Antique & interiors Sale on Saturday 31/08/19

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1.      Victorian silver Christening mug with stylised Aesthetic engraved pattern, by Thomas Marsh & Co, Birmingham 1883, 8cm high 30-40
2.      George V silver card case, makers mark for Henry Williamson Ltd, Birmingham 1914, 8.5cm wide 20-30
3.      A collection of five various silver napkin rings (5) 20-30
4.      George VI silver propelling pencil, London 1946 15-25
5.      William Dunningham & Co silver mounted wooden bowl, 12cm diameter together with a silver mounted horn spoon by the same maker (2) 50-70
6.      Mexican silver heart shaped dish by Tane, 15cm long 20-40
7.      Mixed lot to include Birmingham silver sugar tongs, silver sauce ladle, mother of pearl and Epns spoon and knife and two mother of pearl pickle forks (6) 20-30
8.      Gents 9 carat gold cufflinks, two 9 carat gold studs and a pair of silver gilt cufflinks (a lot) 80-120
9.      Birmingham silver backed mirror together with a Chester silver topped glass dressing table jar (2) 15-25
10.     George V pair of silver desk candlesticks, Chester 1924 8cm high (2) 30-40
11.     Tiffany & Co travel alarm clock, with leather case, 6cm diameter 30-40
12.     George V set of the three silver backed clothes brushes and another (4) 30-40
13.     Victorian foliate engraved silver vesta, Birmingham 1899 15-20
14.     Late 19th / early 20th century Sheffield silver card case with makers mark for James Dixon & Sons, 10cm 60-80
15.     Silver wine funnel, London 1972, 11cm long 30-50
16.     George V silver salver by Josiah Williams & Co, of circular form on three hoof feet, London 1917, 26cm diameter 150-180
17.     George V silver cigarette box, Birmingham 1926 14cm long 20-40
18.     Elkington & Co silver sauce boat, Birmingham 1865 together with a London silver sugar bowl (2) 30-40
19.     George VI silver sugar castor, Sheffield 1936 17cm high 30-40
20.     George V silver chocolate pot with a wooden finial and handle, makers mark for Brook & Sons, Edinburgh 1914 13cm high 70-100
21.     Continental silver plate of circular outline with fruit and vine border, stamped 800, 23cm diameter 30-40
22.     Pair of Adam style silver salts, London 1890 (2) 30-40
23.     9 carat gold three stone opal dress ring UK ring size L 30-40
24.     9 carat gold claw set opal dress ring UK ring size P 30-40
25.     Mixed lot to include a silver and mother of pearl fruit knife, silver propelling pencil and a pair of lorgnettes (3) 30-40
26.     Edwardian pair of silver salts by Walker & Hall, with glass liners, Sheffield 1904 (2) 30-40
27.     George IV silver Fiddle pattern serving spoon by Simon Levy, Exeter 1824, 30.5cm long 30-40
28.     Victorian London silver vesta, Sheffield silver vesta and a silver cased pen knife (3) 30-40
29.     Mixed lot to include various silver and Epns teaspoons and condiment spoons, together with pickle forks etc (a lot) 20-30
30.     Set of four Swedish silver spoons and two others (6) 40-60
31.     Edwardian silver salver with shell border and on three hoof feet, makers mark for Richard Martin and Ebenezer Hall, Sheffield 1906 22cm diameter 80-120
32.     French tortoiseshell and white metal mounted card case and a horn letter opener with white metal mounts (2) 30-50
33.     Set of eleven Swedish silver teaspoons, (11) 30-50
34.     Victorian silver mounted crocodile leather folding desk blotter, London 1899, 35cm 60-80
35.     White metal rococo style frame, 39cm wide 40-60
36.     WMF silver plated and glass claret jug, 25cm high 30-40
37.     George V silver mounted glass decanter and stopper, makers mark for John Grinsell & Sons, Birmingham 1918 50-70
38.     Edwardian silver three piece tea and coffee set comprising teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl together with a matching Epns spirit kettle on stand with burner, makers mark for Sibray, Hall & Co Ltd, London 1910 (4) 300-500
39.     Elkington & Co silver plated ice bucket 12.5cm high 20-30
40.     Alessi Epns cocktail shaker and another (2) 30-40
41.     A quantity of Epns wares to include a salver, sugar bowl, cream jug and cased flatwares, etc (a lot) 30-40
42.     Sixteen Lenox porcelain consomme cups with Sterling silver stands (16) 200-300
43.     Late 19th / early 20th century ivory and white metal mounted desk paperweight, 14cm long 30-40
44.     George V silver sparrow beak cream jug, London 1916, 9cm high 20-30
45.     Mixed lot to include silver and Epns flatware, white metal goblets, Epns egg cups, etc (a lot) 30-40
46.     Contemporary silver caddy spoon, Sheffield 1988, 9cm long 20-30
47.     Russian white metal napkin ring with an inset diamond and yellow metal monogram, pseudo Faberge marks 40-60
48.     A retro white metal dressing table brush set (3) 20-40
49.     A collection of silver, pewter and Epns napkin rings together with a Continental silver sauce ladle and spoon etc (a lot) 30-40
50.     George V silver salver with reeded border rim, on three outswept feet, makers mark for Brook & Son, Sheffield 1926, 30cm diameter 200-250
51.     Mixed lot to include a Birmingham silver condiment set and a silver topped glass inkwell (a lot) 30-40
52.     A collection of Epns and leather hip flasks, a collapsible cup and a set of Epns graduated beakers, etc (a lot) 30-40
53.     William IV silver teapot, London 1830 100-150
54.     Art Deco Swedish silver bowl with flared rim and on four bun feet, 8.5cm high 50-70
55.     A suite of Swedish silver flatware to include 12 table forks, 12 fruit forks, 10 dessert spoons, 7 spoons, 10 fish knives and 12 silver handled knives and 9 silver handled fruit knives (a lot) 400-600
56.     Birmingham silver condiment sets, etc (a lot) 20-40
57.     Pair of silver earrings, amber beads and an amber and white metal bracelet (3) 20-30
58.     A collection of vintage buttons (a lot) 20-30
59.     Silver jewellery to include an Iona silver ring, brooches and bangles etc (a lot) 30-40
60.     William Comyns silver shell shaped box with hinged lid, circa early 20th century, 6.5cm wide 30-40
