal Doulton and other figures, (7) 50-70
334.    Adrian Davidson rectangular wall mirror 20-30
335.    Stained glass roundel (a/f) 30-50
336.    A collection of twelve Beswick bird figures (12) 50-70
337.    A collection of fourteen Beswick dog figures (14) 50-70
338.    A collection of thirteen cat figures to include Beswick and Staffordshire,etc (13) 40-60
339.    A group of nine Beswick horses (9) 50-70
340.    Majolica oval planter, blue glazed with humming bird pattern and a turquoise interior, (a/f) 30-40
341.    Old Tupton ware vase, boxed, and a group of nine pill boxes (a lot) 15-20
342.    Staffordshire 19th century blue and white meat draining ashet in the Etruscan & Greek Vases pattern, 48cm, 19th century blue and white transfer printed pottery to include set of three maypole pattern spill vases, small Du Croz sauce tureen and a pair of Royal Stone China chinoiserie plates, 19th century blue and white transfer printed pottery to include Piping Shepherd basin and a Spode Bridge of Lucano bowl and warming plate, (10) 70-100
343.    English pottery teaset transferee printed with Faith, Hope and Charity, (a lot) 30-50
344.    Eastern brass tray, engraved with calligraphy, together with a Chinese famille rose plate and Japanese porcelains, Armorial style vase, (7) 30-40
345.    Green glazed pottery mantle clock, circular enamelled dial with Arabic numerals, height overall 36cm 60-80
346.    Early 20th century oak cased mantle clock, with inlaid butterfly pattern, on four brass feet with a brass handle to top, strikes on a gong, French movement by Samuel Marti, No. 79464 size overall 38cm 120-150
347.    Early 20th century mahogany and inlaid mantle clock, enamelled dial, Roman numerals, 30cm 50-70
348.    Hamilton & Inches, early 20th century chinoiserie mantle clock, French brass movement, 22cm 60-80
349.    Taxidermy of a Puffin, 25cm 50-70
350.    Large Japanese Satsuma vase, painted with figures to a blue aground, signature / mons mark to the base, 50-70
351.    Three various walking canes, two with white metal mounts and a parasol with yellow metal mounts and horn handle, (4) 30-40
352.    Berwood Miners safety lamp. 23cm 30-40
353.    French gilt metal mantle clock with porcelain finial and plaques, movement is numbered 676, 37cm high 60-80
354.    Four piece Epns tea and coffee set (4) 30-50
355.    Quantity of Epns wares to include a sugar castor, entree dish, flatwares, sauceboat, teasets, etc (a lot) 50-60
356.    Carton containing various cased sets of flatware to include fish servers,etc (a lot) 20-30
357.    Mahogany framed dressing table swing mirror and pair of faux brass table lamps (3) 20-40
358.    Franco Lafini, Italian silver plated serving dish, the cover with gilt metal fruit, complete with a glass liner, 30-40
359.    Faux bronze, resin figure of a recumbent lion, on a rectangular plinth, 25 x 23cm 20-30
360.    Junghans mantle clock, complete with pendulum and key, 58cm 30-40
361.    Austin productions figure of a lady wearing a hat and long coat, on a black plinth base, signed and dated 1980, 59cm 30-40
362.    Chinese famille rose ginger jar style vase, 19cm, and a Chinese punch bowl with repairs, with two wooden stands, (2) 50-70
363.    Royal Albert 'Braemar' bone china teaset, (19) 20-30
364.    Brass and white hardstone desk set with pietra dura inlaid panels, to include an inkwell and pen rest, (2) 50-70
365.    A collection of five 19th century Staffordshire transfer printed blue and white ashets, to include Canton Garden, Botanical Beauties and Davenport Orienta, etc, largest 44cm long 70-100
366.    Late 19th / early 20th century green and clear glass table epergne, 22cm high 30-50
367.    John Dunn, raku glazed studio pottery charger / bowl, signed, 44cm diameter 30-50
368.    Pair of vintage Alfred Meakin Ceylon tea cups and saucers with a novelty glass Pelican bottle stopper 93) 20-30
369.    Cambrai, November. 1917 Ribicor Fontaine tank, 21cm 40-60
370.    19th century alphabet sampler, worked by Margaret McLean in 1845, in a glazed frame, 18 x 42cm 50-70
