Antique & interiors Sale on 19/05/18

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1.      George V silver presentation bowl with twin mask head handles to side, on circular footrim, with makers mark E.S Barnsley & Co, Birmingham 1912, 23cm wide 150-180
2.      George V silver mounted double oil bottle, with makers marks for John Grinsell & Sons, Birmingham 1911, 12cm high 30-40
3.      Victorian silver porringer with floral repousee decoration, bearing makers mark for James Wakely & Frank Clarke Wheeler, London, 1897, 8.5cm wide

4.      Victorian silver presentation key inscribed ' Opening of Baptist Tabernacle Organ, Nov 26 '96' with hallmarks for Birmingham 1896, 11cm long 40-60
5.      George VI silver powder compact with makers mark for Turner & Simpson, Birmingham 1946, 6.5cm wide 20-40
6.      George V silver bonbon dish with pierced rims, makers mark for Charles S Green & Co, Birmingham, 1919, 8.5cm high 30-40
7.      Asprey & Garrard silver box and cover of circular form, the hinged lid incorporating a full set of millennium hallmarks for London 2000, complete with leather fitted case and outer box, 13cm diameter 120-150
8.      Asprey & Garrard silver Armada dish bearing full set of Millennium hallmarks for London 2000, complete with original box, 22.5cm 150-200
9.      Coronation Jubilee coin collection in presentation case together with a QEII Cook Islands 5 Dollars coin, RMS Titanic commemorative coin, two QEII Bailiwick & Guernsey coins and two others (a lot) 40-60
10.     George III set of six Irish silver fiddle pattern teaspoons with makers mark for Richard Whitford & Matthew West, Dublin 1816, (6) 40-60
11.     Georgian Scottish silver fiddle pattern punch ladle bearing hallmarks for Edinburgh 1809, additionally marked with a letter Z, 17cm long 30-50
12.     Contemporary silver gilt box and cover of rectangular form with engine turned decoration, bearing makers marks for Peter John Doherty, Edinburgh 2003, in fitted Gallagher blue leather presentation box, 7cm long 50-70
13.     Contemporary silver gilt box and cover of rectangular form with engine turned decoration, bearing makers marks for Peter John Doherty, Edinburgh 2000, in fitted green leather Gallagher presentation box, 5cm long 40-60
14.     Contemporary silver gilt box and cover of rectangular form with engine turned decoration, bearing makers marks for Peter John Doherty, Birmingham 1998 in fitted green leather Gallagher presentation box, 7cm long 40-60
15.     Two Scottish provincial silver fiddle and shell pattern teaspoons bearing makers mark for Robert Keay, Perth together with a silver butter knife, Birmingham 1934 (3) 20-30
16.     Victorian silver quatrefoil lobed bowl, on plain circular footrim, bearing marks for Horace Woodward & Co, London 1899, 9cm high 40-60
17.     George V set of four silver salts, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1914 (4) 20-30
18.     Art Deco silver powder compact, Birmingham 1934 together with a small white metal pot and cover, likely Indian silver (2) 20-40
19.     George V silver photograph frame with engine turned decoration and with cast ribbon swags to top, bearing marks for Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, London 1911, 26 x 19cm 100-150
20.     George IV Old English pattern silver soup ladle with marks for Charles Eley, London 1824, 32cm long 80-120
21.     Two 18th century London silver berry spoons with later embossed and gilded bowls, (2) 40-60
22.     19th century silver mounted green glass 'Brandy' bottle and stopper, 27cm high 40-60
23.     A pair of Victorian silver and glass wine goblets with etched glass bowls and foliate engraved silver stems and footrim, bearing marks for Samuel Hayne & Dudley Cater, London 1861, 19cm high (2) 70-100
24.     Birmingham silver vesta case together with a Sheffield silver and mother of pearl fruit knife (2) 30-40
25.     Contemporary silver pedestal bowl with gadrooned rims, with marks for Barker Ellis Silver Co, Birmingham 1998, with green leather Gallagher presentation box, 22cm diameter 220-250
26.     A suite of contemporary silver flatware comprising eight table forks, eight table knives, eight fish forks, eight fish knives, eight fruit forks, eight fruit knifes, eight soup spoons, eight pudding spoons, eight teaspoons, eight egg spoons and four table spoons, all bearing hallmarks for Carr's, Sheffield 2001 1000-1500
27.     18 carat gold dress ring set with a large square cut amethyst in a looping claw setting, UK ring size T 70-100
28.     A brown leather jewellery box containing a collection of vintage and later costume jewellery (a lot) 30-40
29.     A collection of early 20th century fob medals to include silver, gilt metal and enamel together with a silver cased fob watch, etc (a lot) 40-60
30.     A collection of UK and European pre decimal coins and medallions, etc (a lot) 20-40
31.     An 18 carat gold full hunter pocket watch, the enamel dial with Roman numerals to the chapter ring and numbered 63685, contained within a polished plain gold case free from engravings, hallmarks for Chester 500-700
32.     9 carat gold framed seal with green dark red hardstone circular panels and foliate engraved revolving top 50-70
33.     An 18 carat gold ring with foliate engraved shoulders, (oval stone lacking) together with a small white metal ring (2) 70-100
34.     A small group of royal Commemorative medallions, etc (a lot) 10-20
35.     A cased set of James II style silver flatware to include a spoon, fork and mother of pearl handled knife, hallmarks for Sheffield 1964, together with a William IV Scottish silver teaspoon, Edinburgh 1835 and three various silver napkin rings (a lot) 30-40
36.     A 9 carat gold cased lady's wristwatch on an unmarked yellow gold bracelet strap with fancy links, 150-180
37.     An Epns and gilt wine funnel in two parts (2) 20-40
38.     A mixed lot to include a Gents vintage Bernex wristwatch, Swan pen, hardstone brooch, gilt metal mourning ring and costume jewellery etc (a lot) 30-40
39.     A vintage musical jewellery box containing a collection of costume jewellery together with a cased manicure set (a lot) 30-40
40.     An early 20th century 18 carat gold plated and amber two part cheroot, in fitted case 20-30