61.     Epns and horn handled carving set, boxed (a lot) 8-10
62.     Three piece Birmingham silver condiment set (3) 15-20
63.     Mixed UK pre decimal coins together with Festival of Britain coins and a 1937 medallion and Life Guard Corps bronze medallion etc (a lot) 20-30
64.     Mixed lot of costume jewellery to include brooches and beads etc together with a silver cigar cutter, Scottish hardstone brooch and a Parker pen, etc (a lot) 40-60
65.     A mixed lot of costume jewellery to include beads, brooches, etc and miscellaneous Epns flatware (a lot) 20-30
66.     Japanese Kutani vase, typically painted with chrysanthemums, wisteria and blossom etc, character marks to the base, 23cm high 30-40
67.     Vine leaf etched decanter and stopper, together with a Crown Staffordshire porcelain port decanter label 30-50
68.     Famille Rose porcelain high shouldered baluster vase and cover, painted with figures in a garden landscape, 32cm high including cover 70-100
69.     French porcelain garniture to include an inkwell painted with flowers, together with a pair of baluster vases painted with figures to a green and gilt ground, marked Mre Imp de Sevres, tallest 18cm, (3) 100-150
70.     Late 18th or early 19th century glass jar and domed cover, together with another smaller and two vinegar condiment bottles, tallest 32cm, (4) 60-80
71.     Silver plate on copper wine slide and pair of desk candlesticks, (3) 20-40
72.     Staffordshire chimney spaniels and two Staffordshire flat back figures (a/f) 30-40
73.     Epns presentation claret jug for the 'Dundee Rifle Club' 35cm high 30-50
74.     Two wine glasses with etched rose pattern to the bowl and facet stems, 16cm high (2) 60-80
75.     Porcelain female figure modelled standing on a Rococo base surmounted by a lamb, blue cross sword mark to the base, 26cm high (losses to hands) 40-60
76.     Continental porcelain basket with hand painted floral sprays floral encrusted handles, 21cm diameter 20-40
77.     Mixed lot to include a small cloisonne vase, a jar and cover, a rectangular enamelled box and two Chinese stoneware figures, tallest 28cm, (5) 30-40
78.     Shelley porcelain cups and saucers 'Phlox' pattern, with Registration No. 781613, comprising two cups, three saucers and three side plates 40-60
79.     Edinburgh Crystal 'Thistle' small decanter and stopper and three sherry glasses, (4) 30-40
80.     Mixed lot to include two J & M P Bell, Scottish Pottery blue and white bowls, two Staffordshire cups and saucers and a fruit and vine moulded jug with pewter lid, (a lot) 20-30
81.     Group of 18th century sparrow beak jugs (a/f), tallest 11cm, (a lot) 40-60
82.     Madonna head and shoulders alabaster bust inscribed 'Mna DEL Murillo' on a plinth base, 16 x 15cm 50-70
83.     Royal Doulton bone china figure 'Jasmine' HN1862 with printed backstamps and registration number 827009, original paper label, 19cm high 100-150
84.     Royal Doulton 'Sweet Anne' porcelain figure HN1330, with printed backstamps and Registration No. 743560, (a/f), 19cm high 40-60
85.     Beswick Beatrix Potter's 'Cecily Parsley' figure, with printed backstamps, 10cm high 15-20
86.     Moorcroft small pedestal bowl, tube line decorated with anemone pattern to a green ground, impressed backstamps, 13.5cm diameter 40-60
87.     Moorcroft vase, tube line decorated in 'Irises' pattern to a green ground with facsimile signature and impressed backstamps, 18cm tall 70-100
88.     Victorian W & R glazed figure of a man and a child on a square plinth base, 29cm high 30-40
89.     Decoupage stoneware pottery vase, 14cm high 30-40
90.     Pair of Japanese hexagonal Imari vases, 13cm high, together with a blue and white Japanese fluted coffee pot and cover, (3) 50-70
91.     Pair of Maling plates with pink thumb print ground and floral borders (2) 15-25
92.     Royal Copenhagen high shouldered porcelain baluster vase painted with flowers and pattern No.2662, 17cm high 20-30
93.     Sylvac toothache dog with impressed backstamps and model No.2451, 30cm high, together with a Bonzo dog figure, (2) 40-60
94.     English Bat printed cup and saucer, together with a Chinoiserie fluted teabowl and saucer 40-60
95.     Wedgwood black basalt bowl with impressed backstamps, 13cm diameter 20-30
96.     Pilkingtons Lancaster green glazed squat baluster vase with impressed backstamps and numbered 2159, 11cm high 50-70
97.     Pair of Doulton Lambeth miniature stoneware vases with 'Cornflower' pattern with impressed backstamps, 9.5cm high, (2) 25-35
98.     Doulton Burslem jug painted with flowers to a blush ivory ground with gilt highlights, with printed and impressed backstamps, 24cm high 20-40
99.     Royal Worcester blush ivory cabinet plate, painted with Thistles and flowers with printed backstamp and registration No. 139396, 21cm diameter 40-60
100.    Beswick Elephant with printed backstamps, 13cm high 15-20
101.    Porcelain hand painted box with hinged cover, painted with landscape and figural panels to a pink ground with gilt highlights, 9.5cm wide 50-70
102.    Quantity of copper measures and a pewter tankard etc., tallest 13cm (a lot) 15-20
103.    Dresden porcelain male and female figure group on an oval gilt lined base, 13.5cm high 40-60
104.    Royal Doulton bone china 'Flower Sellers Children' HN1342, with printed and impressed backstamps, 20cm high 40-60
105.    Quantity of 19th century and later drinking glasses to include cordial glass, wine glass and a penny lick etc. (16) 30-40
106.    Red and orange art glass square dish, 27 x 27cm 20-40
107.    Kosta Boda glass bowl, 15cm high 30-50
108.    Minton Hadden Hall teaset comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl, (21) 20-40
109.    Pair of continental porcelain vases with hand painted floral sprays to a blush ground with gilded handles with painted numbers D81,1090 to the base, 27cm high. (2) 40-60
110.    Soho pottery Solian ware cobalt blue glazed bowl with wavy gilt edged rim, with printed backstamps, 24cm wide 20-30
111.    Cream ware porcelain pot pourri jar and cover with pink floral moulded frieze and gilt edged border with a pierced cover, apparently unmarked, 16cm diameter 30-40
