Antique & interiors Sale on 03/04/21

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1.      Eastern silver to include a beaker and a circular box and cover, both with foliate engraved pattern and stamped marks to the base, tallest 5cm (2) 50-70
2.      Set of six Victorian silver table spoons, Hanoverian pattern with rat tail bowls, Mappin Brothers, London 1899, 20.5cm long, together with a similar set of six Edwardian silver tablespoons, Goldsmith & Silversmiths Company, London 1905, approx weight 860g (12) 250-300
3.      Set of six George V silver forks, Hanoverian pattern, George Howson, Sheffield 1923, 19cm long, approx 385 (6) 120-150
4.      Set of six silver forks and seven silver spoons, Hanoverian pattern, mixed makers, approx weight 650 grams, (13) 200-250
5.      Art Deco silver cigarette case, Mappin & Webb, London 1937, 10 x 9cm 50-60
6.      Victorian silver snuff box, hinged lid with a vacant cartouche and foliate chased thumb piece, makers mark for Cronin & Wheeler, 9 x 6cm 60-80
7.      George V silver sugar castor, London 1919, 20cm high 50-60
8.      Edwardian silver photograph frame, with blue velvet strut back, Birmingham 1909, 20 x 14cm 40-60
9.      Edwardian silver jug with a reeded strap handle and matching collar, Marston & Bayliss, Birmingham 1901, 13cm approx 265 grams 80-120
10.     Georgian silver caddy spoon, with shell bowl, Newcastle circa 1800, 8cm long 30-50
11.     Norwegian silver flatware to include a spoon, stamped R. Elvesaeter, four others stamped Mylius and various other items with makers mark NM (12) 40-60
12.     Pair of silver salts, Wilson & Sharp, Birmingham 1938, 12cm long (2) 40-50
13.     Pair of Victorian silver Seal top spoons, Hukin & Heath, Birmingham 1898, 20cm long, (2) 30-40
14.     George VI silver cigarette box, with engine turned hinged lid and cedar lined interior, Birmingham 1940, 14 x 9cm 50-70
15.     Victorian silver and mother of pearl handled butter knife, 19cm long 20-30
16.     George III silver tablespoon, John Robertson II & John Walton Newcastle, 22cm long 40-50
17.     Four Georgian silver tablespoons, to include two by John Langlands, one by Tom Watson and another (4) 150-170
18.     A large collection of silver teaspoons to include various Georgian and Victorian hallmarks, a napkin ring stamped 800 and a pair of Georgian London silver dessert spoons, etc , approx weight 750 grams 200-250
19.     A collection of silver teaspoons, butter knives, salt spoons and a silver napkin ring, with mixed makers and hallmarks, (a lot) approx weight 220 gram 50-60
20.     Late Victorian silver box, the side embossed with fox hunting scene, with figures to the lid, Thomas Hayes, Birmingham 1900, 18cm long 100-150
21.     Edwardian silver handled button hook and shoe horn set, Birmingham 1905,in fitted case together with another set with Birmingham 1899 hallmarks (2) 20-40
22.     Scottish white metal mounted curly horn snuff mull, 9cm long 40-60
23.     Victorian ivory and tigers eye walking cane / parasol handle, with silver collar, London 1888, 16cm long 50-70
24.     Three silver bracelets, and a Tiffany style silver necklace, approx 71 grams (4) 30-40
25.     Masonic silver gilt pendant, London 1965, together with a silver watch chain and fob, approx weight 50 grams 30-40
26.     Gents silver coin ring 20-30
27.     1937 George VI specimen set of coins. boxed 50-60
28.     Boxed coin sets to include 1965, 1966, 1967 & 1953 QEII specimen set of coins, (4) 40-60
29.     Three Scottish provincial silver Old English pattern table spoons, with pointed ends, by Alexander Campbell, Greenock, (active 1790 - 1800) ) 22cm long (3) 150-180
30.     Three Scottish provincial silver Old English pattern table spoons, with pointed ends, by John Heron, Greenock, (active 1811 - 1831) 22cm long (3) 150-180
31.     Scottish Provincial silver serving spoon, with Stags head hallmark, possibly Canongate , 23cm long together with an Old English pattern silver table spoon, struck with JMc makers mark twice, 21cm long (2) 100-150
32.     Marine ivory tusk with London silver calendar, 20cm high 60-80
33.     Cased set of six Sheffield silver teaspoons 20-30
34.     George III silver cream jug, Ann Robertson, Newcastle, 12cm high 50-70
35.     Scottish Provincial silver teaspoon, William Whitecross, Aberdeen, circa 1830, 14cm long 20-30
36.     Georgian silver loving cup, John Langlands II, Newcastle, 15cm high 200-250
37.     George II silver loving cup, John Langlands I, Newcastle 1757, 13cm high 250-300
38.     Pair of Victorian silver bonbon dishes, heart shaped with pierced rims, Birmingham 1876, 9cm long, together with an Edwardian silver navette shaped salt with a blue glass liner, Birmingham 1902, (3) 50-70
39.     Set of twelve provincial silver teaspoons, fiddle pattern with engraved initials, struck with makers mark for George Sangster, Aberdeen and Edinburgh 1854, 14cm long (12) 120-150
40.     Scottish provincial silver caddy spoon, William Jameson, Aberdeen, (active 1806 - 1840) , 9cm long 50-70
41.     George V silver drop catcher and chain for a decanter or claret jug, Hammond, Turner & Sons, Birmingham 1931, 7.5cm 50-70
42.     Pair of silver tablespoons, Christian Ker Reid, Newcastle 1809, together with another by Hugh Breckenridge, Newcastle 1810, longest 24cm (3) 120-150
43.     Set of four Georgian silver table spoons, Old English pattern, William & Patrick Cunningham, Edinburgh 1790 and another by Alexander Cameron, Dundee (5) 100-150
44.     9ct gold diamond solitaire ring, approx 0.10ct and two illusion set 9ct gold diamond solitaire rings, (3) 100-120
