Antique & interiors Sale on 27/11/21

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1.      George III silver punch ladle John Mackay, Edinburgh, 1761, 39cm long 100-120
2.      Modern Scottish silver long handled spoon, by Graham Leishman Stewart, Edinburgh 1990, 23cm long 130-150
3.      A pair of 9ct gold and diamond stud earrings. 70-100
4.      A pair of 9ct white gold and diamond earrings of tear drop shape 70-100
5.      A collection of Continental silver teaspoons (a lot) 100-150
6.      George III silver caddy spoon, Jonathan Hayne, London 1822, 10cm 40-50
7.      Pair of Arts & Crafts silver sugar tongs, A.E Jones, Birmingham 1909 120-150
8.      A set of six American silver oyster forks, Gorham Silver Co, import marks for London 1947 (6) 70-100
9.      A pair of Edinburgh silver cream / sauce ladles, Alexander Henderson, Edinburgh 1815 / 16, 15cm (2) 60-80
10.     George III set of six silver teaspoons, with chased decoration, London 1795 (6) 60-70
11.     Dutch silver marriage spoon with London import marks for 1891, 20cm long 60-70
12.     9ct gold dress ring with two emerald cut green stone within a surround of claw set diamonds 80-120
13.     14ct gold heart shaped CZ pendant necklace and matching earrings 70-100
14.     Nine modern silver dress rings (9) 80-100
15.     Three modern silver dress rings to include a replica of QEII's engagement ring (3) 40-50
16.     9ct gold acrostic gemset ring, set with a row of seven gemstones; ruby, emerald, garnet. amethyst, ruby, diamond and sapphire, spelling out the term REGARDS 150-200
17.     Diamond ring, with a claw set bright cut diamond with three further diamonds to the stepped shoulders, set in unmarked white metal, UK ring size P 300-350
18.     Swarovski crystal pendant necklace and matching earrings (2) 20-40
19.     Two 9ct gold Swarovski crystal dress rings (2) 60-80
20.     14ct gold and paste set crucifix necklace and a pair of 14ct gold drop earrings (2) 70-100
21.     Two ladies vintage fob watches (2) 30-40
22.     9ct gold gemset crucifix, 9ct white gold bar brooch, silver gilt dress ring and a costume jewellery brooch (4) 70-100
23.     Silver gilt green paste necklace and a costume jewellery necklace and matching earrings (3) 20-30
24.     An unmarked gold heart shaped pendant and two yellow metal chains (3) 60-80
25.     Eight costume jewellery brooches (8) 15-20
26.     Two WWI brass Christmas tins (2) 20-30
27.     A large collection of costume jewellery (a lot) 100-120
28.     9ct gold necklace with flat textured links, approx 10g 80-120
29.     Two 9ct gold gemset rings and a 9ct gold wedding band together with a 14ct gold pendant necklace and chain (4) 100-120
30.     A collection of vintage and later costume jewellery (a lot) 30-40
31.     Platinum wedding band and a collection of scrap gold to include a 18ct gold hoop earring, 9ct gold wedding band and a yellow metal wedding band (4) 120-150
32.     9ct gold bracelet with a 9ct gold heart shaped padlock (approx 22g) 250-280
33.     Edwardian silver vesta case, Birmingham 1904, 8.5cm 20-40
34.     George V silver trinket box, circular hinged lid and three legs, Chester 1918, 10cm diameter 30-40
35.     Luen-Wu, Shanghai, a Chinese silver rickshaw with cruets, stamped marks to base, 19cm long 150-200
36.     19th century novelty animal head Scottish snuff mull, the coiled end with bone inset eyes, 7cm long 130-150
37.     Scottish Victorian silver mounted cow horn snuff mull with an inset agate to the lid, 8cm 120-150
38.     Various pocket watch parts, tiepin and two gold plated chains, etc (a lot) 20-40
39.     Mappin & Webb silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1937, 9cm 40-60
40.     Novelty set of six Epns dice cocktail sticks in a circular stand, 13cm high 20-40
41.     Georgian silver cream jug, London circa 1806, hallmarks partially rubbed, 9cm, and a Birmingham silver napkin ring (2) 60-80
42.     George V silver sugar castor, baluster form, Birmingham 1922, 17cm high 40-50
43.     Edwardian silver mounted and cut glass claret jug, W.H. Lyde, Birmingham 1902, 22cm 200-300
44.     Edwardian 9ct gold Sampson Mordan & Co combination fountain pen and pencil, Aikin Lambert yellow metal and mother of pearl fountain pen and a foliate engraved yellow metal propelling pencil (3) 150-200
45.     Vintage silver cased ball point pen, filigree nib holder, white metal propelling pencils, Onoto fountain pen and a cheroot holder, etc (a lot) 30-40
46.     Vintage fountain pens to include Conway Stewart 84 with a gold nib, the 'Torpedo' and a Parker (3) 50-70
47.     Four piece silver mounted dressing table brush set, Birmingham 1927, in fitted case 30-50
48.     A pair of Scottish provincial silver table spoons, Rettie & Sons Aberdeen, 22cm (2) 60-80
49.     Two Georgian silver table spoons, makers mark WS, London 1791 & 1793, 22cm (2) 40-50
50.     Silver box with engine turned lid, Birmingham 1954, 10cm, cased set of two Chester silver salts, London silver sugar tongs (3) 60-80
51.     Victorian set of six fiddle pattern silver table spoons, London 1848, 23cm (6) 120-150
52.     A collection of silver and Epns souvenir teaspoons, etc (a lot) 30-50
53.     Sheffield silver photograph frame, 10 x 13cm, small brass Mr Punch bell and a tin plate pig, (3) 30-40
54.     Edwardian silver sugar bowl, London 1905, 10cm wide 30-50
55.     Epns wares to include a coffee pot, pair of dishes and fish servers (a lot) 20-40
56.     Silver salver of circular form with a piecrust edge and four scroll feet, Glasgow 1934, 30cm 300-350
57.     Elkington & Co silver four piece tea and coffee set, Birmingham 1940, (4) 450-500
58.     George V silver epergne, Birmingham 1926, weighted circular foot, 25cm 100-150
59.     Edwardian silver epergne, Birmingham 1906, 20cm 50-70