112.    Worcester porcelain vase painted with fancy birds pattern to a blue and gilt ground, 14.5cm high 50-70
113.    Royal Albert Crown china 'Rose' patterned teaset to include six cups, twelve saucers, twelve side plates, two cake plates, cream jug and sugar bowl (a lot) 50-70
114.    Mixed lot to include two Meissen plates, two Dresden porcelain plates, a Rosenthal square floral patterned dish etc., (9) 50-70
115.    Rorstrand Swedish pottery 'Eden' patterned set of six coffee cups and saucers 30-40
116.    Royal Doulton porcelain figures to include 'Mirabell' HN1744, 'Monica' HN1467, 'Stayed at Home' HN2207, 'Cookie' HN2218 and 'Tootles' registration number 800373, together with a Coalport 'Goose Girl' limited edition figure, tallest 20cm, (6) 40-60
117.    Zsolnay Pecs Hungarian porcelain bowl painted with Persian style flowers and foliage with a reticulated rim, with printed and impressed backstamps, 13cm high 50-70
118.    Collection of five porcelain figures to include three gold anchor figures and two others, tallest 12cm, (5) 70-100
119.    Royal Worcester blush ivory twin handled vase, painted with yellow and blue flowers on a circular foot rim, with green printed backstamps and impressed model No.942, 16cm high 60-80
120.    Three Lladro figures to include a Sailor Boy, a Girl with Kittens, Cat and a Mouse, tallest 23cm, (3) 40-60
121.    Lladro Spanish porcelain figure of a girl, modelled seated wearing a sun hat and holding a basket of fruit with a goose at her side, printed Lladro Daisa backstamp and dated 1979, 24cm high 30-50
122.    Mixed lot to include a brass cow bell, brass cat and owl, an iron trivet and a crystal vase etc. (7) 30-40
123.    Suite of late 19th / early 20th etched glass to include eleven champagne coups, eight sundae dishes and three finger bowls, (24) 40-60
124.    Collection of three Staffordshire flatback figure groups together with a pottery Toby jug, tallest, 32cm, (4) 60-80
125.    'Ye Olde Inne' moulded cottage ware teaset, comprising teapot, hot water pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and biscuit barrel, (5) 30-40
126.    Italian art pottery figure of a Clown with a Milan paper label verso, 27cm high 20-40
127.    Lladro porcelain figure of a Goose, together with three Nao Geese figure groups (4) 20-30
128.    Royal Doulton 'Rhona' patterned dinner service comprising plates, bowls, serving dishes, tureens and sauce ladle, (a lot) over three shelves 50-70
129.    Quantity of Coalport and Aynsley Royal Commemorative porcelains to include loving cups, tankards, bowls and plates etc., (11) 20-30
130.    Japanese blue and white dinner service comprising plates, side plates, serving dishes, sauceboat etc., likely Arita (some damages) (a lot), over three shelves 80-120
131.    Group of three coloured engraved prints of Edinburgh to include 'St Giles Church', 'Catholic Chapel, Picardy Place, and 'The New Town Hall' Leith, in glazed and giltwood frames, 16 x 11cm, (3) 20-30
132.    Peter Anson
'Nearing the fishing grounds'
in a glazed frame, 30 x 17cm 20-30
133.    19th Century School
'Figure in a Tavern'
Oil Sketch,
apparently unsigned, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 8 x 10cm 30-40
134.    Chinese painting on pith paper of a Musician, in a glazed frame, 15 x 20cm 50-70
135.    Lea Watley, painted ceramic plaque in a rectangular pine frame, signed, 44 x 20cm 30-40
136.    Lesley Main
'Table Mountain, Cape Town'
signed and dated 1992, in a glazed frame with a Michael Main Gallery label verso, 15 x 9.5cm 80-120
137.    Allison Young
'North Uist'
signed, in a giltwood frame, 22 x 16cm 40-60
138.    David Cooke, Scottish School
'Bands of Colour IV'
signed with a Scottish Gallery label verso, 29 x 28.5cm 80-120
139.    La Nouvelle Model
French Coloured Print,
in a glazed frame, 21 x 32cm 25-35
140.    A.M D'Arcy
'Female Nude'
Ink and Watercolour,
signed and dated 1956, in a glazed frame, 30 x 38cm 40-60
141.    Japanese School
Watercolour on silk, signed, with red seal mark, in a glazed frame, 35 x 30cm 30-40
142.    20th Century School
'River Landscape'
signed indistinctly in a glazed and giltwood frame, 34 x 24cm 30-40
143.    20th Century School
'Countryside Path with Pillars'
signed indistinctly, in a glazed frame, 37 x 27cm 30-40
144.    20th Century School
'Shore Landscape'
signed indistinctly, in a glazed frame, 37 x 27cm 30-40
145.    Black and white framed photographic print of a Young Girl, in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, size overall 51 x 60cm 15-25
146.    Liggande fai
Lithographic print, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 46 x 37cm 40-60
147.    Neilson
'Overgate, Dundee'
signed, in a glazed frame, 41 x 29cm 40-60
148.    Margaret Anderson
'Head and Shoulders Portrait'
Pastel and pencil,
in a glazed giltwood frame, signed and dated 1862, 30 x 40cm 30-40
149.    E. Dixon
'Roses - Still Life'
Watercolour, signed in a glazed and giltwood frame, 32 x 23cm 40-60
150.    Frank Collins
'Landscape No.5'
signed and dated 1959, New Art Centre, Sloan Street, London, label verso,
in a glazed frame, 43.5 x 35cm

Footnote:- (Frank Collins taught in various London Art Schools) 120-150
151.    Six early framed and glazed 18th century engravings by Johann Elias Ridinger, 34 x 50cm (6) 220-250
152.    J.T. Wills
Pen and Ink Sketch,
signed, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 28 x 19cm 30-40
153.    J. Betts
'Floral Botanical Watercolour', signed and in a giltwood frame, 23.5 x 40cm 30-40
154.    H. Taylor
'Highland Cows'
signed, in a glazed and giltwood frame, together with another by the same hand (2) 60-80
155.    19th Century English School
'Whitewood, Sheffield'
signed indistinctly in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, 35 x 24.5cm 70-100
156.    W. Snodgrass Bryce
'East Coast Harbour Scene' possibly Dunbar,
signed, in a glazed frame, 48 x 37cm 200-300
157.    19th Century School
'River Landscape'
signed with a monogram and dated 1893,
in a glazed giltwood frame, 49 x 29cm 20-40
19th Century School
'Six Dogs on Rocks'