45.     Four 9ct gold gemset rings (4) 100-150
46.     Four 9ct gold gemset rings to include an eternity ring (4) 100-150
47.     Victorian cut glass spirit decanter with a silver stopper, inscribed Tennis Doppel Spiel, Hamburg 1891, together with a white metal 'Whiskey' decanter label, another glass spirit decanter with a faux ivory 'Gin' decanter label, (a lot) 60-80
48.     Lady's gold plated Rotary wristwatch and matching bracelet, in original blue leather presentation box 50-60
49.     9ct gold rope twist necklace together with a yellow metal chain with seed pearl locket (a lot) 80-120
50.     Queen Victoria gold half sovereign, 1894 100-150
51.     White metal hardstone jewellery and a claw brooch, etc (4) 30-50
52.     18ct gold mounted barometer and compass pendant, stamped 18ct, 3cm diameter, with a Burchett Goldsmiths & Watchmakers, Cheaspside, London box. 150-200
53.     18ct gold diamond solitaire ring, approx 0.10ct, in a claw setting and plain band, fully hallmarked. 60-80
54.     WWI Victory and War medals, awarded to PTE A. Lees, 45519, KO Scot Bord, with a collection of Royal commemorative medallions, Rifle club pendant and a small St Christopher, etc contained within a oak box with a pewter lid (a lot) 70-100
55.     A collection of UK pre decimal coins and some world bank notes, Dr Andrew Duncan Horticultural Medallion, and a paper knife, etc (a lot) 30-40
56.     Costume jewellery to include wristwatches and faux pearls, etc (a lot) 10-20
57.     Edwardian silver collared and cut glass scent bottle and stopper, of tapering form with a circular footrim, William Hutton & sons, Birmingham 1907, 19cm high together with another of globular form, Birmingham 1904, 15cm high (2) 100-150
58.     Two George V silver and glass dressing table jars, Chester 1911 and Birmingham 1911, 13cm long (2) 30-50
59.     Eastern silver bowl, stamped 800, 11cm wide together with a white metal cream jug, (2) 30-40
60.     Japanese Komai type mixed metal inlaid cigarette case, signed, 9 x 8cm 40-60
61.     A pair of silver topped glass scent bottles, (with loose lid) Birmingham 1912, 11cm (2) 50-60
62.     Ten various medals to include a Polish Service medal for Prison Guards, various military brass buttons and cap badges, etc (in two boxes) 40-60
63.     Box of miscellaneous tokens, etc (a lot) 30-40
64.     Pair of Gents 9ct gold cufflink's 30-50
65.     Silver card tray of oval outline Newcastle 70-100
66.     Royal Doulton 'Thanksgiving' HN2446, bisque figure, 20cm high 30-40
67.     Royal Doulton 'Paisley Shawl' figure HN1987 and a Paragon 'Lady Christine' china figure, tallest 21cm (2) 30-40
68.     Chinese blue and white dragon pattern jar with pierced wooden cover, height overall 24cm 100-150
69.     Pair of bronze stork figures, on stylised rectangular bases, height overall 26cm (one a/f with a coin repair to the base) (2) 60-80
70.     Chinese Export blue and white rectangular serving dish with a domed cover and original pierced liner, the base with restoration, size overall 34cm long 60-80
71.     19th century knop stemmed drinking glass, 14cm high 15-20
72.     Tuscan Fine Bone China pink glazed teaset, twelve place setting, (39) 30-40
73.     Cetem Ware black glazed Temple Vase and cover painted with a Kingfisher pattern, 32cm high 30-40
74.     A pair of continental porcelain campana urn vases with winged cherub pattern, on square gilt metal bases, 15cm high (2) 40-50
75.     Belleek 'Aberdeen' porcelain pitcher, floral encrusted and with black printed backstamp, 24cm high 40-50
76.     Royal Doulton 'Daydreams' HN1731 figure, Reg No 807474, 15cm high 30-40
77.     Royal Worcester figures 'Grandmother's Dress' & 'First Dance' tallest 18cm (2) 30-40
78.     Imari scalloped charger painted with a basket of flowers centre, with a plate hanger in situ, 30cm diameter 40-50
79.     Imari charger, typically painted with chrysanthemums and bats, etc 29cm diameter 50-70
80.     Collection of Chinese blue and white pottery and porcelains to include a vase, ginger jar and cover, prunus pattern vase, saucer dish, etc (mostly with faults and some restoration) tallest 31cm 60-80
81.     Pair of blue glass vases panelled with flower and foliage pattern in coloured enamels, with white dot borders, 32cm high (2) 70-100
82.     Coalbrookdale by Coalport, a pair of floral encrusted porcelain vases with covers, 15cm high (2) 50-70
83.     Coalbrookdale by Coalport floral encrusted porcelain jar and cover, with handles to side, 18cm high 50-70
84.     Coalbrookdale by Coalport two floral encrusted porcelain vases, tallest 16cm (2) 40-50
85.     Mats Jonasson Swedish glass paperweights, largest 22cm long (6) 50-70
86.     Royal Doulton 'Warwick Castle' rectangular r box and cover containing a set of four dishes 20-30
87.     Early 20th century blue and white art pottery vase, signed with a monogram and dated 1924, 12cm high together with a studio pottery bowl and two vases, (4) 30-40
88.     Set of five yellow glass bowls with etched fruit and vine pattern, 12cm wide, (5) 20-30
89.     An unusual early brass loving cup with turned wooden handles and circular wooden base, 32cm wide 30-40
90.     Limoges porcelain pill box and a Sevres pill box, (cover restored) (2) largest 8cm long 20-40
91.     Collection of Roman style pottery to include two lamps,pair of terracotta vases and two smaller, tallest 16cm (6) 50-70
92.     Contemporary Buddha head on a rectangular plinth base, 20cm high 20-30