60.     Early 20th century white metal backed dressing table brush set and a chrome dressing table brush set (2) 50-70
61.     Three vintage powder compacts to include Stratton, etc (3) 20-40
62.     A collection of vintage and later costume jewellery (a lot) 50-70
63.     Two 9ct gold dress, two silver rings and another (5) 50-70
64.     Two 9ct gold rings, a pair of 9ct gold earrings, yellow metal chain and pendant (4) 70-100
65.     9ct gold diamond solitaire ring and a five stone diamond ring in a unmarked yellow metal band (2) 120-150
66.     Silver fork and spoon cased set, Birmingham 1953 and a cased set of six Epns teaspoons with sugar tongs (2) 20-30
67.     Victorian 18ct gold fob watch, Chester 1897 300-350
68.     Gold plated pocket watch, fob watch and watch chain (3) 50-70
69.     Queen Victoria South Africa medal awarded to 5814 Pte A Mitchell, RL Highlanders, with Transvaal, Orange Free State, South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 bars, together with a brown leather Victorian coin purse and a Volunteer Force WWI certificate also awarded to Alexander Mitchell (3) 100-150
70.     A collection of costume jewellery (a lot) 50-70
71.     Cased set of six silver and harlequin enamelled spoons, Henry Clifford Davis, Birmingham 1952 (6) 60-80
72.     Set of six Elephant menu card holders and a set of six Hunting theme menu card holders (a lot) 20-40
73.     Cased sets of silver spoons to include two sets of six coffee bean handled spoons and a set of six grapefruit spoons (3) 60-80
74.     A quantity of Epns flatware, wine coasters, cased butter dishes, etc (a lot) 30-50
75.     A large collection of costume jewellery (a lot) 40-60
76.     French carriage clock, brass case with glass panels, enamel dial with Roman numerals, inscribed Logan, Glasgow, height including handle, 15cm 60-80
77.     Bronze cherub and game bird figure group, 15cm high 50-70
78.     Chinese faceted ruby red glass bottle vase, with bulbous body and slim neck, with an etched Qianlong mark to the base, (a/f) 15cm high 100-150
79.     Galle miniature cameo glass vase with bulbous body and slim bottle neck, 10cm high 100-150
80.     Luzia, French Art Nouveau pale blue glass serpent inkwell, 9cm wide 100-150
81.     Royal Worcester Howard pattern fine bone china dinner service, approx 111 items) 70-100
82.     Royal Worcester Howard pattern fine bone china tea and coffee set (approx 53) 50-60
83.     Staffordshire transfer printed blue and white pottery to include a Horses pattern serving dish and a floral pattern basket (2) 30-40
84.     A suite of Cumbrian Crystal hand blown drinking glasses in the Grassmere pattern to include 8 baluster wine glasses, 6 Newcastle toasting balusters, 3 large stemmed goblets, 4 medium stemmed goblets, 11 champagne glasses, 6 high ball glasses, 6 whisky tumblers, 8 dessert / sundae dishes, and a small flared rim vase together with four plain cut goblets, tallest 23cm 300-500
85.     Suite of Bristol blue coloured drinking glasses, tallest 14cm (3) 50-70
86.     Collection of late 19th and early 20th century glass (5) 20-30
87.     Mixed lot of Chinese and Japanese items to include a carved figure, blue and white bowl, fisherman figure, etc (5) 20-30
88.     Collection of drinking glasses to include an enamelled green glass, (5) 20-30
89.     A collection of Goss Alphabet porcelain mugs, one from the Glasgow Empire Exhibition, (9) 20-30
90.     A collection of Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed pottery to include treacle jug (a/f) Spode ladle and three mugs (5) 30-50
91.     Japanese Satsuma square form vase, painted with figures, birds, flowers and foliage, 36cm 50-70
92.     A pair of cloisonne baluster vases with butterfly pattern, 23cm (2) 40-50
93.     Royal Copenhagen porcelain part dinner service, pattern 1617, (approx 30) 100-120
94.     Two Chinese blue and white sleeve vases, one with prunus pattern the other with figures, 30cm (2) 60-80
95.     Chinese blue and white teapot, (cover lacking) 11cm 30-40
96.     Pair of Christopher Dresser style red glazed jugs, with angular side handle, 20cm (2) 50-60
97.     Christopher Dresser style brown glazed vase with stylised handles, 13cm 20-40
98.     Japanese earthenware baluster vase and cover with an internal lid, 12cm 40-50
99.     Set of six Radford China cups and saucers (12) 15-20
100.    Red glass lemonade / water set with jug and set of five beakers (6) 20-30
101.    Chinese glazed pottery toad and dog figures, tallest 19cm (2) 30-40
102.    Arts & Crafts brass tray with textured surface, 26cm diameter 30-40
103.    Pair of Grove & Stark blue glazed vases, 20cm (2) 30-40
104.    Chinese craquelware vase with a running Jun style glaze, three looped handles to the neck, 15cm 50-70
105.    Two Copenhagen Fajance bottles and a Royal Copenhagen porcelain vase, tallest 14cm (3) 40-50
106.    20th century Meissen white glazed vase, blue crossed swords mark, impressed 50240, 24cm high 50-70
107.    Rosenthal mid century porcelain jug and a German white glazed vase, tallest 25cm (2) 30-40
108.    Octagonal glass bowl contained within a basket with handles tot he side, 24cm wide 20-30
109.    Barum Barnstaple art pottery vase, Devonmoor pottery tyg and a Swedish art pottery vase, tallest 12cm (3) 40-50
110.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed pottery to include Philosopher plate, Belvoir Castle plate, Ancient Ruins plate, English Scenery platter, Spode Tower pie dish and Village Church dish, etc ( 8) 60-70
111.    Villeroy & Boch green glazed vase, circa early 20th century, design attributed to Van der Welde, (a/f with a hairline crack) 29cm high 20-40
112.    Two art pottery vases, indistinctly signed to the base, tallest 22cm (2) 30-40
113.    Pilkingtons Lancastrian green glazed pottery bowl, 18cm, 20-30
114.    Copenhagen stoneware inkwell, 24cm long 40-60