signed indistinctly, in a glazed and ornate giltwood frame, 29 x 39cm 70-100
159.    Frederick Beaumont, half length oval pastel portrait of a 'Young Girl in a White Dress', in a glazed and giltwood frame, 53 x 65cm 50-70
160.    A. Durand
'Couple on the Quayside'
signed, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 26 x 35cm 60-80
161.    John D. Michie
'Wild Flowers - Poppies and Daisies'
signed, in a giltwood frame, 44 x 29cm 100-150
Sir, John Stirling Maxwell of Pollok
'Near Grupont, Ardeinnes'
signed with initials, in a glazed frame with a paper label verso, 34.5 x 22cm 20-30
163.    'Castle Campbell'
Coloured lithographic print in a glazed frame, 50 x 40cm 10-15
164.    Archibald Thorburn, coloured print in a glazed frame, 62 x 50cm approx 30-40
165.    19th Century coloured print in a glazed frame, 40 x 50cm 20-30
166.    Horatio H. Coulde
Oilograph of Cats playing Billiards, in an oak frame, 57 x 40cm 20-30
167.    Hugh Buchanan
'The Drawing Room, Hill of Tarvit, Mansion House, Fife'
Limited edition coloured print, signed in pencil, numbered 50/250,
in a glazed giltwood frame, 58 x 42cm 20-30
168.    La Chasse al Italienne
Engraved Print, in a glazed frame, 60 x 45cm 30-40
169.    Charles Napier RSW (Scottish 1889 - 1978)
'Woodland Landscape'
signed, in a glazed frame, 46 x 31cm 40-60
170.    Charles Napier RSW (Scottish 1889 - 1978)
'Princes Street with Edinburgh Castle'
signed, in a glazed frame, 54 x 38cm 50-70
171.    M. Turnbull
'Country Landscape with Church Steeple in the background'
signed, in a glazed frame, 34 x 24cm 30-40
172.    'Procession of Figures'
Chinese Painting on Silk,
in a glazed frame, 61 x 26cm 20-30
173.    'Roses' tapestry needlework panel in a glazed frame, 63.5 x 26cm 15-20
174.    Three maps to include Caithnesshire, Scotland, after J. Cary and an antique map of Sciria, smallest 19 x15cm, (3) 30-40
175.    H. Farnwell
'Farmyard Building with Goat, Rabbits and Pigeons'
signed and dated 1889, in a glazed and giltwood frame, 55 x 45cm 70-100
176.    Tom H. Shanks RSW
'Menstrie Castle, before restoration'
Ink and Watercolour,
signed, with a Douglas and Foulis Art Gallery label verso, in a glazed frame 60-80
177.    Depeche Mode, Live at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Saturday June 18th, 1988 at 3.00pm, limited edition framed poster numbered 198/300, 50 x 68cm 40-60
178.    Contemporary School
'Female with Red Hair wearing a Black Dress'
Mixed Media,
signed indistinctly, in a glazed silver giltwood frame, 49 x 63.5cm 40-60
179.    Herbert John Finn (1860-1942)
'Interior of St. Giles, Edinburgh'
signed, in a glazed frame, 46 x 68cm 50-70
180.    Scottish School
apparently unsigned, in a giltwood frame, 80 x 58cm 50-70
181.    Janet Davis
'Mussels' and 'Head Land', two unframed screen prints, largest 9 x 14cm, (2) 10-15
182.    19th Century School
Head and Shoulders watercolour portrait of a Young Man in a burrwood frame, 10 x 13cm 20-30
183.    Frederick E.J. Goff, 1855-1931
Watercolour, signed and inscribed with a gallery label verso, 15 x 11cm 200-300
184.    Ogata Gekko (1859-1920)
Japanese woodblock print of two figures, with an Aitken & Dott label verso,
in a glazed frame, 24 x 35cm 60-80
185.    Quantity of unframed coloured etchings and prints to include William Daniel and others, together with three framed coloured engraved prints (a large lot) 40-60
186.    Two framed prints to include 'The Rent Day' and 'Chelsea Pensioners Reading the Gazette of the Battle of Waterloo', both in glazed frames, largest 80 x 45cm, (2) 20-40
187.    19th Century engraved print of 'The Thames', in a glazed frame, 95 x 46cm 40-60
188.    Early 20th Century English School
After John Everett Millais
'The Order of Release'
Oil-on-Canvas, in a giltwood frame, 22 x 98cm 300-400
189.    Continental School
'Winters Scene with Frozen Lake, Windmill and Figures'
apparently unsigned, 127 x 90cm, in a giltwood frame 300-400
190.    Brass carriage clock with leather carry case, 15cm high including handle 60-80
191.    JS & S copper caddy and an Eastern brass cylindrical box and cover, (2) 15-20
192.    20th Century Japanese ivory Okimono of a Fisherman on a circular base, 8cm high 50-70
193.    White metal whisky decanter label and a porcelain whisky decanter label, (2) 10-15
194.    Mixed lot to include a trench art letter opener, 'Honourable Artillery Company' brass buckle, WWI Christmas 1914 Queen Mary tin containing the original tobacco, an ebonised box with wax seals and a modern brass circular 50-year calendar, an early 20th century leather cased travel clock, together with an Orlik, Old Bond Street, green leather cigarette case (7) 30-50
195.    Hawkes & Co of Piccadilly, London, Carabiniers hat with original Hawkes & Co oval tin hat box 50-80
196.    Sutherland Highlanders 93, Cape of Good Hope buckle and another, in a glazed showcase, 31 x 16.5cm 50-80
197.    Late 19th / early 20th century Chinese carved ivory card case, 11cm high 70-100
198.    Seven horn beakers, (7) 20-30
199.    Novelty hat shaped inkwell with hinged lid and glass liner, 10.5cm long 20-30
200.    Early 20th century small carved elephant ivory figure and two wooden bear figures, tallest 6cm, (3) 15-20
201.    Victorian mahogany wardrobe, the moulded cornice over a pair of arched panelled doors, 206 x 172cm 100-150
202.    Contemporary white laminate cabinet, with pair of glazed doors and shelved interior, 216 x 96cm 40-60
203.    Mahogany mirrored back chiffonier, 188 x 138cm 60-80
204.    Contemporary white laminated and pine cabinet, 218 x 94cm 40-60
205.    Mahogany bookcase cabinet with pair of astragal glazed doors and green velvet lined interior with shelves, 174 x 110cm 60-80
206.    Contemporary Art Nouveau style wall mirror, 120 x 98cm 50-100
207.    Mahogany and inlaid serpentine desk, each pedestal with one short and two deep drawers, 88 x 138cm 100-150
208.    Victorian mahogany chiffonier, 154 x 122cm 70-100
209.    Pair of wing back buttonback armchairs, 110 x 80cm, (2) 100-150
210.    Edwardian mahogany wash stand with yellow tiled splash back and marble top, 146 x 112cm 50-80