93.     19th century brown glazed pottery money bank in the form of a House and another in the form of Lady's head, tallest 10cm (2) 30-40
94.     Royal Copenhagen porcelain cup and saucer with handpainted flowers and gilt edged rims, (2) 20-30
95.     Royal Worcester blush ivory vase with an elephant tusk handle, shape 419, with puce printed backstamp, 12cm high 40-60
96.     Royal Worcester cream glazed shell vase with a green printed backstamp and a Coalport white glazed Dragon vase by Donald Brindley ARCA, tallest 23cm (2) 50-70
97.     Mixed lot to include a Paragon china cabinet plate, Corona Ware Rosetta pattern jar and cover, Masons Nabob pattern jar and cover, etc (4) 30-40
98.     Pair of Royal Doulton blue and white vases with flared gilt edged rims and painted with children, impressed Doulton Lambeth mark and No L8928. 35cm high 150-200
99.     Royal Worcester china figure 'Saturday's Child Works Hard for a Living', 18cm 20-30
100.    Royal Doulton 'The Lifeguard' HN2781 figure, 25cm 30-40
101.    Royal Worcester jug with a gilt lizard and faux bamboo handle, puce backstamp, model No. 1714, 15cm high 60-80
102.    Royal Worcester blush ivory bowl, with basket weave effect and handles to side, painted with flowers, 23 x 19cm 50-70
103.    19th century black glass vase with white pate sur pate style classical figures,on a square pedestal base (restoration to the base) height overall 34cm 100-150
104.    Mixed stoneware flagon and bottles together with a Foot Warmer, tallest 31cm (6) 30-40
105.    Gold anchor porcelain figure of a girl with a tambourine and lamb and a Dresden ballerina figure, tallest 19cm 92) 40-50
106.    Pair of porcelain male and female figures, the female with a duck and hen and the male with basket of fruit, both modelled standing on circular bases, 28cm high (2) (minor faults) 150-200
107.    Moorcroft vase tubeline decorated with flowers, with facsimile signature and impressed factory mark, 13cm high 70-100
108.    Moorcroft grapes and vine pattern baluster vase with a green ground, with facsimile signature and impressed factory marks, 13cm high 100-120
109.    Pair of Whieldon Ware Kang-He vases, 22cm high (2) 40-50
110.    Royal Worcester figure 'Rose' modelled by Ann Acheson, together with a Hummel figure, tallest 13cm 92) 30-40
111.    Poole Pottery handpainted serving platter and set of four plates, designs to include a shrimp, fish and snail, etc ( 5) 40-50
112.    Collection of Royal Doulton Bunnykins pottery to include a mug and three bowls, (4) 15-20
113.    Doulton Lambeth 'Special Highland Whisky' stoneware flask, 24cm high (a/f) 15-25
114.    Pair of Cranston pottery art vases, 20cm high (2) 30-50
115.    Clarice Cliff for Wilkinson's Pottery pink glazed vase on three floral moulded feet, 15cm high 50-70
116.    Denby jug painted with flowers and coloured bands, 19cm high 20-30
117.    Clarice Cliff vases to include My Garden and two others, tallest 19cm (3) 60-80
118.    Wedgwood glass paperweights, tallest 13cm (8) 30-40
119.    Wedgwood & Co Bizarre by Clarice Cliff sugar castor, boxed and a Moorland Clarice Cliff style Crocus vase, tallest 20cm (2) 50-70
120.    Limoges porcelain dessert service comprising a pair of comports and five plates, (some faults) (6) 30-40
121.    Doulton Lambeth stoneware planter with Art nouveau flowers and foliage pattern, 18 x 25cm 50-70
122.    Doulton Lambeth tankard with brown glazed body and band of corn flowers, with impressed factory marks and artists monogram AW. 21cm high 50-70
123.    Early to mid 20th century painted plaster Elephant and rider, 32cm long 30-40
124.    Royal Doulton Old Balloon Seller character teapot, 16cm high 20-30
125.    Worcester Royal China Works porcelain vase with reticulated rim and painted with mixed flowers and thistles, black printed backstamp, 20cm high 50-70
126.    Studio pottery vase and similar rectangular platter, 19cm high (2) 20-30
127.    China teaset painted with flowers, six place setting (a lot) 20-30
128.    Collection of African hardwood figure s and a pair of bookends, 25cm high (6) 30-50
129.    Quantity of crested china and porcelain, etc (a lot) 20-30
130.    Quantity of crested china and porcelain, etc (a lot) 20-30
131.    Quantity of Royal commemorative pottery, (a lot) 20-30
132.    Early 20th century blue enamelled dressing table brush set (5) 20-30
133.    Set of twelve Royal Doulton character jugs to include Beefeater, The Red Queen, The Falconer, etc (12) 60-80
134.    Tuscan china blue and white teaset, with art nouveau pattern, 12 cups, 112 saucers, 10 side plates, sugar bowl, cream jug and cake plate, (a lot) 20-30
135.    Set of twelve Royal Doulton character jugs to include The lawyer, Don Quixote, Mad hatter, etc (12) 50-70
136.    Denby Marrakesh dinner service with five plates, seven side plates, nine bowls, two mugs and salt and pepper pots,(a lot) 30-40
137.    Pair of modern chinoiserie vases on wooden bases, 21cm high (2) 30-40
138.    Pair of modern chinoiserie vases on wooden bases, 25cm high (2) 30-40
139.    Japanese yellow and black glazed charger, painted with figures in a landscape, 40cm diameter 20-40
140.    Modern chinoiserie vase , 32cm high 20-30
141.    Pair of modern chinoiserie temple jars and covers on wooden bases, 28cm high (2) 40-60
142.    Showcase containing a set of four craquelure glazed tea bowls, overall size 79 x 31cm 50-70
143.    Red resin figure group of horses on naturalistic base, 41 x 30cm 50-70
144.    Red resin chinoiserie group of figures in a barge, 39 x 23cm 50-70
145.    Ganesh a carved wooden figure / shrine, together with a hardwood figure of a Sage, tallest 23cm (2) 30-40