371.    Collection of vintage toys and games to include miniature rattan furniture, Joytown Booking Office station accessory, mangle, skittles, sewing machine, etc (a lot) 30-40
372.    Two clockwork tinplate toys to include a drummer on horseback and a clown, together with an early 20th century doll, (3) 30-40
373.    Tin plate toys to include a monkey and clown in a car, Corgi Concorde, etc (4) 30-40
374.    19th century Doulton Burslem, Vernon pattern flow blue and white basin and ewer set (a.f) 30-40
375.    Two wooden sculptures, one depicting a mother and child and the other an abstract figure, (2) 50-70
376.    Becher's Brook - the Grand National 150th Anniversary sculpture 1839 - 1952, for the National Horse Racing Museum, 26cm 150-200
377.    Collection of various walking canes,one with a small iron shovel at the tip, two with ivory handles, of which one has a lighter to the interior, etc, longest 104cm (4) 40-60
378.    Herbert Williams and original design for the Royal Oak, Didcot, Berkshire 30-40
379.    19th century mahogany and brass bound writing slope, 46cm long,a smaller rosewood and mother of pearl box and a Wedgwood Queens ware pottery bowl, (3) 60-80
380.    Scott Sutherland RSA, a carved wooden plaque of Diana, signed and dated 1979, 34cm 60-80
381.    Three Winstanley pottery figures of Hares of various size and shape, signed, together with a John Beswick pottery hare, tallest 19cm (4) 70-100
382.    Royal Worcester 'Gold Chantilly' pattern dinner service, (35) 40-50
383.    19th century silver plate on copper three branch candelabra and a pair of later Epns candelabra, tallest 44cm (3) 30-50
384.    Chinese provincial blue and white pottery vessel, (a/f) 14cm high 30-40
385.    Turlier vintage enamel wall clock, 27 x 20cm 40-60
386.    Early 20th century parasol the handle modelled as a poodle with a yellow metal mount inscribed 'Mrs Threlfall, 19 Hyde Park Terrace' 30-40
387.    Large brass money bank in the form of a pig, approx 65cm long 40-60
388.    Plaster bust of a Woman, 39cm 40-60
389.    French brass 'Metropolitan' arched frame, 32cm, and a pair of brass Angle candlesticks, 93) 30-40
390.    Collection of Epns wares to include a three piece teaset, claret jug, inkwell, salts, flatwares, etc (a lot) 40-60
391.    Bronze Buddha, modelled seated in a contemplative pose, 38cm 50-70
392.    Books to include a leather bound Bible and The Science of Mining by William Tait, volume I, 1890 - 1891 (2) 10-15
393.    Nigerian Igbo Tribe black and white painted wooden mask, 25cm long together with an African necklace of wooden discs, (2) 80-100
394.    Marka Tribe, Mali circumcision wooden mask with painted teeth and metal mounts, 26cm
395.    Ivory Coast wooden Fire mask with plaided fabric hair and beard, approx 35cm 100-150
396.    Cameroon bronze 'Passport' pendant mask, 17cm long 20-30
397.    Luba, Zaire caryatid stool, 22cm high 70-100
398.    Mali circumcision mask with applied decorated brass sheet giving the appearance of a helmet, 37cm 100-150
399.    Kambaramram Tribe, Lower Sepik River area, Ancestor mask, inlaid with cowrie shell eyes, approx 52cm 100-150
400.    Zoomorphic wooden mask, Bukino Faso, decorated with beak horns and, braided hair, 68cm 80-120
401.    Mali wooden face mask with a large oval face, having decorative eyes and large flat decorated panel above, 88cm 200-300
402.    Two African wooden masks to include Gabon and Chokwe (Mwana Pno) with string detail to the back, largest 32cm (2) 60-80
403.    African wooden face mask, Gabon Puna, with white painted details beneath the eyes, 32cm, together with an African woven bag, (2) 40-60
403A.   Luba wooden figural pot lid, Democratic Republic of Congo, 20 x 24cm 40-60
404.    Chinese ginger jar and cover painted with warrior figures together with a blue and white flask shaped vase (2) 30-50
405.    Zaire money sword on a floor standing base, overall height 176cm 200-300
406.    Lalique Nemours glass vase, (with large cracks across the middle) 26cm (a/f) 40-60
407.    Studio pottery shallow bowl / charger, with a ribbed design, artist ,monogram JD to the base, 37cm 20-30