211.    Two vintage Ferrantis storage boxes, 42 x 70cm, (2) 40-50
212.    Green painted pine storage box, 50 x 114cm 15-25
213.    19th century mahogany drop leaf table of small proportions, with two drawers, turned legs and brass caps and castors. 72 x 50cm 40-60
214.    Pair of contemporary grey laminated chinoiserie cabinets, 60 x 40cm, (2) 30-40
215.    Mahogany book shelf with glazed sides, 130 x 100cm 30-40
216.    Mahogany occasional table with undertier and cabriole legs, 78 x 70cm 30-40
217.    Painted pine rocking chair, 110 x 70cm 30-40
218.    Mahogany bureau with a fall front over pull out slides above two long drawers, on cabriole legs, 100 x 62cm 40-60
219.    Three tier painted bamboo shelf, 90 x 40cm 20-30
220.    Mahogany low table with a pie crust top on short cabriole legs with claw and ball feet 30-50
221.    Mahogany serpentine dressing table, the rectangular mirror on barley twist supports, with square tapering legs, 128 x 62cm 70-100
222.    Mahogany extending dining table on carved cabriole legs and claw and ball feet, complete with two extra leaves together with a set of seven mahogany chairs with carved top rail and vertical splat, with upholstered seats and sabre legs (8) 150-250
223.    Footstool with buttoned vinyl top and cabriole legs, 32 x 45cm 20-30
224.    19th century mahogany tilt top tripod table, with reeded column, 74 x 68cm 60-80
225.    Green vinyl button back upholstered Captains armchair, 88 x 64cm 60-80
226.    Small mahogany side table together with an upholstered foot stool, 36 x 45cm 20-30
227.    Contemporary hardwood breakfront console table with six short and three long drawers, 76 x 122cm 40-60
228.    Contemporary grey laminated chinoiserie two door cabinet, 120 x 70cm 30-40
229.    Mahogany cabinet, the moulded rectangular top over two short drawers and a pair of cupboard doors, 124 x 98cm 70-100
230.    Mahogany framed nursing chair with buttonback upholstery, 96 x 56cm 30-50
231.    19th century mahogany bureau with a fall front and pull out slides, over four graduating long drawers, 102 x 70cm 70-100
232.    Art Deco circular wall mirror with amber coloured petals, 70cm 30-40
233.    Vintage pine drop leaf kitchen table, 78 x 100cm 20-30
234.    Early 20th century oak open bookcase, 110 x 46cm 20-30
235.    Edwardian mahogany and inlaid sheet music cabinet, 110 x 54cm 40-60
236.    White painted metal garden plant stand, 92 x 50cm 30-40
237.    Painted 'Elephant' box, with a hinged top, 35 x 48cm 20-30
238.    Mahogany standard lamp with table and tripod base, 164cm 15-25
239.    19th century mahogany corner chair with solid vasiform splats, upholstered seat, cabriole legs and cross stretcher 50-70
240.    Mahogany side table, the oval top with a spindled gallery, raised on fluted supports with brass caps and castors, 80 x 52cm 70-100
241.    Mahogany occasional table with undertier and cabriole legs, 72 x 74cm 30-40
242.    Early 19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top over two short and three long drawers, with brass handles and escutcheon, on bracket plinth base. 92 x 92cm 150-180
243.    Ebonised rectangular mirror, 124 x 60cm 20-30
244.    Prie dieu chair with green upholstered back and seat, 94 x 48cm 30-40
245.    Pair of tan leatherette armchairs, with worn seats, on bun feet 68 x 86cm, (2) 70-100
246.    Cherrywood hall table with two frieze drawers and undertier, 68 x 78cm 40-50
247.    Mahogany corner cupboard, the cornice top with a dentil frieze over oval panelled cupboard doors with a pull out drinks slide, 175 x 65cm 30-40
248.    20th century knight in a suit of armour, with a red crested shield 125cm 50-80
249.    19th century rosewood and inlaid Davenport with a sloping top over an arrangement of four drawers and four dummy drawers, 82 x 54cm 80-120
250.    Burrwood coffee table with cabriole legs and claw and ball feet, 60 x 92cm 20-30
251.    19th century mahogany framed Prie Dieu chair with foliate carved top rial and floral upholstered back and seat 112 x 50cm 60-80
252.    Edwardian oak tambour fronted filing cabinet, 118 x 62cm 70-100
253.    Pair of Victorian mahogany blade back chairs, 85 x 45cm, (2) 30-40
254.    Mahogany serpentine canteen table, with three long drawers containing a suite of Epns flatware, on carved cabriole legs terminating on claw and ball feet, 88 x 80cm 150-250
255.    19th century mahogany bow front chest, with two short and three long drawers, 94 x 94cm 100-150
256.    Set of four Thonet shield back chairs, 94 x 40cm, (4) 50-70
257.    Burr walnut bureau, with fall front and pull out slides over two long drawers, 100 x 78cm 40-60
258.    Bergere rocking chair, 110 x 55cm 40-60
259.    Mahogany Grandmother clock, the brass dial with silvered chapter ring and Roman numerals, inscribed Barwise, London, flanked by columns, with a panelled trunk door and plinth base, 152cm 400-600
260.    Mahogany three tier cake stand, 88cm 20-40
261.    Dark oak Joynt stool, 58 x 50cm 60-80
262.    19th century mahogany bow front chest with two short and three graduating long drawers, 117 x 108cm 100-150
263.    Pair of mahogany chairs with interlaced splat backs and upholstered seats, on boldly carved cabriole legs terminating on claw feet, 102 x 56cm, (2) 60-80
264.    Oak drop leaf table with carved frieze, 60 x 74cm 60-80
265.    Mahogany pedestal table on tripod legs, 68 x 40cm 60-80
266.    Mahogany stool with upholstered top and cabriole legs, 52 x 60cm 40-60
267.    Mahogany and inlaid fold over table, with a single frieze drawer, on square tapering legs, 78 x 92cm 50-70
268.    Serpentine four drawer chest with a pull out dressing slide, 78 x 70cm 60-80
269.    Oak bureau with fall front, pull out slide and two long drawers, 102 x 75cm 30-40
270.    Mahogany pie crust table on tripod legs, 70 x 80cm 150-180
271.    Early 19th century oak chest, the rectangular top with reeded edge over two short and three long drawers, 90 x 80cm 170-200
272.    Wheeler of Arncroach chair with Chippendale style splat back, 80 x 44cm 70-100