146.    Royal Doulton figures Hope and Faith and a Royal Worcester figure Lullaby, tallest 23cm (3) 30-40
147.    Vintage Ericsson telephone, 35cm high 40-50
148.    Pair of Japanned metal vases with gilt lion mask head and ring handles, on oval pedestal base, 22cm high (2) 50-70
149.    French style ormolu mantle clock, circular dial with Arabic numerals on the chapter ring surmounted with cherub and flanked by columns, movement numbered A1 567948, striking on a gong, size overall 36cm 200-300
150.    Green hardstone mantle clock, the dial with silvered chapter ring and Roman numerals, 22 x 14cm 40-60
151.    Early 19th century Epns cake stand with three tiers, size of the base is approx 44 x 44cm 50-70
152.    Basket containing a collection of vintage tins, to include The Squirrel and Oxo, etc (a lot) 20-30
153.    A quantity of novelty bottle stoppers and corks, (a lot) 20-30
154.    Sestrel ships compass in a brass case, 50-70
155.    Hezzanith cased sextant, 50-70
156.    Floral giltwood frame with glass panel, size overall 47 x 52cm (some faults) 40-60
157.    Corona Pottery child's QEII Coronation teaset, comprising three cups, four saucers, four side plates, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl and a Empire Ware George V 'Baby' plate (a lot) 20-30
158.    Jules Bernaerts, spelter head and shoulders female figure, on an ebonised plinth base, height 28cm 150-180
159.    Sunderland lustre wall plaque 'Prepare to Meet Thy God' together with a 'No Surrender' wall plaque, 23 x 20cm (2) 20-40
160.    Pine box containing three copper ashtrays, brass dish, two ebony wooden hair tidy boxes etc, (a lot) 30-40
161.    Pine box containing costume jewellery, miscellaneous buttons, Wade Whimsies, etc (a lot) 20-30
162.    19th century English porcelain teaset, twelve place setting, 50-70
163.    19th century mahogany cased fusee wall clock, the dial with Roman numerals and inscribed Reid & Sons, Newcastle on Tyne 200-300
164.    William III 'No surrender' octagonal plate, probably Scottish 18cm wide 50-80
165.    Two Royal Doulton character jugs to include The Snooker Player and Michael Doulton, (2) 20-30
166.    Copper and brass Beldray spirit kettle on stand together with a teapot, (2) 30-40
167.    Paragon fine china teaset with purple and pink flowers, 12 place setting (one cup a/f) (40) 40-60
168.    Set of five vintage Babycham glasses, advertising board and plastic figure, (a lot) 20-40
169.    Emma Bridgewater 'Mr & Mrs' mugs, (2) 10-15
170.    Quantity of Epns wares to include tureens, gallery tray, spirit kettle a pewter teaset, etc (a lot) 30-50
171.    Carton containing a quantity of cased flatwares, (a lot) 20-30
172.    Carton containing pewter tankards, mahogany canteens with fish knives and forks, etc (a lot) 30-40
173.    Propeller and an 'Anchor. lantern, (2) 40-60
174.    Tin glazed charger, with leaf design to centre within blue, red and green sponged border, on a wooden plate stand, 34cm diameter 50-70
175.    19th century walnut box with a hinged lid and four division to the interior, 23 x 17cm 40-60
176.    Wemyss pottery cabbage rose pattern inkwell complete with a glass liner and cover, green painted backstamp, 15 x 15cm 70-100
177.    Early 20th century floral carved ivory box, in three sections, 7 x 5cm 30-50
178.    Continental porcelain inkwell with floral pattern and gilt metal mounts, together with a silver plate on copper caddy and a small amethyst glass bottle, tallest 10cm (3) 50-70
179.    Mixed lot to include a turned wooden mortar and pestle, vintage Chesterman tape measure, MKIII compass, leather case with brushes, (a lot) 40-60
180.    'The Crystal Palace' a framed Stevengraph and a small early 20th century watercolour and a Glasgow Exhibition 1901 tin and a brass ball, (4) 40-50
181.    Continental porcelain table centre piece, 29cm high 20-30
182.    Two copper and brass bugles, (2) (a/f) 20-30
183.    Mixed lot to include a small Staffordshire blue and white jug, bowl, Chinese prunus dish - restored, Continental porcelain dish and a Victorian teapot, (a lot) (a/f) 20-30
184.    Three draw leather and brass telescope and a cartridge maker, oak plaque and barrel (4) 50-70
185.    19th century rosewood sarcophagus tea caddy, lead lined on four bun feet, together with a walnut and mother of pearl inlaid box, largest 26cm (2) 60-80
186.    Chinese basket with Peking glass handles and tassels, 30cm diameter 30-40
187.    Walnut caddy, the domed top opening to reveal two lead lined divisions, with original covers, 18 x 15cm 50-70
188.    Large Staffordshire spill vase (a/f) 48cm high 20-30
189.    Mixed kitchenalia to include a Shortbread mold, butter pats, brass jelly pan, copper kettle, and bellows, etc (a lot) 30-40
190.    Painted wooden Capitol from a Corinthian column, 32 x 22cm, together with a two wooden base sections, (3) 50-70
191.    Vintage Mahjong Set in a chinoiserie box together with four tile stands and a book, (a lot) 40-60
192.    Taittinger champagne bucket and a Jim Beam plastic advertising light , 57cm wide (2) 30-40
193.    Illustrations of the Heart of Mid-Lothians - six engravings for the Members of the Royal Association for Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland, 1873 20-30
194.    Turner's Illustrations to Sir W. Scott's Works, in a tolled red leather binding 40-60
195.    Carton containing a quantity of miscellaneous Epns wares, etc (a lot) 30-40
196.    Canteen of plated flatware 20-30
197.    Carton containing a quantify of Epns wares, (a lot) 20-30
