Antique & interiors Sale on Saturday 23/11/19

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1.      18 carat gold necklace, stamped 750 100-150
2.      18 carat gold bangle, stamped 750 100-150
3.      Pair of 9 carat gold cufflinks (2) 40-60
4.      Silver bracelet with celtic knot panels, stamped 925 30-40
5.      Sterling silver pill box and two white metal pill boxes, largest 5cm (3) 30-50
6.      Silver circular box and cover, Birmingham 1979, George V silver topped glass jar, Birmingham 1915 and an Epns vesta (3) 40-60
7.      H Stern wristwatch with sapphire coloured dial with diamond hour marker, on a textured strap 40-60
8.      Cased set of six silver teaspoons, Birmingham 1912 (6) 20-30
9.      Chid's silver cutlery set, Birmingham 1928, in fitted case (3) 15-25
10.     Silver Tower of London commemorative dish, London 1978, 20cm diameter 70-100
11.     Large Victorian silver buckle by Deakin & Francis, Birmingham 1895, 16cm together with another smaller dated 1909 and a Chester silver buckle by William Aitken 1894 (3) 40-60
12.     Lady's 9 carat gold cased wristwatch on a black ribbon strap, circa early 20th century 40-60
13.     Black leather bracelet with yellow metal mounts, stamped 18k 30-50
14.     Gemset dress ring on an unmarked white and yellow metal band, UK ring size O 70-100
15.     Set of twelve shell shaped name / menu card holders (12) 20-30
16.     Silver and enamel Masonic medallion together with another with London silver hallmarks and a silver fob on a white metal Albert chain (3) 30-50
17.     Mixed lot to include a Victorian silver Whiskey decanter label, a blank silver decanter label, silver fob medallion, George VI medallion and a small portrait miniature in a circular gilt metal frame, (5) 40-60
18.     Cherry amber coloured beads, oval jadeite plaque and a turquoise pendant, (3) 50-80
19.     A quantity of various silver and Epns Rifle Club and teaspoons, etc., (a lot) 50-70
20.     George V set of six silver teaspoons by Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1918 (6) 30-40
21.     Silver NRA spoon by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1931, 22cm long 60-80
22.     Early 20th century silver half fluted teapot, hallmarks rubbed, 15cm high 100-150
23.     Edwardian silver Christening mug with half fluted decoration, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1906, 8cm high 40-60
24.     Cased set of six silver pastry forks with celtic knotwork handles, Sheffield 1966 together with a set of six Sheffield silver handled butter knives (2) 40-60
25.     Edward VII Coronation medal, in original red leather case 30-50
26.     Victorian silver topped Spode Copeland scent bottle, Sampson Mordan, London 1888, 8cm high 100-150
27.     Edwardian silver triple posy flower vase on a circular footrim, Joseph Gloster Ltd, Birmingham 1909, 14.5cm high 40-60
28.     George V pair of silver coasters with turned wooden bases, Birmingham 1911, 9.5cm diameter (2) 30-50
29.     George V silver six piece manicure set in a fitted case, Birmingham 1920 40-60
30.     George V pair of silver backed crumb scoop brushes, Edinburgh 1926, 22cm long (2) 30-40
31.     Art Deco Ronson Touch Tip lighter desk set, with chrome tray and two further boxes with hinged lids and cedar lined, 31cm long 80-120
32.     George VI silver four piece tea and coffee set comprising teapot, coffee pot, cream jug and twin handled sugar bowl, Wilson & Sharp, Sheffield 1939 (4) 500-700
33.     George VI silver christening set comprising a twin handled bowl engraved with elephant, camel and giraffes together with a spoon by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, London 1937, in blue leather fitted case 80-120
34.     Silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration and hinged lid with cedar lining, Birmingham 1954, 12 x 9cm 30-50
35.     George V silver topped glass scent bottle with hinged lid and internal stopper, Birmingham 1916 together with a floral painted glass bottle with white metal atomiser and screw off top, 9.5cm high (2) 30-50
36.     Four cased sets of six silver teaspoons, (a lot) 80-100
37.     Cased silver flatware sets to include pastry forks, butter knives, etc (a lot) 50-70
38.     Art Deco pair of silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1939, in fitted case together with a boxed Birmingham silver egg cup (3) 30-40
39.     Silver sugar caster of baluster form with flame finial, Birmingham 1937, 18cm high 30-40
40.     Contemporary pair of silver candlesticks, London 1997, 15cm high (2) 70-100
41.     Silver plated jewellery casket containing a collection of costume jewellery (a lot) 20-30
42.     Cased set of twelve silver pistol handled butter knives, Sheffield 1933 (12) 20-40
43.     St DuPont gilt metal and lacque de chine lighter, No 9JDL57, 6cm high 30-40
44.     Silver swizzle stick, Birmingham 1994 together with a silver money clip Birmingham 1987 (2) 20-40
45.     9 carat gold cigar cutter of hexagonal form, on a yellow metal curb link chain with tie clip (3) 130-150
46.     Lady's H Stern wristwatch with sapphire coloured dial and leather strap together with a Zenith stainless steel wristwatch, boxed (2) 30-50
47.     Lady's Omega Constellation Quartz wristwatch, on bi metal strap, numbered 1455, with grey box 70-100
48.     Mixed lot to include silver brooch, enamelled coin kilt pin and a brass vesta etc (a lot) 20-40
49.     Mixed lot to include silver and white metal charms and pendants and a paste set dress ring, small tin box, brass scales and Epns spoons, etc (a lot) 20-30
50.     Mixed lot to include white metal and Epns napkin rings, teaspoons, pepper pots and cloisonne cruets, etc (a lot) 20-40
51.     Birmingham silver and blue enamel backed hand mirror and clothes brush together with a similar Birmingham silver and blue enamel topped dressing table jar (3) 30-50