41.     George VI silver and enamel cigarette case, Birmingham 1937, 9 x 7cm 50-80
42.     Two early 20th century silver mounted and brown leather wallet / purses, largest 9 x 10cm (2) 30-40
43.     A Gent's vintage 18 carat gold cased Baume & Mercier chronograph wristwatch, the enamel dial with Arabic numerals and three subsidiary dials, on a brown leather strap 300-500
44.     George VI silver card case of curved rectangular form and hinged top, Birmingham 1945 8.5cm wide 20-40
45.     A collection of eight various gold, silver and gilt metal tiepins (8) 30-50
46.     Gent's Jaeger Le Coultre 9 carat gold cased wristwatch, the champagne dial with hour baton markers, on a black leather strap 80-120
47.     Milus a Gents wristwatch on black leather strap 15-20
48.     An early 20th century white metal cased Trench wristwatch, the large enamel dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial on a black leather strap 40-60
49.     Two early 20th century Trench style silver cased wristwatches, both with Arabic numerals and black leather straps (2) 50-70
50.     Edwardian silver card case with London 1908 hallmarks 8.5cm long together with an Epns mounted and white hardstone box (2) 50-70
51.     A mixed lot to include a collection of silver plated and pewter teaspoons and caddy spoons, etc ( a lot) 10-20
52.     A Gent's Omega wristwatch, the large champagne dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, the gold plated case with mixed colour gold eagle design, on a brown leather strap 500-700
53.     An Indian white metal belt, 80cm long 30-50
54.     A group of British War medals to include WWI War medal awarded to 21683 Pte G Galbraith, RMLI, together with a WWI Victory and George V War Service Mercantile medals - both over struck with Pte Galbraiths details together with a 1939 Star, North Atlantic Star with France and Germany bar and the Africa Star, WWII Defence medal awarded to NX196040 M Cochrane and a George VI War medal with acorn to the ribbon (8) 60-80
55.     Edinburgh City Police Interest - a mixed lot to include a an early 20th century silver Edinburgh Police Ambulance shield fob, police whistle, Edinburgh City Police enamel badge, Sergeants stripes and three truncheons(a lot) 50-80
56.     A group of three medals and ribbons to include WWII Defence medal, and Exemplary Police service medal, etc (3) 40-60
57.     Early 20th century Birmingham silver foliate engraved cigarette case 20-30
58.     An 18 carat gold cased fob watch, the dial with Roman numerals and foliate engraving to centre, with hallmarks for Sheffield 100-140
59.     A vintage gold plated stiff hinged bangle with bright cut engraving 15-25
60.     A collection of costume jewellery, trinket boxes and purses etc (a lot) 30-40
61.     A Griselda Hill pottery Wemyss ware cat decorated with blue flowers and with printed back stamps, 18cm high 40-60
62.     A Griselda Hill pottery Wemyss ware 'Cabbage Rose' patterned jug with printed back stamp, 13cm high 30-40
63.     A Griselda Hill pottery Wemyss ware cat painted in 'Thistle' pattern, has printed back stamps, 18cm high 40-60
64.     Two Griselda Hill pottery Wemyss ware rabbits, painted with brambles, with printed back stamps, tallest 7cm high (2) 30-40
65.     A group of three Griselda Hill pottery Wemyss ware honey pot and covers to include Bee pattern, Strawberry and Cockerel, together with a Hammersley & Co porcelain trinket dish painted in Cockerel pattern, tallest 11cm, (4) 50-70
66.     A Griselda Hill pottery Wemyss ware square box and cover, together with a rectangular stand painted with hive and bees pattern, with printed back stamps, dish 18 x 18cm 40-60
67.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' patterned dolphin paperweight with a gold stopper 20-30
68.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' patterned Wolf paperweight with gold stopper, 13cm high 20-30
69.     A Royal Crown Derby porcelain Imari Bird paperweight with gold stopper 20-30
70.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' patterned porcelain Polar Bear paperweight with gold stopper, 11cm high 20-30
71.     A Chinese 'Imari' patterned bowl (with chips to rim), together with a Thomas Bavarian porcelain hand painted bowl, signed B. Anderson, (2) 20-40
72.     A pair of Clanta twin handled vases, 21cm high, (2) 30-40
73.     A pair of continental porcelain twin handled vases painted with flowers, 25cm high, (2) 20-40
74.     A pair of Villeroy and Boch glass candlesticks together with an amber art glass vase, tallest 20cm, (3) 20-40
75.     A bonded wood sculpture carved Mallard Duck figure, 16cm long 20-30
76.     A Griselda Hill pottery Wemyss ware 'Dragonfly' patterned plate with printed backstamps, diameter 17cm 20-30
77.     A 20th century Japanese art pottery vase with flared rim and squat globular body, painted with Arum Lilies, 26cm high 30-40
78.     A Melba ware Panda Bear together with a Quarry Critters figure of 'Bud', (2) 20-30
79.     A quantity of various drinking glasses, (a lot) 15-25
80.     A pair of Satsuma Moriage vases, Meiji period, painted with figures, warriors and stylised motifs, 28cm high, (2) 80-120
81.     A group of South East Asian pottery to include a Celadon glazed bowl, 21cm diameter, small blue and white vase, 8cm high) on hardwood stand and a blue and white bowl 50-70
82.     A rectangular porcelain box and cover painted with flowers, 21 x 11cm 20-40
83.     A Beswick pottery Panda Bear teapot, 16cm high 20-40
84.     A small collection of Staffordshire blue and white pottery to include a jug, serving dish, plates etc., (6) 10-20
85.     A Farmiloe & Sons of London 19th century pewter quart tankard, 17cm high 20-30
86.     Christine - Ann Richards studio pottery vase with a crackle glaze and red Sang de boeuf splash panel to front with impressed monogram, 24cm high 40-60
87.     A Celadon glazed vase on plain circular foot rim with waisted neck the base with a four character Yongzheng mark, but likely later, 23cm high 100-150
88.     Christine & Ann Richards studio pottery bowl, 22cm diameter and small vase, both with white crackle glaze and red Sang de Boeuf splash pattern, (2) 40-60