198.    Carton containing a quantity of handbags, (a lot) 20-30
199.    Collection of four painted wooden animals to include a duck and a rabbit, etc tallest 50cm (4) 20-40
200.    Indian and Eastern metal wares to include a brass scent dispenser, vases and bowls, etc (7) 50-70
201.    A pair of mahogany bedsides, each with two drawers and square tapering legs, 75 x 45cm (2) 40-50
202.    Mahogany envelope table, with a single frieze drawer, fluted legs and cross stretcher with an urn finial, (some losses to veneer on top surface) 77 x 57cm 40-60
203.    Nest of three tales, 47 x 49cm (3) 20-30
204.    An inlaid pedestal table and a smaller pedestal wine table, tallest 58 x 31cm (2) 30-40
205.    Red upholstered wing armchair on mahogany cabriole legs, 100 x 78cm 60-80
206.    Small pine storage box with a hinged lid, 32 x 60cm 20-40
207.    Burr walnut low boy style table with a single frieze drawer and cabriole legs, 60 x 47cm 40-60
208.    Stained pine stick stand with four divisions and with original metal drip tray, 69 x 30cm 20-30
209.    Early 20th century armchair, upholstered with red damask style fabric, on tapering legs terminating on castors, 91 x 55cm 50-60
210.    Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, on ring turned legs terminating on castors, 76 x 106cm 70-100
211.    Nest of three tables, 57 x 54cm (3) 20-30
212.    Queen Anne style burr walnut cabinet, with a shell ledgeback and open alcove, on cabriole legs, 86 x 51cm 50-70
213.    Eastern rug, the red field with three rows of six square medallions, geometric borders, 125 x 90cm 40-60
214.    An Iranian runner, the red foliate field with a central flowerhead medallion, 305 x 76cm 70-100
215.    Child's pine chair with spindle back, solid set and turned legs, 64 x 28cm 20-40
216.    19th century mahogany drop leaf table, probably Scottish, with a frieze drawer and turned tapering legs,75 x 80cm 60-80
217.    Pine corner cabinet, 65 x 45cm 30-40
218.    Tekke Bokhara prayer rug with a red field 110 x 70cm 50-70
219.    An Eastern runner, the red foliate field with three medallions and flowerhead borders, 270 x 70cm 70-100
220.    Kazak type prayer rug, 150 x 45cm 40-60
221.    Mahogany revolving bookcase, 86 x 46cm 50-60
222.    Red upholstered armchair with parcel gilt spiral arms and legs, 80 x 58cm 70-100
223.    Eastern rug, the red field with a central panel with serrated edges, 130 x 220cm 60-80
224.    Wooden garden bench, 98 x 157cm 40-60
225.    A pair of wooden storage boxes, 37 x 45cm (2) 20-40
226.    Buttonback armchair with red damask style upholstery together with a chair in matching fabric, 92 x 67cm (2) 70-100
227.    19th century mahogany chest with two short drawers over two long drawers, 86 x 94cm 100-150
228.    Mahogany bureau, with a fall front and fitted interior over open shelves, 106 x 56cm 80-120
229.    Nest of four hardwood tables, 58 x 42cm (4) 30-50
230.    Mahogany corner cabinet with glazed door, 78 x 64cm 30-40
231.    Ebonised bedroom chair with green velvet buttonback upholstery, 80 x 55cm 40-60
232.    Pair of Laura Ashley bedroom chairs with removable covers, 108 x 50cm (2) 40-60
233.    Patinated faux bronze elephant, 45 x 58cm 30-40
234.    North west Persian rug, 300 x 220cm 50-70
235.    Large Eastern carpet / rug, the rose field with flowers and palm leaves, within flowerhead borders, 382 x 282cm 150-200
236.    Mahogany bureau bookcase with a dentil cornice over a pair of glazed doors above a fall front and four long drawers, 188 x 79cm 80-120
237.    Mahogany side table with single drawer, slender legs, and undertier, 75 x 72cm 60-80
238.    Small oak side table, 49 x 59cm 20-30
239.    Brass purdonium, the sloping lid with cherubs, 42 x 31cm 30-40
240.    Two mahogany three tier folding cake stands, 92 x 28cm (2) 30-40
241.    Fullotone gramophone in an oak case, 91 x 79cm 40-60
242.    Camphor and brass bound blanket box / chest , 48 x 105cm 60-80
243.    19th century mahogany envelope drop leaf table on tapering legs with pad feet, 72 x 97cm 70-100
244.    Early 20th century oak open bookcase, 110 x 60cm 30-40
245.    19th century mahogany chest with three long drawers, (a/f) 80 x 79cm 60-80
246.    Pair of early 20th century side chair, (2) 10-15
247.    Early 20th century purdonium, the sloping cover with carved flowerhead, 50 x 37cm 30-40
248.    Early 20th century child's high chair, 91 x 36cm 40-50
249.    American style rocking chair with floral upholstered back and seat, 106 x 60cm 40-60
250.    Mahogany jardiniere plant stand, 95 x 29cm 30-40
251.    Chinese camphor wood chest / blanket box, 54 x 100cm 70-100
252.    Early 20th century bookcase with pigeon holes, 83 x 92cm 20-40
253.    Edwardian mahogany two tier occasional table, 75 x 77cm 30-50
254.    Mahogany washstand with marbled red hardstone top, 77 x 77cm 40-60
255.    An oak waterfall bookcase /magazine rack, 110 x 38cm 70-100
256.    Mahogany open wall shelves with spiral twist supports, 58 x 50cm 30-50
257.    Small oak side table on bobbin legs, 47 x 38cm 20-30
258.    Art Nouveau side chair, the vertical splats inlaid with mother of pearl, with an upholstered seat, on tapering legs, 80 x 40cm 40-60
259.    Georgian style walnut wall mirror, 90 x 47cm 50-70
260.    Mahogany dressing table mirror 46 x 39cm 20-30
261.    Oak open bookcase, 118 x 87cm 30-50
262.    Georgian style convex wall mirror in a circular ebonised and ball mounted gilt frame, 48cm 50-70
263.    Oak triangular table with a carved drop leaf and turned legs , 69 x 67cm 20-40