52.     Early 20th century Japanese shibiyama inlaid ivory and white metal garniture of miniature vases, tallest 12cm high (3) 70-100
53.     WWII Military Cross medal group of five awarded to Captain A.J.F. Tannock MC, Royal Scots, engraved to the rear Major AJF Tannock 1944, with paperwork and Royal Mint box to include Defence and WWII medal, 1939 - 1945 Star and Burma Star, together with corresponding dress miniatures, all with ribbons and a Loyal Service badge and 5G (Gurkhas) regimental pin (12) 1000-1500
54.     Emerald strand necklace and a freshwater pearl necklace with mother of pearl pendant (2) 30-50
55.     Jewellery box containing a quantity of silver jewellery to include rings,necklaces, coral bracelet etc (a lot) 50-70
56.     Leather jewellery box containing a quantity of costume jewellery, etc (a lot) 30-50
57.     Elkington & Co Epns scalloped bowl on three ball feet, 32cm diameter 20-40
58.     Epns bachelor teaset (3) 15-20
59.     Meerschaum pipe and a cheroot, both in original boxes (2) 20-40
60.     Mixed lot to include a double gourd snuff bottle, two cinnabar bottles, a reverse painted glass snuff bottle and two modern Netsukes (6) 30-40
61.     A quantity of costume jewellery to include brooches and necklaces, etc (a lot) 20-40
62.     MK III military compass with original bag, Coalport Gurkhas Rifles cabinet plate and another together with two black and white photographs (5) 60-80
63.     Quantity of Epns tealight and candle holders, paper knives and bottle opener, etc (a lot) 20-30
64.     Isle of Mull Silver company miniature ladle with turned wooden handle 15cm long 20-30
65.     A group of three Doulton Lambeth stoneware Harvest jugs with silver rims, the tallest Mappin & Webb, London 1901, 21cm high (3) 60-80
66.     Staffordshire pottery frog mug, 12.5cm high 30-40
67.     Pair of Sitzendorf porcelain male and female figures, (a/f) 10cm high (2) 20-30
68.     Chester silver mounted Doulton Harvest beaker and a Doulton Lambeth tankard, 13cm high (2) 30-40
69.     Spode stone china chinoiserie tureen and cover with gilded acorn finial with printed backstamps, 36cm long 30-40
70.     Japanese bronze bottle necked vase applied with bird and blossom pattern on a plain circular footrim, 28cm high 40-60
71.     Collection of Art Deco pottery to include a Crown Devon Fieldings plate, Myott Son & Co globular vase and a sugar castor, (3) 20-30
72.     Pair of Art Nouveau high shouldered baluster vases with mottled blue ground painted with flowers and foliage, apparently unmarked, 19.5cm high, (2) 30-50
73.     Art Nouveau double gourd pottery vase painted with flowers and foliage, apparently unmarked, 15cm 30-40
74.     Early 20th century porcelain mantle clock with gilded vase of flowers pattern to a white ground with a silvered dial with Arabic numerals, 17cm high 50-70
75.     Griselda Hill pottery Wemyss ware 'Cabbage Rose' patterned cat, with printed backstamps, 18cm high 30-40
76.     Group of nine Hummel figures to include a Chimney Sweep, etc., tallest 14cm, (9) 50-70
77.     Large Chinese blue and white 'Happiness' ginger jar and cover, together with a blue and white Chinese bowl, tallest 25cm, (2) 50-70
78.     Royal Doulton transfer printed plate, signed R. Caldecott, together with an octagonal comport, signed with initials MMW, (2) 20-40
79.     Collection of Majolica to include a teapot, a monkey jug (restored) and two jugs, tallest 17cm,(4) 40-60
80.     Cauldon Ltd, 'Jessamine' patterned dinner service, retailed by Mappin & Webb comprising tureens, covers, ashets, sauceboat, plates and bowls etc., (a lot) 50-70
81.     Chinese famille rose ginger jar and cover, the spherical body decorated with figures on horseback, Yongzheng mark to the base, but likely later, 14.5cm high 80-120
82.     Georgian glass jar and cover containing a collection of marbles, 24cm, (a lot) 30-40
83.     Japanese Kakiemon glazed bowl, painted with fruit and foliage on a circular foot rim with red dash border, 21.5cm diameter 180-220
84.     Mixed lot to include a pair of early 20th century vases painted with fish pattern, one signed Ridgeway, together with a continental porcelain cache pot (restored) and a Royal Doulton pattern D6227 rectangular dish (4) 20-40
85.     Quantity of studio pottery to include a bowl, miniature vases, face patterned dish etc., tallest 10cm, (6) 30-40
86.     Monart red and black glass vase with aventurine inclusions, shape No OE VII, with paper label to base, 20cm high 70-100
87.     Portobello pottery ram, modelled standing on a naturalistic sponged based, (with restorations), 21.5cm high 40-60
88.     Collection of continental porcelains to include a cabinet cup and saucer, another larger and an 18th century English teabowl, (4) 20-30
89.     Pair of Japanese earthenware jars, the lids with temple dogs, the lobbed body painted with a procession of figures, 22cm high, (2) 30-50
90.     Continental porcelain cabinet cup and saucer with Pheasant pattern, (2) 15-25
91.     Group of three Nao Spanish porcelain figures of Children, tallest 20cm, (3) 30-40
92.     Victorian moulded blue glass Queen Victoria Jubilee plate, together with another for the Coronation of George VI, (2) 10-15
93.     Pair of Japanese earthenware vases with mythical bird handles painted with Warriors, together with a similar baluster vase of smaller proportions, tallest 32cm, (3) 30-40
94.     Collection of blue and white wares to include a Worcester saucer, Cauldon jug and a Spode box and cover etc., (7) 30-40
95.     Clarice Cliff 'Crocus' patterned cake plate and saucer, together with a Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Melons' patterned preserve jar and cover, (3) 60-80
96.     Royal Doulton Art Nouveau blue and white vase painted with Iris's together with a Copeland Spode Italian blue and white fruit bowl, tallest 29cm, (2) 20-30