115.    Wedgwood Keith Murray tankard and an amethyst coloured Wedgwood glass candlestick , 15cm (2) 30-40
116.    Mixed lot of porcelain to include Edward VII Coronation goblet, Copenhagen cup and saucer, Dresden cup and saucer, Continental basket, etc (6) 30-40
117.    Collection of Doutlon stoneware jugs, Masons pottery and a Gaudy Welsh mug, etc tallest 20cm (7) 20-30
118.    Pair of Chinese blue and white prunus pattern vases, 19cm high , and a dragon pattern blue and white ginger jar (lid lacking) (3) 70-100
119.    Two 18th century Chinese bleu and white porcelain plates, 22cm (2) 60-80
120.    Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern 2451 cups and saucers (12) 30-40
121.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed ashets to include Rural Scenery, Tree and Well, Copeland Aesop's Fable Fox and Goat, largest 48cm (3) 60-80
122.    Bronze patinated resin figure of a seated female, 29cm high 50-70
123.    Ridgway and Co moulded jug, with impressed factory marks, 23cm 20-30
124.    Jane Morrison studio pottery platter and a Sheila Spencer 'Goldfish' studio pottery bowl, 20cm diameter (2) 50-60
125.    Dame Laura Knight Edward VIII coronation mug, 9cm 15-20
126.    Rorstrand mid century Granada pattern tureen and cover and two Figgio Flint plaques, (3) 30-40
127.    Collection of cranberry glass to include a water jug, various drinking glasses, two small jugs and a bud vase, etc (15) 30-40
128.    Two Royal Doulton figures to include Taking Things Easy HN2677 & The Lawyer HN3041, tallest 22cm (2) 30-40
129.    Griselda Hill Pottery Wemyss pottery style cat, 9cm 20-30
130.    Royal Worcester Grandmothers Dress figure, modelled by Freda Doughty, 16cm 20-30
131.    Royal Worcester blush ivory vase and pierced cover, painted with flowers, shape 291 40-50
132.    Coalport porcelain vase, painted with a landscape panel, three loop handles and circular foot, printed factory marks V53527, 18cm 40-50
133.    18th century English porcelain teabowl and saucer (2) 20-30
134.    Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern 1128 urn vase and cover, 13cm 30-50
135.    Three Royal Crown Derby Imari cat paperweights to include Cottage Garden Cat and two others, longest 12cm (3) 50-70
136.    Early 20th century French pottery vase with enamelled pattern of stylised birds, 17cm 30-40
137.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed pottery to include a Spode Camilla sauce tureen and stand and another (2) 30-40
138.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed ashets to include Loch Awe - Northern Scenery, Riley's Semi China an Jamieson and Co Bosphorous, and an Ancient Rome two handled dish, largest 43cm long 94) 60-80
139.    Italian tin glazed vase, signed, together with a Deruta floral pattern vase, tallest 27cm (2) 30-40
140.    Meissen white glazed moulded dish with vine and berry gilt pattern, blue crossed swords mark 20-30
141.    Danesby Ware Bourne art pottery vase, incised greek key style pattern, printed factory marks, 15cm 20-30
142.    Two Porta studio pottery dishes, largest 15cm (2) 20-40
143.    South Blue Hills, American pottery bowl, circa 1920's and an English blue glazed bowl and a vase, tallest 16cm (3) 30-40
144.    Early 20th century pottery and porcelain to include a Shelley jug, Doulton plate and an Isnic style charger, etc (4) 20-30
145.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed basins to include British Scenery and Farm Cottage, 32cm (a/f) (2) 30-50
146.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed jugs to include Prince Albert, Family Swans on Lake, Harvesting and Cattle Scene strainer jug, tallest 23cm (4) 50-70
147.    19th century Spode Bridge at Lucano blue and white transfer printed pottery to include two ashets, tureen stand, smaller ashet, soup plate and a bowl, (6) 60-80
148.    Royal Worcester miniature flower vase, on a green leaf base, shape 3203, 6cm 20-30
149.    Beswick pigeon, impressed number 1383, 14cm 30-50
150.    Ten various Mauchline money boxes, (10) 60-70
151.    Irene Frazer Langford, watercolour of a cottage in a winter landscape, signed and framed under glass, 33 x 25cm 30-40
152.    Hidayet, watercolour of water carriers, framed under glass and inscribe verso, 32 x 21cm 30-40
153.    C.N. Woolnorth, RSW, watercolour of a woodland scene with figures, signed and framed under glass, 33 x 25cm 30-50
154.    19th century grisaille of a racing yacht, apparently unsiged, under glass within a rosewood frame, 33 x 27cm 40-60
155.    Frank P. Martin, a companion pair of landscape watercolours, signed and framed under glass, 26 x 18cm (2) 30-40
156.    John Fullwood, two drypoint etching s to include Halliford on Thames and Harvest Time Birchington, framed under glass and signed with pencil, largest 20 x 23cm (2) 30-40
157.    19th century Scottish School watercolour of Kilchurn Castle, framed under glass, 33 x 22cm 30-50
158.    Coloured mezzotint of a young girl, signed indistinctly and framed under glass, 21 x 26cm 20-30
159.    Albany E. Howath, an etching of Verona, signed with pencil, framed under glass, 27 x 20cm 20-40
160.    G.A. Napier, seascape oil on canvas, signed and dated 1874, in an ornate gilt frame, 39 x 29cm 100-150
161.    James Bowman (Scottish), watercolour of an Edinburgh Scene, signed, framed under glass, 40 x 30cm 20-40
162.    James bowman (Scottish) mixed media of a highland scene, signed, framed under glass, 44 x 31cm 30-50
163.    James Bowman (Scottish) watercolour of a river scene, signed and framed under glass, 55 x 40cm 40-60
164.    Singapore oil, inscribed verso Jacob de Jong, framed, 52 x 40cm 40-60
165.    Autumn woodland scene, oil on canvas, signed indistinctly, in an ornate gilt frame, 45 x 60cm 50-70
166.    Polish School, an oil on canvas laid down on board, portrait of Rembrandt, unsigned, 52 x 68cm 80-120