273.    Pair of Art Nouveau mahogany and inlaid open armchairs, with upholstered seats and square tapering supports united by stretcher, 104 x 56cm, (2)
274.    Mahogany fold over tea table, 76 x 85cm 30-40
275.    French style bedside with marble top and boldly carved cupboard door and cabriole legs, 94 x 42cm 80-120
276.    Early 20th century oak Captains chair, 75 x 68cm 40-60
277.    Oak Jacobean style table on barley twist legs with straight stretchers, 72 x 92cm 60-80
278.    Late 19th / early 20th century oak pedestal desk, 80 x 130cm 70-100
279.    Green upholstered wingback armchair, 102 x 68cm 60-80
280.    After Kandinsky, a silk wool wall hanging panel, 70 x 92cm 50-80
281.    Abalone inlaid drop dial wall clock, 72 x 44cm 60-80
282.    Walnut chest, the rectangular top over two short and three graduating ling drawers, with brass handles, 80 x 68cm 150-180
283.    Set of four mahogany chairs, 90 x 48cm, (4) 30-50
284.    Turkish style rug, the blue ground with two geometric medallions, 142 x 101cm 30-40
285.    Eastern rug the red field with five rows of twelve octagons, 186 x 98cm 40-60
286.    Turkish rug, with rectangular central panel with five geometric medallions and multiple borders, 118 x 220cm 40-60
287.    Footstool with carpet style upholstered top and cabriole legs, 36 x 50cm 30-40
288.    19th century mahogany corner cabinet, 95 x 68cm 20-30
289.    Mahogany occasional table, with carved cabriole legs and undertier, 75 x 76cm 30-40
290.    Mahogany wine table with tripod feet, 69 x 50cm 70-100
291.    Haddon Rockers grey dappled Rocking horse, 130 x 182cm 150-200
292.    Georgian style mahogany and parcel gilt wall mirror, 82 x 50cm 40-60
293.    A collection of silver mounted walking canes and sticks, a parasol and an umbrella (6) longest 94cm, 40-60
294.    Charles Rennie Macintosh style chair, 104 x 44cm 20-30
295.    Mahogany linen press of small proportions with a cornice top and dentil frieze over two cupboard doors and three long drawers, 145 x 50cm 80-120
296.    Victorian mahogany cheval mirror, 164 x 164cm 150-200
297.    19th century mahogany drop leaf table, 71 x 76cm 50-70
298.    Blue storage trunk, 52 x 102cm 20-30
299.    Mahogany and inlaid corner chair with yellow upholstered back and seat 80 x 60cm 40-60
300.    Mahogany side table with a single frieze drawer, on square tapering legs, 74 x 74cm 40-60
301.    Contemporary grey wool rug, 198 x 140cm 20-30
302.    Modern Persian style rug, with red field and foliate medallion and spandrels, 200 x 280cm 30-50
303.    Modern Persian style rug, with red field and foliate medallion and spandrels, 200 x 280cm 30-50
304.    Circular faux giltwood wall mirror, 72 x 46cm 20-40
305.    Cherrywood foldover tea table, 74 x 85cm 30-50
306.    Upholstered buttonback wing armchair, 106 x 66cm 60-80
307.    Chesterfield buttonback settee, 85 x 68 x 195cm 100-200
308.    Contemporary hardwood five drawer chest, 115 x 58cm 60-80
309.    Victorian mahogany ledgeback bedside cabinet, 85 x 42cm 50-70
310.    Pair of oak and metal bound peat buckets, with metal liners 45 x 48cm, (2) 100-200
311.    Set of four mahogany framed side chairs with carved toprails and upholstered seats, 94 x 45cm, (4) 30-40
312.    Mahogany side table, the rectangular top over a single frieze drawer, on turned tapering legs, 75 x 68cm 60-80
313.    Walnut framed button back chair, with pale blue upholstery, 88 x 55cm 60-80
314.    Vintage country wood Hay fork, 160cm high 20-30
315.    Pair of peat cutters, 102cm, (2) 30-40
316.    Red leatherette buttonback headboard, 90 x 138cm 10-20
317.    Walnut drop leaf table with turned supports terminating on ceramic castors, 72 x 90cm 50-70
318.    Brass coal bucket, 48cm 20-30
319.    Artist easel, 178 x 56cm 20-30
320.    Green and giltwood wall mirror, 82 x 55cm 30-40
321.    Eastern style foliate rug, 158 x 99cm 30-40
322.    Contemporary Aura red runner, 232 x 72cm 30-40
323.    Mahogany bedside, 75 x 40cm 30-50
324.    Military shell case containing a collection of walking sticks and canes to include a glass end of day cane (a lot), 95cm 80-120
325.    Victorian mahogany ledgeback side table, with two frieze drawers and lyre end supports, 98 x 108cm 80-120
326.    Adam style mahogany caned back settee with upholstered seat and tapering legs, 320-350
327.    19th century mahogany secretaire chest with bun handles, 106 x 135cm 60-80
328.    Mahogany framed buttonback nursing chair, 95 x 55cm 50-70
329.    Victorian mahogany table with two drawers and turned legs, 74 x 122cm 60-80
330.    Mahogany nest of three tables, 70 x 52cm 20-30
331.    Unusual carved three legged chair, 82 x 50cm 20-40
332.    Mahogany fold over tea table 70 x 90cm 40-60
333.    Vintage country wood Hay fork, 165cm high 20-40
334.    Carved oak table with one long and two short drawers, 74 x 78cm 60-80
335.    Early 20th century light oak bookcase cabinet, 154 x 80cm 50-60
336.    Mahogany bedside with spindled ledgeback and figural carved front, 90 x 45cm 50-70
337.    Oak standard lamp, 160cm 10-12
338.    Mahogany drop leaf table, with ceramic castors 76 x 100cm 70-100
339.    Cane back open armchair, 88 x 60cm 20-30
340.    Mahogany pole screen with needlework panel, 117cm 30-50
341.    French style inlaid bureau with brass gallery and fall front, on cabriole legs with brass mounts, 94 x 74cm 100-150
342.    Mahogany pedestal desk, the rectangular top with red skivver, 75 x 124cm 80-120
343.    Mahogany consol table, 80 x 90cm 50-70
344.    Retro circular teak footstool, 45 x 52cm 20-30
345.    Brass oval mirror, 58 x 45cm 10-20
346.    Two tier cherrywood table with single frieze drawer, 72 x 70cm 30-40
347.    Foot stool with a upholstered top, 18 x 42cm 20-30
348.    Carved oak coffer, 65 x 120cm 100-200
349.    Mahogany bureau, the fall front over three long graduating drawers with bun handles 100 x 104cm 60-80
350.    Mahogany three drawer table, 76 x 106cm 40-60
351.    Dark oak carved settle, the back with seven panels depicting figures and with 'Excepte Ye Lorde Keepie Ye Cittie Ye Watchman Waketh in Vayne' verse to the top rial, with a cushion to the seat and open arms, 120 x 150cm 200-300