97.     Staffordshire flatbacks to include 'Fortune Teller' pocket watch stand and a figural spill vase, tallest 30cm, (3) 30-50
98.     Pair of provincial Chinese blue and white Mei ping vases with hardwood stands, 24cm, (2) 80-120
99.     Chinese teapot, the white ribbed body painted with Peacock, Butterfly and Flowers, seal mark to the base, 12cm high 60-80
100.    Two sponge ware plates inscribed 'Jamaica Girls' and Jamaica Girls Forever', 26cm diameter, (2) 70-100
101.    Etched glass decanter and stopper, three similar glasses and six mixed whisky tumblers, (10) 20-30
102.    Royal Doulton 'Sir John Falstaff' Toby jug with printed backstamps, 21cm high 15-20
103.    Moorcroft blue and white flared rim fern patterned vase, the base with facsimile signature and impressed marks (a/f), 24.5cm high 70-100
104.    Pair of Portuguese white glazed armorial candlesticks, 20cm high, (2) 20-30
105.    Mixed lot to include two Chinese blue and white miniature vases, canton enamelled teapot and an Imari plate, tallest 15cm, (4) 40-60
106.    Mason's Good Companions 'The Farmer' Toby jug, together with a Hummel figure of a girl, (2) 15-20
107.    Two Royal Doulton china figures to include 'Winsome' HN2220 and 'Melanie' HN2271, (2) 15-20
108.    Collection of blue and white 'Willow' patterned pottery to include an ashet and bowl and two 19th century Imari style plates (5) 15-20
109.    Pair of Chinese blue and white high shouldered baluster vases painted with leafy tendrils and applied with chilong to the neck rim, with Xuande mark to the base, but likely later, 24cm high 150-180
110.    Two white bisque busts to include Haydn and Wagner, together with a white Parian style figure of a classical female figure, tallest 19cm, (3) 20-30
111.    Noritake tea / coffee set comprising four cups, four saucers, cream jug, sugar jug and teapot, together with a three part Noritake dressing table set (a lot) 30-40
112.    George VI coronation mug, designed and modelled by Dame Laura Knight, a Shelley George V and Queen Mary coronation mug and Crown Ducal ware Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret mugs, (4) 20-40
113.    Group of Isle of White glass to include a scent bottle and stopper, two apples and three birds, tallest 7cm 30-40
114.    Mixed lot of Chinese ceramics to include blue and white bowl, Famille Vert bowl painted with chickens and a Famille Rose planter and stand etc., (a lot) 40-60
115.    Two Royal Doulton figures to include Lord and Lady Wood Mouse, with printed backstamps, 10cm, (2) 10-20
116.    Two blue and white ashets to include 'Serapis' pattern and Churchill 'Willow' patterned ashet, (2) 20-30
117.    Two Egyptian terracotta funerary cones, with the remains of hieroglyphics in the New Kingdom manner, 8.5cm (2) 70-100
118.    Latmul, Papa New Guinea Cassowary dagger with carved decoration and serrated edge, on a wooden stand 36cm high overall 60-80
119.    Duiker horn and bead necklace together with a Luba necklace (2) 30-40
120.    Three Zulu hats, one with beaded decoration, largest 45cm (3 30-40
121.    Suriname carved stool, 47 x 23cm 60-80
122.    Megalodon fossil tooth with scrimshaw carving depicting a house with verandah, on display stand, tooth 11.5cm long 30-40
123.    Megalodon fossil tooth with scrimshaw carving depicting a tattooed man, on display stand, tooth 11.5cm long
124.    Inuit carved soapstone dog sled team (a/f) 60-80
125.    Inuit marine ivory and soapstone cribbage board, 59cm long 50-70
126.    Inuit carved soapstone dish in the form of a hand, 16cm long 30-40
127.    Inuit marine ivory charm, 7.5cm high 20-30
128.    Pair of Haida figural carved totem, on rectangular bases tallest 16.5cm high (2) 30-40
129.    Inuit whale bone Polar Bear, modelled standing, 42 x 25cm 80-120
130.    Auguste Brouet
'Le Tambour'
Pencil and Wash
In a glazed giltwood frame, 16 x 15cm 50-70
131.    Pair of French School pencil drawings, in glazed giltwood frames with Aitken & Dott labels verso, 9 x 10.5cm, (2) 70-100
132.    John Terris RSW RI
Pencil Drawing
In a glazed frame, with a Fine Art Gallery label verso, 10 x 6cm 50
133.    Group of three early 20th century framed needle works, largest 13 x 27cm (3) 20-30
134.    Kate Mackie
Still Life
Signed, in a glazed frame, 18 x 18cm 30-40
135.    Pair of rice paper paintings of figures in glazed frames 7 x 10cm (2) 40-60
136.    Fish hologram picture, in a glazed frame, 15 x 10cm 15-25
137.    Planet's, hologram picture in a glazed frame, 15 x 22cm 15-25
138.    Terry Sutherland
'Billy Bob Bull'
Signed, in a glazed frame, 20 x 30cm 40-60
139.    Peter Knox
'Cowgate, Edinburgh'
Signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, 17 x 12cm 40-60
140.    Hugh Bryden (Scottish)
'Shore Study'
Coloured engraved print, signed in pencil, in a glazed frame, `13 x 24cm 30-40
141.    William Henry Pasley (1854 - 1924)
'River Landscape with Cattle'
Signed and dated 1882, in a glazed giltwood frame, 19 x 15cm 40-60
142.    Lilias Finlay
Signed and dated '90, with an Open Eye Gallery label verso, in a glazed frame, 19 x 12cm 40-60
143.    British School
Apparently unsigned, in a glazed frame, 25 x 15cm 30-40
144.    William Henry Pasley (1854 - 1924)
'Anne Hathaway's Cottage'
Signed and dated 1881, in a glazed giltwood frame, 24 x 16cm 40-60
145.    Frank Burke
'Old Clyde Shipping'
Signed, in a glazed frame with a Torrance Gallery label verso, 16 x 12cm 50-70
146.    Frank Burke
'The Hussars'
Signed, in a glazed giltwood frame, with a Torrance Gallery label verso, 14 x 14cm 50-70
147.    Evi J. Carmichael
'Still Life Vase of Flowers'
Signed and dated '95, in a glazed frame, 10 x 12cm 30-50
148.    Attributed to Clarkson Stanfield
'On the Thames'
Apparently unsigned, in a glazed giltwood frame, 24 x 8.5cm 70-100