264.    Circular upholstered footstool. 34cm 20-30
265.    An oak pokerwork spinning chair 96 x 31cm 20-30
266.    Early 20th century line inlaid two tier Sutherland table 86 x 67cm 50-70
267.    Early 20th century two tier plant stand, 92 x 26cm 20-30
268.    Pair of mahogany side chairs with green upholstered seats, 92 x 50cm (2) 20-30
269.    Edwardian stained wood two tier occasional table with thistle and rose pattern, 70 x 70cm 40-60
270.    Early 20th century oval framed wall mirror, 60 x 50cm 20-30
271.    An oak Gothic style hall chair, 92 x 48cm 40-60
272.    Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table, 69 x 66cm 30-40
273.    French style mahogany open armchair with an oval Bergere back, upholstered seat and cabriole legs, 82 x 62cm 40-60
274.    Late 19th / early 20th century brass hanging lantern with four coloured leaded glass panels, 116 x 35cm 100-150
275.    Black wrought stand with a brass pan to the top and a terracotta type floor standing vase, (2) 20-30
276.    Moorish style folio stand with mother of pearl inlay, 80cm high 50-70
277.    Art nouveau brass framed spark / fire guard with a floral painted glass panel, 72 x 70cm 30-40
278.    Mahogany bench with pieced side supports and stretcher, 49 x 123cm 50-70
279.    Victorian mahogany console table with a serpentine top on acanthus scrolled supports, with an undertier platform base, 76 x 116cm 70-100
280.    Eastern rug, the red field with a pole medallion and ivory spandrels, flowerhead border, 205 x 125cm 50-70
281.    Pakistan rug of Bokhara design, the pale blue field with three rows of eighteen guls, multiple borders and fringed ends, 190 x 130cm 50-70
282.    Turkish rug, with a central red panel containing three leaf and flowerhead medallions, within an ivory border 200 x 130cm 50-70
283.    Kurdish runner, the indigo field with allover stylised foliate lattice design, 316 x 132cm 100-150
284.    Ushak carpet (a/f) 380 x 340cm 50-70
285.    Early 20th century dressing mirror with a painted green chinoiserie style frame, 58 x 51cm 50-70
286.    Large garden Armillary sun dial with signs of the Zodiac on a copper band, Sun dial, 80 x 46cm 100-150
287.    19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular top with a moulded edge, over two short and three long drawers, with bun handles, 104 x 104cm 100-150
288.    Modern hardwood open bookcase, 200 x 107cm 50-70
289.    Julian Chichester Balthazars chest of drawers in a marbled effect vellum, (slight faults) 86 x 120cm 300-500
290.    19th century yellow painted chest, with two short and three graduating long drawers, with bun handles, 114 x 126cm 80-120
291.    An unusual white painted bookcase cabinet, with a giltwood star over a set of five open shelves sitting on bun feet above a cupboard base, the doors with a brick effect, 275 x 84cm 200-300
292.    An unusual white painted bookcase cabinet, with a silver giltwood moon over a set of five open shelves sitting on bun feet above a cupboard base, the doors with a brick effect, 275 x 84cm 200-300
293.    Mahogany fire screen with a floral tapestry panel, 76 x 56cm 20-30
294.    Grey painted coffee table with two drawers and an undertier, 48 x 106cm 30-40
295.    Pine kitchen dresser with a stepped cornice over a planked and shelved back, above two drawers and a pair of cupboard doors, 195 x 115cm 70-100
296.    Oak cased Grandfather clock with a painted dial with spider's web spandrels and Roman numerals, inscribed Bowring Exeter and with a date aperture, with a partially glazed trunk door and Art Nouveau floral panel to the base, 212 x 53cm 150-250
297.    Julian Chichester black lacquered cabinet, with four glazed doors and shelved interior, complete with wall fittings and instructions, 242 x 120cm (some imperfections) 200-300
298.    19th century mahogany framed scroll back and arm chaise, with worn red upholstery, on fluted legs terminating on castors, 83 x 205cm 80-120
299.    Vintage Habitat dining table and set of seven chairs, (8)74 x 180cm 70-100
300.    Mahogany occasional table with rectangular top and trestle side supports, 78 x 107cm 20-40
301.    19th century side chair with a carved toprail and horizontal splat, canework seat and fluted legs, 94 x 50cm 30-40
302.    Victorian adjustable piano stool with leather upholstered circular seat, 50-70
303.    Ear;ly 20th century mahogany bureau with fall front and fitted interior, on cabriole legs, 95 x 62cm 40-60
304.    Pine standard lamp and shade, 163cm 10-15
305.    Pine cabinet with three drawers over a central alcove, flanked by cupboard doors, 90 x 153cm 80-120
306.    Robert Sharp, Edinburgh, a 19th century mahogany longcase clock with broken swan neck and painted dial with subsidiary dials and two winding holes, flanked by bobbin and chevron carved columns, the inlaid trunk door flanked by reeded pilasters, 212 x 52cm 150-250
307.    Adjustable piano stool 52 x 36cm 50-70
308.    Early 20th century light oak wardrobe, 172 x 92cm 50-70
309.    Eastern rug, red field with two rows of five flowerheads, multiple borders, 280 x 170cm 50-70
310.    19th century mahogany chest of small proportions, with two short and two long drawers with bun handles and feet, 94 x 91cm 120-150
311.    Victorian flame mahogany Scotch chest with three short drawers and three long drawers, flanked by scrolling uprights, the bun handles with mother of pearl inlaid discs, 120 x 128 cm 120-150
312.    19th century mahogany longcase clock, the painted dial with floral spandrels and Roman numerals, 220 x 54cm 150-200