89.     A Wemyss Scottish pottery jam jar and cover painted with strawberries and raspberries, together with a Wemyss 'Cabbage Rose' patterned saucer, tallest 13cm, (2) 50-70
90.     A Chinese blue and white export ware rectangular serving dish painted with flowers, foliage and precious objects, 31 x 24cm 50-70
91.     A Royal Crown Derby limited edition 'Imari' patterned Christmas plate, 22cm diameter 20-30
92.     An Epns soup tureen and cover, together with a tazza, (2) 20-30
93.     A pair of Old Sheffield plate Adams style candlesticks, 30cm high, (2) 50-70
94.     A group of three graduated coloured glass fish, tallest 25cm, (3) 20-30
95.     A group of four various Art Deco jugs to include Roskyl pottery etc., tallest 20cm, (4) 20-30
96.     A group of 19th century and later drinking glasses together with some glass rinsers, (17) 20-40
97.     Three 19th century copper lustre graduated jugs together with a 'Willow' patterned blue and white jug and a blue and white ginger jar and cover, (5) 20-30
98.     A group of three bronzed metal horses sculpture, 13cm high 50-70
99.     Two Staffordshire Toby jugs, 24cm high, (23) 20-40
100.    An art glass decanter and stopper, signed and dated indistinctly with engraved signature, 31cm high 40-60
101.    Art glass paperweight, with etched signature, together with another of domed form, unsigned, tallest 15cm, (2) 50-70
102.    A Lladro porcelain figure of a girl wizard, 28cm high 30-40
103.    A Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a Snowman No.158, together with a Royal Copenhagen figure of a girl with Christmas presents, (2) 30-40
104.    A collection of Bough Scottish pottery, to include a square planter, a small yellow jar and cover, both by Richard Amour and another bowl dated 1923, with blue and white checked pattern, (3) 50-70
105.    Two Wedgwood 'His Royal Highness Prince Charles as Prince of Wales' mugs, designed by Richard Guyatt, (2) 20-30
106.    A group of three coloured glass paperweights and an owl clear glass sculpture, (4) 10-20
107.    A 'Bantams' patterned blue and white jug together with a Bristol china floral patterned jug, tallest 20cm, (2) 20-30
108.    A Georgian glass cake stand, the circular top with a dished edge on spreading circular footrim, 13cm high 40-60
109.    A Royal Copenhagen porcelain plate with 'Geese' pattern, numbered 1508, 26cm diameter 20-40
110.    A Moorcroft baluster vase the green ground tube line decorated with anemones, 14cm high 50-70
111.    Moorcroft pottery to include a mug and two small pin dishes, (3) 30-40
112.    A group of three fish patterned Chinese bowls, together with three smaller, (6) 40-60
113.    19th century English porcelain tea wares to include a teapot, sucrier, milk jug and slop bowl, (4) 20-40
114.    A contemporary limited edition Moorcroft high shouldered baluster vase with owl and acorn leaf pattern, numbered 411/500 with printed back stamps, 32cm high 70-100
115.    A contemporary Moorcroft Florian style blue glazed flat bottomed vase, dated '96, with printed back stamps, 25cm high 70-100
116.    A collection of twenty-seven various glass paperweights, (27) 50-80
117.    A group of Copeland Spode's 'Italian' patterned blue and white wares to include a bowl, mask head jug and rectangular serving dish, (3) 30-40
118.    A collection of 19th century stone china table wares to include bowls, plates and smaller plates, (a lot) 20-30
119.    A group of five various brass knop stemmed candlesticks, (5) 20-30
120.    A set of six Webb crystal sundae glasses, (6) 10-20
121.    A collection of money banks to include a standing bear figure, a Mauchline box and an oak and brass mounted box, (3) 15-25
122.    A collection of blue glazed and hardwood horse figures, together with a selection of novelty animals etc., (a lot) 10-20
123.    An Alfred Meakin 'Tennessee' patterned dinner set comprising twelve dinner plates, twelve soup plates, twelve pudding plates, twelve side plates, a set of four graduating oval serving dishes, a sauceboat and stand, a circular tureen, cover and stand and two smaller tureens and covers, (a lot) 40-60
124.    An early 20th century ivory manicure set in a fitted case 20-40
125.    A Viners 'Chelsea' patterned stainless steel suite of cutlery contained within a stained wood canteen, for a six plate setting 30-40
126.    A mahogany cased mantle clock, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals over a foliate inlaid panel on four bun feet 20-30
127.    A Moorcroft table lamp, the blue ground tube line decorated with Anemones 70-100
128.    A Community Plate cutlery canteen contained within a green painted wooden box with hunting scene to top 30-40
129.    An Art Deco Smith's oak framed wall barometer with silvered dial 10-20
130.    Ron Parker sculpture wooden bird group, 32cm long 40-60
131.    Morag Miller
'Dusk Peschiera'
signed, in a glazed frame with a Torrance Gallery label verso, 18 x 12cm 40-60
132.    Myles Birkett Foster
'Girl standing in the Garden whilst reading'
signed with monogram bottom left, in a glazed gilt wood frame, 12 x 17cm 60-80
133.    A group of four William Russell Flint coloured prints to include 'In a Campden Hill Studio', 'Maruja' and 'Romance Rondeveuz' etc., all with Aitken Dott & Son labels verso, in glazed frames, 34 x 24cm, (4) 40-60
134.    An early 20th century coloured lithographic print ' Bubbles', in a glazed frame, 34 x 46cm 15-25
135.    Cecil Aldin
'The Much-maligned'
Coloured print, in a glazed gilt wood frame, 43 x 34cm 40-60
136.    D. Forrow
signed, in a glazed frame, 34 x 24cm 20-30
137.    Douglas Phillips
'A Quiet Lunch in Lagos - Algarve'
signed, in a glazed frame, 37 x 28cm, with a Torrance Gallery label verso 40-60
138.    Cecil Aldin
'Two Jack Russell's chasing a Mouse'
Coloured print,
in a glazed frame, 59 x 28cm 40-60
139.    A companion pair of black and white framed prints, in glazed frames, 25 x 23cm, (2) 40-60
140.    Margaret McCurrach
'Green Landscape'
Mixed Media,
signed, in a glazed frame, with a Douglas & Foulis Art Gallery label verso, 60 x 46cm 60-80
141.    Cathy Gittins
Companion pair of coloured prints to include 'My Mum's Asters' and 'Welsh Dai Pant Y Flynnon', both in glazed gilt wood frames, 14 x 18cm, (2) 15-25
142.    Brian Keany, RSW
'Apple and Silver Jug'