149.    Attributed to Wendy Wood
Pencil Sketch
In a glazed giltwood frame, 14.5 x 19.5cm 30-40
150.    Jenny Clark
'Bakehouse Close'
Signed and dated 1970, 30 x 46.5cm 30-40
151.    James Chisholm (b.1917)
'Grape Pickers'
Signed and dated '85, in a glazed giltwood frame, 31.5 x 23.5cm 80-120
152.    J.H. Clark (1772 - 1863)
'Nr Havant, Hampshire, 1826'
Signed, in a glazed frame, 33 x 23cm 50-70
153.    W.A. Portway
'UB 40 at Rhum'
Mixed Media
In a glazed frame, 36.5 x 47cm 30-50
154.    Morag Harrison
'Garden Study'
Signed, in a glaze frame 33 x 35cm 30-50
155.    Anne Donald (b.1941)
'Trees Pienza'
Signed and entitled, in a glazed frame, 42 x 35cm 30-50
156.    D.Y. Cameron, coloured print in a glazed frame, 44 x 32cm 30-40
157.    Pair of Armstrong limited edition coloured prints to include 'Great Western Road' and 'Museum and Art Gallery', in glazed frames, 42 x 35cm (2) 30-40
158.    Pair of Armstrong limited edition coloured prints to include 'The Old Gatehouse' and 'Provan's Lord Ship', in glazed frames, 42 x 35cm (2) 30-40
159.    'Little Miss Moffat'
Coloured lithographic print in a glazed frame, 45 x 61cm 20-30
160.    Alan Sutherland (b.1931)
'Female Nude'
In a glazed frame, 40 x 50cm 50-70
161.    Lilias Finlay
'Visiting Robin'
Signed with initials, with an Open Eye Gallery label verso, dated '90, 20 x 16cm 30-40
162.    Lilias Finlay
'Potted Plant'
Signed with initials, in a glazed frame, with an Open Eye Gallery label verso, 11 x 19cm 30-40
163.    'The Trout'
Engraved Print
In a faux burrwood frame, 8 x 3cm 15-20
164.    Companion pair of 'Landscape' watercolours by Rhona Lee, signed with initials and dated '99, in glazed frames, 7 x 14cm 40-60
165.    Norman Fraser
Signed with initials and dated '93, in a glazed frame, 16 x 11cm 20-30
166.    Niall McWilliam
'View from Hermiston looking North'
Signed with initials, in a glazed frame, 16.5 x 12cm 50-70
167.    Frank Burke
'The Old Quarter'
Signed, in a glazed frame, 8.5 x 12cm 30-40
168.    Jennifer Steen
'Small Beach at Strand Head, Portstewart'
Signed, in a glazed frame, 29 x 19cm
169.    Victorine Buttberg (b.1904)
'Cliff Side Scene'
Mixed Media
Signed, in a glazed frame, 31 x 20cm 30-50
170.    Unframed Landscape watercolour, together with a Still Life oil-on-board, unsigned, largest 30 x 40cm, (2) 15-20
171.    Frank Burke
'Old Fishing Harbour, East Coast'
Signed, in a glazed frame, 55 x 17cm 70-100
172.    Scottish School
'Joppa, Salt Pans, Portobello'
Signed with initials indistinctly, in a giltwood frame, 45 x 30cm 50-70
173.    Allan Morgan
'Bass Rock'
Coloured Print
Signed in pencil, framed, 52 x 40cm 20-30
174.    Japanese print, in a glazed frame, with red seal marks. 26 x 45cm 30-40
175.    Magneto Vertex Scintilla enamelled sign, 46 x 64cm 30-40
176.    JA Henderson Tarbet (1865 - 1938)
'Mountain Landscape'
Signed, in a glazed frame, 55 x 38cm
177.    Scottish School
'Landscape, Edinburgh from East Lothian'
Signed indistinctly, in a giltwood frame, 59 x 39cm 50-70
178.    Blair Thomson
Acrylic-on-Canvas Stretcher
Signed, 90 x 90cm 70-100
179.    Blair Thomson 'The Farthest Place I & II', companion pair of acrylic on canvas stretcher, 75 x 90, (2) 150-200
180.    John Horsewell (British 1956)
Red and white deck chair with sun parasol on a white sandy beach
Oil on canvas
Signed, in a giltwood frame, 75 x 100cm 100-150
181.    H. Finlay
Signed and dated 1939, in a glazed frame, with an Aitken & Dott label verso, 47 x 57cm 60-80
182.    Lily. R. Edmie
'Lakeside Quay'
Signed and dated 1936, with an Aitken & Dott label verso, 51 x 62cm 60-80
183.    Modern blue, white and yellow glazed vase with metal mounts and flared rim, 25cm high 15-25
184.    Large giltwood figure modelled standing on a plinth base, 66cm high 70-100
185.    Bronze figure, modelled standing on a circular base, 33cm high 150-180
186.    Carved resin chinoiserie vase with elephant handles to side and an ebonised base, 32cm high 20-30
187.    Minton Limited No.36 jug (restored and damaged), 36.5cm high 20-30
188.    Two early 20th century Scottish Pottery jars, one with plums the other with flowers, tallest 11cm 20-30
189.    Chinese hexagonal jar and cover, each panel painted with a figure within Ruyi borders, approx 35cm high 50-70
190.    Two Delft blue and white vases, one painted with figures, the other with flowers, tallest 25cm 30-50
191.    Large bronze Buddha modelled seated on an oval base, 45cm high 150-200
192.    Chinoiserie table lamp base on a square green hardstone base, size excluding fitting 47cm high 20-40
193.    African hardwood wall mask and three figures, (4) 20-40
194.    Head and shoulders sculpture of a girl on a rectangular plinth, 40cm high 30-40
195.    Two Nao figures to include one of a lady at a water fountain, tallest 30cm (2) 30-40
196.    Royal Doulton figure 'Autumn Breeze' HN1911, 20cm high 30-40
197.    Rare 1930's Goldscheider double head wall mask, 31cm long 400-500
198.    Mixed lot to include cloisonne and enamelled trinket boxes and dishes etc., (6) 20-30
199.    J & MP Bell, Scottish pottery blue and white 'Willow' patterned ashet and another smaller by the same maker, largest 52cm long 30-50
200.    Six Beswick pottery white glazed chimney spaniels with gilt collars and chains, tallest 23cm, (6) 40-60
201.    Georgian mahogany and inlaid bureau bookcase, the dentil cornice top over a pair of astragal glazed doors enclosing a shelved interior, above a fall front and pull slides, with four graduating long drawers to the base, 218 x 115cm 150-180
202.    19th century mahogany and rosewood breakfast table, the circular top on column and tripod base with claw feet, 70 x 122cm 70-100
203.    Stool with cabriole legs and vinyl upholstered top, 45 x 50cm 20-40
204.    Corner chair on mahogany legs with Carolean style cross stretcher 73 x 45cm x 50cm 40-60