167.    G. Drummond Fish, Highland Scene watercolour, signed an framed under glass, 52 x 35cm 40-50
168.    Contemporary School, watercolour of a village, signed indistinctly and framed under glass, 49 x 36cm 30-50
169.    John Sutton (b.1935) 'Boat and Huts, Alderburgh', watercolour, singed and entitled and framed under glass, 51 x 34cm 80-120
170.    John Sutton (b.1935) 'Boat Yard Bawdsey', watercolour, singed and entitled and framed under glass, 51 x 34cm 80-120
171.    Coloured golfing print and a framed set of miniature golf clubs - replicas of clubs used by William Park Snr of Musselburgh, (2) 20-40
172.    David Small a watercolour of Highland Cottages, signed and framed under glass, 26 x 17cm 30-50
173.    Japanese woodblock, a scene from Act III from the revenge of the loyal retainers, framed under glass, size overall 38 x 26cm 80-120
174.    British School portrait pencil sketch of a young woman, apparently unsigned, framed under glass, 29 x 35cm 50-70
175.    Thomas Fairbairn, (12820 - 1884) Study of trees with an approaching storm, oil on panel, signed and framed, 29 x 19cm 80-120
176.    Thomas Mathew Rooke, (1842 - 1942) watercolour of cattle grazing on a village green, apparently unsigned, framed under glass with Christie's and gallery labels verso, 23 x 14cm 60-80
177.    Helen Wilson RSW, RGI, PAI, 'Rigaletto', an etching, signed in pencil and framed under glass with gallery label verso, 24 x 31cm 50-70
178.    E. Sharland, Litchfield Cathedral, etching, signed in pencil and framed under glass, 14 x 22cm 15-20
179.    Vintage Winston Churchill embroidered panel, framed under glass, 27 x 37cm 20-30
180.    Japanese watercolour of a Samurai, with red character marks, framed under glass, 27 x 48cm 30-50
181.    Evan Baillie of Dochfour, Inverness, Upper Danube, watercolour, framed under glass, 36 x 25cm 120-150
182.    19th century watercolour of a tall ship, under glass in a good walnut frame, 34 x 24cm 60-80
183.    Hand coloured print of a young woman, under glass within a good quality giltwood frame, size overall 45 x 54cm 50-70
184.    Japanese woodblock print, framed under glass, 20 x 30cm 20-40
185.    Isobel Brigham, 'view From Buryhill, West Sussex', oil on linen, framed in a showcase style frame with a Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 1999 label verso, size overall 57 x 56cm 50-70
186.    Late 19th / early 20th century school, landscape oil on board, framed, 42 x 35cm 50-70
187.    19th century school, 'In Raith' oil on canvas, signed indistinctly, framed, 33 x 27cm 30-40
188.    19th century watercolour of a Shore Scene with wreckage, signed indistinctly, under glass within a gilt frame, 37 x 26cm 50-70
189.    Kirsty Wither, ' Where you take m', a limited edition coloured screen print, signed in pencil and numbered 78 / 875, framed under glass, 42 x 30cm 30-40
190.    Set of three framed Path to Immortality coloured prints and a folio of four unframed prints, 28 x 35cm (7) 50-70
191.    19th century school oil on canvas of a bridge and river scene, apparently unsigned, under glass within an ornate gilt frame, stencilled lot numbers verso, 80 x 60cm 80-120
192.    19th century school oil on canvas of a castle scene, apparently unsigned, under glass within an ornate gilt frame, stencilled lot numbers verso, 80 x 60cm 80-120
193.    H. Cook 'The Lomonds' gouache, signed and framed under glass, 70 x 44cm 30-40
194.    After Guido Reni, an oleograph canvas of Beatrice Cenci, apparently unsigned, in a good gilt frame, size overall 66 x 80cm 50-100
195.    A group of six 19th century coloured prints contained within two Hogarth glazed frames to include Christie's Auction Room and Bow Street Office, etc, size overall 108 x 40cm (2) 50-70
196.    Firth of Clyde and Loch Fyne a large framed map, 76 x 130cm 30-40
197.    19th century lithographic print, under glass within a giltwood frame, size overall 150 x 90cm 70-100
198.    The Queen of Sheba's Visit to King Solomon, a large 19th century print, in a glazed frame, size overall, 125 x 96cm 50-70
199.    Campbell Smith (Scottish) large pastel still life bowl of red tulips, signed and framed under glass, size overall 117 x 110cm 150-200
200.    Natalia Tafel, 'Spark - inspired by Jackson Pollock' a drip art mixed media oil on board, signed and entitled verso, 106 x 123cm 120-150
201.    North West Persian Heriz carpet, red field with central medallion, angular foliage and flowerhead borders 200-300
202.    Vienna style wall clock, 43 x 138 x 20cm 80-120
203.    19th century mahogany cased longcase clock with a broken swan neck pediment over a painted 12" dial, inscribed William Logan, Glasgow, with Roman numerals and subsidiary dials, 52 x 224cm (case a/f) 150-200
204.    Painted pine blanket box / trunk, with rectangular hinged lid and void interior, with iron handles to side, complete with key, 125 x 74 x 63cm 50-70
205.    Chinoiserie hardwood chest, the rectangular top over four long drawers, on stylised bracket feet, 91 x 86 x 48cm 70-100
206.    Victorian mahogany cabinet on stand, with a stepped pediment top over a pair of glazed doors with a shelved interior, on a rectangular table top base with two cushion fronted drawers, turned legs, (adapted) 109 x 179 x 51cm 120-150
207.    Bamboo floor standing gong, complete with beater, 74 x 102 x 39cm 50-70
208.    Chinese bronze patinated standard lamp, knop stem on a circular base, height excluding fitting 145cm 50-70
209.    Edwardian occasional table, trefoil shaped top and conforming under tier, on cabriole legs, 62 x 68 x 62cm 50-60
210.    A near pair of mahogany reproduction drum tables, each with a drawer to the frieze, on baluster column with tripod legs, 53 x 62cm (2) 100-150
211.    Pine blanket box / trunk (a/f), together with a white painted jardiniere stand, 95cm high (2) 30-40