Oil-on-Panel, still life,
signed, in a glazed and silver gilt wood frame, 16 x 16cm 50-80
143.    Two framed British Army coloured engraved prints of the 42nd Regiment (Royal Highlanders), to include Heavy Marching Order and Review Order, Castle Yard, Dublin, (2) 40-60
144.    A Victorian coloured engraved print
'Kertch from the North', in a glazed frame, 52 x 36cm 30-40
145.    Two Rudolph Ackermann coloured military prints to include '42nd Highlanders, Costumes of the British Army No.7' and 'Chobum Scenes, 42nd Royal Highlanders', both in glazed frames, largest 28 x 37cm, (2) 40-60
146.    A coloured print of a child, dog and cat, in an ornate gilt wood frame, 27 x 22cm 30-40
147.    Helen Erskine
'Reflections in Sutherland'
signed, in a glazed frame, 33 x 24cm 30-40
148.    R. Russell
'Snow Capped Mountain Landscape'
Mixed Media,
signed, in a glazed frame, 47 x 37cm 20-40
149.    F.E. Colegrave
'Black Watch - Battle of Waterloo'
signed and dated July 1846, on a stretcher but unframed, 66 x 55cm 150-250
150.    Fred Stott
Limited edition print of 'Edinburgh with Scott Monument and Princes Street',
signed in pencil, No.41/850, in a glazed and gilt wood frame, 54 x 36cm 20-40
151.    Marius Gerard
signed, in a painted wooden frame, 18 x 26cm 30-40
Robert Hope
'Ceres Mill, Fife'
signed, in a glazed and gilt wood frame, 34.5 x 24.5cm 400-600
153.    E.L. Tanner
Framed coloured dog print, 'Jeff', in a glazed frame, 20 x 25cm 10-15
154.    D. Riddell
'Over Mossburnford to Carter Bar'
signed, in a glazed frame,49 x 33cm 40-60
155.    Jocelyn Galsworth
'Boats Moored'
Mixed Media,
signed in pencil and dated 1984, in a glazed and gilt wood frame, 52 x 28cm 50-70
156.    I.M. Robertson
Still Life of Flowers in a Bowl
Oil-on-Canvas laid down on Board,
signed, in glazed ornate frame, 51 x 40cm 50-70
157.    Dardelli
'Hillside Figures'
Mixed Media,
signed in pencil, in a glazed frame, 45 x 50cm 30-40
158.    Edward Gage
Coloured screen print, numbered 8/38, signed in pencil, with a blind stamp, in a glazed frame, 45 x 60cm 50-70
159.    Stephen J. Renard
'Westward, Racing Past Norris Castle in 1910'
Pencil signed limited edition print, numbered 170/500,
in a glazed and gilt wood frame, 65 x 55cm 20-30
160.    After Peter Howson,
contemporary oil on canvas of figures, on a stretcher but unframed, 125 x 100cm 40-60
161.    William Edward Frost, RA (1817-1877)
Pencil Study of a Male Nude,
in a glazed frame, 9.5 x 16cm 60-80
162.    William Edward Frost RA (1817-1877)
Reclining Male Nude,
Pencil study, in a glazed frame, 17 x 11cm 60-80
163.    Japanese School
'Chrysanthemums and Butterfly'
Watercolour, in a glazed frame, 25 x 20cm 20-40
164.    'Jesus with Saints and Bishops'
Screen print with Cyrillic script, in a glazed frame, 21 x 30cm 30-40
165.    Australian School
'Three Figures and a Landscape'
Oil on Paper laid down on Board, unframed, 30 x 40cm 40-60
166.    Two framed coloured Gustav Klimt coloured prints to include 'The Virgins' and 'Judith II', both in glazed frames, (2) 20-30
167.    Two large unframed charcoal sketches of 'Young Women', each signed with a monogram LVS and dated 1905 and 1906, largest 39 x 56cm, (2) 40-60
168.    J.A. De Silva of Kandy
'Paddy Fields'
signed and dated '31, with a Ceylon Society of Arts Exhibition label verso,
in a glazed frame, 15 x 25cm 50-70
169.    Victor Konecny (Czech School)
'Holy Family in an Interior'
signed and dated '80, in a glazed frame, 48 x 40cm 50-70
170.    D. Watts (Scottish School)
'Ellen's Isle, Loch Katrine'
signed and dated 1921, in a glazed gilt wood frame, 64 x 44cm 200-250
171.    Yuan Jun (1924-2004)
Calligraphy in seal script fan leaf, together with a Chinese School Calligraphy in regular script with seal mark, longest 48.5cm, (2) 80-120
172.    After J & E Gould
Collection of four coloured engraved bird prints to include 'Red Throated Diver', 'Shore Lark', 'Pin Tail Duck' and 'Turnstone', 56 x 37cm, (4) 30-50
173.    A group of three framed coloured prints to include 'The Arrow Waltz' by Fabion Rose', 'Marche Lorraine' and 'Wedding Bells', contained within faux burrwood glazed frames, 24 x 34cm, (3) 30-40
174.    Two Shore Scene watercolours with figures, in glazed gilt wood frames, apparently unsigned, largest, 33 x 22cm, (2) 20-40
175.    Claire Harrigan RSW (b.1964)
'Five Pears'
Mixed media of acrylic, oil and pastel,
signed, in a glazed frame, 32 x 42cm 100-150
176.    Anne Robinson
Framed coloured print of a Cat,
signed in pencil, 40 x 50cm 10-20
177.    Chris Macgregor
'The Hilltop'
Framed engraving,
signed in pencil, 13 x 17cm 15-25
178.    A carton containing a quantity of various engravings, prints, watercolours etc., (a large lot) 40-60
179.    A carton containing a collection of engraved prints to 'Le Coucher' and 'Le Leder', all unframed, (a lot) 30-40
180.    20th Century Scottish School
'Still Life'
apparently unsigned, framed, 93 x 93cm 40-60
181.    A large Chinese blue and white jar and cover, 30cm high, painted with flowers and foliage, together with a square hardwood stand 70-100
182.    A group of four Chinese Famille Rose porcelain plates comprising an octagonal meat dish painted with fisherman, a Famille Rose blue and white plate painted with Geese, a canton Famille Rose dish painted with figures and birds and a Famille Rose dish painted with birds and peony, largest 30cm wide, (4) 80-120
183.    A mixed lot to include a Roman style glass bottle and pottery urn and twin handed vase, a small collection of studio pottery and a Japanese black lacquered rectangular stand, (a large lot) 40-60
184.    A group of four painted Indian wooden canisters with brass knop handles to top, tallest 11cm, (4) 20-40
185.    Two Japanese Imari dishes, Meiji period, painted with mythical beasts and flowers with a central Dragon medallion, largest 31cm diameter, (2) 80-120
186.    A large Japanese Imari charger, Meiji period, painted with birds, flowers and floral sprays, 47cm diameter 80-120
187.    After P.J. Mene, bronze seated dog figure on circular green hardstone base, height overall 26cm 80-120
188.    A bronze classical figure of a Female and a Lion on a square stepped base, 14cm high 40-60
189.    A mixed lot to include a Jerusalem page turner and another 'A Loves Token', lacquered money bank, an alabaster sphere and a brass and mixed metal inlaid dish, (5) 20-40