408.    19th century rosewood workbox and another, largest 27 x 20 x 13cm (2) 50-70
409.    Collection of early 20th century Nursery Ware pottery and porcelain to include a Nursery Rhyme cup and saucer, Bunnykins pottery, etc (6) 10-15
410.    Decorative glass panel of curved rectangular form, 41cm 30-40
411.    Mixed lot to include a Japanese lacquered box containing a collection of cowrie shells, small hardstone chess set and a Mauchline Ware Burns Cottage box, etc (3) largest 18 x 15cm 50-70
412.    Mixed lot to include a copper Thornton Le Dale bowl, 25cm, an Ostrich egg and a decorative egg in a small showcase, (3) 15-20
413.    Green glass bottle, seal inscribed J. Stenhouse 1826, with a white metal 'Chicken' bottle stopper, height of bottle excluding stopper 28cm 50-70
414.    Large Japanese charger, character marks to base, 48cm 50-70
415.    Collection of gents vintage clothing to include a shirt, gloves, collars, scarf and bow ties, etc (a lot) 15-20
416.    Two mahogany wooden table lamp bases, tallest 37cm excluding fitting (2) 20-30
417.    19th century walnut box with domed lid, together with a black lacquered box and pair of Japanese 'peach' shaped boxes and small white metal box, longest 26cm (a lot) 50-70
418.    Collection of vintage umbrellas, one with a white metal embossed handle with Elephant pattern, the other with a red agate handle and a Japanese painted paper parasol (3) 20-30
419.    Lady's vintage A.E Ball of Edinburgh brown fur jacket 15-20
420.    Vintage green hardstone Pagoda cigarette dispenser with musical action, 25cm high 20-30
421.    19th century mahogany box containing a variety of items to include a small three draw telescope, white metal ball point pen, fruit knives, draughtsman's set, nut cracks and lorgnettes, etc (a lot) 40-60
422.    Large wooden grain shovel, 20-40
423.    Fiam, Italy, clear glass console table, 121 x 76 x 36cm 70-100
424.    Fiam, Italy, clear glass console table, 121 x 76 x 36cm 70-100
425.    PAM design Achirivolto perspex bar stool, 20-30
426.    Geneva red hard plastic cube speaker, (a/f) 55 x 62 x 38 30-50
427.    Large purple and white upholstered centre stool, on painted wooden cabriole legs, 90 x 56cm 50-70
428.    B&B Italia standard lamp (a/f) 160cm to fitting 30-40
429.    FIAM, Italian glass low table with an undertier 101 x 40 x 60cm 50-70
430.    A collection of brass wares to include a coal bucket, stick stand and candlesticks, etc (a lot) 20-30
431.    A late 19th / early 20th century Canton ivory visiting card case, profusely carved with a busy village scene with figures, 12 x 7.5cm 70-100
432.    Chinese jade set of eight Immortals, modelled standing on a pierced hardwood base, tallest 6cm (8) 40-60
433.    Two miniature cold painted spelter Camels and a small white metal Temple pendant charm, tallest 2.5cm (3) 20-30
434.    Early 20th century inlaid mother of pearl lorgnettes, 12cm long 50-60
435.    A pair of 19th century Chinese powder blue tea bowls / cups with gilded floral pattern and two concentric bands to the inside top rim, on plain circular footrims, one with a paper label to the base inscribed 'From Sir Peter and Lady Lumsden, 4cm high (2) 100-150
436.    A Chinese export famille rose porcelain cup painted with figures, gilt handle, 6cm high 30-40
437.    Sabino opalescent glass bird, on a circular base, 6cm 30-40
438.    Hall's patent brass and metal cue holder, 27cm long 40-50
439.    A pair of green jadeite horses with hardwood stand, (one with losses to the leg) 7cm high (2) 20-30
440.    Chinese pewter teapot, with calligraphy and brass angular handle 12cm high 50-70
441.    Elysee red marbled fountain pen and a selection of vintage fountain pen nibs (a lot) 20-30
442.    Three oversized vintage fountain pens to include an Onoto - Magna with a 14ct gold nib and 9ct gold collar, Swan No.8 lever filling pen (a/f) and a large No.8 eye dropper, probably of US origin, (3) 100-120
443.    Nobleman pewter inkwell and a brass inkwell, largest 7cm (2) 20-30
444.    Montblanc fountain pen parts includes parts for Montblanc safety and piston fill models(a lot) 50-70