212.    Victorian mahogany tilt top table, with a circular top on a baluster column with quadruple legs terminating on castors, 154 x 75 x 135cm 100-150
213.    Mahogany serpentine sideboard with two short drawer flanked by two cupboards, on square tapering legs with spade feet, 140 x 94 x 51cm 100-150
214.    Victorian mahogany dressing mirror of large proportions, 74 x 80 x 34cm 30-40
215.    Oak canteen table containing a suite of Epns flatware, 74 x 78 x 47cm 100-150
216.    Mahogany breakfront side table, rectangular top over one long and two short drawers, on square tapering legs, 97 x 81 x 44cm 60-80
217.    19th century mahogany and satin inlaid work table, rectangular top with drop flaps and two drawers with bun handles, on ring turned legs, terminating with brass caps and castors, 62 x 74 x 36 (closed) 74cm (open) 150-170
218.    Oak open armchair with figural carved top rail over a caned back and seat with barley twist stretchers, 64 x 125 x 45cm 60-80
219.    Carved oak table, square top and floral carved frieze, with conforming undertier and turned legs, 48 x 66 x 46cm 50-70
220.    Child's elm Windsor rocking chair with a pierced splat and solid seat, 44 x 72 x 30cm 50-60
221.    Bokhara style red with red field and two rows of eight guls, 100 x 150cm 40-50
222.    Pakistan rug, beige field with a row of seven guls within multiple geometric borders, 159 x 99cm 40-50
223.    Pakistan rug, red field with four central medallions within multiple geometric borders, 162 x 96cm 40-50
224.    Pakistan rug, worn red field with four central medallions within multiple geometric borders, 142 x 94cm 30-40
225.    Two Eastern prayer mats, one of Bokhara design the other a garden pattern, largest is 97 x 62cm (2) 30-50
226.    Pakistan rug, red field with allover foliate pattern, within geometric borders, 182 x 122cm 40-50
227.    Bijouterie table, with an oval glazed showcase top, on slender cabriole legs with brass mounts 60-80
228.    Mahogany drop leaf table with a single drawer, on slender tapering legs and cross stretcher, 69 x 43 x 57cm (open) 50-60
229.    Mahogany jardiniere planter with chequer banded inlay, metal liner, on three cabriole legs with pad feet, 33 x 81cm (a/f) 40-50
230.    Mahogany piano stool with lift up seat, tapestry upholstery, classical frieze and reeded legs, 58 x 61 x 34cm 40-50
231.    Scandinavian mirror, printed makers mark G&T, 45 x 77cm 30-40
232.    Edwardian mahogany armchair with a tapestry upholstered back and seat, on square tapering legs with spade feet, together with a stool with upholstered seat, on cabriole legs, largest 57 x 38cm (2) 40-50
233.    Small Korean style chest / cabinet with altar style top above an arrangement of eighteen small drawers above a pair of cupboard doors, brass mounts, 43 x 58 x 27cm 60-80
234.    Collection of early 20th century and later mahogany tables to include a small sofa table, Sutherland table and a nest of two tables, tallest 60cm (4) 40-50
235.    Contemporary 'Duck' steel chair, 42 x 56 x 39cm 40-60
236.    Mahogany open armchair with green velvet upholstered back and seat, on cabriole front legs with pad feet, 56 x 79 x 48cm 20-40
237.    Rosewood and inlaid occasional table, the rectangular top with canted edge, with conforming undertier, 48 x 68 x 47cm 60-80
238.    Carved oak Monks bench of traditional form, 131 x 122 x 49cm 150-200
239.    Mahogany open bookcase with adjustable shelves, 91 x 120cm 40-60
240.    Mahogany chest on stand, rectangular top with a moulded edge over two short and three graduating long drawers, above a pull out slide and three further base drawers, on hell carved cabriole legs with pad feet, 81 x 148 x 47cm 200-300
241.    Edwardian mahogany and satin inlaid serpentine corner display cabinet, glazed doors, shelved interior and splayed legs, Harrods label 72 x 172 cm 150-200
242.    Pair of metal pricket candlesticks, floor standing size, 83cm (2) 30-40
243.    Painted Corinthian column standard lamp with two light fittings, on a square pedestal base, 125cm high 30-40
244.    19th century mahogany bookcase cabinet, pediment top over a pair of glazed doors with a shelved interior above two short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors, plinth base, 105 x 219 x 48cm 150-200
245.    An upholstered Ottoman box with sloping arms, 125 x 57 x 52cm 50-70
246.    Small Pakistan prayer rug, green field and multiple borders, 98 x 65cm 30-40
247.    Gothic style oak metamorphic library steps / chair, 41 x 87cm 70-100
248.    Set of six mahogany chairs to include five side chairs and one carver, with scroll carved top rail green upholstered seats and fluted legs, (6) 120-150
249.    Flame mahogany ledgeback desk, the rectangular top with a lift up compartment, single frieze drawer, on ring turned legs, terminating on ceramic castors, 112 x 90 x 55cm 100-150
250.    Set of four mahogany Chippendale style dining chairs with red upholstered drop in seats, 48 x 100cm (4) 70-100
251.    Early 20th century oak smoker's cabinet, 42 x 46 x 19cm 30-50
252.    Reproduction mahogany sofa table of traditional design, 95 x 76 x 56cm 70-100
253.    Early 20th century mahogany framed parlour suite with cream upholstery comprising a two seater settee, two armchairs and four dining chairs, 135 x 89 x 57cm (7) 120-150
254.    Pair of early 20th century mahogany and inlaid chairs with upholstered stuffover seats, 47 x 90cm (2) 30-50
255.    Early 20th century child's high chair, 35 x 90 x 58cm 30-40
256.    Central Persian carpet, red field with a central medallion and allover foliate [pattern within flowerhead borders, 410 x 288cm 250-300
257.    A pair of 19th century French mahogany side chairs in the style of George Jacob, with carved top rails, cross splat and upholstered seats, the legs terminating on paw feet, 54 x 93cm (2) 60-80
258.    Brass stick stand and a collection of vintage walking sticks, etc (a lot) 30-40