190.    Two glazed showcases, 33cm high, containing Japanese porcelain bisque head dolls dressed in traditional costumes 40-60
191.    A bronze patinated metal military figure on a circular base, 28cm high 30-50
192.    Sir Walter Scott, patinated metal figure on socle base, 25cm high 40-60
193.    F. LEUNIG & Co brass scales, 68cm tall, together with a set of weights 50-70
194.    A pair of silver plated knop stemmed candlesticks, 20cm high, (2) 20-30
195.    A group of four Staffordshire dog figures, tallest 21cm, (4) 30-40
196.    A pair of Chinese turquoise glazed Temple Dogs, typically modelled seated on a rectangular plinth base, one with its paw upon a sphere, the other upon a mythical beast, 35cm high, (2) 200-300
197.    A pair of large Chinese yellow glazed bottle neck vases, 35cm tall, (2) 200-300
198.    An oriental bronze patinated twin handled planter on three paw feet with stylised motifs in relief, 21cm high 100-150
199.    A large Chinese turquoise glazed high shouldered Su Wu baluster vase, after Wang Bingrong, with a landscape and shepherd pattern in relief, together with calligraphy script to the shoulder, on a plain circular footrim, impressed seal mark to the base, 46.5cm high 250-350
200.    A Chinese Celadon glazed circular dish with incised lobbed rim and foliage to centre, 27cm diameter, together with a Chinese blue and white oblong dish, central roundel with Dragon pattern, 28cm long, (2) 70-100
201.    An Eastern rug, the red field with allover flowers and animals pattern, 368 x 270cm 50-100
202.    Stag light oak chest with two short and two long drawers, 74 x 102cm 30-50
203.    A cast metal bird bath with a circular bowl to top surmounted by a small bird, 82cm high 40-60
204.    A red upholstered button back chair with mahogany carved supports, 85 x 62cm 50-70
205.    Stag table, the rectangular top over a single drawer, on tapering supports, 75 x 89cm 30-40
206.    A contemporary hardwood two drawer TV stand, 50 x 112cm 20-40
207.    An oak ledgeback display cabinet, with a shelved interior and on barley twist stand, 146 x 100cm 100-140
208.    A mahogany torchere stand, with fluted column and tripod supports, 135cm 40-60
209.    An oak spindle back rocking chair, 105 x 64cm 30-40
210.    A mahogany wall shelf unit with a single drawer to the base, 92 x 48cm 40-60
211.    A pair of mahogany framed side chairs, the curved top rail over a vertical open splat back with upholstered seats and square supports 97 x 51cm, (2)
212.    A mahogany tilt top table with pie crust edge, on pedestal base with claw and ball feet 180-220
213.    A Victorian mahogany side table with three quarter gallery ledge over two drawers, on turned supports , 80 x 92cm 40-60
214.    A mahogany piano stool with an upholstered lift up top, 65 x 55cm 20-30
215.    H.R.A.G. Alexander & Co. piano stool with lift up top, 50 x 50cm 10-15
216.    An early 20th century oak hall stand, with a circular mirror to centre and with original drip trays, 186 x 68cm 50-70
217.    A mahogany bedside cabinet, 66 x 40cm 40-60
218.    A contemporary circular mirror with magazine paper frame, 108cm 30-40
219.    A mahogany standard lamp and shade, 157cm 15-25
220.    An early 20th century upholstered open armchair, 20 x 60cm 20-40
221.    A walnut dining suite comprising a drop leaf table and set of six chairs, 75 x 152cm 50-70
222.    A mahogany china cabinet, 120 x 105cm 20-30
223.    A 19th century mahogany bow fronted chest with two short drawers above three graduating long drawers, flanked by reeded pilasters, on ogee bracket feet, 108 x 108cm 100-150
224.    An Arts & Crafts light oak glazed bookcase, the pediment top over three lead panelled doors, above two small panelled cupboard doors and two open alcoves to the base, 195 x 140cm 150-250
225.    A set of six Thonet bentwood cafe chairs (6) 40-60
226.    A yewwood sofa table, 75 x 100cm 40-60
227.    A 19th century mahogany corner cupboard, 100 x 76cm 15-25
228.    A pair of country wood stools, each with a circular top and three legs (2) 20-30
229.    A pine ledgeback wash stand, with towel rail to side and undertier, 93 x 76cm 40-60
230.    An Eastern carved hardwood revolving bookshelf, 66 x 40cm 50-70
231.    A mahogany library table, the rectangular top with a black leather top and small drop ends, over three drawers, on splayed supports with brass caps, 75 x 172cm 100-150
232.    A 19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top above two short and three graduating long drawers, on bracket feet, 92 x 110cm 120-150
233.    A pine storage trunk with iron handles to side, 56 x 102cm 50-70
234.    A pair of mahogany side chairs with carved top rails and red upholstered back and seats, on turned supports and ceramic castors, 96 x 46cm (2) 20-40
235.    Two vintage travel cases. 20 x 62cm (2) 10-20
236.    A 19th century mahogany bookcase cabinet, the pediment top over a pair of glazed doors with a shelved interior above two panelled cupboard doors, 205 x 138cm 150-180
237.    An oak chest of tall proportions, the rectangular top above two short drawers and five graduating long drawers, on bracket feet, 146 x 112cm 80-120
238.    A mahogany cutlery canteen table containing a suite of Epns flatwares over two drawers, raised on cabriole legs, 74 x 107cm 70-100
239.    Thonet bentwood rocking chair with canework seat, with paper labels and stamped makers mark 60-80
240.    A nest of four Eastern carved tables, 50 x 52cm (4) 40-60
241.    An Indian style wall black painted wood and gilt decorated shelving unit, 120cm 40-60
242.    An early 20th century brown leather two seater sofa with upholstered cushions and bun feet, 73 x 160cm 80-120
243.    A contemporary mahogany framed rectangular wall mirror, 126 x 54cm 30-40
244.    A contemporary mahogany framed rectangular wall mirror, 126 x 54cm 30-40
245.    An early 20th century tub chair, with spindle gallery back and red upholstered top rail, seat and arms 80 x 60cm 50-70
246.    A pair of Eastern carved hardwood side tables, 37 x 56cm (2) 40-60
247.    Two vintage travel cases (2) 10-20
248.    An early 20th century oak armchair with curved canework back and bobbin turned stretcher and supports, 76 x 62cm 40-60