313.    Vintage wicker armchair, with loose cushion, 107 x 75cm 20-30
314.    Oak gateleg table with single drop leaf, 75 x 92cm 20-40
315.    Late 19th / early 20th century American style rocking chair, (a/f) 105 x 56cm 30-40
316.    19th century mahogany bow front chest with two short and three graduating long drawers, on bracket feet, 106 x 106cm 120-150
317.    Mahogany framed dressing table mirror, 50 x 52cm 20-30
318.    Set of four mahogany side chairs with matching open armchair / carver, all upholstered in a contemporary bird and butterfly linen fabric, 92 x 5cm (some faults) (5) 70-100
319.    19th century mahogany Pembroke table, on tapering legs, 72 x 92cm 40-60
320.    French style open armchair with canework back, scrolling arms, upholstered seat and cabriole legs, 85 x 57cm 50-70
321.    Painted metal garden lighthouse, with a small door to the base and pierced gallery to top, 78 x 35cm 70-100
322.    Corner chair with pierced vertical splats and upholstered seat, (top rail a/f) 78 x 74cm 20-40
323.    19th century mahogany two tier washstand, 84 x 40cm 40-50
324.    Lancashire style armchair with spindle back and woven seat, 100 x 52cm 30-50
325.    Six various 19th century mahogany chairs, all with upholstered seats, 89 x 5-cm (6) 60-80
326.    An Armorial ballot / donations box, with hinged lid, 35 x 46cm 30-40
327.    Three 19th century mahogany side chairs with cross splats and curved top rails, upholstered seats and reeded legs, 84 x 52cm (3) 40-50
328.    Scrolling wall bracket with shelf, 51 x 42cm 30-40
329.    Two 19th century hall chairs, 86 x 50cm (2) 20-30
330.    Iron bound wooden stick stand / barrel of tapering cylindrical form, 70cm high 20-40
331.    Early 20th century oak folding folio stand, the ratchet action allowing the folio to be used floor standing or as a table top stand, dimensions when folded 80 x 55 x 100cm 200-300
332.    Rectangular giltwood frame, size overall 70 x 55cm 20-40
333.    19th century rosewood framed wall mirror with rectangular glass plate, bearing a Doig McKechnie & Davies label verso, overall size 41 x 109cm 50-70
334.    Late 19th / early 20th century ironwork window guard, with scrolling foliage and flower pod, owl and butterfly to the base, with a Whytock and Reid paper label, 65 x 150cm 120-150
335.    Metal wares to include a coper bed warming pan, brass and coper planters, (4) 30
336.    Composite stone sundial with wire inlaid numbers, 110 x 48cm 70-100
337.    Two peat bellows, one with a winding handle, longest 28cm (2) 30-40
338.    Folding wooden folio stand featuring tigers and elephants, etc 58cm wide 40-60
339.    Large pressed metal tray with foliage and peacock pattern, 79cm diameter, 20-40
340.    Two granite curling stones, 27cm (2) 50-70
341.    Three granite curling stones, one with a wooden handle, 27cm, (3) 70-100
342.    Small painted wooden cabinet with eight drawers and pressed metal labels, 50cm high 30-40
343.    Vintage Russian grey wool Military coat with star buttons with a duck egg coloured lining, total length 135cm 30-50
344.    Metal stature of a Greek or Roman warrior figure, 68cm high 30-40
345.    Cased violin with three bows, 60cm 20-40
346.    A large black papier mache tray with mother of pearl inlaid pattern of building and trees, 68 x 55cm (a/(af) 30-40
347.    Vintage brown leather trave case, monogrammed HW tot he front, 46cm 20-30
348.    Small baby's pram with canvas and wicker hood, 60cm high 30-40
349.    Green and pink rug, 120 x 172cm 30-40
350.    Modern brass table lamp and two shades, largest 46 x 35cm (3) 20-30
351.    Pair of silvered glass table lamps, one with a amp cartouche decoupage 'Nova Granada, California', 37cm high (2) 70-100
352.    19th century icon, depicting Christ, painted with tempera wooden panel, dated 1830, size overall 32 x 40cm 300-400
353.    Early 20th century alabaster table lamp base, the base with an oval box, its cover with a cherub, 36cm high 50-60
354.    Vintage bus conductor / driver's felt hat and Scottish Omnibus Limited badges and medals (a lot) 20-30
355.    Eastern brass inlaid jewellery box with mirrored interior and lift out trays, 38 x 26cm 30-40
356.    Modern rectangular mirror with two elliptical panels, 21 x 32cm 20-30
357.    Dice and Playing Cards wool tapestry panel, 90 x 90cm 30-50
358.    Two Chinese style blue and white table lamp bases, tallest 35cm (2) 20-30
359.    Two wooden duck figures, tallest 48cm 920 20-30
360.    Pair of chinoiserie blue and white jars with covers, 22cm (2) 20-30
361.    Chinoiserie pottery stick stand with faux gilt base together with an smaller planter of similar design, tallest 40cm (2) 30-50
362.    Modern mantle clock and blue and white vase on metal base, 920 20-30
363.    Vintage mandolin 20-30
364.    Mixed lot to include a brass planter, glass candlesticks and costume jewelry etc 20-30
365.    Collection of vintage flags and bunting, approx . 20-30
366.    Two painted wooden figure to include a totem pole, longest 42cm (20 20-30
367.    Black metal wig box, 'JF Burton,Clerk of Peace' 28cm x 23cm 40-60
368.    Gilt framed wall mirror, 60 x 38cm 50-70
369.    Three various mirrors to include a mahogany mirror from a dressing table, largest 62 x 53cm (3) 50-60
370.    A collection of vintage brass stair rods to include four with plain design and fourteen with fleur de lys finials, (3 finials lacking) 69cm (a lot) 30-40
371.    Mixed metal wares to include a black metal cauldron, copper kettle, black metal bracket, and a magic lantern in a black box, (a lot) 50-70