259.    Chinese corner chair with blossom pierced splats, solid seat and cross stretcher 69 x 88cm 40-50
260.    Mahogany wall cabinet with a pair of cupboard doors above a single shelf, with Gothic pierced motifs to the side supports, 55 x 56 x 15cm 30-40
261.    Georgian oak three panelled linen or blanket box, hinged lid and two drawers tot eh base with brass handles, (a/f) 140 x 82 x 56cm 100-150
262.    Oak chair with carved top rail, upholstered back and seat and with barley twist uprights and bobbin turned legs, 47 x 109cm 40-50
263.    Mahogany cylindrical planter / wine cooler, with a lead lined interior, pierced frieze and three splayed legs, (a/f with losses) 20-30
264.    Mahogany framed three fold screen, 66 x 127cm (closed) 30-50
265.    Mahogany Butlers tray on a folding stand, 100 x 83cm 70-100
266.    French style tub chair with bergere sides and button upholstered back and seat, on cabriole legs, (a/f) 84 x 78 x 50cm 20-40
267.    Nest of four chinoiserie hardwood tables with glass protectors to the tops, largest 49 x 70 x 35cm (4) 70-100
268.    Reproduction pedestal desk with green skivver over an arrangement of nine drawers, 122 x 79 x 60cm 70-100
269.    Antique oak tripod table, circular top (a/f) 82 x 71 x 80cm 30-50
270.    Two upholstered footstools, (2) 20-30
271.    Two carved and painted wooden stump stools, 30 x 41cm (2) 30-40
272.    Brass fender of pierced design on paw feet, 118 x 23 x 30cm 20-30
273.    Eastern runner, the red field with two foliate medallions and flowerhead borders, 325 x 106cm (a/f) 50-70
274.    Two Highland Stoneware table lamp bases, tallest 34cm (2) 50-70
275.    A pair of chinoiserie wooden table lamp bases, 47cm (2) 30-50
276.    Modern brushed metal table lamp base, 44cm high 20-30
277.    Imari style pottery table lamp on a wooden base, 40cm 15-20
278.    Two wall shelves / brackets in the form of tooled leather books, 31 x 32 x 21cm (2) 40-50
279.    Georgian mahogany commode with a blue and white pottery bowl, 50 x 45 x 45cm 30-40
280.    Early 19th century mahogany D-End dining table 189 x 75 x 130cm 120-150
281.    Mahogany and satin inlaid oval tray with brass handles, 67 x 44cm 40-60
282.    Chinoiserie hardwood and glazed wall cabinet, 49 x 82 x 10cm 40-50
283.    Glazed screen with a Japanese needlework panel enclosed, 49 x 159cm 20-30
284.    Satinwood bedside with ebonised edging and a glazed top, 43 x 81 x 38cm 50-60
285.    Provincial Scottish dark oak ledgeback chest, 55 x 96 x 41cm 20-40
286.    Two Provincial Scottish oak side chairs, a Scottish pine creepie stool and another, (4) 30-40
287.    Late 19th / early 20th century white painted metal crib with a German SP doll, 80 x 86 x 39cm (2) 60-80
288.    Mid century A. Younger Ltd sideboard with three central long drawers flanked by cupboard doors, 198 x 74 x 46cm 150-200
289.    Faux giltwood wall mirror with a moulded resin frame, 115 x 66cm 50-70
290.    19th century longcase clock with painted dial together with a empty clock case (a/f) (a lot) 60-80
291.    19th century mahogany and satin inlaid secretaire chest, rectangular top over a central fall front drawer which opens to reveal a satin wood fitted interior, flanked by two short drawers over three graduating long drawers,on splayed feet, 119 x 121 x 56cm 150-180
292.    Circular coffee table with inset skivver with a nesting set of four tables beneath, 73 x 48cm (5) 30-40
293.    Upholstered stool on turned legs, 107 x 37 x 42cm 30-40
294.    Fruit painted wooden stick stand and a white glazed pottery stand with basket weave texture, tallest 60cm (2) 30-40
295.    Mixed lot to include a brass jardiniere stand, magazine rack and small mahogany pedestal column, tallest 49cm (3) 30-50
296.    Carved oak panel and an ornate faux giltwood wall mirror, 48 x 72cm (2) 40-50
297.    Victorian oak overmantle mirror of Aesthetic design, 162 x 136cm (frame a/f) 150-180
298.    Late 18th / early 19th century mahogany inlaid secretaire bookcase cabinet, cornice top with dentil frieze over a pair of astragal glazed doors with a shelved interior, above a secretaire double drawer which opens to reveal a fitted interior, over three further long drawers, with brass handles, shaped apron centred by an inlaid paterae, on bracket feet, 118 x 222 x 55cm 400-500
299.    Regency Muir Wood & Son of Edinburgh square piano, with a mahogany and satinwood case, on a matching table top base with tapering legs, 163 x 81 x 60cm 100-150
300.    19th century mahogany hot plate cupboard, the rectangular top over a pair of cupboard doors opening to reveal a lead lined and shelved interior, on onion feet, 91 x 88 x 43cm 200-300
301.    Mahogany serpentine chest,t eh top with moulded edge over three long drawers with brass ring handles, outswept legs, 104 x 82 x 60cm 200-250
302.    An oak coffer, the rectangular top with moulded edge over a carved four panelled front, on stile legs, 121 x 64 x 73cm 70-100
303.    Antique dark oak dresser base / sideboard with three drawers with brass handles, on bold cabriole legs with pad feet, 188 x 76 x 55cm 150-200
304.    Italian baroque style walnut and parquetry double cabinet of large proportions, 236 x 182 x 49cm 400-600
305.    Provincial Scottish elm open armchair with a vasiform pierced splat, solid seat, square legs united by stretcher, (a/f evidence of worm ) 103 x 64 x 50cm 50-70
306.    Child's stained pine and oak chair, scrolling top rail carved back and solid seat, square legs united by stretchers, (a/f evidence of worm) 67 x 45cm 30-40
307.    Large antique basket, likely woven willow, hinged lid and void interior, leather bound edging and rope handles to the sides, 80 x 58 x 60cm, ex Leanach Cottage Culloden Moor 70-100
308.    A pair of cylindrical woven baskets with handles to the top rim, ex Leanach Cottage, Culloden Moor, 40 x 35cm (2) 30-40