445.    Vintage Montblanc No2 lever filler fountain pen with gold filled overlay, a rare lever fill model circa 1920's, No2 Montblanc nib (a/f) 300-350
446.    Vintage pre Dunhill Namiki No2 lever filler fountain pen with Urushi fans lacquer decoration, circa 1920's, with original 14k Namiki nib, restored with a new ink sac 700-800
447.    Ten various vintage fountain pens, Swan Mabie Todd, Waterman's Ideal and Conklin, etc , some with gold nibs, (a/f) (10) 120-150
448.    Early 20th century Kaweco Safety fountain pen, with hammered solid 14k gold overlay with corresponding 585 punch mark, the cap with an engraved date 15/6/1912, which by repute relates to the giving of this pen to King Christian X of Denmark on his Coronation in 1912, With 18k Daniels nib, used by Kaweco for French market sales during the period before the German pen maker manufactured their own nibs. 750-800
449.    Burrwood box containing a quantity of vintage fountain pens and pencils, etc (a lot) 120-150
450.    Mabie, Todd & Co Ltd boxed fountain pen, 5th Avenue boxed ballpoint pen set, Lady Sheaffer boxed fountain pen and a boxed set of agate writing implements (4) 60-80
451.    A collection of vintage fountain pens to include Waterman's and parker, etc, some with 14k gold nibs (7) 150-180
452.    A collection of vintage fountain pens to include Parker, etc, some with 14k gold nibs (7) 150-180
453.    A collection of vintage fountain pens to include Waterman's and Parker, etc, some with 14k gold nibs (7) 150-180
454.    A collection of vintage fountain pens to include Golden Platignum, etc, some with 14k gold nibs (10) 180-220
455.    A collection of vintage fountain pens to include Parker, etc, some with 14k gold nibs (7) 150-180
456.    Two early 20th century ivory or bone paper knives each with Stanhope views of Edinburgh, together with a similar quill holder (3) 50-70
457.    A quantity of vintage Parker fountain and ballpoint pens, etc (19) 50-80
458.    Curzons 9ct gold mounted fountain pen, an early 20th century silver mounted fountain pen and two others, (4) 50-70
461.    Early 20th century ivory box and cover, modelled as a stack of bamboo, 5.5cm high 20-40
462.    Set of four Eastern white metal buttons, stamped 800 20-30
463.    Chinese pewter incense clock, with pierced brass cover over three square sections with incised foliate pattern, 8cm high 80-100
464.    An early 20th century Japanese carved ivory Netsuke of Yakuharai the Oni hunter, modelled seated with a large sack on his back from which two Oni peak out, signed to the base 'Mitsuyoki', 5.5cm high

465.    A collection of netsukes and okimonos to include Kappa, a cat, a rat in a sake cup, etc, some signed, together with a pale blue hardstone carved plaque, (12) 300-400
466.    Handpainted oval porcelain plaque depicting an Edwardian lady, contained within a blue velvet case, plaque is approximately 12cm 50-70
467.    Brass cased Sewills of Liverpool pocket compass in original leather case 30-40
468.    Early 20th century Japanese ivory okimono figure group of a man and a child (a/f with losses)12 x 11cm, together with three elephants, (4) 40-60
469.    Vintage Armand Marseille doll with No.370 bisque head, 53cm long 30-50
470.    Based on the shell Book of How Cars Work by Gordon Walmsley, two vintage posters, 80 x 60cm (2) 20-30
471.    Westermann coloured wall map of North America, 175 x 160cm 30-40
472.    W & A.K. Johnstone's Series of Anatomy wall chart - 'Skeleton' Plate 1., 100 x 140cm 60-80
473.    Giovanni Maria Cassini, a pair of hand coloured maps of Scotland, showing both North and South, printed 1795, unframed, 46 x 33cm (2)
474.    Carte Marine de la Mer Caspiene, an 18th century French map, unframed, 72 x 52cm 60-80
475.    Ortelius (Abraham) - Peruviae Auriferae Regionis Typus with La Florida and Guastecan Reg, three hand coloured maps on a sheet with French text verso, sheet size overall 57 x 44cm, unframed 300-500
476.    Scottish horsehair sporran with silver plated cantle and black leather pouch 40-60