249.    A circular topped side table, 42 x 73cm 20-40
250.    An Edwardian mahogany envelope card table on tapering supports, 72 x 56cm 80-120
251.    A leather clad stick stand with stud work design 74 x 48cm 40-60
252.    A set of open shelves, 60 x 58cm 20-40
253.    A pair of Thonet bentwood cafe chairs, 93 x 45cm (2) 20-40
254.    A mid 20th century serving table, with lift out tray, 70 x 77cm 15-25
255.    A large storage trunk with padded seat to top 30-50
256.    A contemporary upholstered armchair, 86 x 98cm 30-50
257.    Two vintage travel cases (2) 10-20
258.    An oak cabinet, the rectangular top over two panelled cupboard doors on cabriole legs, 108 x 98cm 70-100
259.    A small hardwood two door cupboard, 92 x 48cm 50-70
260.    A Kingwood style occasional table , the kidney top with brass gallery, on shaped side supports, 72 x 98cm 60-80
261.    A mahogany ledgeback bow front side table, 98 x 108cm

Provenance: Rokeby Park, County Durham 50-70
262.    A mahogany wall shelving cabinet, 75 x 10cm 20-30
263.    An upholstered wingback armchair, 84 x 63cm 40-60
264.    An elm nursing chair with splat back and canework seat, 68 x 52cm 30-40
265.    An Edwards & Roberts of London mahogany table, the square marble top on tapering supports and cross stretcher, 70 x 42cm 80-120
266.    An oak Arts & Crafts dresser base, the rectangular top above two short drawers and two panelled cupboard doors above a single long drawer to the base, with iron strap work decoration, , 100 x 41cm 100-150
267.    An oak high backed seat / stool 15-25
268.    An inlaid musical side table 10-20
269.    A Victorian mahogany and brass inlaid side table with gilt metal mounts to the cabriole legs, (a/f) 73 x 89cm 100-150
270.    An Art Nouveau mahogany and inlaid vitrine with leaded panel glazed doors enclosing a fabric lined shelved interior, on square tapering supports, 108 x 92cm 300-400
271.    An upholstered wing back armchair with loose floral covers, 40-60
272.    A Victorian walnut side table, on baluster turned supports and stretcher with ceramic castors, 75 x 108cm 70-100
273.    Chinese style small carpet commissioned by Ma Hushan (1910 - 1954) circa 1930, the blue ground with four bats pattern and peonies, 135 66cm 300-400
274.    A fret work corner wall shelf, 74cm 60-80
275.    An early 20th century counter top display cabinet, 46 x 52cm 50-70
276.    Stag rectangular side / lamp table, 62 x 55cm 30-40
277.    A 19th century mahogany glazed bookcase top, 120 x 96cm 50-70
278.    An Edwardian mahogany extending dining table on baluster turned supports, complete with four leaves (size when extended is approx 4m) 73 x 150cm 400-600
279.    A mahogany desk with a central frieze drawer flanked by two short drawers, on square tapering supports 60-80
280.    A corner side table with claw and ball feet, 75cm high 20-30
281.    A 19th century mahogany pole screen with early silk work panel, 145cm high 50-70
282.    A mahogany and inlaid marble top wash stand over two frieze drawers and cupboard door, 125 x 108cm 60-80
283.    A 19th century mahogany chest of tall proportions, the rectangular top over five graduating long drawers, on bracket feet, 158 x 90cm 100-150
284.    A mahogany and inlaid side table, the kidney top with a brass gallery over a single frieze drawer, 73 x 45cm 60-80
285.    An oak purdonium , 33 x 35cm 15-25
286.    An early 20th century adjustable reclining open armchair, 87 x 59cm 50-70
287.    A pedestal plant stand, 172cm 15-25
288.    An early 20th century hall table, 72 x 100cm 30-50
289.    An upholstered stool, 37 x 47cm 15-25
290.    A mahogany chest on chest on bracket feet, 165 x 110cm (a/f) 70-100
291.    A mahogany three tier what not, 58 x 54cm 40-60
292.    An Edwardian mahogany drop leaf occasional table, 72 x 46cm 30-50
293.    A late 19th / early 20th century mahogany and upholstered three fold dressing screen with carved toprail, 198 x 135cm 80-120
294.    A gilt framed oval wall mirror, 60 x 50cm 20-40
295.    A pair of Chinese hardwood open armchairs, with foliate carved toprail and open backs above short spindles, with solid seats and stylised aprons, each with a signature mark to the back of the top rails, 95 x 57cm (2) 100-200
296.    A Chinese hardwood and mother of pearl inlaid side table, the rectangular top with an inset red marbled panel, over an undertier, 81 x 42cm 100-150
297.    The world champion Joe Davis table top billiard / snooker table, complete with balls and miniature score boards and cues, 125 x 63cm 50-80
298.    An Art Deco style wall mirror, 38 x 66cm 10-20
299.    An Ecko model TRG 229 gramophone, 39 x 46cm 20-40
300.    Two canvas golf bags containing a quantity of vintage golf clubs and putters to include Mashie Niblick, by Cann & Taylor, A.G. Spalding, Argyle, George Macpherson Newtonmore, Niblick by D.Houston 30-50
301.    An early 20th century mahogany dressing table mirror, 53 x 39cm 30-40
302.    A vintage wooden bound storage trunk, 54 x 92cm 15-25
303.    A black slate mantle clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals, 30 x 27cm 40-60
304.    A set of three Chinese Export ware lacquered tables, 73 x 44cm (3) 100-150
305.    A black slate mantle clock, the enamel chapter ring with Roman numerals flanked by pilasters, 30 x 44cm 40-60
306.    A sunburst style wall clock, 36 x 45cm 15-25
307.    A shabby chic style white metal and gilded dressing table mirror, 41 x 42cm 15-25
308.    A black slate mantle clock with a carved classical frieze above the black enamel chapter ring with gilt Roman numerals, 30 x 38cm 40-60
309.    An Eastern hardwood cake stand, 28 x 40cm 10-20
310.    A set of brass scales, 48 x 41cm 40-60
311.    A vintage brass bound storage trunk, 54 x 92cm 20-30
312.    A vintage Smiths sunburst wall clock, 50 x 68cm 60-80
313.    A vintage circular wall mirror with pink and black caricature pattern, 47cm 20-40
314.    Two vintage storage trunks, 37 x 92cm (2) 20-40
315.    A pair of Chinese hardwood stands, (2) 40-60
316.    A pair of continental porcelain high shouldered baluster vases transfer printed with classical figures, 38cm high, (2) 20-40