309.    Mahogany sewing table, rectangular top over a blue fabric work bag, on twin supports with splayed feet, 71 x 74cm 40-50
310.    Two large Chinese fish bowls, with magpies and ducks pattern, on stylised wooden stands, 38 x 30cm excluding stands (2) 200-300
311.    A provincial oak side chair with a curved top rail, pierced splat back, solid seat, square legs united by stretchers, 94 x 48 x 41cm 40-60
312.    Pheasant Shooting & Cock Shooting, two coloured prints, framed under glass, 46 x 37cm (2) 30-40
313.    Antique pine chair with a scrolling top rail, panelled back and solid seat (a/f evidence of worm) 95 x 55 x 42cm 30-50
314.    Antique wooden trunk of barrel form with worn leather covering and stud work initials HW, green leather paper tot he interior, ex Leanach Cottage, Culloden Moor (a/f evidence of worm) 69 x 28 x 30cm 50-70
315.    Two Victorian mirror back flower posies, longest 35cm (2) 40-50
316.    Gents sheepskin jacket 30-40
317.    Ladies satin jacket with gold and silver stitched pattern of flowers 20-30
318.    Craven A art deco cigarette tin, other vintage tins, Epns salt and a brass and enamel cigarette case (a lot) 20-30
319.    Mixed lot to include a collapsible Epns cup, vintage spirit level, ivory handled fly swat, miniature flat iron, small bellows, bronze snake etc (a lot) 30-40
320.    Printed batik panel and an early 20th century table cloth with embroidered pattern (2) 20-30
321.    Collection of chinoiserie silk embroidered panels, faux ivory fan and others, etc (a lot) 20-30
322.    Floral patterned silk scarf and an embroidered table cloth (2) 20-30
323.    Reproduction candlestick telephone 15-20
324.    Esto vintage kitchen cabinet, 62 x 178cm 30-40
325.    Three paisley shawls, one with multiple moth holes, (3) 70-100
326.    Modern mantle clock, 44cm 40-60
327.    Copper and green glass oil lamp, 57cm 30-40
328.    Miniature mahogany three tier dumb waiter, (a/f) 32cm 30-40
329.    Bronze patinated resin figure of a reclining girl, signed, (repair to her arm) 26cm 20-40
330.    Group of three floral soapstone carvings with various flowers and hollow vessels, longest 22cm (3) 50-60
331.    Three various cut glass decanters and stoppers, silver Sherry decanter labels, nine beakers, etc (a lot) 30-40
332.    Four soapstone floral carvings with mixed flowers and hollow vessels, tallest 16cm) (a/f) 50-60
333.    Pair of Waterford Crystal candlesticks, 27cm (2) 40-50
334.    Modern Poole pottery vase with a lustrous glaze, 25cm 30-40
335.    Contemporary stoneware elephant, 37cm long 50-60
336.    Bronze figure of a Native American Indian on horseback, (a/f) 19cm 40-60
337.    Early 20th century ashtray with a cold painted bronze Pheasant on a green onyx base, 19cm, and a inkstand with cold painted spelter do and onyx base, (2) 50-60
338.    Pair of brass knop stemmed candlesticks, the circular bases with three hounds, 19cm (2) 50-70
339.    Bronze cat and fish pen tray, 21cm long 50-70
340.    A collection of Spode Lancaster Crimson table wares to include a soup tureen, cover and stand, sauce boat and stand, serving dish, cups and saucers, some saucers unmarked (17) 50-60
341.    Brass WMF style basket with an oval glass liner, 27cm long 30-40
342.    Copenhagen crackle glazed table lamp base, printed factory marks, height excluding fitting 28cm 50-70
343.    Carton containing a quantity of Epns wares to include knop stemmed candlesticks, entree dish, salts and blue glass liners, table lighters, jugs, etc (a lot) 30-50
344.    Mixed lot with an Epns spirit kettle on stand, pewter tankards, cruet sets, Art Deco pottery jug, etc (a lot) 30-40
345.    Mixed lot to include Epns and brass wares; opium pipe, napkin rings, serving dishes and a salver,etc vintage binoculars (a lot) 30-50
346.    Lawn bowls to include four by Victor Taylor (6) 20-40
347.    Brass and steel fireside accessories to include tongs, poker shovel, etc (5) 20-30
348.    Three Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed ashets to include Brameld, Cattle Scenery and Country Scene, largest 47cm (3) 50-60
349.    Collection of various china and porcelain cabinet cups and saucers to include Royal Crown Derby, Aynsley and Hammersley, etc (19) 30-40
350.    Bristol Blue glass rolling pin, 38cm long 20-30
351.    Chinoiserie pottery table lamp base on stylised wooden base, complete with shade, height overall 72cm 30-40
352.    Soapstone carving of a conjoined vase, with openwork dragon and phoenix, two vessels, 20cm high (a/f) 60-80
353.    Charlotte Rhead blue and white ginger jar vase with its cover, for Bursley Ware, circa 1940's, printed factory mark and facsimile signature, 24cm 50-70
354.    Collection of art glass to include a Hotika Glass studio paperweight, tallest 20cm (6) 20-30
355.    Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed baskets to include Davenport, Village Church pattern and a two handled compote, Rome pattern, largest 35cm long (3) 60-80
356.    Villeroy & Boch New Wave Acapulco plate and dish of square form, printed factory marks (2) 30-40
357.    Large studio pottery bowl / charger, with a metallic lustre glaze, 42cm 40-50
358.    Spode fine bone china Knightsbridge Leather Green pattern soup tureen, cover and oval serving dish (2) 30-50
359.    Moorcroft table lamp base on a wooden base, height including fitting 29cm 60-80
360.    Moorcroft table lamp on a wooden base, height including fitting 37cm 70-100
361.    Two vintage leather handbags together with an animal skin pelt / rug (3) 30-40
362.    Old Houses in Edinburgh, Drawn by Bruce J. Holme, in two folios (a lot) 20-30
363.    Collection of vintage Lego in a wooden box (a box) 20-30
364.    Vintage Sirram picnic case and contents, appears unused 20-30
365.    Early 20th century pewter mounted rectangular box with dragon pattern and a small brown leather case, largest 38 x 22cm (2) 30-40