205.    Mahogany ledgeback sideboard, with carved pediment above a bow front, over a pair of panelled cupboard doors flanked by open recesses, 174 x 60cm x 165cm 80-120
206.    19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top over a cushioned drawer above three long and one deep drawer to the base with barley twist pilasters, on bun feet, 128 x 58 x 144cm 80-120
207.    19th century mahogany wash stand, 107 x 43 x 43cm 15-25
208.    Contemporary three tier trolley with a glass top, 79 x 82 x 50cm 20-40
209.    Mahogany veneered music cabinet, the rectangular top with canted corners over an arrangement of seven graduating drawers, 88 x 46 x 35cm 30-50
210.    Mahogany library style table, the rectangular top with moulded edge on shaped side supports united by a stretcher, 74 x 91 x 46cm 40-60
211.    Tricycle with leather seat, 64 x 82cm (approx) 40-60
212.    Finnigan of New Bond Street London, Gents vintage brown leather travel case, opening to reveal a pig skin fitted interior, 18 x 60 x 37cm 30-40
213.    Inlaid three tier folding cake stand, 80 x 23 x 26cm 20-30
214.    Mahogany and inlaid side table, the rectangular top on tapering turned supports united by an undertier, 72 x 62 x 41cm 40-60
215.    Early 20th century writing box, the ledgeback sloped top opening to reveal a void interior above a single drawer to the base, 33 x 42 x 51cm 30-50
216.    Mahogany desk with two short drawers to the ledgeback, with inset leather skivver and twin pedestals terminating on castors, 93 x 115 x 60cm 100-150
217.    Vintage folding luggage stand, 58 x 52 x 41cm 30-50
218.    Mahogany Georgian style side table with three frieze drawers and square tapering legs, 71 x 89 x 51cm 60-80
219.    Georgian mahogany commode, the tray top with handles to the side over a pair of cupboard doors and three graduating drawers, on turned legs, 88 x 51 x 52cm 100-150
220.    Large blue glazed stoneware studio pottery jar decorated with figures in the round, 42cm high 30-40
221.    Green upholstered wing armchair on mahogany legs and castors, 114 x 80 x 80cm 70-100
222.    Sheraton revival mahogany and inlaid fire screen with a glazed panel, together with a brass spark guard, tallest 96 x 59cm, (2) 40-50
223.    Pair of mahogany pedestal wine tables on tripod supports with circular dished tops, 50 x 29cm (2) 30-40
224.    Mahogany and inlaid Georgian style wine table with an oval top raised on a baluster column and tripod supports, 44 x 54 x 37cm 30-40
225.    Simulated rosewood side chair with a carved top rail, canework seat and tapering supports, 82 x 49 x 44cm 30-40
226.    Figural stoneware garden ornament of a female water carrier , 74cm high 30-40
227.    Edwardian two tier occasional table with circular top and cabriole supports with pad feet, 71 x 60cm 30-40
228.    After Moreau an Art Nouveau style figural table lamp base with triple stained glass shades, 70 x 34cm 50-70
229.    Late 19th / early 20th century mahogany wall cabinet of small proportions, the carved cornice over an astragal glazed door, 52 x 35 x 20cm 30-40
230.    Upholstered bedroom chair on cabriole Queen Anne style legs, 88 x 60 x 50cm 40-60
231.    Mahogany and inlaid butlers style tray top table with inlaid shell paterae, brass handles, baluster column and tripod supports with pad feet, 56 x 68 x 42cm (rim a/f) 50-70
232.    Mahogany and inlaid three tier cake stand, with turned finial and out swept legs, 98 x 32cm 30-40
233.    Early 20th century adjustable brass standard lamp on a circular base with tree ornate feet. 30-40
234.    19th century mahogany ledgeback table, the rectangular top with moulded edge over two frieze drawers on turned legs with pad feet, 76 x 106 x 55cm 70-100
235.    Mahogany stool with a floral upholstered top, on acanthus carved cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 45 x 58 x 50cm 50-70
236.    Arts & Crafts spindle back side chair with rush seat, 80 x 44 x 44cm 30-40
237.    Mahogany dining table, the rectangular top with moulded edge on a quadripartite base with splayed legs and brass caps and castors, 75 x 154 x 125cm 100-140
238.    Set of five oak spar back chairs with upholstered seats and turned legs, 87 x 49 x 43cm, (5) 50-70
239.    19th century mahogany Pembroke table on turned fluted legs, 67 x 98 x 60cm 60-80
240.    Walnut framed rectangular wall mirror, 130 x 77cm 60-80
241.    19th century mahogany side table, the rectangular top over a single frieze drawer on square tapering legs, 70 x 95 x 51cm 60-80
242.    Mahogany pie crust table, the circular top on a carved baluster column and tripod legs with claw feet, 64 x 53cm 40-60
243.    Set of four oak Queen Anne style splat back chairs with upholstered slip in seats and cabriole legs, 105 x 49 x 47cm, (4) 40-60
244.    Circular gilt framed wall mirror, 62cm diameter 30-50
245.    Admiral Fitzroy oak cased barometer sold by Andrew H. Baird, Edinburgh, 125 x 25cm 100-150
246.    Mahogany cased Vienna wall clock, 86 x 37cm 40-60
247.    Mahogany desk / side table, the rectangular top with a moulded edge over two long and two short drawers on cabriole legs, 77 x 105 x 49cm 40-60
248.    Oak ledgeback buffet side table with a single frieze drawer, carved baluster supports and an undertier, 111 x 120 x 51cm 70-100
249.    Victorian button back settee on mahogany legs with brass caps and ceramic castors, 77 x 192 x 80cm (a/f, with one back leg lacking) 50-100
250.    Pair of mahogany D-end tables on straight square legs, 72 x 113 x 56.5cm, (2) 50-70
251.    Aesthetic ebonised corner chair with Japanese style lattice back, woven rush seat and faux bamboo legs, 72 x 40 x 40cm 50-70
252.    Mahogany three tier folding cake stand, 89 x 27cm 20-30
253.    Rosewood and inlaid three tier what-not, 95 x 54cm 30-40
254.    Eastern runner, the red field with seven cruciform medallions, 298 x 67cm 50-70