477.    A collection of lady's and gents wristwatches,etc (a lot) 20-30
478.    A collection of antique and contemporary photograph frames from Paris & London, together with two small red leather frames, (a lot) 40-60
479.    Vishnu astride Garuda, a hardwood carving (a/f) 33cm high 40-50
480.    Webber & Hill Epns Queens pattern canteen of cutlery 50-70
481.    A collection of Pre Decimal coins,etc, (a lot) 20-30
482.    Three brass and glass panelled carriage clocks, to include Whytock & Sons, Dundee, Bornand Freres and another (3) 150-170
483.    An oak wall barometer, rosewood and inlaid wall barometer, walnut desk barometer and various small sets of scales and an inkwell,etc (a lot) 60-80
484.    Vintage studio lighting to include two by Strand and another (3) 70-100
485.    Two late 19th / early 20th century carte de visite albums with cards, an early 20th century postcard album with postcards and a small collection of loose postcards and two pa
pairs of binoculars, etc (a lot) 70-100
486.    Two early 20th century stereograph viewers together with a collection of cards, scenes to include USA, Europe, India, etc (a large lot) 50-70
487.    A collection of early 20th century Scientific , biological & botanical slides (a lot) 40-60
488.    A mixed lot to include copper and other metal wares, iron cauldron pot and an Albanian wooden water flask,, etc (a lot) 20-30
489.    A collection of Epns trophy cups,etc (a lot) 20-30
490.    Two pewter quiachs, each with a celtic knot border pattern, largest 24cm across the handles (2) 20-30
491.    Two brass and glass panelled carriage clocks to include Whytock & Sons Dundee, (2) 100-120
492.    Victorian Engineering Interest , Birmingham & Liverpool Junction Canal - a 19th century photograph album containing images of eminent engineers along with their signatures and letters associated with the contributions made by the sitters towards a proposed portrait painting of Joseph Baxendale Esq (1785 - 1872) 50-70
493.    The Great International Exhibition of 1862, commemorative wooden box 17 x 10cm 20-30
494.    A set of six circular printed silk panels by WH Harley, 16cm diameter, the Entrancing Life by J.M Barrie, pocket edition and three small prints of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (a lot) 30-40
495.    Royal Worcester cup, saucer and side plate trio (3) 20-30
496.    Two brass and glass panelled carriage clocks to include the London Clock company, etc (2) 100-120
497.    Japanese earthenware bowl, Chinese provincial blue and white saucer, 17cm diameter and two studio pottery plates (4) 20-40
498.    Two autograph albums, one containing autographs from the 1970 Commonwealth Games and the other Edinburgh Empire Theatre performers 1949 - 1956, and an album containing a quantity of early 20th century whisky labels (a lot) 50-60
499.    A pair of brass Art Nouveau door handles and finger plates, 38cm long (4) 30-50
500.    Japanese earthenware baluster vase, two smaller and a chinoiserie jar and cover,tallest 20cm (4) 20-30
501.    Mixed lot to include four wooden knitting needles and four framed prints (a lot) 20-30
502.    Mahogany table, the rectangular top with a moulded edge, on a beehive column with quadruple reeded legs, terminating on brass caps and castors, 148 x 73 x 100cm (a/f) 60-80
503.    Set of six Regency style mahogany dining chairs with scroll carved toprails and upholstered seats, (6) 70-100
504.    Mahogany triple pedestal dining table together with a set of nineteen Queen Anne style chairs to include three carvers and sixteen side chairs, table size 369 x 75 x 119 cm (20) 300-400
505.    Porta Romana gilt metal table lamp and shade together with a B&B Italia table lamp and shade (2) 100-150
506.    Lloyd Loom style green painted basket, 62cm high 10-15
507.    Glass chess board, in an oak frame, 53 x 55cm 20-40
508.    Brass coal depot and a brass students lamp (2) 20-40
509.    Box of textiles, blankets and vintage clothing, etc (a lot) 20-30
510.    Set of 20 Chippendale style chairs to include four carvers and 16 side chairs, 97 x 59cm (20) 100-120