372.    Various books to include British birds, The Word of Pooh, Mermaid Series, etc (approx 30) 30-50
373.    Mahogany Gothic wardrobe with a shaped cornice over a pair of panelled doors with brass strapwork hinges, the interior with hanging space, drawers and linen pull out slides, on a plinth base, 209 x 57 x 143cm 150-200
374.    A part 18th century oak escritoire with a drop down fallfront and pigeon holes and drawers to the interior, over an associated base with geometric panelled doors, 188 x 54 x 108cm 200-300
375.    A collection of vintage cameras to include a No II Hawkette, Bakelite example, No Six-20 Kodak Junior with its box and another (3) 30-40
376.    Mixed lot to include a vesta, Flamagas stainless steel ashtray, Danish teak pip stand and a vintage cigarette dispenser, (4) 20-30
377.    Negretti and Zambra compass in a brown leather case, two trench art shell cases and a four drawer brass and leather telescope, (4) 70-100
378.    A quantity of gents vintage wristwatches, (a lot) 20-30
379.    An album of world bank notes together with a quantity of pre decimal coins and a small collection of Roman coins, (a lot) 50-60
380.    Late 19th / early 20th century ivory goblet, 15cm high 40-60
381.    St Moritz novelty carved wooden dogs head inkwell, 6cm 20-30
382.    Mickey and Minnie's Barrel Organ, with original box which is in fragments, 50-70
383.    Quantity of pewter quaichs and a pewter Celtic style paper knife, etc (a lot) 20-40
384.    Anvil Classic 'Par Saver' golf club 20-30
385.    Set of three gilt framed oval prints, 21 x 17cm (3) 20-30
386.    Somchai Hattakikosol (1934 - 2000) , a bronze avocet, signed Somchai, 24cm long 120-150
387.    Chinese millefiore shallow dish / charger 28.5cm diameter 50-70
388.    Madonna and Child, a handpainted porcelain plaque in a giltwood frame, size overall 24 x 30cm 100-150
389.    19th century portrait miniature of a gent in an ebonised frame and another portrait miniature on ivory of a lady, (2) 50-70
390.    Three silhouettes to include Lady Derby, framed, largest overall 12 x 16cm (3)
391.    Large collection of white metal and Epns flatwares to include mother of pearl handled fruit knives and forks, etc (a lot) 30-50
392.    Carton containing a small brass oil lamp, mixed metals wares to include a wine coaster, sugar castor,etc (a lot) 30-50
393.    19th century brass inlaid desk inkstand with three pen trays and long drawer to the base, on bun feet, one lacking, 30 x 21cm 30-50
394.    Miniature chest with a pull out slide and four long drawers, 30 x 25cm 30-40
395.    French steel garden boules set, in fitted box 20-30
396.    An Epns urn, on square base with bun feet, 47cm high 20-30
397.    Large studio pottery blue glazed platter, one edge restored, 58 x 33cm 20-30
398.    Chinese blue and white floral patterned bowl, with circular pierced draining plaque, size overall 45cm diameter 200-300
399.    Collectors cabinet containing a large collection of 18th and 19th century church tokens, (a large lot) 200-250
400.    A large collection of fishing rods and flies to include Salmon rods; Hardie Carbon Fibre 15'4", Scottie Spliced Greenheart, William Garden and Somers and Sons Spliced 12', three trout fishing rods, Spinner rod and three reels (Surfrider, Ambas Sadors and Abu Garcia Cardinal). various reels to include Viscount 15D, Rimfly, Gilmour Alcokc, Shakespeare and W. Garden, etc together with a large collection of approx 100 flies and a bag with minnow fittings, etc (a large lot)
401.    Large painted plaster figure, (a/f) 62cm high 20-30
402.    Victorian 4" brass salmon fishing reel by Farlow & Co of London and a frame containing four coloured fishing flies (2)
403.    A quantity of costume jewellery contained in two boxes and one basket (a lot) 40-60
404.    Yamaha Arius digital piano and stool (2) 150-180
405.    Buffet clarinet, cased 50-70
406.    Vintage Good Year Tyres blue and yellow enamel sign, 78 x 148cm 100-150
407.    Vintage 'Mitchell's XXX Bogie Roll and Cut Golden Bar, Natural flavour' blue and white enamel sign, 64 x 140cm 100-150
408.    Vintage 'Karpol - Buy it Here' green, white and black enamel sign, 72 x 54cm 100-150
409.    Vintage 'Avon British Made Tyres' red, white, green and black enamel sign, 90 x 152cm 200-400
410.    1st Edition hardback books to include The Great House, 1949, Ring Out Bow Bells by Cynthia Harnett, 1953 and The Fly by Richard Chopping 1965 together with The Manasa lake brimming over with the exploits of Sri Rama - 2nd Edition (4) 50-70
411.    Reliques of Anc, Eng Poetry, two books containing Volumes I - IV, (2) 20-40
412.    Quantity of books to include Howard Pyles - Book of Pirates, The Book of Days, History of Northumberland, Northumberland's Legendary Tracts, and A Memoir of Northumberland - WS Gibson, etc (a lot) 70-100
413.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns flatwares, etc and a carton containing a collection of costume jewellery (2 boxes) 30-40
414.    Small collection of costume jewellery (a lot) 20-30
415.    Collection of miniature Chinese buildings and and figures, etc (a lot) 20-30
416.    Vintage tin containing a miscellaneous items to include Scotland Cycle map, jewellery, Girl Guides belt, commemorative First Day covers, etc 20-30
417.    Mahogany tea caddy with a thistle spoon and a tea strainer, (a lot) 30-40
418.    An Austrian bisque porcelain figural table centre piece, (a/f) 45 cm long 30-40
419.    A set of approx thirty early 20th century oak and green leather upholstered chairs, some with woodworm, minor losses and damage (a lot) 80-120