255.    Pine pedestal desk, the rectangular top with an inset leather skivver over an arrangement of nine drawers, 77 x 121 x 56cm 70-100
256.    Early 20th century floral upholstered armchair, 85 x 84 x 88cm 50-70
257.    French style card table with brass mounts and green felt interior, 76 x 73 x 54cm 70-100
258.    Black painted metal and copper oil standard lamp, height overall 180cm 30-40
259.    Set of four Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs with upholstered stuff over seats and turned front legs, 90 x 44 x 50cm, (4) 60-80
260.    Group of three various folding stools, tallest 38cm, (3) 20-40
261.    Pine trunk with a hinged lid opening to reveal a lift out three division tray with brass handles to side, 54 x 80 x 44cm 60-80
262.    Sheraton revival style two tier side table with a single frieze drawer, 61 x 39 x 32cm 30-40
263.    Buttonback bedroom chair in yellow damask style upholstery, on mahogany cabriole supports 86 x 49 x 48 40-60
264.    Pair of contemporary pine three drawer bedside cabinets, 58 x 40 x 43cm, (2) 30-40
265.    Grey painted chinoiserie style altar style table, 85 x 89.5 x 45cm 60-80
266.    Art Deco Bakelite book trough, 49cm long, containing a set of The Children's Encyclopedia in ten volumes, (11) 30-40
267.    Chinese famille rose table lamp base with pierced motifs, complete with shade, height overall 61cm 50-70
268.    Large early 20th century Japanese Satsuma baluster vase finely painted with a landscape scene, character marks to base (hairline crack to the top rim) 48cm high 60-80
269.    Continental porcelain table centre piece / comport with reticulated basket and floral encrusted decoration, with cherubs to the base, 31cm high 30-50
270.    Viners Parish Collection silver plated fifty-eight piece cutlery canteen (58) 30-50
271.    Mahogany adjustable piano stool, the upholstered seat on ratchet supports with spindled gallery, 62 x 62 x 35cm 40-60
272.    Mahogany and inlaid sideboard with a central long drawer flanked by cupboard doors on tapering square legs, 87 x 122 x 55cm 50-70
273.    Mahogany framed long footstool with a floral upholstered top, on cabriole legs, 30 x 103 x 36cm 30-40
274.    Oak dining table with one extra leaf, together with a set of eight Queen Anne style chairs with striped upholstered seats, to include six side chairs and two carvers, 78 x 201cm (9) 150-200
275.    19th century mahogany pole screen with octagonal embroidered panel , 120 x 45cm together with another 19th century mahogany pole screen, 150cm, (2) 50-70
276.    Early 20th century American light oak rocking chair, 106 x 56cm x 60cm 50-70
277.    Small mahogany bow front chest, with four graduating drawers, 70 x 66cm 60-80
278.    Upholstered bedroom chair with mahogany legs and brass castors, 80 x 48cm 40-60
279.    A pair of mahogany and inlaid demi lune side tables, on slender tapering legs, 76 x 80cm (2) 70-100
280.    Yellow upholstered window seat, with scroll arms, on mahogany carved legs, 70 x 148cm 100-150
281.    Vono folding card table with red felt lining, 68 x 78cm 10-15
282.    19th century mahogany side table with single frieze drawer and turned legs, , 75 x 80cm 30-50
283.    Armchair with a deep seat and castors, 80 x 85 x 88cm 60-80
284.    Limed oak chest with two long drawers and cabriole legs, 81 x 65cm 40-60
285.    Brass stick / umbrella stand with a square cast iron base, 65 x 19cm 40-60
286.    19th century mahogany bedside table / stand, 77 x 40 x 35cm 30-40
287.    Floral upholstered buttonback low chair with mahogany legs terminating on brass caps with ceramic castors, 77 x 80 x 55cm 60-80
288.    Mahogany side table with one drawer and ebony stringing, on square tapering legs, 72 x 94 x 47cm 70-100
289.    Shoe shine stand, 65 x 35 x 30cm 15-20
290.    Silvered metal and brass ivy leaf mirror with two candle sconce, 50 x 38cm 30-40
291.    Yew wood side table with pull out slide and single drawer, 59 x 46cm 30-40
292.    Contemporary light oak side / lamp table, 51 x 60cm 20-40
293.    Mahogany open armchair, with upholstered back, arms and seat, 98 x 60 x 61cm 60-80
294.    Mahogany tilt top pedestal table, 71 x 71cm 60-80
295.    Early 20th century oak bookcase with three glazed doors and shelved interior, 125 x 185 x 42cm 80-120
296.    Pine pedestal desk, 78 x 145cm 60-80
297.    Pine chest with two short and two graduating long drawers, 88 x 88cm 60-80
298.    Pine kitchen dresser, with a shelved planked back , the base with two drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors, 184 x 110cm 70-100
299.    Early 20th century oak table, the octagonal top on four turned uprights and out swept legs, 72 x 86cm 60-80
300.    Low footstool on bun feet, 15 x 63 x 48cm 20-40
301.    19th century mahogany bow front chest, with two short and three long drawers, flanked by spiral pilasters, 106 x 108cm 100-150
302.    Mahogany framed open armchair, with upholstered back and seat, 88 x 56cm 50-70
303.    Tartan upholstered kidney shaped stool, 48 x 52cm 30-40
304.    Garden table, with circular white marble top on a cast iron base, 72 x 90cm 50-80
305.    Oak long case clock, with broken swan neck pediment over a painted dial with subsidiary dials, 210 x 48cm 150-180
306.    Giltwood wall mirror with rectangular plate, 78 x 138cm 50-70
307.    Royal Keshan carpet, the salmon filed with allover foliate pattern with central medallion, 370 x 275cm 60-80
308.    Ebonised circular wall mirror, 58cm diameter 30-50
309.    Two pairs of lined curtains, approx drop 144cm (2) 20-40
310.    Early 19th century carved scroll back chaise longue 85 x 20cm 150-200
311.    Early 20th century stained pine bookcase with two cupboard doors, 124 x 98cm 30-50
312.    Early 20th century faux crocodile skin cabin trunk, 50 x 84cm 40-60