366.    Three Vietnamese straw hats, (3) 20-30
367.    Hardy 'Uniqua' fly fishing reel and a vintage fishing rod (2) 60-80
368.    19th century Italian tin glazed urn and cover of large proportions, 39cm high 150-200
369.    Royal Doulton Dr Jonnson at The Cheshire Cheese charger, printed factory marks, 24cm, and a modern floral patterned bowl (2) 20-40
370.    D. Cohen a studio pottery plate titled 'Apple', signed, 30cm 40-60
371.    Zoe Rubens 'Balancing Mare' a bronze sculpture, 19 c 32cm 120-150
372.    Pair of modern faux brass table lamps (2) 20-30
373.    Anna Lambert Cockerel tureen, cover and ladle, signed, restored, 44cm 80-120
374.    Anna Lambert oval pottery bowl with a birds pattern, signed, 35cm long 60-80
375.    Contemporary pottery figure of a female in along textured dress and headdress, 52cm 40-60
376.    Large glass goblet style vase, chip to the top rim, 28cm high 10-15
377.    Contemporary blue glazed pottery horse and figure group, signed Bridge and dated 1998, repaired, together with a blue glazed dragon, tallest 28cm (2) 30-50
378.    Two Vietnamese baskets and a copper planter, 19cm (3) 30-40
379.    Two early 20th century walking canes,one with a horn handle the other with white metal mounts, (2) 20-30
380.    Large Chinese famille vert table lamp on a wooden base, height excluding fitting 50cm 50-70
381.    Vietnamese wooden tub, with a detachable cover and stylised pierced handle, height 32cm 30-40
382.    Chinese and Japanese lacquered and papier mache items to include a glove box, pen tray, goblets, trays, etc (a lot) 50-70
383.    Carved mahogany panel depicting a bird within a rope twist border, 32 x 33cm 30-40
384.    19th century Spode blue and white transfer printed meat dish and another, largest 52cm (2) 70-100
385.    19th century Staffordshire blue and white transfer meat dish and another smaller by Spode, largest 53cm (2) 70-100
386.    Reproduction Tiffany style table lamp base and shade, overall size 65cm 30-50
387.    Black slate mantel clock, 31cm 30-40
388.    Two Vasart Scottish art glass vases, one pink the other green, tallest 25cm (2) 30-40
389.    Table centre piece with a cut glass bowl on a hardstone column with brass mounts, 33cm 50-70
390.    Mixed lot to include a lava vase, Lladro figure and a Trade Aid enamel teapot, (3) 15-20
391.    large Isnic style charger, 44cm diameter 30-40
392.    Five Mauchline books to include Bibles and Lady of the Lake, (5) 60-70
393.    Small Tartanware circular box and a collection of Mauchline Ware items to include a page turner and other boxes, etc (5) 40-60
394.    Silver mounted cut glass spirit decanter and cover, two other glass decanters and stoppers, collection of decanter labels to include a silver Whisky label and others, (7) 50-70
395.    Two Shelley Wild Anemone patterned bone china serving dishes, largest 39cm 92) 30-40
396.    Hamilton of Stoke on Trent early 19th century pearlware meat ashet with gravy well, 53cm long 120-150
397.    Collection of modern chinoiserie blue and white items to include a jar and cover, bowl and a charger , 34cm diameter, (3) 50-70
398.    Mixed lot to include a brass tray, copper planter, Epns and leather bound hip flask and an early 20th century folding stool with canvas seat, (4) 40-60
399.    Dutch style brass light fitting 50-70
400.    Early 20th century wardrobe with inlaid tulip motifs and a central mirrored door 70-100
401.    A collection of five wooden netsukes to include an elephant, toad, skull, rats and a lion, longest 6cm 70-100
402.    A collection of five wooden netsukes to include a lion, dragon, skeleton, and rats, longest 6cm (5) 70-100
403.    A collection of five wooden netsukes to include a lion, rats, children and a ball, longest 6cm (5) 70-100
404.    A collection of five wooden netsukes to include a fish, rat, fist and a lion, etc longest 6cm (5) 70-100
405.    A collection of three wooden netsukes to include a monkey, dragon and ram, tallest 5cm (3) 50-70
406.    Japanese wooden dragon on an octagonal base, signed, 9cm high 40-60
407.    Maori carved Tapu wooden box with inset abalone shell, 10 x 9cm 30-40
408.    Twelve various pill and trinket boxes (12) 30-40
409.    Embroidered bible marker 15-20
410.    Four large Mauchline ware boxes, one with a view of St Giles Cathedral, together with a collection of six Eastern style boxes, some with inlaid decoration (10) 70-100
411.    Isaac Curran 'Pices' Scottish oak two drawer box / cabinet, 19cm high, together with four tea light candle holders (5) 50-60
412.    Bronze Indian deity figure, 20cm high 40-50
413.    French carriage clock, brass cased with glass panels, enamel dial with Roman numerals height including handle 13cm 50-60
414.    Yard O'Led rolled gold propelling pencil, boxed 20-30
415.    Edwardian Family Holy Bible, with illustrated references and maps, Thorne & Company, Hatton Gardens, London 30-40
416.    A collection of faux animal skin handbags, a vintage suitcase and a tapestry style Gladstone bag, (a lot) 30-50
417.    A large collection of Antique Collectors Club hardback furniture reference books, etc (a lot) 60-80
418.    Early 20th century oak cased fruit and nut set by JMW & Sons Ltd, Hanley 33 x 9 x 27cm 30-40
419.    A large collection of Antique Collectors Club hardback clock reference books, etc (a lot) 70-100
420.    Pair of reproduction Lochaber axes, of traditional form with wooden shafts, 166cm (2) 60-80
421.    Arts & Crafts style pewter framed wall mirror with an oval glass plate, 62 x 48cm 30-40
422.    Meiji bronze figural table lamp of a Geisha stood beside a dovecot, signed, 63cm high 200-250
423.    A group of three coloured railway posters to include Southern - Fresh air for health, LMS - Carlisle; the gateway to Scotland & LNER - York, 60 x 48cm 30-40