317.    A pair of continental porcelain twin handled vases, together with a Carlton ware moulded leaf dish, tallest 26cm, (3) 20-30
318.    A Japanese Satsuma charger painted with thirteen kneeling figures amidst a border of stylised motifs, 31cm diameter 40-60
319.    A mahogany and inlaid mantle clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals flanked by gilt pilasters, on four brass feet, 30cm wide 30-40
320.    A Herend porcelain leaf moulded dish, together with a Royal Copenhagen pattern 393 jug, (2) 20-40
321.    A collection of Moorcroft enameled metal wares to include two high shouldered vases and two trinket boxes with hinged lids with flower and duck patterns, tallest 8cm, (4) 50-70
322.    An art glass bowl with blue and green inclusions, etched signature to base, 32cm wide 30-40
323.    A collection of enamel and gilt metal pill boxes, together with two small Swarovski style crystal birds, (12) 20-30
324.    Epns wares to include a pair of wine slides and a pair of twin branch candelabra, (4) 30-40
325.    A pair of Cloisonne vases, 13cm high, with wooden stands and a small floral patterned enamel box and cover, (3) 15-25
326.    A Holyport pottery blue and white oval dish painted with a scene of Stopham Bridge, 27cm wide 10-20
327.    An Imari scalloped edge dish typically painted with flowers and stylised motifs, together with a modern Famille Rose bowl, (2) 20-30
328.    A Burleigh ware blue and white square section bottle neck vase painted with fancy birds and flowers on a plain square footrim, 33cm high, together with a 19th century Staffordshire blue and white floral patterned pedestal bowl, (2) 20-30
329.    A collection of twelve green glazed Majolica leaf moulded plates and dishes to include four oval serving dishes and eight circular plates, (12) 20-30
330.    A Wemyss Scottish pottery tankard painted with plums, with a green painted backstamp, 14cm high 40-60
331.    Two May Mosse studio pottery jugs, one incised with cat pattern, the other with cows and a small Largs studio pottery vase, (3) 15-20
332.    A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' pattern 3019 dinner set to include nine dinner plates, six bowls, six side plates and six kidney shaped dishes, (27) 70-100
333.    An Imari circular charger painted with flowers and foliage, 32cm diameter 20-30
334.    Two Chinese porcelain table lamp bases, together with a Famille Rose Rouleau style vase, tallest 37cm, (3) 20-40
335.    A pair of Chinese blue and white baluster vases painted with birds and flowers within brown scratch borders with four character underglaze blue marks to the base, 24cm high, (2) 40-60
336.    Two Chinese blue and white high shouldered baluster bases with domed top covers with chi chi dogs, painted with birds and flowers within brown scratch borders and blue underglaze four character marks to the base, tallest 26cm, (2) 40-60
337.    A 19th century mahogany and brass mounted writing box together with another larger and a copy of Poetical Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson,The Albion Edition, (3) 40-60
338.    An Epns mounted claret jug, vine etched glass water jug and a pair of Epns desk candlesticks with detachable sconces, (4) 40-60
339.    An oval pewter Art Nouveau dish with female nude pattern in relief, together with a rectangular twin handled pewter dish, largest 28cm long 40-60
340.    A Vista Alegre hand painted porcelain planter, together with a large contemporary Famille Rose bowl, diameter 37cm, (2) 20-30
341.    A Chinese Famille Rose porcelain pillow with blossom, cloud and crane's pattern, 40 x 18cm 100-150
342.    A Japanese crackle glazed vase painted with figures and Chrysanthemums etc., 40cm high 40-60
343.    A Chinese stoneware figure of Guan Yin, modelled standing on a lotus base, 40cm high 300-400
344.    An early 20th century silk embroidered jacket with Peking forbidden stitch and rose quartz buttons 100-200
345.    A pair of heavy glass knop stemmed candlesticks, 26cm high, (2) 20-30
346.    An oak and brass mounted stationary box, 29cm wide, together with an Art Deco perpetual desk calendar, (2) 50-70
347.    A horseshoe clock, the enamel dial with Arabic numerals to the chapter ring with a foliate engraved centre, 16cm high 20-30
348.    A pink glazed pharmacy jar with gilt edged label for Zinc Oxid, 16cm high 15-25
349.    A Wedgwood 'Beaconsfield' dinner service, comprising an oval serving dish, eight dinner plates, eight bowls, eight side plates and eight smaller (a lot) 30-40
350.    A brass Thai style bell, together with a ceramic figure, (2) 10-20
351.    An Eastern hardwood knife and fork set, brass mounted, 48cm long 15-25
352.    A collection of three various glass decanter and stoppers, together with three silver decanter labels to include Brandy, Whisky and another with personal inscription, (6) 40-60
353.    A leather and gilt metal bound Illustrated Holy Bible, published by William H. Robinson, Newcastle-on-Tyne 40-60
354.    A 19th century Jasperware cheese bell with a hunting scene frieze and acorn leaf borders, comprising circular plate and cover, 24cm high 150-250
355.    A collection of brass door handles, paper knife, Chinese lock, iron lock and a cast iron basket of flowers doorstop, (a lot) 30-40
356.    A vintage wood working sharpening implement 20-30
357.    Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 40% vol, bottled by William Grant & Son Ltd, in a presentation tin, together with a Dimple Old Blended Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 43% vol, bottled by John Haig & Co Ltd, Markinch, Scotland, (2) 30-40
358.    An oak and copper mounted stationary rack, together with a Glasgow Rose embroidered rectangular box and cover, (2) 10-20
359.    The Super Chromonica by M. Hohner, complete with its original box, together with a Opera Harmonica and a Hero Harmonica, (3) 15-20
360.    A circular hardstone mounted wall barometer, together with a vintage Solida I camera, (a lot) 10-20
361.    A 19th century black lacquered and Abalone inlaid rectangular box with a hinged top, 27 x 10cm 40-60
362.    An Eastern bronze rectangular plaque, 7 x 7cm 20-30
363.    Fakhre Emami, Isfahan, painted plaque in a mosaic inlaid frame, overall 18 x 12cm 40-60
364.    A Nauticalia brass mounted magnifier in a brass mounted wooden box 10-15