313.    Mahogany bureau with three graduating drawers on cabriole legs, 106 x 78cm 30-40
314.    Morris & Co mahogany and inlaid wall hanging cabinet, by George Jack, circa 1887, the reverse breakfront structure with a pair of glazed doors enclosing a shelved interior, flanked by glazed cabinets over drawers, with a central open recess, 108 x 208cm approx 600-800
315.    Monart style art glass vase together with another smaller, tallest 27cm, (2) 40-60
316.    Collection of art glass to include a vase, another with a chrome cover and a glass bowl, tallest 25cm, (3) 50-70
317.    Bronze figure and another, one on a square plinth base, tallest 29cm, (2) 50-70
318.    Susie Cooper 'Glen Mist' coffee set comprising coffee pot, six mugs, six saucers, six side plates and six smaller cups with saucers, (a lot) 30-40
319.    Orientalist head and shoulders bust on a black glazed socle base, 36cm high 50-70
320.    Bronze Art Nouveau style head and shoulders bust of a female figure with an indistinct impressed signature, 27cm 60-80
321.    Japanese bronze jardiniere, the rim with shells and waves, 37cm long 100-150
322.    Early 20th century mahogany and inlaid mantle clock, 15cm high 30-40
323.    Lladro porcelain figure and another similar, tallest 28cm, (2) 20-30
324.    Epns cruet stand together with a pair of hot water pots, (3) 20-40
325.    Bronze patinated Art Deco dancing figure on a rectangular base, 31cm high 40-60
326.    Pair of Chinese famille rose canton enamelled baluster vases, typically painted with figures, (a/f), 34cm high, (2) 100-150
327.    J. Beedie, Dundee, turned wooden bowl inset with Shilling coins, 28cm diameter 15-20
328.    Huntley and Palmers 'Rogue Employee' circular tin, 21cm diameter 30-40
329.    Japanese carved fruitwood swagger stick, 50cm long 20-30
330.    'Peaches' ink and watercolour on paper scroll, signed Ping Weng, with two seals Bai Shi Weng and Ji Ping Tang, 77 X 44cm overall 400-600
331.    Oversized cigar, boxed, 58cm long 5-10
332.    Mixed lot to include a Japanese tray, wooden boxes, vintage brush sets and a carved snuff bottle, (6) 20-30
333.    Walnut cased mantle clock with silvered chapter ring, 19cm high 20-40
334.    Blue and silver overlaid blue glass liqueur set comprising decanter, stopper and six glasses, (7) 20-40
335.    Fuller's spiral slide rule, Bakelite and turned wood, with original box, 43cm long 100-120
336.    Michael Elken burrwood trinket box and cover together with another, largest 10cm, (2) 15-20
337.    Arts & Crafts copper pot and two long handled ladles, (3) 30-40
338.    Lalique style opaque glass bowl with bird pattern moulded rim, 33cm diameter 30-40
339.    Continental porcelain twin handled vase and cover (a/f), 40cm high 30-40
340.    Collection of five blue and white jars, some with Kangxi marks, comprising two identical small baluster jars painted with Magpie's, a double gourd vase and two others, (with damages), tallest 15cm, (5) 100-150
341.    Large blue and white charger with six character marks to base, painted with birds perched on blossom branches, 47cm diameter 60-80
342.    Large Japanese charger with Peacock and Peony pattern, 46cm diameter 60-80
343.    Imari charger typically painted with Chrysanthemums, foliage and stylised motifs, (restored), six character marks to base, 37cm 50-70
344.    Cherubs to include a Gisela Graham cherub wall plaque together with four others, (4) 20-30
345.    Chinoiserie table lamp base and shade 10-15
346.    Porcelain and gilt metal mounted table lamp base and shade 20-30
347.    Set of brass scales on a rectangular mahogany base, together with miscellaneous weights 30-40
348.    Figural brass oil lamp base, 54cm 30-40
349.    The Improved Aneroid circular wall barometer 30-40
350.    Propeller mantle clock, the dial inscribed James Ritchie & Son, Edinburgh and with Arabic numerals on a plinth base, 26cm high 60-80
351.    Vintage Bakelite radio 20-30
352.    GPO vintage black Bakelite telephone 30-40
353.    Stained green wooden cabinet with carved door opening to reveal a void interior, 28cm high 20-30
354.    Early 20th century oak and brass wall mounted letter rack, 28cm long 20-30
355.    White opaque glass table lamp base painted with birds and flowers, 32cm excluding fitting 30-40
356.    Pair of carved wooden Burmese style hardwood male and female busts, tallest 35cm high (2) 20-30
357.    Mixed lot to include a Chinese brass charger, a brass box and cover, another smaller etc., (a lot) 30-40
358.    Orange and gilt wood urn table lamp base and shade, 45cm high excluding fitting 20-30
359.    Large Chinese cloisonne bowl and charger with birds and dragon pattern, 61cm diameter 100-150
360.    Telescope 30-40
361.    Yixing teapot with fruit and flower decoration with a seal mark to the base, 14cm high 50-70
362.    Chinese red cinnabar box and cover, the lid carved with figures, 14.5 x 10cm 30-40
363.    Chinese Sancai glazed 'Fighting Dogs' figure group, 17.5cm high 60-80
364.    Brass carriage clock, 15cm high 60-80
365.    Set of six Swarovski crystal menu card holders, (boxed) (6) 20-40
366.    Meissen teapot with a blue scale ground, puce coloured landscape panels and gilt highlights, the lid with a flowerhead knop, blue cross sword marks to the base, (restored), 15cm high 40-60
367.    Japanese inlaid matchbox cover, 6 x 4cm 20-30
368.    Two Lladro Cherubs, 10cm long, (2) 15-25
369.    Early 20th century Marine ivory walking cane handle 20-30
370.    Agate and soapstone carving of the Drunken Poet Li Bai, circa 20th century, 15 x 11cm 100-140
371.    Eastern brass travelling inkwell, 23.5cm long 30-40
372.    Two blue and white Imari cups and a saucer, circa 19th century, thinly potted and painted with ladies and potted plants, cups 8.5cm long (3) 70-100
373.    Collection of six small early 20th century ivory containers, tallest 3cm high (6) 30-40