352.    Stick stand with two shooting sticks and a collection of walking sticks, 128cm, (a lot) 30-50
353.    Mahogany plant stand, 92 x 32cm 10-20
354.    Mahogany Captain's open armchair, 78 x 62cm 60-80
355.    Mahogany chair, 92 x 50cm 10-20
356.    Georgian style mahogany wall mirror, 70 x 40cm 20-40
357.    Two mahogany chairs, (2) 20-30
358.    Modern hardwood and gilt wall mirror, 106 x 84cm 30-40
359.    Pair of A & L leather and gilt metal opera glasses in original leather case 20-30
360.    Leather and brass mounted domed top stationary box with ring handles to side, 20cm long 30-40
361.    White opaque glass oil lamp 30-50
362.    Collection of miniature painted metal figures to include a clown, frog and musicians etc. (a lot) 15-25
363.    Halcyon Days enamel box and cover 15-25
364.    Two miniature white metal insects to include a Dragonfly etc. (2) 20-30
365.    Chinese reverse painted glass snuff bottle, together with another with a jadeite stopper, (2) 30-40
366.    Britain's H.M. Queen Elizabeth Colonel and Chief Grenadier Guards lead figure, boxed 15-20
367.    Sawyers View Master Stereoscope, boxed 10-15
368.    Collection of Military cap badges, a shell case and a silver gilt medallion etc., (a lot) 20-30
369.    USA WWII, telescope, Elbow N17, 30cm long 40-60
370.    Domed box containing two Military brass buttons, a small brass telescope and a magnifying glass (a lot) 20-30
371.    Gilt metal mantle clock with an urn finial and circular brass dial with porcelain number plaques, 36cm high 180-220
372.    Tiffany style table lamp base, approx 40cm high 30-40
373.    Ostrich feather fan with tortoiseshell guards and an ebonised wooden ruler, (2) 10-15
374.    Copeland circular painted plaque entitled 'Winter' and signed W. Yale, with printed and impressed backstamps, 42cm diameter 30-50
375.    Three Pincer dog figures, tallest 19cm (3) 20-30
376.    Brass Anniversary clock with a glass dome, overall height 28cm 40-60
377.    Modern blue and white porcelain Lazy Susan, diameter 38cm 10-15
378.    Brass lantern style clock, 45cm high 50-70
379.    Brass lantern style clock, by Edward & Sons of Glasgow, height overall 40cm 60-80
380.    Cauldon china twelve place china teaset (40) 20-30
381.    Winstanley style pottery cat, 28cm high 20-30
382.    Isnic style turquoise blue glazed table lamp base with fish pattern on an ebonised wooden base (a/f) 20-30
383.    Weir & Son blue and white 'Wild Rose' patterned ashet 15-25
384.    Mamod steam tractor 30-40
385.    Two resin figure groups to include a Shetland Pony and Wolves etc., (2) 15-25
386.    Mixed lot to include a French porcelain cabinet cup and saucer and fruit patterned bowl, a Losol ware vase and a small Talec of Paris pink glazed miniature vase, (5) 20-30
387.    Collection of glass decanters and stoppers, together with an opaque spiral stemmed cordial glass, (5) 30-40
388.    Vallon opalescent glass bowl, 24cm diameter 20-30
389.    Celadon baluster vase (restored), 29cm high 15-20
390.    19th century mahogany jewellery box with a rectangular hinged lid and bun feet, 26cm long 40-60
391.    Early 20th century oak desk inkwell surmounted with a white metal bird, 32cm long 40-60
392.    Late 19th / early 20th century painted iron brown and white painted metal French Bulldog figure, 15cm high 50-70
393.    Carved soapstone water buffalo with figures on a shaped wooden stand, 26cm long 50-70
394.    Branksome china set of six coffee cups and saucers 10-15
395.    Royal Worcester bone china Botanical patterned coffee set comprising six coffee cans and six saucers (boxed) 50-70
396.    Collection of miscellaneous wooden boxes to include a Japanese jewellery box etc., (4) 40-60
397.    19th century burrwood and brass mounted writing slope, 35cm long 50-70
398.    Two Lladro figures to include a Girl and Longcase Clock and another of a Lady with a Parasol, tallest 36cm high, (2) 40-60
399.    Lladro porcelain figure of two whispering women, 31cm high 30-40
400.    Three Nao figures to include two girls and one boy with a puppy, tallest 15cm, (3) 20-30
401.    Royal Doulton figures to include 'The Wardrobe Mistress' HN2145 (a/f), 'Silks and Ribbons' HN2017, 'The Orange Lady' HN153, 'Meditation' HN2330, together with a Capodimonte style figure, (5) 40-60
402.    Pair of blue and white Delft vases with flared rims and painted with flowers and foliage, 34cm high, (a/f) (2) 20-30
403.    Royal Dux figure of Musicians on oval plinth with a pink triangle mark to the base, (a/f), 42cm high 30-40
Quantity of marbles in a glass vase (a lot) 30-40
405.    Imperial World Cultural Heritage boxed set containing a Japanese porcelain pale blue glazed teaset with six cups, teapot, milk jug, strainer and sugar bowl, (a lot) 30-40
406.    Oval hardstone ashtray surmounted with a cold painted Spelter dog 15-20
407.    Bronze twin handled vase with ivy leaf pattern on a circular plinth base, 21cm high 50-70
408.    Mixed lot to include two Victorian 'Good Luck' painted horseshoes, brass curtain hooks, a 'Good Luck' trivet and metal wall plaque, black glazed cat figure and an iron box and cover, modelled as a mans face, (8) 40-60
409.    Pair of Glencairn crystal whiskey tumblers, (2) 8-10
410.    Staffordshire transfer printed Matrimony and Courtship jug, 15cm high 20-30
411.    Two Nao figures to include a Baby on a Pumpkin and a Dove, (2) 15-25
412.    Scottish pottery treacle glazed cat figure (restored), 28cm high 20-30
413.    Two pairs of binoculars in leather cases, (2) 20-30
414.    Weather Master clock and barometer wall plaque 25-35
415.    Mixed lot to include a copper hot water flask, oak wall plaques, a wooden Hippopotamus, a Chess set etc., (6) 25-30
416.    Smiths Art Deco Bakelite mantle clock, 21cm high 30-40
417.    Royal Worcester figure of a Female Water Carrier on a circular base with puce backstamps and numbered 2/125 with impressed No.36, 56cm high 100-150
418.    Victorian coromandel and brass mounted large writing slope with a fitted interior and presentation plaque to the lid, 50cm long 60-80
419.    Mahjong set in a leather case with lacquered tile trays, (5) 40-60