365.    A silver and blue bead work bag 10-15
366.    A four fold painted watercolour on silk table screen, overall size 40 x 25cm (a/f) 40-60
367.    A small bronzed figure of a Lion on a rectangular base, 10cm long 100-150
368.    Magnaflow Series 2 compass together with a brass trench art style jar and cover, 30cm high,(2) 20-30
369.    A gilt metal cherub figure, modelled seated, on a plinth base with his elbow upon a skull with a red hardstone base and makers mark VM164, 12cm wide 40-60
370.    A collection of brass money banks to include two standing bear figures and a crown, (3) 30-40
371.    A small carved wooden figure of a Bodhisattva, modelled seated with left hand raised, sat upon stylised clouds, with remnants of gilt and lacquer, 11cm high 200-300
372.    A late 19th / early 20th century Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Amitayus, modelled seated, on a double lotus throne with hands held in Dhyanasana 15cm high 200-400
373.    A 19th century tortoiseshell and ivory mounted etui, 10cm long 40-60
374.    A Tang style gilt metal lobed box and cover, the lid with peony and Phoenix design, opening to reveal an interior fitted with a quatrefoil compartment, 15.5cm wide 100-140
375.    A white agate figure of a seated immortal, modelled in Dhyanasana pose, seated on a double lotus base, 23.5cm high 250-350
376.    A Song style white glazed pottery ewer and cover decorated with flower head, leaf's and lappet borders, with a curved spout and loop handle to side, 22cm high 500-700
377.    A carved green jadeite birds figure group on a stylised hardwood base, 18cm high 50-70
378.    A carved pale green jadeite female figure with a basket of flowers raised in her right arm on a stylised hardwood base, 21cm high 50-70
379.    A set of six white metal bowls, possibly Indian, (6) 20-40
380.    After David Goode, cold painted bronze Pixie on a circular hardstone base, impressed signature, 30cm high 150-250
381.    After David Goode, cold painted bronze figure of a Goblin on a circular hardstone base, with impressed signature, 35cm high 150-250
382.    A Staffordshire pottery basin, together with a Delft blue and white floral patterned charger, (2) 25-35
383.    A crackle wear armorial style urn and cover on a square plinth base, 30cm high 20-30
384.    A mixed lot to include a Staffordshire Deer spill vase, a large Mason's ironstone blue glazed basin and a Pearl ware jug, (3) 15-25
385.    A brass figural six branch candelabra, 73cm high 30-40
386.    A jadeite carved tortoise group of a large tortoise with baby tortoises clambering across it on a fitted wooden stand, 27cm long (with damages) 300-500
387.    A guitar 10-20
388.    A Seth Thomas wall clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals flanked by gilt wood pilasters 50-70
389.    An octagonal brass framed wall mirror together with an oak framed mirror,(2) 10-20
390.    A vintage brown leather briefcase 10-20
391.    A gilt decorated leather photograph frame, together with a gilt wood picture frame, (2) 30-40
392.    A Haddon Hall bone china coffee set and table wares comprising six large plates, six small, six coffee cups, six saucers, seven tea cups, salt and pepper, butter dish, milk jug, cream bowl and sugar bowl, together with two blush ivory plates, (a lot) 40-60
393.    A carton containing a quantity of cased Epns flatwares etc., (a lot) 20-40
394.    A collection of late 19th / early 20th century plate glass photographic negatives, (42) 80-120
395.    A Gieves, Old Bond Street, London, black felt Trilby style hat 20-30
396.    An oak cased cutlery canteen together with some ivorine handled flatware and servers etc., (a lot) 20-40
397.    A brass Regimental Drum with red, white and blue wooden painted rims, mounted with rope and white leather ties 20-30
398.    Two cream glazed stoneware kitchen tubs, (2) 40-60
399.    A mahogany cased cutlery canteen containing a suite of Epns flat ware contained over three levels 60-80
400.    A stained wood accordion 40-60
401.    A large collection of showcases containing miscellaneous porcelain thimbles (a large lot) 40-60
402.    A vintage Bairnswear box containing a selection of miscellaneous items to include a school bell, Corgi penguin car, vintage tins, Avon perfume bottle, a rope works ruler etc., (a lot) 30-40
403.    A carton containing miscellaneous toy cars etc., (a lot) 20-40
404.    A canteen containing a suite of twelve Epns fish knives and forks 15-25
405.    A carton containing Epns wares to include tea and coffee set, two candelabra, wine slides, trays etc., (a lot) 40-60
406.    Two vintage glass sweetie jars, (2) 8-10
407.    A carton containing a large collection of carved wood and painted duck figures (a lot) 30-40
408.    A painted Spelter three horses figure group on a naturalistic moulded resin base, 55cm high, (a/f) 20-30
409.    An aluminium case containing a collection of watch parts, etc., (a lot) 20-40
410.    A carton containing a collection of vintage fans, (a lot) 20-30
411.    Two cartons of vintage comics to include 'Dandy', 'Nutty' and 'Beano',circa. 1980's (a lot) 20-30
412.    A mixed lot of Military cap badges a Sergeant's stripe, etc., (a lot) 10-20
413.    A vintage set of Empire Dominoes, together with a combination Chess and Draughts counter set, (2) 20-40
414.    A vintage Smith Premier typewriter in its fitted box 15-25
415.    A boxed Meccano Evolution 4 kit 10-20
416.    Denby table wares to include a dinner set and tea set (a lot) 30-40
417.    A Minton part dinner service in Greek Key pattern, (a lot) 30-40
418.    A Copeland Spode part dinner service, (14) 20-30
419.    A pair of contemporary glass light fittings, (2)
420.    A box containing a quantity of vintage hardback books to include, 'The Boys of Badminster' and 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', (a lot) 30-50
421.    A contemporary glass ceiling light / chandelier
422.    A set of three contemporary glass ceiling light / chandeliers, (3) 40-60
423.    A Victorian mahogany chest with two short and four long drawers, 126 x 120cm 80-120
424.    A set of eight shield back dining chairs with upholstered slip in seats to include two carvers, (8) 120-150