374.    Small Art Nouveau pewter posy holder, 5cm high, and a trinket box (2) 15-20
375.    Set of three lenses contained within a small mahogany case 10-15
376.    Bronze mantle clock surmounted by a Cherub, the enamel dial with floral garland and Arabic numerals, 20cm high 70-100
377.    Collection of six ladies handbags, together with a quantity of leather wallets and purses (a large lot) 30-40
378.    Carton containing Corgi and Maisto boxed cars and a pair of binoculars (a lot) 20-30
379.    Steiff limited edition Schwarzbar black bear, 35cm long, complete with box 50-70
380.    Paul Costello leather handbag 20-40
381.    Two vintage ladies handbags (2) 20-30
382.    Italian multicoloured leather bag, a Radley black leather bag and a Russell and Bromley blue suede bag, (3) 30-40
383.    Vintage gramophone 30-40
384.    Brass coronet and a flute (2) 30-40
385.    Gloria patent metal action accordion 30-40
386.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include entree dish, teapots, serving dishes, coasters etc., (a lot) 30-40
387.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include tray, serving dishes, cased flatwares, etc. (a lot) 30-40
388.    Two cartons of Epns ware to include flatware, serving dishes, coasters etc., (a lot) 30-40
389.    RAF cap, The First World War hardback book and a metal storage tin (a lot) 15-25
390.    Artists stencil set 15-20
391.    Two copper coal buckets with brass handles (2) 30-40
392.    Vintage clocking in machine, quantity of brass weights and a Ronson Roto-Shine Magneto shoe cleaning kit. (a lot) 20-30
393.    Carton of Epns wares to include coffee pot, swing handled baskets, cruets etc., (a lot) 30-40
394.    Epns salver with gadrooned edge 15-20
395.    Footstool with tapestry top, together with a coromandel style box containing a quantity of chess pieces 20-30
396.    Cutlery canteen containing a suite Epns and stainless steel flatware 20-30
397.    Middle Eastern stye brass planter and a copper shield (2) 30-40
398.    Brass corinthian column oil lamp base 20-40
399.    Two large two-part vases in green and purple glass, tallest 70cm high, (2) 30-40
400.    Contemporary red glazed pottery vase, 68cm high 20-40
401.    Westminster wall clock with black metal frame, 41cm high 20-30
402.    'It's all tickittyboo' painted wooden wall plaque, 89cm long 15-25
403.    Bronze circular wall plaque with an Eastern female musician, 31cm diameter 40-60
404.    Oval gilt framed wall mirror, 41 x 47cm 20-40
405.    Three Gaudy Welsh jugs, (3) 15-20
406.    Mixed lot of English ceramics to include two lustre jugs etc, (4) 20-30
407.    Collection of bronze and brass figures, together with Kenyan bronze mould of a baby lion paw and another larger, (6) 30-40
408.    Mixed lot of Japanese pottery and porcelain to include jars, serving dishes, bowls etc., (5) 15-25
409.    Collection of various wooden trinket boxes containing a clothes brush, Holy bible and dice etc (4) 15-20
410.    Two contemporary framed prints, largest 20 x 60cm (2) 15-20
411.    Quantity of modern framed black and white prints and reproduction theatre posters etc., (a large lot) 30-40
412.    Coral, turquoise and shell beaded hat, together with a shoulder bag (2) 30-40
413.    Collection of First Day Covers and stamps 30-40
414.    Collection of UK Royal Mint proof set coins and some world bank notes etc., (a lot) 20-30
415.    Two vintage tennis rackets to include Slazenger and Victory (2) 10-15
416.    William Sanderson & Son Ltd, Leith, Portobello Pottery stoneware flagon, 39cm high 20-30
417.    Ross of London 5 to 15 variable power brass sight, housed in original wooden box, 72cm long 50-70
418.    Brass log bucket 10-15
419.    Mixed lot to include brass candlesticks, copper pan, hardstone bookends etc., (a lot) 30-40
420.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns flatwares etc., (a lot) 30-40
421.    Quantity of framed heliograph prints by Durant of Paris, in glazed giltwood frames, (6) 50-70
422.    Two vintage cameras with tripods, to include Agfa Prontor II and a Zeiss Ikon (2) 30-40
423.    Pair of binoculars 10-15
424.    Carton containing a quantity of vintage cameras (a lot) 30-40
425.    19th century English porcelain part teaset 30-40
426.    Minton teaset, together with a Royal Albert bone china teaset (a lot) 20-30
427.    Quantity of Wedgwood blue and white Jasper trinket dishes (a lot) 15-20
428.    Susie Cooper coffee set, a set of six Whitefriars sundae glasses and a Royal Worcester cake plate (all boxed) (a lot) 20-30
429.    Mixed lot to include a pair of Delft blue and white glasses, a Newhall bowl etc., (a lot) 20-30
430.    Mixed lot to include an English teapot and various serving dishes etc., (a lot) 20-30
431.    Mixed lot to include a retro Coramatic clock, an art glass dish and a clear glass decanter, (3) 20-30
432.    Aynsley teaset 15-25
433.    Mixed lot to include an Orrefors glass vase, a Lalique style bowl, an agate ware pottery castor etc., (4) 20-40
434.    Mahogany framed wall clock 40-60
435.    Anglo Dutch style brass eight light chandelier, circa early 20th century 80-120
436.    Garden sundial, 97cm high 50-80
437.    Aesthetic Movement ebonised settee frame, in the manner of E.W Godwin, with remnants of horse hair upholstery to the arms only, with four front legs and two back legs, all with brass caps and ceramic castors, in need of restoration, 160 x 83cm 50-100
438.    An oak Turner's chair of typical form with carved top rail, triangular seat and turned legs, 86 x 63cm together with a spindle back chair with cane seat (2) 80-120
439.    Staffordshire Real Stone China ashet, 52cm 15-20
440.    Oak dresser with three frieze drawers over an open shelved recess flanked by carved cupboard doors, 183 x 52 x 99cm 60-80