420.    Mixed lot to include a coffee grinder a wooden lamp and an ebonised wooden showcase, (3) 20-30
421.    Horologist / Watchmakers tools, two cases (a lot) 100-150
422.    Garrard Model 301 record player, in a later stained wooden case with perspex cover (likely with adaptions) 500-700
423.    Walnut tantalus box, 27 x 23cm 50-70
424.    Walker & Hall Sheffield silver mounted and glass fruit bowl, together with another, (2) 20-30
425.    Mixed glassware to include decanters, stoppers, wine glasses, custard cups etc., (a lot) 30-40
426.    Four Nao porcelain figures, together with a Royal Doulton white glazed 'Awakening' figure, (5) 30-40
427.    Royal Albert porcelain table wares to include 'Old Country Roses' and 'Old English Rose' patterns, (a lot) 30-40
428.    Mixed lot to include a porcelain floral patterned egg, a Chinoiserie porcelain figure, a Cloisonne vase etc., (a lot) 20-30
429.    Mixed lot of cabinet cups and saucers to include Dresden, Staffordshire, Bavarian, etc., and two English 18th century saucers etc., (a lot) 20-40
430.    Two Airedale brass bookends, a Sealyham Terrier wall plaque and a brass hunting dog letter rack, (4) 20-30
431.    Susie Cooper 'Glen Mist' bone china coffee set, together with three Royal Worcester 'Virginia' patterned coffee cups and saucers etc., (a lot) 20-30
432.    Five art glass paperweights, (5) 15-20
433.    Gladstone bone china 'Montrose' patterned twelve place teaset 20-40
434.    Pine metal bound barrel and cover, a Scandinavian pine tankard, a rolling pin, etc., (6) 30-40
435.    Carton containing a collection of miscellaneous Epns wares to include a sauceboat, flatwares, muffin dish etc. (a lot) 30-40
436.    Large salt glazed stoneware crock with a wooden lid and two bowls, etc., (a lot) 20-40
437.    African style drum, shield and spear (3) 20-30
438.    Essex sewing machine in a brown leather case, together with another Essex miniature machine, (2) 40-60
439.    Pair of brass and iron fire dogs, (2) 40-60
440.    Pair of cast iron Punch and Judy doorstops, 22cm high, (2) 50-80
441.    Pair of faux giltwood table lamp bases, complete with shades, (2) 30-40
442.    Vintage Vulcan sewing machine (boxed), together with a Petite toy sewing machine, (2) 30-40
443.    Austin sculpture faux stoneware Buddha head on an ebonised square plinth, 45cm high 30-40
444.    Ebonised carved African wall mask, 50cm long 30-50
445.    Three piece steel and brass fireside companion set, comprising shovel, poker and tongs, (3) 20-30
446.    Basket containing a quantity of artificial fruit, etc (a lot) 20-30
447.    Large floor standing figure of a Dog, 75cm high 50-80
448.    Fortnum and Mason picnic basket containing a quantity of Palissy Game Series table wares, together with another picnic basket (a lot) 30-40
449.    Bronze patinated resin water fountain of two children, modelled standing with their dog beneath an umbrella, 60cm high 40-60
450.    Octagonal blue and white New Jersey patterned ashet,49cm long, together with a Staffordshire Pure Butter circular platter, (2) 40-60
451.    Italian pottery circular wall plaque with figures and horses, 36cm diameter 15-20
452.    Vintage Bang & Olfusen Beogram CDX music system, together with a pair of speakers (a lot) 20-30
453.    19th century walnut writing slope with brass mounts and white metal presentation plaque, size when closed 38 x 35cm 80-120
454.    Large Janet Adam studio pottery charger, 49cm diameter 30-40
455.    19th century mahogany tray of narrow proportions, 70cm long 20-30
456.    Art Deco style figural table lamp and glass shade, height overall approx 85cm 50-70
457.    Pine cased clock, 60cm high 50-70
458.    Mixed lot to include two fishing creel baskets, various boot jacks, a vintage sprayer and a brass pail etc., (a large lot) 50-60
459.    Vintage Hornby to include 50153 and 45746 engines, carriages and goods depot tin plate building etc., (a large lot) 30-40
460.    Vintage toys to include The Worlds Best Toy Xylophone and various tin plate vehicles to include Chief Police Car and an Aeroplane etc. (a lot) 30-40
461.    Bush Radio 10-15
462.    Brass three-branch light fitting and a black painted metal lantern style fitting, (2) 10-15
463.    Brass oil lamp with cranberry glass well and etched glass globe on an ebonised circular base, height overall 55cm 50-70
464.    Suite of Edinburgh Crystal glass to include white wine, red wine, champagne, whiskey tumblers and brandy glasses etc.,(a large lot) 40-60
465.    Two glass rummers and four coloured glass beakers (6) 20-40
466.    Two Wedgwood 'Kashmar' patterned tureen and covers, (2) 10-15
467.    Spode console cobalt coffee set comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, six soup bowls, six pudding plates and six side plates etc., (a lot) 30-40
468.    Quantity of Coalport 'Indian Tree' patterned table wares to include a tazza, plates, bowls etc., (a lot) 30-40
469.    Quantity of ladies vintage evening dresses (a lot) 30-40
470.    Late 19th / early 20th century Persian Gabbeh pictorial rug with lions, birds and other animals 160 x 90cm 100-200
471.    Ladies brown fur coat, fur jacket, shoulder cape, hats etc., (a lot) 30-40
472.    Collection of five spears, each on an ebonised stand, longest approx 120cm long 80-120
473.    Pair of hexagonal black painted metal and glass panelled lantern light fittings, (2) 100-200
474.    Brass oil lamp 20-30
475.    Collection of eight Belouch carpet bags, together with a small eastern mat, (9) 60-80
476.    Vineyard wall clock 62cm long 120-150
477.    Calendar wall clock with pendulum, length overall 110cm approx. 60-80
478.    Small four fold screen containing needlework panels of flowers, etc, height 72cm x 95cm approx. 70-100
479.    Large coppered tin circular charger with engraved foliate design, 83cm diameter 50-70
480.    Turkomann Chuval, 120 x 72cm 40-60
481.    Turkomann rug, the red field with three rows of nine guls with geometric borders, 155 x 104cm 50-70
482.    Large Persian style carpet with allover foliate design, 590 x 340cm 50-100